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Tulpa Hotel is a hotel themed tulpa and plurality server centered around an up and coming tulpa YouTube channel. Our hotel is a place for the wider plural community to check in and have some five star class fun! Our hotel is used to facilitate friendships and fun discussions among the community. We are quite lax and have a bit of a playful atmosphere, with themed rooms, color roles, and a mod team that will be dedicated to being involved and communicating with our esteemed guests. If this sounds like the place for you, come get away and lose yourself in a luxurious experience.
Welcome to StucKin Home, a Homestuck Kin and System server! We don't discriminate unless you're a doodoohead, so we open our gates to both casual and spiritual kinnies and all system types, including endogenic and parogenic ones! If you're still interested, this is what we have to offer in our server!

❤ • User-input blacklist
💛 • Personal color roles that you can rename anytime, anywhere!
💚 • Game nights for both mobile and PC gamers, hell yeah!
💙 • A friendly community!
💜 • And lastly, server-wide events!

So come give us a try sometime, won't you? We don't bite, but we do hug!
Tulpa Central is a large (and the most active) tulpa-focused server with an emphasis on lax moderation and creating a space separate from DID and other forms of plurality. Roleplaying is prohibited, and we provide an active and welcoming community to learn about tulpas, create them, and then generally chat with other tulpas and hosts. Please do not join if you have DID, OSDD, or other forms of plurality that are not tulpas (daemons are acceptable).
All Systems Go is a community oriented server for systems of all types, which includes traumagenic, endogenic, mixed, unknown, etc., and supportive singlets. We welcome all types and require that anyone who joins also be accepting of all system types.

Features include:
∴ Reaction roles
∴ PluralKit
∴ Pokecord
∴ Other fun bots
∴ System role specific spaces
∴ Singlet specific space
∴ Little/middle spaces
∴ Friendly staff you are more than welcome to engage with!
∴ Suggestion channel (for use with the command ub!suggest) where new features suggested by members can be voted on and discussed.
∴ And much more, because we're adding new things all the time!

We are a fairly small server, but we hope to grow and become a safe, fun and bright part of the plural community as a whole!
A safe space in the stars for systems

We have:
🌠A custom bot all for this server!
🌠Over 100 roles to assign yourself. Including system roles and color roles
🌠Venting areas (opt-in)
🌠Easy to follow rules
🌠Friendly staff and members
🌠A growing and active
🌠...and so much more!

✧༺ Join Starry Plurals today ༻✧
The Garden is a social server for adults (21+) with DID/OSDD. Our intent is to be a mature and comfortable space where we can build friendships and encourage each other's growth.

Alters of all ages are welcome on the server, but the body's age must be 21 or older.

Our server features:
- a warm, friendly atmosphere and a mature userbase
- a variety of channels for different hobbies, interests, and modes of expression
- spaces for venting, seeking support, and talking about trauma
- an opt-in NSFW section
- occasional group activities (voice chats, movie nights, tv streams, video chats)
- pluralkit and system time

Members are expected to have known about their disorder for roughly 1 year and be capable of managing their own triggers and self-regulating.


❛The Dissociative Galaxy is a place where anyone can come to without fear, shame about who they are or what they like. Here, all Traumagenic systems are welcomed. But what is this? A person with DID or OSDD, who's system formed due to childhood trauma.
Everyone who would like to support systems is welcomed too! This is a server that requires you to be 13 or older to join as do Discord's rules. We are not professionals, but we want to help everyone the best we can !~❜

◆ What would you find on our server ?
› Self Assignable roles ~
› Specific channels for each alters ~
› A complete tutorial on how to use PluralKit ~
› A place to vent safely ~
› Places for memes, books, inspirational quotes, and so much more ~
› Respectable Staff, not above the law! ~
› A lot of emojis for non verbal alters ~
› An active community of over 600 members!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ✮ Can't wait to see you there!
Welcome to our quaint server where our admins are nice and the people are too, we are also plural friendly. We're a loose bunch of crackhead gamers who'd love to make more friends and welcome anyone who wants to become a part of our family :)
Anyone is allowed, just don't be an asshole and you'll be good
Welcome to Age Regressors And Syskids Australia! We're a completely SFW server for age regressors and syskids in Australia. Here are some things we offer:

