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This is a server about youtube.Here you can share your videos with us.we help eachother if we need.Also you can share your server here.
If you join you will have fre acc of:
And proxy
╔═════════════༻ ♡ ༺═════════════╗
╚═════════════༻ ♡ ༺═════════════╝
Fun community, active chat, and people to talk to in text and voice chats. Includes waifucatch for any anime lovers. Growing server of gamers and weebs, with self assignable and level-up roles. 50+ cute emotes and animated emotes, with more being added!
· · · ───── ♡ ───── · · ·
♡ Active Members
♡ Dedicated Staff
♡ Voice Chat
♡ Ecchi Channel
♡ Fun Games
♡ Cute Emotes
· · · ───── ♡ ───── · · ·
♡ Owner: Moon
Enjoy your stay, we don't like toxicness in this server. Come chill out and hang out!
female/male ratio!
This server is a dating server too
Always an active chat and VC compare to Partnership list
Music bots
Dedicated gaming channels- fortnite, PUBG, CSGO:x:
Selfie members, find Snapchat codes and find new people uwu
coloured roles
members only events, loads of people join the event
Clean server with spam control !
General Info
-We are a chill hangout community with multiple channels and bots to feed your needs. We will also release discord updates like new channels and bots plus game updates. YES, WE GOT A MINECRAFT SERVER TOO REEEEE
-You are always welcomed to get a support ticket in #support for any questions you have.
Q:When is the game getting released?
A:In around 3 or 4 days. Sorry for the delay!
Q:When do I get kicked?
A:You get kicked after 3 warns and the min time to join after the kick is 2 hours. Your warns will be cleared when you join back and if you get 3 warns more after that, you will get banned.
Q:Where do I apply for staff?
A:Staff spots are currently closed. The channel #apply will open when spots are avalide.
Q:Can I be a dev?
A:DM me and I will see :)
1: Your Nickname can be set to whatever you want it to be, just make sure that you're able to be pinged easily and not have it something retarded. (like completely offensive)
2: No NSFW can be shown in any channels that are based in SFW (clearly) like main and images.
3: Say whatever you wish at anytime, simply don't spam and act like a dumbass.
4: Personal info of any sort can result in you being banned. Basically leaking things without others consent, or straight up starting non-sense.
5: n o a d v e r t i s i n g
6: Trying to find any loopholes within the rules can get you warned, and if something isn't listed up here that can be a rule doesn't mean you should do it anyway.
7: If you have any problems with someone, just contact a moderator and go up the ranks if they aren't able to help you.
8: Mass Pings isn't really allowed, unless the person you're trying to ping is fine with it.
9: No racist comments.
10: Use correct channels.
Rules will prob update when the game gets released.
Yo bitches, welcome to Straight Anti. This server is brand new, and we hope you enjoy it here. Invite your friends, hang on, be civil, that's all I ask. We have dank memer (and other bots) and a nsfw chat (for you weirdos)
Join rn tho bb xx
This is a server were you will be lit, and make many new friends
everyone on here is nice, caring, and are very welcoming
Hangout with random strangers and have fun! talk about stuff and make new friends!
Welcome to The Hub!
The Hub is a community based server meaning we take things that our members like and put them in the server, things like anime, gaming, art and other things
We also have things like events like streams, karaoke nights and more fun stuff!
We also allow roleplaying currently being worked on but in the futre you can also roleplay!
Features we offer in our server
- Giveaways
- Music
- Gaming
- Anime
- Art
- Support
- Roleplaying
- Chill staff
- and alot of fun!
If you read all the way down here thx alot for giving us your time and reading our description (: i hope to meet you!
This server is for the Thigh of mind, this server is not a NSFW server but is does have some NSFW elements. Join if you are a thigh man like us.

Come join the Chillax Lounge and meet new people. Our server is pretty chill, we have a few rules but that won't prevent you from enjoying yourself.


- Bots you can interact with. (Music, Gambling, Memes, Images, Etc...)
- Loads of channels you can interact in and have a good time.
- Active community (for the most part).
- React Roles
- Welcoming/Supportive community.

Are you an introvert? Do you like memes? Are you of the memes yourself? Are you in fandoms? Do you like to draw or create of sorts? Do you just like to be weird in general? Well, Steampunkish is the place for you! We're all weird here, and kinda quiet, but we mean no harm! So please, join us in our adventures and it shall be a fun time!
Mostly small but active welcoming community.
Looking for new members, doesn't matter who you are.
Just a random server for fun cause why not
A Food themed server hangout for you and all your friends! There’s even game themed chats for all your needs!
Looking for a chill place to hang out and chat? Join Everything Bagels, a freshly baked, 18+ server created to meet new people and make new friends! We kept things super simple so you can focus on chatting instead of dealing with too many channels and too many bots.
Ceci est un serveur avec une ambiance spéciale!Passant de la détente à du fun.....comme des Events/Sondages!Salons Gaming comme du général!Une communautée active et accueillante puis des règles bien appliquées!En plus,vous n'aurez pas à vous souciez de votre sécurité car un "Staff" des "Enfer" vous protèges!
À Présent,Bienvenue En Enfer