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We are a Garry's Mod community with a Sandbox Server. Our current server and future servers have minimal rules and complete freedom of speech.
We bring you today a world of twists and turns, ever expanding and with the provided opportunity to let you make your own impact on the realm that you find sitting within the various other servers you see.
This my friends, is the Legacy of Mevedan! A server set in an alternate reality yet possessing all elements of medieval high fantasy, and with a touch of sandbox possibilities to let you have as much fun as possible, within sensible limits of course.
I shall list what various specifications we sell to you:

- Semi-Literate RP with a short post length minimum & no worry for punctuation; we let you build up at your own pace with help from both staff and members.

- A unique setting within somewhere familiar! Set in the Baltic Region of an alternate reality Earth, we play within a time of newfound peace after various wars that can easily tip in various ways by the influence of the players.

- A staff team with members active at all times ready and willing to help the best they can. Be it any confusion you have over approval, questions to ask for better understanding or just wanting to know more about the place; ask away, and we'll answer!

- A near infinite range of possibilities with characters and settings of all kinds to choose from! We accept any sort of race and any sort of power that fits within our rules, and we'll assist the best we can to balance if there's any problem regarding it.

- And finally, a huge amount of detailed lore and general description given through various ways to immerse our players in this unusual world, to let them taste the senses of fantasy as if they actually existed.

Much more is to be seen in this server, but this provides the general gist that we try to show off. If there's any interest, come along and join us as we seek to breathe some life into a realm of potential!
Hello there i`m a youtube streamer who loves the game We have built a family oriented environment on our discord. Feel free to join our community and play with us.. We arent pros or noobs but just a group of people that plays for fun. The [Rad] clan awaits you :)
Bonjour à tous chers gens, nous vous invitons a rejoindre notre serveur, Stackraft, nous apprécierons grandement agrandir la communauté, et l'activité du serveur, Stackraft est basé sur Minecraft, mais vous pouvez parler de tout et de n'importe quoi ! Par exemple, du Roblox, enfin, voilà quoi ! Nous vous invitons grandement à rejoindre le serveur Discord, nous vous seront reconnaissants, car nous souhaitons grandement agrandir notre communauté et être un bon serveur !

- RedPanda
Rebirth is a 18+(Not Porn Focused) Sandbox RP server. The year is 2034, and with it is Xandalar. Xandalar is a hidden continent, but one which, through its way of staying hidden, has left the exact strength of Time/Space... Less then stable, in this case allowing many, and all, to enter, both heroic and virtuous sorts, and those with more... Dark intentions. But as for you? Who knows quite what you'll do, in this wide, wonderful continent that are called home to many. Come and join in, explore, have fun, and make friends, and even have fun in Events!

Minor Notes: We're 18+ for the fact that, while it is not the main focus, there are channels for NSFW things. Otherwise it's rather SFW and the NSFW can be hidden.

Things are, as to be expected, a bit quiet but we've still got activity, and really, the more that join and participate, the more activity will grow, so come on in, and have a gander, can't hurt can it?
The current year is 2647, long ago in 2053, Humanity spread itself across the stars in search of new hospitable planets, and new sentient lifeforms. For 18 years they wandered before finally making contact with a new species, and discovered a plethora of hospitable planets under the united name of The Empire. Unfortunately, in 2071, tragedy befell the Empire, and Humanity as a whole as Earth was annihilated, turned into nothing more than an asteroid field. And thus, Humanity began to research how to proceed.

In the year 2074, a brilliant scientist named Ezmund Darlen proposed a preposterous idea. One man be injected with an microscopic, rapidly reproducing organism that hijacks the Human DNA to rapidly speed up the Human evolution rate. With an excessive amount of debate, Ezmund managed to begin research. Unfortunately, he would not see his plan come to fruition, as he perished to cancer a heartbreaking 3 months before the first strand was released amongst the Human masses. To this day, a 30 foot tall statue of Ezmund rests outside of the Imperial Capital Building on Adahl for his tremendous contribution to Humanity's survival.

For a few hundred years, there was peace. Humanity spread throughout the stars, and previously primitive Alien species were exposed to recently developed technologies, such as Hardlight, Plasma, and Leap Drives, thus rapidly speeding up the cultural development of these species.

And then, The Cataclysm happened. The son of a petitioner, Adam Marloz, was killed in a riot against the unfair policies of taxation on the lower classes by the Empire, and revolution ran rampant, leading to The Grand War. Brutal guerilla warfare spread across the known galaxy as the masses Rebelled, and after 12 years of brutal bloody war the Emperor, Wilhelm Reubke the Fifth signed a peace treaty with the Rebellion’s leadership in 2630, and the war came to an end.

This however, did not last long. 3 years after the end of The Grand War, a man named Tok’ra Max was elected President of the Confederacy, and a new war was born out of the hatred of Tok’ra Max’s heart. The Empire, now led by Burckhardt Reubke, engages in all out war with the Confederacy in a desperate fight for survival.
+++ Stormworks Community since 27/09/2019+++

#1 Stormworks Sandbox & Event Server

Active and nice playerbase, amazing Events.

