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Come join us in our many roleplays! We have various AU scenarios for both canon characters and OCs!

•OG Homestuck
•Homestuck Our Way (OC only rp)
•Friendsim Hiveswap
And you can request custom scenarios!

Feel free to also stop by and hangout with our community! We offer:
•Many server roles (including pronouns, classpect, hobbies, hemospectrum and ping me roles)
•Chatting channels
•Headcanon channels
•Art, writing, music, cosplay and everything creative channels
And very warm and welcoming members!! This server is a pro-LGBTQI+ safespace.

•Doc Scratch
⭐️ homestuck (+ seperate homestuck^2/epilogue section) & hiveswap roleplay section [NO OCs]

▫️lots of fun bots, including: hussiebot, jadebot, mee6, pokecord, mudae, pancake, mantaro and more! They are segregated to a specific bots chat to avoid spam!
▫️you are allowed more than one character! No OCs though.
Welcome one and all to HubStuck, a homestuck server for fans of all kinds! Prefer to roleplay? We got you with ad channels to share your ideas! Prefer to send memes and show off wonderful art? We got channels for that too!
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
HubStuck offers:
✧ A 16+, open community
✧ NSFW roles
✧ A gallery for Original Characters
✧ AUs accepted too
✧ Server wide events
✧ And, more in time!
⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰
Wanna add bots or help the server be more engaging? Become an Admin! As this is a new server, I will have applications started soon!
⭐️ ⭐️
⭐️ ⭐️

A server for Homestuck Kins and Systems a like. This server is made with a verification center to make sure everyone remains safe. We have several self assignable role groups. We also offer Pluralkit and other fun bots!

Canon discussions, kin discussions and other stuff welcome! This is still a 13+ community and we are entirely SFW!
hi! this is a fairly new server for people to just chill out and make friends!!

we have self assignable roles, channels for different medias, friendly staff, and epic bots

join now to become one of the homies :D
Wanna talk about your favorite MSPFA comic? Wanna get your MSPFA comic out there?

Would you like to Collab to make a new MSPFA Fanadventure?

We’d love to have you!

Here you can do a bunch of things regarding MSPFA comics! We also have bots if you’re into that sort of thing! ^^
➳❝Quinn's Hangout❞
a friendly kinnie, multifandom server
❤what we offer:❤
❧ our very own minecraft server
❧ qotd (question of the day)
❧self assign roles
❧chats for u to express yourself, ❧discuss your interests
❧friendly people!!!!!!!!!!!!
join! we dont bite! we would love to meet u !!
Do you ever feel like chatting and roleplaying with fellow anime, cartoon, and videogame fans while messing around with some fun bots?

me too....

==> A Young server stands in it's bedroom... Wait. When did Servers get bedrooms? Oh it doesn't matter. This server is made for HOMESTUCK FANS to come and VIBE in. It is a FRIENDLY and SFW server. We have ROLEPLAY and VOICE ACTING. You are free to show off your ART AND OTHER INTERESTING CREATIONS, as well as talk about other MSPFA COMICS!

What shall this server do today?

Answer Questions One may have:

Q: Do I have to RP?
A: Nope! It's just a server to hang out with other Homestucks and we just happen to have an RP going on.

Q: Is okay if I'm not active instantly?
A: Yeah man! Sometimes it's nerve racking to join a new guild, it's all good if you need some time to yourself!

Q: Do you guys talk about other stuff?
A: Occasionally yes! We aren't completely and solely focused on Homestuck, but it is the center/main point of the server.

Q: Why is it called DisasterStuck?
A: Due to how chaotic our combination of characters are. There's a fansession but since it's doomed it's a basic disaster of sorts. The name refers to this said disaster scenario.
So basically shithead Homestuck server because cringe culture is dead. We value a laidback space for dirty kinnies, selfshippers, general idiots who just wanna ramble and your every so often incoherrent babble.
!! We are a LGBTQI+ and system safespace !!

