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An inclusive Deltarune-themed server for all the fluffy boys and mean girls and everyone in between! You can pick a team - Kris, Susie, or Ralsei - and share some cute stuff. There are also level-exclusive channels and channels for roleplay!
This is LOVETALE, a server where we all join together to express our love of all things UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE! Join to gain access to a swell, supportive community, and plenty of fanart! We love UNDERTALE here!
Stay Determined!
A Place where you can talk with your Friends about Deltarune or Play Bots.....or just talk to your friends
Glitchtale Wiki is an official glitchtale server with a bunch of variety offered. The server offers the enjoyment of Artwork, Meme, Anime, Music, Glitchtale / Undertale, and Gaming! since the server represents the Glitchtale Wiki, you can get help about the issues on Glitchtale Wiki or you can help to improve the Wiki by registering into the Wiki and starting to editing.

To know more about the server:
HEY! This server is mainly focused on the game Deltarune/Undertle, Danganronpa, the anime Highschool DxD and the tv series South Park! There is a special leveling system for South Park that one of the admins made, and there are buyable danganronpa roles. (uses currency from a bot) It also has many other features too. There are a bunch of other chats for games and voice chats for them to. Next there is a place for memes. Also a place to share art and another for nsfw 0_0. Finally there are bots if you ever get bored or wanna have some fun! Oh i forgot. The problem is we don't have many people so there is not much talking. Its so sad. We need your help. We need you to join and tell others how much you love this server.Thats all. Be sure to read rules and look at important crap (weird name for announcements) so you know what you can do here and how. Thanks!
Deltarune fan server for the best fluffboy, RALSEI! Comes with a friendly community, Ralsei emotes and an anger vent channel dedicated to hating on King. Lancer's cool tho.
❥ Ayo people! ❥
❥ You want a server where you can make new friends?
❥ Also, are you interested in Undertale, Deltarune, Anime, Games and Pokemon?

Then come to us! In addition to many different bots such as Duetilya, Pokecord, Pokeverse, Yggdrasil, Mantaro and others, you also have the opportunity to meet many new people from all over the world.

❥ ❥ ❥ We also have a NSFW-category for the horny pweeps. :P
This is a general hang out server. Stop by if you want, We have friendly people here! you can be a furry, weeb, FNaF fan. We don't care! Also, We're a new starting server so if its dead when you join, sorry!
~Hello and welcome!~

This is a blossoming gathering of fellow Deltarune lovers. Come share beautiful art, jammin' music, interesting theories, and more! Maybe even join one of our ranks to rant about your favorite character in a private channel.

Artist, gamers, music composers, and simple folk alike will enjoy our little server. The chill, friendly, and passionate are found here. Free Ralsei hugs to all that join! ;)

(We actually have a surprising amount of music-makers here. It's grand.)

(No NSFW, my friends. We don't appreciate the goat lewding. <3)
this is a discord server to make friends who also enjoy UNDERTALE or DELTARUNE.
this is a pretty chill server, its not too strict.
In the CORE, you can freely discuss theories/headcanons about the lore and mechanics of Undertale and now Deltarune, share related art and other media among the community, or just chill and chat or roleplay. We're a pretty laidback and accepting place with active members and staff, so don't be shy and come on in.
A generic Deltarune meme server.

like r/dankmemes, r/memes, r/deltarune, r/ralseifanclub, and more!
-Advertising friendly in advertising-chat.
-Read the rules and have fun in the server!
Lancerism is a religion where we worship lancer, and here are the characters and how we see them:

Lancer is jesus

Susie is Moses

Ralsei is a hermit

Kris is the swamp outcast that eats moss
Hey there, we are the Dreemurr Family! Any humans or monsters are welcome to drop by or stay. ^^
General community server primarily centred around Undertale and Deltarune, but we accept everything! We hold events, like movie nights and CaH.
This is my Deltarune Roleplay server just created for fun and whatever and possibly gonna grow big eventually, its also in W.I.P. so uh yeah!
Deltatale & Homestuck is a server where both Deltarune/Undertale and Homestuck fans can chill and hangout. People can talk about that fandom, show their art/cosplay, submit their theories, and even role play.
Currently doing a Homestuck sburb/sgrub session.
Minimum players: 12
Maximum players: 16
Players so far: 3
Join for more details of the session.
Hi! This is a brand spanking new server!
This is for people who love the games and want to meet others who love it too and you can also roleplay with literate fans!
I’m so excited to meet you!
"Hello! This is my 2nd server, my very own Deltarune Fan Server. Here you'll find:
1. Deltarune discussions
2. Deltarune roleplays
3. Deltarune fan art
4. Deltarune emojis
5. Much, much more
Anyway, see ya there!" -Ryan The Foxan aka Army The Armadillo
You (or your character) has stumbled upon a new world.
A mysterious world where you can do anything.
WIll you be evil?
Or good?
Or even neutral?
Make your choice by joinning.
Alt link if disboard's default link is expired:
This is a server that is based around the games UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE which are games made by Toby Fox
A Place i made myself long ago, updated just a tad recently! rp channels as far as the eye can see and areas exclusive to teams called factions you can join, and rp as said faction with said goal! and a multiverse rp channel for any au or place in undertale or deltarune i likley missed. with many role's/factions to join and eacother to rp with im sure you wont get bored. (As for you nsfw roleplayers theres a nsfw role you can request as well.) have fun in the world of the omniverse of undertale! (and a area thats supposed to be the void from ricky G's somewhat famous fangame, dont forget on gamejolt!)