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we are just a fun server for people to hang out ad have fun.
-Judgement Free Zone
-Make new friends
Polski serwer Discord, gdzie porozmawiasz, nauczysz się obsługi discorda, kupisz autorskiego bota na swój serwer i wiele innych!
Support server for WaifuBot. Also a place to discuss weeb-related things, yeah.
A friendly, non-toxic server for friends to come along and chat. Features more than twenty five bots to play around with and test. Features a spam channel to spam in and an art channel to post your art in.

So what are you wating for? Join today!
A new small community to discuss all your nerdy needs, find people with similar interests, game with other people and watch live streams of the staff and anyone interested in streaming.
We have self roles in the server so check that out. A verification system for selfies and age to ensure that the person you are talking to is real and not a catfish.

We also have 9 custom made emote made by an artist so they are unique to us :D

The server is still new but we are rather friendly so come drop by and say hi :)

Here at zynso we're trying to always bring new ideas and include yours to our server.

We're in need of your help to join the server and help us out.

ModMail, Roles, VIPs, Friendly Staff, Fun Bots.

Just joining can help us massively!

Please consider joining.
Konverte's bot development server.
Konverte is Polish bot (It will soon be translated into English and English will be mainly language).
A bot with Hytale theme, currently has support for economy, jobs, pets, multi-languages, levels, fully configurable and much more!
Invite it to your discord server:
Wsparcie serwera, zapraszamy.
- Miła administracja
- Autorski Bot
- Pomoc związana z CommunityBotem
- Ogarnięty serwer
- Dużo konkursów z fajnymi nagrodami
- Wejdź i sam się przekonaj!
Discord dédié à Attack on Titan, support, communauté et plus encore !

Vous y trouverez :

• Différents salons pour papoter avec l'équipe et le reste de la communauté
• Toutes les informations relatives à AoT
• Des événements et giveaways
• Une communauté active
• Un support performant et rapide
• Des émotes à thème AoT
• Bot streaming

À bientôt sur le serveur !AoT Emote Collections!
Bro Kenti

💢 Müzik botu!

💢 Kumar botu!

💢 Akinatör botu!

💢 Birlikte sohbet edebileceğin bir topluluk!

💢 Birlikte oyun oynayabileceğin bir topluluk!

💢 ve daha fazlası...
Uchujin is an entertaining server with various topics (almost anything you can think about) and taste.
- Very friendly community.
- We have various private and public bots with a lot of games.
- We keep you updated to many news such as anime/manga, space, games, tech and much more.
- We have cute emotes.
- We have a lot of giveaways.
The time has come to leave humans and become an alien, browser to the universe of Uchujin.
Grind & Unlock levels; Create a chain of Bruhs. A custom bot makes everything happen. Grind your way to the top and get that bread.
This server is the home & support server of my custom Discord bot GCA.
GCA is a public bot with 23k users and 81 guilds.
This server is both support and fun for the users/ community's

- Listening staff
- Kind owner
- Clear Discord/ Channels
- Custom Discord bot
- Partner with 400+ members
- Giveaways
- Not much mentions
- Easy rules
- Non toxic
- Friendly
- Music channels/ voice channels
- Chatting
- Events (soon)

We hope you will join in the home of GCA.
il a plein de chose que tu peux faire dans mon server donc cest un melange et stp rejoins cette server cest trop chouette tu peux parler tu peux joué avec des BOT tu fait des nouveau amis et tout se pass bien en plus les Admin et CHEF sont pas mechant il font tout pour toi
NoodleCat is a small, but feature rich bot currently in a fresh beta stage.
This bot offers mostly convenient moderative features including
--Automatic logging of manual actions such as server-side kicks, mutes, bans, etc
--Ability to set a custom mute time whenever the muted role is added to a user.
--automod; automod actions (if users violate *specific* filters too many times you can set it to kick, ban, or mute)
--Moderative history (to see users previous mutes, bans, kicks, etc)
--Public roles (including role-specific blacklist/restrictions)
--Private roles (including role whitelists)

Other features include music, giveaway abilities, and more.
The bot will also gain more features within the near future.
ToolsBox Support
"The next generation in bot development."

Who Are We?

We are the next generation of a Support, Moderation and Music Discord bot for your Server.

ToolsBox’s Abilities?

Radio Commands
Moderation Commands
Information Commands
Fun Commands
Online 24/7

Stay Connected, with us!

Support Server:
OAuth2 Bot Invite:
Our server is a server for chilling,dating or just having fun. Staff are very laid back and chill, and we hope you can be too ! Join now and have freedom :)
Trium Communauty

📌 Serveur communautaire optimisée pour tous :

🎉 - Avec des Giveaways chaque semaine !
🗃 - Des salons bien organisée !
💯 - Des salons pour jouer ou pour puber !
🤖 - Un bot en développement !

|📌 Le Serveur recrute !
👥 - Des partenaires
👮 - Des staff

📌 Si tu cherche un serveur communautaire ou tout marche pour le mieux je t’invite a nous rejoindre !
A Warframe Bot, Find information more easily and find best occasion on (FR,EN)
The official support server for the Purity discord bot.

Purity Bot is a community focused multi-purpose bot that allows for a new and exciting way for server owners to engage their communities.

If you have an idea for the bot, come check out this support discord and leave feedback, add suggestions, and reports bugs! Love hearing from the community!