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Disney Cafe is a server for all Disney and Pixar fans who can come and chat! We have many fun roles, bots, and are a smaller server right now!
An active, friendly, supportive and close community for people to relax and make friends in! We have members from all over the world and all ages. We do have a 'soft' age limit of 16+. Although we don't enforce it, sometimes discussions on the server can be 16+ suitable
Multiverse RP is a casual roleplay server based around any universe in any game/book/show/movie.

Join us for a wonderful experience! Like DnD? Pick fantasy where the experience is based around such dungeon plunging or even tavern warmings!

Like Sci-Fi? Join up on the speculative category for a treat in almost every aspect. Want to be a ship captain? A marine from halo? A cyberpunk dude/dudette? A wastelander from fallout?
We gotchu.


Ω| Literate to Advanced writers
Ω| Original Characters ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Ω| 13+ Age Requirement
Ω| A growing community
Ω| A server without freeform RP, DM'd RP channels.
Ω| Learn as you go lore, explore the lands after an introduction
Ω| Missions everywhere
Ω| A giant underlying plot for everyone
Ω| Over 200 channels to RP in
Ω| Active welcoming team! Learn anything about the server
Ω| Tatsumaki Leveling
Ω| Currency System
We provide

💫Reaction Roles💫
📟Amazeballs Bots📟
🎉Amazing Members🎉
😎Cool and Active Staff😎
🎵Music Botts🎵
🔒Good Security🔒
💕Friendly Community💕

We members at Sapplings are respectful, kind, caring, fun, entertaining, and active. We are looking for more fun and active members to be with us to make the server even better! We want you guys to feel safe here in our community. We have a friendly owner who is respectful and kind. Staff members are chosen by who we can trust. We will love having your company and we can't wait to meet you all!
:star: Welcome to the Squad :star:

We are a chill community server that wants to apply to @everyone and have a great time together. We have non-strict rules and do allow a little toxicity, but we will not tolerate extreme bullying, harassing, etc. Feel free to join for a good time!



➼ Fun, chill, and laid back community server
➼ Non-strict rules
➼ Self-assignable roles
➼ Diverse community server that has gaming, anime, aesthetics, memes, etc
➼ Open staff applications
➼ Accepts partnerships from all servers
➼ Occasional giveaways/events
➼ Advertising
➼ Tons of bots to have fun with


This is a Pokemon server. we use the pokecord bot. we are a friendly server with plenty of giveaways and events! we also include gyms!

A kind community, who welcome everyone!
What we offer is down below
- Bots
- Gym Battling
- Gym Badges
- Need Partnered Gym Leaders (Apply today ^.^)
- Giveaways
·.¸¸.·♩♪♫ The Emo Trinity ♫♪♩·.¸¸.·

Do you hate when people tell you it's not 2008? Do you hate the crap society calls rap? So do we! Come back to 2008 now and listen to MCR (and other bands), and chat with a friendly community. We love to discuss music and just socialize. All are welcome, so feel free and join. Just don't be dramatic/toxic please.
We have:
♫self assignable roles♫
♫color selection♫
♫leveling system♫
♫general chats♫
♫music discussion♫
♫music bots♫

We are a new and growing server that is hopeing to build a friendly and kind community!
So what are you waiting for? For rap to go away? We all know that won't happen... so come and join today!
·.¸¸.·♩♪♫ ♫♪♩·.¸¸.·
ParaPlazza was created to be a place where anyone is welcome and free to speak their mind.
We offer tons of fun stuff, here's a few:
-Custom Bot
-Unique Economic and Leveling system
-Active, friendly and effective support/staff team
-Gaming Channels
-Art Channels
-General Discussion and Meme Channels
-Monthly "Movie Nights"

Join now to get the Early Supporter role, which will permanently multiply your coins by 150% (no need to buy the booster).

