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“The first and original adult Sexchat site on Discord, not a copy cat like #1 Sexchat or the International.” Chat, sext, role play, or hang with our friendly community. Get examples and ideas from our active members, message in private, or chat in the main area. Explore your sexual fantasies, enjoy some linked images, relax or join one of the funny quizzes.
Welcome to Wings of Fire: Sky of Ashes! Our server is based off the book series known as Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland! We are a remake of the behemoth of a server once known as Talons of Blood! Here, we allow your creativity to run wild in this open-world roleplay with over 200+ channels, all existing tribes and user-submitted fantribes, a leveling system with rewards, giveaways, and much more! In this Wings of Fire experience set 600 years into the future, what will you do? Be a student of Jade Academy, a Pyrrhian or Pantalan explorer, or even be a fan tribe dragon? The choice is yours at Wings of Fire: Sky of Ashes!

We include:

- Over 150+ roleplay channels.
- Self-assignable roles.
- Leveling system with rewards.
- Open royalty slots for members level 5 and above.
- Begin with 3 character slots and earn more through leveling up.
- Active and helpful staff members.
- 8 user-submitted fan tribes.
- A sister server that contains all our fan tribes on a fan continent!

Feel free to join us and give us a try! Be sure to leave a review of your experiences with us too! We're always looking for feedback to make our new server better!
Hello there and welcome to The Sleepy Otter tavern we welcome you with open arms (as long as you abide our rules and discord rules). Come weary travelers gather round the fire and tell the stories of your travels
This is the Nico Robin Fan Club where we discuss our love for Nico Robin....or just One Piece in general. We also have channels to discuss topics outside One Piece. Safe and fun place for all. :) All people are welcome so why not hop in for a bit and see if you like it.
Welcome to SASPI. As a community, we have a variety of differing individuals, but we are helpful and try to remain as wholesome as possible. Foul language is used, but we do not condone offensive language of any kind, and we try to make this a safe space for everyone. The individual members of this server do not represent the server as a whole, this server is an intended space to use as your second home online rather than offline.
A list of rules are on the server, but as a general rule of thumb;
Don't be idiotic and try to loophole the rules.
Don't be offensive.
Don't post NSFW content.
Use common sense.
I hope you join and come to know us better. Thank you for giving your time to read this introduction.
Hello there, I see you're eyeing the description, well since you're here might as well tell you what's going on. So this is a new friendly CountryHuman roleplaying community, here you can chat, Rp, share your talent and many more. I hope you enjoy your stay here in CountryHuman Chill&RP
Hello there!!

First of all:
We’re an 18+ server but explicit NSFW isn’t allowed in our RP sections, we do have a NSFW chat however. NOTE: If you aren't 18+ DON'T join!

We are LGBTQA+ friendly, any hate or discrimination towards this group will not be accepted. The same goes for racism, sexism etc.

And finally:
We are a server where you can talk about your OC’s with others, as well as share art and roleplay! Our RP section is for original chars only--no fan chars! We do have a channel to talk about them though! We also have an RP advertising section that’ll hopefully allow you to find a partner for one on one RPing!

We hope you'll have a good time with us!!

Hey there, Welcome to Safari Browser!

**Mod applications will open again once we reach 50 members**

Safari Browser is a staff-friendly and art-oriented community, here you can share your latest creations as well as meet new people!
Meet our Three Mascots and join one of their guilds! Safari Browser hosts multiple events such as CAH and art fights, as well as contests so you can show off your creativity and win prizes!

Here you'll find:
- Art chats, artists and helpful tips and advice!
- Aspiring, talented writers and creative people willing to share their stories and works!
- Self-assignable roles, pick and gain full access to the server!
- RP channels, gaming chat and more!
- Fun bots to mess about with.
- Contests and prizes!
- Super friendly staff and members with a chance to become a mod.

