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TF2-CITY has everything a tf2 player would want in a server!
Active members to talk to about tf2, memes, fun BOT commands, and more. it's super easy to find other members to play tf2 with our "Looking to play" channel. all you need to do is join, read and accept the rules, and then you can get to having an amazing time with other tf2 players. The goal of this server is to be the best place for tf2 fans to hang-out!
so if all that sounds awesome to you why not join?
We provide the following:
- 2 Music Bots
- Moderators
- Partnerships
If the link doesn't work email
[email protected] for help
Welcome to Awau's Corner.
We are a friendly community based around meeting new people, discussing random topics and just having homey atmosphere. We have a custom made bot that don't really do much right now but we are working on making her awasome just like you.

As well as custom bot we have:
-- leveling system
-- role selection
-- warm and welcoming community
-- and many many other cool stuffies!

Come join our friendly community and just enjoy being in nice safe environment.

PS : pls no booli Awau ;-;
Hidden amongst the diverse sands of humanity are the various seashells of supernatural beings. Of course--in this unexplored ocean of life, there are bound to be a few things humans don’t understand.

That’s where Sathlem City fits into this reef; a city seemingly rich with both human and supernatural life, though the supernatural part may be concealed willingly for the time being. After what we can only call a Purge happened, somewhere during the 1600's, it was believed that ‘monsters’ were wiped clean off the face of the planet. Or perhaps, the specials chose willingly to hide as to not cause more of a ruckus than the humans did already.

That’s where we are right now. Who knows what may happen in the future? A civil war? Haha. join to find out.


No, this place isn’t ocean themed--I just needed something to spice up the description. Anyways--Hi! This is minimod Shady of Sathlem! This RP server is a pretty small open-world kinda deal with a few plotlines planned for the future. Things might not get going right away, but we’re hoping you, passerby, are interested enough to hang out!

If not for RP, then just for a laff x
Melodisc is a very relaxed and diverse community with people who want to hang out, have fun, make new friends and discover new music ranging from indie, metal and everything in between.
✽ — 𝐌𝐚𝐡𝐨 𝐍𝐨 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐚 — ✽

we are a new friendly fan-based 16+ anime server where you can be yourself. ✾
either you're a weeb or a gamer, come and make new friends with common interests. ❁
we'd love to see this server grow and want people to be apart of the growth. ❀

⇉ What we provide for the community? ⇇

✽ - sfw.
✽ - active, friendly staff.
✽ - welcoming members.
✽ - bot gameplay.
✽ - leveling up system
✽ - music bots.
✽ - memes.
✽ - helping out when you need it.
✽ - cute emotes.
All artists (and art lovers) are welcome. We have pronoun roles, organized channels, and a dedicated Spanish section!! We look forward to seeing your art!!! :)
Hello and welcome to the Sleepy People server! This server is for people who enjoy naps, are lazy or in general just want to be a part of a new server! We have:
🌜5 Fun bots!
🐑1 admin and 6 moderators!
🌜A special room for venting, in case you feel stressed out!
🐑A spam channel!
🌜2 general chats! (one of them is mods only)
🐑Channels for TV shows, books, and more!
🌜Channels for facts about different things like war and history!
And more!
The mods and I are constantly trying to make the server bigger and better! We even have an area where you can give me and the mods suggestions on what we should do next! All people are welcome!
🌜Please be respectful of people's race, religion, sexuality, etc. Do not insult others on purpose- however, being offensive for comedy is allowed.
🐑Do not steal other people's work! If someone posts a drawing or a piece of writing, do not take/use it without permission!
🌜Please do not make fun of people's problems. If someone is posting personal issues outside of the venting chat, please ask them to go to that chat room. Also, do not go into the venting chat to make fun of people.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ★ w u h ★ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
welcome to wuh!! Just a friendly, chill community with the aim of curing a bad case of boredom~
we welcome absolutely all, and just want a safe and fun zone for others <33
we have simple rules to follow, nothing too complex aha
interested? wellll~

♡ here's what we offer ♡
┍━━━━━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━━━━━┑
♡ a friendly community!!
♡ a safe, sfw zone
♡ 20+ emoji's!!
♡ self-roles
♡ active staff and trusted staff to keep you safe
♡ partnerships~
♡ currently hiring stafff
♡ we got a welcome squaddd~!
♡ events like karaoke, game nights, movie nights
┕━━━━━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━━━━━┙
Welcome to another Macro/Micro server, except this one is mostly SFW (there weren’t too many macro/micro related servers so I decided to make one)!

