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Where you can meet new people!
Anyone is welcome here !
Meet new friends, :o)
OwO spam
Offensive memes
The Nsfw, Offenisve memes, and gore are private if you don’t want to see that :).
I try to make it as safe as possible-
Meaning No trolls, No slurs, No disrespect.
Thank You!! 💓
🔥Server Description:
• This Is A Fun Hangout Server Full Of Memes, Great People And Active Chats. We Are Pretty New And Fast Growing At The Moment And We Are Looking For Active Staff.

🔥Some Of What We Have To Offer:
• Memes
• Music
• Partnerships
• Gaming Channels
• Anime
• Fast Growing Community
• Introductions
• Active Staff
• Self Assignable Roles
• LGBTQ+ Friendly
• Lots Of Channels
• NSFW For People 18+
• Plenty Of Bots To Play With
• Story Times
• Many Voice Chats To Talk In
• Serious And TW Chats
• Male And Female Selfie Channels
• And Many More!

• @everyone @here

🔥Permanent Invite link:
Welcome to Fur Hangout!

We are a server dedicated to creating a safe space for furries as well as people of all ethnicities and communities. Rebooted after being damaged by drama, we are back and better than ever.

We have:
- Active and friendly staff that do their best to maintain the server
- 8 bots to play with, including Rythm and Dank Memer
- Unique, raider-proof verification process
- Self-assignable roles for species, orientation
- And more!

We hope that you choose to join our server and have a wonderful time here!
- camelCase, Server Admin
Hello there! Welcome to Lolis Basement, before you join, take a look at what we guarantee you..

-We have a nice community
-We have lots of nsfw
-We have quality hentai(not loli)
-The rules are golden
-There are roles for your needs
-There is a nice and friendly community waiting for you
And those are just a few reason to join the community!
It’s a place where you can chillax and do whatever you want
We are trying to grow as much as possible!( ^ω^ )
Don't forget you’re an amazing person~
Please remember to respect the admins.
・゜゚・:.。..。.:・'(゚▽゚)'・:.。. .。.:・゜゚・

**Welcome to E-Hideout**

What we have to offer:
~ 💬Fun & Active Members
~ ✅Verified Roles, So we make sure of no Catfish
~ 💕Dating
~ 📨Helpful Staff
~ 🎮Gaming
~ 📰Self-Roles
~ Fetish Friendly
~ (More to be added soon)

This is a growing server, We care about our members
Egirls and eboys
And plenty more!
Stop by and stay awhile
Have you ever wanted to join a fun and non toxic community? Look here!

Welcome to Cuddly Hollows! Here we have art, writing prompts, anime, and more! Cuddly Hollows is not only a supportive server, we are a family. Whether you're feeling a little lonely or full on having an attack from bad thoughts, we'll try our best to help out. Whether or not you are having a bad day or just feeling a little lonely, this is the right place to make new friends. We hope to see you soon! Also Cuddly Hollows is looking for staff members, dm the cuddle queen if you are interested.
°• ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ •°
╔═══════ 𝒱𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒶 ═══════╗
🏳️‍🌈 Gay/bi/pan male only server
👦 Ages 14-18*
💯 600+ friendly members
💬 Active chats & lots of channels
╚═══════ 𝒱𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒶 ═══════╝
*:Milk Kingdom ✧・゚

⛧ We are a chill little community open for active and lewd people ⛧

✧ Our server was constructed by bare atoms at of some of these very things ✧
・.・We have:
✭ Tons of channels and roles
☆ Active text and voice channels
✭ Assignable Roles
☆ Custom color roles
✭ Level up system
☆ Events
✭ Custom shop system
☆ Fun bot commands
✭ Achievable Ranks
☆ Custom emotes
✭ Lots of NSFW
☆ Lewdness

.....and more!

★⋆. Join our friendly little community

✧・゚ If you join, try to be active! We do inactive clearouts every few months to keep it tidy and active
This is a server for my Twitch stream, combined with a hang out and chill for gamers. We have bots, fancy colors, and more. All platforms are welcome. This server is fairly new, so more cool stuff will be added in the future.
Welcome to (Thot Dating) Just be yourself. Just chill and relax, you can just text with people. Get to know people. Join our voice channels talk with random peeps. Much love ❤️
Welcome too Ghost Communty { We New! }
We offer:
- Self Roles to describe yourself!
- A place to meet new people!
- Friendly staff that will help you with your problems!
- Many fun bots to play around with!
- Giveaways for free stuff!
- And much more!
Join us today, you won't regret it! :D
🌗 Welcome to 🏰 The Chill Castle 🏰! 🌓
Meet new people, make new friends & enjoy yourself!

