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The official support server for the Pokemon Exclusive bot. You can come here to catch pokemon and enter daily giveaways!

Our Features:
- Catch, Trade, Battle, and Evolve pokemon!
- Starters such as: Umbreon, Espeon, Eevee, Pikachu, Plusle/Minun + More!
- Earn redeems for free!

+ So much more!
Welcome to PlayAstro! PlayAstro and its sister group Astro Kids were both founded in 2018 on the ROBLOX platform. PlayAstro provides the ROBLOX community with fun and interactive games for all ages and skills! We mainly specialize in Interactive Role-Play, Simulator, and other action packed games.

-PlayAstro Development

Join our group:!/about
Discord Invite:
👋 Devdeck is a community mainly focused on Open Source Softwares, web-dev, programming, and concepts alike. If you're passionate developer and want to help others learn, vice versa, Devdeck is a place for you. Join Devdeck, we're one click away!

🔹 OSS (Open Source Softwares)

🔹 Web-dev


🔹 And many more
Hello everybody!

Indie Gamer is a server made for all passionate indie gamers!

We have:
✔A small but friendly Community
Meet other indie gamers and discover new indie games!
✔Game dev help
Want to start making games? Look no further!
✔Indie game advertising
Share your game with a supportive community!
✔An ever-evolving bot
We take suggestions from you!
✔No restrictions!
Anyone is welcome!
Welcome to just a server, here you could follow the development of our roblox group and games, enjoy the youtube content that we make or just chat and hangout, make friends!
Adam's Development


About Me.


I have been in the FiveM Community since March. April I decided I wanted to make livery's for people to enjoy! I have released a few packs that are unique and low cost. I have been trying to make a living off this and want to make this a full time job. I need your guys support to get their. Currently I am working IT, lifeguarding, and making livery's for you guys. I am always looking for partnerships and would appreciate you joining this development discord.


What can I do?


* Make A Vmenu server from scratch and add scripts (Non ESX)
* Make You Custom Liverys
* Custom Made Handling Lines For Your Cars
* Adjust Your Lights Colors on your vehicles
* Properly install resources that you request me to.
* I can add resources I have configured to your liking
* Configure and edit resources exactly to your liking.
* Make your server files look neat, organized and professional.


Also have opened up a **Computer Assistant Business** where I can help you with all things IT


* Office 365 Support
* PC Diagnostic
* Windows 10 Reinstall
* Removing Unwanted Viruses
* Removing Unwanted Popups
* Build You A Custom PC
* Upgrade Your Current PC
**Must Live Near Denver Colorado For Me To Build or Upgrade Your PC. Otherwise I just will give support over phone and screen share support.**


Discord Link:

Looking for a Roblox community focused on studio development?
You've come to the right place.

Welcome to Blue Studios!
A Roblox game and development server.
Here you have the opportunity to join the community and show off your creations!
There's a public market place for everyone to use!
Hire, Sell, make yourself for hire! You can do it all!

Feel free to stop by and show off your work! We love to see it all.
Proj Hub

A place to post your projects and hang out with developers. Here you can get help, advice and feedback as well as chill out with our community! All are welcome here, we accept all types of developers as well as projects.

Game developers ✔️
Software develoeprs ✔️
Web developers ✔️
A wide range of programming languages ✔️
Advice and support ✔️
Memes and conversation ✔️
Content Promotion ✔️
A server for Roblox developers to help each other, hire each other, chat, and showing off what you've created.

01 Get Scripting, Modeling, Plugin, Misc help + Resources
02 Show off your creations
03 Hire and join other developers + commissions
04 Roblox Developer Feed
06 Organized and clean channels
07 {!} Optional Notification Roles {!} + more assignable roles

!! When you join you must verify yourself with the RoVer Bot. Once you verify you will have access to all server features
!! This is NOT an official Roblox server.
!! If you see anyone spamming this invite link, please report that user to Discord's trust and safety team and to the server owner.

