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hi come on innn, we aren't that bad, come talk to us about dumb shit. feel free to come in here and talk about music, and chill with the other members of the server, we are also lgbt friendly, so come say hi :))
A server dedicated to OCs and worldbuilding encouraging artists, writers and creators of all sorts!

Here at Fantastic Worlds, we want to help fuel your world and creative capacity. We’re a friendly, active, diverse and inclusive 16+ community with 40+ channels (both SFW and NSFW), fun bots, custom emotes and regular server events. We also have a D&D section!

Everyone can be involved how they want to be and at their own pace. All characters and stories are welcome!
Welcome to The Agarthan Tavern, a chill place to hang out and chat with other members of our friendly community!

We are—
-a growing community
-lgbt+ friendly
-fandom friendly
-anime fans
-dead inside

We hope you know you are always welcome...

also you probably have nothing better to do..
Hello all!!
We're a server for selling adoptables, commissions and sharing your art!
Ofcourse you can also just come here to hang out and chat! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Maybe you'll even make some new friends!!

Some things we've got:
-An entire section dedicated to selling adoptables and commissions!
-A channel to share pet pictures!
-Fun bots to play around with!
-Nsfw channels to share your spicier creations~ (only accessible to 18+ members!)
-A lot of colours to choose from for your name!
-A channel for freebies!

We're also LGBTQA+ friendly and do not accept any hate or discrimination towards this group!

Monsters have been subject to abuse for the past 5 centuries, hiding away in fear of discovery. Humans have taken over all of the main land, except one island: Arimura. The island is in the middle of the ocean and has been wiped fro every map, GPS or weather station. In the direct center of this island, stands a city known as Tarulin. This city has everything the monster population could veer want or ask for! Including schooling, kindergarten, arenas, mall, bar and so much more. Every monster is welcome to come to this isalnd and most of them are already there. What mystery's does this city hold? Romance? Drama? Horror? One things for sure, it'll be a fun ride!
Hi, I’m Sky The Cat and I made this Server to invite Furrys to come and join, it’s a small Server with no trolls so far, We have allot of Categories and Channels and if you feel like you wanna add something Always Request in the Suggestions box, we also have:

😝 Server Emojis 🤪
👮‍♂️Great security 👮‍♀️
👨‍👩‍👧Sfw category 🔓
❌ Nsfw category 🔐
🖌 Custom roles🖍 ( We add them tho)
🎨A art section 🖌
🎮 A gamer’s den 🎧
🎵 a music area 🎶
✨ Astrology/horoscopes ♐️
Willing to except partnerships! ( please Dm me For partnerships and we can Discuss)
And I’m still updating it almost everyday! When you enter Please go to the Introduction, Read it, read the rules and verify yourself, if you have any Questions don’t be afraid to ask me, I hope you join And have a great time ^^
Welcome to the Bubblegum Palace, a well-rounded and friendly community, we have:
👑-Fun & Friendly community to chat with!
👑-Identity roles that suit everyone!
👑-Lots of different channels that suit everyone!
Daydreaming isn't just a new server, it's also your new home. We are a new server and we are actively looking for more members to join us in the ultimate quest of friendship!
We have:
-Self assignable roles, allowing you to truly express yourself!
-Ayana, MEE6, and a wide range of other bots to have fun with
-Interest specific channels where you can find like-minded people right away
-Pro-LGBT admins you can be proud of

Why delay? Join today!
The year is 2045. 35 years ago, a distant star went supernova, scattering its molten insides across its local system and beyond. It is a beautifully destructive event, with consequences long unforseen.

15 years ago, the light of this supernova at last reaches the planet Earth. Advanced space telescopes transmit image of the immaculate cosmic event all across the globe. In awe of the beauty of the explosion, it isn't until four days later that the first case is recorded.

Dubbed 'Heisenscher radiation' by the scientific community in honor of the original star's discoverer, Dr. Wilhelm Heisenscher, it afflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide, manifesting in patients as symptoms ranging from rapid onset mutation to quick and painful organ failure. The Earth was bathed in the peculiar radiation of this unique star, and many began to believe the apocalypse was upon us.

But not all who were affected suffered from it. There were those who, miraculously, arose from their sickness changed, in ways science could not explain. These individuals possessed a range of unique and awesome new abilities; some were capable of creating and holding flames in their bare hands, while others found themselves able to effortlessly hoist cars over their heads. It seemed that, while much of humanity was rotting and dying, those few that survived the illnesses rose from the ashes of their old selves, born again with amazing powers. These people were dubbed 'metahumans', and have been the major focus of science worldwide since their appearance.

Still interested? Join up, and come say hi!
Lucid Dreams is a fledgling server with dream-themed roles and an active owner. We offer:

☆ several channels, general and themed, for friendly discussion
☆ self-assignable roles
☆ custom colors
☆ roleplay, both free-for-all and structured
☆ an active and laidback owner

Join us, and let the dreaming commence.
Welcome to Duality!
Here, you can find people and resources to lighten your spirits with fun stuff, cool crafts, and kind, thoughtful support and advice.
And you can find other members and channels that cater to your darker interests—sex, gambling, and rock-and-roll...
La French Friends Family est un serveur basé sur l'entraide et le partage. En effet, notre objectif premier est de vous aider à vous sentir mieux dans votre peau, à vaincre vos peurs et vos craintes, ainsi que votre mal-être, à rencontrer des gens qui pourront vous aider, vous soutenir.. Nous sommes à votre écoute, et bien sûr LGBT+ Friendly ! :)
Quelques options :
-Channels rencontre
-Channels NSFW
-Channels support
-De nombreux rôles (70+)
Hey, we're Fellowship!
We’re a new server formed after the death of our previous server. We're a mellow, toxic-free community that loves every member unconditionally.

