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In the CORE, you can freely discuss theories/headcanons about the lore and mechanics of Undertale and now Deltarune, share related art and other media among our members, or just chill and chat. We also have roleplay and a plethora of channels to explore, with active voice chats and events such as CAH and movies nights to engage our little community. We're a pretty laidback and accepting place with active members and staff, so don't be shy and come on in.


Hello, Welcome to the Dark World. A magical place where you can roleplay your own epic tale. It doesn't just has to be regular roleplay either, it can be an RPG-style roleplay or an erotic roleplay too. OCs and Fursonas are also welcome. So go ahead, enjoy your time here...

It's not like your choices matter in the end.
Welcome to Edgy Land home to us edgymcedge peeps! This server offers a awesome community , gaming convos , roleplay , chatting , and some good pun-ny jokes. Don't mind our Reds they don't bite ( much lol ).So come on and join our Edgy party.

~Reasons you should join the Edgy party~

~ Interested in Undertale,Deltarune, Anime, Games, or Pokemon?
~Are you curious about a community-based server, animated/non-animated emotes, and sweet roles?
~Are you an Artist/Musician/Developer/Writer, or looking for a server with channels dedicated to your hobbies?
~Are you a fun roleplayer or looking into roleplaying Undertale/Delltarune/AU's
~Do you like VC ?
~Want a more Friendly Staff ?!
~ Nsfw we got it !
~ Do you like bots ?
This rp server is centered around the idea of colliding worlds.Every Character, AU, & OC can meet & interact here.Whether they be good or bad, it doesn't matter. We just like being a bit more Edgy!!!
A Place where you can talk with your Friends about Deltarune or Play Bots.....or just talk to your friends
Welcome to my Server!!💚
If y'all wanna rp, spam memes, talk about our fluffy boi, or even just wanna chat then you'll might love this server!

This server is a friendly good ol' UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE and AUs RP server where you can talk about both games, RP, or just talk to eachother and make friends! ((Make sure to read the rules and request the AUs you would like to RP in #role-request!))

Your new journey begins! (Cliche)

Join the Undertale Deltarune Community Discord Server❣️ With over 100+ members.
There will be roleplaying, events, games, fun activities, chats, and more!
This is a VERY active server!❤️❤️
Hello and welcome to Laggy Server (it's not that laggy, just didn't invert a better name).
Undertale and Deltarune fans are extra welcome!
So this is a server with a lot of stuff like memes, Dank Memer, Pokecord, Undertale and Deltarune chat and more. That's all, I guess.

Server Quotes:
"This server is a server." -HandsFromTheHeavens
"This server will lag you." -Lag Aspect
"This server will gangbang you when you snag that one shiny that spawned." -freggeldaddy
"The server is good..?" -~Crazy-Zeek~
This server is for people that love to RP as Deltarune or Undertale Characters! AU And OC characters are allowed! Enjoy your stay at this Server!
A server filled with Rouxls Kaard fans (and a few NoSuit/WildKaard shippers). Join the fun and remember to follow the Rouxls.
The hub for Undertale/Deltarune roleplay, discussion, and, a way to ask Ralsei questions! (WILL THEY GET ANSWERED? --SIGNED, LANCER)
It's a community-ran Deltaurne RP server.
Me, my friend, and my friend's friend (named Ralsei) made this server to see whoever else liked what "special qualities" we have.
We trust you (w/ special role) to kick any members who are misbehaving. Dont abuse it please. We also let you create your own AU with the click of a button. Your own places, your own characters. Whatever you want, you can do it. We can teach you and your kids and their kids and their kids how to cook.
I don't know, try it.
Otherwise try the one above this one
This server is about having a great time with your friends. We’re always happy to listen to suggestions from the community. Also, we're not just a Undertale/Deltarune community. We're open for everyone! For example we have Oneshot community here as well. You can find lots of friendly users and various roles for everybody. Feel free to share your creativity and get appreciated by others. I hope you'll like it, see you on the server!
(Sorry if roleplays are sluggish and people don't seem to notice you, but that kinda just happens when you have almost 300 members in a server.)
A server for Deltarune and Undertale fans (though people who are not fans are welcome, too).

The server language is English however non-English languages are allowed so long as translations are given. The format for such translations is in the rules document in the #read-me channel.

Our rules and constitution can be viewed here:

The bots we have are:
- MEE6
- Carl-Bot
- Dyno
- Rhythm
- Tupperware/Tupperbox

We have self-appointable roles for:
- Pronouns & Gender Identity (including nonbinary)
- Activities
- And DM status
This is LOVETALE, a server where we all join together to express our love of all things UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE! Join to gain access to a swell, supportive community, and plenty of fanart! We love UNDERTALE here!
Stay Determined!
Hello! This is my server, Darkners Unite. Although it is Deltarune/Undertale themed, we love other games too and welcome anyone to come check out the action.

We plan to build a server and a community based on discussing things we love and making new friends. We have channels to share art and music and the server is very accepting and laid-back. If you're interested in discussing Undertale/Deltarune and other games, making new friends, or just chilling, come check us out. :>
Hey ! ^^

Tu es un fan de Undertale et Deltarune et tu souhaites partager ton
expérience de jeu dans la joie et la bonne humeur ?
Alors notre serveur est fait pour toi ^^

Nous avons un staff à l'écoute et des bots utiles ^^ !

Nos salons sont sur le thème d'Undertale pour que vous vous plongiez
dans ce magnifique monde ^^ !

Si vous voulez améliorer le serveur il suffit juste de suggérer ^^ !

Nous avons des tonnes de secrets que vous devrez chercher et peut être gagner des récompenses ?

Le serveur est à la base d'un AU Undertale crée par le fondateur du serveur, cet AU a pour nom Scartale.

Nous créons des Fanarts, comics et peut-être bientôt des animations.

Nous avons besoin de vous pour finaliser le projet !

Alors nous vous attendons sur ScarTale [FR] !
Welcome to the wonderful land of....TACOCAKES! This is THI best TACOCAKES server you will ever find we have
Some cool bots
Noice Roleplay
Fun little community
And were kinda lonely here so im asking for a tiny winy favour
A shitpost/meme server for Undertale and Deltarune
That's about it. We're pretty chill and aren't very sensitive, but if you aren't comfortable with something we'll happily put a stop to it.
Give us your memes.
This is a general hang out server. Stop by if you want, We have friendly people here! you can be whatever you feel like, We don't care! Also, We're a new starting server so if its dead when you join, sorry!
Hello! We are an 18+ story driven roleplay server that is based around the Undertale multiverse, where AUs combine and characters meet together. We are OC Friendly and are a great community. Whether you are a roleplayer, or just a fan, feel free to join!

Story is a WIP
In all universes, beyond time, existed a consistent story. A Legend if you will. A story of a Great Calamity that will fracture time itself. The Calamity will bring all universes together in a Crossroads, a World Between Worlds. All Destinies, linked to one point. Undertale, Deltarune, all these stories led up to one point, one End. This is the story of those Destinies that collide to push back the Calamity or leave the multiverse shattered forever. This, is the story of Glitched Realities.