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Community 39
For twenty-somethings on the verge of a breakdown. Good eggs only. 18+ (SFW)
57 minutes ago
Hello, We are a group of movie, Music, and Game fans. Come join our server. Make some friends and enjoy life a little :)
7 hours ago
420/Gamer/Movie/Social/LGBTQ+ Friendly Community
Best Social Marijuana server geared at developing a LIT but non-hostile environment for the community!
Weed, Cannabis, THC- Lovers
9 hours ago
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
10 hours ago
Chilling community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
16 hours ago
Community 33
A small but thankfully active community server with a Greek Mythology theme! We have karaoke, movie nights, a ton of gamers and even more weebs ;) Overall we just want to make more friends while the server grows! Everyone is welcome! Hope to see you there! ^^
5 days ago
All Games 14
Into anime, gaming, art, Kpop or breathing?

Come join our server. It is a chill accepting server to just hang out. A place to share and do the things we love. Or just meet new people
12 days ago
Anime and Manga 43
Welcome to Anime Buddies!

We are a modest anime based community looking to share interests amongst fellow anime lovers old and new.

We talk about both anime and non anime related topics.

Everyone is welcome and you will enjoy your stay
15 days ago
MOBA Games 111
LOL connections is a small non toxic gaming community, We look for and support the Non-Toxic or even friendly gamers in the LOL Community
15 days ago
a fun place to meet new people and chill. we have events, movies, music, a growing community, giveaways and much more
22 days ago
Community 21
Cute little friendly server, nsfw, and lots of savage people.
23 days ago
Community Server! Feel Free To Come And Chat!

All We Need Is You
27 days ago
Welcome to the Asylum! We are a place for anyone and everyone. We are 18+ and run by our own set of rules! If you want a place to talk freely and not be judged we are the server for you! Come one come all!
28 days ago
Anime and Manga 18
What is Kōsen 交戦? It's a small (for right now) community of people that just want to socialize with each other, talk about common interests, and break out of our shells a bit.
38 days ago
Welcome to Crystal,a social server for all discord users! We watch movies together,stream games,discuss about Manga,Anime,and many more! This server will be updated frequently. Expect more things to come!
53 days ago
The GhostBeaters is a server dedicated to critiquing and discussing music, movies, television, and video games. Also, we shitpost. A lot. Lots of shitposting.
83 days ago
All Games 8
People who arn't too picky about what games to play, as well as general topics to talk about (we have some music buffs and film buffs in the server). Just meant to be a chill place for vidya. all regions are welcome since not all members are from the same region
121 days ago