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This a place for gamers, or anyone else, to play games, jam to some tunes, or whatever makes you happy!
At Trainer's Hideout, we are a fun and growing community of people. We need members...

💠 We hold events, have lots of cool chats, music, and games like pokecord..

💠 There are even perks for higher level members, that you can find out once you join!

💠 Win giveaways for pokecord!

💠 We are very open to new members and suggestions you may have.

Features include:

💫Friends! 💫Pokecord!


💫Memes! 💫Gaming!


🔥 And so much more! 🔥

-Need Trial Staffs (Active)
-Need Online People
-Owner (Kuuhaku)
Fun interactive BDSM gaming community. Please respect everyone! We are active and always gaming. NSFW channels are 18+ only! Please stop by and say hello!
A server which is dedicated for alone people to mingle with many good friends and become a family.
• A cool and simple server .
• Good bots .
• Many roles .
• A great family .
• Good people .
• Verified roles for keep out spammers .
• Many giveaways and events .
hi i tagged this as fun but its not actually fun cause this is a new server and theres like no one so thanks if you join lmao and idrc about backgroud or wtv just dont be toxic or a pain in the arse k thanks
A community made for cool people to come chill, play, and chat. We have activity based roles and partnership. A "City" is implemented with UnblieveaBoat bot and we have "life" ranks purchasable in store. Example Ranks: ("homeless, worker, etc.") Also, we got Pokemon!!!
we at Pancakes Oven take pride as staff amd our wellfare of our members
Just a nice chill spot to catch pokemon and chat.
This is a freshly made discord server for mainly chatting and roleplay. We have many other things likes an art channel and all that stuff. We follow the Discord TOS rules, so if you're over 18+ you can have the NSFW role, if not... too bad.
a new and small art/gaming server for anyone 16+, we like to hang out and chill and we'd love to have you here :)
we are a friendly server with fun members and we usually do things such as play games (mostly league of legends) or hang out together. anyone who's 15+ is welcome!
Welcome to the magical world of Toraxx. I am Mikkel The Pickle#3788 and i run this (currently) small discord community, which is entirely focused on RP. Although it is an RP server we have more things such as

- A chat where everyone can hang out and be friends
- a very chill server, where even if you have never tried RP'ing before or you've done it a hundred time you are welcomed
-A friendly staff team :D
- Deep lore to the story and the happenings of the continent (which you don't have to read at all tbh, it just helps set the mood)
- A very open world where you can practically be anything you would ever want to be! (with limited powers)

So join, it would make me very happy to see more people on my server! And if you decide to join, then i hope you have a wonderful time here!
[new server]
Chat, talk, music, games n stuff ~
meet new people,,, (when there's some TwT I'm lonely rn)
- Music Bots
- Custom roles
- Fun Bots~
- Friendly peeps X)
Community chat server, come chill.

-Cool channels
-Active members
Salut à toi !
Le serveur FAME™ viens tout juste d'ouvrir !
Je te propose donc de le rejoindre, dessus tu pourras
discuter à propos de tes passions ;
jouer à des jeux avec d'autres personnes ;
faire des belles rencontres ;
participier à de multiples events organisés par le Staff ;
proposer des améliorations pour le serveur !

Merci à toi d'avoir lu, n'hésite pas à rejoindre si l'envie te prends
Le lien :
The Gaming Louge was created to allow fellow gamers to connect and team-up for a numerous amount of games. You also have the option to discuss gaming-related topics and get to know the community.
The server is really chill, its a perfect place to encounter and socialize with people, you might even be able to find a partner. WE WANT YOU TO JOIN THE TEAM AND MARCH WITH US. THE CAMARADERIE IS SUPERB.

To access the whole server you have to react to the faction message in the creed.


Full of entertaining and fun people to talk too.
A nice and welcoming community to all ages and genders :)
Self-assignable roles/factions. Join one faction - be the top of your team!
Roleplay anything!
Events to bring the community together!
NSFW/Nudes Channels contained for 18+ and above.
Music Channels
VC Channels
Share your pictures via Selfies, Food, and other cute photo channels

'The Inn' A new server looking to build a quality community comprised of awesome adults! [21+ Server]

Looking to build a community for adults who want a space to relax and share all types of ideas.

-Global server: people from around the world in different time zones

-Active for a small server

-Minimal moderation

Come check it out!
The server is anime related and we're slowly expanding to other areas like gaming. Chat is active and confusing as hell which makes everything more fun and entertaining. If you feel like people can't understand your weird thoughts, join us! xD
Looking for other gamers or just wish to spread your memes? We're one click away. Create relations and discussions to our Community Members and enjoy some of our Discord Minigames whenever your bored and have nothing better to do.

:wave: Free Advertisements & Partnerships!
:camera: Free Stream advertisements
:musical_note: Music Bots!
:ok_hand: Automated Roles, Colors & Lvls
:speaking_head:️ Discussion Topics
:video_game: Game Channels
:frog: Memes

You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy your while, Join to find friends or create discussions!

Hello :)
We are a new SFW warm and friendly anime community that talks about Anime, Manga, Games, Art and more interesting topics ^^

♡ Everyone is Welcome ♡
We got Threadripper owners, Ryzen owners, Intel owners NVIDIA owners, Radeon owners we got em all. Come one come all to learn about tech and share your knowledge about tech on the most chill tech server ever! We will try our best to help you out or if we cant at least you will get a chance to make some new friends and just hang and chill.
With a server with 150+ people and counting, we are still growing it. We have many languages to choose from, almost 20+ languages, we have active members as well. Come over here just to have fun, learn your language you are wanting to learn, and help others as well.
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events!