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A new server with limited rules for discussions, debates, and learning - with self assignable roles. Tbh, it's lowkey autismo
Ever wanted to discuss the what if's of history, what if America never entered ww1 or ww2, what would have happened have macArthur not have been fired by Truman, all that and more here in this server

we are currently still under construction, but please feel free to join, just bear with me, until everything is complete
In the year 2020, communism continues to exist on a large scale, bringing the Cold War to the modern age. With the Soviet Union gradually gaining power, the Western allies work together to form a stronger UN. With these two powerful factions, Soviet global domination is halted. As both gain influence and power across the world, tensions continue to rise. As one faction aims to destroy the other, which side will you choose?

The roleplay is a geopolitical RP, meaning that you roleplay taking control of countries, keeping the population satisfied, making deals with other countries, and fighting wars. With a geopolitical RP, it is required that you have some form strategic thinking, as the roleplay might have you deal with internal issues, foreign affairs, and much more. Even with all that, our helpful staff and welcoming community are here to help you through your journey!

Well, what are you waiting for? Join now!
And welcome to our historical 17th century RP server!

In this RP server you will be able to RP as anyone from 1660 onwards. You can be a King from a noble house of the period conspiring to expand your realm or survive through the intricate political machinations of your neighboring rulers. You could also be a simple farmer struggling to make ends meet or even a buccaneer in the dawn of the golden age of piracy.

The only limits here are historical accuracy and your own creativity.

What does this server have to offer?
- The option to become a ruler of any rank.
- Change the course of history through your actions in an ever evolving and dynamic setting.
- The chance to wage war on your enemies or fight for your ruler.
- Use diplomacy to your advantage in order to achieve peace or defeat your rivals.
- Live life as you see fit in the XVII century.

As a disclaimer, It is agreed that you must have some level of RP literacy to be a part of this server and that you should have at least some general historical knowledge about the nation you wish to integrate. (don't worry tho, even experts use wikipedia)(edited)

Hello, there! We want you to come help us explore the Constitution, its philosophy, and its history. We might know some things, but there's always something you know that we don't. Come tell us what it is!
A server for collectors and re-enactors of the East German military, but we're open to any other re-enactors, historians or just anyone who wants to show up as long as they follow the rules.
A small and minimalistic server focused on civil discussions around the Arts, Sciences, and anything else that takes our fancy.
Yo have died in battle, be it Past, Present or Future. You woke up in a cold, muddy place with constant fog overhead. You were in a trench, a trench network from World War One. Wherever you are, you're not alone. There's something in the trenches with you, be it friend or foe.
Welcome to Geodise, a paradise for all things geography, vexilology, and mapping. We have friendly staff, trivia bots, dedicated channels for videos, politics, debates, heraldry, and so much more! We hope to see you there!
Please join Anthroworld. If you are interested in history, human anthropology or genetics this is the server for you.
a server for people who enjoy history to chat, as well as RP as a citizen of the kingdom!
An academic server for humanities, geography, anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science, religion, & general chat.
Our members include students, teachers, hobbyists, and doctors of their respective fields.
This is a server dedicated to our European family, the land we all live in. Simple.
You must be old enough to enjoy this retro place. Chilling out.
Are you looking to get to know about the culture, history, and politics of an entire continent? Well, you've found your answer here, here at Africk'Talk we provide an entertaining/emersive learning environment about the continent of Africa (for all people's alike).
We are a brand new server dedicated to historical discussions and welcome everyone with an interest in history to join and learn and hang out with like-minded people. Our server is a place where you can discuss history-related games and much more! We'll have a score of interesting roles for everyone which will be inspired by history, of course.

Join the History Corner today and discover a wonderful world of history!
Would you like to join a server with a Anime and History focus along with gaming? Come on down to Oorai Girls Academy! We would love to have you aboard. We also have a discord bot we are working on called Yukari (named based off of Girls Und Panzer of course)

Benefits to join:
Waifu Claiming
Custom Discord Bot
Common Sense Moderation
A nice safe place to discuss history, anime, and gaming
Weekly Game Giveaways
Perks for Nitro Boosters

Join Us today
A Discord Server dedicated to the preservation of Rhodesia's Memory, Music, Culture and everything related to the Republic of Rhodesia.
This group is meant to preserve the history of military surplus firearms by giving enthusiasts a place to share and discuss the hobby.
```Are you looking for an Elder Scrolls and Game of Thrones themed roleplaying server? Then this is for you:```

> *Game of Crowns is a roleplaying server based on Game of Thrones and The Elder Scrolls series mixed with real life history. In the continent of Xethal, where all kinds of creatures exist. Live peacefully in forests of Destiny and thrive together with the beautiful nature. Or join the battlefields of Azdamir and fight to your death with either the Templars or Muslims. Join Game of Crowns where all people, timelines and eras clash together in a world of warfare, strategy and diplomacy. The choice is yours, it is only if you choose to live... or die.*


Game of Crowns Advertisement Committee.**
A place for history buffs of all flavors to hang out. Featuring daily debates, voice chat lectures, reading sessions, and a community great for everything from the most prominent to the smallest niche subjects.
Retard Center 2.0 is a great server looking for more people to play games with.
The games we play the most are: Paradox games, Civilization games, Coh2, Lfd2, Gmod, Golf with you friends, Csgo, Minecraft, War thunder and MB Warband,
A new leftist run community and political server. We are focused on healthy involvement in and discussion about politics, philosophy, history, economics, science, and other social issues. As well as keeping a higher standard of moderation, membership, and content.

The server also features a detailed list of self-assignable roles and learning resources.