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Welcome to The New Wave! We are an experienced squad running a community for content creators with the newest Gaming, Meme, Anime wave and collection bots. Discuss anything, be rewarded and boost forward!
Looking for more gamers and friends? join our server ! age range 13-18 <3
The Official Discord Server for Havok Clips! Join for fun, to submit clips for youtube, or just to hang out! Make sure to verify your account in #verification-pool!!!
It's always better tasting with a little bit of SALT. ;)
Sunucumuzda takas yapabilir, arkadaş edinebilir, market ve fiyatlar hakkında tartışabilirsin. Amacımız Türk oyuncular için aktif ve güvenli bir takas platformu oluşturmak.
L4DZ's Server is an awesome place for communities to grow and flourish!
🎞-Videos To Watch
But most importantly...
Cat themed server we play competitively & casually.
Regions : US-E, US-W & EU
ALL platforms are welcome!
Welcome to the Mayonaka Clan! We are a gaming server that focuses mostly on Nintendo Switch games like Smash Ultimate, Fortnite, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, MK8D, and more! We hosts tournaments every two weeks on different games and offer practice to get better at games! We also recruit members to join our clan for different games!


-Memeing and music bots!

-A section for anime and fans!

-An art channel for artists and enthusiasts!

-Friend Code sharing!

-A NSFW section!
Just some chill gamers. Games include, but not limited to, Rocket League, Sea of Thieves, Rainbow 6, Counter-Strike (CSGO), Overwatch, Minecraft, and more! Our Bots are Dank Memer, Disboard, Discord Miner, KawaiiBot, Lewdbot, Pancake, Restream Bot, Rythm, Sigma, TacoShack, Toddbot, and YAGPDN.wyz. Most of us are active and love playing games. Also, I'm a YouTuber with 1k subs and trying to get into twitch!
This is a discord server where there's many gamers and we have many content creators, We play all games doesn't matter what you play as long as your a gamer you will love this discord server.

We are kid friendly and this place is somewhere that you can make lots of friends!
Keviiinn_'s Klub is a new server that was created to join together a group of people that love gaming as well as love streaming said games. We are new to the discord scene but we know what it takes. With that being said we have a SFW policy so no sexual content. Here we love to make everyone feel at home. We have ways to group up and game with people as well as help or be helped by each other in the streaming community. We just ask is when you join is be reasonable.
We are a small gaming community which is looking for more people to play with! We regularly play in the evenings (GMT) with a wide variety of games including PUBG, Destiny 2, Rocket League, Monopoly, Dying Light, League of Legends, Apex Legends and more!
Looking to join a Rocket league community??? look no further. If you wana join a friendly community, both to play and trade then PsychonicsRL is the place. Always people available to play and trade, with 200+ active members ranks ranging from Silver - Grand Champ there are always people looking for teammates. Can set your own roles! :D Thank you and have fun!

- We also host weekly tournaments where the top 2 finalist teams win ingame items, your team must be in the discord in order to take part <3

- PSES Founder t0mmy
Welcome to the coolest place for gamers and artists alike. Wild Veterans
If you are looking for gamers to play with or artists to finish your project or maybe just have a good chat, you are in the right place. We are a friendly community based in India.
Rocketeers is a Rocket League server with the purpose of providing the community with weekly tournaments that are cross-platform, giveaways, helpful utilities like an easy-to-use team finder and just a helpful community in general :)
We are veteran server which is about teaming up to play Rocket League in a fun friendly way
We have giveaways , tournaments , clips competitions with very nice prizes...
Black Markets for wining tours
20keys prizes for clip competition.
Discord sur le theme des animes / mangas tu peux nous rejoindre si l'envie t'en prend, plus d'info ⤵

➤ PUB (Discord interdit) 🔍
➤ NSFW 🚫
Ah yes traveler! You have found us. The legends are true. It is our name that echoes throughout the chasms of the internet and whispers upon the very wind that blows. Yes we are Project Nutsack and yes you have found us.
Rocket League France est un serveur discord rocket league. Facile pour trouver des gens pour jouer. Tout les plateformes réunis !
🔶🔷Lovec's Hangout🔷🔶
Welcome to Lovec's Hangout, the official discord of itsLovec! This server is deticated to Rocket League but we also offer:
<>Fun bots to mess with

<>Self Promotion

<>Server Partnerships

<>Protection from raids

<>Mudae Bot

<>NSFW for thou's quenching of thirst

<>And more!!!
Hello there, do you have trouble's in your rank? You cant rank up by yourself, do you think you are better than your current rank, but cant get higher because of your bad teammates? Or you just want to flex in front of your friends? You are in the right place. We offer Rocket League Rank Boosting, Coaching, Replay Analysis and more for the cheapest prices. We have proven our legitable in previous customers, we have plenty of reviews and proofs. If we get our customer, we start with boosting as soon as possible. Visit our discord server and see yourself.