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Psst~ hey there! yes you coffee bean (^ω^)we are a new server to make friends, chill, chat & drink our cup of coffee~
So come & join our server to tell us about your day & drink a cup of coffee with us (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
Hope to see you all there (^ν^)
1 hours ago
Are you Always being made fun of for being trans or just need a place to talk to and make friends,? then this is just the right place for you.
9 hours ago
so this is something I'm experimenting on, quickly made a new server so you can join and we can have a chat. who knows, maybe there'll be a community one day! there are currently a couple of people here, so if you're looking for a tiny server with potential friends, come on in!
2 days ago
Rp-Group for to bring your original characters to life! With just your imagination you can make just a channel into an actual world of action. Rp,talk,post all kinds of do you!
2 days ago
Join if you want to make friends in the LGBT community!! We have movie nights, match-making events!
3 days ago
Shift+Tab is a community of guys and girls who want to make friends and chat about games and other interests
3 days ago
WHOO FRIENDS is a server made purely for drama-free friendships inside the server. We invite you to join us. We try to keep most of the channels PG-13 but we DO have NSFW channels.
6 days ago

A small close knit server, just a growing community for chilling out and meeting people. We welcome all, we may be small but can grow with your help! A small close knit community that aims to support eachother and entertain eachother.
We have music, dinners at 6, Alisha's very own bar, roleplay. And the stuff usual places have.
To gain entrance through the gate you must first prove yourself to us and earn a way through *ahem its not hard ahem*
Hope to see you there!
37 days ago
Are you a 4chan-dwelling edgelord? Perhaps a manipulative drama queen with a cruel disposition? A furry? Generally an irredeemable scourge upon society? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this is the place for you! (It's probably where you'll end up anyway)

We are a friendly community of terrible people looking to mingle, make friends and have fun! Community activities include: gaming parties, movie nights, (demonic rituals every Sunday), among others!
41 days ago
Friendly Community of Gamers having fun playing with each other and new people to make friends with. Server Includes Fun, games and ranks with different perks. This Server is Made By the YouTuber Esaac to help build a community that he can interact with and play with, this allows for fans and viewers to ask questions, give feedback, give ideas and much more. The server has lots to do and lots to explore and is growing into a wide community of Gamers supporting Esaac but most importantly building this community.
51 days ago
New server made for gamers to meet up and pastime. Make new friends and more!
70 days ago
A new slowly-growing-non-toxic discord server that is is dedicated and perfect for anime fans, gamers, artists, meme lovers and for the people who wants to make new friends. We commonly host weekly/daily giveaways make sure to stay tuned for that.
95 days ago

This server is a server for Arabs from all around the world to talk to each other and make friends. It was designed and carried out by the AHM™️. Since there are few Arab communities on Discord, this server was made to hopefully become a big Arab community for all Arabs to join together. Help us to explore around the world!
178 days ago
Do you want to talk to make friends and talk to new people? This is right place for you, we are still growing and adding new things to the server. We have girls, boys, bots, and friendly staff. Anyone is welcomed here
Hello! Do you wish for a Discord for Art, Animation, and Meme’s all in one place? Well this is your type of server!