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SnowRSPS is a Custom 07 Runescape remake private server Online 24.7 since 2012, We were known as Snow317 for years, but now we own all Snow names, and will continue to Grow! Join us Anytime. | | | - 1000+ Custom Items - 20+ Bosses - AutoDonations - & Daily Updates!
Free to play!
Oblivion is a small-ish sever that has you make a character, and role play what ever you want as said character (not just humans)
we can get very nsfw...

We're a small server dedicated towards the mobile game "Play Wild". We have a variety of channels which consist mainly of trading and chatting. Everything is well-organized, good moderation, and active staff. Consider joining us, and being apart of the 'OG' gang!


• Trading, Anti-Scam System.
• Memes, only the best.
• Fun Roles, accessible to everyone.
• Giveaways, special rares.
• Parties, advertising trade parties.
• Moderation, top-notch moderation.
• Anti-Alt, Anti-Alt System.
• Scammer Friendly, as long as you don't scam other members.
• Partner System, we can thrive together.


We're always adding more content; whether it be roles or channels. So, we've decided to listen to people's suggestions! If you would like to leave us a suggestion, then direct message the creator featuring your idea!
Do you love playing dungeons and dragons? Wanna make some awesome new friends? How about building characters in a fun, open world? If that's the case, we have the discord server for you!

We feature homebrew content, vetted by our balance team. A world built by a group of dedicated lore team members that continues to grow and expand as well as react to players and their actions.

We have pickup games, scheduled sessions, and play by post games (longer missions for those who do not have time for live games).

We are centered around a main city, Remnant, with a massive, open world beyond just waiting to be explored. We have over 50 active players, and are always looking for more to help our community grow. Join us today!

We are especially interested in people looking to help on the staff and GM side of the server. If you join, spend some time here and want to help out please let us know!
noteblock kingdom, is a community base minecraft server that is giving you a mostly vanilla survival minecraft experience with a few additions into the mix to keep things interesting! hope you enjoy your stay, and please do join! the more players the better! we're really friendly and would love to have you! c:
Welcome onboard Prime Games Studios! Our small - but growing team of friendly developers, would love to meet and welcome those who aspire to the game dev industry. All levels of skillset are welcome; our aim is to soon have a large uniform team, who can deliver robust and astute experience for our projects. Our initial project is a TPS ( player will have option to toggle camera view between FPS & TPS ). More information on the exact story for the project/game can be found on our server channel!

If you are a developer looking to join a community who love shooter type games, MMOs etc, then we sought your help! We are primarily seeking the following Dev types: SFX artist; C++ or Blueprint Programmer; 3D Artist; Level Designer; Tester.

Join us today and have fun, we've even got a music channel!
Welcome to Blaster Games!

Run by your very own, @Avery B.

Who are we?

We are a ROBLOX server based mainly on the ROBLOX game Vesteria and Dungeon Quest! We occasionally support other popular ROBLOX games too! We are a growing community looking for more members to play with! Us higher levels love helping new comers out! Come join!

What do we offer?
We offer an array of items and opportunities for entertainment! We do giveaways for the game Vesteria daily and other giveaways as well! We have game days/nights often like simon says ! We also offer fun bots to play with when you aren’t grinding out a game or winning a giveaway! We have dank memer bot, unbelieva bot, lfg channels, music channels and much more!

Feel free to become apart of our community today!
Welcome to Ready Up! We are a chill gaming server, and our members are extra friendly and welcoming. We have a wide variety of games that we play as a server and our server has chat rooms for specific games- so you’re bound to find your clan!
Welcome to WizWaz! We are essentially a Wizard101 server trying to bring players together so they have a place to communicate with eachother regarding Wizard101, or possibly even completely seperate matters.
Just a casual gathering of roleplayers who would enjoy roleplaying as the Elsword characters! We're not super strict on rules and just want everyone to have a good time together! There's plenty of open characters and oc's are also accepted, so feel free to check us out!
This is a new server of MMO RPG Online Game, grand opening at May 17th! enjoy it!
The unofficial Discord server for the new MMORPG Tales of Wind, available on mobile devices today!
Welcome to toontown !! We are a guild of toontown gamers who like to use PASTA instead of glue. we also like other mmo games but we main tt :P we arent an nsfw server or a dating server just PURE GAMERS pls join pls
SimpleMMO Discord is the official server for the app/browser game SimpleMMO! We strive for simplicity and enjoy to talk and chill, we are a small community though we are growing every day. If you are interested in a simple text-based app game with a smooth layout and with strange, funny, serious, and downright ridiculous adventure texts come to check out the SimpleMMO discord and the game!
Ending Factor is an MMO-like roleplay involving magic aspects, and other game-like features. Join us, as we indulge ourselves in guild quests, and conflicts alike!
This is the official server for the brand new 2D Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for Android called Paradise and Ruins, come join the ever growing community in the ruins!
PC Based Gaming community with 200+ members, The Core games that we play or will be playing are Ashes of Creation, Star Citizen, and Rainbow 6 Siege. We currently have two Archeage communities that we support. As well as a community micecreaft server. Open to new members, Suggestions and hosting other communities.US / AUS / EU
Hey there,

We're a small server with a few members, but we like to have fun, try new things, and play games. If you'd like a smaller server who'll accept you with open arms, this is your place.

Get it off your chest, make new friends, or just play some games.
Follow our laid back rules and enjoy
This is the EVE Online: Unofficial! this group is the only group based around EVE Online. EVE Online Was Released In 2003, & It's Still Growing To This Day!
An MMORPG created on Minecraft by a dedicated team. Come Fly with Wings, Voice Chat in-game and play in a way you'd never believe could be so fantastic on Minecraft! The best MMORPG ever!
Hello and welcome to Adventures of Retia! In Retia you are able to go on any type of adventure that you please. With this server, you are able to battle with demons, team up with (or kill your) friends or battle (or team up with) your enemies in PvP anywhere you like. It could be in a desert, an arctic wasteland, a wide forest, or even someone's backyard. With fully customizable characters of your liking, you can battle and live in any way you see fit or enjoyable. Anything you can imagine can be your reality here, summon dancing forks, travel through time, have powerful items to control space, battle sentient water, murder the shopkeeper, or nearly anything else. Hopefully, you choose to join us in your very own adventure through Retia. Good hunting my friend!
Soldiers of Cern is a gaming community of mmo robot and space strategy combat game players as well as a gaming community with a international fringe studies 'gamers lodge' with an actual degree system for participants.

Check us out there is a lot more to discover with more on the way. Our main game at this time is BattleTitans and Eve Echoes with other games available once you are in the Hq. Our server always adapts to meet the needs of our gamers.. :-) Movie Nights, Private, Fringe topic discussions in the Lodge and much more.

Also our original created Discord RPG: 'Endverse'....based on Endgame by James Frey.
Translator Bot for all languages. Have an idea? If it fits our vision for the community it will be added. Just have to see it to believe it. The Gamers Lodge is seperate from the main Community but you can choose how much of the Battalion you wish to see.
A Destiny roleplay that takes place right before the events of the main campaign of Destiny 2