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hey, it's mia
tbh u should join bc i need friends lmao
we have fun in here ig.. idk
um we are a lil toxic jus sayin
everyone welcome idc
Currently celebrating Halloween early because we love it so much.

Our primary focus is to create a community of people we vibe with, a family of sorts. We have chill laid back people, chaotic characters, and a few rambunctious memers but at the end of the day we're all really tight and looking for new friends. Feel free to check us out if you want a new home server to be a part of.

What we have to offer:
-An environment that promotes privacy and safety of our users by weeding out children, bots, and malicious users.
-A diverse community full of cool guys and girls to get to know.
-A usually active voice chat of about 4-8 people almost every night.
This is a VC-focused Discord server, the main purpose being to code and chat together using Discord's Voice Chat and Go Live screensharing features.

This server is for people who want to:

- Get into programming needing some guidance
- Work on an existing project and get help from others
- Start a brand new project with people
- Work on coding challenges or puzzles together
- Help people with their projects
- Socialize with other programmers over VC

Coding can traditionally be a lonely activity. Even if you ask for help online, it's nothing like having a person next to you looking over your shoulder. Thanks to Discord's VC rooms and Go Live streaming, we can work together virtually in a fun environment.

Looking forward to coding together! 👊
This is a server exclusive for adults only 18 and above and non sensitive to some topics:

- Its a SFW server to hangout, talk vc, post memes, dating (if you want), games and so on.
- We are new but we intend to create a community that are fill with nice people and well adult, also dont get offended too much
- Do come and visit us, if you like it please stay, who knows maybe you'll find someone
- Both Men and Women are able to join, a good conversation is always nice, share your knowledge and have a nice day^^
Ich sage mal Hallo :)
Zum größten Teil geht es in unserem Discord um das Thema Spielen (Paladins, Minecraft, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite und vieles mehr), dazu kommt auch noch, dass wir einen eigenen Minecraft Server für die Community besitzen. Zusätzlich streame Ich selbst auf der Streaming-Plattform Twitch.
Von Pc bis zu Nintendo Switch/Handy ist alles vertreten, wir sind derzeitig auch am Planen wie wir vielleicht mal ein Turnier (Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, Mario Kart) veranstalten könnten mit Preisen.
Es sind verschieden Bots auf dem Server Installiert (Nate Bot, Rollenzuteiler, Musikbot, Erisly,...)
Natürlich sind auch viele Anime Liebhaber auf dem Server und auch andere Themen sind immer Willkommen.
Vielleicht klingt das ganze ja ein wenig Interessant und ihr schaut mal vorbei :)
。゚+..。 Hello, welcome to Cendol Café ! 。゚+..。

The finest cafe in the region~ Our service is exceptional!
You're guaranteed to have the best time of your life here!!


In this server, we offer ;

♬♩♪♩ Minimal rules
♬♩♪♩ Friendly and cozy cafe environment
♬♩♪♩ Kind members and mods
♬♩♪♩ Active members

༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
The Back Alley is a new, fast-growing & active Mature Discord server! With loads of text channels and voice channels along with out own custom community bot, we are sure to have just about everything you could possibly need. Come and check us out!

We have lots of exclusive server-features that have been developed in-house by our developer/owner, Megumin.
1. VC Ranking system (VC levels).
2. Custom XP system (similar to Mee6).
3. Unique currency system with a server shop!
4. Lot's of community events!
5. Custom Music bot & community bot!
Welcome to Potato Weebs! This is a small server with a tight-knit community full of fun people and chill, active staff. We encourage everyone to join and meet some potential friends :)
🌜- Bored during quarantine? Why not join our server? We have:

- New, growing community.
- Well moderated.
- Chill 24/7 staff.
- Animal crossing bell market
- Gaming, memes, music & much more.
This server is a mainly chat/VC server.This discord is a cool place if you want to chat and hangout (possibly also make some friends) and talk about whatever you want be it: anime, games, movies or anything. We are still small but we hope to make you feel at home here and hopefully you'll stick around. See you there!
House III, a safe environment for all age groups to hangout and chat. Also, a space for the Owner’s to promote their hobbies. We hope to see you there! ❤️🧡💛💙💚💜
Welcome to TeenVibes, a new community/dating server. Find friends or a partner in our friendly server. We have active vc channels, we have community game nights.We also have members of all genders and sexuality's with an array of hobbies and interests. Come join us and make new friends and maybe more!
❀ Movie screenings & game nights ‣
❀ LGBT+ friendly ‣
❀ Dating ‣
❀ Self-roles
❀ Partnerships ‣
❀ Game tournaments ‣
❀ Friendly helpful staff ‣
❀ Custom emotes ‣
❀ User phone channels ‣
❀ Entertainment section with fun bots ‣
❀ Memes ‣
❀ Diverse community ‣
❀ NSFW channel ‣
❀ Egirls and Eboys ‣
This server is just a regular chatting place. Yes, we do have rules and roles :D. We have security to make sure there are no trolls or uninvited bots. Enjoy our Server.
The Vibe Circle is an 18+ server that welcomes everybody, we have very active members in both chat and voice chat. If you need people to talk to, or just want to make friends and play games this is the place for you. We'll be waiting for you! <3
hello, all! this is a very small server that I and a group of friends came up with, and we're deciding t open it up to the public. we offer different things such as rolemenus, pings, and more! we have very kind staff and members, so come take a look!
Glee is a server where you meet new people and have fun. its a nice chill server were people help if you feel lost or depressed. u can also find a e-girl or e-boy. its a dating server but not based on dating, its also bassed on chilling making friends VCs and many more. JOIN US AND SEE WHAAT WE ARE ABOUT!!! 2 PEOPLE BANNED 227 PEOPLE! PLEASE HELP ME BUILD MY SERVER BACK UP.😁
Welcome to the friend zoned auris server, we're a small, new, and expanding community, aiming to give our members a fun time, with bots, low moderation, and various channels.
And maybe you'll meet your future S.O here ;)
We have:
~various bots you can enjoy.
~selfie channels.
~exclusive roles for select members.
Don't be afraid to join, you'll have a great time , we welcome everyone (13-17).
🥀Divine Lounge🥀
Welcome To 🥀Divine Lounge🥀!
We're a pretty open and welcome community, accepting people of all genders/races/sexualities!
We love conversations and we'd love supporting the ones who need support!
Enjoy. We're strict with our rules.
We offer

●Custom Roles
●Chill members
●All sorts of bots

Come be a part of this community today

Welcome to 𝕜𝕠𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕓𝕚 ! A newly opened anime and gaming community server! We have many fun bots and Vcs for karaoke and much more! We have a active staff that try our best to make your stay amazing! So why not join? You wont regret it!