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Salut à tous !

PRIME ouvre ses portes à toute personne souhaitant participer à nos parties communautaires, principalement axés sur le multigaming avec un nombre d'actifs réguliers, de niveau de jeu très variés, nous jouons à CSGO, GTA V, Rocket League, Destiny 2, League of Legends...

Vous serrez le/la bienvenue sur notre serveur, nous ne demanderons que votre sympathie, nous souhaitons garantir la bonne entente au sein du Discord afin de permettre des parties sans prise de tête.

Partagez vos mèmes, vos avis sur les jeux ; participez à la communauté PRIME selon votre envie !

A bientôt !

Started as a group of friends, now expanding to include everyone who plays video games. We have channels for games such as: Fortnite, Minecraft, Rocket League, Roblox, and can always add more.
[13+] We're Community Initiative, a growing & active group of people who love everything internet from memes, gaming, art, & socializing! We play all sorts of games, have community events, and are LGBTQ+, and fandom safe! So come chill, have a good time, and get to know the Community Initiative family!
We are a friendly Rocket League Switch Server. We provide giveaways and we also have a pricing channel for you to ask for prices. We have some bots too such as pokecord, so come and check it out! c:
SARP-BF is a Nintendo Switch Rocket League trading community with a full staff of active price checkers providing advice almost 24/7. We have an extremely active trading channel and very friendly staff who are willing to help with anything you need (Whether it be Rocket League questions, server help, etc.)!

Safe trading is a requirement in our community and we provide several ways to ensure you can trust your trading partners. We use extremely trusted middlemen, guaranteed by the community and our staff, and we have a custom-built bot with unique features designed for safe trading. Some of these features include:
🐳 Reputation tracking, fueled by our members.
🐳 Pricing request command, to make asking for advice even easier.
🐳 Trade searching, to help you navigate safely and find the items you want with ease.

We frequently hold giveaways (weekly or more), donated by our staff and tge generous community.
🎉 Some of our previous giveaways include: Titanium White Octane, Titanium White Dune Racer, Heatwave, Dueling Dragons, and Discord Nitro! 🎉

Last but not least, Rocket League is about having FUN. At SARP-BF, we also provide fun ways to engage with the community. We regularly hold car design competitions, RL tournaments, and we even have ways to share your in-game highlights and designs. We also have many of your other favorite bots, including Pokécord, Rythm, etc.

🐠 All of these things are here to make your experience at SARP-BF the best it can possibly be. We hope you will enjoy the community at Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered - Battle Fish! 🐠
Cat themed server we play competitively & casually.
Regions : US-E, US-W & EU
ALL platforms are welcome!
We are a growing gaming community. Our goal is to unite gamers together in a safe and fun environment! We have our own custom bot running in the server called 'Elite Bot'. It offers a wide range of commands and features no other servers offer! To add onto that, we offer a wide range of selection between roles, events, giveaways, emotes and much more! Choose Us! Choose Elite Gaming.
OMG! Elite Switch Club?!?!
Yep, you found it...
“The Best Nintendo Switch Server Around!”

We offer:
- Popular First Party Nintendo Titles!
- Popular Third Party Nintendo Titles!
- Fun Server Games and Layout!
-Own Discord Economy Bot!
- An Amazing Community You Can Get To Know!

Oh, and don’t forget about GIVEAWAYS!
*Monthly Eshop Giveaways!*
*Actual Nintendo Games!*
*Insane In Game Item!*
*Discord Nitro!*
*Weekly Personal Bot Currency!*

You read all this, so you might as well check us out and see the fun for yourself!
Join and send suggestions on what i should add to this server. Switch rocket league server. More coming soon. I found a snake today so that will now be the new image
Hey!. We're gaming focused community but love to joke about. We play various games and would love to branch out further into other games if enough people show interest in a game we would support tournaments, scrims, coaching. Drop by and say hello!
We are Team Legacy. We are a newly formed team and are looking for new members for our freestyle, comp and designer team.
We are a little community of gamers who mostly play Switch and some Cross Platform games and a few 3DS games!! At the moment we have sessions for Pokémon Gen 7 games, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and we just added Rocket League!! For our Nitro Boosters we do occasional giveaways with the reward being a one $20 gift card to whatever you want (this being our first giveaway)
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox. Other titles include Rocket League and Mordhau that are involved in events. Bastard Gaming is being built and needs admins/moderators and hosts too.
We Have 27 members and growing everyday. Our first event is this Saturday September 21st.
This is a growing gaming server with people from around the globe. If you want new fun friends to play, or discuss your games with, don't hesitate to join. Or if you're just feeling for meeting new friends and just wanna talk, feel free to chill with us.
Naaaaaaaaa duuuuuu.... Du suchst einen Deutschen Server? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig :D Bei uns ist der spaß garantiert, und wir freuen uns auf jeden Neuankömmling!

Regeln : Freundlich sein und spaß haben :D
Egy jó közösség, ahol önmagad lehetsz. Gamer vagy? Nem szeretsz egyedül játszani? Szeretnél új embereket megismerni? Az sem baj, ha nem vagy gamer, vagy egyáltalán nem is játszol. Beszélgetni is jó egy hosszú, fárasztó nap után. Csatlakozz hozzánk, és jól fogod érezni magad. Amennyiben nem, semmi probléma. Írd meg, mit javítsunk a szerveren 🙂
I'mma foxy boi who likes foxes but I'm not a goddamn furry ; i'm not a streamer. 🦊
Hello there, do you have trouble's in your rank? You cant rank up by yourself, do you think you are better than your current rank, but cant get higher because of your bad teammates? Or you just want to flex in front of your friends? You are in the right place. We offer Rocket League Rank Boosting, Coaching, Replay Analysis and more for the cheapest prices. We have proven our legitable in previous customers, we have plenty of reviews and proofs. If we get our customer, we start with boosting as soon as possible. Visit our discord server and see yourself.
A Random Gaming Community (ARGC) is a newly started community for gamers.
The games supported right now are Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Fortnite. Once more people join, the goal is to add more games to the server.
This server will also host online tournaments for Rocket League and Smash Ultimate.
We are also looking for staff who will be loyal to the server!
Come join this server and change your gaming experience!
Rocketeers is a friendly Rocket League community that focusses on bringing the people of Rocket League together!
What we do here is play with each other, get matched to each other, we try to organise tournaments and we are still looking for staff members to fill our team!

Do you think you have what it takes to join our team? Come join us, and let yourself be known!
We are a Rocket League ESports team with tons of amazing players and we are hoping to see many more join us! We host many special events and play a lot together and just love to have fun!