Join and play with friends or just take part in our Events!
The Discord community of our Minecraft server SolarCraft at! We are active, communicative, and a toxic-free Minecraft community with wonderful staff and friendly humorous members.
The Official Hytale News Discord for Hytale News Youtube. The largest Hytale Community discord with a growing community everyday!

You can follow us @HytaleNewsYT on Twitter as well as our YouTube Hytale News.

A Discord Community with 8,000+ Members as well as a YouTube with 40,000. Join the community now!
*Recently Southside has become a hot spot for beings of all manner and races known as "gifted humans". It started out with everyone living in peace and harmony. But, the Gods of Olympus came down and began to claim people, making them their "Incarnations" on Earth. These "Incarnations" Began to develop gifts, and abilities, of whatever God or Goddess claimed them. And with that came those who wished to worship these "Incarnations"...The Followers. Join us here in Southside as tensions began to arise between the powerful factions of the city, and now even the government themselves have taken action, and began rounding up "Gifted Humans.". Here, in Southside trust no one, and question everything, but most of all. Have fun....and try not to get captured or piss off and factions.
This is a discord server for the minecraft server Network,
Blasix Network!
We have a amazing community!
Nice staff!
and an amazing minecraft server!
Have you ever wonderen what you would do if you were a God in a diverse pantheon? Why keep winderig and just come find out! You can be what you want and be as benevolent or malicious as you like.
Welcome to Lil peeps role-play! An experimental server were we test how long a server can last with basically no role-play rules!
Gran Vörkatia is a gaming micro-nation. Our end goal is to function like an empire would, colonizing, conquering and prospering (Whether it be through conquest or other indirect means).

Currently our game of choice is Minecraft, as it is an open-world sandbox game with infinite opportunities.

If you may be interested, please do join and we will be with you as soon as we can to answer questions and review applications!
New Earth has now been allowed to flourish thanks to Flash having recently repaired the timeline from the Flashpoint Paradox! The Justice League has already been formed along with other multiple groups.

The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne or the Batman focuses on the City of Gotham currently! With Batman returning to the City of Gotham after his duties with the JLA and becoming a part-timer himself. While the Bat Family is split up throughout the world! With Dick Grayson keeping a watchful eye on Blüdhaven, Jason Todd currently travelling the world with the Outlaws, and Barbara Gordon receiving her new prosthetic allowing her to walk again, with Tim Drake returning to serve full time in the Bat Family, and Duke Thomas recently joining the team as The Signal! The rest (other than Damian) patrol the streets of Gotham!

Superman himself has signed himself as a part-timer currently in the JLA, and now diverts his attention back to where he got his start in his career as a superhero, the Golden City of Metropolis! Kara Kent, John Henry Irons, Jonathan Samuel Kent, and Conner Kent welcome him back to his home!

Meanwhile, Diana Prince returns back to Themyscira to establish long lasting diplomatic connections with the U.S.A. and fellow governments in line on the pathway to peace. While Arthur Curry temporarily removes himself from the JLA to focus on the Kingdom of Atlantis and help it's people grow and live with the surface world.

Hal Jordan has put himself as a part-timer and turns back to his roots of Oa and patrolling Sector 2814. While Barry Allen has temporarily set himself on reserve as he returns the faithful area of Central City.

Now the only full-time members of the JLA are: Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, John Stewart (Green Lantern) and the Atom!

Meanwhile, the sinister Legion of Doom prepares their plans in the shadows. What shall you do and how shall you change the fate of New Earth?

What we offer:
• A brand new server to join!
• Free range of canonical characters and the allowed creation of original characters!
• Staff that will be there to help and assist you if you need it!
• A friendly community to join!
• Freeform/Sandbox RP!
• Fun and interactive bots to use! Such as Tupperbox and Color Chan!

So join now and we look forward to seeing you there!
Hello! Welcome to our small minecraft server. This is for bedrock edition and mcpe, however we hope to grow in amount soon. I hope you will enjoy your stay! We are extremely small and just starting, so please be patient with us and allow us to invite you with warm and nonvisible hugs.
A place to hang out, and see if you can find other people to play with. As well as Gmod supports and server devs.
Turks Basement is a roblox Mafia that plays varous games and we also have a bunch of edgelords and shit. yeah just join please i be g you.
Hello! We are a role-playing group that is looking for active individuals who want to roleplay using OCs or characters from just about any anime, TV show, movie, game, etc. If the character is too OP, we'll either help you "nerf" them or we'll ask you to select somebody else. This roleplay is not Danganronpa exclusive but started off way long ago in a different server as one and has grown overtime into this. Come join us!
Hello! this is a server for a game called the isle. On fiery chaos we do lots of fun events and have lots of fun! we could also use more peeps so come on in and join the fun!
Wanna have fun and enjoy your time? Well join the Crappy Crew 2.0 The remake of the Crappy crew have fun and enjoy your time!
A pokemon RP server, made by people, for people. With a singular overarching plot as well as a chance to create your own, the possibilities are endless. Good or Evil, the world's fate is decided by you.

This server does not tolerate harassment whether it be on this server or another. And moderation is fairly transparent to keep it civil.