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This server is for artists and crafters alike! We have a load of different categories and such to chose from for roles. This is a 14+ and up server. This server is not meant for just pokecord.

Things you can find here!

~ self assignable roles
~ self assign colors
~ general chat
~ constructive criticism chat
~ art sharing rooms
~ Voice chat (public and private)
~ NSFW Art Channels (18+ verified only)
~ Pokecord!
★A hangout server with plenty of channels for roleplay! We accept everyone and don't discriminate. We hope to see you join <3★


❃.✮:▹Feel free to suggest more!
Hey there! You yes you are you looking to find new friends, even something more? Well come on down to Angel’s Sanctuary. Our server is 13+ and we welcome everyone! We have very friendly staff and would love for you too join. We hope you join our wonderful server and have a great time! ♡
Leave all of your worries, and come on down and chat with us in this server! It might not be as much. But don't let that stop you.
Oh what the heck.
Welcome to Continent of Sentora, a monster girl server with a heavy MGQ theme. If you like Monster Girl Quest, Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Monster Musume, or monster girls in general, feel free to join!
We have plenty of channels for chatting, sharing art, and role-play, and we aren't very restrictive, so feel free to be yourself!
(Shitposters welcome)
If you like singing and talking to new people , then is AlwayzMe the right Place for you. Chill and hangout with new people in voice chats or talk in our normal chats.
We pushed ourself to make AlwayzMe to a great Server . Come in for a new discord expirience

━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━
〉 Channels to promote your social media
〉 Looking for partnerships!
〉 Robust Verification system
〉 Many voice chats.
〉 Regular + Verified selfies channel
〉 A cool level system with nice color roles and names.
〉 Lots of Self-Assignable Roles
〉 Our own bot with Economy and Casino features!
〉 Anti-raid protection!
〉 Custom roles and donator roles coming soon!
〉 New AlwayzMeSinging section
━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━
Hi! Welcome to The Totoro Cave! We are a chill community of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki lovers. The Totoro Cave is a safe place to talk about all your favorite movies, anime, and more! Come on over and hang out!
Hey welcome to Legally Blind! LB is a hang out server where we play games and VC. Come and hang out with us!
A large community with a little bit of everything! This server holds a variety of chats and more!
We welcome anyone to join and make friends!
Plus we clearly are The Better Server.
This is a server dedicated to the memory, and continuation, of the legacy of Michael Jackson.
Here, I plan to have a community of people with a common interest: Keeping the King alive.
Once you join, I recommend checking our rules.
Random's Weirdness is a fun and relaxed hang out server for gamers and alike. You can find many different types of gamers and people there. Their is something for all to love!
An Advertising server that allows you to advertise any kind of server!
**Welcome to the Spinjitzu Academy!**
A place for Ninjago fans to hang out and have fun.
We have:

Element roles.

8 Custom Houses to be used as teams.

Role Play.

And more!
Join today!
Wanting the need to escape to a world of fantasies? Are you into magic and the medieval times? Then look no further than Vandgard! Land of opportunities, land of order or chaos or order... but what shall you do once you enter upon this world?
This place has...
-A friendly community that shall accept all
-A no judge zone, meaning you can be who and what ever you want
-Deep lore for those who are interested in viewing them
-Rules that are fair to the people
-self assigned roles
-semi lit rp
There are more that you can find in the server, all you have to do is join and see that we are accepting to those who wish to be part of the community. This is an 18+ server, although the erp business is mainly on the side... If ya want to know more, then join and see if this is the right place for you!

Ps:we have a very indepth lore set for a discord server as such you most likely wont be able to bring your oc from other servers and will need to make a new one
Welcome to femboy love! A place for femboys and traps to be themselves! I’m here no one will judge you! Just be yourself! Have fun and hang out with other people who share the same interest!
Hi this is Party Empire, we love memes, anime, and music. Pokecord is one of our bots we have and love as well as Yui and Dankmemer. Me and my staff love greeting and meeting new people we hope you can come and join us.
I'm looking for this to be an active server, that's basically just a place for people to go, and talk, and make new friends. I find myself often getting really bored and I feel like other people go through the same problem. So I decided I'd create a community for people to go when they feel bored. The Sock community. It's a fresh new server, come join, read the rules, and make new friends.
Hiya, cutie~! Welcome to our Lil’ Cosy Corner!

We are dedicated to making you feel happy and comfortable around new people, while making new friends and awesome memories. We mostly just hang out and chill but, we have several things such as:

🌷》Self Roles,
🌷》Game Chats,
🌹》Flirting Chats,
🌹》Nsfw chat,
🌷》Awesome staff,

And, much, much more. We invite to stay and have fun with us in anyway you'd like. We hope you have a great time and chill with us in our cosy lil' corner.

Just a lil chat server thats growing. If you enjoy hanging around people and chat this is the place for you! You can relax and make friends here

We have a lil bit of RP too so if your in to that go ahead and join

We're a little short on staff so if you want to apply go for it!
So basically it’s a house occupied by everyone who joins, you join and you get a room of your own choice of design. So follow the rules and let’s have fun.
Welcome to Griffix!!
We are just a small and growing server with friendly and fun members including fun bots and channels. We chat about everything including games, sports and anime. We also have cooperative staffs and you can have alot of fun here. We also have very few pings. Everyone is welcome here!!
New discord for people to make new friend (or at least that's the thought)
This server is a hang out for traps LGBT and every day straight people how just want to meet some friends