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Fun server with a good owner and nsfw also its easy to be admin. I keep all furrys safe so come in this is a safe place
A place to hang and be cool. We are currently small, but we'd like to also be growing. Don't be afraid, everyone is cool here!
Here we hate all members of the LGBT community. We do raids and other stuff.
A community made for cool people to come chill, play, and chat. We have activity based roles and partnership. A "City" is implemented with UnblieveaBoat bot and we have "life" ranks purchasable in store. Example Ranks: ("homeless, worker, etc.") Also, we got Pokemon!!!
We are Space Hut! We are glad to see that you have taken interest in being apart of our community! We can't wait to see you in the now, and the future of our community. We some times get a LITTLE Crazy! Our community is filled with people from all over the world, on multiple platforms, and our members play all sorts of games. Our community is NOT centered around a singular or set of games, we welcome everyone from all sorts of games!

We offer everything from:

- Events 24/7 :calendar: Daily (& sometimes hourly...) questions, riddles, and polls
- Friendly & Mature Community! :smiley: Under 13's are marked with a special role.
- Memes! :laughing: The new Instagram for memes. %100 Legit! FBI Approved!
- Bots! :robot: ~~Note to self: Remove some bots from the ever growing list later~~
- Supportive & Friendly Staff Team :shield: LOOKING FOR STAFF <- Yes.
- Super chill. We invented chill. Probably. Don't quote me on that:fearful:
- Advertising channels :chart_with_upwards_trend: For the ones who need to grow their server
- Custom Emojis :sunglasses: For the ones who go to servers to steal emojis
:white_check_mark: TONS OF ROLES. It's crazzzzy good.
What do we offer at JACF you ask?
Dank chat
Channels for a bunch of stuff like, lfg,selfie and pet pictures
Open to suggestions
Cool funny react roles
Nsfw channels(general and a roasting channel)

Come check us out and see what we are about. Give us a chance an stick around. If you get offended easily we are not for you.
female/male ratio!
This server is a dating server too
Always an active chat and VC compare to Partnership list
Music bots
Dedicated gaming channels- fortnite, PUBG, CSGO:x:
Selfie members, find Snapchat codes and find new people uwu
coloured roles
members only events, loads of people join the event
Clean server with spam control !
Hello! Are you a Transformers Fan? Are you a Transformers Prime Fan?! If you said yes...well I’ve got quite the server for you. This server is full of wonderful people and would love to have you in the server. It’s set in the TFP Universe, but characters from most shows/comics are allowed. Come and say hi, and see what’s up.
Welcome to Flicky's server! We're brand new, fresh out of the oven and are newly released! Please join in the fun, give suggestions, and stick around.
Bienvenue chez Kingdom Hearts France.

Vous voulez un serveur cool, sans prise de tête, pour discuter tranquillement de tout ? Ce serveur est fait pour vous.

Nous sommes orientés plutôt vers les animes et les mangas, mais nous avons aussi des salons pour partager des vidéos, des images et des musiques, et parler de films, séries et jeux-vidéos.

Le thème général du serveur est Kingdom Hearts.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer si vous nous rejoignez !
This is a server entirely based off of pizza. We strive for a nontoxic community. If you love pizza as much as we do, you will fit in with this server.

What we offer~
*cool bots
*assignable roles
*friendly community
*a vent channel

This is a role play server based around the My hero acedemia anime/ manga and it takes place after the events in the series and it uses original characters. It is brand new so come on and join the fun!
Alixby! The city of daydreams!"

Alixby was founded as one of five cities used as a showcase to present to the world how cities of the future should be. The world loved these cities, especially Alixby. With the showcase being a major success, the government chose 500 lucky people to be the first people to move in. The city boomed and began growing after the first 500 moved, soon those numbers doubled and then tripled; it was a neon metropolis, attracting all different kinds of people. All was going well for the city until the crooked mayor, Katherine Pelligreen, was elected. When she was elected, she began implementing laws that caused tensions to rise with people of the city. Her laws and propositions were unethical and just not fair. She created an oppressive society that had demonstrations outside of the mayor's office and weekly protests. The city experienced years of civil unrest with the people. It only got worse as she was reelected. The crime rate rose higher and higher the longer she stayed in office. Police began abusing their power, gangs prospered, crime was everywhere now. Will the city ever be completely safe again?
Welcome to The Hub!
The Hub is a community based server meaning we take things that our members like and put them in the server, things like anime, gaming, art and other things
We also have things like events like streams, karaoke nights and more fun stuff!
We also allow roleplaying currently being worked on but in the futre you can also roleplay!
Features we offer in our server
- Giveaways
- Music
- Gaming
- Anime
- Art
- Support
- Roleplaying
- Chill staff
- and alot of fun!
If you read all the way down here thx alot for giving us your time and reading our description (: i hope to meet you!
We are a trophy hunting playstation discord server. We are updated on playstation news constantly through bots and we boost many different games.
•You unlock this door with the key of imagination. •

•Beyond it is another dimension- a dimension of community, a dimension of memes, a dimension of a e s t h e t i c. •

•You're moving into a land of both love and economy, of partnerships and good moderation. •

•You've just crossed over into . . .•

***×Ribbon Hearts×***

This server is another generic community servers, surprise. We have a bunch of stuff such as;
**×Good Moderstion×
×And a growing community!×**

***OH! And you can partner here!***

•Will you enter? Or are you.. CHICKEN•

***owned and operated by bigweld industries©™***
Kommt drauf wir suchen aktive/coole User
Wir warten auf euch
A new small server. this server doesn't have a lot of people but it's fun here.
this server has nsfw, level up bots, basic rules, fun channels, suggestion channel, youtube channel where you can see pewdiepie's latest videos and fun bot commands.
welcome to loserz
on the menu, we offer:

➳ aesthetic theme
➳ giveaways
➳ fun bots
➳ music bots
➳ economy bots
➳ game nights

and more, but it's for you to discover!
•Bored Brothers Convention is a server with a friendly community and active chats. •
Join our great server the K.K.K (Kool Kids Klub)
It is a great server, no swearing though
have fun ;)
Looking for a new amazing community server to join?
Check out __Glazed Collective!__

We are a friendly server geared towards creating an active and friends community. Anyone can feel free to join. We do have quite a few things to offer such as:

• Caring staff who are always willing to help.

• Plenty of channels including game channels, selfies, and more.

• Lots of voice channels.

• Self assignable roles.

• Lots of bots with many amazing features!

• Partnerships.

• And much more!!!

Anyone is welcome at anytime!
Hey! Come join our server! We play games and listen to music and make friends. It's small right now but it will grow into a giant community!