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Looking to make news friends or people to play with? This server here js the right spot to stop by. We support all kind of games. Make sure you join and check our server out. ;)

(Community Founder: GameSource YT)
A South Asian social server open to all desis (and foreigners). We're pretty lax in terms of moderation too. Join us!
An Indian server originating from reddit r/india discord. Non Redditors are allowed. Super chill people with active Voice Chat and moderation.
Awesome Log

Are you looking for an active community where you can enjoy yourself and talk with a bunch of new people daily without having to worry about usual discord toxicity? Are you tired of joining a server where it's hard to be included in the chat? Awesome Log is just that and a lot more. We’ve got a wide variety of things you’ll love!

- Staff that isn’t biased weary
- Giveaways
- Active Voice Chats
- Lots of Roles
- Find Players of all games
- Photozone
- Youtubers

Join and take part in the never ending fun!
United Indian Gamers is a leading Indian eSports Community/Company.
-We host Competitive/casual Gaming Tournaments on a timely basis
- well established Indian Gaming Community engaging in a wide variety of games who strive to build a non-toxic friendly gaming environment
-We keep our community well-versed with the current developments in the gaming industry
We provide quality and transparency to our members with an actively moderated #complaints channel.
UIG was founded on 5th of January 2017 by a group of 3 friends Saransh Sehrawat, Sagar Choudhary & Sushil Wadhokar
Managed by @Saransh#0001
We are a curated clan of Indian gamers ,we like to keep it clean ,minimize bullying and concentrate on the fun parts ,our shared passion ;gaming. No matter what game you play we have a place for you .Make new friends and enjoy at YO!O India. Cheers!!
For lovers of the Hindu Cock porn raceplay/faithplay/cuckolding fetish. The server for the r/HinduCock nsfw subreddit. We are a diverse server, with Pakistanis, Arabs, Canadians etc. We welcome mlecchas, cuckolds, muslim cucks/muslim girls, white boys, lgbt and of course, Indians with Huge Hindu Cocks.

"Interested in joining a Pakistani & indian server filled with a lot of Pakistanis and indians in it? You all are Welcome to the Yaind Community! This is a very highly-moderated South Asian server. However we do appreciate foreigners and every single person who comes here. We have many amazing and caring people. Our main aim is to help you make friends.

A group for the top of the chain; the COOL PEOPLE

mainly consists of roblox gamers

Official Indian Community Server to hangout and meet with new people. It is a non - toxic , friendly , safe public server for all. Join now to explore and exchange the cultural , lingual , political views here. Multilingual
We at Ares have thought about the gaming competitive and financial scene in India. We have thought to promote the skills and talent that players have towards Gaming and to introduce "India's First Fortnite Contract Team" We are here recruiting the most talented players for the inevitable competitive scene and welcome them to our family. We are recruiting players who are serious, passionate and drive to Compete in gaming community. We welcome such players to Team Ares!
We are willing to pay our competitive players on Monthly Contract! Hope to see you all hanging around us and support us!
Today, We introduce to you, Team Ares First Ever Professional Fortnite Roster!

-Team Ares(We Own All)
Main aim of this server is to gather all Indians at one place.
We have many Bots and channels to hangout.
We have Most Common States Channels
➡️ Telengana - Hyderabad
➡️ Andhra
➡️ Bangalore
➡️ Mumbai
➡️ Delhi
➡️ Other States
Bluestacks India, is a growing community of emulator and mobile gamers, we organize weekly tournaments for our members. Do join our community if you are from India and love to play mobile games.
Harappan Hub is a server exclusive to discussion on the Indus Valley Civilisation(also known as IVC)(3500 BCE - 1500 BCE), which remains the most important part of ancient India that suffers from limited understanding and controversy.
Our server aims to be a sharing space for far more detailed IVC-related findings than any news site or article. We hope that from our discussions comes better understanding of one of the first known civilizations of the world, which became forgotten and lost due to unfortunate events. All Harappan sites only remain partially unearthed, hiding artifacts that could be a key to the next big discovery. What can the Indus people tell us about our religious, cultural, and societal past? What can we learn from them? If you are interested, we welcome you to join!
A Tamil server for all ages which is purposed to give the opportunity for people to meet other Tamils and to also further their understanding of the language and the community.
Join our CruZe Clan

Hello everyone! We've a very nice friendly environment, Where we talks about gamings, memes and some other fun stuffs. We do chit chat and some interesting things. The community is for both Indians and Pakistanis, Foreigners can also be a part of it. We say welcome to every person who joins.<3
Hi, guys, this is the Indian discord server feel free to hop in and can talk in Hindi, Urdu, and English.
We all are Indian brothers in this server.
I'am Amrish, I and my other members are working on a Few Tamil Discord Servers to connect tamils/gamer together, Tamil gaming community has slowly kick started in recent years as you can see. i wanna make this process speed up so i think this server will be the bridge and catalyst for tamil youtubers and gamers . I noticed that guys are finding it hard to connect it one another or in a group(Leave Facebook/Whatsapp And Others They Are Nothing Compared To Discord When It Comes To This). All Gamers/Non-Gamers/Youtubers/Streamers/Dev's/Designers/Artists/Photographers all are welcome, we already have few ourselves.
A server for anime and manga fans from India. People new to anime and manga and veterans both are welcome. Spoiler channels available. Of course, open to people not from India as well.