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A social server based around history, with little application! Self-assigned roles to unlock various channels, with constant news ones added. Kind of small for now, but it will grow.
A fun and open minded Community! We talk History, Politics and all that good stuff! We have recently implemented POLITICAL ROLES! For example if you are a socialist then you will receive the role!
Welcome weary traveler. Your journey is at an end. Come down into the valley of your new home, Shangri-La. Paradise on Earth. We aim to be a comfy server to meet new friends and speak your mind. 18+ only.
A server dedicated completely to history! From frank discussion over the Spanish Civil War, to lighthearted jokes about Angela Merkel, there's room for it all!
A new community for discussing Ancient Rome! Here you can discuss all things related to the Romans, from Total War games and movies to real historical debates.
Whether you just love Total War games, the Gladiator movie or you're a history buff with a special interest for Rome, this is the right channel for you.
Here's what you can expect if you join our growing community:

- A dynamic and interesting role system.
- Elections for most important roles.
- Interesting debates.
- A friendly place for all Rome and history enthusiasts to share their ideas.
- Quizzes, contests, and debates.
- Awards based on merit.

We welcome new members to join the server and start their Roman adventure!


Roma Invicta!
Hey y'all
Do you like muskets? Do you like fictional history? well come on down to the straights RP!
Why would you join our server?
-We have our own lore
-We do our best to make our server better every day!
-I'm always open to suggestions!
🇹🇷 🌍 🗽 **FLAGS & MAPS** 🇪🇸 🌐 🛡️

We are an open and friendly international community and we love geography! We accept everyone
Safe community, educative and interesting stuff and much more you will find here!

-MAPS 🗺️

See you! 😊
⭐⭐A Closer Look⭐⭐

We are a history focused server but also talk about other topics as well!


🏛 Political Debate Club
🤔 Philosophy Club
🖋 Literature Club
👻 Conspiracy Club
🎶 Music & Arts Club

🔶 Self assignable roles!

☕ Every one is welcome regardless of education level.

📚 A growing library of pdf books

Organized into the following categories:
🛡Main Chat
📜Pre History 🐲
📜Pre-greek era
📜Greek-roman era
📜Medieval era
📜Renaissance era
📜WW1 era
📜WW2 era
📜Cold war era
📜 Gulf War to present

🎙Weekly Podcast that everyone can participate on.

📺 New weekly group documentary viewings followed with a group discussion and study of the documentary.

📌 More group activities coming! We will have a full schedule through out the week so there will always be something for you to do!

🏆 Award winning (Ok maybe I'm exaggerating) Admin and Mod team. But they are great and are carefully spread around the timezones so there is somebody online almost 24 hours a day.
A place to discuss history as it was, or theorize about alternative history.
We are a group of History Buffs who like to raid servers as the Waffen-SS. You do not have to take part in these raids however! They are completely optional, our main goal is to talk about history and just be relaxed.

We like to target Communists and SJWs due to them being retarded and also giving funny reactions.

Come on down! We'll have lots of fun!

Angenehme Gemeinschaft mit diversen Bots, Kanälen für Memes und Rollenspiele und sogar einen Porno-Kanal. Virtuelle Störenfriede (sprich: Trolle) werden besonders gern gesehen. Wir freuen uns über jeden Neuzugang!

This is a text roleplay server focused on the 1862 Maryland Campaign in the American Civil War.

"The Maryland Campaign—or Antietam Campaign—occurred September, 1862, during the American Civil War. Confederate General Robert E. Lee's first invasion of the North was repulsed by the Army of the Potomac under General Anton L. Voltropov (Me), who moved to intercept (yet to know CSA General) and his Army of Northern Virginia and eventually attacked it near Sharpsburg, Maryland. The resulting Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single-day battle in American history and is widely considered one of the major turning points of the war."

- Character Creation
- Historic Regiments and Equipment
- Recruiting Staff

[Created on the 29th December 2018]
The Military Archives focuses on most things military, from weapons to vehicles, tech to CBRN equipment and more. We have channels for each subject area as well as other channels for general conversation and bot stuff. We're not overly strict either - just keep it civilised.

All welcome regardless of background or age.

A cool hub server where you can chill and hangout on, you can also find great roleplays and servers on it. A great community and great staff.
Have you wanted to be part of something special? Something amazing? Something you will absolutely love and shall never want to leave? Well lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place, welcome to The German Reich. We have many things to do here and many perks:

- Active Staff Members
- Lots of memes
- Economy
- Many WW2 quizzes
- Many new people to meet
- Many bots to play around with
- Dedicated Staff
- An actuate WWII ranking system.
- With every service that sided with the Axis Powers as well!

Not just that, but we also have our own Political talks, Parties and Elections. We have Giveaways that you won’t want to miss out on, and much more! So come on down and click that invite link, you’ll regret not joining The German Reich and will have a blast while you’re here!
ENGLISH - Welcome to The Great Europa! This is a server to discuss things such as military marches, anthems, politics, and vexillology.
March of the Eagle was founded on the principles of Realistic and Engaging Alternate-History Nation Roleplay, and we uphold these principles ever since the in Sim foundation year of 1780. Every player is a nation, and our nation control system is easy to learn. Join us today, and join our community!
Welcome to Living The Dream! This is a casual alternative to other US History focused servers, where the goal is to learn and have fun! We also happen enjoy a meme from time to time. This is not a place for intense historical discourse, however everyone's opinion is valid as long as it's said respectfully.
An academic server for humanities, geography, anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science, religion, & general chat.
Would you like to join a server with a Anime and History focus along with gaming? Come on down to Oorai Girls Academy! We would love to have you aboard. Are you a content creator? well you're in luck We would also like to have you. All of our services are free. We also have a discord bot we are working on called Yukari (named based off of Girls Und Panzer of course)

Benefits to join:
Waifu Claiming
Custom Discord Bot
Common Sense Moderation
A nice safe place to discuss history, anime, and gaming
Free Content Promotion

Join Us today
A server for fans of history, grand-strategy games, and alt-history, all ages welcome just don't be a jerk
Hello! This is the official page for Sharlanity. Please join our religion, and pray to Carl. Other information will be added soon as we discuss this being more public, better in the meetings. :D thx
~Head Priest
We are a smaller community centerd around history discussions of all ages, memes , some politics, different strategy and paradox games and the occasional anime!