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Un servidor para todo el mundo. Entra y disfruta de una comunidad de gamers sin toxicidad!
Hi there! Welcome to Among Us International where we look for friends to play Among Us with, I am Regret, the owner, I hope you enjoy your stay here, whenever something's wrong you could dm me or any other mods. Please have fun and so on! What are you waiting for? Come chill with us!
This is an english hangout and gaming discord server. Available for everyone, a lot of channels for different games. With the possibility of meeting new friends
Zapraszamy na serwer przeznaczony od graczy dla graczy. Wspólnie tworzymy jedną wielką rodzinę. Oferujemy miłych kompanów do różnorakich gier, wykwalifikowaną i miłą administrację i wiele innych. Dołącz do nas i graj razem z nami!
Just a chill server tryna grow, we play a lotta different games and support each other. No rules or anything so you can do anything you want and we can always help you out
---🎉 hey everyone!! Welcome to "Slash Gaming Zone"🎉---

💠This server have a very friendly and active community. This server is for :-

1️⃣ Game Lovers
2️⃣ Community Lovers
3️⃣ Those who wants to find new friends.
4️⃣ Who wants Fun with friends
5️⃣ Those who wants Gaming Buddys
6️⃣ And much more!!

💠 If you want anything else to be added in the server, you are free to tell us, we will definitely add what you need.

💠 So basically this server is for pretty much everything!!

💠 Join our community now!!
Somos una comunidad hispanohablante de videojuegos con Valorant, Fall Guys, CSGO y Among us (si no lo teneis os lo podemos dar) Proximamente añadiremos más videojuegos como el Lol y muchos más.
Ein Gaming Server Mit Netter Community
Für Spiele Wie: Among Us,Valorant,Fortnite Oder LoL
Here you can find out teammate or even friends to play FPS games:)
P.s. We need server staff, Hurry up pleasseeee:)
Take it easy, let them say what they will, and come join Sawder's Gaming!

> Voice channels for specific games

> Legit moderation and a friendly community

> Discord Nitro giveaways and more

> Self-applicable roles

> Suggestions are welcome

Not enough? Come join to see what else you can find!
KeeTribe is one of the fastest growing gaming and talent community. KeeTribe hosts weekly giveaways of expensive games , Discord Nitro and so much . weekly and monthly competitions are also conducted to win prizes.
Discord: Gamers United. ✊

brand new server looking to grow.
come join :^)

Hey, we are working towards making a big gaming community on Discord!
- We have many roles to offer
- Clean server layout
- Emotes
- Active VC (time to time)
- Active chat
- Large group of mods (for spam prevention, etc.)
Welcome to the official server of Ghoul Master! I am a small youtuber who has a small discord server. You can also join to talk about games and any other hobbies you have. We are really online so join if you wanna have fun :)
Este es un server de Valorant español, donde podrás jugar con otras personas, participar en torneos amistosos y conocer a nueva gente.
Espero que te guste y lo disfrutes.
Hi I'm Dominick Ceo of The Omitted new team looking for casual and competitive players!
What are we looking for?
A place for leadership and to grow with company!
VP of talent (paid)
VP of marketing (paid)
Managment NA and EU
Editors (pay can talk)
Players wanting to be signed to a professional esports organization!
What we offer?
We offer a professional work environment no drama and we thrive for the top.
Instagram have 1600 followers
Twitter 100
YouTube just started
Professional logo design
Ownership of name and logo!
Have any questions or wanna merge with us dm @Omitted_Sycho we can talk business!
We are SEA Valorant, a server where you can look for people to play Valorant with! Connect with other players in Voice Chat, chat with others in the Valorant community, and have fun gaming. Join our community today!
We have:
- A boosted server (Lvl 3) with high-quality audio (384 kbps) and streaming options (1080p 60 fps)
- Many fun emotes
- A LFG ping system
- Bots to keep you company
- Lots of active members!
Are you a Valorant player? Join this server and enjoy my free Tournament. This server is for Fun. You will have fun, entertainment and you will enjoy. I host major events for all sorts of games. Like great tournaments. Ranging from Pubg Mobile to Valorant. Not fun? I have more. Have fun with many discord bots. Engage with friendly community and more! Check out yourself. Join now...

Its time for Valorant Grand Tournament. No time to explain JOIN.
No entry fee.