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Were a new chill fast growing server which is aiming 200+ members because my old 300+ server got deleted, ty if you join
We are just a nice server, with chill people, and we want some more people, the server is pretty fresh so it wont be as active :3 Sowwwwwwy
This server was made with the intention of creating a chill and safe environment for anyone to come and make long-term friends.

⚫ 21+
⚫ Wholesome vibes
⚫ Occasional VC
hi ... brand new server looking for new friends (:
- we are looking for guy and girl friends (mostly guys)
- we have p much no rules, & we love toxic men
- tryna have some movie dates .. ahaha
- haha... if ur aggressive: we want u
- so if you want some new friends, or ppl to mess around w, we r ur ppl.
This is a 18+ place. I do advice for minors not to join. It's a place to talk about stuff which it doesn't involved with minors. Maybe it's better to join when you turn 18 years old. This community is about IRL aka In Real Life and it's also connected to live streaming. Outdoor streams and more.
We are just looking for people that are nice, chill and just has a nice vibe to them so what you waiting for... join and see what this server provides for you 😊
                                               *         .            .
     .  . ゚ ✦   . ✦ ゚ .  .  *       ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍  
       .          .           .              
˚                     ゚     .               .      :earth_americas: ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ , 
              * .                    .           ✦

☾ ✰ Happy Place! ✰ ☽

『:pleading_face:』 ◦The Community◦
- Make new friends, meet new people, and share a laugh with someone.

『:sparkles:』 Fun Server!◦
- Active staff, members, and fun voice chats and more!

『:crescent_moon:』 ◦Second Family◦
- Close community with a strong bonding friend circle

·˚ ♡ ·˚
I want this to a server Where people can hang out and make friends. A place where people can just be themselves. I want.this to be a community. There's still things that could be improved and will be eventually. I'm looking forward to making friends and meeting you all!😁 Some rules and been added and Theres more to come, just added a few to keep things in order.

A little about me: I'm Christian, I'm a dude and I'm 18 years old. And I love video games and music a lot! I also like anime, playing piano, drawing and taking pictures! Looking for some active peeps and mods😄 Don't be shy!
-A chill environment ✅
-Places to make new/close friends✅
-Great gaming, everything from League to Minecraft ✅
-Shitposting (No limits, Go Wild) ✅
-Over 50+ Self Assignable Roles / A fun
Leveling System ✅
-Ability to share whatever you’re interested in from sports, makeup, ideas, and politics ✅
-Minigames ✅
-Changing themes with interactive roleplay✅
-NSFW channels✅
Welcome to the Milkyway Hotspot! This is a traveling spaceship through the cosmos that welcomes anyone and everyone to join to make life-lasting relationships.
woah! is a server with pretty much no rules. always looking 4 partners.
15+ only please :) and no edaters
we got:
interesting people
british colony
bideo games
vc ping
nsfw channel for certain ages
loose/no rules, hardly ever ban. just imprison
join to find out more :)
✨Join our 18+ LGBTQ+ friendly kink server! We have lots of active chats and VCs✨

✨Cute Emojis! ✨

✨Pokemon Bot ✨

✨ Active Art Community ✨

✨ “Seeking” Chats ✨

✨Verification Required! ✨
Trinity (9-21-19 made) is a sfw 18+ server aiming to bring together mature individuals in a uniquely warm, rich, welcoming, and relaxing environment~

What we're about is offering you a high-quality chat. No edginess, no toxicity, no chaos and little to no spam. Our rules are also very light actually! We mainly just ask you to behave and not contribute in a negative way to the chat!

We don't require any personal information from you in order to join this server, but we trust that you're honest about your age. If you behave inappropriately, we will moderate according to that. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the server~

Features added or TBA:

Join if you want to:

- Jump into the chat easy! No cliques, no hierarchies, just friendly people.
- Meet others closer to your age. We are late teens and 21+ users.
- Make new friends, play channel games, play with bots, voice chat.
- No politics, no drama, friendly members, easy to fit in, etc~
We are a fun bunch of people who wants to connect with people all over the world. We talk about anything and everything including Flat Earth
Fun server with a very active VC chat. Tons of girls and exclusive models too ;) Great community and low moderations <3
All types of memes and all types of dairy. We have a ton of different activities, vc nights, and game nights. I know it sounds like your average server so here are some things we offer ^^
- Vc nights
- karaoke
- movie nights/shows
- games nights (this includes, club penguin rewritten, toontown rewritten, Cards against humanity, uno, League of Legends, Magic to gathering, mafia etc.)
- script nights, which is a little voice acting night we all do
- we have a plethora of bots
- we also have contests and more waiting for you when you join! ^^
+ Kogems Pad +
Slowly getting fixed but for now its a chill spot where you can shit talk or make friends ;) . We aint no crybabies but dont be toxic and bring some friends witcha nigga.
Hi, we are a server Welcome to all people doesn’t matter of religion, background, ethnicity or age. We don’t really mind what a person post, but gotta make sure it’s appropriate and in the right channel. Plz read the rules when you first join. If you break the rules, You will be warned, kicked, or banned depending how bad it was. And plz don’t spam the same thing over and over again, just send it once and everyone will see it when they get online. Also don’t promote any social media in a channel it doesn’t belong in and don’t ask people any personal questions
A primarily voice-chatting server with a variety of retards who you can game, meme, and fuck around with.
- Friendly and Active Community
- Active Voice Chats
- Large Gaming Community
- Spicy Memes
- Verified 18+