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Welcome gaymers to your epic gaymer experience for shitposting and memes and meeting new people

ps. yall cucks better join >:(
plz and thank you <3
Join this anime fan based server! It’s well built and has great features such as self assignable roles, prizes for leveling up, & even events!
We have plenty to offer like occasional giveaways and several channels for discussing anime, including channels where you can play all sorts of different games with others!
We also offer you a great amount of people to talk to and a dedicated staff team.
We're open for partnerships so feel free to partner with us.
Join our fun discord server dedicated to ASMRtist JesterBells
We are a Borderlands themed Server and we present you the small chill out for all the fans -

You can also join if you have other games as interest, we accept everyone and everthing !

Join us and make friends, find new gaming partners or just fuck around with people who have the same interest !
Come and talk in the server Funny Kingdom! This is a server for people who are bored and just want to talk. In Funny Kingdom there are fun games to play and nice people to talk with! Join and have fun.
National Memographic to ostoja stworzona dla wszystkich memiarzy. Serwer istnieje od 16 Kwietnia 2018r. Naszym celem jest sprawić u ludzi uśmiech i zachęcić do dzielenia się nim z nami
Was gibt es eigentlich auf dem "Hamudi Army" Server? *

☕Sprachchannels wo du dich mit anderen Usern Unterhalten kannst.
☕Tipico-System wo man Tipico wie im echten Leben spielen Kann, Natürlich Spielgeld womit man sich auch Tipico-Rollen kaufen kann.
☕Viele Bots die dir wenn du Hilfe brauchst auch Helfen können.
☕Sehr viele Rollen die man sich auch Verdienen kann.
☕Viele Verlosungen mit Accounts, Tipico-Money usw.
☕Ein Hauptchat und ein Bilderchat wo man zusammen Kommunizieren kann.
☕Nette User und auch natürlich Nette Teammitglieder.

Euer Hamudi Army Team <3
Archers Craft is a growing community where everyone is welcome! We’re a mature, close community where you’ll be able to socialize in-game and in our discord server! Youll be able to make new friends, and form close bonds with others! We have an expansive list of features, which include:
- Land claiming
- Custom shops and enchants!
- Crates
- Parkour

And much, much more then we can list! Come have a look and see for yourself!
Small, chill and non-toxic community. We are small but we look to expand and become a massive server people can go to talk to people and possibly even meet new friends!
Hello my fellow peachy plums!
✧・゚: *✧・゚: * ✧・゚: * Peaches Tree * :・゚✧ * :・゚✧*:・゚✧
We are a chill and fairly active RP server with lots of different plot lines you can join on! We have multiple RPs going on at the same time and you can request your own RP plots too~

It's essentially an anime server even if you aren't an RPer come and join us! We like spending all day on general talking about random stuff or sharing art and memes.

If you think that's suitable for you, we also have:

❧ Friendly and chill staffs
❧ Assignable Colored Roles & Leveled Roles
❧ Custom peach emotes made by the owner
❧ No drama but a role-locked vent channel
❧ Inrp ship roles
❧ Lots of good artists
❧ An art piece (cg) made from your role play scene!

Friendly server for everyone! Come come, we're waiting :heart:
This is a server for lewds, fun, role playing, please join and share it with your friends =)
Yo, tu es en manque de serveurs discord cools et sympathiques ? Tu cherches un endroit où te faire des amis ? Un endroit où tu pourrais te sentir à l'aise ? Alors laisse moi te faire la présentation de mon serveur qui te conviendra à coup sûr !!

Mon serveur Caltonia est un serveur créé il y a peu, c'est un serveur détente, n'ayant pas vraiment de but précis. Juste tu pourras y retrouver : entraide, délire et j'en passe, tu y feras même connaissance avec pleins de personnes :p. Nous sommes à l'écoute de tous nos membres et nous sommes ouverts à toutes les critiques constructives. Peu importe ton ancienneté chez discord, tu y trouveras tes marques !! Nous somme ouverts à toutes et à tous (*^▽^*)
⭐️⭐️Hey? Whats this? A server... For EVERYTHING? Whoaaa!!!!!⭐️⭐️

🐉Welcome to Obsidian’s Lair!🐉
This is the server for EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING! Join us in Obsidians lair and talk about *anything* you want. Users are active, accepting, and kind, and this is one of the safest spaces on Discord- No raids, active friendly mods, no NSFW, and most of all- humor!




