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We dont allow NSFW. This is for the good-side of the community. We are here to get alone. Make friends and hang out!. You can lesson to music. You can do collabs with others. You can draw with others. Maybe even join the art contest. No matter what you do on here we are here to welcome you! We allow other people who speak other languages! Like Spanish, Portugese, French, Russian, and German! We welcome you!!!
Hey there!
We're a pretty chill small tupperbox hangout server that uses the heck out of tupperbox
We have some roleplay channels, some self assignable roles, and a small area for NSFW in case the roleplay starts to get ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We aren't much, right now, but we hope to entertain you for a bit!
--【ᴅɪᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴛʏ ❦ ᴄʟᴜʙ】--

this server is a nice commuinty
we welcome anyone with open arms
LGBTQ+ Welcome!

we have: Events, Games, music
and other bots to play around with.

come and hangout with us
and have a fun time making

if you can speak english
please do!
The Chill House is just a place to chill and make new friends or maybe something more, its primarily to hang out, talk about hobbies/interests, and listen to music or just talk. We have rules but we aren't bad people.
Welcome to the Vivziepop Universe Discord Server! Here you can chat with fellow Hazbin Hotel, Heluva Boss and Zoophobia fans. You can make new friends, hangout, and much much more
Hi, and welcome to The Refrigerator. Remember that once you enter the sacred refrigerator, you are bound to it forever! =) (that was a joke)

Anyway, here are some of the things you can do:

-Chat with random people
-Send memes
-Post art
-Advertise your own servers
· · ──────·本·──────· ·

MC has joined the chat...

The RFA welcomes you with open arms, do you accept?

- A talk to the characters option
- A fun place to hang out with other people
- Active staff and characters
- A safe space for everyone
- A variety of fun bots
- The occasional game night
- Much much more

So MC, what will you do when greeted by the 7 members of the RFA?

✩.・*:。≻───── ⋆♡⋆ ─────.•*:。✩
trade in multiple games like rocket league and Minecraft and more!
hand out and make new friends!
have a chance to win discord nitro everyday!
Hello! This is Bread Puffs. Bread Puffs is a hangout server that has a theme centralized around bread. No, we don’t always talk about bread. We’re just here to have fun! This server is not PG, so cursing, topics involving sex, and dark humor in general is tolerated. Come join and bake in the oven!
Welcome, my lovelies, to our Lil' Cosy Corner~!
A place where you can just chill, have fun, make memories that'll last, but most importantly:
♡ Be a part of our loving and ever growing family! ♡
We have a variety of things on offer for you such as:

🌹》Many bots
🌷》Leveling system
🌹》Meme chats
🌷》QOTD, Polls
🌹》Events (Giveaways, tournaments etc.
🌷》Interest Chats (Amine, roleplay, writing and more!)
🌹》Friendly and active staff!
And so much more!

❥Pings: @here @everyone

I wanna make it my mission to create a positive environment, where we can all just be ourselves and have fun together. Whether it's a day, a month, or a year, I want your time here to be memorable. With that being said, I invite you to be a part of this crazy, weird but absolutely loving family and hope you enjoy stay in our 🌷Lil' Cosy Corner🌹

This server was started out as a WATAFAK - Dota2 server and now we had to grow beyond it as a new added feature WATAFAK - Wild Rift.

Today we are a CHILL, ENTERTAINMENT, SOCIAL INTERACTION, CONNECTION, GAMING and also having a FUN community that shares passion in the gaming world.

Our goal is to create a toxic-free digital environment where everyone can be comfortable. There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet. Don't be shy to just chime in on any conversation. It is how you make friends here and we welcome that!

Now go and introduce yourself to embark on an endless journey of joy and wonder!
ʚ♡ Hello! ♡ɞ
⋆ʚ Welcome to casual oc roleplay! Note that this is not a professional roleplay server, so there's no strict rules to your roleplay! Only that it's understandable and eligible!
After all, this is just a normal, fun and relaxing server that was made for the sole purpose of casual roleplay along with other cool stuff!
⋆ʚ This server provides channels for you to be able to roleplay any type of AU you want! You can even suggest AU ideas to admins or the owner! The server is open to many types of role-play!
⋆ʚ The members of this server have access to many other channels besides the roleplay ones! There are bot channels, regular channels, vent and rant channels if you need someone there, even a place to discuss about your ocs with others and share fun facts about them! There's also an intro and self roles channel where you can present yourself as well as pick the roles you desire the most!
⋆ʚ Everyone in the server are welcoming and kind! This is a safe space alongside a comfort space so don't be shy to introduce yourself!
Hope you enjoy our small corner of Discord!
well hello there kind person i see you have came across my server well before you go away i just want to tell you what my server is about.

In our server we have nice,kind, and funny people that will willing to make you time the best time and yes our server my not be that good at first over time it will get better.

we are will to add anything that you will think will make the server better and we are hiring some staff,admin,server manager,helpers,and mods and if you know how to do certain thing please let us know you you can help us.

we have games ranging from fall guys to among us to other games like jurassic world and minecraft.

ah i see you are still here you must be interested in joining the server well im not done yet.

wait nevermind that is i had to say so what do you say come and join us

We Vibin is a server where everyone is welcome to just hang out and enjoy themselves! Everyone is welcome!
Vibe server is a place where you can hang out with us, chill, and have fun! We are very accepting. We swear, post memes,make edits etc.
This is an unofficial Among Us Discord Server, where we like to hang out, chat, and of course, play Among Us! Be apart of us today!
︵ ❀ ︿ ❁ ︵ ❀ ︿ ❁ ︵


୨:୧┈┈┈┈┈ · · ┈┈┈┈┈୨:୧

Hello and welcome to Halcyon!
As behalf of the Welcoming Committee, we very happy to welcome you as the member of Halcyon!

— - ˏˋღ ˊˎ - —

In our server, you can do so many interesting things! Such as;
◦Share your cooking
◦School help
◦Post your art and get help from local artist
◦Make new friends!

The server is also a way to find people with the same set of interest as you! But also
to be with people who aren't as toxic as some servers. Think of this server as your hang out group.
We hope you enjoy your stay!

୨:୧┈┈┈┈┈ · · ┈┈┈┈┈୨:୧
---LEVEL UP---
` `Welcome~``
• This is the luvly server, here we chat and meet new people, we have multiple fandom areas where you can meet people with the same interests as you! This is a family friendly server, here we bring people together, we would appreciate it if you join the fun! •
Anime, gaming, whatever! As long as it follows our rules, go ahead!
We also do game-nights, so come join in once in a while!
Welcome to Candieland... A brand new server for anime and manga lovers... Even if you don't watch anime you can join us.
We are friendly☺️ and helpful
-eli bot
-dank memer
-waifu wars
-choose your color for name tag
-cute emojis
-basic rules to follow
-everyone is helpful and caring
-understanding and helpful staff
-active members
-Enjoyment is most important...
A place for all named “Logan” and their friends. (It is not required to be named Logan dw)