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A 13+ Homestuck kin server with cool bots, self-assignable roles, and a shitload of emotes. Double friendly, system friendly, the works.

We are a Sanders Sides kincord that is:
◇ 15+
◇ Doubles Friendly
◇ System Friendly
◇ Factkin and Factive friendly
◇ Xenogender and Neopronoun friendly
◇ LGBTQIA+ Friendly
◇ No TERFS, Truscum, or Antis

And offers:
◇ PluralKit and Tupperbox bots
◇ Reaction roles for kintypes and pronouns (Self assign)
◇ Easy to use color role bot, Sheep
◇ Music bot to groove to, Groovy
◇ User-input blacklist
◇ A whitelist for comforting and calming things! (Also user-input)
◇ Acceptance regardless of medical or system status
◇ Multiple safe areas for venting and blacklisted discussions
◇ An 18+ NSFW channel
◇ A suggestions channel
◇ A spoiler channel for when new episodes roll around
◇ More to come!

We're dedicated to maintaining a place for Sanders Sides kins that's fun, organized, and welcoming to people and discussions of all kinds. We have many channels in place to allow for people to block out certain content they may wish not to see, and for people to discuss content that may otherwise never be able to be explored.
Welcome to insert kincord name here! As you probably guessed, the name and icon are a work in progress. We are small right now, but we're hoping to expand and become a large active community!

Here's what we have to offer:
¬ Tupperbox and Pluralkit for systems and kins!
¬ A blacklist which is always open to update.
¬ A friendly staff team!
¬ Sheep for colour roles that are fully customisable.
¬ Self-assignable roles for the necessities!
¬ Hopefully, a friendly and accepting community.

We hope you join our Kingdom!
Hi everyone!!
This is a pretty big server run by me and my fiance meant for the people who play ponytown but also kin! We accept otherkin, fictionkin and therian types! We adore all kinnies and will even accept "problematic" kins as long as they follow our rules.
We include things like
-a friendly admin team
-open 24/7 mod applications
- voice call nights
- music
-DID acceptance
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-witch/pagan/wiccan friendly!
So hop on in and give us a try, we'd love to have you!!
Want a server to just talk about whatever, with a nice member base and diligent staff? You're in the right place!
We have many channels to talk about numerous topics, i.e. anime, cosplay, art, k-pop, games, the like.
We have fun contests and even partnerships to get your server out there!
Come join us! You're missing out~
This server is made for JJBA kinnies to socialize and get to meet others!!

This server is double friendly and accepts systems, fictives, and etc! We have many bots to mess with and nicely organized channels so you can navigate easier!!! We also do not accept NSFW and this is a server only for 13 and up.

You are aloud to join at any time and we would be so happy to see you and get to meet you!!! Thank you so much for checking it out and joining us!!!!!
Hello! We are a close niche community dedicated in providing a space for adults to recline and express themselves with one another without the fear of judgement.

Although we're predominantly an alterhuman focused server; furries, gamers, otakus and the average joe are all welcomed here! We have Pluralkit, Tatsumaki, Pokécord, Furry Bot as well as channels to accommodate various fetishes and kinks. We also try to host events like custom Pokémon Showdown tournaments. Also giveaways for owners of Pokémon Sword & Shield to have a chance at obtaining cloned shiny pokémon and held items like the flame orb.
welcome to 🎤 rockin' kinnies 🎸,
this is a kin server themed after a concert setting. you don't have to be a musical-themed kin to join, though! our age range is 13 - 25.
this server aims to be a safe space for all, including, but not limited to:
• a no doubles list,
• systemtime, pluralkit, and tupper,
• a user based blacklist,
• fun bots, such as mudae and birb,
and more!

we are not:
• discourse friendly,
• drama friendly,
• factkin friendly.
• nsfw friendly
we apologize, and hope you find somewhere else that fits your needs!
☠ welcome to dorokindoro! ☠

this is a doubles-friendly, 15+ server for dorohedoro kinnies based both on the manga by q hayashida and the recent netflix adaptation.

we have channels for chatting, canon calls, sharing art and media, and we're also totally suitable for systems and those with specific blacklist needs. come say hi!
this is a discord server for those who are kin with kuroshitsuji/black butler characters! we are doubles-friendly and welcoming of fictives/non-canons. we are, however, anti-sebaciel as well as other pedophilic ships.
Hello? Hello hello?

