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Hey, Wilkommen Im Pokemon Resort auf dem Server Wird Über Pokemon Allgemein Gesprochen und über Pokemon Schwert, Schild. Auf unserem Server gibt es ein Spiele Erlebnis Bis zum toben. Und Es gibt ein simples Markt Kauf System Mit Pokemon Bohnen Als Cash. Womit man sich Rollen kauft.

✭ Active VCs
✭ Fun community
✭ Movie nights every Friday
✭ Gaming and art events with prizes
✭ Self assignable roles and fun emotes
✭ Manga and Anime suggestion channels
✭ Selfie channel
✭ Partnership option

☆ Give it a try!
trippie hippies (18+) is a friendly server that welcomes all members as long as they are at least 18. We want to make a safe place for everyone to meet new people, and have a simple system to gain access to the server which is in place to prevent trolls, lurkers, and underage from joining - read the rules to find out how! Posting photos and joining voice chats are locked behind a server level, so chat with people to have even more fun! We have rooms to just have a chat, rooms to share your pictures, and rooms to talk about nerdy things! We are welcoming of all lifestyles, so if you're LGBTQA+, into BDSM, or are a furry, come check us out!
You hungry? Come grab a bite and chill out for awhile!!! Sub server to "Eevee's Tea Party", feel free to join this hangout server and make lots of friends!

*does weird smile*
Yo Leude,

Leite einen nicen Server mit zwei richtig netten Leuten! Wir arbeiten so gut wie jeden Tag an unserem Server! Sei es Design, Aufbau, Bots oder so sind wir immer bereit sowas zu machen! #AllesFürDieCommunity

Was wir dir bieten:

• eine große Gaming Fan Base, welche gerne mal zusammen zockt!
• eine stätig wachsende Community
• gute Bots
• ihr könnt bei uns Partner werden
• ein kompetentes und lustiges Team welches dir gerne hilft
• nice Chats mit spielen wie: count, one word story oder cleverbot
• Season Funktion wie in Fortnite mit exklusiven Rängen die es nur in einem gewissen Zeitraum gibt!
• Gewinnspiele wo ihr Ränge oder Discord Geld gewinnen könnt

Wir freuen uns auf jeden einzelnen !!

Liebe Grüße,
Das Cosmoia Server-Team

Hello there🎉! Curious to find a server? Well guess what, this server is all purpose🔥. Meaning, you can use this server for everything! Join us now!🍪
Gehenna Paradise is a server that follows a streamer by the name or Lawsonhawk or Lustrous. It is geared towards providing a good environment to chat about Anime and Gaming! We also have sections centered around Memes, Music, Cosplay, Art, and we even have a 18+ Section! We’re also Pokécord friendly if you are interested in that.

We have a wide range of emotes by the artists known as paxiti and afrobull! There is also a section that has professional to semi-professional artist for you to commission!
I created this server to help a community of people grow with porn, hentai, furry, gaming, series, anime, movies even
If you wanna feel like home this is the server to come to, we welcome you as a family.
Welcome to my server! This server is a mixed server. We have art channels, rp channels, gaming channels and much more! Furries, gamers, artists, everyone is welcome here! Except trolls and mean people. They're not welcome.
☆ 。・:*:・゚『 **Welcome to
The Hideout**』 ・:*:・。☆
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊✦ ੈ˚。┊✫
┊ ┊✫. ┊ .˚ ┊.
┊⊹ ♡ ⋆. ┊. ˚. ⊹ ♡ ⋆
┊˚ ˚✩ˊ

❥『 **what we include:** 』

♡ 》self assign roles
♡ 》 custom colors
♡ 》friendly staff and
♡ 》active voice chats
♡ 》game nights and
♡ 》partnerships
♡ 》nitro giveaways
♡ 》100+ emojis*

❥『 **looking for pms** 』

InternetFriends: A small discord server looking for active people who just want to play some games and hang out. Primarily FPS but we play just about anything/everything ranging from Apex Legends to LoL and everything in between (PC, Xbox, and PSN). 17+ only (With our own Minecraft Server!)
Hello! I made this server with hopes of meeting new people who can RP. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or a veteran, we do Rps ranging from intensive long story driven action to romance and novelty. Our members are friendly and it is a safe place. I aim to build a safe and friendly community for Roleplayers and writers of all ages. Warning! There are some NSFW items but the chats are only accessible if you admit them to be. We do all sorts of Rp! Every type is accepted and surely others will join in! Post ideas in our concepts chat and we will do that rp idea!
This is an Erotic roleplay server as well as a normal rp server. we like to chat have fun explore our OCs desires and game too <3 just come on in and make some friends.
Join the Xbox Social Club 🎮 Over 2000 Members ~ Level rewards ★ Share your stream ★ Find Players ★ Giveaways 🎉 & much more!
❆ ) Welcome and Stay Cozy !!
If you want to meet up and hang out with friendly people this is the right place!