Now, you don’t have to exactly be into macros and/or micros to join, but it is mostly for those kind of people <3
FDE es un servidor de habla hispana el cual cuenta ya con más de 1300 miembros ¡Todos son bienvenidos! Si apenas te estás involucrando en el fandom te podemos acompañar en ese proceso, o si nada más quieres pasar un rato charlando, conocer gente nueva, jugar un rato o escuchar música ¡También has venido al lugar correcto!
Podrás compartir tu arte, compartir tus redes , charlar de tus experiencias y compartir memes en nuestro servidor.
Tenemos gente de toda la esfera hispánica aquí ¿Qué esperas tú para unirte también?

Antes de entrar se le requerirá responder unas preguntas antes de pasar al servidor :3
Todos son bienvenidos!
Hello! This is an SFW Furry-friendly server! It's brand new, and in need for some improvement soon! Here, you can hopefully make new friends, Request trades and battles, and maybe even Boost the server for even more cool new features! Enjoy your stay!
This is Paws of Possibility, a friendly furry Discord community that is always growing! Please consider checking the server out, as we have wonderful members and lots of fun in store for you!

PoP's features include:
🦋 100% sfw
🦋 Roleplay channels with specialized lore and location-based roleplay, along with general roleplay for whatever topics you like!
🦋 Yes, we have a meme chat.
🦋 LGBT+ friendly!
🦋 Rythm bot for playing music!
🦋 An accepting and friendly community, against drama.
Los Veranos. The Summer City. A fictional urban landscape where a nobody can be somebody. Take a stroll through Bellic Park, catch the lastest movie at White Rose Cinema, or maybe lie in the white sands of Corona Beach. There's a whole city to explore, and stories waiting to be told. Are you willing to make the move?

-SFW server
-Semi realistic setting
-A server to simply chill and have fun.
Manechat is a MLP server for everyone. Started in 2015, it is one of the biggest and most active servers in the community. It fosters a friendly, SFW, and conversation focused environment where people talk about everything related to the show and more, like sharing their art, games, science and technology, and other media. No matter the time of day you will find someone to talk to.

🌙 ✸ ⇧ Welcome To By Chance ⇧ ✸ 🌙

💯 By Chance is a very chill and a slow growing community, and is looking for any and all different types of people of Discord to join in and help us grow. 💯

🌊 We also offer you.. 🌊
**Friendly Members and Staff**
**Selfies and Gaming**
**Self Assign Roles**
**Movie Nights and Music**
**Mee6 Leveling roles**
**And Much Much More!**

🌑 Feel free to join By Chance! We don't bite at all, we promise! 🌑
Welcome to Fur Town, a tight-nit community of furries looking for a place to chill, relax, hangout, and do whatever else us furries do (wink wink). Come on in and hang with us, we swear we won't bite...much~
Welcome to Rainful!
We are a cozy, welcoming and friendly, sfw server focused on relaxing, anime and manga, chilling, playing games and making friends. A 24/7 lofi stream is available on the server and lots of bots for fun. Rainful is a peaceful, drama free space.
We have leveling, colour roles and friendly, kind and understanding staff. We have friendly members, however we are small and kind of new so please be understanding with our growth~
Come huddle under the umbrella with us!
Preferably 16+
I'm sinking, you're sinking, welcome aboard, mate.
💛friendly community 💛
💛Bots for fun💛
💛Small, and growing 💛
💛Place to chill and make friends💛
💛Looking for staff💛
💛self assignable roles💛
💛Designated channels for selfies, media and music💛
💛still growing and will accommodate your suggestions💛

Hop aboard and have a good time!
LGBT friendly and laid back, this is my humble abode on the internet. Good people, good vibes, and good chats. Pop in if you like, our custom bot doesn't announce newcomers or departures.
Welcome to the Pocket pharmacy! Honored to be the home of Pill pups! What are Pill pups you might ask? Pill pups are a small little friend you carry in your pocket for medical purposes. These little guys have taken over the drug market! No need for popping pills when you have a cute little buddy to take care of your medical needs just by being in your pocket!

Can't wait to see you soon!
**Welcome to 。・゚゚・ Mythical Ocean ・゚゚・。, a 200% sfw age regression server for anyone 14+!**

✨This server is very inactive but we hope it will grow bigger!✨

Down here in the ocean, we offer:
☁️ 50+ self assignable roles to choose from
⛅ Preschool, storytime and movie night
☁️ Media chats for selfies, art, food and more
⛅ Pingable babysitter and support role
☁️ Many fun bots for music, ranking system, economy and more
⛅ A safe and fun place for littles, switches and caregivers!
☁️ Looking for active staff!
HEY! Are you looking for a chill new server? Fed up of the same old boring inactive servers? Well, don't you worry! We have it all.
ღActive Members
ღLounge and fun channels
ღSelfie and Art channels
ღFriendly and supportive admins/mods
We look forward to seeing you