Welcome to the FNAF Kin and Roleplay server! This server is supposed to be for people who kin from Five Nights At Freddy's and roleplay, but non roleplaying kinnies can join too!


If you don't know and want to know, here's a link!

Also note that our server name changes because of memes and jokes from the server itself, don't be alarmed. Or do. Fazbear Entertainment does not care.

Please make an intro when you join!
Respect the other members! Read the rules inside the server too!
When you've made an intro, you'll be granted access!

We have
- Kin Channels
- Roleplay Channels
- Fun bots! (14 and counting)
- And more!
♕ Welcome to the Kingdom of Kins! ♕
♕ Created June 25th 2020 ♕
✰ As of writing this, we are a very small server that are looking for kinnies to join up and hang out with!
✰ Our ultimate goal is to make our kinnie members feel valued and welcomed into our cozy community! We don't want anyone to feel left out, we're here to share the good vibes with everyone!
✰ We are system friendly and double friendly, and we accept all kintypes except factkin.
✰ We have a blacklist and whitelist that you can request to add to.
✰ We have pride, cursed emoji, and worm on a string emotes!
✰ We are a 14 - 24 year old server, so if you're 13 or under, or 25 and over, unfortunately you'll have to skip this server!
✰ Does this sound good to you? Then come and join, the 2 owners are excited to chat and welcome you with open arms!
🥞 Hi welcome to denny's, Kinnie crib is a general vibing kin server so all types of kinnies are welcome! no specific source required, we're also double and system friendly, come join us and chill w the good vibes. Hope to see you there :o) 🥞

✓ Tupperbox and pluralkit
✓ Channels for practically all your needs
✓ Sexy bot selection
✓ Problematic friendly, yes that includes you cursed kinnies we don't descriminate

☓ No factkinnies that's literally just identity theft sis
☓ No one over 18 and no one under 13 as this violates the discord tos
☓ Don't waste our time if you're just joining to cause problems
A Dungeons and Dragons 5e for deltaswap but pokemon style. We're following the Deltaswap Kris/Ralsei swap lore as well as trainertale. We have our main party of 1 Lightner and 3 Darkners on the BLUE TEAM, the 8 Lightners are gym leaders on the RED TEAM and the NPCs are the other darkners the main party fights on the RED TEAM. This server is open to all for NPCs.

The dark realm is chock full of Pokémon! The region is Sinnoh but the Pokémon monsters are randomized. Player characters are the main party of Deltaswap, of the beasts of 5e are the different monster types. The Pokémon are the monsters we fight our party with, we can choose to catch one and add it to our team of 3 with PMDdiscord.
Hello! This is a safe space for all fictionkin to interact! We just talk, and have fun here, but suggestions to improve the quality are always welcome! This server is run primarily by @Kinnietingzz on Instagram. It's also noteworthy to add that double-related issues must be solved respectfully or simply not mentioned in an offensive way. As well as this, if you consider yourself a spiritual kinnie, please make sure to consider the fact that a lot of people may use 'kin' in a more loose term. Nonetheless, the staff hope you join, so we can all have a great time together! The more, the merrier, as always!
A server targeted for mad scientists! It is for people who are interested in science culture and also fictives and kins of people who are mad scientists or anyone who simply enjoys learning. We offer -
- Various discussion channels to talk about various studies
- A system category + pluralkit
- A kin category
- Fun bots like Miku and Mudae
- Trigger and vent channels that are self assignable
We hope you enjoy your time!
Hello traveller!! Welcome to The Ty Bach!