Amongst all our very fucking awesome chats we hereby offer thou:
•Many server roles (almost every homestuck character kin/stan roles, hemospectrum, classpect, lunar sway, pronouns + custom, hobbies and some more shit)
•Too many emojis and still up for request
•Chatting channels
•Shitpost channels bc yes
•Kin channels
•Cosplay, art, writing, music, headcanons and whatever else you wanna show to the world
•Homestuck spoilers and discussions
•Fanfic ramble corner
•Shipping corner
•Simp channel. Shame corner for self shippers. Unleash your creepy bastard and post your dirk x reader fanfic. Do it.

We ALSO have: carl-bot, MEE6, groovy, rhythm, hussiebot, jadebot, aradiabot, notsobot, colorbot and pluralkit (system use!)

Come. Become Homosuck immediately.
just a fun place 2 hang out in (if ur not a poser/prep i mean !!!) small server, kinda quiet rn but hopefully will be not small and not quiet eventually.
we got:
z instead of s
energy drink reviewz
role bot named grandpa
auto roles
pluralkit AND tupperbox (for systemz)
music bot
hussiebot (sorry)
n more probz lol
join pl0x
note this server is v accepting of queer n mogai identities so if u dont like that respectfully fuckoff !!!
Welcome to Earth C, or another version of it that is.
Everything's been swapped around and everyone has lived this timeline a different color. Fancy yourself a roleplay where you can explore the characters ont he other side of the die? Now you can! Open Rp with lots of fun swaps to choose from!
Frequently updated roster, recent activity check! See below for open characters! Now includes a mature role to gate potentially triggering content.

Welcome to Skaia County, home of Scratch Public High School. Don't be fooled, though. This roleplay goes far beyond the high school. While the school's activities are normal enough, there's something dark lurking deep beneath the city. The Felt mafia, lead by Lord English, runs this town- and his associate, Dr. Scratch, runs the high school. Your experience here is what you make of it. Will you be a part of the cheery outside community, or will you dive into the underbelly? The choice is yours.

Characters (Updated on September 22 2020)
John Egbert: John
Rose Lalonde:
Dave Strider: Pluto
Jade Harley: Ange

Aradia Megido:
Tavros Nitram:
Sollux Captor:
Karkat Vantas:
Nepeta Leijon:
Kanaya Maryam:
Terezi Pyrope: Pluto
Vriska Serket:
Equius Zahhak:
Gamzee Makara:
Eridan Ampora: Seneca
Feferi Peixes:

Jane Crocker
Roxy Lalonde: Ange
Dirk Strider: Tima
Hal Strider: Lars
Jake English:

Caliborn: Ax
Calliope: Lars
Alt. Calliope:

Damara Megido: Ax
Rufioh Nitram:
Mituna Captor:
Kankri Vantas:
Meulin Leijon:
Porrim Maryam: Echo
Latula Pyrope:
Aranea Serket:
Horrus Zahhak:
Kurloz Makara:
Cronus Ampora: Fairy System
Meenah Peixes:

Dad Egbert-Crocker:
Mom Lalonde:
Bro Strider: Ax
Rosanne Lalonde:
D Strider:
Grandma English:

The Handmaid:
The Summoner:
The Helmsman:
The Sufferer:
The Disciple:
The Dolorosa:
Spinerette Mindfang:
The Executioner:
The Grand High Blood:
Her Imperial Condescention: John

Lord English:
Doc Scratch: Lars
MPSA Reader:


Spades Slick:
Hearts Boxcars:
Diamonds Droog:
Clubs Deuce:

