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d e m o c r a c y i n e f f e c t
"Politiseum is an eclectic server with an increased emphasis on politics, philosophy, history and the various disciplines of the humanities."

We accept people of all ideologies and backgrounds. Nobody is subject to forced silence for their thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs. Casual and refreshing talks are still allowed. Entertainment isn't restricted.
- Self-assignable ideological roles
- Lenient and friendly moderators
- Ideologies and resources channels
- Efficient and capable bots
Members must adhere to Discord's TOS.
Play as a nation's leader, general, admiral, colonial governor, or any other interesting character during the Napoleonic Period! The game begins April 1, 1802, just after the Treaty of Amiens was signed ending all hostilities in Europe. Will Europe stay at peace under the new balance of power, or will the memories of war bring the continent back into conflict?

The game is highly interactive and as such mechanics run rather deep, as each nation has values for population, manpower, economy, centralization, happiness, tax rate, upkeep, and more. You may roleplay any policies or actions you can think of as your character, and the more creative it is the more your country or army will benefit. Beware, however, that any action may have unintended consequences. Additionally events will pop up from time to time that may heavily influence the course of history.

The game hasn't started yet as we are currently looking for more players, but come now to secure your favorite character! As the system is ambitious still under works any input is welcome.
A small but close community of war nerds and war gamers.
Share, collaborate and discuss philosophical ideas all the way from Plato to Modern Philosophy. Talk religion, global politics, all philosophies and ideologies are welcome! Members and Staff needed!
Welcome to mad world. On this server you take control of a nation in the 1800s and lead it to either victory or total defeat.
Kraut's server (

This server has no specific purpose and is intended mainly as a place for people to meet and exchange ideas and other in conversation.

Note: People under the age of 16 are banned.
Battle of the Bulge, 1944

Early morning on 16 December, 1944, the Germans made a fierce push into the Ardennes forest in an attempt to break through the allied lines. The following day, the 82nd Airborne was sent in and pulled out of the reserves, the 101st following one day later. The 101st was sent to the vital town of Bastogne, and the 502nd took hold of the north and northwest around the town. German artillery and armored units surrounded the town and began a siege of the American positions, bombarding and attacking throughout the ten days of the battle. On Christmas morning, German tanks penetrated the lines at Hemroulle, and infantry made it into the town of Champs. The next day, the 4th Armored Division of Patton's Third Army broke the German lines and provided reinforcements.

This roleplay focuses on a platoon of the Able (A) Company in the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne.
This Server is dedicated for individuals, who are interested in various topics such as history, politics, and more regarding to Eurasia.
On this Server, we will discuss and exchange our cultures, religions, traditions and more, in order to explore more about the vast cultures of Eurasia.

We are a community mainly based around politics and philosophy, all beliefs are welcome.

-Active VC and Text.

-Self-assign roles, adding more if you have suggestions.

-Unrestricted discussion on a range of topics including politics, history, philosophy and religion; no one will be muted or banned for their opinion!

-No rules really, just follow ToS and don't be obnoxious.

-Looking for active staff!
Clad in Iron-A Tale of American Civil War is a recently created, narrative roleplay experience which aims to explore the possibility of alternative history during the Civil War of United States. Meticulously crafted by a team of individuals who are well informed regarding Civil War Naval Conflicts and ships of war of the 19th century, the server possesses both extensive lore and captivating narratives. The dynamic structure of the story makes it so that every individual decision could significantly influence the narrative experience and the ending of the story; while high literate standard we demand from our roleplayers guarantees our participants an Epic, novel like interactive text adventure. A decision to join our server is a decision to travel back in time, into a timeline where humanity is thrusted into one of the most breathtaking conflicts it will ever face. The adherence to general historical context makes the narrative experience vividly realistic, while the alternative universe setting guarantees our participants plenty of freedom when it comes to character creation.

The History So Far
By the summer of 1864, the city of Mobile remained the last major seaport of the Confederation in the Gulf of Mexico. After the defeat in the Red River campaign, Union troops were preparing for new battles. The American naval forces, under the command of the legendary rear admiral David Farragut, were replenished with newer, more advanced Ironclad warships. The fall of the Mobile would allow the United States to dominate the Gulf of Mexico. The French intervention in Mexico, the Spanish power over Cuba, and the financial interests of the British Empire in Central America would have been under American threat.