Enjoy your stay and have fun!
Welcome to Chevy Impala!
we are a 13-18 server made to hang out with others and meet new people.
we are a very small server so your membership here would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks for stopping by Chevy Impala
❤ Welcome To Kpop Central, Where you can find your Bias from your favorite Kpop Group And have knowledge about their information! ❤
❤ Knowing Where They were born
❤ Knowing Their Birthday/Date of birth
❤And Much More!~
Welcome to Mint!
Mint is a server for anyone! You can find many things here:

Friendly members and staff

Many bots

Dating possibilities

Many roles

Partnerships with anyone

And more!

Join today to see the wonders of the world and this server.
(THE OFFICIAL #1 SEXCHAT) LADIES, GENTLEMAN & BEAUTIFUL OTHERS: This room is for ADULTS ONLY (18+) to explore our sexual fantasies with other like minded people. We are a lively community focused on our universal kinks and interests that include but not limited to - role play, sexting, voice chat, etc. All sexualities are welcome. LGBT friendly. Due to the activities performed inside, USERS YOUNGER THAN 18 YEARS OF AGE ARE NOT ALLOWED. Please visit our only sister chat as well, est 2014
Welcome to Candy Hearts & Paper Flowers! A nostalgic server that takes you back when you were young, and revolves around your vintage and obscure interests. Vintage animation? Old toys? Lost media? We got that! Just imagine if you were a little mouse being welcomed for a tea party inside a tree stump; that's how this server is.

What you can expect in CH&PF?:
• A heart-warming community
• Lots of cozy channels
• Roles
• LGBT-friendly
• System-friendly
• Neurodivergent-friendly
•A place to talk about your favorite things or hyperfixations
• A safe space! No awful/problematic content here.

We also support cores! Like:
• Cottagecore/grandmacore
• Kidcore
• Goblincore/Dragoncore/Corvidcore
• Clowncore

What are you waiting for? Come on in!
You must be between the age of 13 - 19, any younger or older, you will be kicked out. This is a teen dating server.
Welcome to the server! In our server, it is a friendly LGBT teen dating and gaming server.
Here, you can get to know people and maybe even find your significant other. You can also find people who may be also playing games that you are into and you could start playing with them. In some of the text channels, you can play around with some of the bots that are available in the server, share some photos or videos, post some memes and many other things! I hope that you will enjoy being a part of our community. Have a lovely day. :)
Looking for a fun, trans-inclusive, horror and fantasy themed hangout? Join the Den of Mischief!
This is a new server that is meant to gather friends for gaming, make NEW friends and maaybe find something more than a friend. Channels and roles are being added based on suggestions.

Do you want a partner to play your favorite games?
Do you want new friends to spend time with?
Or maybe you'd like to find that special person?
Join THIS Special, meme infested server and make your wishes come true :3
~LGBT friendly community
~friendly atmosphere
~new features being added based on YOUR suggestions
---Or join just for the emojis and cute server icon :3
Whether you find yourself arriving here by sea or by land, you are immediately struck by the beauty of the city around you. What secrets could a city such as this hold? You wonder. What opportunities may I find here? Politics, perhaps? A place in the Guard? The Navy? The Army?
Perhaps your goal is to live your life as a simple trade mogul, dominating your corner of the market...
Maybe it's to start a Guild, be it for Craftsmen, mercenaries, or something else...
Or perhaps your pursuits are more into the... Seedier side of life.
Whatever your intentions, with enough dedication, grit, and cunning, you can make it anywhere, but only here, in Aeros Proxima!

Aeros Proxima is an interesting take on D&D--A FAR heavier focus on roleplay. A lot of D&D servers out there will either be LFG servers and conversation, or wargaming simulators, which are amazing and all, but here one can play through a character's tale even without touching combat. We don't do scheduled events as much as we do continuous roleplay with a player-oriented community. We try to let players have great agency in the world even though many will be but a small cog in the machinery--There's potential to be great with us!
We are the Blue Moon Wolves, We are a casual, social guild based on Xbox/EU Server. Must be over the age of 16 to Join.

Our aim is to build a small to medium-sized guild, fun and supportive group of ESO Players to take part in a variety of ESO Activities. We are based on the theme of a wolfpack, although you need not be a werewolf to join us.

