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Hello there, you doing good today! Hopefully. I'm here to tell you about Chill United, the newest, most free and epic chill chat server. This is not a dating server but we also don't disallow it. We also have roles you can setup to show who you are. This is just a chill lounge for you to talk to your friends about basically anything.

this is a chill server, where anyone can talk about really whatever they want,
and meet new people, we accept anyone, we have a non toxic community, we host events, but we are currently looking to grow this community, it would be amazing if you could help and be apart of it!

p.s. mind one of the co owners, he is a bit hyper and says some stupid shit lol

thanks for reading and enjoy swerve : )
❝I hope there are days when your coffee tastes like magic,
your playlists makes you dance,
strangers make you smile,
and the night sky touches your soul.
I hope you fall in love with being alive again.❞
Epic place for epic doods

Just a server to chill in and talk about whatever. Its a bit dead so it would be nice to have new people join

We have age roles set up by yag but no color roles, so you'll be given a random color unless you ask what you want.

The server is 13-20+ we're also lgbt friendly

Owners: Mao, BoobieSauce
Admins: Banana, Lola, Bologna, & Hoshi

Entertainment bots: Pokecord, Groovy, Mudae

you can share the server with friends and what not. Be sure to read the rules and do your introductions if you want
Welcome to Why Not V2!
Our old one got banned at 150 members :/

We are a community where you can find new friends and just have fun at!
Join us today and help us out with a great server!
adore is a welcoming community based on meeting new people

( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅♡]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )


• welcoming staff & community
• self roles & colors
• cute emotes for nitro and non nitro users
• server wide events & giveaways
• cute & simple layout

Hello , I'm officially opening my server at 16/1/2020! This server is about uniting people of different interests such as Otakus, Role-players,foodies n music lovers.we also provide some fun bots to play with n have quiet a lenient staff ! So what're you waiting for...JOIN UP!!!
If you are looking for a server to make friends, socialize, or any type of interaction.. (with no discrimination of course) We are the place you want!

We are a server for 13+ !

Including :
• Socializing
• Self Roles (Colored Roles)
• Active Community
• Available for Partnerships
And much more!

We are welcome to anybody! We also support LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈❕
13+ Hangout 🔥

-200+ People
-Selectable Roles
-Good Staff
-Active Chats
-Funny Memes
-Voice Chats

We Hope You Consider To Join Us!

╰─►⸙͎ 「 ☐ ┋ 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐞𝐥 𝐀𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲 」

▸  : : :
☇〔 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 ༉ ˎ- ╮
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

「 introduction 」

⚆ ⨾ A world filled with nobility, insane royal families, school murders, magic, and much more. Seraphiel Academy is a school located in a land where Angels used to live, accepting students from all places so long they're of nobility rank. In a school where only the rich could attend, will your status willingly allow you to rise all the way up or will you be forcibly suppressed and murdered in a way no one would care for you?

here in Seraphiel Academy, we have ⁝  ←

❛ ⚆ ⨾ Original Lore, Setting, Story, etc.
Unique RP Setting
⚆ ⨾ Heavy World Building
⚆ ⨾ Customised Quests and Loots
⚆ ⨾ Exclusive Economy System
⚆ ⨾ Statistics System and Duels
⚆ ⨾ Custom Item Shop
⚆ ⨾ Easy Self-roles
⚆ ⨾ 24/7 radio
⚆ ⨾ LGBTQ+ Friendly students

and much more!❜
╰─── thank you for reading, please give us a try!

This is a server where you can hang out, chat, make new friends and
more. (13-17)
Here are some few things that we offer:

》 Self Assignable Roles
》 Meet new people and make new friends
》 Chill community
》 Clubs
》 Friendly and chill Staff
》 Bots e.g, music and memes
》 Events
》 And more!

》 Join today! We're a clean and chill server!

✧ ゚・ UwU ・ ゚✧ is a new and small community server.

Chat with others, find friends, listen to music and much more. We got all the basic stuff offered, if you have any suggestions be free to suggest.

Also, this server is TOXIC FREE. Or at least that's what I'm aiming for.

Have fun <3
🔷This server is a server where you can meet new people🔷

🔷The community is friendly and welcoming🔷

🔷You do have to be at least 13 years of age🔷
13+ Dating and Community server with 1 rule being no NSFW.
Welcome to The Hangout this server is just to chill and and enjoy life! We are always here to support you and help if needed. We do contain NSFW channels but it is not based on that subject lmao. We always have fun and joke around here and if you even want to you could possibly find a BF/GF!!!!! Anyway enjoy our server.
Welcome to Cloud9, a social community with a very welcoming community people join here to make friends or maybe even more just be yourself and find someone to talk to☁
- Friendly community looking for more active members!
- Dankmemer bot, nsfw section
- taking emote requests for any emote you need

🐾 Welcome to the Lil Pups' Bedroom! We are a new, SFW, small, ages 13-24 server that should tend to your needs! We wanted to be unique, so we chose a theme that's about dogs and pajamas!

We have:
- A verification system upon joining
- Attentive staff
- A looking section (if you're in need of a CG and/or little)
- And much more not listed here!

🐶⚠️ Please be aware that we do have a looking section, and we do have roles related to relationship status, but that does NOT mean that we are a dating server. Please do NOT take it that way. ⚠️🐶

If you think that any of this information peeks your interests, come join our server today! We hope to see you there and help us grow!
Woof!~ 🐾
Welcome to our server!
You're accepted here, we're all weirdos.
This is not a dating server, but we don't care if you use it for that.
Join and see if ya like us, stay a while.
We're a community based server so we'll definitely welcome you with open arms.
Hey~ Welcome to the UwU cult!
We are an Lgbtq+ NSFW server~

This is a new server, but we think you'd like it too!
We have lots of new channels, names and bots.
We're looking for moderators!
Come join us! We'd love to meet you!
A chill server for people to find friends in! Lots of friendly people always ready for chat and fun! The staff is always there to ensure a friendly and positive environment so everyone gets to have fun!

We offer a lot of stuff like memes, gaming chat, A Customizable bot to play with nice art channels and many more!

So why not join us, its free after all!
Welcome to QUESTION SLEEP, the all-things-Vasquez hot spot! Here, we have chats dedicated to Jhonen Vasquez and (almost) all of his works, including: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Invader Zim, I Feel Sick, and Squee! Share your art, cosplay, theories, AUs and more! We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly, 13+ server. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding disrespectful behavior, bullying, spamming, etc.
Join & have fun!
Our goal of this server is to help others through tough times and over all improve themselves by setting tiny goals, having people they can talk to that will help them through the tough times while making friendships that will last a lifetime!

Here you will find loving and kind people that will help you through tough times.

Our hope is that you will make friendships that you will hold dear to your heart forever while getting the help and self improvement you want <3