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~🌟💔 *This is a WIP aka Work in Progress server!* 💔🌟~
The server contains socializing, non-bulling, and mostly fun! We have everything to make it like a server is, the owner is a small ROBLOX developer also is a youtuber so please support him and seeing him grow! When you join this maleficent server, must read the rules until you chat in our #main-chat and so much more!
Welcome to LightningRolly Server!!! :yum:

This is the server mainly about chatting. :speech_balloon:


➤ Communicate with others

➤ Giveaways

➤ Economy System

➤ Music System

➤ Apply for staff

➤ If reached 50 members, will be begin a giveaway of FREE Minecraft Account (PC)!
Hey! Do you play Roblox, VRChat and other games?

If you do, then GVS (Game Vault Sanctum) is the place for you!

What is GVS?

GVS is a gaming community and a Roblox Community Group.

As of right now, we are small, and not very famous. But we strive to become bigger, and grow together!

If you join the Game Vault Sanctum's discord, you can do the following things:

Enter giveaways and get awesome rewards!

A couple of these rewards include:

Roles, such as mod, and VIP.

MewBot currency giveaway for Pokemon fans.

Pets/weapon giveaway for any sim game.

And much more!

You can even give yourself cool roles!

What are you waiting for? Join Now!

Just remember to acknowledge the rules, and have fun!
this is a new ''dungeon masters'' server as the last one was scammed. Help us grow stronger than ever!
home of the exploiting community.
also we offer you with lots of free accounts including :
also nordvpn.
General Info
-We are a chill hangout community with multiple channels and bots to feed your needs. We will also release discord updates like new channels and bots plus game updates. YES, WE GOT A MINECRAFT SERVER TOO REEEEE
-You are always welcomed to get a support ticket in #support for any questions you have.
Q:When is the game getting released?
A:In around 3 or 4 days. Sorry for the delay!
Q:When do I get kicked?
A:You get kicked after 3 warns and the min time to join after the kick is 2 hours. Your warns will be cleared when you join back and if you get 3 warns more after that, you will get banned.
Q:Where do I apply for staff?
A:Staff spots are currently closed. The channel #apply will open when spots are avalide.
Q:Can I be a dev?
A:DM me and I will see :)
1: Your Nickname can be set to whatever you want it to be, just make sure that you're able to be pinged easily and not have it something retarded. (like completely offensive)
2: No NSFW can be shown in any channels that are based in SFW (clearly) like main and images.
3: Say whatever you wish at anytime, simply don't spam and act like a dumbass.
4: Personal info of any sort can result in you being banned. Basically leaking things without others consent, or straight up starting non-sense.
5: n o a d v e r t i s i n g
6: Trying to find any loopholes within the rules can get you warned, and if something isn't listed up here that can be a rule doesn't mean you should do it anyway.
7: If you have any problems with someone, just contact a moderator and go up the ranks if they aren't able to help you.
8: Mass Pings isn't really allowed, unless the person you're trying to ping is fine with it.
9: No racist comments.
10: Use correct channels.
Rules will prob update when the game gets released.
A family friendly place for Roblox developers to help each other with Scripting and Modeling, Hire or Join other developers, Get feedback on your creations, and just regular chatting with some developers!
-#01- Scripting, Modeling, Plugin, misc Help channels
-#02- Show off your creations
-#03- Hire/Join other Developers
-#04- Music channels + VC (Level-up Required)
-#05- Probably extremely rare events that are probably never going to happen
-#06- Roblox Dev Feed
-#07- Roblox Reddit Feed
-#08- Game Showcase
-#09- {!} Optional Notification Roles {!}
You must verify yourself with RoVer Bot. Once you verify you will have access to all server features
*This is a new server, so don't expect a whole lot of people being active just yet...*
View server statistics here:
●・○・●Welcome to Ellotia●・○・●

This is a multi-purpose server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members and make new friends.

