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Welcome to the official discord server of ElGamerlive (aka Gavin)
please join so i can stay admin B)
No long ass shit description needed. We are a community/cult(jk) that ~~worships a brutal dictator~~ follows an organized and efficient government system. Oh, and we have our own currency backed up on ~~baby tears~~ silver gold and stock ( And we are getting missiles. ~~And chemical weapons~~ this is not a rp server we actually do shit.
Our ad here:
[ Welcome to Discord sings 🎵 ]

[ What do we offer: ]

✨ | Many roles to unlock.

🔢 | Counting channel | count to infinite.

⏫ |Level roles and 40% exp event every weekend

💬 | Chat with people all over the world

🐸 🤖 | Dank memer and other bots.

🆕 | We are a new server.

📢 |Weekly announcements.

🌟 |Cool emojis.

📩 |Advertise your medias here.

👪 |Family friendly.

👇 Join now 👇

YES's blessing on you, dear onlooker.
Come and join our lovely, friendly community.

What we offer:
- yes
- yes
- and more yes

I know you want to join, there's no need to lie.
sssssshhhhh just join. NOW
Sunrise island, is a safe and fun server to socialize in. There’s gaming rooms, fun channels and more! Come join us!
We are GTeD, and yes, pls join, im in need of ppl, you can play with others here, and we are nice people. You play with us? Yes we will.
honestly, i got bored and decided to make a discord server

it will be cool if someone will join, meaning you found this server interesting, but in all honesty, its just a plain ass server

it would be cool if peoples ages 13-17 joins this too
Welcome to Sams AnimeHub!! We're a small server hoping to find partnerships and grow to find more weebs!! Heres what we have to offer

~Chill Staff
~Anime Boys
~Weebs everywhere
~Game nights
~ We are willing to do partnerships!! <3
This is a relaxing server for people to come hang out, vent (like an imposter or when your upset), vc actively and have gamenights, we have NSFW sections but we are mostly a SFW server, you decide what you want to do, looking for new mods!