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We are a developing community based around the idea of providing a place of sanctuary for trans people through the internet. We have identity specific text and voice channels, as well as a support and venting channel. We welcome anyone of any gender-identity to join us. No sexual or NSFW content allowed. Heavily moderated to ensure we provide a safe space for fellow people on the trans spectrum.

This server is specifically for transgender individuals a sanctuary away from all the hate.
new server, come over an make some friends.
Hey you! Yes you! The one scrolling through the disboard or wherever! Are you lonely and in need or just simply looking for friendships, or gaming buddies?! Well here’s the place you’ll want to be (°▽°)


* This isn’t a dating server. 👀*

『 please read the rules once you come in. 』

• Age groups 13+ (teenagers) NO PEDOS PLS

•Always be yourself.

•This is a server that was recently created, let’s watch it grow!

•Don’t be shy, we’re a friendly community.

・:*+. Whats featured .:+ (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

❤ Active members/staff ❀
💚 Memes
💛 Friendships
💙 Voice chats
💜 A place to chillax
🖤 Custom Minecraft Server (Free Gkit for joining)
💓 And More 💓

💫Looking for Partnerships? Message the available partnerships managers 💫

| So hey what are you waiting for~ |

Hop right in ^^ and join the community!

~hope to see you here!~

Bootiful Invite link if it doesn’t work ~
Welcome to the description for MinMin's Playpen!! Where you can make new friends, talk anime, post art, or even make brand new friends!! This server is perfect and we have friendly staff and an almost flawless system! We even will host special events! We obviously have some great bots as well! So come on down! I guarantee a great time!
Potato Squad 🥔 is a brand new discord server. We invite you to join to make friends, chat, and game with us. Don't be shy! :)
ようこそ!Welcome to ◢◤Tokyofamily◢◤. We are a small but slowly growing anime vaporwave themed server with a friendly and welcoming community.

<<───────────────<<⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅>> ─────────────────>>
We got:
✓Friendly mods
✓a lovely vc
✓kind people
✓and many more!
<<───────────────<<⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅>> ─────────────────>>

So chill, chat, make friends, or perhaps even find love here. Hope you'll join us!
💝 Hiya Loves Come Join My server 💝
Come make new friends, talk to hilarious people or beat your mister at my Arcade~

💫 Always adding a variety of hentai Channels and categories for picky people

💫Many Safe chats to just hang out with people or out right show off

💫Partnerships Are allowed to any server that follows guidelines and dosent have any furry or lolis

💫 Strongly welcoming all artist and commisioners to our server you may even get your own room

💫Soon will be having nitro giveaways and other giveaways too

💫 Friendly competitions aswell in case you didn't win those giveaways ;>

💫 Fabulous or maybe hilarious roles for you :>

❤️Don't waste time love come join and have fun. Egirls ,Writers etc will have a place here soon too❤️
Autorole in this server you can find awesome people who can be your girlfriend or boyfriend and to discover all just join the server and have fun

⊱Active and chill members
⊱Partnerships regularly
⊱60+ Self roles
⊱Pic perms
⊱Friendly community
⊱Introductions, selfies, self promo
⊱Giveaways (nitro, spotify premium, etc.)
⊱Events regularly
⊱1-1 ratio of girls and boys
⊱Level roles
In this server you get to make new friends and have fun, also if your lucky find someone that your interested in!! But most importantly follow our rules so you won’t get banned : D!!
Welcome to ~The Alleyway~!
The Alleyway is a new server made for people to have fun, make friends, talk about your interests, and just chill!
Our server is:
❉ aesthetic
❉ non-toxic
❉ organized
❉ a work in progress
Zoinks is a server about making new friends (hopefully), shitposting and just talking about random, dumb stuff. We have a variety of channel topics that you can talk in through the Interests Category however we're always listening to our members' suggestions and ideas in the suggestions channel. We are open to all sorts of different people, so come along and make new friends.

Some info:

-You can assign yourself some roles in self-roles, this can show your age, gender, country etc and even give you a cool colour of your choice.
-Introduce yourself in the introductions channel, this is just like using the self roles but in more detail. Maybe you can find someone with similar interests and potentially become friends.
-The only form of advertising we accept here is your social media, keep that in the social-media channel please.
-Feeling confident? Go ahead and post yourself in selfies.
-If you have an idea, recommend stuff to the admins/mods in Suggestions to help make Zoinks a better place. This can range from new roles to different channel types.
The Music Central Official discord! Here you can make friends, share songs, suggest animes, listen to music with your friends, and have fun!
-Only post NSFW pictures in the "NSFW" channel.

-Spam is only allowed in the "Spam" Channel.

-No bullying, Excessive Rudeness, or Hate allowed. If an admin warns you more than 3 times, you will be kicked.

-Have Fun!!
the grunge club is a community server for people who like to stay up late at night and hang out, make friends or do whatever. free social media promoting allowed.
This server is made by Death run 3d gamer, who has a youtube channel. Together with this server you chave fun and friends at the same time!!! what are you waiting for?? join and become a Death Runner!!

Note: my server dosen't contain NSFW.
don't ya worry everyone is nice here!
we're also not strict! we give chances to those who disobeyed.
also YouTube stuff is allowed here.
Have fun and thanks!
A super friendly server for chatting, socializing, and all your many interests!
We have channels for gaming, art, writing, spooky stuff, and even a fantasy themed RP with a unique plot and adventures to join!
Looking forward to seeing you there!~ ♡
This server is a place for people to vent about their problems and be there for one another. You can also make friends and hangout.
Everyone is welcome here~
Just a small newer server, There's few rules <3 Come here to make new friends and have a chill chat with others. Lmfao everyone here so far is super nice <3
Welcome to Crazy AND Lazy!!!
This is a server where making friends is number one on our list. This server is a NO DRAMA ZONE. We have nice admins who love to help others and numerous people looking to make friends. We would love for you to stop by, be crazy and be lazy with us while we get to know you.
This is a server about making friends, and dating ig
Welcome! We are a Doki Doki-themed community server for weebs, gamers, and anyone who is looking for a home <3. Welcome to the club!
Welcome to our server, MHA Waifus United!
Our goal is to unite everyone who likes the MHA girls.
We have:
-Channels for each individual waifu
-Hidden NSFW chats that require a roll to access, keeping it clean for those who don't enjoy it
-Other chats for gaming and other anime, memes, and even a channel for non MHA waifus
-A few fun bots to play with
-Roles for every waifu.

We are still growing and expanding, so if you have any suggestions, let us know!
This is Rei's Universe! here you can join and talk to everyone, and make friends! there are many different channels like an art channel for artists, a debate channel for people who enjoy debating, a sports channel for all the sports-y people, an anime channel for people who enjoy watching and talking about it, a writing channel for all the writers out there, and even a channel for all the naughties!
We hope to see you there! the more people in the server, the better it is and the more friends you can make!
feel free to advertise the server to your servers and friends!