What we have to offer:
❄️ | Active Chats: Many active chats on many different topics.
❄️ | Entertainment: Many different channels made for the purpose of entertaining members.
❄️ | Friendly Staff: Always putting our members as a top priority.
❄️ | Bots: Wide range of bots from music to entertainment.
❄️ | Self Roles: self-assignable roles which represent you.
❄️ | And Much More: With much more coming, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what's already here let alone what we plan on adding.

💫 Hope you decide to come and check out the server, if you do join, be sure to say what's up in the general chat, we want our members to feel welcomed and enjoy the server as well as make some new friends and meet new people. 💫
Hello, there buddy! You wanna make some gamer friends? Come over to 'The Main Street'. Meet fellow gamers, play together, have fun!
- We have friendly staff members.
- We have reaction roles for your favorite games! (More being added soon)
- We have a dedicated music bot. Groovy!
- An annoying and funny Dyno bot!
I'm sinking, you're sinking, welcome aboard, mate.

-Being active is a must. And by that I mean you get kicked if you're not active.
- other than that, we're just a chill group of people trying to make friends
-we got bots
- lit mods
-and If you've read this far you might as well join

Hop aboard and have a good time!
『𝕋𝕠𝕙𝕣𝕦'𝕤 ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕖 ~ 徹』

~ Chill community for all
~ LGBT Friendly
~ Bots and nice staff
~ Selfroles
~ +13 Community (Less than 13 aren't allowed)
~ NSFW bots and channels (After 5 Invites)
~ Events and contests
~ Come in my room while i'm playing Minecraft

Cya there !
Hello!! Welcome to our bnha server (●´ω`●) We’re pretty new but we have active members and a welcoming community. You don’t even have to like bnha to join!!
We have things to offer such as:
•Friendly and non biased mods
•Music bots  (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
•Channels to let all your love out to your favorite characters !!
•Non toxic community
•Channels to vent in whenever you need to ❤️
•Mods that will actually listen when you suggest something~
•Self assignable roles, with more to come!  (^з^)-☆
•Art and cosplay channels for you to be creative!




The current solution
Our current solution is to keep the Insurgency as busy as possible, not allowing them a second to breathe and think about their plans. This does, sadly at times involve allowing the capture of anomalies and documented SCPs, as well as the turning of personnel. This is only a temporary solution while we try to find a more permanent one, other than the full destruction of the Insurgency, which has proven fruitless and unachievable.

Your Place In the Plan
Where did you fit in? Anywhere you find it fit to be. We need as many brave and hopeful people as we can possibly obtain. I pray to God that this nightmare ends before the next generation of personnel has to deal with it. This is all I have time to write, save for this bit of wisdom: do not fight with the others. Do not fight amongst yourselves. We need to be united against this group that wishes nothing but death and destruction upon us. Attempt acts of peace with the other GOIs. We need them as much as they need us.

Thank you for reading this and godspeed.
-[O5-5] "Ghost"

Welcome to the Gaming Lounge!

A small server dedicated for building a community of gamers. We play a wide variety of games, and play on a wide variety of consoles. Join us now and make new friends.

Happy Gaming Fellers!
♡ Loli Lounge ♡

☆ Hello and welcome to the loli lounge!

☆Chill admin

☆Small community

☆Friendly people

◇Why not join?◇
~Little Corner on the Board.~

Heyo! I made this discord just for the fun of it and it would be nice if people could join!

You can be as retarted as you want, just don't be too annoying.
Shitpost anywhere you want.
Please keep me active. :))

Hello! Welcome to UTC. We're a small community who likes video games, anime, memes, and anything else in between! We have features such as:

• Unbelivaboat, Tatsumaki, Yui, Yuki, and a host of music bots!

• An expansive nsfw section that auto posts new material every day without the need for users to post!

• Self roles

• A minecraft realm

• A leveling system

• Little rules

• And more!

We accept any and all members!

(Note: This is not an actual dating server, we do not provide sexuality nor relationship status roles. This server does not encourage nor is it intended for minors to date)
Come one! Come all, right down to SATAN'S DATING SERVICE, a new discord server where you can find all of your hellish fiend hotties right in your local King's backyard!! Lucifer himself attends from time to time, but mostly the surrounding reapers and Hellhounds do the work for him- what a lazy asshole. C'mon down to the service and we'll make you smile today.
(service does not claim any or if all injuries happening to during the service)
This is a server for you and your friends to chat, have fun, game, and more. Here are some of the good things about our server.
-Owner on every day
-Co-Owner on almost every day
-friendly community
-and you might make friends
Welcome to Niko’s cafe! Here you can find some friends and maybe someone special! We accept everyone so feel free to join<3