- Self-assignable roles to tell us all about you or your system.
- Channels for all different interests.
- Pluralkit for systems.
- An area especially for systems.
- An area especially for age regressors, including age regression tips.
- A collaborative Spotify playlist for server members.
- An area especially for caregivers and self-care with tips.
- A channel for finding a SFW caregiver.
- Channels for all littles, caregivers and system members to chat.
- An adults only chat.
- A place to organise real life meet ups.
- Online events, in Australian time zones.
- And more!

Come and join us and meet other age regressors, littles and systems in Australia!
✨welcome to gay soup✨
🍆 hang out, vc, and chat with people
🍆 occasional movie nights and debates
🍆 epic gamer roblox moments (pls don’t come at me this is ironic lmfao)
🍆 a safe space, no actual bullying will be tolerated. this is meant to be somewhere that someone can vent, be themselves, and share their opinions without being bashed for them
🍆 system/plural friendly!! pluralkit was recently implemented to be more inclusive
🍆 not specifically meant for LGBTQ+ or MOGAI individuals, but wholeheartedly open to those with those backgrounds
The Red Ribbon Society is a small dark academia themed group of plural & lgbtq+ folx who just like to chill and chat! Our rules are extremely simple and unintrusive, and we've got all kinds of stuff like:

☙⥼—💝 No blacklists or confusing verification! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Arts, Crafts, and more! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Plenty of roles, with room for more! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Pluralkit & Tupperbox for systems! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Leveling & ranks! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Positivity channel! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Multiple vent channels! 💝—⥽❧
Solid Plurals is a server for those who are tired of the hundred word long trigger lists, and want a place people can be themselves without the need to walk on glass.

We aim to keep and foster the close knit and relaxed server environment we've cultivated. As such we offer a variety of benefits:

--We offer emotional advice and help as best as we can for those who need it for, and a wide range of people from different backgrounds willing to help as best we can.
--Server wide events (Current event is 24 Man Mario Party style game. Sign ups are closed, but future events will happen.)
--We open and close access to the server in order to keep the server from turning into 'twitch chat' where it moves too fast to keep up.
--A supportive and mature group of friends.

If you feel like this is what you're looking for, or that you'd be a good fit, then we'd love you have you.

There is only on requirement to enter: You must be at least 18 years old.
Greetings! Welcome to Magically Dissociative! The Server is Plural and Singlet friendly with the main point being just to hang out and have a fun time. We're all very welcoming; LGBTQAI+ Friendly, Inviting to All Systems and Sources, and Hope that you will join! (:
An all-inclusive kin and fictive server for the source Homestuck and adjacent media!

JOHN WILL NOT BE BLACKLISTED!! We know and believe that John and June can coexist peacefully! Please do not join if this will cause problems for you or your headmates, or if you will cause issues over this rule!

Bro Strider fictives can join but don't be an ass - especially to Daves - or you will be asked not to speak in this server. If you refuse to listen, your system will be kicked.
The Nebula is a loosely space themed hangout server for systems of all types and open minded singlets who want to learn. We ask that any and all who join the server be body age 16 or above. There is a short verification process to keep out any unwanted space pirates. We hope to see you soon!
Disclaimer: We are open to systems of all types, regardless of origin. If you cause drama because you think someone isn't a "real" system, you will face disciplinary action. While the body has to be 16+, we do have a designated area for littles/syskids.
This is a Discord server primarily catering to Transgender, Nonbinary, Genderqueer, and Questioning people. We are both a hangout space and a safe space to discuss more serious issues and intersecting identities. We are explicitly supportive of all LGBTQ+ identities and of the plural community.
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Whether you’re otherkin, LGBTQ+, MOGAI, alterhuman, a system, or just curious about our server, you’re welcome here! ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

