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Any MARVEL fans here?
Have a look at our Marvel roleplay server, where you can meet other fans from all around the world!
We provide you with features like:

💬 Multiple rooms for chatting and gaming! Spoilers is not allowed, except in our special room to do so :).

🎁 Easter eggs that you can uncover and MARVEL references! Like stickers!

🎨 Area dedicated to art and photography! With contests for different categories!!

🤖 Multiple bots like Trivia and Mantaro!

About the roleplay: We still have multiple characters that aren't taken, and we'd love you to join and roleplay with us!
We're in need of villains and other secondary characters like Ned or the Valkyrie! Feel free to join if you want to be any of them!
We are also trying to Implement OCs
There's a list of taken characters you can check as soon as you arrive to the server.

Thanks for your attention!!

Hi! Since you already stopped here, how about learning a little bit about ✰Dirty Mind✰?

We’re a pretty chill community❀ we accept anyone who wants to join no matter what! We have multiple Animes and fandoms that you can enjoy. We have a good variety of NSFW and SFW content here. We’re divided into two sections so it remains a friendly, but chatting porn server altogether. Furthermore, we have little events every once in a while just because✿◡‿◡ ♪

So, are you convinced yet my love?✨
Whether its talking about games, sharing your interests, or freaking out over the Sherlock season finale; this server is for those who want to talk with others about their interests with others in a casual environment. Looking for active users due to server inactivity.
A server based around aesthetics, furries and your fantasies. With a dangerously cute community we got everything you could need.
- Artists corners.
- Roleplay settings.
- Dirty Dump
- Semi reliable staff.
Why aren't you joining?
Bored teenagers looking for friends and company, we can talk about memes, games, fandoms, and just hang out! Lonely? We got you covered because we're lonely too! We just want to hang out with everyone honestly. This is the Misanthropic club and we would love to have you with us. Any kind of fandom is welcome and LGBTQ+ friendly! So come join us~
Hey there, Welcome to Safari Browser!

*Currently accepting mod applications!*

Safari Browser is a staff-friendly and art-oriented community, here you can share your latest creations as well as meet new people!
Meet our Three Mascots and their Guilds! Join one of the Guilds and battle with the RPG bot! Safari Browser hosts multiple events such as CAH and movie nights, as well as contests so you can show off your creativity and win prizes!

Here you'll find:
- Art chats, artists and helpful tips and advice!
- Aspiring, talented writers and creative people willing to share their stories and works!
- Self-assignable roles, pick and gain full access to the server!
- RP channels, gaming chat and more!
- Fun bots to mess about with.
- Contests, and prizes!
- Super friendly staff and members.

Enjoy your stay and have fun!
Welcome to Fandom Legends! Within our world you can be whoever you wish to be! Our world is set in a distant Utopia where every fandom character is at some point in their lives connected to a land, an amazing land called Glieland. Teleporters are connected to every location featured and set within every story. The teleporters are always active, and there will be a cool down period between a teleporter. Three people are able to come through at once. Glieland is filled with unlimited housing, limitless possibilities, and also limitless destinations to visit as new homes are added daily. You can rebuild your life here, no judgements are made based on your past, only what you do while in the present. Come join us and be the best of the best!
Tu aimes bien la Kpop ? Tu en es même fan ? Ce serveur est pour toi !

Notre serveur est basé sur la Kpop avec une communauté de fangirls/fanboys. L'administration du serveur fait tout ce qu'elle peut pour que le serveur reste tel qu'il est : la mise en place, les salons et catégories, le respect entre les membres.

Notre équipe d'animation fait ce qu'elle peut pour animer le serveur le plus souvent en faisant des events et mini jeux.

Les annonceurs vous tiennent au courant de l'actu Kpop et Corée.

