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Come to the Midnight Bunker to chill, talk about anime, movies, music, games or whatever. We have movie nights and contests! This is the best server to just hang out, be comfy, and have moderately serious discussions with really cool people.
A unique and fun voice active 16+ server for meeting & making new friends. We host popular movie nights, game tournaments, art contests, & other special events.

• Dedicated users that talk everyday in voice
• Popular weekly movie & game nights
• Monthly game tournament.
• Clubs & competitions
• Steam & Snapchat groups
• Relaxed and fair moderators
• Philosophy of open & free discourse
• Well-organised channels for interests & discussion
• Roles awarded for activity + additional role shop
• Comprehensive currency & XP system
• Multiple bots for music & memes
Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as :
1. Movie Nights: Everyone gets to suggest a film, and then the server votes on their favorite. The winner is then streamed on on a specific date
2. Movie VS Movie: Everyone gets to suggest a movie that they love. Two are randomly decided and then the server gets around two weeks to watch and discuss the films. Afterwards, everybody votes on which movie they liked better

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
Small server of a few dedicated people looking for other people to join Movies, shows, and more.
----React roles----
----Movie And show nights----
We watch Shows on Mondays: 6-8pm
Movies- Friday: 6-8pm
(we may watch at random times if people are up)

No nsfw, roleplay, or pornagraphic content
Just a server to chill in. It's very active and the community is nice to each other. Not too strict rules and it's a good place to be in. We don't mind a lil bit of toxicity either.

We have:

-Lots of bots 🤖

-Giveaways 🎉

-Fun & Active community 🎆🍿

-And much more!🎐
We are a friendly artist group who is looking for new arts from Beginner to advance.
We take in Animators, painters, drawers, and all above artistic or creative people. there is no age restriction so all ages are allowed to join.
No madder if you are just starting out you and the other members will progress on whatever creative skill you have together.
Regardless of what the first half of our server name suggests, we are a small, non-toxic and inclusive server here for you to make friends and talk about all different hobbies and interests together
Welcome to the Starshit Enterprise, a Star Trek server for general discussion, ship talk, headcanons and fan work.
Jampacked with active users throughout the day who are friends of friends. A judge-free environment with interesting, funny and friendly personalities. Everyone is welcomed and has a set of only 5 rules to follow.

**What is included**:
Gaming channel where you can talk and share pictures about different games.
- Social Media Channel!
- Pictures and meme's.
- Roleplaying channel !
- Minigames which include different types of bots.
- Karaoke Nights
- Music
- Active Members
- Weekly film nights.
- Weekly TV Show Nights
- Non-Strict Moderation
and most importantly a comfortable atmosphere.
Friendly, academically focused server, still quite small, but active and growing, as well as an awesome group of staff.

Got all the standard bots, and have VC's every now and then as well as jam sessions. There is also books of the month and bi-weekly movies (usually done through

Come join, and have some fun!
Welcome to Lunar ->

An amazing server for people who want to hang out and make friends. We also welcome Pokemon Trainers and do Pokecord Giveaways!

-> Pokecord giveaways where anyone can participate.
-> Minigames and Tournaments with cool prizes.
-> Have fun, make friends!
-> Enough channels to keep you busy and entertained all the time!
-> Lots of cool bots and games to play in the server.
-> An amazing admin. (<3)
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
Chill community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
Come join us at A Little Hole in the Fandom Realm. We're a small server dedicated to fandoms and gaming. As more friends join our little bubble universe, who knows what will happen.
Stay for a while or stay forever, it's up to you. So come over and make some friend in this friendly server.
Hello, come join my gaming, chill, relaxing, server, meet new gamers!
A fun place to come hang out and talk about whatever, I want it to be reminiscent of the old AOL chatrooms where we can talk about have a good time, no roles needed, just come hang out. I never sleep, so someone is bound to be up!
Community promoting the consumption of water and staying hydrated. We play games, watch movies and listen to music and/or chill with the community
Just a cool place to chill out and talk, don’t like it leave anytime you want!
Do you like musicals? Hamilton puns? Fan art? Memeeeees? Then this is the place for you. Join now! :DDD
Small voice chat server with an expanding community
-18+ maturity server
-We host movie and game nights
-Use the voice chat rooms regularly
-Although small we are an inclusive and friendly community
-We play all different types of games.
-No drama or trolls tolerated.Come join us and say hey! Voice chat usually more active at night.
See you there :) <3
a new server with a focus on all things creative, artistic, and/or intellectual. if you've been looking for a place to hang out and discuss more meaningful topics with no censorship (as long as you're following the rules), this is the place for you! great social environment with separate channels for memes, nsfw content and politics. 16+
All movie lovers are welcome to our brand new server! This server has several fun channels and bots to help you find people to watch movies with on! Please come join in on the movie fun, the more the merrier!