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A fun Rocket league server offering competitive teams from Diamond to 2000+! We are looking for people who want to join an up and coming discord. WE have a very active staff and community and we hop you are willing to join us!
Welcome to ꜱɴᴏᴡᴢᴏɴᴇ,
A community for people that love reading Manga and playing games, feel free to join 😉👌
Hey i play rocket league so that means you must join my server
>Non Toxic ✓
>Emotional Support ✓
>Rocket League ✓
>Memes ✓
>Partnerships ✓
>Organized ✓
>SFW ✓
(Sponsored by Rogue Energy and Fatal Grips | Code: ARETACHI for 10% off)

Merch link:

Aretachi is an aspiring North American group looking to recruit talented individuals to help us grow. We started off as a group of friends and have built off of it to create Aretachi and are now actively competing in tournaments!

__We are looking for high-skilled players__ (NA and EU) to represent us in tournaments for:
- Fortnite (NA Comp players needed!)
- Rocket League (EU Comp Lead needed!)
- Rainbow Six: Siege
- Brawlhalla (NA and EU players needed!)

__We offer:__
- Free GFX and VFX for all competitive players
- Organized server and professionalism
- Exposure for you as a player as we actively compete in tournaments and play against rival clans
- Potential to improve your play as we actively compete in tournaments and play against rival clans
- Chance to win money with Aretachi as a team

(If you want to just chill with us, also join)
Join and DM a Roster Overseer to join a roster!
Salut à tous je m’appelle Sébastien, j'ai 19 ans et depuis maintenant quelques années je suis le propriétaire de ce serveur. Dans ce serveur il a des tournois qui sont effectués chaque mois. Si vous ne voulez pas participer aux tournois vous pouvez simplement le rejoindre pour jouer avec d'autres gens ! Il a été créer à la base pour ça. Sachez que nous ne sommes que 50 mais plus vous serez nombreux plus il y aura de l'activité !
La Orion est une équipe basée sur le multigaming
Dans le Discord vous trouverez un staff actif et à l’écoute.
Une communauté active et cool, chez nous il n’y a aucun problème.
Si vous souhaitez en apprendre plus sur l’équipe Orion, n’hésitez pas à le rejoindre.
Hello there! Are you looking for a server with a GREAT and AWESOME community? Well look no more! Welcome to §Pandaboi's Cubmunity§! We are a non-toxic server with great staff! Here are some things we offer:
[💬]Multiple chat channels for maximum chatting
[👾]Pokécord Bot
[😀]Non-Toxic Community
[🔞]Absulutly NO NSFW
[🌐]We support Multiple Languages
[⛔]Resonable Minimum Staff Age
[🎵]Music Channels
[🤖]Multiple Bots to Play with
[🤑]Weekly Giveaways
[💲]Paid Advertisements
[📝]Adertising Channels
[🛡]High Security
[👮‍♂️]Great Staff
[🔒]Private Channels
[🎤] Multiple VC's
[🕶]VIP Chatrooms
[🛒]Server Store
[📦]Loot Boxes
[😁] Lot of emojis for you to use

Thats not all, we offer much more then that! To experience all of it join now! We are currently recruiting staff!

This is a rocket league discord server which aims to connect rocket league players to each other! We aim to help you find potential teammates and friends through our server! The server is quickly growing and has a community of people from all over the world, and our staff are highly active.

The server is also Nitro boosted, so feel free to enjoy the benefits of the nitro boost! Welcome to RL Lounge!
We are a competitive team for the video game [ROCKET LEAGUE] // Our Community is constantly
growing and is getting better each day // Our team members are very friendly mixed in with your
traditional british banter and jokes. Everyone is willing to play, no matter the rank, wether its
for casual games or if you want to do some competitive grinding.

Our competitive team is currently made up of the highest ranks in our server, which is our
1800/1900 Grand Champion along with another Grand-Champion and a Champ 3 // However, Once
more people start playing we will create a new team for tournaments to win some great prizes.
Welcome to Gaming Central!
It is a server about gaming. The channels include Minecraft, Roblox, Warzone, Rocket league, and Fortnite. We have stat tracker bots, and normal gaming and currency bots. We will send notifications for when ur favorite streamer is live or youtuber posted. We need some staff and will take everyone we can get. Thank you
Here we do lots of fun things like talk dumb crap. I'm XxSavageMiketvxX and I invite you to my server!
Light Esports is a community that holds RL events, such as tourneys and giveaways etc, Light was founded on September 29 of 2018 and rebranded to a community that would hold more than one team as well as run tourneys starting in February of 2019. We do our best to try and listen to the community and tend to there needs since the people/members make up the community and there wouldn't be one without the members!! We also strive to make our Esports teams the best without paying them, up to a certain mmr of course, and we do this by assigning captains to lead each team. As you can read in the #FAQ we also allow community made teams which allows even the players that didn't make the team or would like to form a team with players they have good chemistry with, at ease under Light and provide channels and vcs for them.
Volts Esports is a gaming team for the game Rocket League. We've competed in several tournaments, earning money for our team. Ranks platinum to Grand champs are free to tryout, but don't worry; anyone is welcome to join our server. There are plenty of things to do to get you involved. See you soon!
We are a respectful and active Rocket League community!
We have two Content Creators who regularly host tournaments where you can win a lot of prizes including money and ingame items.
We also have a couple of coaches that can help you improve your game.
We also do a lot of giveaways on our server, so you have a chance to win with a little luck!
We are looking forward to you!!!

¡Bienvenido a Rocket League Trade Español, un servidor de tradeos de Rocket League que da la posibilidad de intercambiar objetos con otros jugadores!
# RyokanTV Resmi Discord Sunucusu #
● Dizi, Film, Anime, Pokemon
● Aktif neşeli ve samimi sunucu
● Ücretsiz Oyunlar Kanalında bedava olan oyunları takip et
● Twitch yayınlarımdan klipler (
● Instagram üzerinden paylaşımlar, turnuvalar ve çekilişler (
Herkesi bekleriz @everyone
Hey nicht weiterscrollen. Wenn du auf der Suche bist nach coolen Leuten, mit denen du schreiben, talken und die Möglichkeit haben willst zu zocken hast, dann schau mal rein :) Unsere Maingames sind Nintendo Games und Rocket League, also kommt gerne mal drauf, wenn ihr unter den Gamern dieser Spiele seid :p Leider sind wir noch nicht allzu viele auf dem Server und sind also noch im Aufbau, aber falls genau du Interesse an einem Gaming Server hast und den Server auch mit aktiv halten und beim Aufbau helfen willst, dann join doch gerne mal. Ich würde mich freuen :)
Als etablierter Verein bieten wir für alle Ansprüche die passenden Strukturen. Sowohl für Profi-Spieler, die unter unserer Flagge in der Oberliga um mehr als Ruhm und Ehre kämpfen. Als auch Casuals, die Gleichgesinnte suchen. Ob Online oder bei gemeinsamen Besuchen auf LAN-Partys. Unsere Mitglieder sind in ganz Österreich verteilt.
We are veteran server which is about teaming up to play Rocket League in a fun friendly way
We have giveaways , tournaments , clips competitions with very nice prizes...
Black Markets for wining tours
20keys prizes for clip competition.
•Team Raid•
> Team Raid is back with fresh start :)
> Raid is a new upcoming team, and we are currently recruiting new members!
> We are looking for active players!
> We are looking for Freestylers, Designers, Editors... in the future maybe Noflippers.
> More informations in the discord!
> Platform:** any
> Region: any (prefer EU)
> Our recruitment status:
> • Freestyle :white_check_mark:
> • Designers :white_check_mark:
> • Editors :white_check_mark:
> Come join us for chance of meeting new people to play with, talk to and maybe apply!
Mannfield Pro Circuit is a salary based draft league and we are currently on the lookout for players from Diamond 1-Grand Champion. Before you might ask, no, we currently are not taking full-team signups as we are operating under a draft structure. We are a league striving to have fun and hoping that our players learn and improve!Our current structure is an 11 game league play with a mid season tournament as well as a postseason tournament to determine who will be the reigning champion of the Mannfield Pro Circuit! We currently do not have a prize pool implemented. We have pre-established city-based teams that you can go out and represent! (i.e. Minnesota Hunters, Toronto Ice, Boston Revolt) You will most likely be playing alongside teammates with different skill levels, so if you want to freshen up your competitive experience, we are the League for you. We will have tryouts as well as PUGs as we inch closer to the start of our tournament. We plan to stream and upload all of our games as well as have content (streams, talk shows, YouTube videos) based around the league!We’re on the lookout for managers and players (you can do both as long as you fit our guidelines!), so if that sounds like it appeals to you or any of your friends please join our discord down below!
We are a Rocket League tournament and league server here to bring you enjoyment, fun and prizes.