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> Non-toxic community
> Find & Make Friends
> Amazing Staff Team
> Active Giveaways
> Personal Support
Welcome everyone to "U bEtTeR wAtCh OuT" our server is about meeting new people and making new friends! We hope you can come along with others!🙋🏻‍♀️

- We have easy rules
- roles
- emotes
- new people
What you think? Uhmm just join already^^
Inside of Project RWBY there is no Team RWBY or Team JNPR, there is you. The rp is being brought back with active members and dedicated people. Though we have certain aspects from Canon, it’s you who gets to decide what happens with the characters you make. Join the active, fun, and exciting story! Everyone is welcome, those with little-to no rp experience and those with years of experience! Tell what would happen without Team RWBY and other main characters and plot.
A nifty place to hang out and relax.....?
While you can do that the main focus is to battle eachother with the power of memes.
We will have tournaments and everyone can have there own mini battles.
Become apart of top boss Gang and help out the community.
Be a spectator and watch over battles.
There are also other cool roles you can have too. Join and find out.
Join the server if you wan't idc.
Everyone is welcome :D
We VC often and its pretty radical
Discord meme emotes

Check out DankHub as well, we also have 4 more emote server links in there. A cool community and custom bots, cool things for every taste.
We have a very large Google Drive for memes, custom bots and also an nsfw section.
We're just starting this server to hang out and find new gamers to hang with. We have a very abrasive sense of humor and one might see one too many swears being exchanged, but it's all in good fun, don't take it seriously. Hope to see you on!
Hi there!! We are a community of people that are here to have fun under the guise of the Cult of Ricardo Milos. We’re accepting all sorts of people that would like to join
An EPIC minecraft MODDED server open 24/7. Pure survival, no plugins. Epic world and no griefing. Currently looking for players!
Come, chill, and game with us!
We also love memes.
Hey you! Yeah you! You like gaming? You like memes? Then join Bros before hoes because we are the littest most epic server there is so and joining this server will destroy all libtards and instant five pewdiepie 100,000,000+ subs! So join now! (Also nsfw is Okay here)
lame community with some semi-lame people, please join and feed my ego
this is the best discord to join and chat we need some people so please come
Hey kiddo want some nuts?

WhEre THe FuCk iS mY GAMEbOY?
Welcome to the world's most EPIC server. Regularly engage in autism, stupidity, aids, and cancer on this artful server.
Welcome to Pre Ascension on Valorn! Here you can focus your medieval fantasies in this roleplay to create unique and diverse characters
Join our super fun cool community! We have memes, games, and are open to any fun newcomers! Cmon in!
Welcome to Hyper Dating Server, home of the Hyper Dating Burger. This server will be filled with epic NON COMPOS MENTIS gamers. Find your soulmate 😳😳 or find an epic gaming partner.
This server is great to play it has so many bots and its just fun.
Hey! This is Astro speaking.
You can decide over my life here!
I will make many polls, over my life, you can decide on.

We’re a server that wants to grow and have a fun time, we’re not those servers that are cringey and we absolutely do not no cringey rp. We just want to have a good time and have fun.
for shitposting or whatever
no annoying rules or powertripping mods
Omg guys.
I just made the best server ever.
Join for epic gaming and discord raids and a great time.