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We are a small gaming community. Our goal is to achieve many different competitive groups to make it more convenient to play the games you love with genuine gamers. We offer a wide range of selection between roles, giveaways and a very calm hangout place. Choose Elite Gaming.
Cat themed Rocket League server. Do you want to make friends? Need a partner? Join this server~ see you there! US-E & US-W Only!
All platforms are welcomed!!!
Just starting a new server. Wanting to grow this server so that people can met new people and smash out some victory royales togther. Would be awesome if you could join the server to help me grow it.
⚽️🎮Deutscher Rocket League Server für Jung und Alt. Ob auf dem PC oder auf einer Konsole gespielt wird, ist egal, durch die Cross-Plattform sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. Ob kompletter Anfänger oder Pro-Gamer, alle sind willkommen und werden jemanden ungefähr auf seinem Niveau finden können. Also tritt unserem Discord Server bei und zockt direkt mit. 🎮⚽️

✅Komm vorbei und sei ein teil der Community
BuckeyePlays is the upcoming discord server filled with positive people and a meeting ground for all gamers.
We are a new server that is just starting out. We are a trading server that is trying to make it in the community. Join now and help us!
Join Cfomodz Gaming today! From the original YouTuber with :fire: OVER 9,000! subscribers comes a brand new community where you can be a part of the action.

Join us for:
Channels for all the games we play :video_game:
Growing Gaming community :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Content Creator role + channels (collabs availible)
Recruiter Roles :eject:
A chance to get featured in a video! :video_camera:
Partnerships :handshake:
A Friendly community :family:
Welcome to the No U Gaming Club. We're a small highschool gaming club and discord server. We play games such as
⚽Rocket League⚽
⚔️For Honor⚔️
☠️Dead By Daylight ☠️
🔫Rainbow Six Siege🔫
🧙‍♀️League Of Legends🧙‍♂️
We would like other gamers to join us for fun gaming sessions. Once our discord becomes slightly bigger, we plan on doing major tournaments/events with prizes to win. When were bored, we like to use the mini game bots we added, as well as send memes to each other. We mostly play on PS4/Xbox, but PC players are also allowed to join. Must be between 13-20 to join.Also have twitch support
[Mainly EU] [some NA]
Hi, HnM is mainly a rocket league server but play other games too like fortnite etc, you can join for fun to improve your game (we have champs who will be happy to help you out and give you tips), anyways drop in and say hi : )
We adapt for you, you don’t adapt for us. A server for all your gaming wants.
Nous sommes une communautées Rocket League Français , acceptant tout niveau , sur toute plateformes !
Rejoignez nous et amusez vous bien !
Preferably only 18+
Hey People!
Feel free to join the Grumpy Ducks Discord server! We would like to build a community of friends playing all kinds of games. At the moment, Rocket League is the game that we play the most.

Besides gaming, we are currently working on building our very own Discord bot! (Cool right?)
So if you have any experience with JavaScript, or just like programming in general, you are also very welcome to join!
We are a small gaming community which is looking for more people to play with! We regularly play in the evenings (GMT) with a wide variety of games including PUBG, Destiny 2, Rocket League, League of Legends, Apex Legends and more!
Fearless Skies Gaming is a community intent on becoming a fun and loving (as well as a fun-loving) community for Pro Gamers and Casuals. We are a server that loves to take things and make them fun! Here's what we have in store at the current moment! More to come as well:
- Game chats for specific games, such as Fortnite and Black Ops 4.
- Daily Changelogs for technical people that like Changelogs.
- Weekly Creator & Gamer Shoutouts.
- Monthly Events (starting Mid-Late April).
- Music Bots and Coming Soon: Fun Bots like Dank Memer and other fun stuff!
- Partnerships for those who want to!
So what are you waiting for? Come join our Fearless Discord!
Note: We go through some serious moderation for security reasons. We try to verify most if not all members through verification of previous associations with servers that we've been in.
The server is about teaming up to play Rocket League in a fun friendly way
We have giveaways , tournaments , clips competitions and more..
Friendly and competitive server!
Win various items in fair 1v1/ 2v2 matches.
PREMIUM roles for the next 5 joining members!
Welcome to the server of our official YouTube channel HSGamRZ!

Here we do regular giveaways and interact with our fascinating community

Please join, it means a lot!
A server for giveaways, trading and finding teammates on Rocket League
Are you looking for a competitive Rocket League or CS:GO team to develop your skills? Well, Team Assassin wants you!

We are an exclusively NA organization, that holds rosters in Rocket League and CS:GO.

We are looking for staff applicants and Rocket League players to come apply for a spot in Team Assassin! Our server offers everything, from endless entertainment to competitive gameplay. We are different from other organizations, because we offer personalized care for all of our players. The TA staff strives to make connections and promote the wellbeing of every one of our members, something that bigger teams can't say.

You will not regret joining Team Assassin, where Team is everything.
Trident Gaming Rocket League is a new organization broken off of the origianl "Trident Gaming" This server is strictly for the game Rocket League, Tournaments, eSports, and all special events will be done through this discord! We always have new tournaments to compete in!
💎Need Staff
💎Stream Team
💎Rocket League
We are a gaming server with a friendly community. We are hiring staff so come quick before the positions fill.