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Welcome. You have reached the boarder line of Gensokyo and Ebott.
Here, all kinds of creatures are at play.
God's, faires, youkai, humans,monsters,etc.
Here, we come together and be at peace. Now... Let us go forth for a new future.
Girls are praying...Stay determined!
It's the year 20XX, 5 years have passed and the legendary heroes of light have moved onto university. Asriel has returned back to hometown to his mother's house until he could find a home. Basically, everyone has grown... If they were young I mean. See how life is going in the world of Deltarune, 5 years later.
Come join! We have a welcoming community, bots, and more! If you want to roleplay with us, you can gladly do so. If you just want to talk with people, that's fine too. Just a regular Deltarune rping community.
A Discord server dedicated to IceStar215's Undertale role-play game and Deltarune role-play game on Roblox. You are welcome to join even if you do not play Roblox!
Come join the unofficial Undertale discord server! Lots of bots, roleplay and chats to interact with other undertale lovers!
A Place where you can talk with your Friends about Deltarune or Play Bots.....or just talk to your friends
The lancer fanclub is for people who like lancer, or deltarune or undertale in general!
We got cool bots, cool people, and lancer.
In the CORE, you can freely discuss theories/headcanons about the lore and mechanics of Undertale and now Deltarune, share related art and other media among the community, or just chill and chat or roleplay. We're a pretty laidback and accepting place with active members and staff, so don't be shy and come on in.
"Hello! This is my 2nd server, my very own Deltarune Fan Server. Here you'll find:
1. Deltarune discussions
2. Deltarune roleplays
3. Deltarune fan art
4. Deltarune emojis
5. Much, much more
Anyway, see ya there!" -Ryan The Foxan aka Flowery The Flower
This is LOVETALE, a server where we all join together to express our love of all things UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE! Join to gain access to a swell, supportive community, and plenty of fanart! We love UNDERTALE here!
Stay Determined!
Hello! This is Krismas and on behalf of Crumbly this is the Funhouse Server! Come here if you want to have fun and hang out! Also it's epic!
The Largest Ralsei/Deltarune themed community discord.
We have a friendly community, emotes, and an assload of assignable roles.
Welcome to D/U Party! Do you like Undertale or Deltarune? This is the server for you. Discuss these games and more with your friends and other people. You can enjoy fun bots and games, and hangout!
Hey! This is a VERY fresh server. I just finished working on it. Here's the lore: Ink and Error were fightning. They both sent out their strongest attacks, this caused a strange black hole to appear. The hole was called: The Omnisphere. The Omnisphere sucked all AUs inside including Ink and Error. As of now everything is alright, atleast it seems so. The BAD GUYS are planning to destroy this world. Will you choose to fight the villian or become one? The choice is in your hands, and remember: Stay DETERMINED. I hope you join, it would be very, very nice of you.




Hello! Welcome to the Dark World, a magical place where you can play a hero of your own epic tale! It doesn't just has to be regular roleplay either, it can be an RPG-style roleplay or an erotic roleplay too! OCs and Fursonas are also welcome! So go ahead, enjoy your time here!

It's not like your choices matter anyway...
A server for Deltarune, Undertale, and MLP fans (though people who are not fans are welcome, too).

Our current server activities are: TV night (Saturdays UTC-7) and Question Of The Day. There has been discussion about Cards Against Humanity as a potential regular server activity however a vote has not been held yet because we need activity planners and hosts in order to make sure server events happen during the times decided.

We have self-appointable roles for:
◦Announcements for server activities.
◦Whether it is ok to DM you or not.
◦Gender (including nonbinary)

The server language is English however non-English languages are allowed so long as translations are given. The format for such translations is in the rules document in the #read-me channel.

Our rules and constitution can be viewed here:
Hello there.
I have made a list of 5 reasons why you should join Ralancer's Hell!

1 - It is a deltarune and meme themed server!
2 - It has community stuff like...
- A one word story channel.
- A count to a set number channel.
- It has an emote chain.
- An alphabet chain.

three - It has twelve bots! (NotSoBot, MEE6,, Server Stats, Rythm, Loritta,, Yggdrasil,, MarriageBot (i'm so sorry), Dank Memer, Tatsumaki, UnbelievaBoat)

5 - It has 38 emotes to choose from!

And, last of all...

5 - You can suggest more stuff to improve the server!
So come join Ralancer's Hell!
Welcome to the UNDERTALE AU MASHUP! We have Undertale channels, Deltarune channels, and lots of normal channels to chat in! We have cool characters and fun RP!
Long ago, two races ruled over earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.
One day, a war broke out between the two races.
After a long battle, the humans were victorious.
They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell
Many years later....
Legend says those who climb the mountain never return.... Then, why did you? Explore the underground, interact with other humans and monsters, and try to find a way through the barrier.
Which route will you take?
Well, here you can talk with other persons about some games like oneshot, undertale, deltarune or mogeko castle.

Bueno, aquí puedes hablar con otras personas sobre algunos juegos como oneshot, undertale, deltarune o mogeko castle.

Nada mas que decir, no tengo imaginacion para estas cosas./Nothing more to say, I have no imagination for these things.
Thanks for read/Gracias por leer.
HEY! This server is mainly focused on the game Deltarune/Undertle, Danganronpa, the anime Highschool DxD and the tv series South Park! There is a special leveling system for South Park that one of the admins made, and there are buyable danganronpa roles. (uses currency from a bot) It also has many other features too. There are a bunch of other chats for games and voice chats for them to. Next there is a place for memes. Also a place to share art and another for nsfw 0_0. Finally there are bots if you ever get bored or wanna have some fun! Oh i forgot. The problem is we don't have many people so there is not much talking. Its so sad. We need your help. We need you to join and tell others how much you love this server.Thats all. Be sure to read rules and look at important crap (weird name for announcements) so you know what you can do here and how. Thanks!
Just a fun chill-out server. If you're a big fan of Undertale, Deltarune and anime/manga like the owner, then you may have fun here. The members are really nice and I'm pretty sure you will fit in just well ^-^