♡ ˚⋆。˚⋆ We feature a pastel pink aesthetic throughout our friendly server, shown in our wide collection of pastel and pride flag animated and static emojis/emotes! Our lenient rules allow users to have fun and be themselves in our server while they meet new systems and people like them! We have over thirty roles and counting to customize your server profile while you’re here, including pronouns, system status, and orientations! We’ve also got memes, pikacord, roleplay, and spam channels for all your fun-having needs! We feature a starboard and happy birthday pings, but most of all, the pride of our server, we feature detailed and extensive information on terms that you may or may not know! If you’re curious about our server, come on in and read all about systems and otherkins, learn about your fellow LGBTQ+ folk, or even find an extensive list of emergency hotlines! So what are you waiting for? Hit the link and come on in! ♡ ˚⋆。˚⋆
✧・゚: ✧ Welcome to the Plural Garden! ✧:・゚✧

The Plural Garden is a server for systems of all kinds, regardless of origins, to congregate and grow together -- with a cute garden theme! We are a new server with a fairly small, friendly community looking to grow and accept new active members!

✧・゚: ✧ Why Join the Plural Garden? ✧:・゚✧
🌼 Friendly, all-inclusive community
🌻 Pluralkit & Tupperbox
🌼 Garden-themed leveled roles to reward server activity
🌻 Fun interactive bots with GIF reactions and cute custom currency system with growing functionality & shop
🌼 Lots of self assignable roles with role specific channels, including the Little Playground, a category of fun & safe channels specifically for little alters & their caregivers
🌻 Question of the Day, Creative Corner, Photos & more fun channels
🌼 Helpful channels like Support, Homework Help, and no-judgement Vent channels
🌻 Friendly and relaxed staff with active, casual moderation

The goal of the Plural Garden is to create a safe space for all systems to grow together, make friends, and find support. Come check us out!

✧Active as of: Sept 2020✧
A server dedicated to the preservation and exploration of the history of the tulpamancy community. All plurals welcome, though the server is tulpa-focused.
-- Looking for a Fictive or Kin Server for Vocaloids? --

Come join our Vocaloid Fictive/Kin server! Moderated by two systems with Vocaloid fictives, we have lots to offer, such as:

- Blacklist!!
- Easy to follow and remember rules!!
- Music events!!
- Pluralkit!!
- No Syscourse (endo friendly)!!
- Roles for your Kins/Fictives!!
- Double and Utauloid friendly!!
- And more!

Come join us! We'd be happy to have you!!
Welcome to Everlasting Realm & AOTV.

Available Roles.

> ~Art Gallery
> ~Pokemon
> ~Event Channel
> ~Media Channel
> ~System Info
> ~Officer
>~Warden {TW}

Available Channels

>~Plural Archives
>~System Info
>~Art Gallery
>~Media Channel
>~Event Channel
>~Heavenly Chat
>~Outer Rim {TW}
>~Po-Go & Pokerealm

Current Bots.


About Everlasting Realm.

The Server is open to all types of people we accept everyone for who and what they are.

AOTV {Ancestry of the Void}

AOTV is a Site/Forum for plurals that the leaders of the server have made for information to be posted.

It is for new or old Memebers of the Communities, We are hoping that it may help people learn, Understand and get to know about the Communities.

The site is very new so we welcome everyone to invest time into looking at the site and invest their time into possibly posting information about themselves, About their System's and about many more things.
I made this server to have a haven for those who are mabye a bit odd, a place away from the hyper masculine vaguely unpleasant "Gamer" culture. Cringe Culture is Dead, have fun y'all :)
Plural Friendly (all systems, yes. All)
Owner is trans and a kinnie so theres absolutely no judgement here.
Fanart and Meme channels, and Sheep for color roles