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Hi we’re an open world dnd server that’s just starting off. You can come and play with us in the City of Helgar and explore the world we’ve made. We hope you enjoy you’re stay!
Oficjalny Discord serwera Minecraft czyli unikatowego połączenia SkyBlock'a z Anarchią.
WELCOME to the continent of kynoria a world of magic, wars, and life. it is a world of adventure and mystery.
there are 3 major factions that rule these lands. the Dwarven alliance, the Shadarki, and the Nightshade rebellion

the dwarven alliance
the dwarven alliance is a pact between the three major Dwarven cities: Hammer-wall, the shield of the east. Thunders-deep, the city of science. And Swords-run, the city of elves. these cities are all set to the east of Great lake. In the Umberdark mountain range

the Free lands
the Free lands is all the races from the north of the High Wilds this includes some human tribes, the ice elves of the north, the hilegrims, the Snowborn, and the shadarki. they are much less a faction and more the lack there of, the free lands are just that, free.

the Nightshade Rebellion
the nightshade rebellion is a growing group of human tribes to the west of the Great lake. in the Bad lands, a large expanse of deserts, tundras, and barren open plains, they are rebelling against the Dwarven alliance who have been trying to take their hunting grounds for years

this is a wip server
█▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ❀🌸❀ █▒▒▒▒▒▒█
         Sinful Roleplay
Welcome to a world that has zero restraint!
Here you can be just about whatever you want to be,
so have at it. Thanks to our multiple RP sections of course!

Each section has its own Guide Channel and Information as well!
So make sure you check those out and see what you're getting into!

Our server is primarily run by Sinful,
and is a semi-private server for an 18+ community.

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐖𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞...
🌸 Untold Fates (Warrior Cats RP)
🌸 Void of Stars (Fantasy Feral RP)
🌸 Almordia (General Fantasy RP)
🌸 Pigeon City (Pidgeon based RP)
🌸 Weebs United (Fandom RP)

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭'𝐬 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝...
🌸 Color Roles
🌸 Open Roleplay Worlds
🌸 Mature 18+ Server
Doctor Who Adventure with a old enemy coming out from the shadows to wreck havoc to the universe;
We accept OC Time Lords, and canon for this adventure, and we are casting for a Master and Omega.
I offer safe and reliable GTA 5 Services, I have been in this business since 2018 on consoles such as Playstation & Xbox. I use safe and private methods to mod accounts to make sure you won't get banned.
The Pride Within is an anime fantasy server where you can roleplay to live your life of choice in the world you’ve found yourself in. The main structure of rp here is to make stories with the players. We provide the NPC, you provide the action. There are many unique area to explore and mysteries to discover. The risk levels get higher the more you grow and dying isn’t always permanent! Live your fantasy anime in, The Pride Within!

Inspired by many anime, I’ve decided to take the best parts into one server. You will experience combat, teamwork, and lots of drama. We have many npc for you to meet plus stories you can create yourselves, for your character. Always remember that you’re part of the main story. Be an adventurer or shopkeeper, it’s your life.
Elydia, un nouveau MMORPG 2D ! Rejoignez le discord support et venez essayer notre jeu ! Nous recherchons des partenaires !
Dark : Shadow City RP is a role playing server based of the game DARK released by Kalypso in 2013.

The year is now 2020 and after the ending of the game and it’s DLC Shadow city has almost forgotten about the attacks on the GeoForge building and The Harding Museum. The Vampire hunting underground military organization M17 has returned to full force and new Vampire Sanctuary has sprung up. Stories await to unfold and we look forward to seeing you in them.

Be a Vampire, a human, or a member of the M17.

Lots of vampire abilities to choose from!

I am looking for admins to help me build this server as it is completely new.
Imagine a world of remnant where The original heroes never existed. Or at least, not yet. Travel back to a time before ruby rose, or cinder falls. Travel back, to a time when remnant and the kingdoms were just that. Kingdoms. For people to come and go as they please. Join now, and set up your character for an open world, No plot needed rp with other fans of the show across vale, mistral, atlas and vacuo.
A land of mystery and magic, Liinik is a world filled with many beings, both vile and friendly. It’s a dnd 5e server, you can become a dm or a player and meet many people in the open world.
Welcome to the Realm of Tamvalin!

A beast climbs the mountain, unsheathing it's sword when it gets to the altar, it stabs itself, spilling it's blood. the earth around it rumbles as energy flows through it, a new creature is born, and it's born to rule the world.

Tamvalin reworked is a server for dnd loving players, it's a fun and prosperous adventure.
N'avez-vous jamais rêvé de devenir un héro ou une héroïne ?
Enfant, nous avons tous souhaité un jour devenir quelqu'un avec une capacité spéciale, pour ne pas dire unique. Rejoindre nos super-héros préférés pour combattre le mal au côté de notre propre perception de la justice.

Aujourd'hui, ce rêve enfantin est toujours dans un coin de votre tête. Vous l'avez sans doute laissé de côté pour faire face à la vraie vie.

Il est temps de faire renaître cette flamme en vous. Lancez votre aventure sur la Terre-113.

Accompagné de votre MJ attitré, il est temps pour vous de créer votre aventure dans cet univers où Thanos fut le vainqueur final.

