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The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the
ultimate racing experience.
Hey! Are you looking for a ETS 2 organized VTC? Truckers Logistics is your place!

-🚚🚛Official big convoys every week.

-💻Fully automatic points system based on the distance you made loaded!

-📄Multiple roles you can apply, such as Driver, Pilot, Convoy Control and more.

-😂Discord Server with funny bots.

-💡🚨Suggestion & Report System.

-📃Join our discord server and apply for a role in:
Drink More Glurp is a wacky, physics based, sports(ish), hot-seat, party game currently in development.

A race of aliens detect a signal from outer space, which turns out to be the 1936 Olympic Games..., some years later, having created their own games we see that the aliens may have the wrong end of the stick.

In creating their version of the games, the sporting events take a backseat to the sponsors, who twist the events to fit their agenda.

From strange low gravity to super strong arms – the sponsors create havoc for the athletes.

A fun but challenging game, Drink More Glurp seeks to be the centre of attention at meet-ups, parties or just between close friends.

Glurp has compelling single player features such as Challenge Mode, where players can compete for high scores, or Playground where players can interact with objects in a physics driven environment to hone their skills ready for the next tournament.
The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG) is a Terraria Mobile Discord community dedicated specifically to mobile players who use iOS devices and own the MultiTerraria app. We have everything Terraria related, including community events, all item worlds, many channels for topics including PvP, building, and minigames. Check out our website at:!
Fine people to play and discuss different games with. You will have a blast!
Venha jogar Brawl Stars com a gente! no nosso grupo você poderá jogar com os outros membros a qualquer hora. bolem estratégias, combinações de Brawlers e compartilhe sua experiência de jogo conosco. no nosso grupo lhe informamos de noticias, boatos e especulações de novas atualizações! temos bate papo livre, bots de entretenimento e mais! Temos também o nosso próprio clã dentro do game, vamos subir troféus juntos! Nosso grupo de Brawl Stars Sempre está aberto para mais pessoas.
A group for Total War: Warhammer 1-2 Players can team up or fight against each other for control of the vortex. Over 200+ current users and growing rapidly.
This server is for people to come hangout and play some games together, I (the server owner) stream and post videos in hopes to support my family. So yes you will get notifications about me going live or posting a video. You are allowed to post your own videos/streams in the links and images channel, as well as the clips and videos channel. You can also post your own edits for your favorite game/youtuber or streamer. All are welcome except those who are not willing to be respectful to one another. So please come join and have some fun!
A EU4 Multiplayer server, with friendly community and responsible administration. Currently hosting the Role-Play Voltaire's Nightmare Campaign, starting January 18th 2019!
We are a small group looking to build friends and play some games together. We currently play Astroneer, Halo, Conan Exiles, COD, Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of Theives, Rainbow six, Monster Hunter, No Mans Sky and much more. If you wana join and have some fun! All are welcome!
Le serveur de la Team HERETIK accueille tous les joueurs PC français passionnés de jeux vidéo et souhaitant jouer en multi...Une communauté à l'écoute et un serveur en évolution constante...
We are a group of gamers that started this community.
Everyone is allowed to be a part of us.
This server is safe for work.
Das ist der offizielle Liquid Clan Discord. Joint drauf wenn ihr dem Clan beitreten wollt, oder wenn ihr einfach nur zocken wollt.
Join this server if you're looking to play with people on pc games. Many games may require an IP Address to join, How about it, with Hamachi, there is no fear of getting hacked.
KTANE Game Hub is a 100% Free discord server where you can talk to other people and play KTANE with other people through our voice channels.
Welcome Minecraft lovers! We are a clan on the server cobalt. We need your help. Ever since the server reset, We have been trying to become the biggest clan on the server. Which is easier said than done. You will also be joining a friendly server, with a friendly community. So if you think you have what it takes, Join now!
Server ip:
We are a clan on the server, Not the actual server. If that makes scense xD
Wir sind eine Gruppe von begeisterten "Landwirtschafts Simulator" Spielern. Bist du Teamfähig, hast Discord und bist offen für jede Arbeit? Ist dir ein freundlicher und respektvoller Umgang in einer lustigen Runde wichtig? Dann bist du bei uns an der perfekten Stelle! Die einzigste Regel die es gibt ist : Es muss so Real wie möglich sein.

Wir nennen unsere "Maps" Standorte, jeder Standort hat einen eigenen Standortleiter dieser kümmert sich im größten Teil um den Standort und Organisiert den Spielablauf. Erntehelfer sowie Stammspieler haben das gleiche Mitbestimmungsrecht bei Einkäufen und/oder andere Anschaffungen für den Standort aber nur der Standortleiter darf dieses dann auch Kaufen, denn er ist auf dem Dedicated Server auch Administrator.

This is a Minecraft DiscordWith A Server! Lots of fun!!
An International community of gamers from all over the world who compete together with the spirit of integrity, honour and fair play.
We are looking for members to fill out our new SCUM division! Voice chat and maturity are a must. Check us out and be prepared to be impressed!
Salut a tous nous vous présentons le serveur AllOfGamingMoment. Il est fun et agréable (et surtout en cour de création)mais pour qu'il le soit encore plus nous recherchons des membre et des admin(msg de motivation bien sur) et des chatadmin (pour gerer le chat msg de motivation aussi)

-Dans ce serveur vous pouvez parler en Textuel ou en vocal pour tout type de jeu bien sûr dans les salon spécialement pour cela sur ce merci de partager ce message et venez nombreux.

-A bientôt, @[Admin] Killian'

Hi all we introduce you to the AllOfGamingMoment server. It is fun and enjoyable (and especially in the creative process) but for it to be even more we are looking for members and admin (motivation msg of course) and chatadmin (to manage the chat motivation msg too)

-In this server you can speak in text or voice for any type of game of course in the show especially for this thank you for sharing this message and come many.

-A soon, @ [Admin] Killian '
This is a Server for those who wants to play BO4 and experience it with other players. Our goal is to help you find other players, form teams or get temporary teammates for single or multiple matches. As of now we are rather small, so please help us to grow into a community.