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Formerly the Awesome Server

Calling all roleplayers!
We’re a small discord community currently hosting two roleplays. Experience Nirn, a fantasy world that takes you on an adventure with Essi and his legendary crew! Choose your race and choose your class, but the rest of the adventure is up to you! Things that make Nirn awesome:
>Character Race & Class Customization
>Introduce your own stories!
>Multiple Skill Systems (Magics, Rogue Skills, Apothecary, more!)
>Multiple Questlines!
>Bounty System!
>Inventory System!
>Full support and interaction with Dungeon Masters!

Sword and Shields not your thing? Try the world of Regency! Based off of popular looter-shooters, join the last of humanity in the Galaxy’s last known settlemet, Regency, a once great capital ship now turned safe haven. Meet with other Champions and quell the robotic menace that is the Ur’Qa! Things that make Regency awesome:
>Character Race & Class Customization
>Custom Armors and Abilities!
>A great Social Lobby!
>Multiple Guided Questlines!
>Inventory System!
>Full support and interaction with Dungeon Masters!

About Our Server!
Hey, I’m Leo, founder of the Awesome Server! I’ve been around the roleplay world for quite a few years now, and I’ve always been a huge fan of all the different characters and stories that come out of it. I spent a few years out of the action, so I could get a better concept on what helps make a better roleplay! So I welcome and invite you to hopefully an all new experience!
We believe in building a roleplay with you in mind! So join us and add to our ever expanding worlds with your own characters, spells, weapons, and goods! Each roleplay is guided by a Dungeon Master to help move events along, but the worlds we create are entirely interactable by your choice! If this sounds like something you can get behind, check out some of the other features we’ve got!
>Sanctuary, an experimental area to discuss roleplaying as a whole, as well as test out different ideas and playstyles.
>Free-Writing; got a story or two you want to show off? Share it with us here!
>An adaptable cast! Not confident in your writing? We’re here to work with you in our roleplays, and cater to a wide variety of writing styles! Stop by the Sanctuary, and we’ll get you up to speed!
>NSFW in development! Looking for a little private escape? We’re now hosting The Dark Zone, a private RP and gallery for NSFW users!

We look forward to you joining us soon!
Look to get your website or webpage made? Or do you just need some help with a project you are working on? Join our server to receive both free and paid assistance for all website, WordPress, and programming tasks.
═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════

✔ Ownership, Coding and Development Community
✔ Informational channels available!
✔ 120+ Tested bots for display!
✔ Free Advertising Channels!
✔ EZ Partnerships!

*As a subsidiary of the Shinra Electric Company, the Turks' official headquarters is located within the Shinra Headquarters in Midgar. The exact location of their command center within the building is known by only a few due to the confidential nature of the branch.

Within the command center the Turks have full access to all levels of security within the company, as well as access to a considerable surveillance system linked to every Shinra facility across the globe.*

**▼Join us here!▼**

《 <> 》
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**Banners** :frame_photo: 《 》
《 》

**Website:** 🌐 <>

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════
Wiseass Development is a game development studio that works on all sorts or projects from bots to games to full programs!

We are currently making a few projects and are also looking for new staff, developers and a few other things that can be found in announcements. We also have a small fan community here so we can all hang out together, talk about stuff, come up with concept ideas, share fan art, discuss topics, give help and advice on game development and code related issues. We have open source games so most can be enjoyed for free! (yay!) But some very big projects may be paid, they will never cost lots or more than there worth, just enough to make sure that we do not run out of funding.

Well that's it from us, We hope to see you all there! And remember, If we ever get famous you get to brag that you knew us before!
Dirt Development

-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Development for discord bots

(+) New discord server 🆕

- (+) Beta test and receive cool bots 🤖

- (+) Advertising channels ↗

(+) Bot support ⛑

(+) Place to share ideas and communicate with other developers 🤙

[+] More to be added and we listen to your suggestions

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Join if you want. It'll be nice if you do.
This platformer server is for talking about, making platformers, playing platformers. And stuff like that. We also like Paper Mario and Khan Academy.
We are a programming server that tries our best to help people out in their coding projects! Friendly and active staff members.
Multiple voice and text channels.
Categorized text channels meant for coding.
We understand a huge spectrum and variety of coding languages.

So what are you waiting for? Join our server for the support you need! Cya later, programmers..

programming languages: Java, Python, Php, Swift, C#, C++, C.

Tac Force Community is a GTA, Farming Sim, ATS, and ETS development we can make you any vehicle you want and skin. If you want anything made for you or your community come to the discord. We are also a gaming coumminty with serveral servers like Rust, DayZ, Atlas and FiveM.
Do you ever join a server, and feel like you're not allowed to be yourself?
This server strives to avoid this common problem.

--Content Sharing--
We have a variety of channels to fulfill your content sharing needs, whether you're posting something you drew in your free time, a game you're developing, or even your latest youtube video, you can share it here.