Joey Claire:
Jude Harley:
Xefros Tritoh

Ardata Carmia:
Diemen Xicali:
Amisia Erdehn:
Cirava Hermod:
Skylla Koriga:
Bronya Ursama:
Tagora Gorjek:
Vikare Ratite:
Polypa Goezee:
Zebruh Codakk:
Kuprum Maxlol:
Folykl Darane:
Remele Namaaq:
Konyyl Okimaw:
Tyzias Entykk:
Chixie Roixmr:
Azdaja Knelax:
Chahut Maenad:
Zebede Tongva:
Tegiri Kalbur:
Mallek Adalov:
Lynera Skalbi:
Galekh Xigisi:
Tirona Kasund:
Boldir Lamati:
Stelsa Sezyat:
Marsti Houtek:
Karako Pierot: Ange
Charun Krojib:
Wanshi Adyata:
Fozzer Velyes:
Marvus Xoloto:
Daraya Jonjet:
Nihkee Moolah:
Lanque Bombyx:
Barzum and Baizli Soleil:

Trizza Tethis:
this server was created after the owner of the first karkat cult removed all of the mods over being pinged so yah-

it’s pretty cool here

we got some pretty epic chats n shit

oh yah did i mention a lot of us like homestuck but you don’t gotta like it to join

so yah anyones welcome to join and chill w us bro


the crackhouse is an lgbtq+ friendly community server for you to make friends and find people with similar interests.

We are fandom friendly, kinnie friendly, system friendly, and would love for you to join! we are small now, but hope to grow!
A Homestuck drama-free server that is system friendly!! We have system bots and homestuck bots as well as color-chan!! Btw we're all anti-homestuck <3 /j
Welcome to the post-apocalyptic Homestuck KinKult!!

We include but are not limited to;
- Equality for all kins
- Reaction roles
- Double-friendly
- System-friendly (Created by a system!)
- A welcoming, friendly, family-like community
- LGBT run and supportive <3
- Homestuck.
- friendly to Homestuck^2 and the Epilogues
- June Egbert positive
- Problem Sleuth
- Vast Error
- Non-discriminatory
- A fair moderation system
- Active Voice Chats
- Venting Channels for when you need to let some stuff out <3
- Divination and Kinning-centered channels
- A discourse free environment

The Homestuck KinKult is a server run by kinnies for kinnies, we welcome everyone and hope you have a wonderful stay!!
We are expansive and open

We have a verification process where you are to fill out a template about basic information on one-self and find a key in the rules, it's a bit of a hassle, but it's necessary and we usually get you in ASAP!!

We try to keep a positive and loving environment! :)
Thank you for considering joining the KinKult, we hope that you do! If you don't, that's okay too!
This is just a homestuck Highschool AU server. All trolls and humans participate in a school on Skaia to learn either human or troll subjects. As a side option here every human and troll is given a class for their aspect.
we hope you enjoy your stay!
༄Skaia Staff
Hello! This server is for Homestuck kinnies, fictives and people who like Homestuck! We're very system friendly, and doubles are allowed. Ages 13-23 only, please.

Here are the rules we have currently:
1) no bashing on other people for their kins!
2) Be kind, please. Anything hateful will get you a strike.
3) Theres a 3 strike rule. Break any of our rules, and it earns you a strike. 3 strikes and you’re out.
4) Mention of triggering topics, or purposeful hatred and homophobia/transphobia will get you an instant ban.
5) Really just have fun! If you have any questions feel free to ask the mods!

