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An Indian server originating from reddit r/india discord but more tolerant and less restricted, with nsfw and globals accepted.
United Indian Gamers is a leading Indian eSports Community/Company.
-We host Competitive/casual Gaming Tournaments on a timely basis
- well established Indian Gaming Community engaging in a wide variety of games who strive to build a non-toxic friendly gaming environment
-We keep our community well-versed with the current developments in the gaming industry
We provide quality and transparency to our members with an actively moderated #complaints channel.
UIG was founded on 5th of January 2017 by a group of 3 friends Saransh Sehrawat, Sagar Choudhary & Sushil Wadhokar
Managed by @Z3PH4R™
A friendly indian server based around literature and writing.
Official Indian Community Server to hangout and meet with new people. It is a non - toxic , friendly , safe public server for all. Join now to explore and exchange the cultural , lingual , political views here. Multilingual
This is a server for students of physics in India. You can discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of physics as well as entrance exam questions here.
Short version: A very new Indian server to chill and make new friends. And the best part, you can talk in Hindi :p

Long version: Kese ho aap log!! Me apke saamne pesh karna chahta hu ek naye fresh server ko. The very new Indian server!

To ye server yuhi nahi banaya gaya hai. Mein, kafi samay se ek achha Indian server dhundh ne ki koshish me tha. Meko koi khaas server nahi mila, then I thought ke it's time to make a new Indian server myself. Aur khali bas ek Indian server nahi, balke ek ACHA wala!

Mene pehle bhi thode servers banaye hai, to kaafi experience hai mujhe. Ye server mene 1 week pehle hi banaya hai, aur mujhe aap logo ke support ki zarurat hai.

Umeed hai aap join karoge, kyuki, it's time to make a very amazing and top quality Indian server!


English Translation:
How are you guys!! Let me present to you a new fresh server. The very new Indian server!

So, I was looking for a good Indian server for a very long long time, but didn't find any good one. So I decided to make one myself!

I've made few servers before so I have some experience. But I need your support, so that we can take this server high!!!

I hope you join if you're an Indian. Let's make this a very big Indian server!
A chill server mostly filled with people from the Indian subcontinent.
Group dedicated for Indian Tekken 7 players.
We will hold tournaments, help each other so feel free to join.
Hi, guys, this is the Indian discord server feel free to hop in and can talk in Hindi, Urdu, and English.
We all are Indian brothers in this server.
We are a curated clan of Indian gamers ,we like to keep it clean ,minimize bullying and concentrate on the fun parts ,our shared passion ;gaming. No matter what game you play we have a place for you .Make new friends and enjoy at YO!O India. Cheers!!
Welcome to Laal Khoon. Located in north-east India, in Rajasthan, Laal Khoon stands as the only true safe haven for vampires in the world .Working in harmony to give young, new vampires the skills, knowledge, and community needed to survive a life of immortality, Laal Khoon trains new students in history, personal health, martial arts and spiritual studies.

Here, history runs deep and complex, but each vampire that treads it's halls will tell a new story, a new adventure. There's danger lurking in the dark, and it's more than just the vampires.

The server is new, but you can join and create a character and begin their discovery of their own abilities, powers, and place in this world.

Server has a strong, simple vampire lore, and after there are some active roleplayers, will include complex plot. Roleplay is third person, semi to semi-literate (two-four sentences per response).
Indian Marketplace is a discord server made for Indians for BUYING and SELLING digital products like game accounts, game items, ebook, cryptocurrencies, etc...
Creative destruction India
Announcement, news feed, Updates, events, ect all related to creative destruction.
Welcome to Gameverse Bangladesh.

Gameverse is a gaming community from Bangladesh.

Here you can do many things including :
Find yourself a team or partner to play a certain game with.
you can add Self gaming role
you can promote your youtube channel.
Hey! This is a server primarily meant for gamers, especially for those who play league of legends. English is a must! And so is being nice!
Hey! We are a chill Indian gaming community. We like Team Fortress 2 host well moderated servers for it. We also like other games and have LFG roles! We also have regular giveaways and fun bots! Come join us
We are the Indians who love Pokemon. The main motive is to connect the Indian People who love Pokemon. We also have our own Pokemon League.
Namaskar, we are a server that strives to be a community of those who wish to learn about Dharmic beliefs (Hinduism, along with Jaina, Boudha, and Sikhi Dharma). Whether an outsider or adherent, we wish to help you learn more about our wonderful beliefs.

Here on the Hinduism server, we are not merely students, teachers, adherents, tourists, pagans, devotees, philosophers, atheists and researchers. We are not merely Vaishnaivites, Shaktas, Shaivites, Smartas; dvaitains, advaitains; astikas and nastikas. We are a diverse community from all over the world, from many different religions, bharatiye and otherwise, all here to discuss and learn about dharmic beliefs. And maybe build a community worthy of the biggest Hinduism server on Discord. All who are interested are welcome. राम राम।
Welcome to Mantra! We are an Indian Community Server. If you like meeting new people from all over India, gaming, anime, manga, this is the perfect place for you.
We also do daily "Steam Key Giveaways," and we have custom made bot with lots of features.
Come Join us!