Our server features:
An extremely friendly atmosphere with a lovely community!
Multiple bots including Mantaro, Rythm and Pokécord!
We're LGBT-friendly!
Helpful, generous staff~
And so much more!
♥ Dating Cove ♥
We're an up-and-coming dating server, aspiring to be the place where you can find friends, hang out with people like you and possibly meet your special someone. Come chill out at the Dating Cove and see what community you can find here. :)

• Self-assignable roles
• LGBTQ+ Friendly
• Multiple chat-rooms
• Server is primarily meant for dating
• Ages 13+
Welcome to sunnyglade a strange little town full with magic users trying to live their lives. Sunnyglade is a cut throat town where people are transformed at random so make sure to watch your back
This server contains many fun places and unique opportunities
You can transform people into whatever you want
Its mostly rp though so have fun and let your wild side out. any kink is welcomed tg,petplay,ar,ap,feral, inanimate,bimbo any thing you can think of is allowed
We have some fun bots
Nice community we're no one is shamed

꒰ 🌿Haze🌿 ꒱ ˊˎ- * ⠀˚✧ ⋆。˚ ☁️


╰─➛✎﹏ | Contents ! .°• ੈ♡₊˚•.

↳ ⊹ ° . 🍙 ˎ :

༺ 🌧️️ We have a variety of self assignable roles, ex: your sexual and romantic attraction, your age, gender identity, interests, and a color role.

༺ 🌧 tons of channels to express your interests, show off your artworks, and or other types of art, a channel to show off your cool irl things, a self promotion channel, and a meme channel for u epic gamers elemayo

༺ 🌧 🔞 hentai / porn channels for your nasty needs, as well as a nsfw general chat if you're feeling like talking to som hotties, we 100% support u getting that dub bro.

༺ 🌧 tons of vc rooms, i bet you seven bucks that you couldnt get a hottie to talk to you on the phone, but take your chances when you can.

༺ 🌧 special events / contests, shit like that, we hope you take part in it lmao

༺ 🌧 a special vip role for those who're active and follow the rules ig, we have an eye on yall
Welcome to Yoku, a sci-fi fantasy roleplaying server. The server is fairly new but we having amazing bots and admins that is always happy to help, as well as a very interesting lore:

In the year 2030 there was a experiment that gave life to two supernatural beings. This beings gave birth to a new race of humans. Children with natural born powers, features and traits. This children was task to make a new civilization and was sent off into an island, by the far end of the country. Years later the country which they were born fell into ruins after a civil war erupted. Thus, with that the children had off-springs and made a new government system in the island. The system is based on how strong a persons powers are, but it will only be known by its colors. This power is known as, Yoku. In that island a hierarchy was established the strongest is the King, but one day someone published a book called “Epiphany” where it states that one true king will rise and will bring back the order, the first children didn’t like that so they release of the book was stopped and anyone who reads or knows about it gets thrown into 2-3 years in prison. The author was excuted, but they didn’t know that the author had a child and that child will be known as the true king, no one knows where the child is until now.

Hope you enjoy being part of the Yoku family!

《☆~Welcome! To your Mystic World a role play community that is still a work in progress as we would love to have some more admins to help us better our community. Other and that Mystic World is kind of a future plus monster kind of thing were any type of race is possible in this server. We also are a LGBT friendly community as we all don't judge others for their religions or beliefs. And we hope that you enjoy your time in your Mystic World!!☆》
This place is like a living room as it`s a place you go to hang out with friends and family and you can be our friends and family
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ UnderTale Roleplay █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

Greetings I'm Chara!

Welcome to UnderTale Roleplay, a server where you can hangout with others, chat, share art/media posts and more!

❤If you are interested in joining, please keep on reading!❤

▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀

✔What this server includes:✔

-VC Chats

-Server Polls

-30+ RP channels

-LGBT+ friendly community

-Friendly staff

-NSFW Channels



-Over 50+ Members!

And more yet to come-!
▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀

👑Server Owner:👑 @US!Chara-Papyrus [FunBun uwu🎨🌻👌]#2380
💬Link (Copy & Paste):💬
▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀

✨This is a new server, so I really hope you will join and enjoy your stay!✨ ^-^
Hello, and welcome to NCC! This is just a general server for people to come and hang out, play games, and meet new friends, or even to just sit back and listen to some music with everyone. Everyone's welcome!
its just a server full of bitches, join if you fuckin want. we arent sfw but we aren nsfw enough to count. hope to see you there pretty bitches!
We are the socializing community for all of the gamers~! We enjoy the presence of all different people. Everyone is welcome! We also have separate channels for boy and girl gamers, as well as NSFW channels. We are also accepting new ideas to improve the server!

What are you waiting for--join us TODAY!
We are a server full of online friends that met playing League of Legends. We're looking for new members to join us! Ideal members are:

-don't like to argue
-accepting of all types of people
-like to chat/play games together often