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Welcome to Viper's Den! Toxicity is embedded in the core of this server, and there is no tolerance for kindness. We stand by the Toxicc Queen Viper, til death do us part! #staytoxic
This is the official Discord Server for the YouTube Channel, First Gaming League, we aim to expand the community to foster all genres of games of the gaming industry, building a community that, when someone joins, there are people of similar taste in games, from similar to very diverse personalities allowing for cooperation, interesting conversations and overall an enjoyable gaming experience for all! So come, relax, chat and game with others and just have fun!
The owners of ₊✩・A o z o r a・青 空 want to emphasize a stress-free environment that radiates cozy, chill, fun atmosphere for all to enjoy. While we are a dark-humor based server! Toxicity will not be tolerated towards members, keep your jokes as humor and not passive-aggressive jabs! All we want is for you to feel welcome and comfortable enough to share things involving you. As we joke about most things in our lives, we are also mature and responsible adults and we should act like so. This server is 16 + and revolves around dark-humor, gaming, anime, and more. We're always open to new discussions!
Fun gaming server for all types of people

very flexible and will give you roles based on how kool you are and how many people you bring, overall a kind community everyone is willing to watch your stream
Hello! ❤️ We are a new gaming server with a cute cafe style aesthetic. We play many games such as League, Valorant, Genshin Impact and many more!

Our server includes perks to members who identify themselves, but we welcome anyone and everyone who is looking for a chill place to make friends and game 😊💕 We also have movie nights, game nights, art channels and music channels for your late night vibe sesh hehe.

Some bots that our server has:
Mudae bot
Mantaro bot
Eli bot
Poketwo bot

We would be so happy to see you here with us, welcome to Cloud Cafe 💙
Anyone can join if you are friendly
Gamers are also welcome so we can play together
Sali na kayo kwentuhan at kwentuhan lang naman pwede din maglaro, wag lang malaruan ng feelings
Join Mewnights for gaming fun!
This includes but will never be limited to:
Among Us
Rocket League
Genshin Impact
Cards against Humanity
There will be more to come and more to see, but for now check it out yourself
» a fun gaming/anime community «

We are extremely active when it comes to queueing together in NA Valorant daily, so check us out if you're LFG <3

Things we offer:
➺ Self-Promotion
➺ Groupwatch (Anime, Shows, Movies, etc.)
➺ Gamenvght (Valorant, League of Legends, Roblox,, etc.)
➺ FREE Custom Role
➺ Daily Active Voice Calls
➺ Daily Active Valorant Queues
➺ Fun Bots (Dank Memer, Ecchi Bot, Rythm, etc.)
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We are a brand new 13+ server that mainly revolves around gaming and anime topics - hosting game and movie nights on a regular basis. The community welcomes people of all race, sexuality, gender etc. so don't be afraid to join!
TAMPA BAY TM bir oyun serverıdır Hedefimiz Herkezin oyuncu bulmasına yardımcı olmaktır. O yüzden hedefimiz Aktiflik kazanmaktır.!!
A wholesome server for wholesome people from all around the world.
If you want a chill place to hang out, chat and meet new people, play games or just chill, this is the place for you!
Betelgeuse, 9 Temmuz 2020 tarihinde kurulmuş bir oyuncu topluluğudur.

LoL, CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch gibi rekabetçi oyunlarda ödüllü ligler ve turnuvalar düzenlememizin yanı sıra Among Us gibi her kesimden oyuncunun zevk aldığı oyunlar ile ilgili etkinlikler de düzenliyoruz.

Betelgeuse'un kapısı tüm oyunculara açık! Ne bekliyorsun?
We are a chill community, focused on gaming and having fun :D!
Don't be shy, join us and make new friends!

HYPER GAMING is a small community where you meet different people to have fun and hangout besides gaming offering an environment full of awesomeness and humbleness.

Our first priority is the members of the server and we always look forward to provide a better place for all.

🎊What we offer:

➥Active Moderators,Admin,staff for any assistance and moderation.

➥Well organized and respective section for each topic.

➥Bots for fun.

➥Server for people who wanna share their ideas,thoughts and spend time with others also GAMING section where people meet others of respective game and share ideas,thoughts,gameplay,help each other,scrims etc.

➥Friendly server and moderators and admin try their best to maintain it.

➥Strict rules and needed to be followed.

❕Why should you join us?

Well....its a server full of awesomeness where you meet others,hangout and have fun around.And you guys complete the server.So why not...😊

❇Looking forward to see you with us.❇
── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──
╭─── hideout is a server where you can find new friends to talk to. semi-active chats, and active VC’s, and other events.
| Friendly members
| very nice roles
| the owner is very nice
╰── *new server*
onii-chan NYAAAAA~~~ DONT KILL PUCCI- you thought it was your dream anime waifu..? but it was i- DIO! WRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
The Empire - LFG and Social Community: Valorant, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Among Us, EFT, PoGO, Overwatch, CSGO, Apex, Warzone, Hyper Scape
» TSM Subroza's Official Discord Server «

Welcome to Subroza's discord join the server to be part of his awesome community ! if u are looking for friend to play Valorant with casually /competitive. Or just enjoy chatting with our active members.
A female run server, centered around McSassy713's twitch. However this isn't all about my twitch. It's about friends and community. We accept all kinds, and we just want to make new friends. We always have people looking to play games, and always have someone to talk to. Come join us and make some friends!
Hello there! this is Endless Rift!

we are a small streamer community. Everybody is welcome here. You can also be a part of our small streamer community just by telling us that you want to apply to be a part of our community.

In this discord server we have:
- Lots of **React** roles that you can pick from, whether it be Color or Information Roles.
- **Entertainment** channel where you can be updated to our content creator's videos.
- **The Purge** channel where you can have all the freedom in toxicity as you want.
- **Language** category where you can chat in the languages that you know.
- **Games** category where you can look for someone to play with.
- **Private Voice** channels where you can buy by playing UnbelievaBoat.
- **Misc** category where you can have fun.
- **NSFW** category where you can talk about those stuffs.

So what are you waiting for? Join now! it's free xDD.
Let's have some fun together. The more, the better it is. We can gaming and chilling together!