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Friendly Community of Gamers having fun playing with each other and new people to make friends with. Server Includes Fun, games and ranks with different perks. This Server is Made By the YouTuber Esaac to help build a community that he can interact with and play with, this allows for fans and viewers to ask questions, give feedback, give ideas and much more. The server has lots to do and lots to explore and is growing into a wide community of Gamers supporting Esaac but most importantly building this community.
Pst... yes you hehe the one reading~ come by & join this growing server uwu
Welcome to coffee & chill zone;
Where you can be chill & drink a cup of coffee with us ~☆
《 Features 》
● Friendly members
● Active staff
● warm, friendly & family like server
● level up roles with cool colors
● pokecord
● cards against humanity & true or dare
● many entertaining bots
● weekly giveaways & events
● special monthly events
● music bots & karaoke nights
● server currency & shop
● partnerships
"Come down at the coffee & chill zone"
We can assure you, you will have an enjoyable time with us ^_^
Hey you! Yes you! The one scrolling through the disboard or wherever! Are you lonely? And In need or just simply looking for friendships, relationships and/or gaming buddies?! Well here’s the place you’ll want to be (°▽°)


• Age groups 13+ (teenagers)

•Always be yourself.

•This is a fresh new server, let’s watch it grow!

•Don’t be shy we’re a friendly community.

・:*+. Whats featured .:+

❤️ Gaming
💚voice chats
💜A place to chillax
💙And More💙

So hey what are you waiting for~

Hop right in ^^ hope to see you here!

Invite link ~
Welcome to Fantasy Roleplay: Beyond The Clouds! We are a roleplay server that takes place on a series of floating islands in the sky. Come join us as we write stories and explore the ends of the sky islands!

-Freeform roleplay server
-Various roleplay environments
-Mix of magic and steampunk style machinery
-Giveaways for custom roles
-Staff applications are currently available
-The first 50 people in the server get 1 custom role
-Event suggestions are allowed

Hope you have fun in our server! If you have any questions, please message the owners.

Owners: @Chocolate and @Cazzy
The year is 2060, technology has advanced the human race to a milestone, virtual reality technology has advanced to the next level, robots and machines worked together with the humans as one. However, humans aren't the only intelligent lifeforms in this world. Together, living with another species, simply called "the different ones" by humans. Although you wouldn't say they live in..peace. Rebellic groups of monsters AND humans were trying too get the world "clean" of each other, scared of change or pre-judged statements. Not alot of them were very fond of each other. A group called "The Prevailed"; a human organisation that works on small areas, hitting and attacking most monster adoption centers and clubs. Another group, called "The Evolved"; a small organisation for monsters only. They say that they were the reasons why the humans are alive, trying too achieve the same goals as there counterparts, hitting them from clubs or small non-branded markets, also a sure force to reckon with. Then there are the innocent ones; that both try and make the living with monsters, humans and machines even, some humans even adopt there own personal monster! This story could be told in multiple areas of the world, but let's take a closer look at a big Utopian city. A place filled with dreams and happiness...or a city with pain and hate..maybe it's best if we call this place a metropolis, yea...and the name is Merlin.

>[ Come and join our RP of Merlin!

>[ Join in for some art contest or some nice events!

>[ Roleplaying not your thing? Don't worry! Come down and chat with different people, maybe make some new buddies while your at it!

>[ Give us suggestions too make our server bigger!

>[ Which side will you join? The evolved? Maybe the prevailed is your cup of tea? Or want too be civil and maybe work and live together? All up too you.

>[ We give every person ONE personal room, which you can customise by telling us what's about!

>[ Watch news letters about the story or news of Merlin in the "all hearing ear" channel
Not So Cool Kids Club welcomes everyone 13+ to hang out and make friends! Anime/Gaming/Life, we discuss it all! This is your home away from home~
Welcome to my server! If you’re interested in anime, video games, music, and memes then this server is perfect for you. Nuff said
(This server is new)
Come meet the gang and show us what you've got we've got plenty of cookies and many seats that need to be filled so come have a visit
Social / friendly discord with people from all walks of life. Bots, self assignable roles, NSFW servers, QOTD (Question of the Day) channel, people of all ages / backgrounds / timezones.
🔫🌹 Welcome to The Jungle! Here you'll find a laid back, new server looking for more active members! We're just a server to hangout, make friends and just chat. We also will start hosting weekly events once we get more members! Hope to see you there!
A mini rp server that is heavily inspired off of evangelion and other mecha type animes this server is only meant for fun and we are currently looking for admin it may be a tiny server now but we want this server to grow and maybe become popular we have a weird lore and nice owners that helped me create the server anyways we don't want to force you to join and if you do have fun!
This is a new discord server. Made for 13yr-17yr olds to join together and find a date. Includes NSFW channels that are completely OPTIONAL.
so this is something I'm experimenting on, quickly made a new server so you can join and we can have a chat. who knows, maybe there'll be a community one day! there are currently a couple of people here, so if you're looking for a tiny server with potential friends, come on in!
This server is a kind and friendly server where gamers can come and talk about games, make new friends and chill. You can advertise your YouTube and twitch channels here. You will definitely make new friends and will enjoy your time here .
This is a server dedicated to help people of all ages meet new friends and have fun! Anyone is welcome, so don’t be afraid to join!
A community based server!
Help with homework, games and software!
Make friends and play with the bots!
Hello! want to join a great server in the making? we provide areas for DnD, we provide areas for Roleplay, Gaming, music, and even tupla! all are welcome!
*Channel does have NSFW content, enter those channels at your own risk.*
You can listen to music together and make friends
Welcome To The Resistance!

We are a gaming/social discord. We tend to all gamer's and welcome everyone with open arms.
Feel Free To Join The Resistance!
Hey this is my lonely server i just made lol
I need more friends to play pubgm with (other games also ofc).
I don't find people when i really need someone to play with and get my rank reduced playing with dumb randoms :(
So come join let's get to know eachother and make a little fun server.

I'm not good with putting descriptions idk what im doing lmaoo kms.
I got couple if bots added im gonna add more when more people joins
You can be a mod since there is no one so i need people to run the server.
You can play whatever music you like
Anddd a lot more things xD comeee join fast

The server is all about anime/gaming. Anyone that watches anime or plays games will find new people to connect with. You can even make new friends here!
Join in on the fun in this server! We love to meet new people, so if that's what you're interested in as well, then come on it! We welcome everyone! Of course we have a few rule but they are simple and easy to follow! Thank you for reading, and I hope you join and enjoy you time here!
Join my cult! You can meet new people and make new friends here. This is a small community to meet new peeps and worship me! Jk. I hate myself.