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AliEN DNA is a portal to a dimension of high strangeness.
This is a friendly community for gaming, watching movies together and chit-chatting.

*We are in need of staff and more active members*

- If you are active, you may join our giveaways!
Welcome to Cloud City

A server where all kind of stuff goes down, with fairly low moderation. You can talk about anything, literally anything here. The people here are quite friendly and welcoming. Many chat rooms such as: memes, gaming, anime and more.

Disclaimer: We have some retarded people and I hope you don't mind them.

-Custom roles for active members
-Custom colors
-Various channels for specific topics and discussions
-Low moderation
-NSFW chat which is quite active
-Ample amount of chat rooms for your need.
-Activity based roles and much more.
-A private channel for those who have face revealed
Come join Tempest Federation, its a new anime community focused on making friends and talking about the medium! We have a NSFW tag along with a channel specific for games. Feel free to self advertise yourself as we have a tab just for that. We will be adding more as we go as well.

We have bots and emotes!

Also a dedicated Minecraft server as well!
Tired or uncomfortable in gaming discords which allow under minors in it? We understand, many people are looking for a place to be an adult and a gamer at the same time. This is why Adult Gamers was started, to create a comfortable space on the internet for gamers which uses a very simple process to verify age without getting too personal.
Welcome to The Deadly Dungeoneers, we are a dungeon quest server with great potential, we have lots of things such as:

A Variety Of Different Bots
The Official Dungeon Quest Bot
Role Claiming For Pings
Carrier Role And Giveaway Host Role
Moderator Applications
Party Requests
Youtuber, Twitch Streamer And Mixer Streamer Role And A Channel For When Every You Go Live/Upload A Video
And So Much More

So What Are You Waiting, Join Now
Are you lonely and need to make some friends, well you have found the right server, we are a PG16 server with many wizards ready to make some new friends and start a new friendship journey together, we are a very active server ready to assist you with anything you would like, PvP, pet making, questing, and of course helping you create new friends.
Club Penguin Online army! Come join for fun events, battles, and more! Come be a dragon today!
+ ♡ Friendly, active, and non-toxic adult community!
- ♡ NSFW Channels and content galore!
+ ♡ Selfies, Events, Contests, Giveaways, Memes, Gaming, Art, and more!
- ♡ Safe, easy, and secure verification system!
+ ♡ Tons of exclusive verified only content!
+ ♡ Friendly, active & experienced staff team!
- ♡ Owner who is actively involved in the community!
+ ♡ LGBTQ+ friendly! Whoever or whatever you are, we don't judge!
- ♡ We even have a channel for degenerates!
+ ♡ Our very own special lovely Lewd/Nude models!
- ♡ Tons of bots and bot channels for all your needs!
+ ♡ All the porn you could ask for!
- ♡ We don't claim that 1:1 ratio BS, but we have plenty of ladies and lads!
+ ♡ Open to everyone over the age of 18!
- ♡ So come on and join already!
Hello welcome to the description of your soon to be server... Or soon not to be server I don't know your life choices. But the truth is every action you have ever done led to this moment so choose wisely. This is a brand. New. Server. So that's right you'll probably be considered an OG among the future generations or whatever. Anyway I spoke for too long. This is a chatting server where you can have fun and talk about anything. There is a suggestion channel so you can tell me things to add and I will do my best, but know this is my first server so there will be lumps and bumps and everything. Please join.
Welcome to THCDen we are a community based discord server for stoners.

We have many channels including:

✪Weed voice and text channels:maple_leaf:
✪Ranks & Levels :arrow_double_up:
Nintenstar is a new Nintendo server with a friendly and non-toxic environment. We offer plenty of channels to discuss games in, as well as optional channels to talk about art, music and even programming. Most importantly, we strive to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for all of our members. We hope you join us today! ⭐️
Hey there! Are you bored? looking to make friends? Find a lover? Well, that’s why we’re here! We have self roles, verification, dating 13+ and friendly staff! We’re kinda new.. but join and help us grow!! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
Join us, we have e-girls and e-boys and you can be as offensive as u want :33

The majority of us also speak Swedish.
⭐ GAMES ⭐ GIVEAWAYS ⭐ MEMES ⭐ COMMUNITY ~ We're the most wholesome, chill place filled with amazing members and a fair staff team on Discord that's always looking for new members from all around the world!
Willkommen im Freizeit Irrenhaus

(Gaming, Otuka und LGBTQ+ Server)

Dies ist unser Save Heaven für euch, geplant und gedacht für Gamer und Leute, die einfach eine Sanctuary suchen, ohne einen nervigen Claptrap, der euch regelmäßig an Kannibalen verfüttern will, weil er irgendwas braucht, um seine Einsamkeit zu lindern.

