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The current year is 2647, long ago in 2053, Humanity spread itself across the stars in search of new hospitable planets, and new sentient lifeforms. For 18 years they wandered before finally making contact with a new species, and discovered a plethora of hospitable planets under the united name of The Empire. Unfortunately, in 2071, tragedy befell the Empire, and Humanity as a whole as Earth was annihilated, turned into nothing more than an asteroid field. And thus, Humanity began to research how to proceed.

In the year 2074, a brilliant scientist named Ezmund Darlen proposed a preposterous idea. One man be injected with an microscopic, rapidly reproducing organism that hijacks the Human DNA to rapidly speed up the Human evolution rate. With an excessive amount of debate, Ezmund managed to begin research. Unfortunately, he would not see his plan come to fruition, as he perished to cancer a heartbreaking 3 months before the first strand was released amongst the Human masses. To this day, a 30 foot tall statue of Ezmund rests outside of the Imperial Capital Building on Adahl for his tremendous contribution to Humanity's survival.

For a few hundred years, there was peace. Humanity spread throughout the stars, and previously primitive Alien species were exposed to recently developed technologies, such as Hardlight, Plasma, and Leap Drives, thus rapidly speeding up the cultural development of these species.

And then, The Cataclysm happened. The son of a petitioner, Adam Marloz, was killed in a riot against the unfair policies of taxation on the lower classes by the Empire, and revolution ran rampant, leading to The Grand War. Brutal guerilla warfare spread across the known galaxy as the masses Rebelled, and after 12 years of brutal bloody war the Emperor, Wilhelm Reubke the Fifth signed a peace treaty with the Rebellion’s leadership in 2630, and the war came to an end.

This however, did not last long. 3 years after the end of The Grand War, a man named Tok’ra Max was elected President of the Confederacy, and a new war was born out of the hatred of Tok’ra Max’s heart. The Empire, now led by Burckhardt Reubke, engages in all out war with the Confederacy in a desperate fight for survival.
Hi there and thank you for checking out Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Heart of Darkness, a brand new Roleplaying server that initially takes place in 1700 Europe. As the story evolves with player input and direction, new countries can become available to explore. Legends tell of ruins filled with treasure waiting to be unearthed by daring adventurers. For those chosen by destiny, legends tell of the Guide Fragments that when combined together lead to treasure unimaginable. The power to cure any illness, to bring any loved one back from the dead, all this and more await those who travel into the Heart of Darkness!
-Original plot and story shaped by the player's actions!

-Whole world to explore eventually!

-OC characters and Stands welcome!

-Friendly atmosphere with helpful staff!

-Help shape the flow of history!
A sandbox literate-advanced roleplay set in the distant future and high science fiction! Explore the Spiral- a massive galaxy of planets, stars, and with a melting pot of species. We offer both standard RP and ERP.

This server is 18+ only!
A roleplay sample is required for entry.

What we offer:
➲ An expansive galaxy to create your own story!
➲ Verified 18+ members and literacy levels!
➲ Framework of lore that allows for expansion of ideas!
➲ Casual drop-in/out atmosphere!
➲ Unlimited number of characters!
➲ Reasonable, unencumbered species requirements!
Owner: @Lysander
Metro 2033: London
Many will tell you that the great war destroyed our world, that earth is gone...but this is a lie. On the contrary, nuclear fire and radiation gave wake to not destruction...but evolution. Hell and heaven have switched places, now the only place one can find God is deep within the ground, where his once favored creations live like rats. Nobody knows who fired first, not that it matters now. A nuclear war brought about a new world, forcing the survivors of the once great city of London into their Metro system. Several years have passed since then, and it would seem as if everything except man has changed. Mutants roam the surface and tunnels, ruins of once great structures crumble to dust, radiation floods the air with it's poison...but man stays the same. It didn't take long for the survivors to form factions and divide themselves against each other, and not long after that war. Yet in the face of all of these threats mankind remains persistently clinging onto life, refusing to give up.

Take your place as one of many survivors within the Metro and carve out not just your own fate, but the fate of the entire Metro. Roleplay however you want, as a brilliant engineer, ruthless Trade Baron, Soldier, Explorer, the limit is your own imagination. This RP is a Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox RP that has been developed for over two months! We offer customized music, art, maps, bot commands, detailed lore and so much more. Thank you for taking the time to look over this we hope to see you soon!

We are Minecraft Network full of servers:
We have Survival - there you can play with your friends
We have Factions - make friends and fight with other factions
We have SkyBlock - learn how to survive on a island
We have Creative - the place where you gonna find friends and build your own house
We are very good community and we want to grow up faster :P
Welcome to Indo Town, a nice and small community, but don’t let it fool you, it serves a greater purpose. Under the fractured moon, you’ll meet friend and foe, and unearth things never before seen. And for the most adventurous explorers, take a trip through space and time to close “Rifts”, alternate futures that if left alone, could seep into our own world.

This is a PMD server that isn’t made to follow a strict storyline, because it’s shaped by the members, and if you choose to join, you could turn the tides, for the better or the worse, it’s up to you to decide.

