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❗Be Active In Chat❗

-If your looking for a kinky server Join us, Were very kinky
-If your looking for a good time on Snap (U know what i mean😉) and is 17+, Join us.
-We are very inappropriate.
-Pick Your own Role
-Send Selfies of yourself for fun... Or Don't Its Up to U
-We are very sexual in chat and in voice
-Come on in Ladies and Gentlemen.. mostly ladies.
-We have Memes🤘
-The people are friendly... Most of the time
-Say anything you wish, Can be as sexual as your heart desires
18+ ONLY. Anime community with a Disgaea netherworld inspired theming. We pride ourselves on striving for a mid-size community for the older crowd. Actual edgelords need not apply.
The Reverie Hideaway has every hotspot for your mind and soul to enjoy. Care to soak in the hot springs? Maybe just tour around the city? Or even just hangout in the bar? Whatever you are looking for, we have it.

•TupperBot (For Roleplaying)
•Vexera (For Music)
• (For Automatic Roles)

(Even though this isn't mainly a nsfw server, there is nsfw content. I highly advise that people who want this content are over the age of 17. If you wish to not have nsfw content, don't pick the "erotic roleplayer" role)
♡We are a new and fast-growing 17+ server.♡
So everyone 17 and up, join us.
We have cuffs and gags! ♡__♡

Features of our Server:
♡ Friendly staff and Members
♡ Self Roles and Colour Roles
♡ Easy Rules to follow
♡ Pokemon Bot and Music Bots (2!) ♡ Giveaways coming soon!
♡ Easy Verification!
♡ Nsfw Content for Verified members ♡ More sfw tabs for people who don’t want to verify
♡ Always expanding
♡ Movie Nights
♡ Giveaways
♡ And much more!
♡__♡ 💦Join us today to let your darkest fantasies and kinks come to life. We don’t judge.

Looking for staff and partner managers!
The Cor2 Files is a cyberpunk RP set in post-apocalyptic America. The megacorp Corrigan Corporation, or Cor2 for short, has seized control of almost the entirety of the Site. The government fights back, but are no better than the corporation that has nearly swallowed them whole. Vigilantes, rebels, mercenaries, and more are forged in the trial that is Site 17.

Characters can explore Site 17, the corrupt trading hub of the 20 Sites, and choose to fight the corruption or be a part of it, or anywhere in between. The RP features different factions, classes, lots of lore and secrets galore, as well as certain specialized mechanics to keep everyone wondering just who is really human.

17+ for blood, gore, and violence.
🈺✨🌸 Far East 🌸✨🈺 - Asian Community

Join Far East!
We're an all East (South-East) Asian community!
Come chat, share & meet other Asians like yourself!

If you're not Asian but, love Asian culture/history, you can join too. ** We are NOT an Asian dating server.**

- Must be 17+
- Chill
Everyone is welcome
Ran by a girl
Need friends
Trying to make a semi organized area to talk to people, so I am going to keep the channels, roles, and rules all small and simple. The servers purpose is to make friends out of strangers. This is a non drama zone where you can just post memes and play nintendo games and make new homies.
HELLO THERE! BRAND new server! STILL Under construction.

A scientist on I-Island had gone.. too far in their search for eternal life. Oh, they created 'eternal' life alright.. the dead began to walk.

When the lead scientist realized what she had created she tried to destroy every live sample of the virus labeled as -Hope- that she could locate. Only, her assistant.. had dropped every ounce of his savings into the project and escaped with the last remaining sample... and made his way to Japan.

From there the virus was accidentally released to the public, Heroes did what they could until even some of them fell. What's even more odd is that the Zombies who have quirks, maintain control over them. Which makes the walking dead even more dangerous.

To contract the virus, it needs to enter your bloodstream. Once it's made contact you have a 50% percent chance on contracting said virus. (For now, 50% Until we come up with a fair %)

As of this moment, the only characters taken are Shinsou Hitoshi and Kaminari Denki..

