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Bonjour, à tous je suis le Fondateur du Serveur NTJML CS:GO Clan.
Merci de bien vouloir respecter les règles si vous venez :')
+500 Membres
[𝐏𝐒𝟒] 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥

Need a team for Alatreon? Want to learn about the best weapons and builds/sets? Want a friendly community to just have relaxing hunts? Or maybe you just want to explore the joy of meme sets?

Phoenix Argosy has you covered on all fronts! We’re a Discord based group of PS4 Hunters with a dedicated team to not only help you pass the toughest challenges, but also become a Sapphire Star in your own right.

With Frostfang and the Festival around the corner, let's prepare together for the upcoming Siege! Now would be the perfect time to get aboard the Phoenix Argosy!
This is a server that has 4 different types of games. Such as Fortnite, R6, Rocket League and, Among Us. We are a very nice comunity and we are hopping to have fun.
⌦ ﹙ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴᴀʟ ʟᴏᴠᴇ﹚

╭・─── what do we offer?◝
꒰ 🖤 ꒱:black and white themed~
꒰ 🤍 ꒱:organized modern layout~
꒰ 🖤 ꒱:well-trained staff~
꒰ 🤍 ꒱:super cute anime emotes~
꒰ 🖤 ꒱:completely sfw~
꒰ 🤍 ꒱:lots of bots to mess around with~
╰・────── join us today!◞

Willkommen am Legenden Platz!
Hier kannst du mit Leuten Reden und chatten vom deutschem Raum.
Es ist zwar noch etwas wenig los aber du kannst uns dabei helfen groß zu werden.


-Mete X
we are a growing community and we have these things right now gyms are in construction and we even have giveaways too and I the server leader am selling 5 iv axew to the one who sends the most invites . thank you
welcome to my server
its pretty chill
no anime here, sorry if you're that half of discord
anyway, I have a bot here named Cocoa, if you want to showcase your bot, message staff or the owner
you can talk to fellow programmers and discuss stuff
have fun here
⠀ ⠀________
⠀⠀┊  ┊ ┊
⠀⠀┊  ┊ ┊
⠀⠀┊  ┊ ✫
⠀⠀┊ ⊹ ⋆
⠀⠀┊. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀» [D1LLY'S Portal] «
⠀⠀✧ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 0:00 ─〇───── 0:00
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⇄   ◃◃   ⅠⅠ   ▹▹   ↻

› 〉 📂 .ೃ Easy partnerships
› 〉 📂 .ೃ Fast, efficient service
› 〉 📂 .ೃ 15+ servers
› 〉 📂 .ೃ Free plans/ Paid
SARP-BF is a Nintendo Switch Rocket League trading community with a full staff of active price checkers providing advice almost 24/7. We have an extremely active trading channel and very friendly staff who are willing to help with anything you need (Whether it be Rocket League questions, server help, etc.)!

Safe trading is a requirement in our community and we provide several ways to ensure you can trust your trading partners. We use extremely trusted middlemen, guaranteed by the community and our staff, and we have a custom-built bot with unique features designed for safe trading. Some of these features include:
🐳 Reputation tracking, fueled by our members.
🐳 Pricing request command, to make asking for advice even easier.
🐳 Trade searching, to help you navigate safely and find the items you want with ease.

We frequently hold giveaways (weekly or more), donated by our staff and tge generous community.
🎉 Some of our previous giveaways include: Titanium White Octane, Titanium White Dune Racer, Heatwave, Dueling Dragons, and Discord Nitro! 🎉

Last but not least, Rocket League is about having FUN. At SARP-BF, we also provide fun ways to engage with the community. We regularly hold car design competitions, RL tournaments, and we even have ways to share your in-game highlights and designs. We also have many of your other favorite bots, including Pokécord, Rythm, etc.

🐠 All of these things are here to make your experience at SARP-BF the best it can possibly be. We hope you will enjoy the community at Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered - Battle Fish! 🐠
Hey there,

I want to tell you that FGGM is a place where we welcome EVERYONE of all different backgrounds and beliefs. We have events such as bible studies, podcasts, worship nights, prayer nights, game nights, and movie nights to just vibe and chill. We are a gaming community that is created to help people see the love of Christ and experience it in their lives. We also love to debate (and we keep it civil). If you are struggling emotionally, feel free to contact our care team/counselor and we will be glad to assist you.

