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Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG) is a family friendly Terraria Mobile Discord community dedicated specifically to mobile players. We feature everything Terraria related, including news, community events, minigames, as well as fun Discord bots, and a pretty awesome and active staff team. Also be sure to check out our website at!
Hello everyone! Gamernation server aims to bring together gamers from all genres together to discuss and excel at gaming. We are looking forward to your participation!
We are a relatively new server however all of our staff has several hundred hours of SCP:SL experience.

Serverlist name: [US EAST] [FF: OFF] Trash Panda Time.

To connect directly, use

Our administration team is composed of six admins and three moderators. We are looking for experienced moderators who can help build and support our community.

We look forward to seeing you there!
TMW2: Moubootaur Legends is an open source project by the community and for the community
The project is currently lead by Saulc, This game is a totally free software,
This server is new and dedicated to the Survival Horror game, Dead By Daylight. We are a community of small members who like to put information out to keep people updated. We update our shrine page and other items in order to make things easier for you. Welcome in.
Welcome to Hall of Honor! This is a For Honor server, here you can connect with other For Honor players and talk and play with them. We also have a general tab decked out with text channels for: memes, pokemon, music, anime, and other games. Every Faction has its role and text and voice chats. The server will change like any other during time and we hope you enjoy your stay here!
Be apart of a new active community and be some of the followers for the new bo4 myth busting discord group
The place to be for all things MotorStorm, with weekly time attack competitions, photo contests and online support for Arctic Edge.
We are a friendly and outgoing community that enjoys playing online games together whether they are inside or outside the server. There is an entire category full of text channels for discord text games as well as xbox usernames and online game links. If you want to make some friends and play some games come and join the server!

-New Custom Wumpus Emojis
-Full Bot Cleanse(We deleted the gaming bots not being used)
-Reaction Roles are now available
A fun friendly server for all gamers. We play multiplayer games together such as Albion Online, Paladins, Rainbow 6 Siege, and World of Warcraft Classic (upon release). Come join us and find some new friends to hang out with.
Emerging Hearts of Iron IV multiplayer community. We've gathered a significant amount of quality players ranging from the best skills to the best curiosity. Zero percentage of toxic behavior and merciful staff.
This is a discord server for anyone that likes to play PC games we play anything and everything we are really close and not toxic
Hello! This is The Grand gaming Empire we started off as a group of eight friends but have now expanded to 200+ members and we're still growing. This server has a singular main purpose and that's to get people together and play games. We are a friendly community of gamers and non-gamers to keep it non-toxic we will use the ban hammer against all who threaten to violate the peace. We have many features including but not limited to self-assignable roles, several main community games, etc. (By the way we're even working on getting a permanent space engineers server! So please come on down and say hi, and consider leaving a review!
Le serveur de la Team HERETIK accueille tous les joueurs PC français passionnés de jeux vidéo et souhaitant jouer en multi...Une communauté à l'écoute et un serveur en évolution constante...
A group for Total War: Warhammer 1-2 Players can team up or fight against each other for control of the vortex. Over 300+ current users and growing rapidly.
Hey wir sind ein neuer Deathgarden Discord Server; also noch im Aufbau :D
Wir würden uns freuen wenn du joinen würdest.
Viel Spaß :3
If you love Stardew Valley you should join this discord server!

What We Have:
1) Always ready staff!
2) People you can chat with about Stardew Valley!
3) The place to find people to recruit to your stardew valley multiplayer farm!
4) If you need help, people here can answer your questions!
5) Many bots that you can use!
6) And much, much more!

So what are you waiting for? Join today!
Welcome fellow Memers

Meme Haven is a place for memes and people to chill out and relax.

We Offer
-> automated memes provided by reddit
-> freedom of speech
-> Gaming Friends
-> and friends

Come join us and tell ur friends!
P.S No little bitches
ClippyWORLD is a clippy-based chat using clippy.js, You can chat with others, put a youtube video on it, play a animation. you can make mods if you know javascript.

I am Plaolo! One of the two Admin's of the Call of Duty server!
we are a very active server with 140 people at the moment en we love if you would join and help the server grow!
well see you there
Despite the name, this server is well managed and has an organized system as well as an active team. I was tired of gaming servers with 50 different channels in it that I didn't use. This server has a system that allows you to mark whether you like a certain game or not, and gives you access to those channels.