This is D.U.N. A server about custom nation roleplay on a "universe" system. Universes are when the activity gets stale or boring, and people want something new, when you want a new universe, make a suggestion and let other people vote on it, if it's passed. A new universe will begin.
Depending on the current map chosen, you can either be a custom nation or a RL nation based on time and era. You can even be a modern nation
We have RP economy and Bot economy both. Expand to make your control of land larger, choose any ideology you wish (including custom!), and more!

Join Discord United Nations to become a world wide super power! We are currently electing staff and revamping the server, so join soon and you could be part of the revival!

(Full free speech, so please try not to get offended by what other people say.)
ForgeSurvival prides itself on offering an unique and fun survival experience.
Join us at:
We bring many unique features to the table to make sure that you have a great experience. Forge Survival has MCMMO, Slimefun, Custom Enchants and Spawners, Player Warps, and much more. We even have our own customized items which can give you the power of flight, increased levels of enchants, keep inventory, and changing the time! To maintain our custom terrain we have a weekly resetting resource world. If you enjoy exploring don't worry, we have a quick random teleport delay so you can find the perfect spot for your home. Try your luck with our crates and buy items from players with player shops and the auction house.We will add, remove, or change features based on player feedback. If you don't like something, tell us!Join using, using version Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.4.
✜ 15 JAHRE VETUS MUNDUS ✜ Seit seiner Gründung 2004 wird unser UO-Freeshard laufend aktualisiert und verfügt über zahlreichen Custom-Content, den es so nur auf Vetus Mundus gibt.

YouTube Trailer 2019:
This is a server dedicated to Fortnite Creative, so you can find people to play test maps, help you build, solve problems and ask for feedback! If you are interested in zone wars and fights, we recently opened an extension to the server with fighting in creative as its theme, so you can also join that if you wish.
Welcome to Hideout DarkRP,
Here you'll get a chance to have a wonderful time with meeting new people and play Garry's Mod Dark RP that is in development but you are more than welcome to play. We're a new DarkRP server that wants YOU to have a great time either finding new friends or playing Garry's Mod.

Kind Regards,

Hideout Staff.
*Recently Southside has become a hot spot for beings of all manner and races known as "gifted humans". It started out with everyone living in peace and harmony. But, the Gods of Olympus came down and began to claim people, making them their "Incarnations" on Earth. These "Incarnations" Began to develop gifts, and abilities, of whatever God or Goddess claimed them. And with that came those who wished to worship these "Incarnations"...The Followers. Join us here in Southside as tensions began to arise between the powerful factions of the city, and now even the government themselves have taken action, and began rounding up "Gifted Humans.". Here, in Southside trust no one, and question everything, but most of all. Have fun....and try not to get captured or piss off and factions.
Hello! If you are into Minecraft then come and join my server! My server is mainly based on for my youtube channel but overall is for community and lots of Minecraft!
> While the rest of mankind dwells in the light, we must stand in the darkness to fight it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane and normal world.
> -The Administrator

Do you like SCPF, and have a Java Minecraft Account?
Well the Site-04 Minecraft SCPF is looking for new members!
We have experienced builders, a genius command block coder, and an active community.
Thanks to our amazing command block coder, we are able to create SCPs, custom server packs, custom sounds, and etc free of mods.
This means you don't have to waste your time downloading something that will crash and lag your computer.
We are setting up divisions at this moment, and you have the chance of becoming a divisional head. So join now before you miss out!
- Must have Java MC
- Must have discord.
- It is recommended, but not required to have a basic understanding on the SCPF lore.
> Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear.

A public survival Minecraft server with a Discord to match.
This is a new server and we need some time to grow, so please support us!

- text and voice channels
- nice and helpful staff members
- you can assign yourself a clan role

We're always opened for your suggestions and opinions.
Come here and have fun!
A community of gamers who play an evolving list of games. for example; Star Trek Online. Gmod, Starmade, Pulsar Lost Colony, Minecraft, and Guns of icarus, Active and friendly staff with plenty of events: we have a youtube and we livestream podcasts occasionally.
We are a growing ERP/NSFW server, which focuses mainly around smut/story driven roleplay.

We promote public public roleplay over direct message roleplay. We also offer special channels to verified users that include nudes as well as other things in future updates.

We hope you'll cum stay awhile and listen! Have a good day ^_^
The Perpetuum Online server, run and maintained by the community and open source project: Open Perpetuum.
Join and learn about the game Perpetuum! See videos, screenshots, killboard, dev blogs, and more!
Blockie Lands is a 2d multiplayer sandbox game (similar to growtopia). The game is still under development and we are hiring graphic designers!
We are playing fallout PNP 2.0
We are hoping to get multiple GMs for multiple groups to make for a breathing world.
Its not that hard to figure out if you have played other tabletops.
Minetest & Forks Official Discord is a community that brings minetest and all of its derived forks together in one place!
"Hello! I'm your virtual tour guide Michael, and I'll be telling you all abput the beautiful city Solu! Solu has a whopping population of 700,000! This beautiful city in Los Angeles has many tourist hot spots and attractions for all to visit and marvel at. And as a local, I can definitely say Solu is worth the visit. See you this evening, channel-"