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Welcome to the team!

Team Rainbow is a LGBT and Mental Health Support server! We have tons to offer, such as:

- Tons of roles (60+)!
- Channels specifically for LGBT hangout!
- Channels for transitioning advice!
- All inclusive!
- Partnerships!
- Fun bots like Pokecord and Unbelievaboat!
- Homework help with tutor roles!
- Song of the day!
- Open suggestions!
- Future chances to become staff!
- Verification process to keep out baddies!
- TW Chats blocked with a role for people who don't want to see the bad stuff (and for the ones who do)
- Server currency with buyable roles and colors!
- And More!!!

So come join us! We'd be glad to help you figure yourself out! <3

❛ The Dissociative Galaxy is a place where anyone with a dissociative disorder can come to without fear, shame about who they are or what
they like. Here, all systems are welcomed. But what is a system? A person with DID or OSDD. Everyone who
would like to support systems is welcomed too! This is a server that requires you to be 13 or older to join as it
Discord's rules. We are not professionals, but we want to help everyone the best we can !~❜

◆ What would you find on our server ?
› A Support Center ~✺
› Some self assignable roles~✺
› Specific channels for each alters : Littles, Middles, Protectors, Persecutors, Fictives and Gatekeepers ~⌲
› The pk bot with a channel where you will be able to learn how to set it up ~⌘
› A place to vent ~◑
› Places for memes, books, inspirational quotes, and so much more ~
› Respectable Staff, not above the law! ~❉
› Cool bots ~⌘
› Some custom emojis

(っ◔◡◔)っ ✮ Can't wait to see you there!
This server is an inclusive place for all kinds of systems and allies!

- LGBTQ+ friendly!

- Safe for littles!

- Endo/tulpa/quio friendly!

- Non-human friendly!

- Pluralkit and pokecord!
Coffee and Collars is an 18+ multipurpose community server!
Our main focus is being open and friendly to everyone!

We're LGBT friendly, plural/system friendly, and we try and keep the server as nontoxic as possible!

We have a simple verification process before you can access NSFW, so you don't need to worry about minors!

Come check us out! Looking for active members and mods! ♡
☀️ Welcome to Sunny Space! ☀️
Sunny Space is a general Discord server focused on providing a safe place for those who are neurodivergent, LGBTQ+, or systems. We aim to be a fun and non-toxic community to meet new friends who have similar experiences to you!
We have lots of well-organized channels for a variety of topics, as well as 20 color roles! Our staff are receptive to new suggestions and are always trying to make the server better.
Bots: Carl-bot, Pluralkit, Tupperbox
Note: Homophobes, transphobes, queerphobes, aphobes and exclusionists, as well as those who are anti-MOGAI and anti-neopronouns are not welcome here.
We are an all inclusive system server, open to systems of all origins! We are also open to singlets who want to learn more about plurality.

We have:
• multiple general chat channels for off-topic and system related discussions
• chats for photo sharing, memes, gaming, pokecord
• multiple questioning chats for both questioning systems and singlets wanting to learn
• chats specific to different system origins (traumagenic, endogenic, quoigenic, etc) and headmate roles (hosts, protectors, caretakers, etc)
• opt-in vent channels
• a gated lobby to protect against raids
• and more!

Body must be 16+ to join. Anti-endos are not welcome here.
♔ - 𝕻𝖑𝖚𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖉𝖔𝖒 - ♚

A Kingdom which was once forgotten and had to start getting used to loneliness. Working on its own and facing problems without any help, it was still sleeping till now. But one day, a voice got heard. The Plural Kingdom rose up above the flames of hate.
For a long time hidden, plural people had to face the misunderstanding about what made them unique. However with time and patience, there are now resources to help the Kingdom.

♕ - What is Plural Kingdom?
➻ Plural Kingdom is a server which welcome every plural and mature person. If you are 16 years old or older, feel free to join us!

♛ - Behind the doors
➺ PluralKit, SystemTime! and Tupperbox for everyone ~
➺ Separated places for everyone to have a safe place to talk in ~
➺ Common center, questions and resources center ~
➺ No syscourse allowed except in one channel and with respect ~
➺ A safe place for littles ~
➺ Buyable color roles and misc roles ~

♤ - Toxicity and invalidation isn't allowed in the Kingdom. You must be 16yo or older to pass the doors.
DID Vibes is a DID/OSDD focused server and close-knit community for systems to develop friendship and have fun. All systems are welcome there, but it is geared toward traumagenic and mixed origins systems. We offer a gaming chat, school help chat, memes, and more! Hope to see you there soon! :)

We can help you fix your flaws, Human.

We can gradually change you into a being greater than your broken Human self. A being that is fully efficient, fully obedient, and fully emotionless (yet still able to have positive stimulation, experiencing happiness and positive emotions in a whole new level.) We can connect you into a Hivemind that will provide purpose and servitude in your life. We can turn you into the perfect alien, with a distinct identity and sense of belonging, fully in control of their life and emotions.

Does this opportunity interest you? If so, change your mind and reach out to the Kanpeki Hivemind.
Hello everyone!

Welcome to Plural Haven!

We are a safe space for all types of systems to hangout and make friends!

No discrimination or gatekeeping will be allowed here!

What we have to offer:
- A experienced and friendly staff
- Organized categories by emoji
- Self assignable roles
- 70+ channels, most of which are chat rooms
- Fun activities like daily Q&A's
- Pluralkit (a bot for systems)
- OWO (a game bot with fun commands)
- Pokecord (a bot that lets you catch, trade, & battle pokemon)
- Petbot (a bot that lets you adopt a virtual pet and take care of it)
- Bloo (a mental health AI bot)
-Groovy (a music player bot)
- Birthdaybot (a bot that will announce your birthday)
And More!!!

