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Do you like playing Splatoon 2 Splatfests? Well, this is the server for it! We will make custom splatfests every month with Livestream! This is a server for all ages! Be sure to have fun! Come join the server now for info on upcoming Splatfests and having fun discussions!
Здравствуйте. Хотел бы представить вам наш небольшой, но дружный дискорд сервер...
Я даже не знаю что тут можно написать, короче, слушай сюда, мы тут в HOI4 играем, Arma 3, Civilization V, Mordhau, For Honor и много чего ещё.
Люди у нас тут достаточно адекватные и новичков приветствуют (за всех не ручаюсь), так-шо никого на входе буллить не будут (наверное).

If you don't know Russian that's not a good place for you. Threre is really few English speakers and server moderation mostly don't speak English at all.
✧Crimson Tavern (16+)✧

A chill, welcoming server to keep you company when you're feeling lonely.

✧★ Features ★✧

。 React Role System:
- RPG CLASS ROLES based on your personality
- Extra Roles to describe yourself better

。 Match Request! (18+ only)
- Request dms from someone with similar likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.

。 Really Easy-going Staff!
- Our desire is to grow a friendly, supportive community.

。 Fun Bots to mess around with!

★ Brand New Server!
- We happily accept opinions and suggestions to improve the Tavern!
Hey DU! 👋
Wir sind die Mäuuse! Mit 35+ Roleplay-Kanälen stellen wir dir ein einmaliges Roleplay-Erlebnis für dich und all deine Freunde bereit! 🌈 Langeweile? 😕 Kein Problem! 😄 Dann spiel doch ein Spiel mit einem unserer 12 Bots! 🤖 Denn bei uns ist jeder Willkommen! 🤗Unser Server, mit einer tollen, kleinen Community, kompetenten Teammitgliedern und vielen Chat- und Talkmöglichkeiten ✍️ freut sich schon auf dich! 💪
Witam wszystkich
Otwieram server na discordzie dla beatboxerów w Polsce.
Jeśli masz już jakieś doświadczenie i chcesz się podzielić
umiejętnościami zapraszam do nas, również jeśli jesteś
początkującym beatboxerem, lub zawsze Cię to fascynowało
możesz również do nas zajrzeć, damy Ci porady i powiemy
jak zacząć przygodę z beatboxem.
Welcome to the world of No Hero, where the heroes, villains, and students you know and love from Boku no Hero Academia grew up and have children.

Before the battle of All For One versus All Might, All for One gave his quirk to Tomura Shigaraki for him to lead the league for now on. Due to this, All for One dies and Tomura now has his quirk. After finding Kage Mizuki on the streets, he put her through immense training and gave her All For One at 19. Kage then went on a search for members making the new League of Villains.

Twenty years after the duel between All for One and All Might, characters you know and love like Mountain Lady, Shoto Todoroki, and more have had children who either go to UA or are heroes. Follow their story (or even join it!) in No Hero - Boku No Hero Academia's Second Generation!

Thanks for reading!
Please join our server! It'll help us out a lot!
Hey! Are you bored or lonely? Well stop on by the Boba Cafe and grab a drink! Meet friends, chat, vent, whatever you need to do to be comfortable. We're all friendly here and we all want to just chill and have fun.

