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Do you ever just wanna 'Lax and chat after a long day? Then this is the place to be! Simple rules, simple channels, and lots of fun!
just now
welcome to this wonderful little chat that we have created. have fun here, rp as much as ya like, take a load off from that stressful life and relax. take to new people form around the globe. thought the main thing is rping (roleplaying) you can do it as much as ya like in the channels provided ever growing channels that we put together. you can make as many bois as ya like just don't go crazy and spam them. enjoy rping here everyone. sincerely- the owners Lachlan, griff and star.
1 minutes ago
Dirty talk, over 10k members with lots of events, active VCs, fun, gaming, females, nudes, anime, ecchi, hentai, lust, porn, politics and more! You can also date and hookup with THAT one person ;)
5 minutes ago
Hey! This is Y.A.O.I! It’s a server where you can do a range of things, this includes:
• making friends!
• Bots
And a lot more!!!
8 minutes ago
⭐۞♔**__Welcome to the Thousand Sunny__**♔۞⭐

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧Join the family because all your wounds, pains, depression, and boredom will be healed; we have the 💊medicine for it here!🏥 Our server isn't just ''another server'', it's 🏠**home**🏠 for all who need a place to belong. Our goal is to provide a place where you can interact and meet new people who share common interests.💕You'll enjoy your time! Feel free to join my brothers and sisters.💑💞

**👉Many Friends👈** A growing community which no matter the size you will get noticed quickly and make a lot of friends!

__⭐What do we have here?⭐__
(These are just a FRACTION of the things we offer!)

🕞Friendly and responsive staff who are always online🕞
🎊Giveaways (oh yeah we got that)🎊
💪Fighting(arguing) for fun💪
🔥Lots of talking, 24/7 active chat🔥
🍿Movie night🍿
🎎Anime and manga club🎎
💑Updates of the k-pop and k-drama world ( biggest fans here )🌐💑
🤖Many fun bots!!!🤖
🎲Games(pokemon & !work most popular to all), Karaoke and Various Events🎲
...And much more! ❤😉

DM our Partner Managers or any of the other staff members online for partnership we are happy to have you with us. 😉

Thank you for joining us, we hope you'll enjoy your time on our server!💕
9 minutes ago
Hey! Welcome to Sword Art Online!

We are a growing Sword Art Online roleplay community, featuring Sword Art Online, Alfheim online, Gun Gale Online, and we even have Ordinal Scale!!! We will start Boss raids,
complete epic quests or compete at the Bullet of Bullets tournament as epic events!

See you there!

Link start!
11 minutes ago
Cough Drops is a community server for everyone to be able to meet new people and make some friends! We have some amazing members and a lovely android team to keep you entertained. Join cough drops and get some cooldown from your daily life by having a chill time here (: We hope to create a social and friendly environment for everyone ^^ Have a cough drop and join, anyone can (":

Active voice channel ((:

We offer vent channels, movie night channels, and music channels -- along with general community server channels used to share interests or just talk ^^
TLDR; New server, don't know what'll happen, pop in and make friends ? (^:
16 minutes ago
Welcome to the MemeManForums!! This is a big ol' server with plenty of things to do!!
17 minutes ago
Hello and welcome to the StreamTeam Server! Originally a server for VrChat Live streamers but eventually we soon found out it was something more than that. Don't be shy and come join us to be a part of our friendly community. You can find people with similar interests. Our moderators are here to help and to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.
21 minutes ago
Welcome to Gotta Catch 'Em ALL!
We are a relatively new pokemon server looking for more Pokemon fans to join. We offer Gyms, Badges, Pokemon League and more! There will be lots of battles, tournaments and giveaways with great prizes to be won. And of course lots of Pokemon! Join today and become the greatest Pokemon Master ever!
30 minutes ago
Welcome to the Sovereign Kingdom of Glittertopia. This is a fun, SFW community server that is inclusive and open for anyone to join! This is a safe space to vent, shit post and get nerdy with a close-knit community. Play with bots, share some music and participate in up-coming events. We are open for partnerships and advertising. Hope to see you soon, K Love you! ❤️❤️
30 minutes ago
hey, this is a brand new server with fun members, we're very community driven and would like to do things such as play games (mostly league of legends) or watch movies together. anyone is welcome!
34 minutes ago
Greetings and Salutations Today I, the owner of a recently newly formed discord server would like to share with you The lab.
1) At the lab members can kick back n chill with our laid back atmosphere.
2) Our rules are there to enforce peace and order and our small number of staff reinforce them. 3) Since we are new, we are always on the lookout for new recruits whom could if devoted become staff here.
4) We are open for many partnership opportunities not too miss.
5) Our role scheme is based on activity, so the more active you are the higher u climb!
35 minutes ago
A brand New Discord server for those who want to simply have a chat and make some friends.

We offer the following
-Many fun bots
-Kind and friendly people
-Self-assignable roles
-Many different channels
-Question Of The Day
-Many different emojis
-And so much more to come!
37 minutes ago
We're a very uniqe professional multi-purpose new and upcoming Public Community Server which focues mainly on the fun & socialized community-aspect. In this server you'll find people with similar interests in things such as, gaming, anime, music, communication, chilling, venting and much more.

♔ Established June 18th 2018
♔ Partnerships Available
♔ Friendly & Respectfull
♔ Staff Online 24/7
♔ Community & Fun [based]
♔ Self-Assignable Roles {50+}
♔ Self-Assignable Colors {20+}
♔ Level-up System
♔ Anime & Hentai
♔ Fun & Moderation Bots
♔ Custom Emojis & Anime Characters
♔ [Category] Main Channels
♔ [Category] Fun Channels
♔ [Category] Game Channels
♔ [Category] Voice Channels
38 minutes ago
Just a bunch of dorks looking for more dorks to chill with us.
41 minutes ago
Welcome to **Thunder Advertising**
Here you can:

**Advertise your servers**
**Meet new people**
**Inviting Rewards**

Everyone is welcome. Feel free to invite your friends.

**Server Link**:
42 minutes ago
Hi this is a new server
Created on August 18th
What I have to offer
Plenty of roles
Job as admin or mod
Good plot line
None of the b.s that is in the bigger servers where your lost and no one helps
Friendly owner and co owner
Over 30 roleplay channels from Gotham to Central city even up in the watch tower.

We are a oc server only as it opens up creativity..
Come be the ultimate villain or one of the strong heroes
45 minutes ago
Just another discord server... or is it. Help make this server into a large community
46 minutes ago
World of Politics is a community of people interested in politics, current events, history and philosophy. While we may discuss many things, our foremost goal is to promote quality political discourse for people of all ideologies around the world.
49 minutes ago
50 minutes ago
OOF Time is a positive area filled with friendly, active people who simply chill and have fun. We have a custom bot, who has Level Up, Credits, Gambling and many other special commands. Our members run the show, if theres an abusive mod, the users can impeach them. Use credits earned from gambling to purchase from a variety of unique roles! We also run weekly events, trivia, and have a gaming club that party up and play together.
55 minutes ago
With over 10 fun bots to play with, unique channels like #storytime and #fun-facts, and a mee6 level role every 5 levels, Rob's Hangout guarantees you'll never get bored.
55 minutes ago
Beasty Community ist ein ein neuer Discordserver, in dem ihr neue Leute kennen lernen könnt, mit anderen spielen könnt und viel Spaß haben könnt. Dieser Server besteht aus einem netten und kompetenten Team, die euch bei Fragen oder Problemen sehr gerne helfen. Außerdem wird der Server auch vom Rainbow Six Siege Clan MEK Sports benutzt. Wir freuen uns auf dich! 😊
57 minutes ago