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A server with no boundaries, no rules, no barriers.
Most Discord server have certain rules, Limitless is free and open to anyone.

Express your culture, art, videos, profiles, look for people to play with and chat.

We may have staff but don't worry, staff is just here to help, not to tell you what to do. Join Limitless and Discord with no rules added.
シ⊱┈┈・「❧⋅.𝒥𝑜𝒾𝓃 𝓊𝓈 𝒶𝓉 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒟𝓊𝓂𝓅!.⋅❧」・┈┈⊰シ
An English-speaking League of Legends & Chill server with much to offer!

シ⊱┈┈┈・「❧⋅.𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒲𝑒 𝒪𝒻𝒻𝑒𝓇.⋅❧」・┈┈┈┈⊰シ
⌘ High anti-raid security
⌘ Non-toxic SFW community (all ages are welcome)
⌘ Freedom to choose your favorite champ/color
⌘ Actively working and socializing staff
⌘ Several Dedicated League channels
⌘ Supported channel for other games
⌘ Custom VC lobbies
⌘ Weekly awarded roles
⌘ Positivity and friendly environment
⌘ Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels
⌘ Artist-owned channel to showcase on request
⌘ Pokecord, Tatsumaki, Mudae, and more!

***We are looking for dedicated members and Partner Managers for our upcoming open SFW partnerships!***

This is DARK SKY ORDER, freshly made by some awesome users.
What we offer:
✿〉Friendly people
✿〉constantly growing community
✿〉lots of fun
✿〉you will make friends in no time
Joining this server will be greatly appreciated x
Hello and Welcome To.....Monopoly!
We have:
•NSFW (Dedicated Channels)
•Roblox Self Assignable Role!
•Welcoming Members ❤️
•Epic Gamers :sunglasses:
•Partnership With Amazing Servers! ✔️
•Cool Staff For Cool Members!
•Fun Place To Chat About Games & Roblox! 🤯
A lovely community! Mixed with Anime & much more! Friendly members! Who knows if you find your dream person here too?
We have everything including custom server games, pokecord, rythm, mudae,mee6, unbelievaboat, we have a level based system for the server. it feels like a rpg at times!
I Am Creating A New Community On Fortnite
I Am Welcome You To Join us
In The Furture I will be Helding Coustome Match Making And Much More!
I Hope You Will be Apart Of The Community
╔════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╗
Kimetsu No Yaiba RP | AU
╚════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╝

Roleplaying Community:

Hello Friends
We wish to list a few things our server can offer!

Follows T.O.S

No Canon Characters.

We Offer advice and Help to new roleplayers or old so they may adapt to the common and up-to-date roleplaying style!

Our staff is always ready to help or narrate in times which call for it!

We love feedback and suggestions so please do not hesitate to ask for something to be added in!

We allow customization to our server we like to see creativity at work so we can work on helping you develop your stuff.

Just ping an online staff member and ask for anything! Including training from a mentor, a mission to kill a demon etc.

A custom story to RP around.

So whatcha waiting for? Join us and help us expand our community. It is you guys who help a server prosper!

KJ's Code Cave

This place is designed for programmers but can function as a general server!
We have many feature that can help you if your a discord developer especially
for those using the and discord.js library.


• Partners
• Programmers
• Code
• Python 3
• Support
Welcome to Warriors - Partnerships Hub! (Community and Server Alliance)

Created on September 25th, 2018, Warriors - Partnerships Hub has went through many changes over the months, one of the biggest being branching out to other server types. As we near our 1 year anniversary, I would personally love to thank everyone who has come to check out the server in the past, or is currently looking into it!

Here at WPH, we have a wide variety of categories filled with servers who have partnered with us. Since our server first started off as a Warrior Cats partnership only type of server, you may find that it has its own categories for that reason. As of recently, we have added the addition of 'other' roleplay categories, as well as miscellaneous server types. Each channel has a description of every server, followed by updates from the owners/requester.

If you aren't here to join new servers or partner with us, we also have the whole selection of the series Warriors in PDF form as well as a category specifically for discussing the books, a place for people to post art, hang out, do member polls, and much more! As the server advances, we are open to suggestions in order to make our server an amazing experience for everyone.

