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🎮 ─⦗––– 𝐇𝐘𝐂𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊 –––⦘─ 🌀

Desde los inicios de Hytale, somos una futura red de servidores hispana. ¡Prepárate para navegar por el mejor universo de Hytale!

👥 Comunidad
🎉 Sorteos
🥇 Concursos
🤖 Bots Propios
🎶 Música
📊 Niveles
💰 Economía
🍂 ¡Locos por Hytale!

No lo dudes más, te estamos esperando!😄
A place to hang out, and see if you can find other people to play with. As well as Gmod supports and server devs.
The current year is 2647, long ago in 2053, Humanity spread itself across the stars in search of new hospitable planets, and new sentient lifeforms. For 18 years they wandered before finally making contact with a new species, and discovered a plethora of hospitable planets under the united name of The Empire. Unfortunately, in 2071, tragedy befell the Empire, and Humanity as a whole as Earth was annihilated, turned into nothing more than an asteroid field. And thus, Humanity began to research how to proceed.

In the year 2074, a brilliant scientist named Ezmund Darlen proposed a preposterous idea. One man be injected with an microscopic, rapidly reproducing organism that hijacks the Human DNA to rapidly speed up the Human evolution rate. With an excessive amount of debate, Ezmund managed to begin research. Unfortunately, he would not see his plan come to fruition, as he perished to cancer a heartbreaking 3 months before the first strand was released amongst the Human masses. To this day, a 30 foot tall statue of Ezmund rests outside of the Imperial Capital Building on Adahl for his tremendous contribution to Humanity's survival.

For a few hundred years, there was peace. Humanity spread throughout the stars, and previously primitive Alien species were exposed to recently developed technologies, such as Hardlight, Plasma, and Leap Drives, thus rapidly speeding up the cultural development of these species.

And then, The Cataclysm happened. The son of a petitioner, Adam Marloz, was killed in a riot against the unfair policies of taxation on the lower classes by the Empire, and revolution ran rampant, leading to The Grand War. Brutal guerilla warfare spread across the known galaxy as the masses Rebelled, and after 12 years of brutal bloody war the Emperor, Wilhelm Reubke the Fifth signed a peace treaty with the Rebellion’s leadership in 2630, and the war came to an end.

This however, did not last long. 3 years after the end of The Grand War, a man named Tok’ra Max was elected President of the Confederacy, and a new war was born out of the hatred of Tok’ra Max’s heart. The Empire, now led by Burckhardt Reubke, engages in all out war with the Confederacy in a desperate fight for survival.
Sandbox server with a twist.

You start off with no permissions and can only see one channel but slowly gain more and more.

Every permission can be acquired one way or another and sometimes in multiple ways.

There are lots of bots that you can get roles from in varying ways.

Just a silly bot server mostly but with the possibility of gaining control over it.
Welcome to Hangout Place. In this server you get to make the server. On entry you get the ability to make roles and channels as well as:

-Friendly Staff
-LGBT are welcome
-Friendly Users

Come join today and make some friends or help make the server its all up to you.

This is a server based around roleplay and fun. In this server you grow your nation, improve it's economy, and conquer other nations to become the very best empire, democracy, or commune!

We have a wide selection of economy bots for use in your economy, such as CoinMaster (The original and classic choice), UnbelievaBoat, and TycoonMogul.

We have our own custom server-exclusive bot made just for use in this server, WarBot!

WarBot allows you to ?expand your nation, and ?war other nations. While roleplay is a recommended and more fun way to experience the server, ?war can be used too.

Your nation is not restricted by rules or bans, unlike many other nation servers, NUKES and other weapons of mass destruction are totally allowed!

Your nation is also not restricted by lack of free speech, your nation can be based around RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL, or ECONOMICAL preference.

If you wish to learn more, join the server and the staff will teach you more!

