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Welcome to Plauge Adventures, come join us and have lots of fun!

Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow!

What we have to offer:
- Fun Strategy
- RPG For Everyone
- Fun Puzzles
This is Epic land the wannabe best community anyvone can join we have rules and following those will make you Epic

Reasons to join

1. Make friends
2.looking for gaming partner
3.having fun what you want
5.we listen to suggestions for changes
6. Possibility of climbing into Moderator
7.special roles
This server is a friendly roleplaying area based on the Netflix Original "Stranger Things" filled with a nice staff team and great people who probably would love to have you as their pal! Now here is some formal information about it ;

➥ We do accept OCs but don't fuss and pout if we don't accept it or see it immediately, some of us have lives outside of this software!

➥ ' GOD MODE ' is NOT allowed at all. It is unfair towards everyone else. RACISM , SEXISM , AND ETC . is also NOT allowed . If we catch you saying things that we think are in those categories, you're out.

➥ We don't tolerate trolls so don't even start with that stuff.

➥ This server is LGBTQ+ friendly, we will support you all we can if you're apart of it!

➥ Keep fights and offensive insults out of this place and take it to DMs with the person / people you're angry at! We don't wanna deal with that nor do we wanna deal with your online relationships so don't bring very VERY personal stuff into the chat.

➥ Don't share your phone number or any password / login information here. People who join may decide to snatch it if they see it and we don't want anything happening to you, your peers, or your stuff!

➥ wE ePiC :) very very epic :O

➥ we have our own plot that we follow so please stay on our train and don't fall behind because there might not be someone to help you catch up in time!

➥ also please be active, sometimes if you aren't active enough and it's not excused we may kick you from the server or just disclude your character from the plot for a while.

Thanks! :)
~ hey! I’m the owner (pine) of this small, organized, cute, server! We hope you join! ~

What we offer?

-no nsfw
-no toxicity
-safe for all ages
-fun currency bots

that’s just a few things! 💗
its a server with no rules
its just a server where we make new friends and have fun in games and chats
we got a nsfw thing
and memes
join if you want
probably not
⬛️ Tritt uns jetzt bei!

⬛️ Coole Rainbow Rollen
⬛️ Ein freundlicher und kleiner Server zum Zocken!
⬛️ Coole und viele Bots
⬛️ Musik, Chat und vieles mehr!

✅ Kommt vorbei uns lasst euch begeistern!
Welcome to EGA We are similar to the GDI But anyone is welcome here you don’t even have to know anything to join anyone’s welcome to join, gamers,furrys,dancers anyone, you can chat,roleplay,Climb up the ranks and find new freinds here, join us and have a fun time see you there!
Our server is a small community server we made recently where just about anything goes we hope to get a small little friendly community going.
A YouTube chat sever, where you can collab with other people. Over here you can talk to other YouTubers.
You can Collaborate and talk to other Youtubers about New Youtube Rules
Hey! This is a fun server with lots to do. We have lots of cool bots, we do giveaways and so much more. We have a great community here and We'll love it if you can join!
This is just a server to chill and hangout and make new friends, we are cancerous most of the time but that just adds to the fun, like mostly, hello jahseh? He's what? Took a shit, went to bed, woke up, played Lego star wars, but in all seriousness you can join or not, all I'm saying is that if you do join you'll probably gain a new type of disease that is incurable
This is the official server of the one and only, The LEGO Dimensions Movie Creator! Have fun and chat with other people! This server is accepting to anyone! (Besides evil people.) But have fun, and stay a dimensional traveler!
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Skelly's Lounge is a chill, cool server with easy-to-navigate channels for gaming, anime and off-topic stuff. We have cool bots and strict rules.
Welcome to the hella lit server we have many things such as
(This server is home to clan atlas aswell)
Live stream voice chat
We also do something called the meme of the day where you post a meme you made/seen we also allow cursed images when if your image gets selected we vote it from 1-10
Vote for new things and such
Good staff
its hella lit
its server picture is doctor phill giving you the L