What we offer you:

➵Fun voice channels
➵Fair Rules
➵ Warm welcome
➵Variety of roles
➵Friendly members
➵Level up roles
➵Helpful staff members
➵Games, anime and kpop
➵Multiple Bots
This is the game dev server of flake! You don't have to be a roblox game dev to join, anyone can join! If you join you can: meet other people, play my games early, look at the updates and more!
Roblox club for chatting and having fun. We provide vip servers, robux/game giveaways, and frequent events. New group created in November 2017 already up to 1000 members and looking for more active members.
Welcome To The Mad Men, This Is A Server For My Twitch Channel. However, We Also Do Things Like Giveaways And Fun Community Challenges! If You Wish To Have Your Server Partnered, That Is Fine As Well! So Join Now!
Welcome to Flan. A Discord Server meant for hanging out and chilling. It's not that special really. We'd just want some Friends.

We have Channels meant for:

Sharing your Birthday
Conversing with other Users
Recommending Pop Culture
Showing off Art you've made
Playing Video Games and Voice Chatting with Users
Listening to Music with other Users

I don't want to showcase this Server as if it's Heaven. I and the other Users would just like to meet some new Folks. That's all. If you're looking for a Server to crash? You can do it here for sure.
Dungeon Quest - Giveaways, Market, and More is a server that primarily focuses on the game "Dungeon Quest" on Roblox. We are growing as we go and hope to improve the server over time. Join Now!
-=Welcome to the Malu Community=-
We were a server consisting of friends and it grew surprisingly well. So now the Malu Community consists of old and new friends where we play a variety of games. Starting from Team Fortress 2 to games like Brawlhalla, Roblox and many more.
We have members from all over the globe most of them being from the EU. Some being Bulgarian, German, American, and in my case being Mexican. We are also super open to all kinds of social groups.
From the Friendly Neighborhood Admin,
Fun community to talk about games and life in general.
Heya! This server is currently going through a revamp! After the revamp is done our server will be about...
• Pokecord and other pokemon bots
• mudae and other anime bots
• identityv, robux and other games
• role play of the topics above!
Our team are really trying our best to make the server fun and more enjoyable for everyone! Hope you consider joining!
Hello! We are a group that you can just chill in, but gaming is a important part in our group! We also have events, and yes, we do give prizes. We hope that you join this server, and if you do, we hope you enjoy your stay!
This server holds the title as one of Discord's leading fanmade community forums for the Llama Train Studio's Loomian Legacy, the official sequel of the now cancelled "version", Brick Bronze.

(For more information about the game, please visit the official Llama Train Studio Twitter page:

As you may have already suspected, our server is mostly used for the pleasure of safely mingling with fellow fans of the game as we all assist one another throughout our long and exciting journey as Loomian Trainers through the unpredictable and open region of Roria by supplying mostly prominent trade offers and other in-game assistances. It is also used as a classic Discord server hangout. One full of fun bots and freely hosted giveaway events.

Our server is equipped with the simple and reliable Roblox-Discord bot, RoVer. It holds the duty of keeping all of the server members at a very limited access to our server's public channels until they have verified their personal Roblox accounts. After their accounts are verified, they automatically gain the verified Trainers role and immediately gain permissions to access the server's public channels. Occasionally, we have the server deeply cleaned and along the process we may kick any extra unverified members from our server. Every part of this system is meant to help gurantee that our community is safe and limited from random Discord users. Additionally, it makes the virtual chat-place much more comfortable for all of our members as it helps them to stay mostly on topic of the game.

We are confidently guarded by moderately pronounced rules that are meant to ensure that our community forum remains the #1 most reliable place it's expected to be. Upon joining the server, all members are messaged privately to be reminded to read over the rules for a first time and that they must be careful to avoid certain punishments as more rules can be added according to what must be kept under control as time goes along.

We expect all of our members to get the server's name out into the open to more fans of Loomian Legacy (since the server is mainly a self-reliant fanbase) by giving them all a huge "shove of encouragement"... a little prize for reaching a certain amount of invites. ^^

Hopefully this server interests anyone enough to make them join and contribute to our guild of reliant members and afterwards, possibly leave a supportive review down below!
We're a server that likes playing games like Roblox or Minecraft and other games. Very new server, so all the support we can get is appreciated!
Welcome to Eclipse Lobby! We are a small compact server that is for gathering making new friends, gaming, events, and other fun things!

We have:

-Friendly Staff
-Voice Acting
-Stream Parties
-LGBTQ Friendly
-NSFW Channels!
and way more to come!

Join us and have fun! Apply for staff. Make friends! We are planning on making new events for later to come in the year. You don't want to miss out!