-Strictly 13-18
-Do not attempt to join if you are younger than 13 or older than 18
-drama free :)
-interest channels
honey is a small server
we are looking for active staff members ☺️
13+ older !! please don’t be under 13 or you’ll get banned.
Hello everyone, we are The Keki Outer Circle!
→ Anti-raid protocols implemented, chat securely!
→ A chill community, no stubborn mods
→ Personalized squads
→ Great staff! Always accepting staff applications!
→ Say what you want... just don't break TOS!
→ Leveling system/Unique roles! The more you talk, the more perms you get to flex!
→ Events!
→ Make new friends!
→ Helpful bots! OwO Bot, Mudae Bot, Dank Memer Bot, Pokécord, Boobbot and more!
✨Well hey there fellow being, I invite you to join my newest server, THAT server. This is a server for everyone and everything (if you consider yourself an object which I dont think is the best thing to consider yourself). ✨
✨In the server we (I) have:✨
•Fun bots (including dank memer & OwO)
• A strangely unserious and active owner
• Many different activities
• No Staff (YET)
• Self-Roles
✨ I hope you consider joining this empty server with me in it, and I hope I don’t scar you for life ✨
Join the Jas0nplays community and meet with a bunch of awesome people. We have rank roles and the more you chat the more you level up using the mee6 bot (type !rank anytime to see your level). join if interested in a Collab, we play a hole bunch of games from our Minecraft server to fortnite, and even call of duty with a dash of siege and gta! those are only the main games we do. Join if your interested in joining the squad and games with us.

We are having an ongoing event right now for the first person to reach super epic gamer in the server tiers will win a $50 gift card of there choice, so join fast.
Bienvenue dans la ville d'Hypera🌹

L'Auberge du Gobelin Farci🍺 sera votre lieu d'accueil pour effectuer vos futures nouvelles rencontres amicales et/ou amoureuses💕

-【🍺】Comptoir pour commander
-【🥘】Cuisine pour vous rassasier
-【🍖】Tables pour boire et manger
-【💞】Chambres pour vous reposer
Join this server if you want to trade or sell fortnite accounts or come and just talk in chat
Welcome to Nezukoo!
A community based server, filled with great heaps of fun and a good time!
Come join us, meet new people and make new friends!

We hope you enjoy your stay!
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ 🎀 𝒩𝑒𝓀🌞 𝒞𝒶𝒻𝑒 🎀 ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
Welcome Master! To Neko Cafe! Here in Neko Cafe.
We talk friendly and we all friends here! We Neko will
wait for master there! Hope to see you, Master!
Konnijiwa~ Welcome to CampFire! Here we talk around the Campfire and everyone's friendly! Join now and talk with us, We're waiting for you to join!
This server is a chill, not too serious, ssf2 discord. Ssf2 [Super smash flash 2] is a fanmade non-profit game by the Macleodgaming team inspired by nintendo's Super Smash Bros series. This server is for all fans of this game who maybe want to try to make some ssf2 buddies.
We’re just a bunch of kool kidz, join our klub. We’re here to make some buddies and chill.
Bonjour fellow homo-sapiens, we are The Lazy Bunch and we like to chew gum and kill zombies. But most of the time we hang out here in Discord. We're a welcoming bunch freely accepting anyone who of course adheres to basic decency and having fun, nothing here is taken seriously and such is the basic philosophy that surrounds this server. Come on in and hang out with us! We'll talk about whatever is on our minds with a free spirit and an open-heart.....or will we?
Hey !
Ce serveur est ici pour parle de tout et de nimporte quoi !
On peut y trouve l amour ,l amitier, et plein d autre chose encore !
Il y a un salon NSFW pour les petits coquin(e) comme nous !
Rejoingnez nous plus on n est fous plus ont rient !
Arizona Community Roleplay is a menu based FiveM server. We are based on the state Arizona but we use GTA locations. At Arizona Community Roleplay we are more than just a roleplay server and a community… We are a family. Arizona Community Roleplay was built with love and care. We built it around the civilians and the everyday people that join our server. We have spent many hours making this community the best it can be. We are looking for all positions and if you wish to try the server out as a cop before you apply you can become one of our amazing public officers.

What Makes Us Unique!

What makes us unique is the amount of effort we put in. We have put in countless hours to put this server on its feet. We have also spent our own money to give you guys the best experience we can give. We also have over 100+ cars to explore and figure out which one fits your character. We make it a priority to welcome everyone in with open arms no matter what and we treat everyone the same. We give you guys unlimited opportunities and if you run out (which you won’t) we are always open to ideas.

Here are a few things we offer.

Custom Cars 100+
Looking for Staff/Fire&EMS/Police
Amazing Support