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Zack's Kingdom is a server for adults who are kin and/or plural. However anyone is welcomed as long as you are or above the age of 18. Enjoy a growing community that is safe and kink-friendly!
Hello, hello! 🌼
It's great to have you here! Well, what are we intended to be now?
We're a server for therianthropes. Nothing more and nothing less. Please only join when you're a therian. We don't want to seem like exclusionists or elitists etc. We simply want a place that's filled with like-minded ones only. With a small range of differences to focus more on the journey and the bonds between the members. We're just here to form friendships that are a little bit more alike.
So, what do we offer you as a therian?

ღ. Self-assignable roles with a simple reaction system.
• Roleplay sections for those who like to sink into their small fantasy worlds by times.
ღ. Monthly held events, run by staff and members.
• MBTI, Hogwarts House, hobby roles and therianthropy roles.
ღ. Education, love, a close-knit community and a whole lot of fun.
• A rather calm chat, not overly active. Something comfy.
ღ. An organized server with experienced staff.
• Much, much more!

So, if you should like to join, don't hesitate to do so! We're awaiting you. :D
◝ ♡ yes ! this is a server open to all kinds of people !
if you'd like a safe space - or even a nice space to relax ,
and talk to others , well then .. welcome !

my server includes ;
- pretty exterior + interior !
- all kinds of people !
- lgbtq+ friendly roles !
- an active cast !
- voice chats , media ,
and haydens logic !
Hello! The therian cottage is a new hangout server just for therians, phytanthropes, and theriomythics! With this server we hope to help provide a therian-only space to those who may be seeking a hangout server that doesn’t put sapient and animalistic kin in the same spaces, as there are many of those to be found all across the Internet. The cottage is specifically dedicated to providing a friendly, casual place where therians can enjoy and share life as therians with one another without pressure to prove their beliefs or engage in heavy discourse - just hang out, make some friends, and have fun! We are brand new, but are also working on coming up with ideas for fun monthly activities and the like to help bring the server together.

We are:

☙ Protected by a verification channel hidden to accepted members - never see raid spam

☙ Plural-friendly, welcoming to systems of all kinds, and run by a mixed system

☙ Open to members ages 13 and up, as well as to polytherians, phytanthropes, and theriomythics - including those who identify specifically as fictional animals

☙ Positive and heavy vent-free, providing feel-good channels for when you feel down rather than having a channel full of negative thoughts and feelings

☙ Fandom-friendly and not anti-fictionkin - wanting to provide a place for therians to gather privately does not mean we have a stance against those who are not

☙ Dedicated to building a small and cozy community, limited to 50 members max with only 17 community text channels and 3 community voice channels

☙ Discourse and grill-free! This server is specifically geared towards casual and friendly mingling and providing a respite from the broader therian community’s seriousness; you should never have to worry about a stranger challenging your identity here

Please consider joining if this sounds like a place you would enjoy! We are always ready to welcome you. ☘
This is a server made for therianthropy specifically but otherkin are welcome, factkin are not, and fictionkin are welcome but this is still a server for *animals* mainly.
-LGBT friendly
-Ran by a truscum
-14+ to join
-I will try my best to keep this a laid back server!
Hello and welcome to the server! This is a 'kin and plurality server themed around problematic 'kins and systems. However everyone is welcomed to join, both kin, plural and non-kin! :D

This is also a mature server, so there may be seemingly mature themed discussions across the general channels. However anything explicitly NSFW only should only be located in its designated areas. These are blocked off from public view and require roles that will be manually given to those 18+ of age.

Before you can access these roles and any of the provided channels, you must first introduce yourself in #📖introductions to be manually given the confirmed member role.
This is a discord server for discussion of animals, animal spirituality, totems, therianthropy (both psychological and spiritual), daemons, and animal-hearted individuals. All 13 years of age and older are welcome!
Seeking a place to advertise your otherkin or plurality Discord server? Well look no further! At the Kin & Plural Hub, you will not only be able to showcase your server but find new ones as well! We are endogenic and double friendly! Converse with fellow members in our lounge area, grab some roles and get to bumping up your server's member count! Please be sure to follow the rules and don't be afraid to ask questions!