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The Screenwriters Network is a fast-growing community of screenwriters looking to network, improve their craft, exchange feedback on scripts, talk about movies & filmmaking, table read screenplays, workshop loglines, and pitch movie ideas!
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we are a brand new server hoping to serve as a chill safe space for people to meet and make new friends !

**✿❀ self assigned roles ❀✿**
**✿❀ many channels to talk in ❀✿**
**✿❀ lots of emotes ❀✿**
**✿❀ staff applications open indefinitely ❀✿**
Hope to see you come visit the family pack that is the F.A.C, or "Furry Art Club" if you prefer. We are a small-ish community server dedicated to the furry fandom and art with some extra focus on having an open and warm community spirit!
We have a very welcoming staff team from around the world and 300+ members. We strive our hardest to provide as good of a small server experience as is possible. To achieve this we are dedicated and open-eared to our community and their wishes.
Below are some highlights of what we have available here at the F.A.C!
- We have a number of dedicated discussion channels dedicated to various topics such as pop culture, politics, cute stuffs and more!
- A good all-round general chat operating at a solid tempo, neither too quick or too slow.
- NSFW channels for you lewd boyos owo.
- Arts of all sorts, ranging from music to drawing and all the way to game development!

(please remember to @ the welcome role so you can get verified and given the appropriate roles)


What do we have to offer?
-Movie nights every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
(every week has a theme and we screen 3 movies based on that theme)

#Weeb nights every Thursday
(every Thursday we watch 3 to 4 episodes of a random anime)

|Over *15+* roles
(we roles for musicians, artists, weeks, movie enthusiast, gamers, etc)
|Over *10+* text channels to communicate publicly and privately
|Over *15+* voice chats to communicate publicly and privately
|Over *4+* discord bots [even a 24/7 music bot]
(we have an RPG bot, Pokemon bot, music bots, etc)
|A NSFW text channel
|And *5* gaming voice channels to help people gather teams
|Talent Shows every 2nd Wednesday
|Straw-polls that all users can use to effect how the server functions
|DnD-Nights Join a group to know when you get to adventure

Hope to see you join, and make sure to have fun and invite people yourself
a chill server where you can hang out and make friends. We have several channels for various fandoms and if there’s any other fandoms you would like added we would be happy to add any them.
Chat and discuss movies and films with other cinephiles. We're a small group but accepting of all want to have serious conversations about cinema and similar topics.
A server to come and make friends. Come ane share your content. We have a channel to advertise servers. We try to host weekly events and we also plan to begin hosting tournaments in games like smash brothers ultimate or mario kart 8 on the switch.
Hi there! We're a growing, active server for those who like to discuss their various interests with others. You can come and keep us company, or just talk about anything. We have a small staff, but someone will always get back to you if you have questions or just want someone to talk to.
**Hey you, Yeah you! Do you love Marvel! Yes. Well do you love Roleplaying? Yes. Well I got a server for you! This is the Marvel Fan Group, here is what we offer:

Cool, chill, unbiased chat where you can talk marvel comics, tv, movies etc. 😎

Roleplay as your favorite marvel character! Or if you don’t want roleplay don’t worry! You can be a spectator! 👍

If you are inactive because of school, vacation, sick, etc. Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you for being inactive. 😃

We have experienced staff and with this group running for almost 2 months we have a lot of happy fans! No matter what, we will try to find something you can enjoy!

Alright, now that I’ve said what’s in the server, go for it, join, there are tons of marvel fans have fun with you! Make your move. -Thor Odinson, Owner.**
A lounge for everyone that just wants to relax, talk, and hangout. The server has an accepting and relaxed community. We have game and Movie nights. Anime, politics, spiritual enlightenment. The staff is highly professional and makes every attempt to have positive discussions and good times.
Limerence of Life is a literate roleplay server which has a positive environment and welcomes anyone and everyone interested in writing, role-playing and simply having a fun time. We host game nights as well as movie nights! The role-plays are intricate and detailed, but give novice writers the chance to develop their writing more. If you're interested don't be afraid to hop on over, read the rules and gain access to the entire server's content.
Hey cuties ! When I made this server I wanted to be for meeting new ppl ,chill together , play games , watch movies , events and have fun , seems boring ?! Yeee I know maybe a bit but I think it's nice to have someone around you can share every moment with either it's a moment of joy or also the bad times .. WE GOT YOU!
☆ Social Community Discord Server ☆ British are APPRECIATED ☆ We are a tight little community who actively join vc's and occasionally have big chats in text ☆ There is a big British group here ☆ In server currency with lottery and gambling ☆ Counting channel ☆ Family bots ☆ Pokemon ☆ Akinator ☆ Occasional Big group events ☆ lots of mini events including cards against humanity, and watching movies on rabbit ☆
Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as weekly Movie Nights or our own unique event called Movie Gorge

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
A close community on the web to share your own personal passions, watch some movies together, and share original art, writing, and photography.
Want new friends!? Join us. we have self assigning roles, Pokemon bot, Games, memes, music, Even Movie Night. You name it. server is a lil unorganized but its still being worked on Week.
Based on the facebook group.
All homeschool kids and teens are welcome to chat, VC, play games, and just hang out.

Our server is fairly active but we're always looking for new homeschool kids to join!
Hello and welcome to Wulfyh's server!
- Gaming, Art, Movie, Roleplay and Minecraft Channel
- Tons of Voice chats
- Respectful Admin/Mods
- Bots
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
This is a server we’re you can talk to other Star Wars fans about the movies game with a small roleplay section for people that would like to do that.You can choose out of 7 different factions you can join each with a private chat.The real biggest Star Wars server where roleplay isn’t the big priority
Daisy's Mausoleum ♡

Make friends, catch waifus, gamble with bacon~

》Waifúcord - collect all the waifus and be the envy of all the other weebs!
》Gambling - collect bacon drops and visit the bacon casino!

》Self Roles - (Also game specific roles, to be notified when someone is playing a game!)
》Spooky XP System - level up and eventually gain a private VC and personal text channel.

》Advertisement channel - show us what you've got!
》Live Twitch notifications - gain new followers interested in your streams.
This server is for people who loves anime, Casual play of games, Mostly League of legends and Minecraft. I'm on every night with my community, just rambling on about different topics from relationship advice to talking about anime. If you want to join a small but active community then we are here for you. I want to start an anime night where we do a poll and we watch a fairly short anime and then move on to another one. We also LOVE music over here, we listen to all kinds of music and are always looking for new music to listen to. If any of these things interest you, we are a very welcoming community so please don't be shy and come join the conversation! <3