So take your pick, fill out an application, and try to survive! Plus Ultra!
・゚✧ Hello and Welcome to Station Venus ヴィーナス駅 ✧・゚

This place operates as a Train Station, you can come and go as you please, advertise your own occupation, meet new friends...

Our Servers' creation offers an experimental purpose, mainly to meet new friends and welcome potential members to our more personalized servers!!!

• 17+ Only
• SFW only (Safe for Work)
🌸🌸 BlossomingHope is a discord dating server for Lgbtq+ Adults who are looking for that special someone, We are an inclusive community owned by a TransCouple just trying to provide not only hope but a home 🌸🌸
Elysium is a small, open community filled with adventure and opportunity awaiting for new players to explore the open lands. Paired with factions, the world is your oyster! This server is for users aged 17 or older. PvP is available, with an arena suited to any sparring players' needs. Come join us today!
Almost thirty-seven years ago there was a child who set a beautiful light of yellow throughout Tokyo almost brighter than what seemed to be the sun... After a few weeks, people started to show up some with great and wonderful gifts. this labeled Pandemic quickly spread to the entire world and we were forced to adapt as both new heros and villains appeared... until we eventually depended on the heros for safety... but some of us were fools as Ultron's recent attack made it clear who the villain was, they couldn't save us... they could barely save themselves, and now all it'd take is another Ultron, but who?

What we offer
A great roleplaying experience with tons of characters to choose from.

-Active roleplay server!


- events and music bots, we also update daily depending on your suggestions and the ammount!
Welcome to Master Kyo’s Playhouse~!

We are a brand new server focused on bringing fun ERP and friendly chatting to light. Talk to pretty girls, hang out with handsome guys, and play as you please~
This is a friendly server, 17+ preferred, where you can connect with new people and find people to game with. We have memes.
Welcome to Stormbreaker Café
Stormbreaker Café is a new server that welcomes members from all walks of life. We have Exclusive Channels for Males, Females, and other genders, We have Verified Channels, and NSFW Channels if you are a Verified member Above the age of 18. This is a chill server for you to meet new people and possibly make a new friend or two. Hopefully you will enjoy your time here. -Owner Pr0Apache
Welcome to Area 51! (Not Really Lmfao)
~ This a NEW set up chill server so keep in mind that there is very few people in here atm

~ All people are welcomed to join!

~ NSFW channel (will get taken down sooner or later)

~ For now there isnt much staff in the server but once we grow i’ll definitely start adding people to staff!

~ When joining this server just know that there is several rules you’ll have to follow, for ex: dont be toxic or childish :)

~ all sort of M E M E ' s are welcomed just dont be repetitive with them :,)

~ There is a couple game channels that have been set up for now but you may suggest a few that interest you and we’ll look into adding them!

~Anyways i hope everyone enjoys! Welcome to Area 51!
This is a new server I just created and am slowly building. I hope that new people will join with an interest in growing with me and the server. I'm offering a friendly, mature, community server that includes dating and different types of chats. I have set up very detailed roles.

Minimum age to join: 17
Max age to join: 25
Heyo! We're Campship, A new server that wants to build itself around the aspect of community. Gonna try our best to make sure that everyone is included regardless of who you are. Have Fun!
Welcome to Belle’s Cafe! I am a manager who is seeking for anyone who want to work as a cashier, coffee maker, waitress, waiter, chef or janitor. There are music, socializing with others, serving to customers and get paycheck 😱🤗...
We're an Asian Server (everyone is welcome though)
We focus on Kpop, Gaming and Anime. We are a chill, friendly, safe community.
We're still newly formed so come help us grow
Movie nights, game nights. Once we start to get enough members.
(and btw we're looking for mods and admins cause we're still a new server.)
Fun server for everyone, gay or straight, gamer or not :)
-Seperate male and female channels
-verified channel and roles
-art and roleplay channels
-nsfw roles and channels
-friendly staff and members