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This server is a homestuck/hiveswap community full of fans, artists, writers, and more. The server as multiple activities all day/night long. We welcome anyone who joins the server so, Join Today!
A growing community that welcomes all hosts and systems containing any and all homestuck kins/headmates. A place to meet new kins and learn more about eachother.
A roleplay set in the Homestuck Universe. Set in Vashir: a backwater Alternian colony in the middle of nowhere.
💖Multi-fandom Chill Zone💖
hello and welcome to the multi-fandom chill zone server! I made this server as a chill fun safespace for those who need it. everyone is super supportive and kind ^-^

we have many different fandom sections on here including:
the lion king 1 & 2
Disney - the hunchback of notre dame, Aladdin, beauty and the beast, Zootopia, frozen, lilo and stitch etc.
detroit become human
camp camp
steven universe
night in the woods
twenty one pilots + emo trinity
musicals - wicked, Chicago, be more chill, heathers, dear evan Hansen, Hamilton etc.
youtuber fandoms: jacksepticeye, markiplier, crankthatfrank, akidearest, crankgameplays, gamegrumps, dan and phil etc.
everyone is really nice and welcoming here so dont worry about being judged or anything! we're like a big family over here ^-^
100-200+ channels
11 bots to use!
gaming nights
movie/anime nights
i hope to see you guys there!
~server owner Nepeta
hi there! we're homestucks in 2019! we're a server to discuss homestuck, post memes, etc. we're a chill laidback server of teens 13-15 (but anyone can join of course!) who love homestuck. come join us!
A server for Homestuck fans, we have

1. MSPA Chat to talk about anything that has to do with MSPA

2. Off Topic Channel for stuff like Undertale, and anything else non MSPA

3. Bot Channel allowing for you to mess with the bots

4. Only furries like Jade are allowed >:(

5. And many more!
This is a Homestuck server. I'd appreciate it if you'd join! We will be waiting!
Hey y'all! I run a server entirely based around Homestuck Role-play! We have a ton of different role-plays and sessions pre-made, and then you have the opportunity to start your own session or RP! You're pretty much guaranteed to find someone to RP with here, so if you're interested, feel free to stop by!
Serenity is a 16+ server where we do the most absolute garbage shit ever. Please join, I'm begging you.
Homestuck AU (rearranged hemocaste) roleplay server. Slice of life, like Friendsim. No canon characters.
This server is a hang out slash rp, and hoping in the future to also put in a small D and D campaign. This rp is very much free in character design, and what you're aloud to do with the exception of killing people's characters without permission from the owner of the character. The number of characters is also unlimited. There may be some nsfw content however. If you want to be able to however you choose, come here, create the number of characters you want, and jump into the rp today!
Welcome to the world of homestuck come on down and meet the trolls of all zodiacs make friends and party until you can’t take it. In this server we have a amount of admins who would help build your trust and introduce you into the mystical world of homestuck
Multi-fandom place for people to talk about their interests and chill! We also have music, fashion, memes, all that good shit TM.

We have the following things!

Fashions: Lolita, Fairy Kei, Pastel Goth, Goth, Victorian, ect!

Music: In case you just want a place to chill out and listen to music!

Fandoms: South Park, Miraculous Ladybug, Star vs. The Forces Of Evil, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Supernatural, Gorillaz, Music (P!atd, bands, ect), Yuri On Ice, Black Butler, Death Note, Be More Chill, Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Falsettos, Welcome To Nightvale, The Adventure Zone, Harry Potter, YouTube, Homestuck, Monsterkind, Always Human, Happy Tree Friends, Warriors, and many more!
A Homestuck server, and even have some non-homestucks. Kin channels, roleplaying, art channels, music, and much more. The mods and admins here are pretty lax, so if you need a place to just kick it, don't be shy.
Yo! Welcome to Random Fandom-A place where we all come to mix it up a little! We'd love for you to come in and chat with members of your Fandoms and other Fandoms. We have custom color roles, self assignable roles, and we hope to see you soon
A place to come and just chit chat about homestuck!
This server is to roleplay Sburb sessions. Various sessions may be made depending on how many people join.
You can be a troll or a human, so long as they are an original character. Trolls and humans will have seperate sessions!
We plan on making this server fun and accepting! Everyone is welcome! Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to Homestuck Rp! This is a place you can make your own Homestuck OC and make sessions! you can have as many people in your session but you can only use pesterchum to message other people in other sessions. You can fall in love with other characters (Maybe fuck~)
Petit serveur communautaire avec quelques artistes créé par deux fans d'homestuck.
This server is in an alternate universe where our own version of Petstuck is mixed with Homestuck.

The Empress had been a rather violent Fuchsia, even by Fuchsiablood standards. Before her "untimely" death, she had challenged all blood colors to try taking her place by killing her. She was very egotistical, thinking that no one could kill her and that she'd live until the universe died.
Of course, we’ve all heard this opening. We have a city, though not named something cliche.

In the city of Anura, things are decently peaceful. Things aren’t too out of the ordinary, there’s everything you can expect a decently-populated city to have, including the fun things such as public school, a college, and work. Out of town, maybe a city down, there’s an amusement park, and there’s even a small lakeside beach. Though, of course, this town is a bit of a magnet for the surreal.

Things exist everywhere, but some things exist more in Anura than other places. Subtle… things. The fae, maybe lycanthropy and vampirism, witchcraft… They just all seem to come back to this strange city, though its all normal to those who live there. See a ghost? Cool, maybe you can strike up an interesting conversation with them. It’s just the average day.

Locations will be posted and updated as they are added, and will have their own categories for roleplay!

This server requires an application for your character in order to play, so that we can all be sure of our writing and enjoy the story. There's both a chatroom and paragraph style option for roleplayers to keep the story going, and it's all-inclusive!
A welcoming community and rp server for homestuck fans and even those new to the fandom. Come on in and talk about homestuck, or just about your day. Even if you're not too heavy into the fandom you're plenty welcome.
Server based around roleplaying a fansession that follows canon fairly strictly except where changed for plot purposes or to facilitate roleplay. Said rolepaly takes place on a separate site linked within the server, with more functions than discord currently contains. Questions and comments welcome.