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REQUIREMENT - please be 17+ to enter this server

Have you been searching for hours on end for a server that's accepting, inclusive and a place where you can share interests and broaden your group of friends? Well, this is the exact place you've been looking for!

~also if you like Gorillaz and Bastille that'll be kinda cool too~

We're a welcoming community, who are set on making a safe space for people to come to and talk about things we love.

This is a new server, so bear with us, but I hope you'll enjoy growing our community!
A unique and fun voice active server for meeting & making new friends. We host popular movie and music nights, gaming nights, & other seasonal events.

• Dedicated users that talk everyday in voice
• Popular weekly movie & music nights
• Monthly game tournament.
• Clubs & competitions
• Steam & Snapchat groups
• Relaxed and fair moderators
• Philosophy of open & free discourse
• Well-organised channels for interests & discussion
• Roles awarded for activity + additional role shop
• Comprehensive currency & XP system
• Multiple bots for music & memes
Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.
Welcome to Delinquents 2.0
We are a minimal rule suggestion based server where everyone gets a say, we have plenty to offer with Weekly Events and Monthly Giveaways!

What we offer;
→ The ability to advance through the Nine Circles of Hell in our unique leveling system!
→ Weekend Team Events which include Risk, Fortnite, League Of Legends and more!
→ E Gamer Girls
→ RPG bot, music bots, Trivia Bots and more
→ Hellish colour roles
▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊ 𝙄𝙣𝙘𝙪𝙗𝙪𝙨 ▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊
# 𝚓𝚘𝚒𝚗 𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚌𝚞𝚕𝚝 #
! ... msgs 24/7 ... !
Small community, new friends wanted & welcomed! No age restriction!
The Lot is a film discord with the goal of creating a cozy and friendly environment for film discussion and appreciation. We are a small but growing community!

We have a weekly movie roulette event, as well as monthly server lists, a director of the month, ocassional movie trivia events, and other sporadic activities!

Our members range from casual to hardcore movie fans who enjoy anything from the newest Marvel movies to classic art-house cinema.

The server can move at a fast pace sometimes and other times be very slow, so you can get a good mix of activity. If this at all sounds good to you come in and check us out! Thanks!
A small server for film fans to discuss movies. We dont have many rules and I try to create a chill environment
A fun ,friendly, space where you can talk about anything you'd like come in and share your nerdy infliction! All are welcome from analyst's to casuals!
Letter Box was created for two reasons.
To share musical tastes & build genuine friendships.
If you like animals, pets, nature, the great outdoors, wild life, critters of all species, and music, books, movies, youtube-ing, and you're not a hater or a troll come to my little channel! - CC
Netflix server. Chat with other Netflix fans. Give yourself different roles. You can Customize channels yourself. Different chatrooms for different roles. Youtube, Instagram Updates.
Hello travelers searching through the land of discord forums. For any of you who are shame from the normies who shame you for what?! Your kinks? Your open sexuality of how sexy you are? Well come in here for our people are all degenerates and love our kinky talk all day long and everyday long but don't you worry about you more of the normie types or other types out here. We welcome all for we are humanist. We love all, we accept all
We are a new Server that is looking forward to creating a Friendly Gaming And Anime server. Sadly our community has low members or rather dead. We're adding a lot of stuff and planning to add a custom role-playing system and a lot of features. Along with the coming features there are also fun things to do in the server right now. If this interests you please join the server ZESTIRIA and contribute to the community by staying active and chatting.
Are you into movies, music or art in general? Then ya might dig this colorful server with chill people, flexible mods, upcoming events and a satirical edge. All presented in stunning TechniColor!
Vino daca vrei sa socializezi cu oameni normali si sa porti conversatii pe teme stiintifice sau despre intamplarile de zi cu zi.
Welcome to STAR WARS: Discord. This is a discord server for those wanting a community of people who share a common interest, that interest being star wars! Have discussions about new content, old content, or even fan-made content. Whether you are a fan of George Lucas' Films, or the new trilogy, all are welcome here.
Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as Roulette or our own unique event called Movie Gorge

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
Welcome to sweet cookies!

Our server is a non toxic sever where you can find friendly people that are always there to talk, the staff is always there to ensure safety and positivity. We hope you join us and become a cookie
Tv shows and movies
Voice chat and more!
Our staff is trustworthy and are always there to listen to new ideas, they want the better for everyone and they are very helpful
I'm not sure what this is. Life is boring sometimes, so come chill with us 🤜🤛🦐. Memes, movies, games, engineering, technology, cursed images, and other random things that make me question my existence.
Tired or uncomfortable in gaming discords which allow under minors in it? We understand, many people are looking for a place to be an adult and a gamer at the same time. This is why Adult Gamers was started, to create a comfortable space on the internet for gamers which are adults!

We have a VPS hosting games like Minecraft, Arma 3 Exile and others :D
Tired of horrible matchmaking? Just looking for some active place to be? Looking for a community well maintained and accepting? In **The Toybox** all those questions are answered! We have many LFS voice chats for competitive player and general voice chats for everyone! Long trip and want to relax? We have 24/7 Radio for your rides along with multiple music bots for everyone! We even have a theatre for movie nights! Join **The Toybox** today and make a new home!
If you’re looking for a server to relax, share memes, talk about any topic, make friends and meet new people, or just hang out, then The Outcast is the server for you. There are channels for gamers, artists, musicians, and cursed/blessed images too. We have a friendly, non-toxic community(LGBT+ friendly) with mods that are always on. Come vibe with us and consider becoming an Outcast!
If you're a fan of anime movie, come join the fun. Every Friday there will be a movie, and we sometimes pick a movie depends on the theme month or from a straw poll. A fun server to hangout and watch movie together or it could just be talking about your favorite anime . A community to let people know what interest they like and be able to express it.
We're looking for people who like to stop by and chat regularly!

💠The BlueHeaven Bar is a hangout for fans of all cyberpunk and scifi! Stop by for a drink at the bar, and gamble at the casino!💠

💠 Bartending Bots and drinks from VA-11 HALL-A!
💠 Free Color Roles!
💠 Gambling bot minigames!
💠 Voice channels for active VC users!
💠 Starboard!
💠 Rythm Bot and a Muted Music VC lounge!