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🌈 Welcome to【Pride】!! 🌈
Pride is an LGBTQ+ safe server to make friends and share memes in. It is centering itself around those who are LGBTQ+ or even straight. I gaurentee we have at least one thing you would be interested in. If we don't, feel free to suggest it!

This includes:
- Plenty of bots
- Memes
- Venting
- Weekly games
- Tons of roles! (Including Colors)
- Zodiac stuff if you're into that ;)
LGBT+ friendly server, all are welcome (especially fellow aces). This server also has dedicated channels for furry/brony, anime and NSFW content, if that sounds up your alley. We also have dedicated video and tabletop gaming channels for all your gaming discussion needs. 18+ users only
DragonTails Academy

Pyrrhia meets a new academy after 23 years of the only school being Jade Mountain. DragonTails academy is located on the edge of Diamond Spray river.


Headmaster: OPEN

Music Teacher: OPEN

History Teacher: OPEN

Fighting Teacher: OPEN

Art Teacher: OPEN


(1.) No NSFW anything, ANYWHERE

(2.) No rude comments at all

(3.) Don't find loopholes in the rules

(4.) Mods word is law

(5.) When in rp, don't kill someone without their permission

We have earning level bots, gambling bots, fun bots, a trump thing, music bot. We have our own winglets

Boxwood Winglet
Aster Winglet
Lily Winglet
Sunflower Winglet
Dahlia Winglet
Daffodil Winglet
Lilac Winglet

And more! Come join us!~

A friendly community server still growing but we want you to be a part of it! See you guys in here ♡

Server Created: 23/11/2018

🌟Friendly Staff
🌟Active Voice chat
🌟NSFW Channels
🌟Game bots
🌟Self roles

Join and chill with us! 😊
Spread craziness 💚
Hello, we welcome people of all communities. Beatboxers, gamers, singers, or even lgbt members can join and have fun.
We are a friendly and welcoming server for LGBT+ members and allies. We're mostly a hangout and chill server, but we have a dating section too.
We're still growing and being updated all the time!
All people are welcome, we recommend people 16 and up!

We have a new Event Staff role. Events are planned often and the Event Staff can be contacted by any interested member to ask what's coming up or to suggest events!

We do have an NSFW section, though the rest of the server is clean!
Welcome to Overwatch: Reborn. We are a brand new server with friendly dedicated staff. We hope to get more members that will help us build up this server. While we are not roleplaying we discuss fun stuff about the game, fan theories and more. We also have playing sessions together.
Winston has initiated the Overwatch: Recall to gather his old friends back. Some joined, others didn't. Dead or Alive? They're status is unknown. Yet they wasn't the only ones to get Winston's call, other heroes (or villains) joined, even civilians. What is gonna happen next? Join and find out!
What we offer
➤ Active & Dedicated Staff
➤ Over 50+ members
➤ Personalized Lore (we made our own lore, starting from the original one)
➤ Bots (Pollux, MEE6)
➤ Self-assignable roles (Colours, Custom roles, Teams, etc.)
➤ Custom Emojis (Overwtach sprays)
➤ Private rooms for each and every cannon character
➤ NSFW and SFW channels (ERP allowed)
➤ Theories and in-game facts!
➤ We are Semi-Lit to Advanced Lit
➤ 11 in game locations and over 30+ places to rp
➤ LGBT+ friendly (including your gayest Overwtach ships)
➤ RP as whatever you like (OC and Cannons)
➤ We also have a D&D guide to help you create your OC
➤ You can contest for CC if the one you want is taken (more info in DM's)
➤ Open to ideas

⭐ LGBT+ Frenchy Community ⭐

LGBT+ Frenchy Community est un serveur francophone réunissant les personnes LGBT+ ! On a crée un petit nuage de convivialité et de joie sur Discord ! Rejoignez-nous, on n'attend que vous ! Même si le serveur est connoté « LGBT+ », on ne rejette pas tous les gens sympas qui voudrait nous rejoindre !
Hello! My name is Aquila I am one of the founders of AquaNet💙. My server as you can see has some relations too “Aqua” the icon as one of many people’s favorite characters from finding Nemo! And finding dory, it is Squirt of course! Come with us and have an adventure! We wish too see you here!!! [13+]
This is a Camp Jupiter remake with is partnered with my other server; Camp Half-Blood. I would be really happy if you stayed, it's full of great people to roleplay with and has some people who are unable to roleplay, but it should be okay as long as we get lots of members. That's where you come into play, we hope you stay and help keep this place active!
Channel Samples:
- Venting
- Memes
-Character Creation Station with help
-Fun Bots
-Camp Locations from the books and special quest places coming soon!
We also take any suggestions and try to corporate them into the server and if you aren't happy with the place please tell us what we should fix!
A brand-new and fun roleplay-based server for all those who love Transformers. Roleplays, art, discussions, and more are always welcome on here. LGBT+ friendly, judgement free, active, and friendly/helpful staff, and more await for you!

