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Community 21
Furry Joint is a server for furries of all ages. Come talk about life, games, and whatever fits your fancy with other furs!
4 minutes ago
Community 19
Newly made meme server. Come join for lots of memes, fun, ranks, bots, nsfw and more.
33 minutes ago
We are a small community catering to furries, we have a wide range of channels with friendly staff willing to help. So come on down to The Dragon's Den and chill.
39 minutes ago
Welcome to the place that accepts lonely losers just like yourself!
Our server is fresh and we are actively looking for new members.

Our server currently has...

Active/Respectful Staff
Leveling System
Self-assignable Roles
NSFW Channels
Gaming Channels
Music Channels
Meme Channel
Art Channel
1 hours ago
Community 58
Geola, "The Final Piece of Your Server's Puzzle"
Geola is a brand new, advanced and multipurpose Discord bot with extreme customization options.

Key Features:
> Extremely Configurable + VERY Interactive
> Enable/Disable Any Commands
> Custom Prefix
> Moderation Commands (Prune, Kick, Ban, Force Ban)
> XP/Rewards System
> Advanced Custom Reactions
> Lightning-Fast Cooldowns
> Amazing Support Staff
> Detailed Wiki
> And so much more!

>> Invite Geola:
>> Geola's Hub (Support Server):
>> Geola's Website: (Depending on when you are reading this, the website might still be WIP :P)**
1 hours ago
Roblox club for chatting and having fun. We provide vip servers, robux/game giveaways, and frequent events. New group created in November already up to 400 members and looking for more active members.
1 hours ago
Community 45
We are a server made for fun. We are active (we are really active unlike most other servers this size)
We welcome everyone, come and chill with us! Drama free! We have self assignable roles & choose your own name colour!
2 hours ago
Community 33
An active discord community with people from all around the world! Our main interests are gaming, music and memes. We have giveaways, cute emotes, automatic youtube/twitch uploads, self assignable roles and many more!
2 hours ago
Computers 42
We got Threadripper owners, Ryzen owners, Intel owners NVIDIA owners, Radeon owners we got em all. Come one come all to learn about tech and share your knowledge about tech on the most chill tech server ever! We will try our best to help you out or if we cant at least you will get a chance to make some new friends and just hang and chill.
2 hours ago
Just a server for people who need friends for anything and everything. Hope you can join and enjoy ^^
2 hours ago
Community 7
A community for all to enjoy. Come join us and be sorted into your bird house.
2 hours ago
Starlight-Roleplay, a server made for everyone, young, old, new, experienced, Vanilla, Exotic.
Economy, private rooms, roles, chats, and plenty of public areas.
We have designed it in a way that everyone can enjoy their stay, and get into the world of roleplaying together with us in the Station!
5 hours ago
Community 46
Brand new server looking for mods & admins. Shitposting, own content NSFW channels, gaming, drinking & events nights. Chill people ONLY.
6 hours ago
Community 124
BulletinBoard is a non-profit amusement and entertainment discord consisting of everything you need to be entertained. We have many forms of entertainment and places to chat with friends! This is the perfect place to chat with friends, make friends, and everything else!
8 hours ago
Community 43
Blissful server to hangout,enthusiastic community,child friendly,free advertising and many more features are being furnished in this wonderful discord server,Come join us and be a Hypnotic
8 hours ago
just some guys trying to run a community and have some fun. come jam with our rythm bot,nsfw with our dank memes bot, looking for a group,chat with some people
11 hours ago
Other 20
This a place where lost souls are found.
11 hours ago
If you're looking for some friends, memes, and just a chill place to hang out in with none of the drama, this is the place for you!
- Interesting Chats
- Good Concept
- Our Channels Are a Meme
12 hours ago
Community 62
The Counting Game server uses a custom bot to provide a fun counting minigame. You can level up, beat challenges, unlock new roles, get on the global leaderboards, or just hang out and talk!
13 hours ago
Come join us in Rizado, if you like Roleplay then we got it! We also got fun and friendly people!
13 hours ago
Anime and Manga 12
In a certain city, angels, demons, and hybrids live together with humans. Every human is assigned an angel or demon by birth. Together, the different races try to live and adapt to each other as they're still not quite used to the way the other's live. A fun and chill roleplay server!
14 hours ago