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pork hub - A community devoted to regular conversation and discussions about various topics and issues.

Also includes:

Selfie Channel
Aesthetics Channel
Debate Channel
NSFW Channel
Storytime Channel
Userphone Channels
We welcome everyone to join Pancake's Playhouse. Make new friends and chill here! We're currently looking for more new members and we're trying to create a community, so join us today in Pancake's Playhouse! You won't regret it!
Server may or may not still be in development, but that shouldn't stop you from suggesting a few new things.
A community made for cool people to come chill, play, and chat. We have activity based roles and partnership. A "City" is implemented with UnblieveaBoat bot and we have "life" ranks purchasable in store. Example Ranks: ("homeless, worker, etc.") Also, we got Pokemon!!!
┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐
Welcome to ✯ Paradoxical ✯
Join before you have to get off
the internet

✯ Active chats
✯ Good moderation
✯ Self assignable roles
✯ Active voice chats
✯ Fun activities and events
✯ And much much more!

Join today and make yourself know to our growing community! Our server isn't toxic and is a safe-haven for people who do not want to be judged. However, we do play the Ear rape Soviet Union anthem every night trololol

Peace ✯
This server has ❥Rules ❥Self-role ❥Introductions ❥Selfies (So your not a catfish) ❥Memes ❥Levels ❥Art ❥RP ❥Games ❥I'm not forcing anyone to join, I'm suggesting. ❥I will appreicate it if you do
Welcome to Yutes
We are a newly founded rapidly
We have alot to offer our community such as :

Active & Chill Members
Great staff team that are here to help
An amazing community (We want YOU to be a part of 😉 )
Interactive bots

If you want to be a part of our server we would love for you to join 😎
-Owner: Jack ;)#6969
Welcome to the Karaoke Joint.

Welcome, come on in and make yourself at home.
We've got plenty of self-assignable roles.
We host lots of events!
Come and make new friends!!
Friendly and Active Staff!
We can't wait to have you!!
Hello there. This is a fun server where you can chat in a variety of channels, hangout with cool people, make new friends, use awesome bots, and more! Come and chill with us :D
Welcome to hell skids join if you candle it

New server 💤💤💤
Become a Experiment, Scientist, or Security its up to you the choices you make is yours to make so come and join is in "Laboratory 218" we always love having new members.
female/male ratio!
This server is a dating server too
Always an active chat and VC compare to Partnership list
Music bots
Dedicated gaming channels- fortnite, PUBG, CSGO:x:
Selfie members, find Snapchat codes and find new people uwu
coloured roles
members only events, loads of people join the event
Clean server with spam control !
Ribbon Hearts™

•Hi, thanks for reading our ad. This server is the official public server for my YouTube channel: Plantbob.•

°While it is a server mostly for my channel, it is also a public chatroom server open to all!°

×Currently, we have: 6 bots, and don't plan on getting too many more!×

∆We have a memes channel currently looking for cuties to fill him up with your spiciest may-mays.∆

:hearts:It's fun to stay at Ribbon Hearts!:hearts:

∞ Come on down ∞
A friendly, wholesome and organized community, waiting for you to complete our member goals!
Beep Beep :)

Hi welcome to Beep Beep -- Just a server to have fun in, talk in, and make friends in. We have a lot of good qualities such as....

~ self role
~ good bots
~ friendly people
~ vc
~ much more
▪▪▪▬▬▬▬▪▪▪Chill Vibes Community▪▪▪▬▬▬▬▪▪▪

The place to find a niche group of people, where you can be yourself and meet real friends!

▪ Cool
▪ Edgy
▪ Art
▪ Debates
▪ Real talk
▪ Girls
▪ Boys
▪ Anyone welcome!

Chill, unique and laid back!
Welcome to the wholesome hangout ☔️
Here you can:
☁️ Chat and make friends
☁️ Use bots and listen to music
☁️ Play games with others
☁️ Find a new mom (hana)
☁️ Have fun!
This server isn’t based on anything specifically, just come and have fun! Who knows, you may stay a while and make some buddies!!!
(pls join we’re lonely)
Hello! Welcome to Juggernauts, we're a bunch of Retards B) I mean if you wanna join that'd be cool but no? This might convince you.

1: Active Mods ( No we don't care if you do dumb shit)
2: Daily Qotd
3: Pls join we're lonely
4: Number 3
5: Everyones in this together
6: We have a dog named ashlee if you're into that >->
A new and fresh server!
We’re very nice and do not allow any drama, which is very important :)))
This server always gives you something to do either by talking about games and hanging out and making new friends
Hello! Are you a Transformers Fan? Are you a Transformers Prime Fan?! If you said yes...well I’ve got quite the server for you. This server is full of wonderful people and would love to have you in the server. It’s set in the TFP Universe, but characters from most shows/comics are allowed. Come and say hi, and see what’s up.
Hey there! Do you like epic memes? Well come on down to EPIC Dudes 64, where we have PLENTY of fun and games!
It's gonna be a fun, cool, and weird ride!
Here you go!
And what we have is a great community, memes, bots, and much more things!
I hope you enjoy this super epic server invite link and send it to your friends!
What else do we have:
Fun & Games
Cool stuff
Agreement chat
& more!
So come on down to Epic Dudes 64, where fun is infinite!