❆ | 16+
❆ | Fun & hangout community.
❆ | Active chat.
❆ | Gaming channels.
❆ | Leveling roles.
❆ | Fun and music bots!
❆ | Friendly staff.
❆ | Few rules so you dont get stressed out, we want you to feel free and chill here
❆ | Rising community, its not a big server so its easier to make friends and be close with other people ^-^
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Hello everyone!

My name is Min, and I am the owner of Pride of Anime Gays. This server is meant to cater to the LGBTQ+ and Anime community, as I and so many other people are apart of it! Everyone is accepted here, no matter what gender, sexuality, or hobbies you have! Everyone is loved, supported, and equal. With amazing admins, moderators, and gaming friends, you can meet anyone you'd like on this server!

We prioritize safety on this server and are welcome to any suggestions on what we should change as long as they are appropriate! We do not accept homophobia, transphobia, racism or sexism. If you are looking to harass others on this server, you will immediately be banned. Please respect everyone's boundaries!

You may vent in the server if needed! The admins and I are well experienced to deal with certain situations and will try our best to help with any problem you may have. This server will always be filled with support!

What our server has to offer:

- Fun voice chats with admins/others!
- Anime, gaming, and LGBTQ+ related topics!
- Social Media sharing and group chats!
- Self-assignable roles and interactive games!
- Bots and music chats!
- Photography, selfies, etc. ♥
> [slackers]

⚠️ This server contains:
- a damn near drama free, pretty active community
- ∞ cultureless memes
- an online 24/7 minecraft server
- giveaways? *shrug*
- a podcast/radio show? *shrug x2*
- most definitely more...
Join and see what all the hubbub is about!
Discord server to meet cool new people online! Trying our best to keep it toxic-free, and enjoyable for all.

*a community for the dark and twisted*

[ ] As modern bohemians we're drawn to the darkest recesses of the mind. We understand that you're misunderstood.

[ ] Mature but laid back staff won't over moderate your witty banter, but never will we fail to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for you to socialize and create new friendships.

[ ] Active group of gamers that play together daily! Join the fun in titles like PUBG, Ark, IMVU and more!

[ ] While we do have an NSFW channel, we don't tolerate nudity or graphic images. NSFW doesnt need to be lewd.

Key Features:

• Aesthetic and clean channels list
• Ping roles, no more mass mentions!
• Self-Assigned roles to show off your personality
• Active voice chat, come say hello!
• Nitro Booster rewards including customizable, private voice chat for you and your friends
• Groups for mobile gaming
• Engaging Discord RPG with Guilds, Classes, Races, PvP, Bosses, Raids, Gear, Leveling and more!
• Robust lineup of bots to provide a seamless, pleasant and fun experience (ProBot, Discord RPG, Pokecord, Mudae Gacha Cardgame, Rythm and much more)
• Personal profiles with currency, reputation and point tracking
• Social events including Karaoke, Skribbl and Cards Against Humanity games!

If you have experience and are a mature, friendly person consider applying for our open staff positions including Helper, Moderator, Event Manager.
Minecraft is the largest part of Xenon Gaming! The majority of our members originally joined for one of the two Minecraft servers we have!
We run two servers because there are two main versions of Minecraft! One is for Bedrock Edition and the other for Java Edition, that way no one is left out!
However, these servers are whitelisted to protect the great builds which have been constructed, in order to access them you will have to apply in a channel on the server.
༶•┈┈┈♛ 🙋‍♀️ ❄Welcome to Master Gamers ❄🙋‍♂️♛┈┈┈•༶
Our server is newly made and fresh for our fellow gamers, our server is a community built for gamers, by gamers. It has a variety of different game channels where we can chat, share, play and discuss our opinions on games with one another. To keep up with different game trends we are accepting recommendations and suggestions as long as 2 or more people play that certain game. Everyone is welcome as long as they are a gamer. Join us today, we will be glad to have you! 🤗
- We want members that love gaming ❤️
- We love to chat, share and play games with one another 💬
- We love getting suggestions and recommendations 💭
- The chat is always active 🙋🙋‍♂️
- A safe environment -- drama, racism, and discrimination-free server 😇
- Everyone is welcomed! 👍
- We have Game Nights and different events that bonds gamers together! 🎮
- A LGBTQ+ friendly server 🏳️‍🌈
Join our roblox group to start getting roles.
When joined you must do !verify in bot commands to verify your roblox account.
Hope you enjoy :D
WELCOME to 🍥Ⓢⓔⓝⓟⓐⓘ🍥 !!

A Server for All Ages, come and stay with your Dear Senpai and play~

🌺 What we Offer:

¤ Events
¤ Partnerships
¤ Fun Emotes
¤ Owner/Member Interaction
¤ Retardism
¤ Giveaways
¤ Fun Roles

And More coming soon!
Tired of being alone in VR? Since VR is mostly made of friend groups and it's hard to meet people, come join our shenanigans and meet some great new people!