Der Name Irrenhaus kommt nicht von ungefähr - seid wie ihr seid, das Team hat auch nicht alle Tassen im Schrank. Das Einzige, was ist haltet euch an die Regeln!

Benutzt den Server nach Lust und Laune, wir als Team haben immer ein offenes Ohr und helfen so schnell wir können.

Der Server entwickelt sich so wie ihr euch interessiert: Der Server wird sich zusammen mit den Mitgliedern (am Server Patienten genannt) ändern und gestalten!

Begrüßt werden auf dem Server alle - uns ist es egal, wer ihr seid oder “was” ihr seid - es gilt das Leben und Leben lassen; LGBTQ+ ist willkommen, ebenso wie Gamer, Otakus und mehr.
Welcome to The Shade Shack

Basically, this server serves as a community just looking to chill and talk about random shit while having a laugh. We host other stuff such as game nights and movie nights regularly to get the community involved. Plus we're not a big fan of rules to do with what you can say, as long as you're not racist in a way where you actually mean it. We don't care.
───────🥥 • Crown WebTV───────
🥥 • Un serveur communautaire
🎪 • Des animations régulières
📈 • En constante évolution
🔒 • Une sécurité renforcée
🎉• Des giveaways réguliers
Welcome To Trade Universe

【🎉】Daily Giveaways!

【❤️】Safe Environment!

【🎮】Find New Friends!

【👍】Actve & Helpful Staff

【🔥】Cool Emojis

【🤖】Fun Bot Commands!

【💎】Middle Man, Taxi, Crafter, etc!

【📋】Applications For Roles!

【🗳】Suggestions Channel!

【💸】Invite Rewards!


【🤝】Come Join Us!

We have a lot more to offer and we want @everyone to be a chill community @here at Trade Universe!
Team Serpents is an OCE based Fortnite clan. We are currently looking for underrated players that are based in Oceania (OCE).

Here are some player requirements and qualities we are looking for;
- You have to be Division 4 or higher in Arena
- You have to be older than the age of 10 (10 years or more)
- You have to be experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to scrims
- This means you also have to be a good builder and aimer
- You have to have good communication skills with your teammates
- That means it is a necessity to own a working mic
- We don't accept toxicity of any forms within our community
- You have to be dedicated to our clan
- That means you can't play for another clan/org or team
- It is a requirement that you are active in our Discord server (roughly 1-2 hours a day).

To join you need to make an RC (Recruitment Video) and post it to youtube. When uploading the video to youtube please use these tags, #SerpentsOnTop or SerpentsRC

If you are interested in joining or think you have what it takes, please contact Toefee on Discord.
COME JOIN THE BRISTO We are a friendly welcoming community full with fun bots. In our server you can hang out, talk and meet new people And active vcs and we have gaming VCs and have game nights
Theres a bunch off self roles to Express yourself and friendly staff
The Aekord Community
(type "ae!accept" when you join to gain access to the server)
Seeking a place to interact with random people, make friends and have fun?
A server of friends found through a game called `StickEmpires`, that doesn't mean though that's it's main purpose. It's a place to have fun and hang out with your friends. We are a very active server and are growing each and every day and are striving to be the best!
| Friendly, Non-Toxic Community with Active & Helpful Staff!
| Advertise your Youtube and other social media content!
| A Unique Level System of 50+ roles with economy!
| Dyno, Tatsumaki, GAwesome-bot, Mee6, ProBot, Vortex
| UnbelievaBoat, Yggdrasil, PenguBot, Translator
| Pokecord, Myuu, Cafe, Chess
| Rythm, Groovy
| Special Channels for posting pics, memes, gifs, art, etc. etc.
| Events, Contests, Giveaways and much more!
| Looking for active staff
| Open for partnerships
Thanks for your interest, we look forward to seeing you there soon!
Now with 1,500 members!
Are you a gamer on YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer? Building a game or making game art? Not getting your stuff seen?

We offer -
🔷YouTube certified and verified staff!
🔷Channel Consulting!
🔷Automatic Video and Livestream sharing!
🔷Exclusive Sponsorships!
🔷Playtesters/Content Creators for your game!
🔷Share your VIDEOS
🔷Share your STREAMS
🔷Share your DISCORD
Welcome to the crew of Tom!
We are a small community based server created in early 2016, feel free to join and look around, the server theme will generally change depending on the game of choice for that year/month. This is currently a SOT LFG Discord.