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We're a very new server and hoping to have new people join! We have writer, artist and cosplayer role and also have fun bots to play around with. We do have a NSFW role for people who are 18+ and are into pervy stuff ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉). Hope to see you join!
AG is a lax art server for creators of all types & skill to get together & have fun! Share your art, writing, music, buy & sell work, & socialize.
We are a extreme fun and friendly server for artists or people who love art in general. Our focus is mainly anime art, but all the art types are accepted! Come join us if you are an artists and wanna share your art, announce your streams, advertise your commissions, learn how to draw, and make friends!
And yes, we drew our icon ; )
The Dreams Sweets Art Community is a place for artists to make friends, learn and grow from each other, get opinions from other artists, and Just have fun!
- All artists age 14+ Are Welcome!
- We are accepting and welcoming to LGBTQ+ persons.
- All Fandom goer's welcome no matter your interests!

What We offer:
- A fun place to converse and enjoy your time with other artists of many levels and practices.
- Server Wide art challenges to keep you drawing and push your boundaries.
- Bullion Boards for Zines and Similar Drawing Opportunities, As well as ones for sharing helpful tutorials, links, and much more!

Join the Dream Sweet Crew!
If you've been looking for a friendly, relaxed server for talking about cartoons of all types, this is the place for you! This server is welcome to all talk of cartoons, be it western or foreign, anime or OVA, even comics. And if you're an artist of any kind, be it writing or animator or illustrator or composer, we have channels for you to share your skills and ask for feedback or just an audience! And with semi-frequent streams, we're pretty tightly knit!
We're LGBTQ+ friendly and are welcoming of all sexualities, gender identities and preferences, and we have pronoun roles if you would like for people to know of your pronouns, no matter what they may be. So don't be shy and give our server a look! <3
A place to share and listen to music!
meet other people with similar music taste, share some tunes, and jam out!
Our server is all about music, come take a look.
🏞️🌌 Woodland Village🌌🏞️

💐Furry server that aims to have a decent sized and tight knit community with no degeneracy. Please be at least 15 yrs old 💐

🌼 70+ species roles
🌺 20+ other self-assignable roles
🌷 Channels to share sfw art and a channel for your own creations
🌻 Videogame discussion channel
🍁Some nsfw channels, if that’s what you’re into(they're hidden)
🌱 Roleplay channels
🍇Anti-raid, tight security.
🍄Nice and friendly members
🌸 Come in and give the server a chance, you could make some new friends !!
☘️Open for partnerships!!

⛔Don't bother raiding, you arent funny, won't make anyone laugh and will make a show of yourself. We get it, you're 15 and edgy. No raids here have ever been successful because of the security.
A fun server to chat and make friends, we have bots for music, anime, games, memes and more, curently looking for mature smart members to train for mods.
This server was made for people to be open and share things or their such talents to their fellow members, feel free to socialize and not be shy among us.
We are a group of friends that are connected though this server from around the world and we are happy to welcome new comers! Come and join us.
This server is made for both developing authors and artists and is structured similar to the game series Submachine.
It's still growing and it would be appreciated if people would help it grow.
You can post ideas for stories you're writing as well as art relating to those stories as well.
There's a channel dedicated to both positive and negative news, there's bots to use, there's also channels for stories I'm currently writing and the lore behind them however I'd be happy to allow members of the server to post their lore for their stories as well as long as they request to do so.
Helo! This is SharpAsriel's official server! This is a place for furrys, for artists and for anyone who would share their sfw/nsfw content!

Hope you'll enjoy there!
hello, and welcome to the umbrella academy creators server!!
we're a chill group dedicated to members of the tua fandom that create content for the show!
in this server, you will find:
- friendly, active staff
- plenty of channels to explore
- a community of tua content creators that you can chat and share experiences with!!
we hope you enjoy your time here in the umbrella academy creators server!
Brand new server, made for Content Creators, Artists, Animators, and more! It's a small community but we hope to grow and build a community where you can meet friends with similar interests!
✦ Self Promotion
✦ Custom Emotes
✦ Friendly Community
✦ Fun Bots
✦ Reaction Roles
✦ a e s t h e t i c

And more! :^)
Help build a community where you can benefit from!
Mascot:Gekkouga / Greninja


Patikouga's Clan is a friendly and safe community that was created for people of all ages and interests; without the fear of getting bullied or judged for being themselves. It's also a place where you can discuss as many different topics as you like or bring new discussions to the table; without having to be restricted to only talking about one particular subject. We also have many sources of entertainment so that everyone can have an exciting time here!

What Do We Offer?:

- Fun and Entertaining Events for any occasions, holidays, and celebrations.

- Group / Solo Karaoke Nights.

- Custom Roles.

- Special Partnerships.

- A place where Content Creators & Streamers can get recognition and appreciation for growth / development.

- A Friendly Staff to serve your needs at any time.

- Hosting Game Tournaments for your Favorite Competitive Games.

- Self Promoting your content freely.

- Fun or Decisive Polls.

- VIP perks such as exclusive chatrooms.

- A Channel for almost every topic, you can even suggest a new topic to have a channel of its own.

- An engaging Nintendo Community for fans.

And more! Feel free to suggest any ideas or improvements, and I hope you enjoy your stay with the Clan!

A place to advertise your songs. Talk with other artists or music promotion channels. Show your photoshop skills. Listen to songs...
So you want to join Purpoyed's House? 🐶
• Do you love dogs?
• Are you an Artist or Content-Creator?
• Do you like music?
• Do you want to socialize and make friends?
• Are you looking for a wholesome community?
Then Purpoyed's House is for you! 💜
A roleplay server based around magic and all things that go bump in the night! What story will you create?
Welcome to fur trade, a friendly place where almost anyone could potentially become friends ^~^
Our server is for writers and artists that want to either become a better writer or artist for their own hobby and works, or that want to treat their writing and art careers seriously and learn secrets to publishing, making connections with other published authors, getting commissions, learning trade secrets and so on. We are a fun and relaxed community that allows anyone to move at their own pace and have a very open minded sense of humor!
Official server for Meta Fox, a 2D platformer based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man where you play as Ace L. Blossom and work your way through the game to obtain new specials which will affect the player, enemies, and stage either to your advantage, or disadvantage.

Artists, musicians, or other game developers are welcome in the server to share their creations in the dedicated channels!
Here's just a lil place for amateur artists to show off their art.

We have:
~Self-Assignable Roles
~Music Bots
~Chat & Meme Channels
~Individual Channels for specific art
~Voice Chats (some for singing)

Currently we're a small server learning to grow, and we're willing to let anyone grow with us. In Ella's Art server, make yourselves feel at home. We love our fellow artists. <3
A server for furry/regular artists to grow and meet new people with shitposting and games! something for everyone
A casual server for everything Kirby! Includes discussion, roleplay, fanart, writing, and more. There is also a NSFW section locked off from the rest of the server, so you can either jump right into it or avoid it altogether. TO UNLOCK ALL CHANNELS WHEN JOINING: read the rules and write an intro, then the channels will be unlocked!
SNOT POOLS Is just a server for artists and to make friends! Its super lowkey right now, so join if you'd like, we'd love to have you!