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Hey there, Arikutoji's World is a community server for all humans. Its a cool server full of activities. We are a game based community.

○Giveaways 🎁
○Gaming News 🌐
○Q-O-T-D and A-O-T-D 💡
○Assignable Roles
○Cool Channels
○Fun Community 👥

And more to enjoy.

It is cool rite? Join now there is no tomorrow!

🔗 :

🖼 :
A friendly and active server dedicated mainly to gaming, growtopia, community, bots (Pokecord, Idle RPG and Coin Master) , memes YouTube and roles/ranks. We host psn/xbox/steam key giveaways on server milestones and frequent updates and events. So will you give us a try :)?
Hello! This is a friendly growtopia community for the new servers that have come out on the xbox one version of xbox, I'll be active 24/7 if you'd like to play. You can also find people to play with here since the servers are different.
The best place of active players to buy/sell growtopia dls, accounts or ingame stuff. Also other markets like fortnite / roblox but GT is main.
Join today!
🎁┊In game giveaways and nitro
🙏┊growing server of 80+ peeps
🙀┊Amazing non-toxic with active members
📚┊Organized, channel
🤖┊Many game bots
🌈┊50+ unique custom emotes
✨┊Great Rules
✅┊Join today for a chance to get staff roles!
What are you waiting for? Dont miss out!
in this server you will be able to earn world locks with invites and be able to buy intros for virtual world locks!
Buy and sell diamond locks here! at Growtopia market! We also host giveaways too! the most trusted Growtopia market and monitored every day!
Welcome to Wenor's Kingdom.. bruh.. well.. my kingdom!
If you are looking for a new server to join, we are warmly
inviting you to the group!


- Online 24/7
- You will not feel alone in the group
- Friendly people
- Helpful staff
- Many voice and text channels
- Simon Says games
- Economy
- Role Shop
- Trivias
- Funny, amazing bots
- Play music
- Applications (mod, helper)
- Giveaways
- Spam and memes channel
- Leveling up system
- Fancy design
Huge Growtopia Indonesia Server

- Buy Or Sell items.
- Promote Your World
- Chit Chat
- Listen To Music
- Advertisement
- News About Growtopia
- Also, we have lot of bots.
a gaming server! where you can play.. Growtopia, Roblox, ETC.
dont forget to have fun
Growtopia Discord server ,Chill , Just join us please, we need friends, No cap. We are not rude,We are respectful,idek what else to say love you bye !
GROWTOPIA see u there
A growtopia market for buying and selling items/accounts, we have midmands for safe trades. You can also invite your friends and get wls/items for it!
I Sell Exploits For Roblox And You Can Hangout In This Discord Server.
Join our Wondrous Growtopia Hangout!

Enjoy lots of Fun! Buy and Sell Virtually and Meet in Game later on! Post your World's Advertise And attract Users! Ask for a Private BFG To help you Break for the Gems! Sell your World and Earn Profits! Giveaway on the Go!

What are you Waiting for ? JOIN NOW!
Gt fun chat with friends through discord

im not that creative at desc just join
Hey Sen Serverimize Hoşgeldin.Bu Serverde Oyun,Sohbet,Anime Gibi Şeyler Yapmak Mümkün.YüzSüzz'ün Kanalı Her 100 Abonede Bir Oyunlarda Veya Steamda Çekiliş Yapmaktadır.İyi Eğlenceler...
-Serverımıza mod alımı yapılmaktadır
-Serverımızda lütfen saygılı olmaya çalışınız