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¿Diva World? is a server where all Diva’s reunite to make new diva friends and also rank up by chatting a lot! If you get noticed by a Moderator, they will rank you up a diva rank. Owned by “that is me!#4005”
Doubt's Market Version 2 (v1 banned)

-Roblox Marketplace
-Active Chat
-Amazing staff team
-Trusted members
-Great community
-Free middleman services

Come hop in :)
Yes we have Howard The Alien, yes we have custom emojis, yes we have emojis as gifs, yes we have that dankbot, yes we support howard, yes we have our own opinions, and yes, we are family friendly and don't cuss. If you want that in a server join Justice For Howard now!
こんにちは! (Hello! in Japanese)
I see you've stumbled upon this server! I bet you're curious! Wanna check it out! Bet you do beforehand let me tell you a bit about the server!

✿ Koki is Kokishin Community Server's adored and adorable mascot
✿ We have Gaming Events and even Anime Talk Times! (Occasionally we have Movie Night!)
✿ If you join the community you will be a part of our family and your problems will be our problems! (Also what happens there stays in there!)
✿ Get new roles as you talk or come up with new role ideas and maybe Huro will add it in!
✿ You will also be greeted by our lovely Welcomers! Be sure to say hi back!

✿ In Kōkishin we are nice anime/gaming community! We hold lots of events, and we even have our own bot!

✿Rawru (Huro's Hi)- Huro (Owner)

[/<♡》Shay Server《♡>]

A chilled out server that has gaming nights, art contests and many channels to choose from, at this server we try to make memories together. ♡

In this server you can earn💰robux by inviting other roblox users that use discord! 100% legit ask someone who has “Got Robux” role. Giveaways and invite rewards! 😀
this is a new ''dungeon masters'' server as the last one was scammed. Help us grow stronger than ever!

Welcome to UEPDS (Short form of Unofficial Entry Point Discord Server) where all operatives all over the globe gather! No matter if you are an operative on Halcyon, Phoenix, or even your organization, you could hang out with other operatives or maybe cooperate and do missions with them! Have a look at what we got!

Servers are used to SERVE people (No pun intended). so here is how we serve you:
>>Chats, and guess what? They are b e a u t i f u l~
>>A lot of Voice Channels. And yes, this is serious.
>>One super duper secret on how to play Shadow War differently.
>>Music by Sparrow! (Was nicknamed. It's Groovy)
>>And last but not least, Drumroll please~ Trusty Admins and Moderators!

𝐒ecure 𝐂ontain 𝐏rotect
The SCP Foundation was built to ensure the welfare and safety of humankind and life as humanity knows it. To contain threats and unknown beings both sentient and non-sentient. To protect planet Earth from entities that pose a plausible threat.
Join our communications server - find it below our games description!
Regulations & Procedures:
Founded by Youtubeman204 @ 8/5/2016
In this server we have awesome members and giveaways, we usually giveaway cash daily. Everything in this server is given by the staff and the sponsors. This server has a lot of features, the main features are as follows:
- Bloxburg Giveaways that actually pay.
- Buy-able items with server currency.
- Fun mods and admins.
- Fun events.
- Friendly members.
- Game nights.
- Chat levels.
There are so many more features.
Come and join today to investigate the other features.
I hope I convinced you to join.
Hey! Don't be such an introvert and judge us by just a glance. I bet you will end up loving this server!!! Please apply to the rules as best you can sweethearts~ Overall we are a fairly new server! Hope you have fun here <3 <3
This is the official discord of Hiton Hotel. To join our group please click the following link.!/about
The year is 2050, the world is almost over, with the remaining survivors, merchants, townies, and bandits, still hanging on to life, you will have to scavenge, work, fight, and possibly die, will you join the remaining humans on remaking the human race? Or are you one of the millions that died during the blast?
Albinius is a community of robloxians looking for love. We support autism and other kinds of retarded shit. Please, join us so we can be part of each other.
⟶ Welcome to Robux! ⟵

Want FREE Robux? ✓
Have a lot of time on your hands? ✓
Love Roblox? ✓
Want robux but can’t buy it? ✓

⤷ Just join Robux!

✪ Using a very simple method, we have discovered a way to finally receive free robux! Don’t believe us? Just join us and find out for yourself!

❖ We offer partnerships,
❖ Rewards,
❖ Nitro,
❖ Codes,
❖ And many more!

➝ Join us today!

❖ Motto:
“Making roblox more enjoyable, one offer at a time.”
Just a place where everyone can chill, play games and watch movies together

You're an EPIC person if you join ;)

Ok thats all
Accounts for:
Gift Card Atria’s
Roblox Group

Coming soon more!
Welcome to the Reich!
We have
Lots of Roles
Plenty of Cool Emojis
Gamers and Historians
WE hope to see you in our small community!

Are you looking for a friendly community? Do you like memes? Are you looking to make friends?

Then join Pixxel today!! Our server is about socialising, finding new friends, sharing/ looking at memes, and gaming! Everyone is welcome!!

We have:
😃 Friendly Community 😃

😂 Memes! 😂

🤩 Lots of custom emojis to choose from! 🤩

🎮 Gaming! And lots of discord game bots! 🎮

💪 Helpful Staff! 💪

🔢 Level System! 🔢

💸 Shop System Where You Can Buy Roles! 💸

🔥 Self Assignable Roles! 🔥

🎉 Giveaways! 🎉

🤖 Lots of Bots! 🤖

➕ And SO Much More!! ➕

So what are you waiting for!! Join now!

[>] Invite Link: [<]