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A server wheres you can chat whit other gamers in our rooms. Be the best gamer on the server.
The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the
ultimate racing experience.
Despite the name, this server is well managed and has an organized system as well as an active team. I was tired of gaming servers with 50 different channels in it that I didn't use. This server has a system that allows you to mark whether you like a certain game or not, and gives you access to those channels.
Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
Ascension is a server where we aim to rise high everyday. We are a social server and also a gaming server. All people are welcomed no matter who you are! :))
Emering Hearts of Iron IV multiplayer community. We've gathered a significant amount of quality players ranging from the best skills to the best curiosity. Zero percentage of toxic behavior and merciful staff.

Here we discuss the Red Faction series along with other games, primarily focusing on the latest release Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-Mars-Tered We attempt to the keep the multiplayer community alive, share screenshots, stories, mods and much more!

* We have a VIP - Active Player role to easily notify others for multiplayer
* We have a bot you can add on steam to automatically be notified of lobbies
* We're official and the developers are in the server

Join today!
The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG) is a Terraria Mobile Discord community dedicated specifically to mobile players who use iOS devices and own the MultiTerraria app. We have everything Terraria related, including community events, all item worlds, many channels for topics including PvP, building, and minigames. Check out our website at:!
TMW2: Moubootaur Legends is an open source project by the community and for the community
The project is currently lead by Saulc, This game is a totally free software,
This is a small community of dedicated Total War players! Come join our server and find a friend to play a campaign with, or join one of our battle tournaments!
This server is for people to come hangout and play some games together, I (the server owner) stream and post videos in hopes to support my family. So yes you will get notifications about me going live or posting a video. You are allowed to post your own videos/streams in the links and images channel, as well as the clips and videos channel. You can also post your own edits for your favorite game/youtuber or streamer. All are welcome except those who are not willing to be respectful to one another. So please come join and have some fun!
Welcome to Natti_Land! We focus on community here, chatting and playing games with each other. We're a global server, with members from around the world, and play a variety of different games! This is a co-ed server, and lgbtq+ friendly. It's marked NSFW due to a couple channels we have for memes and screenshots for more inappropriate games. The server itself is 18+!

-Active Mods
-Active Community
-Channel Topics for organized conversation
-Game nights
-Gaming on all platforms
-lgbtq+ friendly
-Roles for games for better LFG signals
-Designated meme channel
-Casual voice channels with a music bot
-Dedicated VC for specific games
-Fun game tournaments
-Secret Santa
-Birthday Announcements and Player of the Week
-Channels for food, music, technology
-Dedicated Channel for Pet Pictures! Gimmie your pet pics!
-Heavy focus on VR gaming

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me at Natti_Lin#8675
Multiplayer game servers for GTA - San Andreas Multiplayer and Vice City Multiplayer.
A group for Total War: Warhammer 1-2 Players can team up or fight against each other for control of the vortex. Over 200+ current users and growing rapidly.
[] Valius Network
[] ~ Minecraft ~
[] Custom 6k x 6k map
[] Custom 3D model resource packs
[] Mod-free
[] Factions | BattleRoyal | RPG campaign
[] Unique guns with spray patterns
[] Weapon skins
We are a growing and friendly Gaming Community that support all platforms. All kinds of players are welcome, both casual and hardcore. We have active voice-channels that you quickly can jump in to, LFG channels for all platforms. Join Us!!
Welcome to gamesNgeneral! This is a server to meet and hang out with other gamers. Tired of playing games alone or joining servers for every game you play? GamesNgeneral is a server that plans to solve that problem! Join to find new friends and people to play with! We’ve got tons of community game nights and even karaoke! See ya there!
If you love Stardew Valley you should join this discord server!

What We Have:
1) Always ready staff!
2) People you can chat with about Stardew Valley!
3) The place to find people to recruit to your stardew valley multiplayer farm!
4) If you need help, people here can answer your questions!
5) Many bots that you can use!
6) And much, much more!

So what are you waiting for? Join today!
Looking for X-Link Kai Serious Same 1/2 players? Join our Discord and help it grow! We're looking for other players!

Wanting to play other Xbox games on Xlink like XIII, Counter-Strike, Time Splitters 2, Midtown Madness 3 and Dead Man's Hand (+ Many More!)? Then Join our main server, Nawlins @
Splatoonish is a place where all Splatoon series users can get together and discuss, battle, challenge, chose sides, and even post your amaz-ink art!
Please join, you won't regret it!
(You will have the option to be enlisted to special events once you have joined)
Drink More Glurp is a wacky, physics based, sports(ish), hot-seat, party game currently in development.

A race of aliens detect a signal from outer space, which turns out to be the 1936 Olympic Games..., some years later, having created their own games we see that the aliens may have the wrong end of the stick.

In creating their version of the games, the sporting events take a backseat to the sponsors, who twist the events to fit their agenda.

From strange low gravity to super strong arms – the sponsors create havoc for the athletes.

A fun but challenging game, Drink More Glurp seeks to be the centre of attention at meet-ups, parties or just between close friends.

Glurp has compelling single player features such as Challenge Mode, where players can compete for high scores, or Playground where players can interact with objects in a physics driven environment to hone their skills ready for the next tournament.
A small stardew valley server that accepts everyone!
You may need hamachi to play multiplayer