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This server is for 13+ Very respectful members! * Need Staff * * Dating / Friend Finder * We host giveaways (Real Currency I.E Giftcards at certain member goals) And events! We hope to see you come by!
join the real slav server ony for slav's or wanna be slavs
hi there this server has friendly staff, nice owner, and everything nice
If you are interested in participating in the LGBTQ+ community or supporting it, come hang out with us! We have:

❤ self roles ❤
❤ games ❤
❤ staff applications ❤
❤ 1 on 1 talking ❤
❤ a fun community ❤
❤ laid-back rules ❤
❤ overall fun time ❤

Join today!
[email protected]<[email protected]_-_-_x
Join Us Now!!}
Our server contains-
1)Friendly People
2)Welcoming Movements
3)Humour (Dark and PG)
5)Social medias/profiles
You can say hello to anyone and add yourselves in conversations (that arent salty)
Make friends you could be close with and tell every secret!
Owner- Lexi/Matisse
Co-Owner- Aria/LadyMystic
Main Admin/Mod etc.- Jagnar
Our Lord And Saviour- Zach_P
Make sure when you join our server you're at least over the age of 13, if you're not 13 please tell the admins or if you see someone under 13 please tell jagnar, LadyMystic or Matisse. By doing that we can put the *PG* role on them so they have 0 access to BDSM and NSFW chats or VC!
ThankYou for Joining our server 'Uglies'<3!
and don't forget to share and bump our server!
by you doing that is raising your chance in meeting your best friend!
~Welcome and Enjoy~
-Uglies Staff; Matisse, LadyMystic and Jagnar
(PS: our server is still small and still needs updating and some polishing up, so when you join please be patient! We are still developing :3)
Shello people, this is for some lonely pieces of shit, who either want to date someone or just find friends and chill with them.
If you're interested (and if you're a lonely piece of shit) just join.
We are friendly, often. Don't take all so serious what we are saying thx hun.
This server is all new, so be the first who joins.

Our features:
- We have a dating section
- We have a gaming section
- We have a music section, where you can here some of it
- We have NSFW section, but only people 15+ can go there
- If you want a specific role, text me or the other Admin

Our rules:
Even tho we don't have much of them there are some. lol fuckers
be friendly or go, you can swear, but no bullying
admins are gods, so treat us like them (ok no)

bb fuckers
★Welcome to The 9th Dimension!★

We have lots to offer such as;
⇨Helpful staff
⇨Active Community
⇨NSFW Channels
⇨Chill place to hangout
⇨Auto Roles
⇨Drama Free Chatrooms
⇨Multiple bots

★We hope you enjoy your stay at the The 9th Dimension!★
Hello!~ Welcome to Divine Skylines! We are a community server that offers a lot in terms of people's interests.

✿.。.:* ☆:**:. Server Bio .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

This server was created not too long ago, on the 27th of January 2019. This server consists of everything that a community server could need plus a lot more.
Our server tailors to what you want to talk about and what you would want in a server. We have a suggestion channel in order for you to pick and choose in what you would like to see within your perfect discord server.

✿.。.:* ☆:**:. What to Expect .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

In our server you can expect to find:
- A great and caring staff team.
- Anime and gaming channels for all different conversations.
- A way to suggest what you want inside of a discord server you would like to be in.
- We support server advertising with our multiple different channels!
- A great community who are accepting of whoever you are, LGBT to Furry, we love you all!
- Pokecord, Unbelievaboat, Mudae and so many more bots to keep you entertained.

We really hope you join our server and enjoy your stay!~
✿Koibito Cafe✿

‣13-18 only
‣LGBT safe community
‣Meet a friendly community of people
‣Artist friendly server
‣Gaming community
‣Vent friendly, lots of people here to remind you that you aren't alone
Join Us We Need ACTIVE MEMBERS.We are growing Join Us😊.Dating and friendship is allowed.Listen to music and meet and talk to new ppl.Enjoy!❤
hewwo! welcome to peris paradise! we're a hangout but we have dating too!
we have quite a few bots so you shouldn't get bored!
we have self roles so you dont have to wait!
we're raid proof so you dont have to worry about seeing anything bad!
please enjoy your time in peris paradise!
A discord server to talk and make friends or also play with each other in games. It's still in development tho. I need to add more to it. It is as well for people who are lonely and depressed to talk and socialize.
Hi! We're a small teen e dating server. We have a nice staff team and effective anti raid bots.