"What if" Scenario:
The story explores an alternative history scenario where France, Britain and Spain have decided to deal a preemptive blow to the United States by maintaining the fragmented state of the Union and the Confederate. The reason for the intervention of European powers was the defense of the Confederacy from the "aggression of the North". Since then, both Britain and France have continuously and directly supported the Confederate War effort by gifting weaponries, resources, and Ironclad ships directly to the Confederate Government.
On one hand, should the Union succeed in capturing all Confederate Harbors, Union ground forces can then easily land from behind the Confederate frontline, striking the Southern States on both fronts. On the other hand, should the Confederate succeed in obtaining total dominance in the Gulf of Mexico, its European allies can then successfully maintain a constant flow of trade and incoming supplies with the southern Confederate States, allowing the Confederate to take a much more aggressive stance against the North.

Become Part of the Story
This is where our server participants come in: become influential Civil War commanders and create a history of your own. Serve the Union or the Confederate as a Naval Admiral, an Army Commander, a Politician who rallies the people's support, a European delegate sent to observe and influence the Moves of the Great Game, or perhaps just an ordinary soldier aiming to survive through the onslaught and return home unscathed. Whatever that role may be, just remember that every action one chooses to commits in the roleplay experience bears the potentiality of significantly altering the narrative as a whole. Sometimes, a single bullet fired could alter the history of the entire humanity.
Severzin Br, focado em RPG, temos vários comandos Custom criados especialmente para você sempre atualizado e pronto para te receber vamos la oque esta esperando?
We want you to join "Xaria: Politics & Philosophy"! People of all backgrounds, ideas, viewpoints, and people with any opinions are welcome!

In "Xaria: Politics & Philosophy", you can discuss and debate Philosophy, Politics, Religion, History, Science, Economics, and much more! Xaria has eight political parties which are used in staff-related elections.

Owner: @Acavelle#3304
Welcome in the Olympus server.

We are a serious community who discuss politics, history, focused mainly on Europe, and chill while gaming together and share music with each other. Join and be a member of this fantastic community.
Salute comrades! Join the Battalion of National Socialists or Red and Anarchists as well as being Metalheads or Punkheads! We welcome others of different beliefs as well. We discuss about politics, music, histories and gaming. The armies are always open to recruit new soldiers!
This group is meant to preserve the history of military surplus firearms by giving enthusiasts a place to share and discuss the hobby.
Welcome to Write History! In this server, you get to recreate history as what you want. Display your creativity and join the server!
A server were you can get new friends, and talk about history. Anyone is welcome!
Server contains History channels, Artist Channels, Writing/Reading channels, and NSFW channels (You need to give yourself a role to access these channels)
A place for memers, gamers, weebs, and everything in between!

- A day-by-day as it happened retelling of World War 2
- An active and supportive community
- Plenty of artwork and artists waiting to give feedback
- A democracy YOU can be apart of!
- Plenty of history memes and conversations just waiting to happen!

So come join the fun and join the NNA!
An academic server for humanities, geography, anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science, religion, & general chat.
Our members include students, teachers, hobbyists, and doctors of their respective fields.
The host of the supporters of the great Erwin Rommel.
World History is a Discord server for people who live and breathe history. 
The categories and channels move progressively along a timeline from emergence of early humans to the present day encouraging users to analyze historical events and develop a grasp of the chronology of human development. Find, analyze, share, discuss, critique, and improve your knowledge in this unique and friendly environment.
Hello and welcome to the Nationalist German Reich! This server is not a neo-nazi server.
What this server has to offer
- Dank Memes
- Historical Debates
- Music Bots
- Active Staff
Why don't you stop by the Nationalist German Reich!
The largest Rome server on Discord! If you love ancient Rome, this is the server for you.
Whether you just love Total War games, the Gladiator movie or you're a history buff with a special interest for Rome, our server has plenty to offer.
Here's what you can expect if you join our growing community:

- A dynamic and interesting role system.
- Elections for most important roles.
- Interesting debates.
- A friendly place for all Rome and history enthusiasts to share their ideas.
- Quizzes, contests, and debates.
- Awards based on merit.

We listen to community feedback and always try to improve our server by adding new features.

We welcome new members to join the server and start their Roman adventure!


Roma Invicta!
The main focus of this server is to provide an atmosphere in which civil discussion can take place over issues of politics across the globe.The goal here is to work together to form a better understanding of reality, not to simply argue our positions; to treat hot debate topics with tact and respect in the hopes of finding better solutions, instead of dominating our opponents. Feel free to change your mind here, or remain rooted in your positions, so long as you genuinely believe what you say and give others a chance to impress upon you their own worldviews.