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"nsfw is optional and you never need to even see the chats or be bothered by them 18+ required, primarly furrys and broines"
The server is a fun and wonderful place to spend your time full of mostly bronies but any fandom is welcome, from furies to gamers and even movie junkies. Votes are held for management so the representation in the rules is entirely up to the people, we discontinued events recently but we are starting them up again soon including a game night and potentially a group YouTube watching session, along with several bots to make your experience much better and staff willing to accommodate your needs.

Wanna discuss about Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer? Come, join us. A really cool Glimmy and Trixie Server with much Fun and more. Of course not only about that, feel free to join and discuss about other topics.
Manechat is a MLP server for everyone. Started in 2015, it is one of the biggest and most active servers in the community. It fosters a friendly, SFW, and conversation focused environment where people talk about everything related to the show and more, like sharing their art, games, science and technology, and other media. No matter the time of day you will find someone to talk to.

Are you looking for a server with a friendly community,NSFW content,and roleplay? Come into the crystal palace. You'll make friends,show off your hobbies and enjoy yourself in our palace~ 16+
Do you wish you could meet the ponies from Friendship is Magic? Do you wish you could have a life in Equestria? Do you just need a fun and fantastical escape from a dull and closed-off life on Earth?

Look no further than Friendship is Magic: The Journey Continues!
A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Roleplay Center, dedicated to creating an immersive roleplay experience that will make you truly feel as though you are a part of Equestria!

🔸Several Equestrian locations for you to start your adventure, with each one being sub-divided into specific places such as stores or important sites (along with one general channel incorporating the entire location).

🔸A section for out-of-character chat, where you can simply talk to fellow community members, or discuss points regarding your roleplays.

🔸A role system based on species and pony races, with simple switching, courtesy of a custom bot.

🔸Ability to apply to roleplay as an official character from the show!

So hope in, have fun, and enjoy the adventures that await!
A server for Bronies to hang out. Come join us for a fun and engaging community with over 1000 members!
Here we have a server for all. We have memes, ponies, and games. Make some friends
Some swearing might happen.
Now with giveaways
this is a server that me and a few frends that I know in real life, made. it's a work in progress, but should be a fun place to hang around for those wanting to interact with others! feel free to share artwork, music, or simply life stories!
2k member Brony/My little pony chill Community Server open to people of all Kinds. Currently Includes Chat,roleplay,art and Image rooms, Video game chats, Artists, Twilight sparkle bot and lots of cute pones and pone emojis.
My Little Pony: Nyxian Eclipse is a roleplaying server that follows the question of what if Princess Luna imprisoned Celestia instead? Join us and find out! LGBTQ friendly!
NSFW my little pony/ furry ERP and Lewd server. relaxed rules and a bunch of NSFW content and Roleplay etc

Clop & Yiff
Welcome to Gummyland! This server is a community of both general bronies and people who want to make friends.
We are a friendly community:
We are sfw and we enjoy people who want to join and make friends with other people.
Even if you are not a brony, you are welcome to join this server.
Here is what we have:

• We offer Custom Made roles
• A very friendly staff
• Meeting new friends
• RP chat
• Any of your suggestions will also be noted to make this server better
Come join our new clop community! We are a loving and not judgemental community that love clop and mlp porn. Come and clop to your hearts desire!
Love Ponies? Love RPing? Do you love freaking cupcakes with frosting? Well...we have that but we also have muffins! If you like those things, then come join My Little Pony: Dawn of Harmony RP!

We offer all the things a pony lover could enjoy:

🌟 A warm and friendly community of fellow bronies and pegasisters and MLP RPers

🌟 A welcoming group of staff, don't be afraid to talk to us about certain things you need to know

🌟 Be able to RP in the magical land of Equestria through several set up RP categories depicting different locales such as Ponyville all the way to the Crystal Empire

🌟 RP with Canons and OCs and be able to be apart of fun stories and events

Fillies and Gentlecolts, you don't wanna miss such an epic server, come join the herd, you won't regret it and remember Friendship is Magic

A new & welcoming My Little Pony SFW roleplay server. We offer:
• Custom private rooms - you moderate your own room!
• Chat channels
• Great staff
• An owner who listens to suggestions and runs the server well.
Harmony Kingdom is a community fandom server that encourage a friendly and safe environment for all our member*. We are a new community which focus on MLP, tv shows and gaming. We welcome members from **all fandoms** to join us! Everyone is valuable and means alot to us!
What's this? Another pony server? When will those sweaty neckbeards grow out of it?

Hi, this is my pony server. Here you can find all sorts of pone. Little pone, big pone, cute pone, magic pone, fluffy pone, all da' pone.

And if that doesn't convince you, I dont what will :3
Just starting out, looking for friends or anyone who wants to join the bumping night club in all of ponyville, all are welcomed, anything goes.
This is an 18+ sever for you to meet new people, share artwork and music, roleplay, or just simply share life stories with one another!! remember! there's no such thing as too many friends!
We are a central hub for Bronies across the Midwest area of the United States, though we aren't exclusive!
We are glad to have you here. Come and join the fun in here
Come join our mlp clop server! You are free to post all the clop you want in appropriate nsfw rooms, as well as sfw rooms for all the cute art you want.