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iProgrammer is a coding and programmer server that once you join you will get immediate service. We are a programming server that tries our best to help people out in their coding projects! You may become a staff member from our applications. We have gained 150 members in under a week. We also have many perks if you join our server, for instance:

Coding support and help from our staff.
Friendly and active staff members.
Our very own custom bot.
Custom bots that you may buy.
Multiple voice and text channels.
Categorized text channels meant for coding.
Nitro boosting and staff perks!
Invite competitions and activity competitions.
We understand a huge spectrum and variety of coding languages.
Staff application that is always open.
Staff lounge and announcements.
And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Join our server for the support you need! Cya later, programmers..
Want to learn how to hack? Ever wanted to program? PwnSquad can help you get started. We're a community devoted to help you learn programming and hacking. We don't encourage anything illegal, but we can get you on the right track. We welcome everyone, from total beginners to seasoned experts.

We created PwnSquad to bring programmers and hackers together in a nice and friendly community, without the people who ruin it all.
A Development server for the usefulItems Minecraft mod!
Secremecy squad's official Discord server. Join today to have fun, meet new people and compete in giveaways.
═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════

✔ Ownership, Coding and Development Community
✔ Informational channels available!
✔ 120+ Tested bots for display!
✔ Free Advertising Channels!
✔ EZ Partnerships!

*As a subsidiary of the Shinra Electric Company, the Turks' official headquarters is located within the Shinra Headquarters in Midgar. The exact location of their command center within the building is known by only a few due to the confidential nature of the branch.

Within the command center the Turks have full access to all levels of security within the company, as well as access to a considerable surveillance system linked to every Shinra facility across the globe.*

**▼Join us here!▼**

《 <> 》
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《 <> 》

**Banners** :frame_photo: 《 》
《 》

**Website:** 🌐 <>

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

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Site-544 MaD is the development server for PlantAiden12345678's SCPF on ROBLOX. Join today to keep updated on the progress. We have game-nights every Friday and many off-topic channels to talk about whatever. Hope to see you there!
Hello! Are you a developer? Or are you interested in the world of ethical development?

🎉 A steady and growing number of developers. 🎉

💡 ┊We just started, so most of your suggestions and ideas are regarded!

❤ ┊Friendly, respectful, non-toxic developer community

❌ ┊No NSFW

😮 ┊Interactive and educative!

😊 ┊Custom developer emojis!

🤚 ┊Cool Self-Assignable Roles!

🤔┊Ask questions, share tips, and give and take critique to learn how to become a better developer!

✍ ┊Soon to be hosting hack-a-thons, tech-a-thons, and other crazy development events!

👀 ┊Looking for active members, skilled developers, hobbyists, partner servers and potential staff members!
We are a Fivem Roleplay server currently looking for players and staff
What are we?

Us? We are a team that works together and codes phython, json and so much more! We work together as a team to get things done!

:black_small_square: Friendly Staff.
:black_small_square: Different channels and a change-log.
:black_small_square: Really good skripter: GamesAway
:black_small_square: Bots and organized channels.

We have alot in our server. Come check us out!

Ping: **[**@everyone**]**
Direct Games is a game developing company who makes the popular games Siladon, Sandvox and Belgian Police Simulator . U can get to meet new people & talk/play the game with them, we focus on getting a bigger community and have more players. Feel free to join our discord, it's a discord for fun, chatting, help and gaming!

We have:
➺ Active chat
➺ Friendly staff
➺ Free access to alpha testing
➺ Fast growing discord
➺ No fake accounts!
➺ Best homemade games

From initial design to implementation and monitoring, we provide cutting edge software solutions for those who need.
We are looking for people to help us Developing our game.

Its a open world 3D survival game with fictional nations and maps (That's all that i am allowed to tell to you)

The Video-game is called Hope: The Division

Jobs Open
- Audio Engineer
- Programmer
- Game Designer
- Concept Artist

-Photoshop Animate -Blender
-Drawing Tablet
Minimum Age (14+)
Hello! I'm "UnderYourCloset", the developer of The Noise Project series, a psychological/metaphysical horror game series. Feel free to drop by, it's pretty chill.
Welcome to SCP Comms, we are a group of individuals who are fans of the SCP wiki and anything to do really with the SCP fandom. We also just like to chill, so you don't have to know about SCP to be here, really.
If you do not know what the SCP wiki or what the SCP Foundation is, I highly recommend you check it out, as it has some good reads, some horror, and fast-paced writing! Here is the link to the official SCP website if you want to check it out:
We are also a server of Roblox developers working on an upcoming SCP game. Check it out!
Welcome to Proskii Development, this is an active roblox server, there is many ways to talk with people such as I. The Lead of Dev's, we create games and host live events, if your interested in it, join along..

Heyo, are you interested in joining an awesome server dedicated to giving you the best deals possible on all things Roblox?

Well, you see, there’s this company called Saberhagen Financial, free to join and one hundred percent legit. I swear by this company to be honest, the employees are outgoing and can help you with any questions or concerns you may have. It has a catalog of all the latest purchasable items/creations for you to enjoy.

This catalog includes entire maps, custom sites, morphs, items/gear, and much, much more. It has amazing maps featuring the Star Wars and SCPF genre as well as general minigame and fun maps. All creations are built by our professional devs.

This platformer server is for talking about, making platformers, playing platformers. And stuff like that. We also like Paper Mario and Khan Academy.
Die Community für Webdesigner.
Weitere Infos unter
Now with custom MEE6 commands, Chrysallis is an open beta HL2RP community for GMod, however we are a new discord server originally called 'skinny legends™' . In our discord, you can share memes, meet new people, listen to music and talk about your favourite fandoms- you can also apply for staff and join our community project if you are determined!
Software Developers' English Speaking Club

What is the point?
We make group calls to discuss some software development things from small agenda. We do it in English to improve our English skills and have fun.
If you are already an English Speaker and you want to try out your new material for an IT event (like at an open mic) and you can stand our accent, long pauses and word forgetting, welcome aboard! :)

How it happens?
1. You write in #schedule some possible time for a session and a topic that you want to discuss at this session.
2. Other folks reply if they can attend this session and write their topics. Or they write about their own session at some other time.
3. At session time people gather in voice channel. If there are more than 3 of us, we divide into several groups (2-4 people) to avoid noise. But you can connect to any group session as a spectator (without voice).
4. The gathered group makes a group call and can share their screen to demonstrate something.

- mutual respect;
- mutual help to each other to improve our English;
- making mistakes is normal;
- number of people per group: 2-4;
- session duration: 1 - 1.5 h.
Welcome to Programmer's Lounge where everyone is welcome. Here we discuss mainly about things related to programming. If you wish to learn or looking for something to get started then feel free to join and ask the community for help! Some of our topics are programming, designing, networking, game development, cryptocurrency and many more!
A friendly and welcoming programming and development community.
FastTrack Studios. Have any questions? Email:
[email protected]

We are a production who mainly focuses on Graphic Design and Writing. Sounds Boring? I know, but we have times where we have some fun.

You may join as this is a new server and we are working on recruiting some fellow members to join our career.