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This server is about intellectual, serious discourses. We discuss history (15th-21th), politics, economics and complex issues of human society. The goal is that to create a friendly but serious community.
This server is a mass dedication to the study and deployment of every single platform of warfare possible. From swords and shields, to tanks and jets-- it covers every era, and every platform known on the internet.
It has more than only weapons and vehicles, but also channels for things like rations and cooking, tools, medicine, military equipment also for sale, and much more. (Also horses, for those equine people)

Along with possessing special ranks for those who complete certain tasks on the server to help establish and reward them for excelling inside of it.
If somehow that isn't enough to keep you busy, for those imaginative war lovers-- there is a fair sized "role-play" section to keep things active and interesting while simultaneously learning for fun!

On top of all of this alone, the server also has strong rules to protect its users from false information, server raiders, and makes sure never once new recruits are in danger.

When you get in, don't be afraid to kick back, relax, and enjoy the past!
Etharia is a world building roleplaying server based on the NationStates website. The principle is that you create a nation, develop a history and people, then roleplay with other people and their nations.

Also, we have shitposting and anime tiddies.

Liberty Politics is a political server allowing a wide range of political views, as long as you are respectful. We are strong believers of Freedom of Speech.

-Friendly Community
-Burner Show Podcast vc events
-Happy Hour drinking vc events
-Weekly debates
-Minecraft Server
-Risk Games
-Hunger Games

Liberty Politics Forever
Right winged Server and channels for political discussion!
Server about fascist Independent State of Croatia!

Sieg heil!

Nun, Volk, steh auf und Sturm brich los!
"Now, people, rise up, and let the storm break loose! "
This is a modest and casual community server revolving around interest in native cultures, tradition, nature and spirituality, with the central focus being Europe.

The server itself is officially apolitical, though respectful political discussion between members is of course fine.

If you can recognise yourself in these fields of interests, you're very welcome to join.
Hello! Looking for a friendly community to talk with others? this is the right place!
- No strict rules
- Bullying/Threatening someone not allowed, so you can feel safe around our server! :)
- one NSFW channel but, you need to be +18 to get access to it so, dw!
Anything you need would be here, everyone is absolutely Welcomed.
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.

The year is 11974 BC, during the Upper Paleolithic era and late Pleistocene period. The Ice Age, though late, is still occurring—the average temperatures far cooler than we know today.
The earliest Homo sapiens (or Homo sapiens sapiens) had emerged around 8,000 years ago from the other members of the genus. Taller, smarter, and excitably similar to the humans today, these early peoples have began to use tools and make temporary shelter.
You are one of the inhabitants of a great expanse of land; and you one of the many few, and highly independent, humans to grace it. Will you scavenge through the landscape, surviving in harmony with nature? Will you viciously conquer territory with a band of warriors? Whatever path you choose, it paves the way for the society in which we live in today.
Welcome to the Paleolithic.

This server is loosely based on the game Far Cry: Primal. Though not necessary, it is recommended you play the game or have some basic knowledge of early man.

- Our achievements -
• Friendly staff
• Plenty of resources to help you
• 80+ roleplay channels
• Google doc support
• LGBT-friendly
• Bot and music channels to jam out

- This is a literate/semi-literate roleplay! Please contact us if you think you may have trouble! -
We have recently reset, many nations are ripe for the taking.

Welcome to Andy’s server, we are a geopolitical server that role plays as the countries of specific eras. We base our server off of semi-realism. Where using realistic events, goals, or even personalities of leaders: to make interesting unrealistic/ahistorical gameplay. Ie. While Britain becoming a fascist dictatorship in 1936 is pretty much impossible, it would potentially be possible to try to maintain the empire post-war. Of course, you’ll need a good plan to achieve your goals. But if you try your best, almost everything is possible
It is 1919 and the Great War has just ended. Although all seems fine and dandy, a sudden event happened: the explosion of the *Smithfinder*, a cargo ship secretly carrying weapons. With the British government pointing fingers at who could have possibly done it such as the IRA or one of London’s many gangs, a new constabulary leader is called up. Could he find out who blew up the *Smithfinder*?
A server dedicated to the rich history of Ancient Greece, from it's beautiful architecture, to it's many inspiring tales of the Greek Heroes such as Perseus and Jason.
╚»★«╝ Welcome to Imperial Weebs!! ╚»★«╝

In Imperial Weebs, we have MANY channels to suit your every
Anime/Weeaboo need! :3

You can also chill out and talk to your friends about anime
and other things! (≧▽≦)

NSFW is allowed, but! You do need a pass for at the
self-roles channel {{{( ̄ハ ̄)}}}

At The Imperial Weebs, We have our arms wide open for a hug!