We hope to see you there at the DISCORD UNITED NATIONS!
We're A fairly new server! HELP US BUILD OUR SERVER

Welcome To South Side City
Welcome To South Side City

Welcome to the town of South Side City
In SouthSide city new beings have started appearing out of nowhere. Others are simply humans who've been blessed by the Gods with certain Talents and are reffered to as "Gifted Humans." Join us as we create a life for ourselves, and live together, in peace or at war. The choice is yours. As a new comer in town you have free reign Join us in this laid back server where all things are permitted with the exception Auto Hits, and all things are respected. We have a small active community, with flexible Plots, DM friendly Staff, And dark Humor. Come Be A Part of this Family! Roles Created at Request, ERP Friendly, LOVE NEWCOMERS, PRETTY MUCH NOTHING OFF LIMITS!!!! We have asocial media, a gossip column, and much more!**
Minecraft oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
Meurgon is an inspired by Roblox sandbox project, what is being developed right now! Join up for news and updates!
If you are reading this, then congratulations. You have been selected, by invitation or otherwise, to the most top secret government foundation in the history of mankind, The SCP Foundation.

We are a Minecraft community that's creating an SCP world in Minecraft, but we need your help! We have different roles for different jobs, and are still in progress of building the base. If you're in the building department, come help us with the building!
Hey! Welcome to "Yet Another Discord Nations Server" (YADNS) for short, We're a small community at the moment but we're determined to make the roleplay experience a fun one!

Roleplay isn't all we have up our sleeves, We're also trying to prosper a community around Nation RP so whether you're roleplaying or just playing a game on steam we want you to have fun as a community either way.

Once you join the server you'll grow your nation, Improve it's economy and war with other nations or maybe even expand to space and innovate new technologies?

We also have a unique bot with a wide variety of custom commands that will help you roleplay as a nation, Friendly staff and Lenient rules, So what are you waiting for, Help us help you by joining

See you there!
In The Sandbox, you can just join and do whatever you want, go crazy, go wild. Have fun :). Oh and don't be a dick
Welcome to the unofficial Hypixel Community Hub!
This server is for the community of Hypixel to give their opinions, but not have to be scared that they say the wrong thing and inevitably get banned by a moderator for saying something bad about the server!
We take good and bad opinions and discuss them with each other!
A minecraft realm's discord server! DM the owner, JackToons, to get invited to the realm!

It's a mini-game realm, with some role-play things. We're adding more all the time!

Most popular game-modes include Murder Mystery and Prison Escape.
Welcome to Hideout DarkRP,
Here you'll get a chance to have a wonderful time with meeting new people and play Garry's Mod Dark RP that is in development but you are more than welcome to play. We're a new DarkRP server that wants YOU to have a great time either finding new friends or playing Garry's Mod.

Kind Regards,

Hideout Staff.
This is Kamen Rider: Paradigm shift, a sandbox style Kamen Rider RP.
The premise is simple. You are all people in the Japanese City of ishinomori who have come under the possession of strange belts that grant you the ability to transform into armored warriors.
Will you use this power for good? For evil?
Where did these belts come from?
And what unseen threats lurk on the horizon?
We are a growing ERP/NSFW server, which focuses mainly around smut/story driven roleplay.

We promote public public roleplay over direct message roleplay. We also offer special channels to verified users that include nudes as well as other things in future updates.

We hope you'll cum stay awhile and listen! Have a good day ^_^
Rust group. Looking for more people to make a clan and play on modded / community servers.
Welcome to PIR revamped! Veterans of ROBLOX will remember this game as being a popular building/roleplaying game by Mael based around large and diverse islands. Select your region and build on the island!

This game was originally created by Maelstronomer as a building, roleplay and adventure game for players to travel around islands and build across the map. Lots of different people have tried to revive this game but failed, and so here I am also going to attempt to revive this game! This game was one of my favourites during the early days of ROBLOX and I don't want to say goodbye to it just yet!

I'm not at all experienced in development of games on ROBLOX, so updates to this game may be slow as I get the hang of things, but eventually I hope to turn this game into what it once was before!
Are you interested in a Minecraft experience? Check out Silvermooncraft out today. Silvermooncraft has modded servers, and more for different versions.