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Hey there! We're a fun loving community built out of friendship. With cute emotes, roles, rpg bots, waifus and gambling. We're nearing 1000 pancakes!

We have game nights, active vc, kpop-jpop channels, friendly people and overall fun loving atmosphere!

Don't hesitate and come join our community! We welcome you with open arms ♡
Hey there!
It's the new and improved Renewed Onions! And here are some things you should know about us:

Although we are primarily raiders, we also like to chill and just hangout

What we do is a specialty, and we put forth our full potential to make it an enjoyable process for both parties: the Raiders AND the people being raided.

Don't worry, we have decency and will not delete or destroy any servers beyond repair

We will only raid servers for entertainment purposes, and do not seek to inflict any type of harm upon server owners or their servers.

What We Have

1. An active and respectable owner

2.A team of knowledgable mods and trusted members

3. Rythm and Novus FM for some chill time

4. Meme chat, cursed images, countless counting, etc.

5. A Text Channel to talk about whatever you want

6. A raiding schedule, vc, text channel, and results chat to keep things organized
✩⋆。:•.❖》OMY'S CHILLOUT!《❖.•:。⋆✩

✩。:•.❖ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ❖.•:。✩

✮⋆Greeting Everyone!⋆✮
Looking for a server you could fit in and make new friends, be yourself and really just chill and have fun?
Well then! this is the place for you! ^~^

We are a Positive, Friendly And Loveable Community!
You name it and that's what we are~!

We like considering ourselves being a little family with very loveable members that will accept Anybody and Everybody!
We also like welcoming people of all types as we enjoy growing our little delightful family more and more with wonderful new members to Love and Chillout with!

✮⋆.•:∘。❖ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ❖。∘:•.⋆✮

Offers We Have For You Are:

❖》Friendly And Loveable Staff And Community!

❖》Lots Of Different Assignable Verified Fun Self Roles For You To Choose From!

❖》Partnerships For You To Find Other Amazing Suitable Servers For You!

❖》Fun Different Awesome Channels To Talk In!

❖》Constant Active Chats And Voice Channels!

❖》Art And Culture Section To Show Off Your Amazing Artistic and Talented Skills!

❖》Memes And Hilarious Videos To Keep Our Sanity!

❖》Fun Bots With Lots Of Commands To Mess About With!

❖》Fun Level Up System So You Can Be The Best Of The Best!

❖》Amazing Giveaways And Invite Rewards!

❖》And Many More Amazing Entertainments To Come!!


So Join Us Today In Omy's Chillout! And We Will Gladly Welcome You And Include You In Our Fun Discussions!
We Are Certain It Is Definitely Worth Your Time And Good Memories Will Surely Come From Our Server~!
So Please, Don't Hesitate And Just Join Us Today! ♡

Bored and need somewhere to chill? Join us and become part of our community!

•New Server with big dreams.

• Recruiting Staff and Animators!

•Frequent Giveaways

• Self Asignable Roles

• Nice Staff and always Attentive.

• And of course the main point MEETING NEW PEOPLE!

What are you waiting for? Join us and find the love of your life!!!


Languages added!!
French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Filipino, Chinese, German, and Japanese

What exactly are we? We're a 16+ community of friends who welcome new members of all types. What makes us different is the balance between casual, loose rules and decent moderation. Come if you like friendly staff, active voice chats and weekly events!
。・゚✫。・゚✫ ℕ𝕆ℕℂℍ𝔸𝕃𝔸ℕ𝕋。・゚✫。・゚✫

➢ Social & Active Server
➢ 1:1 Male to Female Ratio
➢ Movie Night, Karaoke, Art Contests
➢ Active NSFW
➢ We Partner
➢ Self-Assign Roles
Come meet new friends and have a little fun with our bots!!

We have self roles, and colors roles!!

Pokecord, Yggdrasil (userphone), and many more!!

(This server is new and under construction!)
(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

welcome to pluviophile, a server where you can:
-have custom roles
-use many different bots
-have custom nicknames
-meet friendly people
-make new friends
-use voice channels
-express your love for fandoms
and many more!

this server includes:
-friendly staff
-laid back rules
-a channel to suggest changes
-lgbtq+, pronoun, fandom, and interest roles
-music themed categories and roles
-music bot

we hope you join!

About us

Hi everyone! Welcome to Vortex Paradise`❄️`
160+ members | Gaming community and hangout server | Come chat with us and browse all our gaming and chill channels. This Vortex is home to all your gaming needs or ways to pass the time by chatting with new people. We have multiple channels to enjoy yourself with as well as with others.


----->Are you interested?
`⭐️` Join a fun and healthy community [14+]
`💫` A level up system
`🌟` Rapidly growing community with lots of activity.
`⚡️` Active and hardworking staff.
`✨` A clean organized environment.
`🔞` A very lewd NSFW.
`🤝` Trusted partnerships.
`🔮` Cool emotes.
`💥` Variety of roles


・Currently looking for; Partner Managers.
・DM Mazqoe#1337 if you're interested.