We accept all members!
Welcome to Stargazing!

This server contains:
•Active Staff
•Fairly New Server
- Vc Rooms
- Selfies
- Verified
- Userphones
. ⋄⋱∵∴∘°Little Love Garden°∘∴∵⋰⋄

» › ❀ ‹ «
"Who are we?"

Welcome to the Little Love Garden! We are a 13+ CG/L Garden-themed server welcoming anyone of all shapes and sizes!

» › ❀ ‹ «
"What do we have to Offer?"

✰》- Absolutely no NSFW Content! :underage:

✰》- Many different Bots to play with! :robot:

✰》- Active and friendly community! :tea:

✰》- Friendly Staff to support you! :hugging:

✰》- Events, QOTD and Other cool features! :video_game:

✰》- Many Different Channels Including Art, Gaming, Aesthetic, Memes and much much more! :drum:

Come on down to the Little Love Garden to hangout and have a great time!!!

Hello, and welcome to UnderRated.

This is a community for:
- Gaming
- Making New Friends
- Dating is allowed
- And Having Fun!

WARNING: Server is **SOMETIMES** dead due to timezone differences.
Hello, welcome to 𝙚 - 𝙨 𝙖 𝙙! Here you can meet new people and chat with people like you! Here you can:
△ Date! ✧・゚
△ Hangout! ✧・゚
△ Talk to new people about your favorite games & music! ✧・゚
△Make new friends! ✧・゚
So, come on over and have lots of fun! ✧・゚
Welcome to Barney's World, a server for gamers. hangout and meet new friends and teammates. A server mainly based around games and other fun things. Very friendly and helpful staff. And if you want to start a chat around another topic just contact us.
This community is a safe haven for all. They take pride in holding community events, contests, gaming tourneys, and get togethers! With a built in ranking system, custom currency for roles, and many more methods to build the community, they hope you join them and become a part of their loving, fun, and growing community! So come on and join Celestial Divinity, where you will meet the sweetest of people.```

We have:
*18plus channel for people above 18 and older!*
*Gaming community that everyone can enjoy!*
*Looking for partnerships, the more the merrier!*
*Overall a community of people you will enjoy being around.*
Hi! Join FRENS. FRENS is a new server, but fleshing out to be pretty awesome! We have discussion channels on gaming, technology, roleplay, mental health, friend-making, 18+ SFW dating, music, and much more! We also are looking for server partners. Also x2, we have a music recommendations channel!, events like cards against humanity, and several bots!

Welcome to 🍑 Peachy Hangout! 🍑

✨ Still in development ⚠️
✨ Small server, trying to grow
✨ ‼ !13-16! ‼
✨ Chill, make friends, date, whatever.
✨ The chats pretty dead rn tbh..
✨ Friendly member + Staff (kinda)
✨ Self-Assignable Roles (maintenance)
✨ Self-Assignable Colors (Coming Soon)
✨ Voice Channels
✨ Game Channels
✨ Different Channels
✨ Vent Channel
✨ Advice Channel
✨ Bots
✨ Suggestions
✨ A e s t h e t i c s
✨ e-girls & bois :o
✨ Memes 😭
✨ Selfies
✨ Social Media
✨ Active Members + Staff (kinda)

(dis server is pretty ded rn save us)

**🍒 ⋆ 🍧 🎀 𝒞𝓊𝓅𝒾𝒹 𝒵𝑜𝓃𝑒 🎀 🍧 ⋆ 🍒**
A discord where you can meet friends, find love, and meet the best cuties, run by cuties grab them as best friends. Staff are usually always on and ready to help! This server is 13-18 years to prevent little kids from coming on and grown adults, and staff always check!
We have:

↠ Selfies Chats for Different Ages (We Verify, No Worries)
↠ Staff Help just About 24/7
↠ Memes chats
↠ Music chats
↠ Auto Roles
↠ Drama Free Chat Rooms
↠ Many cool useable bots
↠ Events and Polls!

Dm TeggyBear#6158 for partnerships or questions!