🌙Flight Rising🐉



🌙Demon Hunting😈

🌙Mod shennanigans👁👄👁

🌙 *femur breaking noises*👀

🌙Inside jokes😝

🌙 Bots (Over 7 of them O.O)👾


🌙Cursed Images😬

🌙Turcorn Cults🌽🐢🌽


Come join,make loads of friends talk about anime, music, movies what ever u name it! ( ╹▽╹ )
~🌟💔 *This is a WIP aka Work in Progress server!* 💔🌟~
The server contains socializing, non-bulling, and mostly fun! We have everything to make it like a server is, the owner is a small ROBLOX developer also is a youtuber so please support him and seeing him grow! When you join this maleficent server, must read the rules until you chat in our #main-chat and so much more!
🎊welcome to the server🎊
this server for the artist or reading or lover manga and anime or💻gamers💻

😊I hope you guys to enjoy have fun 😊

Hey there you cute goofy goober's (or as we say in germany: taube nüsschen) in front of your monitors :3
As of now we're still a small group of people who are interested in almost everything, aside from that we're interested in meeting new people.
The server is about everything you want, games, anime, memes so on...
We'd love to get to know some of you and maybe we can play some games like CAH or in the evening.
We're kissing your eyes
The Admins c:

Hey ihr süßen tauben Nüsschen da vor den Monitoren :3
Wir sind eine bisher noch kleine Gruppe an Leuten die sich für alles mögliche interessiert, wir sind außerdem daran interessiert andere und neue Menschen kennenzulernen.
Der Server dreht sich um alles was ihr wollt, Games, Anime, Memes und und und...
Wir würden uns freuen euch kennenzulernen und vielleicht können wir auch mal einen Abend CAH und spielen. <3
Wir küssen eure Augen
die Admins c:

Welcome to Kryptified Network:tm:, just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever.
They wanted to give us a warm welcome and to make sure we found something.
We are currently still growing with a reason to use entire server and have fun with each other.
We are a really nice server with people all over the world.
Don't hesitate to speak with us and we want to know exactly how to answer questions exactly how you need to. We aim for comfortable and safe environment. Share your passion for every place and interact with other people. We find here a friend and inspiration. We are always here to help each other. :)
We have all kinds of fun and mature people, after many giveaways, rewards for being active in the chat, entertainment bots, a large variety behind channels and much more! Come take a look, I'm sure that you won't regret it!
Note: Last server got raided and nuked where it was done five times :/
I had restart over for to trying grow it right now.
It was over 4k members. :(
Now we're looking for a partnership manager.
DM Owner if you are interested in!

YukoLand is currently a small server but we're hoping to grow.

What you can find there:
×We have fun and active members.
×Friendly owner and admins.
×Level and game bots.
×Fun bots.
×Channels for various topics so you can have conversations of all kinds.
×A few Roles to choose from.
×NSFW channels.

Come join us!
We're a group of otakus with a wide variety of interests! We have channels for all your needs: including music, anime, gaming, venting, politics, and more. We have voice calls and fun events pretty regularly. We're not just about Japanese media and music, we also enjoy western too, and we have a section for advertising your music, art, collections, selfies. Come join the fun! ❤
A little server where we just love and appreciate each other but also have a lot of fun by telling each other embarrassing stories and shit well just join and you'll see what kind of server we are
Someone save me, she's crazy
she locked me inside the basement i need help
In the South East Commonwealth, bombs were dropped, creating a nuclear wasteland. This Fallout themed roleplay server is OC only, and takes place in Georgia. Come have fun with friendly staff and great roleplays!