We'd love to see you join and stay and chat for a while :)

p.s We are looking for partnerships, DM me (Maxson#2074) for more information.
We are also looking for staff, please wait a little before submitting an application.
New teen hangout! 13-17
Need a place where u can just chill with people? You need a hug? Or maybe your just lonely and need some fellow teens to vent to. If so this is the place for u. We are weird and quiet crazy at times. But we're here for each other, and that's what counts.
We have..
-friendly staff
-2 amazing owners
-a place for rp
-ranked roles
-and more!
-also pokecord bot
Come and join the family 💚💙
A nice small server trying to grow into something fun, not specifically a dating server but we wont stop you, we are nice people and we don't judge c:
we also have reaction roles!
If you're looking for a good time, welcome to Yggdrasil! Yggdrasil is a Norse mythology themed community server with all of your typical server needs! Such as plenty of text chats ranging from music to memes (of course). Although it may be humble at the moment, you can help it grow, for the glory of Asgard!
Old server sadly got deleted, the one that we had 10K but, we didn't give up so now u are trying to grow it again :)
Just a chill server for you to join and possibly make some friends. We do have nsfw material however there is an active age requirement that you must be. we're just wanting to make some chill friends.
◄-The Lonely Losers Club-►
Hello everyone! Are you considered a loser? Sorry that was a dumb question... OF COURSE YOU ARE!
I mean look at yourself. You’re radiating with loserness! Well we can’t fix that... BUT we can make you less lonely so that’s something. Here at the Lonely Losers Club we try to be a fun server so that means we’re not like those strict serious servers that limit you for being “too edgy” or “too NSFW”. Servers that are “toxic-free” are boring and overall a BIG let down so that’s why we are toxic, but not too much! So join today and become a little less lonely! (May cause you to become more of a loser though, but lets be honest how much more of a loser can you become...)

And if that still doesn't convince you, let me tell you what we have!

We've got over 100 members and counting!
We've got a meme channel for your enjoyment!
And best of all we have e-girls! Yes you read right we have the finest e-girls in all of Discord!

So what are you waiting for?
Click that invite and start meeting other lonely losers like yourself TODAY!
chill server
low moderation
$$$ giveaways
stupid friendly
cute egirls
Welcome to Nightlife!

Who we are: We are a relatively small community “chill” server, geared towards making new friends, discovering people with common interests, and just spending time together!

What do we have?
• Custom emotes and roles!
• NSFW channel for those of age!
• An active and accepting community!
• Movie nights and game nights!
• Regular VC’s!
• Much much more!

Come for the people, stay for the experience! See you there!
We're just a nice group of people looking for some new friends to make and meme with. Feel free to join us! Who knows, you might even find your soul mate (;
Growing multigaming international (EU, NA&SEA) community with huge amount of games we play together for fun.
Some of the games that we play:
MapleStory 2, Closers, Smite, Paladins, Warframe, LoL, 7 days to die, Terraria, Destiny 2, CS:GO, Minecraft, osu! and many more.

Looking forward to meet YOU! Yes, you.
We also have variety of bots, nsfw channel available for mature members, self-assignable roles and lots of gaming (yes, gaming again).
Wel?#come to 404#otFou?#nd..
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Spartan Barracks is a Militaristic Server which ultimately creates a friendly and social environment for new members to the community. Anything inappropriate or unethical is not allowed here.

Feel free to experience chat or play friendly games with people amongst our community! Do keep in mind that Spartan Barracks is a small and growing community which love to talk to other individuals!
Welcome to the H20 Club. This is a new, yet small growing server, where you can stream music, post memes etc. You can also talk to people in the voice chat or text. Remember to stay hydrated! :)
The Bento Box Club is a diverse group of individuals opening their finished home to newcomers. Come on in, take a seat and join this adorable club. Movie nights, listening parties, and boredom channels here Bento Box members (the sushi rolls) try create a cozy haven for everyone. All ages welcome, bring snacks while you're at it. <3
New server
Chat room server
Please join our server
A fun and friendly community server for those who want to make new friends and have a fun time! Featuring an economy system, and various fun and engaging community events and activities. We ensure that all members treated kindly and with respect no matter what. To top it all off, in order to ensure that nobody ever feels left out, we are very open to suggestions on how we can make Dream Shores your second home here on discord!