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Panda's empire is a place for good times with good people. We have a dedicated staff and lots of heart. We take user feedback very seriously and strive to fit the needs and desires of our community. We have Roleplay, Gaming, events and more. We even have an adult's only section for those looking for a mature environment to chat or meet others. We welcome you with open arms and hope you find yourself at home in Panda's Empire
21 minutes ago
Community 50
Looking To Talk is a server that is accepting to everyone. No matter gender, age, sexuality etc. We are a family friendly community looking to grow.We have friendly, experienced staff.
38 minutes ago
A medieval fantasy roleplay server. Takes place in Benken (St Gallen), Switzerland.
1 hours ago
Other 19
Casual roleplay server with a modern-day, urban fantasy setting with a little alternate history.
1 hours ago
Community 33
chatting server, if yall like the roosterteeths please hit me up
1 hours ago
Welcome to The Candy Shop! If you have a sweet tooth for NSFW stuff come check us out. We also have many channels for Personal Stuff as well. If you have any kinky request you should join. We can always help people with dating needs as well.
1 hours ago
Community 23
Tired of drama? Tired of lewd? Looking for some place to fit in with friendly furs? Then you've come to the right place! (Cliche, I know. shush.) With a no nsfw policy, this place is the safest in the Southern Hemisphere! Visit for more info!
2 hours ago
Welcome to Undertale Fandom, a roleplay centric server that wants to offer a active community for discussing the game, roleplaying, sharing art, and more!
2 hours ago
Orynko-Ryoko is a furry/non-furry based server that is dedicated to making everyone know that they are needed here!

We provide with over 63+ subroles, with over 20+ RP channels (in 2 different categories), a form to post your OCs, advertise your channels (but need permission to), and many many other channels to come!

We're a server that is promised to be kept from any kind of drama, trolling, raiding, impersonators, etc! We're also a very fond server, so expect to have a very great welcome from many of our members! <3

And finally, support anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, and race! Rather, by the actions they commit. We will make sure that no one will ever scold, judge, or insult you by who you want to be, because we want everyone to be open on who they really want to be.

This server is almost a week old with over 20+ members, and we are very glad if you'd join, cause we need the help to make it grow! ^^
12 hours ago
Welcome to the kpop hangout!
We offer:
Leveling up
Friendly environment
KPOP specific artist channels
Color Selection
Unique Roles
13 hours ago
Hello! Chronicles of Elima is a 17th century fantasy-esque roleplay filled with events and plenty of lore. Five kingdoms hope to unlock the secret of an ancient calamity, a god lies chained in the heart of a volcano, and a deadly shadow stalks the land... with over 100 beasts sorted by city, a vast ocean teaming with danger and pirates, and a haunted forest filled with the souls of the lost, there is plenty to be discovered in Chronicles of Elima! Our staff are all friendly and will help with anything you need, but wonโ€™t hesitate to write dungeons and events that will test your very limits. So come and hop in to Chronicles of Elima, where the world is as diverse as the characters who live there!
14 hours ago
Please, vorarephiles only!! Deepest Affections is a safe-for-work environment with a beach resort theme focused on voracious encounters between its residents.
16 hours ago
Community 8
new and small but friendly server. Feel free to join! 19+ only!
17 hours ago
Welcome to the mercenary fleet RP. It's an action packed rp with lots of events and stuff,we have multiple ships and captains so you can choose what ship and captain you like more and stay on that ship. Come join and have fun!
17 hours ago
16+ SFW Only
This is a Safe Place. While we focus on DDLG, ABDL, and Pet Play we welcome all kinks so drop in and check it out! We have weekly movie nights and game nights, with gaming and roleplay channels.
21 hours ago
We are a small collection of friends who want to make a community of gamers and weebs of all kinds! Still relatively small but slowly growing :D
1 days ago
Community 85
Calling all furries and people who like 'em! Looking for a place to hang out and make friends? Furry Kingdom might just be for you! We are a friendly and welcoming server run by a pair of Kings and an experienced Staff. With emphasis on creating a positive and respectful environment that values user feedback and input, we just may be a good place to call home. We've got channels for gaming, technology, serious talk, and so much more. Why don't you come say hello?
3 days ago
Community 23
Hi! We are a SFW ddlg server that would love to partner with more kinksters like ourselves! Come join and meet some friends or your long lost lil baby. It's carebear themed. โ™ฅ
5 days ago
Hello and welcome to the discord FGO based role play server of Fate Orders Revival where there is a story based off of and a continuation of the Fate Grand Order story join and have FUN!!
7 days ago
Anime and Manga 18
Neko Worshiping is a server that is all about hanging out, Worshiping nekos sometimes, And just having a good time!
8 days ago
[N]SFW Legends is a simple community that is based on NSFW and SFW stuff. The server is for 16+ 18+ people. We got many things that can get your interest. So come on and join this awesome server, I bet you won't regret it!
19 days ago
Public Test Server in search of members willing to roleplay fluently in an entirely fan-made timeline/universe taking place in the world of Naruto. Features include a rank system, title system, and designated roles for the character each person provides for the server. More information will be provided when you join. Don't be a stranger, follow your ninja way!
19 days ago
Sure, the name might be "Roleplay Crap" but I can assure you it isn't!
Here it's basically just one large roleplay. You're free to create any character or play as an existing one and just do whatever.
We also have a nice community if you just want to stay and talk, share art and post memes.
20 days ago
A quite new SFW rp server, based around an undead invasion and a kingdom! Magic included!
28 days ago