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18+ Active Asian Social Community Server. We strive to have a family-oriented based community while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment. If you're looking for a place that's kind of weird, but well regulated, then this is the server for you. Well organized with daily events and hosted bots. Members can pick their own roles to describe themselves. We have channels for mostly anything. Channels and roles are straight-forward. We try to have a fair and just moderation team. Join us and have a look!

⛩️ Kpop Anime Gaming Community Asian Movies Drama Events Giveaways ⛩️

Bots: Nadeko Mee6 PokeCord (Fast Spawns) Tatsumaki Miki Unbelievaboat MusicBots
The best server ever created in human history, jk but its a god server if youre looking for friends
a small yet growing server for non-kpop and kpop fans to join, interact and make friends.
what are you waiting for? join now!
Want a place to talk GOT7 with friendly Ahgases? Look no further than Ahgase's Nest! We're a very friendly server dedicated to the kpop group GOT7, and we welcome everyone.

We have:
- Individual member channels
- A memes channel
- Weekly & voice chat session
- Robyul bot & music bot
- Self-assignable bias roles
- An active & friendly admin team

If this sounds like fun to you, then come say hello!
Hello there! We are DJFB, your local Non-Korean K-Pop Group and we're hosting a server for all K-Pop and K-Drama fans alike!
We are active and non-toxic so join now and have fun!

A non-toxic, friendly and fun community. We have regular active members and new members are always welcome. General chat is at times overcrowded but we have other channels in case that happens. If you are shy we have a lot of fun channels to keep you busy. We watch movies together 3 or 4 times a week and sometimes play together. We love anime, games, kpop, and just talking about nonsense or serious stuff.

》KPOP, ANIME weebs, koreaboos
》ART, AESTHETICS so beautiful
》TEXT GAMES counting, t or d, would you rather
》KARAOKE, MUSIC we sing bad but passionately
》CONFESSIONS, VENT-AREA just let it out... or drink tea
》COOL BOTS ( pokecord , marriage , mudae )
》EVENTS (movienights, game nights, karaoke nights)
》NSFW channel and 18+ chat....for pigs like you (and me)
》POTATOES cooked, baked, roasted, with a face

More than 60 Channels to discover!
Be active to level up and unlock them all!

A server made for Blinks that loves BLACKPINK~
We welcome anyone and we talk about anything you want
so do join us and make this group grow together!
welcome to...
˗ˏˋ『 ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋʜᴇᴀᴅ ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛs ♡ 』ˎˊ˗
an active server about the visual arts !

[1] nice & welcoming members & staff!
[2] show off your art & receive good feedback!
[3] partnerships & advertising opportunities!
[4] currently hiring staff! (requirements)
[5] giveaways!
[6] weekly movie night!
[7] get art requests and commissions from other amazing artists!
[8] auto roles to add so people could know your likings!| lots of voice channels to talk in :)
[9] clubs to join like anime, kpop, music, literature, gaming, and more!

feel free to join us! we don't bite! ♡
Heyo! Welcome to JinHit Entertainment (we all knew it'd happen someday!) We're a new SFW BTS and K-Pop server hoping to grow and make new friends!

Our server provides the following
- Self assignable bias, b/w and meme roles
- Meme and photo channels (separate for BTS and K-Pop)
- Karaoke channel to sing your heart out!
- Fun bots including WaifuBot and Dank Memer
- Friendly community & much more!

If you're a A.R.M.Y. or K-Pop fan, this channel is ideal for you! We hope to see you there!
botland is a server for all wanna spam bots in main?? go for it want nsfw?? we have a main for it want closure well we have that as well ask me for closure trust me you will regret it unless the co-owner sends her cute feet then you will not regret it
⠀Welcome to Korean study room!
─ this is a server where beginners, intermediates, advanced and more can collectively work together to perfect/learn korean!
─ you can discuss what you've learnt and interact with fellow members to cultivate your knowledge
─ stay motivated by having friends with the same passion to learn⠀
Lovely Life is a girl group focused k-pop server with a variety of other topics of interest such as gaming and anime. We are a friendly community and would like to empower young minds. <3
Eine warme,wunderbare Kpop Community erwartet dich! Wir möchten eine tolle Community aufbauen und suchen Mitglieder, die diese zu etwas Besonderem machen. Jeder ist gerne willkommen, der freundlich ist und gerne über Kpop und Kpop Girl Gruppen austauschen möchte. Wir sind noch im Aufbau :) Freue mich über Gesellschaft.

Was wir bieten können:
- nette User und ein freundliches Miteinander
- Music Bot
- Voice Channels mit Private Talk und Gruppen Talk als Community
- Watch2gether und Weekly Vote Events
- Süße Kpop Bilder/Gifs von Girl Gruppen, sowie Emotes
- Comebacks zu Kpop
- Rollen zu Kpop Girl Gruppen
~꧁ Hey pretty stranger! Are you looking for a small and friendly server? ꧂~

Kawaii Ichigo! is a server full of creative and cute individuals! We're willing to accept anybody as long as you're nice and appropriate 🍓

We have few rules and are open to doing partnerships, we're also always looking for new staff!~

Here's what we think makes this server slightly unique from others:

🌺 If you're going through some troubles in your life, we will comfort whether it be in DMs or in the regular chats!

🌺 We have fun clubs~

🌺 We have many customs emotes that you usually wouldn't find in any other server~

🌺 Lots of weaboos and koreaboos to talk to~

🌺 Many roles! You can get certain roles to introduce yourself, or to get access to channels with your favorite interests!

🍓 Hope to see you there!! ❤❤

⚠ We are an NSFW free server! We don't allow NSFW content of any type. We also won't partner with NSFW exclusive servers. ⚠
Aesthetic server. Minimal moderation. Memes, misfits -- and the hottest, e-dgiest e-girls. Over 3,000 losers. 1:2 female/male or fight me
↷ … welcome to k-maniac
↷ we are a k-pop server where we talk about anything k-pop but of course everyone is welcome! ˏˋ

₊˚.༄ what we offer
・ friendly & active community
・ an aesthetic layout
・ active voice channels
・ low-requirement partnerships
・ and a lot more!
General and Social K-pop server for Indonesians.
welcome to lovelees! here is a safe space for all kpop fans. we mainly focus on bts, exo, day6, got7, sf9, and blackpink as of right now but there are many to be added. come hang out with us!!!
Koreaverse is one of Discord's largest Korean entertainment communities, focused on k-dramas, kpop, k-anime, and more! We're an international community, hosting Nitro, and album giveaways every month! Come and join us!
Hello there,

We love making new friends and have a chat with everyone in this very cute and loving community, we would love to meet you! We're laid-back and do events to kick up the activity too!

We'll see you here! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

A-SS is the most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships.
a server made special for jikook ♡ We are a small friendly community with a role shop and channels for discussing both bts and multifandom talks 🌸
🌸 Welcome All Asian 'Drama' & 'Music' Lovers 🌸

Sharing, Respect, Laughter, Consolation, Joy, Happiness, Understanding, Mutual Passion are the Main Emotions that coexist within this Worldwilde Big Family called :


👉 48 Channels: 🌷8 Categories🌺46 Texts 🎵 2 Voices
👉 Self assignable roles (suggestions of new roles)
👉 Partnerships
👉 16 Bots
👉 NO NSFW ⛔ 👈

🦋 Join us to discuss in joy and conviviality 🦋

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 💞 Thank You 💞 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