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LGBTQ Realm is a safe, fun, and supportive place welcomed to all. Come make friends and invite yours. We have a dedicated various channels and weekly events such as favorite song of the week, sharing our personal music playlists, and new music Friday! Come join and meet some friendly and great people.
💙 Furry Legacy 💜 A community for Furries / LGBT / Weebs / Gamers! ♦️ Active Voice Channels ♦️ Text Chats ♦️ Fun Bots ♦️ Events ♦️ Role Play ♦️ Active Staff ♦️ Fun People♦️ Lewd Posts♦️ Naughty People♦️

Furry Legacy is a server that gets all its functionality from the users them selves and the active staff! The server is made for literally anyone! Especially those who to role play and other fun naughty things!

Femboys especially welcome!
We're a gaming, support, & self improvement community for LGBT+:rainbow: & any friendly people looking to chill, pay games, or join our RTD "Rust" clan!
welcome to gayclub
We are the few servers below 18 that allow NSFW!
you can do whatever you want
you must be 15+
have fun :)
A small community for lonely gays, lesbians, and everything in between. Anybody is welcome even if you are not part of the LGBTQ+ community. Join our sever if you want to just have one big GAY PARTAY
We're a relaxed, pretty-much-do-whatever-you-want kinda BDSM server. All we ask is that you have common sense and keep your bullshit in the appropriate channels. Here, (even though it isn't always the vibe) people are allowed to be mean, to throw insults and to make each other "uncomfortable".

⁺˚⁺• Some of what to expect •⁺˚⁺
+ Self assignable roles.
+ Lots of emotes.
+ Many attainable roles.
+ Active voice chat.

Entry is consent. If somebody steps over a line, dealing with it is your responsibility. Come say hi and help us grow.
Hello! Come join us in 'Sunshines Outlet' where we offer mental help, and things like that.. We do events, karaoke nights, and much more! Want to come find a gaming buddy? Come join us! We will add more games as the server grows!
Epic roleplay server where we do things like roleplay, discuss bees, have bots, and more (but only if you join)
⭐ LGBT+ Frenchy Community ⭐

LGBT+ Frenchy Community est un serveur francophone réunissant les personnes LGBT+ ! On a crée un petit nuage de convivialité et de joie sur Discord ! Rejoignez-nous, on n'attend que vous ! Même si le serveur est connoté « LGBT+ », on ne rejette pas tous les gens sympas qui voudrait nous rejoindre !
Welcome to Sweetful Star Pride,Where everything is sweet and nice to everyone. The only requirement u need to be in here,is that u need to be 13 years or older. We love you to join us and join the dancing squad and spread some sweetness or love or happiness as we’re full of it. And best of all,we have it all the time 24-7 to help you with ur dyshopria,depression,and other sad things that you wanna talk about. So come and join the fun today!

+50 colors!
-3 music bots!
-nice staff members
-and much more!
This server is for general chatting, recipe-swapping, and showing off your own food creations and gardens. We also do our best to answer recipe or technique based questions. Beginners are absolutely welcome, even if you know nothing about cooking but want to start. We will help you! We also try to accommodate for all different diets. Come join us and learn more about the world of food and alcohol!

Current list of interest flair available for members to show their hobbies:

Discussion Squad - For those who want to be pinged a few times a week for food-related discussions regarding favorite recipes, what you've made recently, what is on your list to try, newly discovered favorite foods, etc. You can also ping this group to ask food related questions. Come chat with us and make friends!

Sugar Work & Candy Crafts - for those who make candy, work with sugar, or otherwise just fucking love feelin that SUGAR RUSH.

Fermentation FIENDS - for our members who like to make fermented foods and booze.

Our Lord and Savior Cheese - cheesemaking or you just FUCKING LOVE CHEESE.

Knights of the Shrubbery - for our gardening friends.

Preservation/Canning - if there's a will, there's a way... to can it.
Welcome to LGBT+ Hideaway
Are you searching for a place to be yourself in and spend time with others?**
If so, we’re the perfect place for you!

Here’s what we have to offer:

-A non-toxic community We are a non-toxic and 100% family friendly server, who accepts everyone’s differences!

-Over 200 roles We have 200+ roles including Sexuality, Gender, Color roles and many, many more!

-A little bit of everything We have over 100+ text channels that cater for all of your needs!
Such as general chats for meeting new people, venting channels to find support, channels based on your interests (art, poetry, gaming etc) and you can find much more once you join!

-Fun events we host entertaining events such as karaoke night, movie night and game night!

