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This is a Community that revolves around the Unreal Engine and peoplpe who use it.
It was just an idea to start another Unreal Engine Community on Discord, because there are not that amuch of them on Discord.

**People who don't use discord are welcome here also!!**
⭐️Oasis Portal⭐️

💯Server is in high demand for staff (16+)
💻Dev channels
🕹Gamer channels
🖌Artist/Graphic Designers
🚑🚒Military/First Responder
🤪Mosh Pit
🚫Private channels
🕐Coding school (starting soon)

I am in need of Staff. If you meet the age requirement or mature enough to handle staff and can dedicate time to help swing by‼️I will also be starting like a little session where people can stop by and learn a little bit of coding. Class starts 1/25. Need to be signed up by 1/24.
Stage4000 is a community that is releasing a new PVP hacking game in June 2019! Join us in our game development endeavor.
Incorrect syntax near is a place for programmers, where you can share your ideas, thoughts and also find some advice and help while learning how to code.
1 developer creating a single player RPG game! Stay up to date by checking the patch notes and be 1 of the first ones to try out the game!
Flipping Tables Bar

The Flipping Tables Bar is a game focused community server. We don't follow just one game or topic in here, instead we try to offer you a place to meet new people and talk about all the different kinds of stuff you would like to talk about.

We have a Stage for Content-Creators and Game-Developers to promote themselves and a Karaoke zone for talking or grouping up for games or talks.

But that's not all! With help from our growing community we're working on implementing and improving channels and features for our server.
Want to learn how to hack? Ever wanted to program? PwnSquad can help you get started. We're a community devoted to help you learn programming and hacking. We don't encourage anything illegal, but we can get you on the right track. We welcome everyone, from total beginners to seasoned experts.

We created PwnSquad to bring programmers and hackers together in a nice and friendly community, without the people who ruin it all.
Minecraft! Portal 2! Redstone helper! Command blocks help! Development server!
We can give you help with your maps, addons, resource packs, etc.
Mods, program, game, addon, you can ask if like a project to contribute to it or give it a try!
Multiple projects!
all can help all can ask!
Current projects:
Bedrock laboratories: a mc map
The endercraft: a mc pack
The beecraft: a mc pack
Minecraft deal or no deal
Portal 2: 2 map series (Madder translition and maze runner) are on dev status
14 Self assignable roles!
more than 16 custom commands!
Italian comunity!
littles giveaways!
Music bot!
This is a discord for all artists, game developers, gamers, McMemers, and more.

We offer tips for games, art, and etc.

We know you will benefit from this stream.

With some on almost 24/7.
This is HexelTGC aka ''The Gamers Club'' here we hang out and chill! We play games, upload memes, play music, talk / chat & more!
(New Staff member recruit)

Servers Twitter - @HexelTGC
Programming & Tech Discord

Programming & Tech
Programming & Tech Is a small and supportive community of developers and computer maniacs. We stride to make everyone better and happier at what they love to do! We are currently providing support for multiple languages, channels for computer hardware, AI, game & web development and more! We have a friendly community full of members to help you whenever they can!
What we offer:

● | Family friendly.
● | Dedicated channels and categories.
● | Friendly members & staff.
● | We have a custom bot just for our server.
● | + More!

We cannot wait to see you be apart of something so small, but so huge! Thank you.
Hey welcome to Arrow Studios this is a group where we will have fun roblox games on.
A list about our server:
1. Family Friendly
2. Some giveaways
3. You can talk to other people in the same interest
4. You can have an amazing time
Just a random server with random communities and responsible admins.
We are a group of individuals focused on working together as a team, so that together we can create anything!

We were founded on April 11th 2014 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson, George "Palodia" & Allen Marquardt originally under the name "Team Rox"
Our goal is to give creative people the opportunity to start freelancing. To reach this goal we've developed a completely custom bot. This Discord server is filled with a bunch of enthusiasts willing to board with their next project.

We are a loving, passionate, and warmhearted community focused around engineering with virtue, from designing picture and moving picture alike, to crafting unique software and backends.
BalanceBeem is an in-development service that allows developers and users alike to determine if an array of websites are down.
Come check us out for more info
And we might make changes and not do it here so always comehabe a look at our server
Limited Design is a community with the goal of bringing together Designers, Developers, Content Creators, and their following. We are looking to gain members on a daily. (Staff Applications Open)
Ⱨ₮₮₱₴://₩₩₩.ɎØɄ₮Ʉ฿Ɇ.₵Ø₥/₵Ⱨ₳₦₦ɆⱠ/Ʉ₵₣Ɏ฿łQӾɆ3₳₵-₥ⱧⱠⱤɎ₴₴₲Ʉ₣₩?VłɆ₩_₳₴=₴Ʉ฿₴₵Ɽł฿ɆⱤ ₥Ø₴₮ Ⱡł₭Ɇ ₴Ʉ฿₴₵฿Ɽł฿Ɇ ₳₦Đ Ⱡł₭Ɇ!!! ₲łVɆ₳₩₳Ɏ ₮₳Ⱡ₭ ₩ł₮Ⱨ ₣₳₦ ₵Ø₥₥Ʉ₦ł₮Ɏ ₣ł₦Đł₦₲ ₴Ɇ₳Ɽ₵Ⱨ ₱₳Ɽ₮Ⱨ₦ɆⱤ? Đ₥ ₥Ɇ.. ł₦Vł₮Ɇ ₣ØⱤ ⱤɆ₩₳ⱤĐ
Calling all programmers! Programming 101 is a server dedicated for all coders of any skill level and knowledge.
Meet other people, seek help and share your creations of code all in the one place with many others with the same interest and passion.
Programming 101 is an open and friendly community and has a growing team of language consultants to help you.
Join the community today!
Discord bot with many differend features. We also have some new features Dashboard, Music & Currency. You can do us a favour and visit:
Did a huge revamped community with Music, Tech, Memes, and Development come on by too see it and check it out we got roles fitting and an XP system so the more you chat the higher up you will go!