Come and join us!

Your own personal plural haven is waiting!
ー ❝ Greetings and Salutations, welcome to UA High! This is a very new server for BNHA kinnies and fictives to come to and meet like-minded individuals, and we hope that if you decide to stop by for a visit, your time within the server would be a comfortable and great experience! In order to ensure this, we offer the following : ❞

  ✧ | A doubles and an all-types of systems-friendly environment.
  ✦ | Security via approving one's self in order to gain access to the rest of the server.
  ✧ | Self-Assignable roles!
  ✦ | Fun, upcoming events such as, Whiteboard Sessions, contests, and more!
  ✧ | A customizable blacklist for the comfort of our members! ( Fret not, it may be long so if you forget something, you'll only be politely reminded of it's spot within the blacklist! )

ー ❝ So what're you waiting for? Come join us today, it'd be great to see you there! Go beyond, plus ultra! ❞
The Willow Tree is a singlet-friendly plural server for all types of plurals, with channels specifically for curious singlets and questioning plurals to assist in the learning process. We have self roles (including color roles), a small channel count to prevent folks from getting overwhelmed, a safe chat for littles and other sensitive system members, a completely PG-13 server with no NSFW section, and a special interactive adventure game curated by the owners themselves! The Willow Tree's shade offers refuge for all, and we look forward to seeing you.
Welcome to Planet Dissocia! A server made for systems just like you! Yes, you, there sitting and looking at your phone and/or computer! We're a server open to all systems for ages 13 and up! Our server offers an accepting community to all, daily questions to answer, monthly contests for nitro memberships and gift cards, storytimes for littles, and much more!

If this sounds good, let me tell you some other stuff we offer!

- Custom roles for gender, pronouns, sexuality, and more so you can express yourself however you need!
- A small, staff made trigger list of only big major triggers so all systems can speak freely!
- A (WIP) RP area for alters and systems to rp however they wish!
- Alter specific categories for all alter types! Such as hosts, protectors, persecutors, etc!
- A cute little bot to change your name color!
- A ticket system to privately talk to staff about any issue you're having with the server.
- And of course, a loving and supportive community to help you understand your own system or to just help you through a rough day.

If this sounds good to you, go ahead and click that join button! We look forward to meeting you, comet shard! ❤️
Hi! Just a tiny server for Cartoon Network Kin/Introjects!

Looking for mods to help make the server great!
~ Introducing Dungeons and Systems! ~

A server for every kind of system that has DnD/Pathfinder/or some sort of High Fantasy inspired headmates!

No discrimintation, gatekeeping, or syscourse will be allowed here!

What we have to offer:
- An experienced and friendly staff
- Organized channels by emoji
- Self assignable roles
- 75 channels such as Immersive chatrooms designed as a medieval city for your fantastical headmates to interact in!
- Fun activities like tarot readings and Q&A’s
- Nybble, a bot that lets you adopt worms on a string
- Groovy, a bot that lets you play any music you want
- Birthdaybot, a bot that will announce your birthday to everyone
And more!!!

Come and join the adventure today!
A safe, secure and friendly server for all plurals who are 15 or older!

-Mixed plurality server (DID, OSDD-1, endogenic, thoughtform, quoigenic, and questioning,)
-Easy to read rules, blacklist, and information
-Specific focus on server safety, helping others, and accurate information
-Friendly people
-A working ticket system
-Organized and pretty server categories and channels
-Plenty of fun roles and extra channels, colors, etc.
-Has Carlbot and Pluralkit
fairly new server for people with headmates/alters/etc! no gatekeeping, just be nice. all you have to do is make an intro and you're set to talk! enjoy <3
A friendly community server focused around Tulpas, Plural Systems, Otherkin, Spirituality and making friends.
Welcome to the Voidchamber.
Be yourself. Know thyself.
Spread love and madness.

This is an inclusive server for those on the deep end who don't have a home. Anyone that is into the occult, has thoughtforms, an alternative lifestyle or into niche music is welcome.
LGBTQ+ and LHP are proudly encouraged to join.
This is a little server for DID/OSDD systems! Singlets are allowed to, but please be respectful! Reaction roles, RPG bot, PluralKit supported!
Hello! My name is Joseph. I'm an alter in a traumagenic system named Lunara. This server is for plural people and for those who enjoy the game Identity V! It's also for just talking and meeting new friends so please join!
All Systems Go is a community oriented server for systems of all types, which includes traumagenic, endogenic, mixed, unknown, etc., and supportive singlets. We welcome all types and require that anyone who joins also be accepting of all system types.

Features include:
∴ Reaction roles
∴ PluralKit
∴ Pokecord
∴ Other fun bots
∴ System role specific spaces
∴ Singlet specific space
∴ Little/middle spaces
∴ Friendly staff you are more than welcome to engage with!
∴ Suggestion channel (for use with the command ub!suggest) where new features suggested by members can be voted on and discussed.

We are a brand new server, but we hope to grow and become a safe, fun and bright part of the plural community as a whole!

- ❂ We are an arcade-themed server for introjects which is inclusive to all types of systems. Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment for all kinds of introjects without any judgement. If you have an introject in your system you are welcome here! ❂ -

Server Features:
❂ - Friendly and safe environment
❂ - Caring and responsible staff
❂ - Introject specific section and channels
❂ - All system type inclusive
❂ - Opt-In Vent and TW sections
❂ - Self assignable roles (color and source roles)
❂ - Fun bots