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A server where you can trade, sell, and buy Roblox items, in-game items and more as well as hangout with the community!

Join us for:
🌟- Friendly staff!
🌟- Trading channels!
🌟- Giveaways!
🌟- Events!
🌟- Fun bots!

invite link:
♢ ♡ Welcome to Chill Pill Server we are friendly people here to enjoy and play RBLX with other random players meet new friends play with them and chill . ♢ ♡
✭Welcome To Giveaway Legion One Of The Best Giveaway Servers For Roblox

✭Active General (Come Make New Friends!)

✭Daily Giveaways!

✭Semi-Weekly Nitro Giveaways!

✭Lot's of fun discord bots!

✭Server channels to express your artistic ability/taste!


✭And Much More!
Hey there this server is related to many topics games,music,anime,technology,etc
if you join, it would be very appreciated and make the server more fun we also have some self assignable roles.
We are also looking for staff
That's it thank you for joining.
The Vendetta Empire is a community of gamers, philosophers, and free-minded thinkers open to those worthy of entrance.
We are a small but growing server. Very welcoming and drama free. We are here to play games and hang out. Come chill with us and don’t be shy ☺️
Welcome to Roblox RWT Discord Server! .We are a discord server that focus around roblox RWT. In here you can buy, trade, and sells stuff!.

This is mainly for roblox.
We hope you enjoy your stay!.
We are a big community with many amazing staff. We have lots of bots to enjoy yourself. And we have many roles to personalize yourself. You will find more when you join. The server is a calm server with plenty of people to chat with. I hope you join this server!
Welcome to Plauge Adventures, come join us and have lots of fun!

Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow!

What we have to offer:
- Fun Strategy
- RPG For Everyone
- Fun Puzzles
Hiya! We are a server that hosts game nights about every night on roblox. Some games we play on roblox are Breaking Point, Flood Escape 2, and Arsenal. We would love to have you in our server! ^-^
Here at DaimCO we play with roblox scripts and Physics.
We also do other things.
Created by ItsDaaim and WS8A
Credits Edk_yt3 and SweTheMoon for support
Current projects:
DaimCO Tower
Earth Core Project
Lightning Facility
DaimCO Isolation Facility
DaimCO Media [breaKINGnews / The W And L Show]
Hello welcome to the official Hybrid Server

In here is where you can chill and socialise in the discord server talk about anime or anything else related and the main thing is to have fun. Soooo, what is this server about some of you may ask? All it is a chill community that you can come and rely on and feel safe. You can also come and 1v1 people in the server who play Phantom Forces to have some fun and have an enjoyable time.

We also do Hybrid Phantom Forces leagues (competitions) for you to be the best of the best and mainly to have fun and make friends also!

We're a community that loves: Roblox(Phantom Forces) and other things You can also play with bots that you can use to have fun! Hope that we grow as a community and as a Discord server and develop a nice and friendly community make sure to read #rules as well.
Welcome, LeafFall Studio’s is a growing community of Roblox enthusiasts and players following and support our projects. My developer team along with myself are currently working on our largest project yet, Sanctuary. A massive open world survival game set on an island map with RPG aspects and collectibles (more info on the server). In order for us to finish this game by our deadline we need as much community support as possible. So please help us achieve our goal by joining our server and Roblox group. Thank you for reading and I do hope you stop by and check this place out. (Unless you’re raiding, just... why, there’s literally no use in raiding).
Join our server for cool invite-rewards and giveaways!

We giveaway many things, such as:

- Nitro
- Steam Keys
- Paypal Money
English: This is a server mainly for talks and for Szymoninek fans.
Polish: Jest to serwer głównie pod rozmowy oraz dla widzów Szymoninka.
Hey there! Welcome to the Noobs and Joseph Show, this is a server made by Noobs4ProsYT on and Joseph105128, this is our OFFICIAL Roblox Talk Show we host mainly on Saturday, so if bored stop by. (This server is to communicate with fans of the show and such.) We update every single week. We also host gamenights most of the time 😁. So join if interested. Cya there.
Welcome to FNT bypasses, we are a brand new server that focuses on making bypasses and using them one roblox. We have good staff and we hope they stay that way. We have a nice community and active staff (even though their status in offline). We hope you join and like it here. Dm me if you have any questions, iiarolixYT#1111, if it’s not that go into our server and look for the people under the “Owner” role.
We are an all platform Gaming Community. We allow any games/gaming devices. We would like you to join and be part of the 200+ growing server!😎🎮 We even have bots for server commands and fun!
Join the Roblox Studio Discord Server, and connect with many others and share your amazing builds with the Community!
Roblox sex Condo and Minecraft Server
- Public sex Condo Channel
- Public sex Condo Posts
- Much More!

Minecraft Version 1.14.4 - IP :
Server for DestiCraft, The Newest most fucking epic Minecraft Server

- Daily Events
- Updates weekly
- Currency System
- Plugins
- Fun Discord Community!
Welcome to Spiritual Hub!

About Us: This is a Anime/Gaming server for all of our users, mostly based on roblox and can be other games as well! we host fun events and fun games for everyone to play!

In this server we have:

- Many color roles

- Leveling system with level roles! (which can get you to unlock more color roles)

- Nitro Perks (Nitro Chat, Nitro Role. etc)

- Roblox and Minecraft Central

- Anime-like theme to the server

- Roleplays!

- Hiring PMs 24/7

- And more to come!