Show other people your best stuff, if there's anything you like, react with a ⭐and it may be featured for all members to see, maybe you will even be on there someday.

--Your Opinion Matters--
We strive to make the server as enjoyable as possible, and we have a server suggestions channel, if there's something you dislike about the server, don't hesitate to tell us.

--Express your emotions--
If you have anything on your mind, share it, we have multiple vent channels and a confession channel, along with any future channels we may add.
A fun, active, helpful and social community of game developers, artists, content creators and gaming nerds.We host events, challenges, links to great resources,etc
Joining us will be a pleasure to you.

General Topics
➥ Data Science
➥ Math
➥ Windows
➥ Network Programming
➥ Hardware
➥ Databases
➥ Self-Promo Channel


What We Do
❱ Logos/GFX
❱ Discord Servers
❱ Discord Bots
❱ Applications
❱ FREE Coding lessons!

Looking For Developers!
Take development orders and make some money!
**Welcome to The StarWars Art and Development Squadron, a growing StarWars discord community and StarWars content creator paradise!**

*Oh, well hello there!*

**Who are we?**

We're mostly made up of diehard starwars lovers, and ambitious starwars content creators thus far, and continue to grow by the day!


-Music bots

-Starwars info bot

-Dank Memer bot

-Growing community of diverse starwars fans and developers.

-Periodic art and wip projects shared throughout the server.

-Future beta and full game access to any starwars fan games I create in the future.

-Weekly starwars dev streams on twitch and youtube!

-A shared assets channel, so you can exchange and share various starwars assets for fan works and so on.

-Starwars gaming chat category.

-Official category for my upcoming starwars fan game title.

-Starwars community category for everything else, and official vc's with a no-mic channel for text chat users while in vc's.

-Major nitro booster benefits (for those who boost the server).

-And much, much more!

**So Hop on in, your galaxy awaits you...**

Relaxed and fun community to play games, socialize with each other and discuss the latest trending topics. Friendly environment to make new friends and ran by many giveaways and events!
Welcome to SimplyDevelopment!!
Here at SimplyDevelopment, We have a few services we currently Provide...

1. Bot Creation: We create a custom bot for you.
2. ModMail Setup: We setup a ModMail bot for you in your server. (An example of a ModMail bot is the SimplyDevelopment Support bot in our server)
3. Website Optimization: Need help with the speed of your site? Here at Simply Development we'll do it for FREE!
4. Graphic Design: Need a Logo, or a Thumbnail? We can do that too!

As more things open up to us, and we gain knowledge for more things, we will be able to provide more services.
We center our focus around growing the established community. Consider this your pit stop in life for both sharpening your introspection and developing your character. We usually discuss topics, such as, but not limited to: Philosophy, Psychology, Typology, Sciences, Mental Health, and Life Advice, as well as whatever that goes on in your lives. For those who are familiar, this is the successor of the server Cognition.
Discord Bots Italia

Sei un amante dei Bot? Perfetto! Questo è il posto giusto!

Gioca con i vari Bot, parla di essi, condividi i tuoi codici e chiedi aiuto nella programmazione!

Puoi anche aggiungere il tuo Bot personale facendo una richiesta!

Buona permanenza!
Hello! Are you a developer? Or are you interested in the world of ethical development?

🎉 A steady and growing number of developers. 🎉

💡 ┊We just started, so most of your suggestions and ideas are regarded!

❤ ┊Friendly, respectful, non-toxic developer community

❌ ┊No NSFW

😮 ┊Interactive and educative!

😊 ┊Custom developer emojis!

🤚 ┊Cool Self-Assignable Roles!

🤔┊Ask questions, share tips, and give and take critique to learn how to become a better developer!

✍ ┊Soon to be hosting hack-a-thons, tech-a-thons, and other crazy development events!

👀 ┊Looking for active members, skilled developers, hobbyists, partner servers and potential staff members!
Want to learn how to hack? Ever wanted to program? PwnSquad can help you get started. We're a community devoted to help you learn programming and hacking. We don't encourage anything illegal, but we can get you on the right track. We welcome everyone, from total beginners to seasoned experts.

We created PwnSquad to bring programmers and hackers together in a nice and friendly community, without the people who ruin it all.
Deep sea studios is currently working on a mermaid roleplay game on roblox! join to check it out.
Welcome to Programmer's Lounge where everyone is welcome. Here we discuss mainly about things related to programming. If you wish to learn or looking for something to get started then feel free to join and ask the community for help! Some of our topics are programming, designing, networking, game development, cryptocurrency and many more!
Site-544 MaD is the development server for PlantAiden12345678's SCPF on ROBLOX. Join today to keep updated on the progress. We have game-nights every Friday and many off-topic channels to talk about whatever. Hope to see you there!
Der ReformCloud Discord Server ist hauptsächlich der Support Server für das zugehörige CloudSystem. Jedoch bieten wir auch Möglichkeiten sich zu unterhalten und zusammen zu programmieren!