-Please send an introduction when you join the server, it helps us to get to know you just a little bit before you dive in.
-A general role will be assigned to you as soon as you send your introduction, then all servers will be visible to you.
-Because this is a brand-new server, we only have a few people currently in it. We're hoping that like-minded people (like you, maybe!) can join us and we can create a nice community together!
-We also welcome those who self-ship with transformers, and we'd love to discuss and chat about yours and our f/o's ! This being said, please be respectful of others if you have the same f/o or interest as someone else.
-Overall, please be excellent to each other, and rock on!
-Forcing others to conform to the way you want them to roleplay is not tolerated, as well.
☆☆☆☆ -----Welcome To GTS Kingdom-----☆☆☆☆

---We are a server for chatting and making new friends, our server is sorta bts related but me and my friends made up our own group so enjoy ---

-~A server for all ages (there is some swearing)

-~A kpop, anime and gaming server

-~Friendly mods and members


-~Music Bots


-~Leveling system and roles

-~Roles to tell us about yourself

-~Kpop roles

-~Owners: Shad, Sakura, Thai, and Pink

Viva le Resistance!!~
-Art (Drawing/painting, Photography, writing, music)
-Druggies (everybody gets high in their own way)
-Supportive of whatever you are and represent as~
...suggestions are allowed(More ideas, more people desires fulfilled)

Special Certified roles:
Welcome everyone to Arcadia Bay. We are a small but growing community and we are friendly and open to new ideas. We invite you to join in the wonderful Arcadia, after the storm, where you can create a new story with the already existing characters. We don't follow the plot as we create a new one, but we kept your gay ships. You can also try new things, make new relationships and new clans. Come and join us today, meet new friends, chat and roleplay as well as talking about your favourite game.
➤ Friendly & Active Staff
➤ Custom Roles
➤ Self Assignable Roles
➤ Over 10+ places to rp (rooms)
➤ No OC's for now, sorry
➤ Cannon Characters from Before the Storm and LiS
➤ Theories and in-game facts!
➤ NSFW and SFW channels (ERP allowed)
➤ LGBTQ+ friendly (including your gayest Life is Strange ships)
↤↤↤↤↤ Join Now ↦↦↦↦↦
Welcome to LGBT+ Furry/Scalie Server. We are a server that is for fans and furries alike! We accept LGBT+ people and allies. We don't tolerate discrimination and we have many activities to do in our server. We have NSFW channel plus role and roleplay. We also accept artists. Feel free to join and make lots of friends!
Pride Time
- Ages 13-25
- Everyone in the LGBTQ+ Community
- Over 60 Self-Assignable Roles
- Interest Channels just for you
- Established rules to keep everyone safe
- Monthly Events
Come check us out today!
We're just a small LGBT+ friendly server that likes to meet new people of all types, and get together and play some games.
A random server. Based on an old server called Randomness. Great for making friends. Chill people.
Just a chill place to meet and talk with other LGBT+ people!
Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary, we are a relaxed community that wants people to love everyone. We have events, question of the day, and a loving community. So come to join us
!Welcome to our server!
This is a gaming community based server with friendly staff and nice members, we only have a few but we hope we can continue to grow as well as to see you enjoy your stay.
This server is an LGBT+ safe zone we are against discrimination and hope we provide you a safe place to be yourself and have fun!
Here is a fun LGBT+ friendly server for people to just hang out and talk.
we are open to people of all ages and are just a nice place to meet new people, listen to music and have fun. main points of interest

LGBT+ friendly
Rooms for different age ranges
Friendly and active staff
Lots of emojis
Flowers for currency
Places to talk
And more
A Discord to share art, writing and OCs, mostly for the Splatoon games, but other communities are welcome as well!
If you ask "Why is the gun granny your icon" it's because she wants you to go and work on that writing or that art work you haven't even looked at it in forever.
Join the server if you support LGBT+ and need people to talk to sometimes or maybe if you just want a peaceful place to hang out! Looking forward to anyone who joins.