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***Looking for active members***

A server for just about anything you can think of, its sole purpose for existing is for people to meet and make friends. Anyone is welcome, this includes but is certainly not limited to artists, furries, gamers, roleplayers of any kind, nerds, weebs, and anything in between! Just read the rules, follow them, and have a good time.
We've got everything from casual conversation, friendly roleplay, art channels, memes, a place for your venting needs, voice channels for talking and listening to music, we've also got bots and contests with prizes like custom roles and art! We've got all this and more! Come on in, invite your friends, and don't forget to have fun in the most random place in existence!

NSFW channel access available for those who are 18+
🌺 WD Projects 🌺

We are the main server for a variety of different servers. Here you can get updates for new projects, see the full list of every server, suggest types of servers to be created, and even earn staff ranks in the other servers. We are also open to partnerships!

Current list of servers:
(1) Warrior Cat Server (open)
(2) Warrior Cat RP Advertising Server (in progress)
(3) ... (open to suggestions)
A large community with a little bit of everything! This server holds a variety of chats and more!
We welcome anyone to join and make friends!
Plus we clearly are The Better Server.
This server is for artists and crafters alike! We have a load of different categories and such to chose from for roles. This is a 14+ and up server. This server is not meant for just pokecord.

Things you can find here!

~ Self assignable roles
~ Self assign colors
~ General chat
~ Constructive criticism chat
~ Art sharing rooms
~ Inktober
~ OC Workshops
~ Voice chat (public and private)
~ Commission Info Channels
~ NSFW Art Channels (18+ verified only)
~ Pokecord!
We are a new server but would love if anyone joins, we are a chill and relaxed community who are just out to make friends!
Welcome to One Way Trigger! We're a social hang out for people to get together and talk about whatever! If you enjoy gaming, anime, or just wanting to meet new people this is the place for you!
Welcome to that server with the Pusheen logo.
Technically still editing but mostly done.
We have lots of fun things to chat about, voice channels, fun bots including Pokécord and Waifu bot, self assignable and color roles.
Ages 13-18
Please remember to read the rules
(Also, more staff might be useful 😂)
The Infinity Galaxy is a growing community of people from all around the world that likes to chat with people.The goal of this server to connect people from around the world and for them to have a platform to connect with people. Meet new people today at The Infinity Galaxy.
• Ask about our partnership program to see if your server may partner with us.
• If you server meets the owners high standards you may be eligible for a partnership with The Infinite Network.
• Join today and have a good time : )
Hiya, cutie~! Welcome to our Lil’ Cosy Corner!

We are dedicated to making you feel happy and comfortable around new people, while making new friends and awesome memories. We mostly just hang out and chill but, we have several things such as:

🌷》Self Roles,
🌷》Game Chats,
🌹》Flirting Chats,
🌹》Nsfw chat,
🌷》Awesome staff,

And, much, much more. We invite to stay and have fun with us in anyway you'd like. We hope you have a great time and chill with us in our cosy lil' corner.

Hello there fellow traveller. We are a collection of individuals from various corners of the universe and we like to banter, game, listen to music, chat, and watch stuff together. We hope you join our galaxy!

What our server offers
Space themed server including color roles and channels
400+ Members and growing.
A wide variety of interesting channels to use.
Numerous themed voice channels
Gaming channels
Various fun bots
Reaction roles
Events like truth or dare, karaoke and movies
A cozy 16+ community
✦ Hello, Welcome to ~ CISLUNAR ~ ✦
- This is a 13 to 17 server made mainly for chilling around with your friends!
- We have lots of fun emotes to play around with as well!

✦ There is lots of thing you may do in this server, like.. ✦
-Chatting with your friends!
-Making new friends!
-Do almost ANYTHING your lil heart desires!

✦ We even have active owners online constantly!✦
-Join now and let your imagination roam free!

An New Server we are trying to create a large community for chatting and gaming anime and more if you're bored just looking to talk or looking for someone come join our server! see you grand followers -morningstar
Welcome to the best server on discord.
Come chill and make music with us. Collaborate with other artist and producers and make friends! Show us your skills and win awesome rewards!
Hey You!

Looking for a chill dating server, well get your eyes open on this bad boy right here. Now I know, I know, it's another generic server right? Isn't that what you're thinking. Well let's make it clear, this isn't no generic ass server, this right here, is a server with a good ol' café, But cmon now, this isn't just some café with below average coffee, this is the Hillside Cafe! And we have some room just for a person like you!

We have all the luxuries such as:

Semi Active Chats! - I can't lie to you like those other irrelevant dating servers, we are fairly new and that's why we need you, that's right dumbass you on the screen, to come down and help us become active once more.

Friendly Staff! - Yeah these people may be the ones who kick your ass out of the server because you thought you could get away with it, but we are quite friendly individuals who are very open to new members joining in and interactive in the chats.

A Place For The Stressed! - Had a long day? Depressed as a cat stuck in a tree? Well this place can be a very good stress reliever for ones who are quite vulnerable to all the crude stuff in the world, come here and let go of all that negative vibes.

A Cozy Campfire! - That's right, we have a campfire, tuck yourself on that log, toast up those marshmellows and try not to burn them dumbass, and get settled at the virtual campfire.

Meet Some New People! - Cmon now what did you expect? No one to show up to the doorstep? We have plenty of interesting people in the server with loads of different personalities to see. So if you're adventurous, gleeful, flirtatious, or any kind of unique and on going personality, I'm sure you'll find someone with those qualities here.

Seems pretty sweet right? All that cool stuff you can have in this server for the very low low price of free! So what are you waiting for? Grab your sweatshirt, get your mind cleared, and come up top on this magical place called...

The Hillside Cafe!
Welcome to the Fluf Boi Hangout! We are just a server to chill and have fun, we have a variety of yiff for you paws to have fun with.
This is a server where you can talk about anime and play different games with other people. You can meet some new people to hang out with!
Welcome to "囧囧 ".
The idea of this server is to let people enjoy the other side of Discord as many servers out there are full off **Toxicity** and **Online bullies**. Our idea of this server is to let people enjoy the Friendly side.
囧囧 will be used as a Hideout for people to enjoy and relax.

This server will have events happening Two times a week.
Events such -
Movie nights
Game nights - Skribbl, CAH, PAH, ect.

We Hope you enjoy our server.
Welcome to Questor! A place where you can come to kick back, relax, and rp when given time or just chill in the chats or vc. It is a dedicated Warhammer 40k rp server; taking place in on an old backwater, dark aged planet with many many biomes and places to explore. Taking some inspirations from Cyberpunk, Bladerunner, and Avatar. From normal citizen to Primarch, the imagination and scenario is almost endless. We hope to see you there traveler👋
Oh my petals! You want to join? Well, Enjoy your stay at ✧𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐏𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲✧ , We have Tons of activities and Role-Playing areas! Ask any of our Administrators to help you out! Have a nice stay!! ~Founder of RPU
Halcyon is a chill server to hang-out in and make some new friends.
Very recently created, looking for active new members.
Make sure to come check it out!
what up the original dystopia got deleted so here's the new one . come on down we have friendly staff ,fun bots and self roles .
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HELLO, WELCOME TO House Of Scorpio

► #rules Read The Rules!
► #nsfw-verified How To Verify!
► #roles Apply Roles!
► #astrology-roles For Zodiac Roles!
► #general-pop Join us & Chat!
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A chill server to make new friends or to just talk in. Roleplaying is a big part of this server but you don't have to be a roleplayer to join and talk.