Nous serions ravis d'avoir de nouveaux membres francophones parmi nous !
Pleins de choses encore sont possibles mais il faudrait un mini livre pour les dire ;)

On espère que vous vous joignerez à nous ! ^^
Multifandoom helps you form a relationship with those who share the same interest as you in whichever fandom/community you're in. That's our goal in with this server and we hope you come enjoy it with us. <3
Our server offers:
- Several Bots (including music bots)
- Personality and Color roles (as well as fandom/community roles)
- Fun Chats to fool around with
- And most importantly, a kind and quite small community (one that won't overwhelm you)
We're still growing so I do hope we make your time worth it <3
A very interesting server with a Swiss Chocolate factory and some spammy chats and Fandoms that you will love
A server for all the fanfic writers and readers to come together in and share their love for the beautiful art of fanart and fanfiction, whatever fandom they be in!
+ Friendly, yet moderately strict and fair staff
+ Art channels
+ Voice chats
+ Monthly themed events
+ Channels for feedback and criticism
+ Original Works allowed too!
Iced Tea is an aesthetic, calm server for those who wanna relax. Maybe ask Hydrabot to play some of your favorite songs? Or maybe you need to vent? Whatever your reason, we can surely provide.
Looking for a place to hang out with nice members, fandoms and hobbies/interest, and randomness! you can find it at Swag's server:
Trustworthy staff
Self roles
A place to post content and chat safely
Fandom hell
and more coming later on

Check out Swag's server and have a great time :3>
【welcome to a pony town server】

I don't see any discord servers for those buggles of pony town, so I decided to take the time to make one myself. all are welcome, buggle or not, there is a place for you here

【what do we offer?】

we offer many things for you here!

☯ self assignable roles (with colors!)
☯ loads of chats, voice and text
☯ events and meet ups
☯ music and gaming
☯ specific chats for specific hobbies
☯ memes
☯ venting, wholesome, and offensive/dark humor chats
☯ an entire private category for buggles
☯ lgbtq+ friendly
☯ fandom categories
☯ and more to come with your suggestions and requests!


we are looking for staff! more information is given within the rules of the server.
current staff members:
☯ amaranthine (owner)
☯ yoinked
A discord for all fandoms! Anyone want a place to talk about your ideas, headcanons, or to network, promote your fics and art? This is the place to do it. We have How to Train Your Dragon, the MCU, the Dragon Prince, She-Ra, ATLA, the Riordan-verse, Voltron, and more! suggestions for new fandoms are always welcome!
Are you looking for a chill, friendly, relatively small server where you can meet friendly people and enjoy all your fandoms? If so, No Homo is for you!
This server has:
- lots of broadway fandoms
-self assignable roles
- lots of fangirling/fanboying over actors of musicals
- Acceptence of lgbtq+ people, as quite a few people here are in the lgbtq+ community
- friendly people and admins
- swearing is aloud, most people here swear
-lots of any fandoms, really, including but not limited to: Camp Camp, Good Omens, Red vs. Blue, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog, DBH, Hamilton, DEH, Falsettos, Harry Potter, and many more
Tbh, we're weird. Come be weird with us
You'll be fine, so long as you respect other people and the rules.
6 active admins
Come join 150+ people today!
Join our lovely server, we are two co owners that love all our members.

What we offer:
•Fun bots
•A safe envirement
•A lot of diversity
•A small but loving community
•self-assignable roles

ヽ( ᐛ )ノ Please consider joining our little server/community
Welcome to the Shadow Rabbits Hangout!!!
We have changed how we run. So many can have freedom of a sort!!!

We care for many people and their feelings
We are a caring community!!!

We have some dark humor to share!
And many things to talk about, we would love to have you around.

We have a place to vent and speak your mind, While we also have a place to help each other if needed.

Do not join this server if easily offended or dislike dark humor.
We all just want a little fun. And please note this server is still recovering from being revamped.
Welcome to the Eclipse Hotel!
Its your first time here, right? Then I shall explain to you what kind of roleplay this is, this hotel is for any kind of creature, human, skeleton with glowing eye, deer demon and much much more!
Welcome to ~𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℜ𝔦𝔱𝔲𝔞𝔩~
For now we are really a small/tiny group of people but if you join you'll meet most of the insane and crazy but friendly people you could imagine, for now we don't have custom roles but don't worry there are a lot of channel's you can explore and have fun.
when you join remember to leave everything you knew at the door. this an unique experience with unique emojis c:
Attention: you don't need to be an Emo or a furry to be able to join the server, if you are looking for friends and want to start in a small group, this server is for you ^-^
╔═ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═╗
╚═ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═╝
In SkyLake, we offer:
Fandom based channels!
Including fandoms, such as:
- Osu!
- Disney
- Valve (Portal, Half Life, Garry's Mod, etc)
- Jojo's
- and many more!
Self roles!
Specific channels for you creative needs!
Such as:
- Visual arts
- Tech
- Music
- and many more!
Staff applications are always welcome!
Linked to streams
If you become a trusted member, you can have yours linked!