Hope to see you there!
We are a new server where you can meet new people. Join and have fun with us ! :)
We are LGBTQ+ friendly, any religion friendly, always here to support you !
-If you're 18+ please don't be weird with minors or you will be banned
-Using any slurs is not allowed !
-Making "dark humor" jokes that are actually offensive is not allowed, you will be banned !
-If anyone from the server is harrasing you in the private messages feel free to dm the admin, the person will be reported.
-Please be nice in the chat room, no need to bully others
-If you get caught catfishing you will be reported and banned
-Please don't send any inapropriate pics or gore
-Cussing is allowed
-Don't promote any other servers here
Are you looking for a safe and fun community?
You should join Lithium Penguins We have loads to offer with some of it being:

➪ Safe channels to chill and hang out in.
➪ Promotion channels where you can advertise your server.
➪ Safe and helpful mods.
➪ World chat channels so everyone is included.
➪ Introduction channels so people can get to know you more!
➪ Calm staff that aren’t extremely strict.

Our main focus is to grow our community and make a friendly environment for everyone where you can chat and just hang out which can't be done with out you. So check us out, have a quick chat. Be Gandalf's guest!
Ants and apes takes place 3 million years in the future. Humans have become a spacefaring race and have left earth behind for brighter horizons, while back on the blue planet copper-age apes and sentient giant ants roam a strange, yet hauntingly familiar landscape. In this RP you will create an ape tribe or ant colony, interact with other civilizations, and worldbuild your culture.
Salut à toi ! 👋

➡️ Laisse moi te présenter le serveur Le coin des dev's !

📌 C'est quoi comme serveur et on y trouve quoi?

• Nous sommes un serveur d'entraide au développement sur plusieurs langages.
• Proposer vos projets qui seront mis en avant.
• Tester vos compétences et obtenez un rôle développeur validée.
• Différents tutoriels de créations de bot, api etc... !

🤝 Nous sommes à la recherche de partenaires.

À bientôt sur notre serveur ! 🤗
This is ★·.·´¯·.·★爪|丂ㄒㄚ 尺|ㄖ̈ㄒ★·.·´¯·.·★

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~What we have to offer~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
🖐Self Assignable Roles🖐
🤩Memes 🤩
😋Random Fun😋
👅NSFW (Verified 18+ Roles)👀
🙂Friendly Talks 🙂
🎲Daily Polls and Games🎲
~ ~ ~ ~And MUCH MORE~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Join and experience the server for yourself we are waiting 😈

Discord Server Reviews

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140,081 reviews in total

Dirakos Dirakos
Super Serveur
J'ai payer 10e pour le e-whoring et me suis remboursé de presque 20x plus en seulement 1 semaine. C'est vraiment un serveur génial !!
6 days ago
polyphloisboisterous polyphloisboisterous
Weird but cool
Weirdest fucking server I've been in but in the best way possible... Good owner and good mods. 69/10 would recommend.
10 days ago
eli eli
This server is doing so much giveaways daily and doing different types of events every now and then! I have won around 5 or more giveaways now and its like my second week here!! I definitely recommend this server if you play acnh and want to have fun (:
23 days ago
Little Lili Little Lili
Best Animal Crossing Server
Other than the massive animal crossing server like Nookazon, i think Nook foundation is hands down the best community server for animal crossing, the staff team is very proffesionnal and there are many giveaways practically every minute that are legit ! 10/10 honestly didn't think it was possible to get this good with a server
26 days ago
7 3
Lettuce Lettuce
Nice review
This server is very nice. The people are very nice. The mods are very nice. Really like the nice atmosphere that this nice server provides. Very nice!
109 days ago
Doubee Doubee
Cenário de Amor
Posso dizer em palavras resumidas que o HooneyMoon é um dos grupos de Discord mais incrível que tive a sorte e oportunidade de conhecer. Desde a Administração que é completamente responsável, eficiente e amorosa e que reflete bem o cenário do grupo onde se dar e recebe carinho e amor com igualdade e respeito.
115 days ago
Styles21 Styles21
An amazing server
A very robust server with many channels or users to post and interact in.

This server also has a wide variety of content both SFW and NSFW. It’s definitely worth checking out! All of the content sections are regularly updated.
158 days ago
BlackHawk414 BlackHawk414
This server is amazing. Everyone is nice and chatty. Everyone is also supportive. Definitely a 10/10
179 days ago
2 1
ben. ben.
this server is so scary i pee and i enjoy that a lot thank you totallytubular you should join :)
216 days ago
dangitbobby67 dangitbobby67
Great Community
This community is the best community for roleplay out there by far in my opinion.
324 days ago
6 3
Leo Kaye Leo Kaye
literally the safest multiple server ive been in
there's no evidence of that stuff happening in the negative reviews ._. usually you can figure out if a mods corrupt by using the search bar and seeing what their interactions are like, but theres literally nothing indicating the mods or owners are remotely abusive. theyre actually pretty good about keeping drama down and members safe. chances are, if you got banned, it was probably for a good reason. i hope i wont have to eat my words, but its looking like i probably wont.
444 days ago
Coffee Coffee
Holy Moly!
I'm going to say the elephant in the room. Climax is THE next big thing. Gods? That's cool! And Atlantis! Like it's all that and a bag of chips! xD
508 days ago