So please, Come and play with us!
Please onii-chan! (´°ω°)
An academic server for humanities, geography, anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science, religion, & general chat.
Our members include students, teachers, hobbyists, and doctors of their respective fields.
We have discussions about topics that you would see covered in Masaman's YouTube videos. This includes topics such as history, race, ethnicity, genetics, religion, language, demography, geography, maps, anthropology, etc. There are people from all over the world in the server and we are always active. Come and join us to learn and talk about these topics!
The Kingdom of France is a historically themed Discord Server intended for just about anything. People can talk about anything they wish here.

The Server isn't modelled after the Kingdom of France itself, but is modelled after several historical eras and empires. This role-play server allows you to choose a Kingdom to which you can belong to. In this server, you're allowed to rank up and to earn even the highest position.

The purpose of this system is reflected in the bot, where the bot (Which I am currently programing) allows for war commands where different Kingdoms can war with each other. Through war, the Kings/Emperors of each Kingdom/Empire can become the Owner of the server. Changing the name of the server to whichever Kingdom/Empire he rules. Right now, France is in the lead.

Here are some things we Love to talk about here:

- History. A lot of us here love History, any historical topic may be discussed. History is the topic most discussed.
- Movies. I really love movies, and it sucks we're quarantined. Let's make up for it by talking about movies.
- Controversial Opinions are allowed, people will be told however to back done if they go to far.
- Programers are highly welcomed, I am programing a bot and any help would be of use.
- Minecraft players are highly welcomed to. I am currently building Constantinople on Bedrock.
- Talk about anything, you're welcome to. I am about as tolerant as you can find among Discord Server owners.

Kingdoms/Empires that exist: France, Russia, Austria, Egypt Pashahate of Muhammad Ali, Spain and Wallachia.

When you do join, make sure to verify! Have a great day and enjoy your stay if you join!

PS: One of the tags a lie, figure it out!
This history server is focused on discussion based on the academic and professional historical field. We have great resources, great discussions, and stream historical movies twice weekly.

While there are many great, casual servers, we want to build one with high-level discussion with a focus on peer-reviewed materials. Those without professional or college-level experience in the field are welcome, but are still expected to strive for the academic standard in their discussions. Hope to see you here!
Welcome to Discord High School!
We understand that COVID-19 has closed down many schools, but that doesn't mean your education stops there! Come here to learn! Over 10 classes and unlimited learning!
We will teach you
- Art
- Music
- Science (of all kinds)
- Math
- History
- Languages (many choices!)
- Mental Health
- Physical Health

We have a school counselor for if you ever feel down and want to talk to someone who you can vent to and will be on your side.
We help you with your homework and if you want to you can help others with their homework.
No problem we will make you one. (Depending on your age.)
A group of fellows, who enjoy Roman history, study of the Latin language, more sophisticated than sometimes not conversation, etc.
The Struggling World
A nation roleplay server starting at the year 2020. Roleplay as a country and lead your nation to the top in this Struggling World. Unite the world as one peacefully or by force, It's your decision. We do not use dice rolls for war.
✯ Welcome to Europe! ✯
We are a welcoming community geared towards Europeans and Non-Europeans alike! Europe enthusiasts can interact with one another, share information, and debate! We are looking for knowledgeable contributors to our vast array of topic channels such as:
~ Languages
~ Philosophy
~ History
~ Politics
~ Religion
~ Mythology
~ Art
~ Music
~ Literature
~ Culture
~ Vexillology
~ and much more
Other features include a private survival minecraft realm / role and rank systems
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
𝑻𝑾: 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒎𝒂𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒊𝒏 𝒔𝒆𝒏𝒔𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒎𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒍
☞ Open to partnerships
☞ Open to suggestions
Welcome to the official Discord server of GI Joe Productions! Come hang out and shoot the shit with us! We're a cool, down-to-earth group who love talking about anything related to military, history, law enforcement, and music. So what are you waiting for! Join now!