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We are a community with many interests such as politics, theology, games, and art. We allow views to be heard and we are lenient moderation. We want to be a home for you to challenge your world-view while simultaneously making friends and usual conversation

We are accepting of all people and their belief. Unless you're too... artistic.

Server Features
-People looking for conversation and seeking to challenge their views and debates
-Hall of Fame channel for funny stuff said by users
-Politicial, historical and philosophical topics talked about on a daily basis
Welcome to Germany, late 1914. While the cream of the Army march off to war reservists are assembling in the border city of Trier. Reserve Infantry Regiment 238 is not composed of the most skilled soldiers, nor the most vigilant. The hospital that they share facilities with is at least competent. Everybody’s at least trying to do their bit for the country, no matter how effective they end up being.

This is a Roleplay set during the early days of WWI, in Germany. You may have ascertained that. We’re looking to get a nice playerbase going, so you should stop on by.
Here we can talk about subjects and share memes, anime, video games, history, mythology, food, art, share pictures of your pets, promote your discord, Snapchat, and instagram. We also accept people who speaks different languages. If your interested in joining great, but if not I completely understand
Debate server oriented towards productive and fruitful discussion, with emphasis on freedom of opinion.
A small and minimalistic server focused on civil discussions around the Arts, Sciences, and anything else that takes our fancy.
The Return is a server that promotes the idea of returning to a lifestyle that is not polluted by the unnatural forces of the modern world. Our mission is to create a community for like-minded people and also to give support to those of us who are not yet able to exit a toxic lifestyle so that they too can be part of this community of ours.
Many topics!
Movies and tv
and a The Beatles specific channel
and more.
i have music bots, and akinator bot
And a Minecraft realm server
and meme channel.
110+ Members so far
History Required is a discord server where ultimate History Buffs can rally and discuss their favourite historical topics! Share sources, books and information that will help the community learn and even ask questions to aid you in your school assignments and homework! Explore the history of earth through the minds of expert historians and make new friends along the way.
A place for history buffs of all flavors to hang out. Featuring daily debates, voice chat lectures, reading sessions, and a community great for everything from the most prominent to the smallest niche subjects.
A welcoming server for Europeans and people interested in Europe to connect.
Includes topic channels such as; discussion culture, languages, history, philosophy, vexillology and more
Self-assignable roles based on region, country, language family, etc
Economy bot
Music bot
Includes channels for non-english speakers
Open to suggestions
Open to partnerships
TW: Chat may contain sensitive material
And welcome to our historical 17th century RP server!

In this RP server you will be able to RP as anyone from 1660 onwards. You can be a King from a noble house of the period conspiring to expand your realm or survive through the intricate political machinations of your neighboring rulers. You could also be a simple farmer struggling to make ends meet or even a buccaneer in the dawn of the golden age of piracy.

The only limits here are historical accuracy and your own creativity.

What does this server have to offer?
- The option to become a ruler of any rank.
- Change the course of history through your actions in an ever evolving and dynamic setting.
- The chance to wage war on your enemies or fight for your ruler.
- Use diplomacy to your advantage in order to achieve peace or defeat your rivals.
- Live life as you see fit in the XVII century.

As a disclaimer, It is agreed that you must have some level of RP literacy to be a part of this server and that you should have at least some general historical knowledge about the nation you wish to integrate. (don't worry tho, even experts use wikipedia)(edited)

Do you want the most recent information on the Coronavirus outbreak?

Do you tend to keep updated on the latest immunology, neuroscience or CRISPR research?

Perhaps you are wondering what the importance of access to oil was in World War 2?

Safe Haven is a server for bright and curious people who are interested in history, science, technology, geography, philosophy, literature, and religion. We want to build a community over these shared interests. Hope to see you here.
An academic server for humanities, geography, anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science, religion, & general chat.
Our members include students, teachers, hobbyists, and doctors of their respective fields.
We are looking for worthy ones of all creeds and ideologies to join us on our quest for greatness.

-Discuss history and debate philosophy or politics
-Share art, videos and music
-Become the best version of yourself
-or you know you can just chill and talk or whatever :)
This server gives every bit of jurisprudence to it's rather detail oriented information on African History, but it also offers an informative and a staunchly educative environment for concepts such as: African Geopolitics/Politics, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion.
A server for collectors and re-enactors of the East German military, but we're open to any other re-enactors, historians or just anyone who wants to show up as long as they follow the rules.
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.
A new server growing quickly. Set in mordern day 2020. Roleplay as the army, airforce, navy. Choose what Regiement you want to be in and serve the Russian Federation

A Server for Fascists and National Socialists and for teaching the principles of fascist world view.
Once we reach 20 members we will be running a monthly Geography Bee competition. This competiton is run by admins AkaMolEliza#0340 and TurkeyAndCheese#7230 and will take place on the first Saturday of every month, time varies as people are in different time zones. If you're not interested in competing, it's still a great place to hang out, share memes, and enjoy yourself. Come join us!

Please note, you must speak English
hiya! im maria, this is my history server, its not that big yet but i'd love to get more history nerds in here to learn from and possibly teach something to, history is one of my passions and i hope you can join and have fun too
A Server that has all the information on war, weapons, and tactics galore! All those things you wanted to learn from War thunder, World of [Insert Vehicle platform], we have your back, brother! (or sister) Wanted history class to stop being boing? This is the place for you, man! (or woman?)

Plus older wars from the Greeks & Romans, to the Crusades & Asia! Civil Wars, Napoleon-- and many, many more.
[Even crazier, there is an rp section at the bottom of the server to let your imagination run wild with all that new found information you have! (^_^)]

There is a lot to do on the server, and has tons of fun achievements and ranks to earn for doing more on the server. Jump in, discuss, debate, and learn about whatever you'd like-- then turn around and get awarded for it!

Just give a salute, and engage!
This group is meant to preserve the history of military surplus firearms by giving enthusiasts a place to share and discuss the hobby.