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Hunzali Valley is a fictional land based off Pakistan’s real life Hunza Valley. A valley between two beautiful mountain ranges, under constant threat of violence and disaster. To the western mountains, you got the Hunzal people. They make up 80% of the population, and are the self-proclaimed natives of this land. They have a strong sense of nationalism, and believe in the idea of protecting the valley, at all costs.

To the eastern mountains, you got the Pasha people. They make up 15% of the population, and are a ethnic group with strong beliefs of traditionalism. Many people see them as uncivilized and to some, even rats of society. In reality, most of these people want to just live there life in peace, start families, and live like normal human beings.

And finally, in the middle, is the Hunzali Valley. This area is more urban, and a connection between the eastern mountains and the west. The roads are poorly paved, but the people are hospitable. This area is home to the last ethnic minority, the Kalai. These people make up 5% of the total population, and are believed to be the original settlers of the valley. The tale goes that maybe 500 years ago, there was a great civil conflict within the valley, and the people split to the western and the eastern mountains.

Welcome to Hunzali Valley, home of the mountains.
"PaK Gamers Community" is a Gaming Community
created for the Fellow Gamers of Pakistan 💚
However, we accept Everyone from around the globe🌐
Everyone is friendly, and open so feel free to get along with Us
This is actually a great server for you gamers where you can
play games with not just anyone but all of us are like your
family and we love each other as much as we love our families ❤️
Promote yourself, Music, Friends, Family, etcetera.. we got everything
discord can offer you guys!
A South Asian social server open to all desis (and foreigners). We're pretty lax in terms of moderation too. Join us!
A cool server with desi and non desi members. It's active around the clock <3 betus. We have debates, chatting, music, memes and other shit (literal shit). Hop in if you dare! Hope you enjoy :))
Join if you are ugly hahahahahahahahahahahah epig jk amirite?
There was a server - to bring together a community of amazing people, to see if we could become something more, so that we could be there for those who need it the most. Be a part of something special. <3
Join now, and be a part of a family.
Don’t join if you’re a libtard.
Don’t join if you’ve an IQ below 130.
Submit yourself to god
90% Pakistani members
Intellectual discussions
Autism levels are high
Server is very active
Server is superior to all other servers
The most active Pakistani server on discord. We average 15,000+ messages daily, have active voice and music channels and a ton of active members. The server has active users from across Pakistan, UK, America, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. As a result, it is active around the clock and there is almost always someone to talk to.
We are well, gamers but, most of us just talk. Server is pretty small so don't expect much but, we do have music bots and whatnot . We appreciate all ethnicities to join but, most of us here are Pakistanis. Afghanis more than welcome (we have some pashtuns). Some homie-sexual guys! yes i said 'homie' join us if you'd like just please don't raid us and no griefing and bullying unless it is consensual.
Aoa (السلام عليكم).
Welcome to our discord
We consist of
Cricket channels
Political channels
Religious channels
Gaming channels
Majority Pakistanis but other members as well. Any can join. Content is clean and safe for work.
All organized in a very neat manner supervised by a professional team. Hope to see you there
hi it very halal server
with halal people u can join if u not burger and want to make frnds
we have active and frndly users
and there no server owner(s)
so dont keep asking who be teh server owner
okie thnks bie
this is the server for everyone around the world. doesn't matter what ur religion or country is, you can join and have fun
Assalamualaikum all! Welcome to Pakistan (Our Homeland), where you could enjoy a nice friendly environment where we would talk about Pakistani society and developments within it. We conduct debates here on various topics. Discussions about Pakistani culture, languages, food, historical places, nature, etc. We possess members who are mature and respect the rules of the server. Our members are mainly Pakistani with a number of non-Pakistanis. Do not forget if a foreigner wants to join the server they are also welcome :) Those who have proven themselves to be a friend of Pakistan will be given a special role.

Nice Staff
Friendly People
Great Roles
Positive Discussions
Separate Channels

You are all cordially invited to join
"Interested in joining a Pakistani & indian server filled with a lot of Pakistanis and indians in it? You all are Welcome to the Yaind Community! This is a very highly-moderated South Asian server. However we do appreciate foreigners and every single person who comes here. We have many amazing and caring people. Our main aim is to help you make friends.
Pakistani Legends is Gaming Community and Entertainment Hub for Pakistani Players and People.
with active voice channels and good and humble people, it doesn't matter if you are a movie whore a gamer or just a random dude who wants to speak to people just hope in to server and join Voice Channel.

Watch Movies / Play Games / Talk to People
We got it all covered.
Every Saturday night we watch movie together on discord with voice overs, and on Sunday we do a Casual Discussion on different Topics.
Regards Pakistani Legends Promoting Team.
Welcome! feel free to join my server and enjoy your stay there!!!
invite your friends and family too if you can!!
This is anime/vocaloid themed server and of course you don't have to be into anime or vocaloid to talk to us! please join!! >u<
We are an NSFW 18+ Server for Hindu Bulls, Hindu Cocks and Hindu Domination. We have faithplay, raceplay, pictures and gifs with a lot of new content. We welcome muslim girls/muslim cuckolds, white girls/white cuckolds, LGBT+, sissies etc.

Welcome to Cloud City

A server where all kind of stuff goes down, with fairly low moderation. You can talk about anything, literally anything here. The people here are quite friendly and welcoming. Many chat rooms such as: memes, gaming, anime and more.

Disclaimer: We have some retarded people and I hope you don't mind them.

-Custom roles for active members
-Custom colors
-Various channels for specific topics and discussions
-Low moderation
-NSFW chat which is quite active
-Ample amount of chat rooms for your need.
-Activity based roles and much more.
-A private channel for those who have face revealed
A Friendly Cod Mobile Players Community.. Made By Pakistanis But Everyone's Invited You Need To Learn Urdu/Hindi First :p
This community was founded by some youtubers which was a gaming clan , due to lack of interest in games we decided to focus on discord .pushpin What we got :pushpin:
. Own Scripted bot
. Pubg,Fortnite,League of Legends , Pubgm , Codm , Protips of all games + International Tournament Clan
. Friendly Staff
. Best Server for Gaming and Free games
- Invite Rewards ( NETFLIX , HULU , SPOTIFY , ORIGIN , Ubisoft _)
- Giveaway Daily
Discord Nitro Monthly