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Hey Guys, come join our server. Why though? We help each other grow, infinite memes, game night, Chill people, active chat, game night. Youre parents tell you make good choices well this is a great one. Join NOW!
female/male ratio!
This server is a dating server too
Always an active chat and VC compare to Partnership list
Music bots
Dedicated gaming channels- fortnite, PUBG, CSGO:x:
Selfie members, find Snapchat codes and find new people uwu
coloured roles
members only events, loads of people join the event
Clean server with spam control !
A cool and fun chill out lounge to match and meet up with new friends! Listen to Music, Events, Giveaways, & more!
This is a community where you can talk to others about our YouTube channel, games, and become the greatest of friends, now.. we take our rules very seriously, but cursing is allowed and so is explicit texts BUT!!! don’t go too out of hand cause we have a little friend named
Dÿñō and our other friend sheggann


kick = spam, Dropping too much F-bombs, advertising companies or other YouTube channels

7day ban = over the top explicit texts and or content (DO THAT IN YOUR DM’S, SHAME)

25day ban = racism(Any Version Of The N-Word Or The N-Word Its self is not allowed) or making fun of any other religion (not cool don’t do that)

perm ban = violating all rules at once or violating a ban worthy rule more than 3 times

If there is any reports you have for our team dm me (D1stink) or Sheggann
at this server name Reports.DiSOp and we will accept your report, and we will also need proof, maybe snap a screenshot. So you guys have a part in this group as well, our team is gonna try to make your experience here an awesome one

glowing regards,
our team DiSOp
Hai! I’d like to invite you to an active, funny and charming discord community, aka @sun (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)#8069 server. We accept LGBT+ and are happy to welcome anyone (Furries welcome ;3)
We have many bots, challenges and other fun activities to do there! Including..
~Giveaways and prizes!
~25+ Bots for every Need, including Dank Memer, Notsobot, Rhythm and many more!
~Fare leveling up systems with roles to obtain for leveling up!
~Live Streams with the Owner!
~A safe and welcoming community, with an even safer projection against spammers!
~Server Wide challenges and many other opportunity’s to get unique roles!

We hope to see you there!!
Liebe Disboard Community,
dies ist unser Minecraft Clan Discord.
Wenn ihr Lust habt auf einen richtig coolen Clan,mit Coolen Membern ,dann seit ihr bei uns genau richtig.
Wir haben auch einen Teamspeak(
Wir würden uns freuen euch auf unserem Discord oder Teamspeak wieder zu sehen =)
Liebe Disboard Nutzer,
Habt ihr lust auf nen coolen Jugend Discord Server um euch mit verschiedenen Leuten(Jugendlichen) auszutauschen?
Dann seid ihr bei uns genau richtig!!!!
Bei uns wird sehr gut darauf geachtet,dass keine Erwachsenen auf unserem Server sind ,denn dieser Server ist nur für Jugendliche.
Viel Spaß auf unserem coolen Server

Wir werden bald auch noch einen Ts besitzen daher suchen wir Contents und Designer als unterstützung in unserem Team.
This server is basically all sort of genre server, most of all, bringing the whole discord community together! <3
Join the global version of a group made by me, ApoCodeLypse and my friend Sumthinginthefuture. The Holy Eraser originates in the cold, depressing land of Illinois. We encourage gamers, memers, and programmers to join.
join already bitch, this shit is brand new
We are a Social IRL Community and we talk about anything! Almost 200 members we could use some fun people like yourself!
This server welcomes all people! (between the ages 13-20)
We are a *dating server* who accepts all kinds of people and makes them feel welcome. We are a new, shiny server with staff who are looking forward to meet you! We hope you enjoy your stay!

Fear + Love Staff
*F.R.I.E.N.D.S Is friendly community server. This server doesn't have alot of people (we hope we will get much more poeple.)*


Rank system
Game Robots
Moderating Robot
Fun Robots
Friendly Community
And much more

Join us NOW!!
Henlo! ^_~
Wir sind Swag Squad, die coolste Gaming-Community im deutschsprachigen Raum. Die besten Spieler und die hübschesten e-girls warten auf dich. RaWr. x3
This is a server for real gamers ;) Make new friends with interests the same as yours. There aren't many rules, so you have free will.
A place to hang and be cool. We are currently small, but we'd like to also be growing. Don't be afraid, everyone is cool here!
Welcome to Tears of Gaia!
This server is still in development and is not perfect so please don't expect anything good.
Anyway, Welcome!
Tears of Gaia is a medieval roleplay where everyone can make a character of there own origin and ideas, Meet new people and make new friends!
We have events that happen every now and then that give the rp some spice, Along with a ERP and NSFW section but a role is needed Because we're no ERP server. We have voice chats so you can Listen to music, Sing, Or make friends! We have Giveaway's so you can win cool things!
Come join us and join the fun!