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codezz :: Deine Discord-Community für jedes Thema, von Gaming bis zu Fahrrädern. Level-System, Musik-Bot, eine aktive Community und vieles mehr, schau vorbei!
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Hewwo und herzlich willkommen auf unserem Server! ❤️
Wir möchten eine tolle Community aufbauen und suchen Mitglieder, die diese zu etwas Besonderem machen
Wir sind offen für alles und hoffen, dass es dir bei uns gefallen wird :3
Join us for daily legit give aways which are updated everyday 🎉🎉.
We give away Discord Nitro , Netflix , Pornhub , Minecraft accounts , steam games and keys , LoL accounts , spotify and many more stuff 🎉🎉🎉
🖤 Phew 🖤 - Social Platform K-pop Server
» A C T I V E - Always Active chats & voice chats!
» K P O P - K-pop section for your kpop addiction!
» M I N I G A M E S - Alot of fun bots to play with!
» R O L E S - Various options to describe yourself!
» S O C I AL I S E - Meet, chat, share, chill and play games!
Join and get guaranteed 20 years of luck.
We are a nice chill server that allows anyone to join. We have gaming channels unlockable channels for trusted people and even Business Roles but they are just staff roles. Come over and join us!

Notre passe temps est un point de rendez vous des personnes qui ont besoins de parler, de rire, de se changer les idées, de trouver un refuge et aussi d'être aider.

Le serveur est sorti de sa phase de développement et nous cherchons des membres pour qu'ils puissent, dans un premier temps, le peupler et le faire vivre puis dans un second temps, donner des idées d'améliorations.

Merci d'avoir pris attention à notre description, au plaisir de vous voir le rejoindre !

We are a small but friendly server with grate staff and mods😀. We love talking about seige and bragging about our best ace or 1 tap. Please make your self at home and start chatting.
Small server to make friends and chat about many things such as anime, music, games, art and much more. Everybody is welcome to join!
What in god's name is the purpose of this server? I suppose you can chat with people, because that's what we're all about on here, right?
But, what if nobody is around? Then just do some of the stuff below

➣ Listen to music, on discord? Yeah, why not?
➣ Play minigames, we have many fun ones. Which ones? Find out
➣ Get roles that describe you
➣ Make use of our top-quality emojis
➣ Discover our great selection of interest-based channels
➣ Level up and climb up the ranks
[BEAR WITH US! The server may not look much but I guarantee you will love it here as soon as we get more users in as well]

♛~ Welcome to LUX, Lucifers High-End Bar ~♛
Here at LUX, we offer all kinds of delights one can indulge themselves in, things that can fulfill many of one's desires!

🌟 We offer a good working self role system for people to choose from, friendly staff, friendly members, and Memes... who doesn't like memes? 🌟

✨ We have music bots, and bots to do different commands with so you have a fun experience such as casino games to gamble your Pentecostal Coins at, and many other games as well ✨

🌟 If you have any questions when you join, you can message the Owner or a trusted staff (currently hiring staff) 🌟

✨ We are trying to grow a community where we can chill and chat with friends ✨

🌟 The server tries to grow to people expectations and would kindly consider your suggestions 🌟

✨ Hope to see you there! ✨
Welcome where memories will be made here. So have fun and play games
Movie night, karaoke, game night, anime, movies, tv, art, cosplay, events, rewards, leveling system, nsfw, free advertising and self promo..You name it, we have it.
Du willst bei Turnieren mit coolen Preisen oder bei fast täglichen Sagt, Hide&Seek, Zone-Fight u. v. mehr mitmachen? Kein Kreativ! Wir benutzen die Custom Games Funktion!
Joine uns! Jeder ist willkommen!

Land: Österreich (AUT)
Sprache: Deutsch (AT)

Jeder kann sich als "Sager" oder "Seeker" bewerben.
Wir suchen Teammitglieder!

Spaß haben steht an oberster Stelle!
╰☆★ 𝐀𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐫𝐚 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐨𝐧 ★☆╮

Psst you! Yes, YOU! The plebby-looking one...

Welcome to Aurora Horizon! We provide an escape from whatever problems you may have and strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible here.

