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2 hours ago
Community 61
Geola, "The Final Piece of Your Server's Puzzle"
Geola is a brand new, advanced and multipurpose Discord bot with extreme customization options.

Key Features:
> Extremely Configurable + VERY Interactive
> Enable/Disable Any Commands
> Custom Prefix
> Moderation Commands (Prune, Kick, Ban, Force Ban)
> XP/Rewards System
> Advanced Custom Reactions
> Lightning-Fast Cooldowns
> Amazing Support Staff
> Detailed Wiki
> And so much more!

>> Invite Geola:
>> Geola's Hub (Support Server):
>> Geola's Website: (Depending on when you are reading this, the website might still be WIP :P)**
2 hours ago
Community 6
Are you lonely?
Are you bored?
This bot can talk to you, play with you, send you memes, Its all about fun, yeah! This bot is made for FUN. Why not having fun with it?
9 hours ago
Come join the server and RP with other members from across the world and don't forget to have fun :)
13 hours ago
All Games 35
The boys server has giveaways, custom bot, website, coin system, active members, active staff and more!
1 days ago
A small bot support server with a fantastic loving community. You can send dog, cat or meme pics that make you stare in awe or laugh happily
1 days ago
Community 418
Discord Emoji is the server for a bot of the same name, and a great way to get cool emojis and chat with people!
1 days ago
Blackhumor Königreich ist ein Plattform für Schwarzenhumor liebhaber wir freuen uns auf jeden neuen Mitglied.
2 days ago
Support server for Yotsugi bot.
3 days ago
Programming 12
Home of ParkyBot. An in-development, feature-rich, and widely customizable bot. It's packed with useful moderation feature, awesome music, and some fun commands to keep your users entertained. We listen to our users when they request a feature!

The bot is currently in Beta AND it's free! The bot will eventually be 1$ a month on patreon. Yes, just 1$ a month to use the bot with some nice bonus perks! Come join the ParkyBot lounge and stayed tuned on updates, talk, or even suggest features or improvements for the bot. And since it's a beta, we'd also appreciate some testing! Any bug hunters will get a spot on the whitelist, meaning you don't have to pay.
5 days ago
A friendly, non-toxic server for friends to come along and chat. Features more than twenty five bots to play around with and test. Features a spam channel to spam in and an art channel to post your art in.

So what are you wating for? Join today!
6 days ago
Two species who were once in harmony, now in a millennia long war. The Dark Wolves and the Star Wolves, two very powerful species in a fight to end the brutal ways of the Dark Wolves.
The Dark Wolves were considered evil; enslaving other creatures and threatening them with their power. Eventually word got to the Star Wolves, who swore to stop them.
Born a century before the war broke out, Elara was destined for great things. Even at a young age she showed promising signs of a great leader, ally, and mother. She grew up constantly training under the guidance of her parents. Through their starsight, they could see a horrible war was soon to come.
When Elara was an adult, the war was in full swing. There was constant fighting, eerie howls at night signaling another death. Elara felt she was ready, and she was. She ran into battle and caught ferociously, killing or injuring many Dark Wolves. Sadly, it was not enough. The Dark Wolves kept coming, and the Star Wolves’ numbers were dwindling. The battle raged for many years, until a verdict was met. All of the Star Wolves were dead, the Dark Wolves victorious of the bloody war. They retreated to a far away corner of the world, not to be heard from again for several centuries.
Elara lay next to her dead father, brutally wounded, but still alive. She had suffered an almost fatal wound, causing her to lose her left eye. Without a Dark Wolf, it would be gone forever. Her own healing abilities rendered useless by the dark matter.
Two centuries after that last battle her remaining eye opened, the stars within shining with life and determination. Determination to help those who were victims of the Dark Wolves. On that day she vowed to do whatever it took to make things right again. This is the story of Elara, the last Star Wolf in existence, and her promise to try and reverse the damage the Dark Wolves have done to their world.
10 days ago
Computers 20
Easter World
Easter world is a Discord Server for easter!
- Easter Bunny bot, which you can add to your own server including sending a letter.
- Music/General VC
- Bot Support
- Non English chat
- Partnership Program
- Bunny Team
- See if you are on the Naughty or Nice list.
- Find out where the eggs have been hidden.
19 days ago
Serwer Polskiego bota, z miłą społecznością i pomocnymi ludźmi!
19 days ago
Hey there! Want to Talk With A Diverse And Awesome Community? Or maybe just want to chillax and listen to our 24/7 music bot? Or maybe you want to have some fun with the bots? Well if yes then this is the server for you! We have: Awesome And Active Staff 👮 Verfication And Leveling System 🆙 Fun Bots And Games 🤖 A Amazing Community Around The World 🌎 Gaming 🎮 Rap Battlez And Karaoke 🎤 24/7 music bot 🎧 And more! Join The Chillax Corner™ Today
20 days ago
160+ commands, Image welcoming, Moderation, Fun and NSFW, Utilities, 24/7/365 Up Time and Active Developing, All in one, All in Equalizer
21 days ago
Manager is a discord bot that helps you do stuff you can't do with vanilla discord! Private temporary channels, Guild analitics & more in 10+ languages!
24 days ago
Establishable's Official Discord is a great community based off the Discord user Establishable. You should consider joining because it is a FIRE server to join! We have a custom bot and loads of cool things including the updated Mee6 v2.0
29 days ago
All Games 12
Heroes of the Storm official server
34 days ago
Programming 30
A support server for the bot pixelator
42 days ago
Community 7
Doggo Server is a Discord (Non-Partner) Help Community that helps users with basic Discord stuff. There are also bot developers such as Shibe#3696 who make bots and teach them as well.
46 days ago
Bonjour nous somme un discord de rencontre Francophone qui permet de discuter partager et s'amuser tout en faisant connaissance avec des gens !
N'hésitez pas a nous rejoindre !
50 days ago
We are here to help you with Nadeko Bot.
88 days ago