Our main mission is to make friends, help people with server growth and even bring people with common interests together. If this sounds like the place for you, then feel free to stop by! You may find a server you like, and make new friends in the process!
Welcome to ˜”*°•.˜”*°•𝐋𝐮𝐱𝐮𝐫𝐲•°*”˜.•°*”˜

I am the owner, 𝑅𝓊𝒷𝓎 , and before you leave our 'boring' server, you should check it out!

In ˜”*°•.˜”*°•𝐋𝐮𝐱𝐮𝐫𝐲•°*”˜.•°*”˜ you can do multiple things! As following:

~Chat with other people
~Use bot commands
~Meet new people
~Partner with server
~Random Vc’s with random conversations
~No nsfw..
~Staff members who are actually active (Including the owner)

I hope you enjoy your time here at ˜”*°•.˜”*°•𝐋𝐮𝐱𝐮𝐫𝐲•°*”˜.•°*”˜
══ 🔥 ══╡Sami's Shinto Shrine╞══ 🔥 ══

hai hai there everyone! Sami's Shinto Shrine is an awesome server with super nice people that anyone can join and will fit easily, we have fun events like movie night and giveaways. If you want to know more your gonna have to join!! ☯
What The Server has to offer

• 🌼 Friendly and active staff members! 🌼
• 🌼 Welcoming Server! You'll love the welcome message! 🌼
• 🌼 Great bots to keep you happy and interested at every moment! 🌼
• 🌼 And self roles so we can know more about you! 🌼
• 🌼: Last but not least an auto role system!🌼
Be sure to join! The server will be excited to have you join
Welcome to the Loaf Family!
We hope you'll enjoy your stay! We have:
- a self-role system
- friendly staff
- partnerships
- awesome emotes
- pokecord
- waifubot
- an NSFW channel
- cookies!
- hugs!
- and more on the way!

There is a world where black sludge turns any who fall into it into a monster based on their hopes and dreams. With this sludge spreading across the world, it has pushed humanity to the breaking point. Humans eventually came up with the technology to be able to turn their hopes and dreams into weapons that can combat these abominations.

Join the battle and reclaim our world!

Dream Catcher is a semi-literate RP with its own unique systems. It features a wide variety of monster types and theming.
-29 monsters and counting.
-Wield weapons based on the monsters you slay.
-Lore and a whole database filled with information on the world!
-Database includes details of the monsters and weapons, as well as events.
-Information is always being updated!
-An active VC where there’s always someone talking.
-MH and MH-clone fan-friendly.
-More features to come
Karisbi ☆彡 is a friendly hangout and community server where you can enjoy and spend time with each other and make friends!

This has:
- Silly and unique emotes including guinea pigs !
- Friendly members and staff !!
- Partnerships
- 3 sets of color roles!
- Fun bots to use and polls to answer

Come join and be one of us!
welcome to vained !

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
↬ vained is a new, non-toxic environment that welcomes everyone :)

↬ vained includes ;
- a variety of bots and channels
- self-assignable roles
- games
- a birthday channel
- friendly staff
- music & voice channels

~Server Baiters HQ~
What is this server?
This is a growing community where you can meet people and make great friends!

We do host game events where everyone can play UNO and some games

We have nitro giveaways for those who want to earn if they win the event.

This is a friendly community, we would like to welcome you with open hands

• 15 levels required to post pictures in the general channel!
Hello! Welcome to Dragon Army!

Dragon Army is a server that mainly focuses on hangout, and a friendly environment. We take strict action on users who try to disturb our friendly atmosphere here in the server, if you're having a bad day, and need to have a good time, you got it here! Dragon Army has a lot of things that keeps you relaxed. We got-
1. Advertising channels
2. Fun bots such as Dank Memer, OwO and Akinator.
3. Chill and friendly community. Our community is very relaxed. You're guaranteed that you won't have any problems with our members here.
4. Most active and friendly staffs. We always like to hear out on what the members want in this server. If you're having problems, the staffs are always here to assist you.
5. We got partnerships. Our partnership policies aren't strict and almost every server can meet our policies.
6. Amazing music bot - Rythm.
7. Suggestions channel. This way, if you have a suggestion, you can post it there.
8. Our own bot! Developed by Nibbles#5774.
9. Global news! Dragon Army uses different news outlets to bring the latest news to you!
10. Our server is quite raid proof. We have CAPTCHA verification system, different moderation bots to prevent raids, and of course, our staff members!



