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nuovo server italiano in cerca di utenti
Are you tired of the same old boring bots with updates that come once in a full moon? A support server where there's no actual support. Well the Gaming Gal's support server is the complete opposite; We have tons to offer:
• An active server with helpful and respectful staff.
• Frequent updates and tweaks for the bot.
• A say to make the bot/support server even better!
• Hours of fun.
• An Intriguing and awesome bot
• An owner which actually cares about the members opinions!

Alex_#8083 is the proud owner of Gaming Gal.
A friendly, non-toxic server for friends to come along and chat. Features more than twenty five bots to play around with and test. Features a spam channel to spam in and an art channel to post your art in.

So what are you wating for? Join today! is an All­-In-­One solution for Discord™ server owners, which allows you to create an online store and start to accept donations for a server in just a few clicks.

Check our test store:
This a bot support servers which can do all things like auto role, automod, antilinks, antiraid, custom commands, moderation, memes, fun commands etc.
Please join us and support us!
New community server, no drama, vanity roles, fun bots! Mod and PM openings!

Current giveaways going on!

active chat - anime - chill community - emotes - memes - fun - gaming - giveaways - dating - music - social - friendly - other - pokemon - pokecord - minecraft - selfies - music - giveaway- chill - guild wars - gw2 - roles - safe - lgbt friendly - nontoxic
A bot with Hytale theme, currently has support for economy, jobs, pets, multi-languages, levels, fully configurable and much more!
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Сервер для создателей бот. This server for Discord Bots Devolopers
Come Join are Shit Of a Server Where You can talk to people and stuff.
This is a server where we group up join other servers and raid them
We got channels Bots Nsfw and other things but we mostly focus on Raiding servers...think of it as clash of clans but dangerous :D
Hey, we are a small community of primarily Jojo fans. We play games and stuff together and sometimes we get into a good discussion. You should join just for the fun of it! :)
EVER WANTED 𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗔𝗱𝗺𝗶𝗻????

THEN JOIN THIS, U NEED to join 2 SERVErS, one is where u can contact staff if you get banned and another one is where you have free admin

Once in do ;checkinvites and press on the invite(S) it gives u a list of invites to join

Thx for reading
Polski serwer Discord, gdzie porozmawiasz, nauczysz się obsługi discorda, kupisz autorskiego bota na swój serwer i wiele innych!
Hello and welcome to Naruto: Blood Moon! We're a close-knit rp group based around the anime/manga known as Naruto. We're usually active around the clock with a diverse team of staff ready to help with any questions and concerns as well as run events smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

We even have a music bot (Rythm) so you can jive to some tunes while you roleplay!

Current Caps:

Konoha: Capped
Kirigakure: Capped
Suna: Open
Kumo: Open
Iwa: Open
Apuity6 is the one stop shop for Discord Bot Development! Do you need a Discord bot developed for you/your server? Head on over to Apuity6! We will do our best to make you proud!
This is a bondage school devoted to erp. We feature a fully functional chat bot that can gag, bind, give points, and manage in game money.
‣ Welcome to the Official Mercury Support Discord we are always here to help

--Our Goals--
‣ we want a amazing community
‣ we want to spread our bot and make it big
‣ we also want to grow our team this is including Support Team Moderation and Devlopers

--Our Concern and Focus--
‣ our concern is that singular focused bots clog up a server so our focus is to make a clog fre AIO Bot (All in one bot) so if you are interested please feel free to join on in!
ELO bot is useful it has a massdm command that other bot are paid but not ELO I would recommend ELO
Crystal canyon is a place where we accept all types of. Games, interesting memes, friendly staff and members, talented artists, youtubers, and nsfw genres
We welcome everyone to join and have an exciting fun time here at crystal canyon
This is a fun server that isn't active and is need of active mods. The owner is active so if you need something ping him when online. Thanks!
༺𝕳𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖆༻ Corporation ouvre ses portes!
Tu souhaites discuter avec des personnes sympathique ? Rencontrer de nouvelles personnes ? Te faire des amis ? Tester notre bot ༺𝕳𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖆༻ et l'ajouter à ton serveur ?
Rejoins nous ! On t'attend !
🍊 Peel Paridisel 🍊
😄 We're an active Discord server of fun people! 😄
✨ We have an awesome leveling system! (no mee6) ✨
:👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Here you can find people to play with you and have fun 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🤖 useful and non spam bots that prevent rule breakers and spam 🤖
🏆 Friendly staff team! 🏆
🎮 Awesome Community! 🎮
✅ Over 170 Chill Members! ✅
💻 Gaming chats!💻
🔴Advertising Channel🔴
💵 and not to mention a shop where you can buy more roles! 💵
🎟 Don't forget the awsome lottery, where you can test your luck and get rich!!! 💵
🔷Tons of more features🔷