We love casual players, these are the people who can often get left out and forgotten, but we want to create a guild that welcomes people who have busy lives but want to build up a family online who they can get to know and build friendships with. It's easy to get lost in the background of a 200 player guild, we hope to change that feeling and make everyone feel known.

• All Skill Levels Welcome (We care more that you're a great person than your CP Level)

• No Activity Requirements (We all have busy lives, be active when your life allows)

• For Friendly, Supportive people.

• LGBTQ+ Inclusive

What we offer:

• Knowledge, experience and Active Leadership

• Training (We love to help lower level players learn the game)

• Dungeon, Dolmen, and Delve Running

• Skyshard Runs

Whilst we are an Xbox and EU Server guild, our discord community also welcomes PC Players who feel they're often forgotten about in larger communities and who want a small community to meet new people. You need not join our guild, to be a part of our discord community.
✨Welcome, inkling girls and inkling boys!✨
Welcome to Sexy Night Haven, a new place where girls and boys can share their spicy sexy content, and have some fun with each other...~
💖It's a simple server with an NSFW focus. No extra crowded channels trying to do too much at once💖

This is mostly a Nintendo themed server, with the focus on NSFW content.
Share your spicy hentai, or maybe even participate in rp.
It goes without saying that this is an 18+ server!

A nocturnal haven, full of pleasure... Moans and heavy breathing... Lewd juices and sticky milk all over...
You can make this happen!

We won't kink shame or anything, so don't be shy! Share your kinks and much with each other~.

With that said, all girls and boys, have fun!
Here's a small preview on what you can expect:
- Various hentai genre image channels
- Hentai video channels
- Sfw RP and Nsfw RP channels
- minor irl NSFW content.
- sfw channels.
Everywhere you are, are people. People of different races, with different beliefs, different stories. We are everywhere.
Among us are also people who slightly stand out from the rest. Some call them gods, others call them freaks. But among these people they're called the gifted. People who are born with extraordinary abilities and powers.
Centuries ago, somewhere in the late 17th century, a school was founded for these people - Evermour's School for the Gifted. Students learned to control their abilities, to use them. But the main idea of Evermour was to keep the students safe from the outside world.
Centuries later, the school changed with the world. The name did, too. It was now called Evermour high.

A new year has begun. The new students have arrived a few days ago, and already friendships and rivals have been made. Evermour's going steady, but nothing is what it seems...


Hey there! My name's Zelda. I'm the server's admin!
Evermour High is a pretty cool server. The people are friendly, the story is pretty okay, but of course, that depends on the characters.
You can join as a student or a teacher, or both! Just ask me for the remaining teacher spots.

I hope to see you around!
Our server is restricted to members 15+ SFW. We also have a restricted NSFW (18+) areas for verified adult members. This is what we have to offer you:

💎 We offer you a friendly and safe environment.
💎 We are currently recruiting a few more staff Members who are eighteen years of age and older.
💎 We garuntee the server is safe for minors and we strictly keep NSFW for only memebers who verify their age to gain access to the NSFW Zone.
💎 You can socialize & meet people with similar interests as yourself.
💎 We offer a varriety of artstyles and artwork from artists: Requests, Adoptables, Premades, Commissions, & Requests.
💎 We make sure to keep the server well managed & organized: Monthly channel cleanups!
💎 We offer creative writing and roleplay sections.
💎 Fun and exclusive server Contests, Events, & Giveaways!
💎 Amazing self-assignable roles!
💎 Minimal, but fun, amount of bots to play with.
💎 We also revolve around Gaiaonline, GASR, DeviantArt, IMVU, & other social medias!

More information on the server is inside. Follow the instructions prompted and you will get full access to the server. We hope to seeya soon!
Very Friendly server and toxicity and racism and stereotypes and raids is an instant ban. Server is open to Nudes/Video Sellers and the server is 16+ but NSFW is locked to everyone who is under 18 but you have to verify to see NSFW Content