-SFW content our staff team makes sure to keep the area around you a safe space to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible

-Accepting of those who need to vent and are going through a hard time,Those who are LGBTQ+,Furries & Pretty much everyone. Although we don't allow trolls :P

There’s something here for everyone!
Even if your just an LGBT+ ally, you’re welcome here, cause we make sure to make everyone feel included and well looked after here!:star2:

Our server has amazing opportunities awaiting for you, so instead of possibly missing out on all we have to offer, join along on the adventure today and see what we have in store for you!
we’ll be sure to give you a warm welcome to the server once you join! - Use this if disboard link won't work.
Doesn't hurt to give it a try!
JoJo's Bizarre [insert phrase here] is a fun little place for a lot of artists and non artist fans alike to join! We're ace friendly and non discriminating; as long as you message a mod after joining, we'll have no problem introducing you to the chat! Be warned; hardly any of us are straight. If you like gays, good art, and jojo, well, buddy, this is the server for you! Can't wait to see you here! :>
Heyall, were just a fun new server tryna make a safe space for all members of the LGBT community and allies, to talk and meet like minded people.
☆ Hi there! You must be scrolling for servers and thinking if this one is different to the rest. Well, I assure you we are unique and love a good laugh. We'd love to have you here and talk to you and make friends ☆
We offer:
❥Anime channel
❥Roleplay channel
❥Astrology section
❥LGBT+ channel
❥Lots of bots
❥MANY roles to choose from
And more;
Again, it would be a pleasure to have you!
Hello and welcome ^^ Flames of green (FoG for shot) is a lesbian hangout place full of lovely people. We got

🤗 Lovely community 🤗 everyone is really friendly and tolerant. You will be able to find yourself at home and quite a few friends before you even notice!

💚 Green Maid 💚 a lovely little homemade bot and server mascot. With her silly chatter, she is quickly becoming a community favourite. She can also get quite lewd in nsfw chats for those interested 👀.

☄️ Daily conversion ☄️ every day, we have two prompts to discuss. One sfw and another nsfw (it has opt-in ping).

🎭 Role-playing 🎭 be it writing or reading. I'm sure you will find your fill. 🎲 Table Top RPGs inclouded.

🌈 Memes 🌈 we all know Lesbian memes are the best memes. Therefore we dedicated ourself

🔥 Nudes 🔥 for adults amongst you. Few of us like to show off, and

💎 Verus other things 💎 wifu collecting game, contests, sharing art, vanity roles, harems and more!
Welcome to UNITY! Our server is solely for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies! 🌈

• We are a safe space for those in the LGBTQ+ community! 🌈
• We have plenty of self-assignable roles! Color roles too! 🌈
• We have no NSFW content or slurs! 🌈
• We have amazing members! 🌈
• Our staff are very fair and righteous! 🌈
• We have plenty of fun bots! 🌈
• We want you to feel at home here! 🌈

Help us be UNITED and join our server today!
Greetings, all, and welcome to the Global Discord Community! A server where you can meet new people, regardless of who you are! Our mission is to unite people of Discord, and create a warm and welcoming community that revolves around equal opportunity.
We have:
✨Friendly Administrators!
✨Game nights!
✨Economy games!
And much more. Oh, and we're completely SFW as well! Partners are also welcome! See you soon (hopefully)!
want a wholesome community that'll hype you up with a healthy side-dish of hentai? check out Anxious Weeb Central!

➼ 18+ & LGBT+ friendly anime/manga/video game community for those with different forms of anxiety!
➼ low-pressure chatting space! looking for a space to settle in and meet new people at your own pace? we may be the server for you!
➼ in-server currency for purchasing special roles!
➼ nitro-boosted with pokecord, reaction roles, and a music bot + more bots to come!
➼ relatively small but still active and growing!

stop by and check us out! all are welcome as long as you respect the rules! we'd love to have ya (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Hewoww :3 this is our lil sleep over!
Here you will find other lil kitties to talk to and play with! We are a non toxic and safe community with lots of pats and huggies!
We are LGBTQ+ friendly and accept anyone for who they are here! We hope you join us in our Gay Neko Sleepover. UwU *yawns and lays next to the welcome sign*
welcome to the ikatako squad! [AGE MINIMUM IS 14]

were a small bunch of 20+ but it’s a very chill and goofy server, if you’re having trouble finding friends to play your favorites modes with, that’s what were here for!

we accept and love all genders, sexualities, and races. no racism/homophobic/transphobic/and so on here >:( !!!!!

we love new faces so why not come by and join! <3
icon credit goes to one of our mods!
A mature community that is accepting of all and has lots of porn.

We now have role playing
this is jess! the server owner
i made a new server today (december 4th 2019)
because i was lonely and sad and want new friends
care to join friend?
Howdy! This is a fun and friendly LGBTQ+ server for everyone in our community (allies included) to come and hang out, talk, and make friends!