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Just a server where you could play games together and VC with each other,You could also meet new people and make new friends :). if you wanna date do that shit somewhere else or DM them or something

Recently New To Our Server
- Video Game Roles
- Music Bot
- 40+ members Goal Reached!
PLAYBOY♡MANSION is a friendly dating server with optional verification mostly aimed at teens (13-17). Straight and LGBTQ+ welcome.

➼ Adequate rules and tight moderation to ensure a safe and friendly environment
➼ Friendly community; anyone is welcome
➼ Introductions
➼ Events
➼ Optional NSFW channels
➼ Verification (13-17 only) with secret channels (;
and lots more~

Come and have fun!
We are a new server trying to grow while staying active. <3
Join this server if you want to have fun or to date OOoo maybe you will get a girl Frein or a boy Freinn OOOoOOoO Mm but whatever we have everything you would want just join and see for urself and leave something in suggestions if you want something added UPDATE we have to many horny boys in our server so if ur a boy like don't join we need to bring the girl ratio up
Meet other people who love the same fandoms that you do. Then get to know the people and roleplay with them. Since it's super small it would be awesome for you to jump on the boat. Open to all LGBTQ, bdsm, etc. people! 13+ PLEASE!!!
Welcome to Vex's Grave Stone, A lovely, friendly tight knit community, with frequent events, polls, raids, and storytime.
MEE6 is a valued bot on this server, It is used mainly to rank people, people end up staying up, barely even sleeping to get ranks. These ranks make you valued
We are hiring staff.
Welcome to Kinky Kingdom♡!
Owners: not a loliღ#4430 & babygirl ♡#6969
We're an up and coming, 13+ CG/L server. We have friendly and active members, fun bots, media channels, and open staff positions!
Welcome to Crush-Time! A server where Males and Females of all ages can get together to find the love of their life!

What we offer :
Active Members!
Interactive Owner!
See you there!
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This is the outcome of me having too much time. This server is for choking on cringe and short or long term relationships.

Lonely? Come here! We will feed you with love. Are you looking for someone to trust and love you? You’re looking in the right places. Here, you’ll finally many dating potentials. Looking for friends? There are many here b! You don’t even have to try to socialize.

Welcome to Game and Chill. As the title says this is a place to chill and play games. If you're trying to find a friend then this is the right place but if you're thinking about using this as a dating server just go ahead. Enjoy your stay here at Chill and Gaming
An inspiring place to chill, hang out, play video games and meet new people. We represent a private tight-knit and welcoming community with a lot to offer for entertainment. Some features you may ask? Toxicity isn't tolerated, Dating is allowed, we host weekly movie nights, we host weekly game nights, we host giveaways, SFW memes are allowed, SFW music is allowed, we have two economic systems, and the age requirement is 13 and up. There is much more features and things to be experienced, you'll just have to come and see for yourself!
Nothing too special. Just a server where you can come and relax. Hang out with people and meet new friends. Very new and wouldn't mind getting constructive criticism. ☺️
Welcome to cudlr
An active, friendly community of over 500+ members open to everyone looking to make friends and chill out!
There is friendly staff, auto roles/server setup and lots more!
See you all there and have fun!
A friendly server for friendly people there is a small dating area
Nothing Left To Burn is a literate roleplay server based of the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter
There are gory scenes planned out that could be potentially triggering for some readers so no one under the age of 13 is allowed to join the server.
Nothing Left To Burn follows the story of two tribes, Those Who Cross The Mountains and Those Who Run Through The Valley. Separated three leaders ago the two tribes have enjoyed long seasons of peace and relative prosperity untill cats have started to disappear from their ranks. At first, it was only a few unnoticeable cats easily explained away on hunting trips or out exploring overnight, but then they found the first body. With conflict instantly sparking between both tribes and tensions mounting even among The Ancestors, how will these two tribes strike a balance and keep themselves alive?
Hello, and welcome to Atlantis! This server is almost complete we're just finishing the last touches, come and join us while we're still small and growing! We're a lgbtq+ and 13+ server with many self-assignable roles and many channels. Our staff is usually available. So join now and be part of Atlantis!
Hello! On this server, we provide bdsm content as well as fun bots! Such as Rythm, Pokecord, and KawaiiBot!

This server is a safe place for all your kinks and interests. The staff are easy to reach and talk to if needed. This server is lgbtq+!

This server is also 13+. As a server that is still in development, there’s obviously things that need fixing and tweaking. Bugs are to be expected!
come and send nudes if you are that horny :smirk:
The hangout café is a place where u can hang out with teens and make friends and find someone as ur interest.
|Pokécord|Dating|Thighs|Partnerships|13+|And More|
This is my new server to play games with new people online. We also have an anime channel, everyone is welcome but please be nice :)
Cendria is a pokemon roleplay server with the intentions of improving your roleplaying abilities and characters. We have a small though friendly community of people ready to help you on your journey, whether you’re a Pokémon, a gijinka, a human, or whatnot. Ages 13-15+

Warning: The server allows potentially triggering themes to be used with caution. ERP may only be done once a week maximum and can only be viewed via self-assigned role.
JackChat is a Dating and socialising server for teens above the age of 13 and under the age of 17. Not for big people capeesh.

Come join us today! Were a server full of friendly people who love to chat and if you want to harass each other that's fine with me! Being offensive for the sake of being offensive is fine within reason.

Also we have a really nice owner who is very cool and lets you have fun!

Welcome to Chad's Public Discord,
at Chad's Public Discord we offer a variety of exclusive events / game modes
This server is LGBT friendly, and can be super fun but we are looking to grow this community :)
Come say hi!