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Allakazam is a friendly and family oriented server with lots of gaming. We host a custom FFXI server with the level cap at 75. we have the first 3 expansions working like its 2005 again! We are also based in Pacific Time Zone in case u don't see Admins online. Come join and help the community grow with our 24/7 support along with many gamers that enjoy this classic as much as us!
play roblox and talk about life, voice and face chat welcome!

shaun whyd you fucking make the desc dry

join rn or eat my ass
The White Spire is a general server atm, but we are working hard to get our bot up and running for gacha, and then a full release of the table top game once we get enough DM's
This server is just a server where you can get help on almost any game going from Old games to brand new games we have everything. this server is brand new and is slowly gaining members; you can also become staff on the server and the server is also looking for a new Owner.
A Server for Destiny 2 players of all Platforms.
1 developer creating a single player RPG game! Stay up to date by checking the patch notes and be 1 of the first ones to try out the game!
Hello and welcome to Adventures of Retia! In Retia you are able to go on any type of adventure that you please. With this server, you are able to battle with demons, team up with (or kill your) friends or battle (or team up with) your enemies in PvP anywhere you like. It could be in a desert, an arctic wasteland, a wide forest, or even someone's backyard. With fully customizable characters of your liking, you can battle and live in any way you see fit or enjoyable. Anything you can imagine can be your reality here, summon dancing forks, travel through time, have powerful items to control space, battle sentient water, murder the shopkeeper, or nearly anything else. Hopefully, you choose to join us in your very own adventure through Retia. Good hunting my friend!
Ending Factor is an MMO-like roleplay involving magic aspects, and other game-like features. Join us, as we indulge ourselves in guild quests, and conflicts alike!
Приятное, общительное комьюнити, которое встретит добротой и лаской
Welcome to The Peaceful Gaming Planet!, We are currently under updates, and looking forward to build a community team!. We love to play video games. Would be nice to create a friendly peaceful community! :D
Voici un serveur francais qui consiste a faire des concours des invite reward pour des prix exceptionnel des rencontres et surtout mais surtout les MMO et en plus c pour tout les âge amusé vous bien dans la secte nocturne ;-)
Wir sind eine deutsche Gamer Community, allen Alters und Geschlechts.
Wir treffen uns zum zocken und zum austausch von Informationen auf unserem Discord Server. Also – wenn du nichts anderes vorhast, schau doch einfach mal vorbei... Aktuelle spiele: alles was spass macht ;-)
Project Description (not complete):
Limitless - The 2D MMORPG with no limits: Meaning we strive to build the best possible content for our community with no limits for the player meaning a lot of enjoyable endless content entailing quests, pets, bosses (even mini pets of the bosses), events, player trading, different locations and even achievements. This 2D MMORPG won't consist of the same content as others we think outside the box and want the community to see it as a unique game they can enjoy. This could be the start of something amazing.
Come Join a great online gaming community, and follow some of the best streams on Twitch with us!
Serwer dla grczy SoulWorkerPL
- miłą atmosfere
- przyjazną Administrację
- pomoc dot. gry
- szybsze szukanie pt.
- kanał do handlu
- luźne pogawędki
- kanały dla fun'u
- zabawy z BOT'ami
- role specjalne oraz dla fun'u
- role z każdą gildią (jak nie ma to dodamy)

Administracja dc SoulWorker-Polska czeka na Was z otwartymi ramionami.
This is a Twitch broadcasters server, but it has a lot of space to goof around in, so feel free to lurk.
Soldiers of Cern is a gaming community of mmo robot combat game players as well as a gaming community with a special international 'gamers lodge' with an actual degree system for participants.

Check us out there is a lot more to discover with more on the way. Our main game at this time is a mmo mech robot combat game similar to Mechwarrior Online. Our server always adapts to meet the needs of our gamers.. :-) Movie Nights, Private, Fringe topic discussions in the Lodge and much more.

Translator Bot for all languages. Have an idea? If it fits our vision for the community it will be added. Just have to see it to believe it. The Gamers Lodge is seperate from the main Community but you can partake in both our gaming Battalion and the Lodge...the choice is yours...
For ALBION Online gamers
Main language is Turkish
Second language is English
If you want to come, everyone can come
everything for fun
and you can teach english for us :)
Let's make some friends. Disney Lovers unite!
Hi there !
I’m Neo, the owner of the Nintendo Switch Warframe discord, home of clans trading and friends :)

We have been trying to get as many people as possible over on the server as it would make the whole trading system more efficient and nothing is better than getting into a clan or recruiting people into one !

After about 300 players I will be joining up with some members to make giveaways throughout the year for Different rare blueprints, platinum, credits, etc
Based on Star Trek RPGX.
You create your own character and start as ensign on the U.S.S. Voyager.
Closed Alpha. You will have to write an application and biography for your character.
A discord server where you can talk with others about games, etc
We have a game project going on called "Age Of Shadows" im taking community suggestions what should i add/remove/improve and pretty much the game is based on our community
Do you want to play as a tank in an action-packed game for mobile devices? Then this is the game for you! Good graphics, huge arsenal of tanks, camouflages, modifications, maps and gamemodes, all in one place FOR FREE!

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