Interagissez avec d'autre héros comme vous, dans un deuxième monde en open world. Rencontrez des personnages historiques qui ont survécu a l'Infinity War. Et surtout forgez votre propre histoire.
Seventeen years ago, due to an unknown force, youth began to disappear without a trace. There was no rhyme or reason to who vanished, but it happened once per year - between 5 and 10 kids from all over the world would vanish. Unbeknownst to all, they were transported to what seemed to be an alternate plane of existence, into what was called by them The Labyrinth; from here, few escaped, for the maze's constant shifting made it impossible to go anywhere. Each of these kids were granted a gift by the being holding them there; a Sixth Sense, a sort of superpower that, while mundane enough they couldn't use it to escape, matched their personalities. The Labyrinths' Grotto, as it is called, contains a small government, an economy, workers, and enough food and fresh water to sustain them. By the time the eighteenth birthday of anyone rolls around, if they have not escaped, they die of a sudden cardiac arrest, making escape all the more necessary if they want to live.
Epilogue I.
A clandestine forest known as Yggdrasil sits idle to time, and lost to the modern world. Within the seemingly mundane forest lies a world beyond human imagination, thriving with magic, mana, and the unknown. Creatures of strange form lurk and live together mostly peacefully, within its body. Together they have thrived for eons creating the village known as Millerwood the hub of most activity within the Yggdrasil forest. While from a first glance the residents of Millerwood seem primitive unknowing of the powers of steel and electric, mana has become to main source of power.

Epilogue II.
Mana is a strange energy, it is fickle, emotional, and easily corroded. To the modern man, mana is nothing more than a superstition, or a baseless claim: To the members of Millerwood this fiction is more so fact. Mana can only be channeled and used in very remote habitats, anyone corrupted by the modern "industry" loses touch with their mana vein and loses the ability to utilize it. A mana vein is someones inner mana, and like any sort of muscle this can be trained so that more can be used and used stronger. Keeping the body "clean" is important when using mana and the closer to nature one is the easier time they have channeling it. Essentially, a modern human would only be able to use mana if they abandoned living in a city and moved deep into the forest as if they were a witch. Everyone in Millerwood is capable of using mana while of course at different levels of proficiency, unless they were some sort of an outsider such as a human who stumbled into Yggdrasil. The actual applications of mana are very diverse and wide, from the basic of allowing oneself to fly, to shapeshifting, to alchemy, mana allows the impossible to become possible. Mana is usually divided into four categories each with their own Grandmaster found in #teacher_entities📏 These four are:
Power - to control more mana.
Control - to be able to aim and stop mana flow
Endurance - to consistently control mana flow, usage and charge
Balance - to keep your body pure enough to utilize mana and to not become morally "black"
Wir sind eine Gemeinschaft.
Mit vielen Interessanten und unterschiedlichen Spielern, deshalb habe ich eine Gilde für Gamer eröffnet die mit uns zocken wollen in einer großen Gruppe.
Für jeden was dabei, so tretet bei.
In a fantasy world known as Torkeillin is a world made of cogs, colossal cogs cover the top of the world making the contents, inside is several smaller gears turning around over and over to make the massive cogs move. If you travel to the end of the of a cog you see spires going deep into the world, gears upon gears turning until all you see is a burning hot center, everything ran smoothly with no concern of fault until 1784 when an entire continental cog fell to ruin (literally fell) into the burning hot center. Now nothing turns, the world is at a stand still no gear moves, no seasons change it was fall when the cog fell it is still fall now. over 200 years later.

Your journey begins in a Elven city called Vinshadé its your freshman year, its the first day of school your things are packed, your dorm rooms are payed for and your classes are picked. what will you do on your free time?

(P.S. this game allows you to customize your class to every possible detail, a sorcerer in full plate? why not? a barbarian who plays the fiddle when he rages? absolutely.... you are able to build a character any way you want. there are guilds in the world for you to join once your forth year of University is complete. this will allow you to explore to world, do your own thing, build a house or a castle or anything else you heart desires. the Town of Vinshadé is your stepping stone where you go after words is entirely up to you.)

About Me
Hey there! My name is Liam, a 23 year old guy from Hamilton Ontario who's been playing DnD for about 11 years, and DMing for just over half that time, and I'm looking to run a game for anybody who's interested. Whether you're new to DnD, or you've been playing for years, there's space for you here. My DMing style tends to err on the side of roleplay and social encounters, but I understand that combat is a core part of the game, so of course there's plenty of that sprinkled in too.

What To Expect
That I will work with you to make your character work with, and fit into the world we make
A game that is always on the go, the game will run from about noon till midnight EST.
That I will do my absolute best to keep all players happy
We will be using Discord for communication
Payment will be via PayPal, or E-Transfer.

What I Expect From My Players
A decent quality microphone, stable internet connection, and the ability to use discord
That you'll be punctual, and give myself and the group notice if you'll be unable to make a session
To get along with each other as best you can
(Hopefully) That you have fun

Why Pay To Play
Here are some reasons why my paid game provides a much better experience.

Consistent, reliable and punctual DM. I plan to run this game 7 days a week and have many long-term players. This is my full-time job, and I take it seriously.
Committed players. Like minded individuals who love D&D as a hobby and want to see a campain through from start to finish
Guaranteed acceptance into a group. As long as the rules are followed and there is a spare slot available, you shall be accepted in a first come first serve basis. There are tons of players on Roll20, and significantly less DM's.
An experienced DM who is proficient with Roll20 and efficient in running games.
Hours of behind the scenes, quality preparation. I spend countless hours creating content, adjusting modules and preparing for each event. Your payment not only helps pay for your session time, but also the preparation I put into the game. That includes not only things like thinking up fun new encounters or extending the story with content, but also stuff like answering your questions outside of game time, and helping develop your character as the game goes on.
Pro Roll20 Features. I'll be using API scripts, dynamic lighting, and other Pro features that will enhance the gaming experience.
Come on and join SARP for an ultra realistic roleplay community with a very strong moderation team in game and out.

SARP, the server for you!