The Ty Bach is a fun, friendly but small kinnie server! We have things such as. . .
▪Sheep to choose the colour you display as!
▪Kinnie, system and gaming channels!
▪A curated blacklist and whitelist!
▪Friendly staff!

Please do keep in mind that this server is for 14+ and 25-, no endogenic systems or factkins please <:3
welcome to the kin house party! —

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ we're a doubles friendly kin server in hopes of growing giant and hosting all kin-types alike. hope you join and stay a while. you gotta be 13-25 and no factkin! if you're a system/mogai you're fully welcome too! we offer:

- lots of organized channels
- a blacklist for general triggering topics
- plenty of custom roles and custom colors
- game nights!
- canon calls, kin rants, memory discussion, e.t.c
- partnerships
- tons of bots
- a system section
- and more!
We are a new JoJo's Bizarre Adventure kin server open to all!
- Channels for talking, venting, music and gaming.
- Double friendly.
- TW and blacklist channels to keep everyone safe
- Preferably ages 13 - 20 !
- We also have raid protection. Better luck next time luv ✨✨

Welcome to Danganronpa’s Turn To Die!

We are a mainly YTTD/Danganronpa based server! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t join with other interests!

We currently have a DanganMinecraft RP going on and another Discord RP getting started!

We listen to requests and suggestions! We try to take everything into account!

We try to be very fun and welcoming toward everybody! The server is made up of a lot of really kind people!

We hope you join us!!!
Welcome to the problematic zone !!! ☆(ゝω●)

→ This is a server dedicated to those who are often rejected from other kincords because of their deemed "problematic" interests or opinions. We're openly pro-ship and strive to create a kind community for pro-shippers !! ^_^

🏩 ꒱ Tupperbox for kin / roleplay and PluralKit for systems !
🍡 ꒱ Other fun bots like NotSoBot, Mudae and Sheep for colors 🌈
🌸 ꒱ Dedicated channels for discussion of shipping, kins, discourse, interests, and more !
🍥 ꒱ Warm, cozy & accepting members ♡
🌷 ꒱ This server does not accept those who are heavily truscum, right wing, or under 17 for safety of members!
welcome! we are a kinnie server, open to any and all kintypes! (excluding factkin. if youre found out to be kin with a real person, youll be banned right away)
here, we offer a variety of things for you to engage yourself in! such as...
· very active, kind members!
· lots of self-assignable roles to gain access/pings for certain activities
· channels and categories of all kinds
· fun bots, and channels to mess around with them in
· system channels and roles for anyone who needs them
· suggestion channels, incase anyone wants anything in the server altered!
· and more!
we hope you have a gr8 time here, and have an amazing day!!
Hello! We run Another Kinnity, a 13+ server for Kin, Fictives, Therians, Synpaths, Coping Links, and more! We have a very active understanding staff team, pluralkit and tupperbox, contests and events, non-english chats, mem jams, and more!
🗺️ Welcome to The Kinnie Resort Towers, your one-stop destination for all things kin-related!
About The Towers:
We are a doubles-friendly server that is kin-friendly, as well as fictional introject-friendly!
Our goal is to invite as many kinnies in as we can to make a great resort for kins, introjects, & their canonmates!
We do not allow endogenic & tulpa systems! (We have systems that would feel uncomfortable with their presence! Apologies!)
We have the following resort towers and locations:
- Metro Station (Introductions and important information)
- Hotel Tower (General chats and talk for everyone)
- Media Tower (Art and gaming and media in general)
- Memory Lane (For talking about memories)
- Kinnie Tower (All kinnie-related things)
- System Tower (All system-related things)
- Cell Tower (All voice channel things for your voice channel needs!)
We also have:
- A (reasonable) blacklist
- A color bot (Sheep) for color roles
- PluralKit, SystemTime, and Tupperbox
- A lot of fun bots (Mudae, Dank Memer, ToddBot, Gambling Bot, etc.!)
This system is largely a work in progress, but we hope you consider coming to our resort towers! 🌴