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(16-20 preferred) hi my name is australopithasornusfilainusamadeaussal
toungus II
we also have a shit ton of bots uhh gucci gang
In Epicc Gamer Lounge we just love to have fun! In this server, one of our most famous things is dank memer! We spend a lot of our time just trying to get the most money! You can also get self-assignable roles, vote on polls, join in events, talk to some epicc people, play uno, and join in giveaways! Join today!! (its epiccc)

*WE NOW DO PARTNERS!!!* THE SERVER IS FULL OF TEENAGERS MOSTLY 13-18 SO DONT BE EXPECTING ALOT OF ADULTS. *(you arent epic unless you stay in our server 🤷‍♀️)*

(no offence)
Ash's House 2.0 is a server dedicated for people to make new friends and having some fun!

we are currently looking for active members to make the server more active so don't be afraid to talk to us!

there's no man's land channels where's basically there's no rules and you can do whatever in it.

Thank you so much for spending your time to read this even if you don't want to join and we hope you have an amazing day!

Epic minecraft server but if you dont play minecraft you can still join everyone is welcome
hi im mitchy join this server we're cool af no egirls unfortunately but we do have anime thighs so yk
Welcome to the Kingdom! This is a social server that I made for people to join and hangout. The server is not really dedicated to anything but meeting people and socializing together. We hope you will enjoy it here if you decide to join.
Welcome to De Mammar 3.0. This is an epic gamer server that has come from a long line of 2 years of previously deleted servers.

Here at De Mammar 3.0 we have many cool things like:
-epic gamer chats
-epic gamer bots like unbelivaboat and yggsdrasil
-epic gamer staff
-epic gamer events like gamenights and vc hangouts
-epic gamer community members
-epic gamer (more to come)

Don't wait! Join De Mammar 3.0!!!!

de mammar 3.0 baby!!!!!!


Got a head of fiery hair, and a turbo-charged backpack (Johnny Test)
His genius sisters use him like a lab rat (Johnny Test)
A neat freak dad at home, a super-busy mom (Johnny Test)
The boy's best friend is a talking dog

Three extreme teens and an air-breathing shark
Mega-action, game controller, skating in the park
Pherome booster Bling-Bling, what do we make of this?
Johnny Test
Johnny Test
This is the life of a boy named Johnny Test
What do we make of
Johnny Test
Johnny Test
This is the life of a boy named Johnny Test
join vc - xdxdxd - a pretty quirky server with pretty quirky people join because lol ur mum, we need roblox and vc buds and friends so join
share your most epic memes. don’t join if u get offended easily lol. there are pretty much no rules
re·tar·da·tion (n.) :
the action of delaying or slowing the progress or development of something
no overcrowding with channels
epic meme channel
minecraft server
talk to epic cool memer (lole)

Hey! Welcome to the USAF's Pizzeria! U.S.A.F. is abbreviated for: United States Air Force! We ask that you follow our rules and have fun! We have three choices:
1. Since our server is about the Air Force, we, of course, have our own Air Force section! We even have a Basic Training section, for the epic Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas!

2. You can have a normal server that includes

- Appropriate channels
- Cool bots
- Epic people

3. You can roleplay as a customer/cook/waiter!

We wish for people to have a splendid time and enjoy themselves, but we won't get hurt if you wish to leave! As long as you chat a little before doing so that'd be great!

Our staff are very friendly, but we might joke around a bit here and there.

Feel free to invite your friends! All you need to do to gain access to an invite link is DM me (My current username will be CMSAF) or one of the admin.

Once again, we hope you feel comfortable, have fun, and enjoy our server!

We are a bit of a serious server. Jokes aside, we respect the Air Force so very much. Any veteran is welcomed. Any serving is welcomed. Or, if you just love the Air Force, maybe just aircraft in general, we welcome you!
If you like talking to people we have people.
if you like bots we have bots.
if you like memes I got memes.
if you're cool and chill this server is for you.
Oh, also we have a spam chat for spamming.
Mostly small but active welcoming community.
Looking for new members, doesn't matter who you are.
Hello. My name is lil tiimby and I want you to join my cult. We got bots, voice channels, a NSFW channel, and meme channels.

Still not interested? What if I told you that you get a FREE UNLIMITED N WORD PASS if you join RIGHT NOW.
When you join, check rules-and-info and you'll find your n word pass.
Simple Bones is a whitelisted vanilla Minecraft server. We're currently still in development and working on various things such as getting the server filled with awesome-sauce people. You can apply for the whitelist by going to our website where you can fill the whitelist form and send us an application. Everyone is welcome.