・Owner: Mazqoe#1337
✯Come Join Shinseina World Now✯

❃What We Have To Offer:

➩Active Roleplay and Chat Community.
➩Original none ripoff Lore.
➩Over 60 Races of all kind to choose from.
➩Lots of Roleplay channels and Cities to use.
➩In-depth but not Overly detailed Character Format.
--- ---
-- Minecraft Server! --
Upcoming OP Prison server!
-Fun community!
-$0.50 Buycraft Currency per invite!
-Friendly staff!
-High enchantments!!
-Cheap ranks
-Well moderated
We are a new growing server so more update will come soon so stop bye and enjoy your stay
and we need a person who is good with bots
~Still-growing community based server with a game category to play with others and to have fun~
--> We have a variety of bots
--> We allow any topic, so talk about what you want
--> We host monthly nitro giveaways
--> We are open to suggestions to add elements that will make your experience better :)

• Feel free to hang out and stick around..
RolePlay RallyPoint (RP-RP) is a friendly social advanced advertisement server which is dedicated to partnering with rolplay servers from all around Discord!

☆ 500+ members ☆ Partners with over 100 rp servers ☆ 50+ self roles ☆ Constantly growing ☆
-High Tails-
Place to play and wiggle your fluffy tail

Place to meet new people and people who are looking for a new home

small but it i will grow, there will be fun stuff planned for this server

with staff that know what there doing

we have soo far
-Voice chat for them who like to hear voices then reading
-RP channel, NSFW channels as well chat for them with no mics
and much more that is planned

(please forgive us for lack of people or content this is a new server)

with staff that know what there doing
More channels (depending what people want the most)
This server is a growing community focused more on fun and entertainment activities, We have fun bots and many active members you can socialize with. This server is all about being a family, as soon as you join there are going to be people welcoming you with open arms and the server is filled with happiness!

On this active server, you'll meet tonnes of beautiful, amazing, kind-hearted people who dedicate their time to having friendly conversations with you! Due to our diverse nationalities (AUS, EUROPE, USA), loneliness because of everyone sleeping is a thing of the past! there are usually active people online that are in the same position as you! Looking for someone to talk to!

Prepare for tonnes of friends!

And much much more!
**ווו×『Sunrise Land:tm: 』ווו×

Welcome to Sunrise Land:tm:!Sunrise Land is a community chat, Here you can meet new people and enjoy discord while in this chill community. Make sure to check out the server and have an amazing day!

║What do we offer?║
➵ Open to Partnerships
➵ Lots of joinable roles (40+)
➵ Many private and public popular bots
➵ Many channels to jam out with
➵ Community for everyone
➵ Looking for staff and partner managers
➵ Custom emotes
➵ Verification system

We Love new comers please join us

We're Really nice and Approving staffs  
▬▬[The Founder]▬▬
Tyler_Lส็็็w#1074 (the main owner)
▬▬[The Owners]▬▬
Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or your twitter, youtube, twitch or ig? Or you're maybe just looking for a place to talk and hang around in. DA is the place for you!

DA offers anything you need to grow your server:

:scroll: Different channels for different server categories

:scroll: Channels to advertise your social media

:scroll: Open for partnerships
:scroll: Aswell as a looking for partnership channel

Ofcourse we don't only have advertising stuff:

:underage: A NSFW channel

:robot: Some amazing bots
:robot: Including a music bot!

What are you waiting for? Join now!
╔═══════ ═══════╗

😒    Cortex Inferno.        😒

╚═══════ ═══════╝

The Cortex Inferno is a small growing community that focuses on having a good time and having friendly chats!
The things we have our..
😒 Tons of Voices Channels!
😒 Events!
😒 Memes!
😒 Advertisements!
😒 Partnering!
😒 Roles!
😒 Level System!
😒Lots Of fun Bots
😒Friendly Staff
😒Vent channel

We cant wait to meet you and see your creativity!
Come and join us today!
This is the Aperture Gaming server for advertising! You can advertise your own server, videos, links, etc.
💬🌐Speak Up🌐💬

Majority of us blame the 'bad people' for why the world is suffering how it is. How there's crimes committed every minute, deaths caused every hour and majority is because of humanity. But the world isn't suffering because of the bad people. It's suffering because the good people keep silent.

What is this server for or about?

We all have different opinions, thoughts and mindsets. We all go through so many hardships during our lives.
There are two types of people who deal with these things.
Those who keep silent. And those who use their voice.

This server is encouraging everyone to stop keeping silent, to stop staying quiet
And finally use the voice they were given
Whether you want to let go of the things you've been bottling up inside.
To talk about it with someone who can provide you with comfort and peace.
Or to get your opinion across.

What can we offer?

Not only can you talk about your thoughts opinions, goals, dreams and mindsets 💭
But you can also meet new people, make new friends 😀
>Music voice channels and commands 🎶🎵
>A corner to relax and have fun with members 😊😀
>Bots 🤖
>Media- (Photos, selfies, memes, music links/recommendations, books anime and more) 📸 🎥
>Friendly community 👫
> Self assignable roles 📋

And a chance to say something that could change the opinions of everyone. 🗣️

If you're tired of keeping quiet and ready to use your voice
To provide yourself with comfort or peace
Knowing there are people who will support you in this community
Or to tell someone your opinions, goals and dreams

Then this server is for you
A sci-fi roleplay with an unnecessarily complicated lore.

+:。.。Different roleplay channels to roleplay in。.。:+

+:。.。50+ self-assignable roles。.。:+

+:。.。Kinda friendly community。.。:+

+:。.。Unique lore。.。:+

+:。.。Unlimited characters。.。:+
Come Join the server. Take a look at the shop and see what we have on sale. Wanna partnership? Come join and dm me that you wanna partnership. Or you can just come over to chill and relax and talk to other people.
Team Sfenks is a discord server for gaming, chatting and more!!