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In this server you can trade , participate in giveaways , tournaments and more like make friends and teammates.
Everything about Rocket League and CSGO trading and socialize!!
The people in this server are very open and will chat with about anyone as if they've been friends.
Aftermath is a place where you'll meet new friends, nice people and have loads of fun. In a controlled environment with capable mods. Join the server now for a great gaming experience. We play among us and are branching out into many other games. We have an upcoming halloween event, hop in for more information ;) I'm waiting for you!
Rocket League Germany Discord

Herzlich Willkommen auf dem größten, aktivsten Rocket League Discord im deutschsprachigen Raum. Egal ob Anfänger oder Experte,
hier findest du immer einen Partner zum spielen, quatschen und ein Server Team der sich um die wünsche der Mitglieder kümmert.

Wir bieten:

• Aktive Member
• 2700 Member
• Giveaways, Events
• Wöchentliche Turniere
• 24/7 Support
• Und vieles mehr...

Überzeug dich selbst :-)

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Rocket League HQ is a fun and active rocket league server where you can chat, party up and trade with people on your platform. Earn cool rewards by being active on the server and participate in nitro giveaways!
A professional gaming community for people of the age 16+, we are providing our place for you to find teammates to play with, we are supporting many games, and any request for game will be accepted, you'll not regret joining.
На этом сервере вы найдёте добрых игроков с которыми вы будите играть.
Мы играем в разные игры
Hey wir sind das Infinity Gaming Server Team
Und Bieten viele sachen da wir noch im aufbau sind suchen wir noch:
Einen Partnerserver
Leute für unser Team
Designer für das SB
Approach Esport
A very professional made community for gaming, you'll have to be the age of 16 and above to be apart of it, people can play games with each other here such as, csgo, rocket league, fortnite, Minecraft, valorant, R6S, Lol, PUBG, Brawlhalla, any game requests will be accepted.
- Easier to find teammates to play with In our community
- Active staff team
- Active gaming
- We have a very professional role assignment.
- Rank verification so no one will fake their rank while playing with you.
- Giveaways for gamers.
There are more things, you'll not regret joining, thank you for your time.
We are a new starting community welcoming all players from all backgrounds.we are very friendly and hope you can join us in our journey to the top
Hello all!

Xylan Gaming is a gaming community with a look to having fun together.
We play rocket league and among us but we also play other games together
--->Join for our fortnightly rocket league tournaments with cash and credit prizes!!!!<---
A friendly community for all skill levels to join. We offer a place to find a consistent team of players who actually care about improving together!
We run custom games every single Saturday so come and join us and have fun!
La Mystery Team est une Team eSport étant sur Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe et Rocket League. Sur ce serveur vous pouvez y retrouver les performances de la Team, le moyen d'y postuler, jouer avec des gens aux jeux indiqués précédemment en plus d'Among Us et participer à des tournois Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comportant du Cashprize.
Brand new Community Gaming server

Feel free to join and bring over your friends, we have dedicated game areas for the games mentioned on the tags, but we can also make new ones if necessary
You'll have several text chat channels and bots to suit your needs: music, memes, NSFW (channel), dedicated bots to certain games, and much more.
Join, bring your friends, have a good time and enjoy your favourite songs while u play. It's a new server so for the time being we don't have a lot of users yet, but do feel free to join and bring your mates
Polski serwer do Rocket League
możesz tam znaleźć ludzi do gry i wiele innych!
-Ogarnięte Comunity
-Zadbany Serwer
We are just Free Gaming Bois that are too poor to play any paid games so we play free games and have fun. We also have alot of bots so you don't get bored when people are offline. We also have a Tlauncher aternos server that anyone can play in at anytime. So if you're broke like us and want to play and have fun feel free to join us.
🔥Salut, vous ne serez pas dessus de se serveur ! :) Ici pas de prise de tête mais que du fun / trouve ton teamate, échange et Tournois de tous ranks !

Certe, nous ne sommes pas "le plus grand serveur" mais nous nous voulons juste du fun et si vous voulez faire de nouvelles rencontres ! C'est ici 😁
🛑Bref juste fun et prenez du plaisir !

Hi! My name is George, nickname is gorg, and i have created a gaming server! i am looking to find new friends for games such as minecraft, modern warfare, rocket league, and more! Come join if you like playing games like those i have just named!
Dit is een leuke Fortnite server. We doen regelmatig customs op m’n YouTube kanaal en ook een fashion show kan er wel bij😋. Ook doe ik nog niet zo lang live rocket league. Ik heb niet zo veel kijkers bij rocket league, maar daar kunnen jullie iets aan veranderen.Doe jij dit nou graag? Join dan zeker de server. Er is binnenkort een giveaway als 25 mensen de sac Bertmor 1 gebruiken.(2000 skin) join bij interesse.
Jest to serwer Community+Gry
Szukamy osób które lubią grać w gry jak i spędzać czas pisząc z innymi użytkownikami!
Planujemy częste zmiany/update/konkursy więc nie będziecie się nudzić Wbij już teraz i sam się przekonaj
We are a rocket league team/community!

Team Name: Velox eSports
Rank Requirements: Champion2 - GrandChampion 13+
Primary Region: EU/NA.
Platform: Any
About Us: Competitive/Freestyle rocket league team. Fast growing with a friendly community, logo's for team members, giveaways and advice for improvement. Teams filling quickly.
Subzero community is a fantastic discord server for all of your rocket league trading & gaming needs. It offers many features and allows easy contact with other members who love to chat, play etc.