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Community 53
A great community with an awesome cat theme.

We have:

- Multiple roles that you can level up through.
- Special cat emojis created just for this server.
- Our very own custom bot, CatBot!
- Multiple other bots for you to play around with.
- A friendly community.
- Partnerships for other servers.
- Events/Giveaways.
- Plenty more to come.
38 minutes ago
Community 25
We are a small server made for fun. We re active even if we are almost no people so far. We ll welcome you with open arms!
1 hours ago
Community 73
We are a rapidly growing community server with welcoming members and fun bots! (We are currently looking for staff)
Join if you’d like to bond with the community over our love for dogs, food and games!
2 hours ago
A place where you can be lewd or just make friends.
3 hours ago
Community 568
Discord Emoji is the server for a bot of the same name, and a great way to get cool emojis and chat with people!
4 hours ago
Community 96
Geola, "The Final Piece of Your Server's Puzzle"
Geola is a brand new, advanced and multipurpose Discord bot with extreme customization options.

Key Features:
> Extremely Configurable + VERY Interactive
> Enable/Disable Any Commands
> Custom Prefix
> Moderation Commands (Prune, Kick, Ban, Force Ban)
> XP/Rewards System
> Advanced Custom Reactions
> Lightning-Fast Cooldowns
> Amazing Support Staff
> Detailed Wiki
> And so much more!

>> Invite Geola:
>> Geola's Hub (Support Server):
>> Geola's Website: (Depending on when you are reading this, the website might still be WIP :P)**
6 hours ago
❤ Games, Anime, Manga, Fun ❤ Our server is filled with overloaded Intense Gamers around the globe, come and join the community! Don't worry, we ate chickens, not humans.
11 hours ago
►What is this server about? Just a chill server for friends to hang out in and watch rabbit and do other things together like a Hunger Games Simulator, watching movies, and other fun things.
►This is not a roleplay server it's a server that is themed for entertainment purposes only. The theme will change every few months.
12 hours ago
Community 303
Join us at The Cove! This is a place for anyone to come in, chill, and play some games. We've got exciting events like karaoke or gaming parties right around the corner for anyone to join! Our server has a group of fabulous staff that are always around to help out whenever you need it. We have built a community of well-rounded individuals, and we would love for you to be a part of it! Our aim is to bring the best out in everyone and create a server that gives everyone a place that they can come to just relax and maybe even make some new friends! Come on!

We are a community of well rounded individuals. Our aim is to bring the best out of everybody and be the catalyst to your future success.
13 hours ago
Community 11
Foxy hangout server is a server for everybody to just hangout and chill. We have custom roles and there is respective category's so there is no drama for like furries and the people that want nsfw.
14 hours ago
Community 27
Demons' lair is a community-bots server with lots of ranking bots,game bots and lot of fun!
Demons' lair features are:
✓A server theme: Hell
✓Ranking bots: Miki,Yui,Geola,Mee6 and Tatsumaki
✓Game bots: Discordrpg,Casinobot,Akinator, Unbelievaboat and Snailracing
✓Staff roles: Devil,Minion,Strong Minion,Titan,Guardian,Cerberus and Satana
✓Spam channel
✓Counting channel
✓Truth or dare channel
✓Music bot: Rythm
✓Roles which can be unlocked at certain levels at mee6: Trained Demon,Alpha Demon and Supreme Demon(Supreme Demon will give you the chance to become staff member)
✓Cool emojis
✓An update channel to see what we added to the server
✓An events channel to get free things.
✓A suggestion channel to suggest what would you like to be added.
Join now and you will never regret:
1 days ago
If you're looking for some friends, memes, and just a chill place to hang out in with none of the drama, this is the place for you!
- Interesting Chats
- Good Concept
- Our Channels Are a Meme
1 days ago
All Games 43
Welcome to Gaming Lounge Discord Server
This server offers many different services such as: Rocketleague,PUBG,Fortnite,Overwatch,Destiny2,
Warframe,Minecraft,BF1 and Rainbow Six and so much more games coming
We also have a great community in which there are many people on all the gaming platforms
with which you can play with.
2 days ago
All Games 73
Galactic Gaming is a fun place to talk about memes and video games. You can befriend other gamers to chat and play with! we are quite a friendly community and welcome all players! Our staff will keep naughty people out and make sure the server if a safe and fun place for you. we do many giveaways and events!
2 days ago
Discord Stories is the first Discord server where you can write and read custom stories written by members.
2 days ago
We're one of the Anime RP discord servers feel free to join our server and for you Tokyo Ghoul fan you will love it.Please, when you join don't leave just stay and there might be more people joining.(Thank you for reading)
4 days ago
TIoD is a Warhammer server for scalies, dragonkin, and general dragon lovers. All people with a passion for dragons are meant for this place! We have a lot of shitposting, dragon porn, purgation of the enemies of Dragonkind, and our staff are highly laid-back! We hope to see you soon, brother!
4 days ago
This is a Naruto RP is a place where you RP, Fight we have a friendly Admin(Not yet coming soon).You can get tail beast or be a popular clan in Naruto.We love each other, owner cares about everyone also staff if an admin is mean to you DM me.We are trying to grow and you can help us by joining our discord server.
4 days ago
Community 11
Welcome to my community server of randomness! owo
4 days ago
To make friends have a good time and play games together :D and win minecraft accounts!!!
5 days ago
Community 36
Welcome to Family goals.
This server is for our gay ass family invite whoever the fuck you want. Welcome to our gay server, try not be an asshole. Thanks.
7 days ago
Community 33
Sakura is a semi-free fun server, where you can hang out, meet new people, relax, post art, memes, listen to some music and roleplay
7 days ago
Community 61
Warp into Xyberspace if you're looking for some fun! We are a general social server with an out of this world theme! Join in on answering our questions of the day, set-up games, watch films & TV shows with our awesome super friendly members.
8 days ago