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Join here cause why not. Like talking shit and screwing around? Then just fucking join all we do is talk you can just fuck around with the bots you can talk shit to other people but not too much and only in a somewhat friendly way or else your ass gets kicked. We have a certain set of rules so check them out and don’t be a little bitch. You might not know anyone here but that doesn’t mean we wont help you if you need it and a couple of us aren’t afraid to be honest so get your ass down here and join and have fun. Join our fuckin neighbourhood bab!
Welcome to Texas Roudhouse! We are a multi-topic server where you can post memes, share art, or just hang out.
Basically just a shitpost server, come join and make some friends, or get bullied, your choice.
**Hello, and welcome to Spacing Out ✨**

You've found the perfect place to meet new people, hang out with friends, and space out.

This server offers something for everybody, whether you are a pokemaster, a gamer, a jokester, an artist, or a snack. 😉
We have gaming channels available for avid gamers (voice channels available too); NSFW channels to flaunt your stuff (verification needed); dank memer, tatsumaki, pokecord, and idle rpg bots to have fun on; and smalltalk voice channels to chat with your friends!

As well, being more active on the server means that you will unlock achievements and hidden roles, as well as let you earn some credits on this server through our in-house economy system!

Enjoy your stay and let us know about your suggestions to make it an even better place!
Hello there!
Welcome to this server. This is basically an Undertale style roleplay server, except in a seperate timeline than that of the original game.

See, in this server the canon monsters all have died due to being underground for such a long time. So eventually other monsters have taken the places. Having a Dragonkin become king, and other monsters become the royal staff. Most of the places are abandoned, rundown, or whatever else.

Nonetheless, feel free to join this server. It's still fairly new and such, but we're trying to get it started up so feel free to join and make a character to rp with ^^.
Come on in and Relax

We are a very chill server and love to hang out and chat, come join us and have fun

See you soon!
Hallo :3

Das hier ist ein dc server für alle Künstler unter euch hier könnt ihr
-eure Zeitgleichung Bewerten lassen
-um Rat / Tipps fragen
-eure Künste verkaufen für Auftrags arbeiten
-und euch auch einfach etwas lob abholen
-oder einfach über Zeichnungen reden/schreibe
Are you interested in Town of Salem/Forum Mafia/Werewolf-like games! Come join us! Our games are bot hosted and the developer is here!
We’re a friendly, small group of people mainly focused on music looking to grow and meet new people. Here are some aspects of our server as of now:

• We’re taking suggestions from anyone.
• Being a musician or playing an instrument is not a requirement.
• A concrete set of rules which members must follow.
• LBGTQ friendly.
• A Practice Room voice channel. ;3;
• Roles for each instrument the member plays, music genre they like / play, and a few more.
• A bot to play music.
Southern Siege:

We are a server that focuses on bring siege players new and old together to play and have fun.
Why should you join?

🔷We support newcomers and will allow them to play with veterans to improve
🔷We have all the channels you need and no clutter
🔷We like memes
🔷We have a growing friendly community
🔷Monthly 2v2, 3v3, and other tournaments which will have the winners rewarded with ranks on the server that last until the next tournament. Fight for that rank

Come swing by and say hi!!
A server where you can meet other people and just talk about things! It's full of memes, fun, and amazing people! Come check it out, we'd be happy to talk to you!
Welcome to BruhTopia, home of the Garf.
We are a chill community server that’s lots of fun and isn’t too strict on rules.
A fun server with a growing community where you can make friends, talk about games, and whatever the fuck you want!


not your typical egirl server hehe
we have a 3:1 girl boy ratio (literally we NEED more boys!)
all the egirls and eboys are welcomed! we dont judge
we need gamer girlzz 💋

- chill staff team!
- ehoes!
- active members
- self roles!
- self promo & nsfw
- we welcome trollers too (SOMETIMES)
- gamer girlz also
- will keep you laughing/interested
- events and giveaways coming soon!

🍻The Gamer's Tavern is a friendly and chill Discord server for memers, gamers, weebs and more!🍻
We offer:

Harry Potter houses! (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin)

🤖Multiple bots! Pokécord, Dank Memer, Unbelievaboat.🤖

🎉Giveaways, Free roles, invite rewards, would you rather etc.🎉

🛒An economy with purchasable roles!🛒

🤵Looking for partners and staff!🤵

😎Chill members!😎

⬆️A leveling system with auto-role when your level is high enough!⬆️

More coming soon... (Dramatic sound effects)

Hey everyone!!! Looking for a server that's active 24/7? Looking to meet new people and participate in regular giveaways? Looking for a server with a custom made bot?
Well then join Chat Shit & Chill and invite your friends for this amazing experience!!
Welcome to Load Screen! Looking to make new friends? Then we have a lovely community for you! We love to discuss all things Nintendo, but we also chat about things like Anime, Memes, TV Shows, and Webcomics! Mafia Games and Questions of the Day are constant here to give you a fun experience and easy way to chat with others if you're feeling shy. We're also discussing Pokemon and Splatoon quite a bit now, so if you're interested in the new pokemon or the Splatoon 5.0.0 update check us out!
Just a server for mainly memes, you can chat, play games with others over voice chat, post art and have fun
¿Diva World? is a server where all Diva’s reunite to make new diva friends and also rank up by chatting a lot! If you get noticed by a Moderator, they will rank you up a diva rank. Owned by “that is me!#4005”
❁ ∧_∧
⊂   ノ    ・゜+.
しーJ   °。Hey! + ´¨)
  .· ´¸.· Welcome to ´¨) ¸.·¨)
(¸.·´ Pig Benis (¸.·’

・・・・・・・・ ・・・・・・・・
Pig Benis is a server created by teens, for teens. Use this is a place to hang out when you're bored! Here you can talk about literally anything you could possibly want to.

・This isn't an edating server but I mean do what u gotta do man
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
・There aren't many rules. Warnings by the admins/mods will be predominantly used unless something that needs more attention is presented
・Sarcasm is widely used and appreciated B)

The admins along with a majority of the members are from the United States, so active hours for specific time zones are questionable. But please, feel free to join us despite this!
・・・・・・・・ ・・・・・・・・
Community server!!
- Become a subject or rule over your own realm
- Games
- Discussions
- Role play
- Many fun bots
- Lvl XP roles
- Mystical dungeon bloop
- Empress for sale to the highest bidder
and more!
- Be a part of a community and have fun while you're at it
See you there!