»» What do we offer? ««

ミ★ Friendly, active members
ミ☆ Support channels for people going through hard times
ミ★ Horoscope + anime related roles
ミ☆ Partnerships
ミ★ Events such Cards Against Humanity +
ミ☆ NSFW channels
ミ★ Levelled roles which unlock new channels and permissions
ミ☆ A beautiful collection of memes
ミ★ Frequent giveaways to give back to the community
ミ☆ We also have some pretty sweet emotes

Please note that this is a cat dominated server. Sending pictures of your pets gets you automatic love and affection ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Whether you’re a weeb, a gamer or just want some fresh faces to talk to, come and pay our ever-growing and slightly dysfunctional family a visit! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
so i got bored of playing stardew by myself ..,,, so i made a server.
its unprofessional, needs work and probably wont grow that much but
join pls i really wanna play stardew with more than one person like i have no frens.
We are a gaming community that's looking for members and partners to join!
If you want people to play with this is the perfect server. There are alot of different games that you can chat about or even play with others!
We also have alot of bots that you can play around with, hopefully you are joining! --Bjorkz/🍋
Pokecord, Music, Regular voice channels, Gaming etc.
Hey! We’re a new family friendly community still trying to get on it’s feet. We’ve had several years of experience with forming strong gaming communities, and we want to do it now with Discord! We are aiming to be an active gaming community with players from all different areas of skill and styles, as well as even different platforms. Join us to be part of a server as it grows! We’ll be needing to form a staff team at some point, so come now so you can be part of our core! If this community goes anything like the ones we used to run, we’ll be up and kicking in no time!
Liberty of Gaming

• Liberty of Gaming est un serveur multi-gaming, ou vous pourrez trouver des joueurs d'un même jeu que vous et ne plus jouer seul. La communauté est active et aimable avec tous alors ne réfléchissez plus et rejoignez-nous !

• Envie de sociabilité/rencontre tout en jouant en même temps ? Ce serveur est fait pour toi ! :)

➤ Qu'attendez-vous pour rejoindre notre communauté et vous créer votre propre histoire ?!

➤ Un serveur Minecraft ouvert !

Merci à tous de votre compréhension
active sfw and nsfw fast growing social gaming community with snapchat instagram premium models
Raided in December 2018 at 800 members... Join! But don't be an @$$.
✰𝓡𝓮𝓿ê𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝓒𝓪𝓯é✰
Revêuse, it means to be a dreamer. We all dream of something, whether it be something small like friends or something big like a successful career. Revêuse café is a server where people who dare to dream can come and thrive. Want to make friends? Want to discuss your interests? Want to play games? Want to claim your favourite waifus? Well look no further.

What Revêuse café has to offer:
• A bot that allows users to marry waifus
• Over 50 self roles including colour and descriptive roles
• Active staff members who are always happy to help
• Benefits for donators and nitro boosters
• A growing community full of wonderful members

What Revêuse café wishes to add as we grow:
• Clubs for members likes and hobbies (once we reach 100+ members)
• Special benefits for active members and donators
• Giveaways
• Game nights and movie nights for members to participate in
Come down to Revêuse café today and join a community of dreamers like yourself

Hope to see you there
Hello! We are a community of about twenty folks looking to gain new members to chill and talk with.

We have:
- A question of the day channel
- Multiple mods to ensure everyone has a good time
- A Non-toxic community
- Soon to come events
- Bots for the users sake and a dedicated meme bot
- And a partner channel for those interested
And more. So why not come down to the Chill Retreat today?
O nas:
Jesteśmy publicznym serwerem o tematyce gier. Serwer ciągle jest rozwijany, ulepszany i otwarty na ludzi. Chętnie nawiązujemy partnerstwa. Serwer jest czytelny i uporządkowany.

•Ekonomię serwerową
•Pomocną administrację
•Ponad 15 botów różnego typu, m. in. bot do gry w Pacmana
•Masę customowych emoji
•Dużo rang, które sam możesz sobie nadać!
•Giveawaye & Eventy
•Wspieranie małych twórców z YouTube
I wiele więcej, Zapraszamy!

•📎 Serwer:
•🖼 Logo serwera: