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Become a Experiment, Scientist, or Security its up to you the choices you make is yours to make so come and join is in "Laboratory 218" we always love having new members.
Come one, Come all! This server is making a come back. Due to inactivity, we are deciding to reboot the server. All we need is active players. If you love Transformers Prime and the story behind it, and you love the idea of Transformers Universe... then let me tell you that we are mixing the two.

We'll now be set before the events of TFP. The Autobots have arrived on Earth after being shot down by the Decepticons and to flush out the Autobots and especially Optimus Prime, Megatron has ordered the attack and invasion of Jasper Nevada. Because of this, General Agent Fowler has been contacted by Optimus Prime himself, requesting a base for him and his Autobots and in return, they'll fight off the Decepticons and defend planet Earth.

That is the general idea of the story and where we'll start. We hope you all come along and join the fun. We need active members and hope to see you guys joining the fight as either an Autobot or Decepticon... *or why not both*.
Consider this the best day of your pedestrian existence. I, The Almighty Tubeman, Have descended from the heavens to offer you a place on my Parthenon. Show me a mere fraction of your endless gratitude by heeding my holy decrees within #the-ten-commandments and I shall refrain from smiting thee. A server designed to strictly categorize discussion and facilitate order and chaos of equal magnitude (generally).
Mostly small but active welcoming community.
Looking for new members, doesn't matter who you are.
we welcome ALL users 👌 , ZERO ban policy ❌, M O D's are friendly and approachable ✌️☮️
Are you looking for a community to be active in? Meet awesome members? Where the YouTuber RoomieOfficial and more youtubers are!
Join our server now! With over 18 thousand members!
What we provide?
Fun & diverse chat,
Friendly members

🏁 Have you been looking for a Roleplay server for some time with no results ?
🌟 Well you've found it ! 🌟
Ameslands is a lore-free RP server in which your dreams will come true. We are an awesome community of people who enjoy spending time together and roleplaying on Discord.

We hope to see you soon !
We looove chating !😅
Simple, but cool chatroom!
You may even request emotes easily !
We are friendly, no worry!
We have two main rooms:
• SMS - for general chatting with text
• MMS - for picture, video- All medias!
Simplicity is our goal!
𝐲𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐨,,

you came across my server. good job! well, this server is a server i made to build a community and make people have the choice of having a server to make online friends with people. we are planning on doing interactive things with members so it would be great if you joined and invited your friends over as we want to make a big community to make everyone happy.
Welcome to The Cool Kids Club (not to be confused with The Kool Kids Klub)!! We’re a chill community server accepting of all people! We hope you can enjoy your time here!
The forest it the only place humankind has ever known. There is no one alive who knows what the world looks outside of the forest. Anyone who has tried to find a way out, has never come back.
In the early days of the forest civilization, all people ever did was try to get out. After they realized they couldn’t, they gave up -though people still do try to, and fail. After they gave up, they built a civilization. It first started out has a small village of huts made out of wood, but eventually it grew. They learned how to mine and thus- the age of stone began.
The age of stone is one of the most prominent ages in the forest civilization’s history. It’s the foundation of how it became what it is today. The age of stone was an important time, full of mining and finding out many new things; such as ores like coal and iron (later finding gold and diamond) and magic for a select few too.
Along with the stone age, small village started growing into a small kingdom. But along with change came conflict. Since the newfound kingdom was getting larger, there was the problem of who was to rule the kingdom, eventually, there were fights breaking out about who would be king. (or queen)
Eventually somebody stepped up to rule, their name was King Rowan Coliar. He was an important figure in history, as he, named the kingdom, Croix, founded the council, and many other things.
After the rule of King Rowan and during Queen Nessa’s rule, people didn’t like the way she ruled and some decided to split into different kingdoms. Creating Obasal, Zican and Phaya.
💖💖Welcome to the strawberry cove!💖💖
💕What we have to offer:
💗And more!💗
🍓This is a free chat server just to chill and hang out with all types of friendly people! I hope you have a wonderful time here!🍓
Just a neat little server with a small community. If you want some people to talk to, join today!
This server is for the Thigh of mind, this server is not a NSFW server but is does have some NSFW elements. Join if you are a thigh man like us.
Hey voici 𝑯𝑶𝑶𝑫 : 🍭 : je vais te présenter 𝑯𝑶𝑶𝑫 :lollipop:

𝑯𝑶𝑶𝑫 : 🍭 : est un serveur communautaire ou vous pouvez faire des rencontres il aura aussi de nombreux giveway
Helloo theree friend! Kingdom Dark Star is a fairly new server that we are planning to become a great friendly gaming/hang out server. We are still in progress of finishing making up the server, but we'd love if you join us and help or be a part of our Kingdom!
The Trailer Park Includes:
Memes And Shitposts!
Events like Games And Movies
Roleplay For Roleplayers alike
Gaming: Because gamers
Lahey And Randy!
An Epic Community!
And Finally SHEER Madness!
Join the chaos today by clicking that invite link!
This server is where you can talk about tech freely. Apple or Android. The server is still being worked on so any suggestions you can offer to me will be greatly appreciated :D
Also have a great time in this server and everyone is welcome