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Hey y'all! I run a server entirely based around Homestuck Role-play! (we have an overseer chat and stuff for people who want to create overseer sessions as well) We have a ton of different role-plays and sessions pre-made, and then you have the opportunity to start your own session or RP! You're pretty much guaranteed to find someone to RP with here, so if anyone's interested, feel free to stop by!
A multi fandom server for everyone! Share art, make friends, and just hang out c:
(The icon is my gecko...its temp)
Welcome to Homestuck Rp! This is a place you can make your own Homestuck OC and make sessions! you can have as many people in your session but you can only use pesterchum to message other people in other sessions. You can fall in love with other characters (Maybe fuck~)
Homestuck RP in the making, we haven't started yet so don't worry! We're using troll OCs of any kind, and we're open to suggestions!
A Homestuck server where you can pester your favorite characters~
(But we need more RPers for the characters ^^"> )
If you're interested, come check us out!

You don't have to know the characters to chat with them, just think of it as meeting new and eccentric people~!

If you're bored, come waste your time here~ :D
Welcome to Homestuck Haven! This is a homestuck (and non homestuck) Friendly server! We're LGBTQ+ and KIN friendly! All we ask is that you abide by the rules, and have fun!
A place where fantrolls may be shared and talked about! Not just fantrolls though. Fankids are allowed as well! We also RP and are open to AU suggestions for the future!
The Imperium of Scratch is a server built for the single purpose of welcoming shitposters and any people of the sort. The Imperium does not accept any: Undertale, Furry, BATIM, or FNAF roleplayers/fans. Though we do condone roleplaying. If a Furry, BATIM, FNAF, or Undertale fan joins they will be put in a private chat known as the dungeon.
Hey there Hs&Hs is a Homestuck & Hiveswap home for everyone. I think id be pretty cool if yall joined.We got roleplay game chats music bots stuff like that we got roles for your blood and if your a kid or troll fun stuff like that, even got derse and prospit roles :D
Welp Hope yall come around to joining it'd be awesome :3
[All-Ages Welcome! Friendly RP Environment and Events!]
In a world where Trolls and Humans co-exist on Earth, a number of Students attend 'Quantum Academy', a Private School with a Secret. Come interact with staff and students and find your place in this flipped-turnways Universe.
The largest Homestuck and Hiveswap Discord server, respectively the webcomic and video game by Andrew Hussie. Join our community of 10000+ people!
We're a small sibling-server of FarragoFictionDiscord.

Our server has many Palebuddies who are dedicated to helping others with the various problems they may be facing, be this mental health struggles, LGBT struggles, or just feeling sad and bored.

We're a very friendly community, so why not come say hello? <3
This is a canon homestuck roleplay server join us my dude
For all you Homestuck roleplayers to enjoy! We’re sadly a canon only server, but if you want to roleplay your fancharacters, we can help with that too! All are welcome.

If you want to just spectate too, that’s totally valid and we have a role for that too.

If I’ve missed the character you want to be, feel free to say and I will add them!
A chat run by me and a couple buds. Come in, we have kin chats, roleplay, and gamin' stuff. We are very lax on rulin' and most things are self explanatory, but warning ahead of time this is not a safe space chat. Nobody will worry about microagressions or the like, and jokes will get dodgy. If you are easily triggered, probably not a place for you. Can't wait to see y'all drop by Bro's Shitshow.
A community built for homestuck fans to hang out, make friends, play games with each other, and roleplay. The server does contain some NSFW content, and the roleplay is anything goes, but the nsfw content is separated into it's own channels. If you like homestuck, feel free to join. Just be sure to read and follow the rules.
A place for those who want to go out and Post joke art of homestuck! We could use more members!
Want to roleplay as your fantroll/human?
Are you sick of looking through a sea of dead rps?
Well you've come to the right place. (Probably)
We offer a friendly rping environment for all the fantrolls/humans.
We have OOC chats, auto role assignment, meme bots, and of course roleplaying channels.
We may be small now, but we hope to get more members so this new server will be bustling with life.

Note: Please keep all pailing to your hives/homes. (Or DMs)
This server is the discord for Chara's Sin Kingdom on kik. It's for literate role-players, anyone interested in homestuck and undertale and anyone wanting to join a tight knit community of filthy sinners and gamers.
Come on over to this server! we're a homestuck/humanstuck/asylumstuck based rp server! we're a small growing community, and appreciate everyone who joins! we have 3 moderators as of right now, and were all very kind! come on down!
A group of homestuck fans That humbly invite you to join