What are you waiting for? Join us in Dragon Army now and have a great time with other users here!
Join this server and get access to send any links and promote your any platform links for free! Invite members to get a access to ping every day!
_ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR! WELCOME TO FEUDAL JAPAN! here we have the greatest hierarchy ever created in history. Although we're a small little group of a few members, we are welcoming always to newcomers. This server is currently in beta. Therefore bots are currently being tested for your use in the future. BUT ENJOY THE COMMUNITY WE HAVE!_

- _Self roles for you to choose from that are still updating_
- _An updating Economy system_
- _Level up in this hierarchy !_
- _Updating Emotes_

and soon there will be more !

__They're some rules you'll need to follow__
**_1) Always obey discord TOS._**
**_2) Always remain friendly to others, no drama. Or take it to dm._**
**_3) No advertisements without talking to the @Partnership Manager or @Abdul#0001 first to see if your server meets the requirements. If self advertising in one of the members dms, you will be banned._**
**_4) There will be no spamming, and use appropriate channels for bot use._**
**_5) Tagging multiple users can result in ban, according to the situation of it's usage._**
**_6) You know the difference between an insult and a joke, so please do not be rude._**
**_7) Admins are too be shown with respect, but if one abuses their power. Screenshot and send it to @Abdul#0001._**
**_8) Avoid the use of vulgar language, this is a friendly server after all._**
**_9) Do not post an offensive meme, depending on the situation it can result in ban._**
Justitia Empire is an international politics Imperialism. actually, FFR or Fight For Righteousness(revolution) is like Army of Rights. Rights are like the principles of freedom, Entitlement. but this server establishes something to convinced our respectful, responsibility, Acknowledgement, and privilege.
`.¸‹¤´• *¸New Horizon | Server Advertising.¸• *ˆ¤›¸.´

Hello, and welcome to New Horizon!

New Horizon is a Discord Hub server specialized for the browsing of new or existing Role-play to join or advertise your own. If you're looking for Role-play partnership, staff or a place to network with fellow like-minded individuals then this is the place to be!

We have a myriad of various channels catering to particular genres and tastes, and even a couple miscellaneous channels to advertise listings that aren't strictly exclusive to role-play. We strive to provide a solid and reliable platform for discovering Role-play and making friendships with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We have channels for expressing creativity and soliciting other's opinions on your own roleplay's lore and worldbuilding.

⋰˚• - Partnership.
⋰˚• - Not-safe-for-work channels!
⋰˚• - A brand new hub with fresh ideas and a new take on existing concepts!
┊           ┊           ┊           ┊

┊           ┊           ┊              ✧・゚

┊           ┊           ✧・゚

┊              ✧・゚


⌌     ⊱⇱⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⊰       ⌍
⁞ Now Playing : Dream Glow ⁞
⌎     ⊱⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⇲⊰       ⌏

꒰ 🐚 ꒱ ᴏᴜᴛʀᴏ : ʙɪɢʜɪᴛ

. .
  . . .  a vhs player showed up on the beach, you picked it up, you went home and played it. What did it tell you?
. .

               Info ; Facts
│・A place where you can talk about K-POP or anything else you like!
│・All Groups are Welcome here, even ones that just debuted! Even Soloists!
│・Staff is on 24/7
│・Everyone is Chill here and get along quick so if you need someone too we'll listen !!
│・Can't wait so see you here !, Some more stuff we have here below ⇣
└——————— - [ 📼]. +

               What we have;;
★ Fun bots

★ Music And Voice Channel(s)

★ Group & Soloist Roles

★ Color Roles

★ Partnerships !!

★ And a lot more !


gif ;;
server link ;;
Ladder is a gaming community that supports all platforms, and has unique features✨

Upon entering, you can go to our role-selection channel and pick out the games and platforms you own

Depending on your selected game, you will gain access to a unique channel, which supports:

Patch notes within an hour of the update ⌛
Voice chats for competitive and casual 🎧 🎮
Extra bonus channels depending on the game 🌟

Here are a few of our 35+ games: Osu!, Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, Fallout76, BO4 and Sea of thieves!

Come and join us!