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Hello! Are you a developer? Or are you interested in the world of ethical development?

🎉 A steady and growing number of developers. 🎉

💡 ┊We just started, so most of your suggestions and ideas are regarded!

❤ ┊Friendly, respectful, non-toxic developer community

❌ ┊No NSFW

😮 ┊Interactive and educative!

😊 ┊Custom developer emojis!

🤚 ┊Cool Self-Assignable Roles!

🤔┊Ask questions, share tips, and give and take critique to learn how to become a better developer!

✍ ┊Soon to be hosting hack-a-thons, tech-a-thons, and other crazy development events!

👀 ┊Looking for active members, skilled developers, hobbyists, partner servers and potential staff members!
Arctix is something for everyone! We have multiple chats to talk in, along with friendly staff and community! Arctix was created May 2019 and founded by @Jacksxn#0719

We have lots of things for you to do:

**Music :musical_note:
Memes :joy:
Fun :smile:
Advertising :moneybag:
Social :speech_left: **
Want to learn how to hack? Ever wanted to program? PwnSquad can help you get started. We're a community devoted to help you learn programming and hacking. We don't encourage anything illegal, but we can get you on the right track. We welcome everyone, from total beginners to seasoned experts.

We created PwnSquad to bring programmers and hackers together in a nice and friendly community, without the people who ruin it all.
═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════

:heavy_check_mark: Ownership, Coding and Development Community
:heavy_check_mark: Informational channels available!
:heavy_check_mark: 120+ Tested bots for display!

*As a subsidiary of the Shinra Electric Company, the Turks' official headquarters is located within the Shinra Headquarters in Midgar. The exact location of their command center within the building is known by only a few due to the confidential nature of the branch.

Within the command center the Turks have full access to all levels of security within the company, as well as access to a considerable surveillance system linked to every Shinra facility across the globe.*

**▼Join us here!▼**

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**Banners** 🖼 《 》
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**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone

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A community of developers which help each other. Newbies welcome :)
The development server of a new Pokémon RPG game! Stay up to date by checking the patch notes and be 1 of the first ones to try out the game!
Welcome to the official Developers' Corporation group! Here is where you can get news about new releases or updates, or check out more games from our group!
Devcom is a growing programming community, you can discuss any programming language you wish.

we have active staff and we're never too lazy to help you out with any problems you run in to.

we are developers but you can also come in to have fun or just have a nice talk with each other.
A server which could use some artists, writers or even idea givers
This is the official server of Infinity Inc and its games.
Servers and War
A great community server that focuses on development of new servers and clans. Currently, feel free to join our brand new ARK program!

Current Features:
-ARK servers, tribes, and channels
-Custom MC server
-League of legends chat groups
-Open chatting with other members
-Open voice chat and lobby channels
-Active staff
-Development opportunities

Our Ark server is:
SAW ARK Ragnarok
Under unofficial!

Our Minecraft server is:
Apuity6 is the one stop shop for Discord Bot Development! Do you need a Discord bot developed for you/your server? Head on over to Apuity6! We will do our best to make you proud!
We are a server that has been made for the purpose of finding clients! We have Gold, Silver, and Bronze roles for your work skill and a fantastic market place. The type of work permitted is graphic design, 3d modeling, art/illustration, and any sort of programming/development. Join us today!
We are currently creating a 2d side scrolling mmorpg. For further information go to our website at

We are a small community artists, designers, developers sharing our creativity and art to others.
Server link:🔗
Hello everyone, i am weird and i want to inform you all that, the official server of NEXON ELEMENTS is now almost ready but some little is still pending.[Those who don't know what NEXON ELEMENTS is than here is a quick review, it is a game studio where we make games founded by me] So if you join this server than you will get notified with latest updates and you can also get a betatester key and if you want to join in game development than join this server and go to #jobs, if you are a programmer, designer, artist, sound artist... You all welcome.
This is a server for developers and enthusiast coders alike. If you fancy yourself a challenge in competitive coding, a machine learning enthusiast, or even a student of another field interested in any aspect of computer science, or just want to hang out with other coders, give us a shot. To gain entry, you'll need to solve a few basic level problems.
This is a dev server we make all sorts of stuff for different games like car models skins textures and graphics come check us out and be apart of this!!!
Support & Development server for Satori Komeiji
A non profit business that helps you with ANY Discord needs!
We can create and develop:
Discord Servers
We are in great need of experienced staff too!
This is a brand new W.I.P server with the purpose of connecting people who want to showcase their OC's and even help each other. Any type of OC is welcome. Since the server is brand new suggestions are welcome and we are looking for staff. Even if you don't have an OC that you want to show right away or if you're unsure how to help people you're also welcome to just hangout, soon we will have more bots and plenty to do
Direct Games is a game developing company who makes the popular games Siladon, Sandvox and Belgian Police Simulator . U can get to meet new people & talk/play the game with them, we focus on getting a bigger community and have more players. Feel free to join our discord, it's a discord for fun, chatting, help and gaming!

We have:
➺ Active chat
➺ Friendly staff
➺ Free access to alpha testing
➺ Fast growing discord
➺ No fake accounts!
➺ Best homemade games