We hope you enjoy our server!
``**♌💚💙Hello and welcome to nep's Multi-fandom hideout ♌💚💙
I made this server as a chill fun safespace for those who need it! everyone is super supportive and kind ^-^
In this server we try our very best to cater to as many fandoms as we can!
__the fandoms include:__
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
__web comic fandoms:__
💚 Homestuck
💙 Hiveswap
__game fandoms:__
♌Animal crossing New leaf
💙Super smash bros
♌Fire emblem
💚 The sims
💙Night in the woods
💚Detroit become human
💙Persona 1-5
__movies/tv/and anime fandoms:__
♌Steven universe
💙Hazbin hotel
💚My hero academia
💙Marvel and dc
♌Full metal alchemist
💙Yuri on Ice
♌Sword art online
💚Frozen 1 and 2
__youtube fandoms:__
💚Danny Gonzalez
💚Dan and Phil
Egos lair Channel (antisepticeye, darkiplier etc)
__music fandoms:__
💙Twenty one pilots
♌Panic! at the disco
💚 Melanie Martinez
💙Fall out boy
__other stuffs:__
♌Gaming nights!
💚Movie nights
💙Anime nights
♌Self care/meditation/venting support
💚 Server partnerships welcome!
💙Self assignable roles and role colours!
♌10+ bots to use!
♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
Come join and make some friends! We're all super welcoming here, we're like a lil family, so don't worry about being judged or anything!
I hope to see you there!
~Server Owner Nepeta♌💚💙**``
Set years after Avatar: The Last Air Bender & The Legend of Korra, heavily based off Homestuck and Avatar (Mostly with the list of Homestuck characters) OCs Are accepted!

Years have passed since the new start of a new avatar cycle (with trouble and difficulties along the way) and a new threat comes comes along the way when The Signless (President of the United Republic of Nations) was overthrown and gone missing alongside the new avatar, chaos has once again crawled up from the depths of the earth and once again balance is to be restored. Things and events ensue.

The plot adds along the way the more RP progresses.

- Includes a list of the taken and not yet taken homestuck characters
- Alot of (a bit much) Rp channels
- Other stuff I don't know what to list-
Skaia High School is a normal school in a normal small Northern Californian town. Normal except for mysterious events happening around the city, most centrally caused by an obscure gang of legend supposedly influencing events in ways little understood by the townsfolk. The school is home to, you know them, you love them, the homestuck cast of characters. Most are normal human students just trying to get a diploma, save for a few straggling robots and gang members running amok.
A fun little server for people to hang out in! Includes game nights and art sharing channels/ art contests.
We discuss pretty much everything, but mostly homestuck/hiveswap.

Join... If you dare.
✨ ┊It’s over. The once happy, safe and sound life you had promised to endure is over. A new earth that you had built, one that had finally began to stabilize after thousands of years began crumbling into instability and eruption. Right before your eyes.

In an attempt to escape the chaos, you find yourself waking up in a completely different environment. One that didn’t have a speck of smoke lingering in the air, the atmosphere filled with the thick scent of flowers and wet grass. This was nothing like the destruction you had remembered, not a single person- nor fires was in sight.

There was a school that sat in the distance. It looked a thousand years old, shackles beginning to peel off as the gutters were obviously stuffed full with leaves. Windows were screwed shut with a heavy, thick chunk of metal thrown over it as pitifully as it could be. It didn’t look like it had been touched in years in your perspective, but that single fact had made the area more confusing, more interesting, something to spark your curiosity.

You quickly leaped and raced yourself over to the shabby school in the distance. One that was filled with a labyrinth of never ending despair, a maze leading in circles back to square one and around again. A fight between life and death which drew you on the line, a story at which a young player trapped inside of a school faced with 20 other participants in a killing game.

It was a thought that told you you wouldn’t kill who was beloved to you the most. But even with that thought in mind you couldn’t trust yourself, you couldn’t trust nobody. You had escaped the end of the world once, you could do it again.

But in the end, nobody could ever escape the truth and reality hiding behind the mask of who’s responsible for the havoc of a once peaceful land. No matter how much hope you hold within you.

Wherever there is hope, there is always a grudge of despair lurking and following you in the shadows like a silhouette, never to let you leave. Never to let them rest.

-------- ✨

❤️ A Danganronpa + Homestuck killling game crossover! Canon Homestuck characters only, 13+ server, semi-lit to literate responses only. WARNING- Major Homestuck spoilers here too! Character Applications are due on October 9th/10th while Mastermind and Traitor applications are due on October 10th/11th. ❤️

❤️ Enter a killing game with 20 other participants following throught 6 acts of despair. Will you survive and make it out of the killing game, or will you die and never see a ray of home ever again? The choice is completely yours.....❤️