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Musicians, Artists, Writers, Photographers! This is a cafe made specifically for you! Come join and meet new people, or just to chill and have a drink! Also for weebs.
1 days ago
Fallgate hasn't had a ruler in 100 years, and the people are beginning to become antsy, with their only protection gone, and Kallan, the king we all thought was dead has awaken again. We need someone strong enough to challenge him, and his daughters, and take hold of Fallgate as it's ruler.

~Come make an OC worthy to be ruler!
~Meet new people who like fantasy Rping
~LGBTQIA+ Friendly
~Nekos and Anime
~Make a family! (PG14)
~Clans and races
~Really cool places
~NSFW Channel
~Roll the dice for cool stuff!
~Earn money for your character to use in the shop
~Suggest items to put in the shop
~Have superpowers!

Come Join Today!
1 days ago
This sever is for people to share art and make freinds
4 days ago
[Welcome to the [Animation Meme] server here is where you can talk to other artists who are well... basically animators]
14 days ago
A friendly SFW server where you're welcome to share your art! We have raffles for free art, as well as events almost every Friday at 4pm EST
18 days ago
Welcome! This is a growing server where people can share talents, critique, and much more! If you enjoy many forms of art such as drawing and singing, this is the place for you.

Art isn't limited to one form. Join now!
30 days ago
The Art Forest is a server for those who love all forms of art and love making artist friends! Bi-monthly calls to get to know each other!
44 days ago
Welcome to the lewd crew! We are a club for artists who draw nsfw! We would love new members! We have rp sections and chill corners! Come hang out!
46 days ago
The server belonging to the Twitch streamer known as MoofahX, this server is a general hub for all those interested in gaming, art, etc. and certainly appeals to fellow content creators. It is a place for Moofah, his friends, and others willing to partake in a lighthearted community.
49 days ago
Are you interesting in music production ?

-> | Get feedback on your track
-> | Exclusive tutorials
-> | Talk with Alex Lander
-> | Collab with other artists
-> | Production giveaways

-> Let's take over the world with our tracks !
105 days ago
A NEW Art and NSFW Art sharing server that allows all artists to share their art with one another for critique and praise. All styles and mediums welcome!

Discord Server:

This server allows artists to share their art, promote themselves, chat with one another, share memes, share music, share manga, etc.
115 days ago
A brand new discord server for Artists, GFX artists, Writers, and admirers! We are also LGBT friendly so come join!
174 days ago
We are toxic and nsfw free server
We welcome all casual talkers and content creators
202 days ago
Empty atm but soon to grow into a decently sized server for all artists!