Server Statistics:
We are a growing development community looking to become one of the best development teams on roblox! Our community has exciting things to do and will do giveaways sometimes! We have applications and awesome roles to make sure you are always happy with your stay here at States Company!
Owner: Stef
Welcome to DevSpace!

DevSpace is a developer community based on Discord. We're trying to help aspiring developers and engineers meet and connect with new people who can help propel them in their journey as a software enthusiast.

At DevSpace, we try to help new developers and engineers showcase and feature their projects to the rest of the world! We encourage people who code to join us here at DevSpace and learn something new or help someone else learn something new!
Rift Creations

We are a FiveM development company that can keep a constant development of your FiveM server. Come join us on Discord to see our plans!
▀▄▀▄ THE DRAGO'S DEN ▄▀▄▀

Hey there! Yes you there! Are you looking for a friendly and supporting programming server?
So why not join the drago's den? We are a friendly and supportive programming community who will help you with anything programming related. Here you can meet new friends with the same programming mindset.

.・゜゜・WE OFFER・゜゜・

Programming support in popular languages!

A Friendly and supportive community

Support for Minecraft plugin/mod creations

Experienced staff that will always be here for you


So come and join our community today and get lots of programming support!

Check out our website:
A chill server, full of friendly people! We play CS:GO, Minecraft, and many other games, we even do VR stuff, for Pavlov, etc. There's a section for developing stuff, such as Discord bots.
Hey their people! This server is meant for FiveM developers of all kinds to come together, such as car skin developers, such as my self :)
Linuxlandia, lugar de usuarios linux hispanoparlantes, acá se puede enviar shitpost, alardear sobre el mejor linux, tener el mejor text editor(vim) y mucho mas.
Howdy, Everyone! 👋

⚡Channel dedicated for Web Developers & Programmers!⚡

If you're not a web developer/programmer or JavaScript fan, don't worry, come on in anyway! We have all sort of people that do diverse things too ! :)

We are a new, kind and professional upcoming community.
Network with other developers, share your project, get helped if you're stuck on a problem or help someone else, collaborate on projects and make friends!

See you on the other side! :) Don't forget to say 'Hi' and wave!
"Your limitation - It's only your imagination."

Wildflower Entertainment is a ROBLOX dev team that strives to provide a safe and comfy environment for players from all around the world to enjoy games together. Please check out all of our projects made by our amazing development team and show some support by joining our server.
HVM(Hunters Of The Violet Moon)


Welcome to The World of Caztiin

This is an RPG/RP Server with tons of Development potential for your Character as well as glorious in-game Rewards!

Take part in Role-plays throughout the many Lore Rich Cities and Locations!

Join a Guild! Or even Submit your own! You can discover new dangers as well as become the strongest in those factions!

If that isn't your thing! Then take up a Job as a Store Owner, Blacksmith, or even run for Mayor for a Town!

Discuss, ask Questions, and interact with the HVM Community! We would love to add you to our Ranks!


~Staff Heavily Needed~

Server Managers~ Less Needed!

Dungeon Masters/Game Masters~ Extremely Needed!


What are we?

We are a development group that focuses on FPS content. We provide various bots and events to satisfy your needs in the server. We also post frequent sneak peeks to show the current stage of our game. Our current project is a recreation of the steam game called “Squad”. If you are interested, come give our server a try,

What we offer:

Before launch we want to fill up staff positions

-Staff applications
-Self roles
-Fun bots (And now with a fully developed Mod Mail bot for direct contact with staff)
-Active community
-Good staff team
-Giveaways and Events

You are always free to join as a supporter and you don’t need to develop to join this server
Server led by a game developer to talk about gaming and for input on my games as well, just an open easy server to chat and hang!
Welcome to LeafFall Studios. A growing community of gaming and design enthusiasts who've all come together to create this server. Our goal is to create fun and interactive games for the roblox community and we can't do that without your help. Please help support our group by joining this server. We would be honored to have you.