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A fun hangout community which is a mix of everything, Made with the sole purpose of bringing you a better social experience. High-Quality roleplay rooms and events included too.
16 minutes ago
[16+] A chill community that has a variety of different people in here. From music fans to gamers to anime fans, we have it all. Memes/Giveaways/Movie Nights/Ranks/Casino/Gaming Sessions. Come and check us out!
25 minutes ago
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
28 minutes ago
420/Gamer/Movie/Social/LGBTQ+ Friendly Community
Best Social Marijuana server geared at developing a LIT but non-hostile environment for the community!
Weed, Cannabis, THC- Lovers
46 minutes ago
Welcome to my new server :D looking for members and people to help me mod the server. Send me a message with an application to me via DM if you're interested in a mod role. Here you can casually chat with others, find people that play the same games as you, and share media such as videos, music, and photos. We do have a NSFW channel, use at your own discretion. English only please. Hope to see you there.
50 minutes ago
Chilling community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
1 hours ago
Community 46
For twenty-somethings on the verge of a breakdown. Good eggs only. 18+ (SFW)
10 hours ago
Chill space with friendly, level-headed people. Fresh new community trying to get started and find like-minded folks to just hang out or do whatever you want. Anyone is welcome :)
20 hours ago
Welcome to the Official DC Comics RolePlay server! Here, you can become your favourite DC heroes, villains etc. of any choice. Here are the many things we offer on the server, and things you can do:
- A story driven Roleplay completely of your choice. Interact with others, or just do your thing by doing Solo RP posts.
- Getting bored of RP? Well, you can hang out and express yourself by hanging out in other chats where you can talk about games, movies and even paste some fan-art.

Be fearless of trolls, bullies etc. as we are a bully-free zone, and we are strictly against anything that is offensive, rude or abusive. So what are you waiting for? Join today and come apart of something extravagant! Happy RolePlaying!
20 hours ago
Community 25
Small voice chat server with an expanding community
-18+ maturity server
-We host movie and game nights
-Use the voice chat rooms regularly
-Although small we are an inclusive and friendly community
-We play all different types of games.
-No drama or trolls tolerated.Come join us and say hey! Voice chat usually more active at night.
See you there :) <3
23 hours ago
Community 20
Come Join Nice friendly place to come relax anyone's welcome and most things can be discussed
2 days ago
Do you like to chill out with like-minded people watching movies and listening to few tunes? Then this is the server for you! No topics are left untouched (SFW). A strictly 16+ and LGBTQ friendly server! We have movie nights almost every day, book club and many more fun events! Join us!
2 days ago
A great place for Movie and TV show recommendations and discussions.
2 days ago
we are a gaming community that hold comps and events, please come check us out you may like it
2 days ago
Come join the Founders' Fellowship, a friendly server for anyone to have fun(albeit cancerous) conversations, share memes, watch voter picked movies, and make friends! Our custom bot Shub Niggurath is our overlord(overlady?) and we are her young. By joining you pledge obedience to her, forever.
2 days ago
Anime and Manga 37
Welcome to Anime Buddies!

We are a modest anime based community looking to share interests amongst fellow anime lovers old and new.

We talk about both anime and non anime related topics.

Everyone is welcome and you will enjoy your stay
8 days ago
A discord server made for the popular Star Wars Fans of EU facebook page. this server is focused on the Star Wars expanded universe and related
10 days ago
Join us at Cinephiles
We are a new server based on film and TV
If you love to sit around all day watching great films, then join us
11 days ago
Movies 5
A new community created by GamingBanana8 (Banana on the server) for Star Wars fans to share their love for Star Wars. A place where everybody happily can talk about Star Wars and also some off-topic stuff. With fun additional features like bots, a variety of chats, nice staff and the Force.
12 days ago
An ever-growing group of people from all over the world who play games together, share memes, talk about the world and generally just have a good time. We have some custom and unique bots for music, shit-posting and more. We also run our own game servers and are always open to hosting more.

> Self-assignable colour roles
> Staff-assignable personality trait roles
> A well-organised server layout
> Channels for memes, science & math, technology, NSFW content and movies, TV & music!
> Creative self-promotion opportunities (coming soon!)
> A diverse group of members - always someone to talk to or play with
> Friendly, fair and reliable staff
> Democratic voting for server and community changes
> Private, self-hosted game servers
> Self-hosted, unique and exclusive bots
And much more!

Want more info?

Why not join us? We could be exactly what you're looking for. If you don't try you'll never know!

Note that this server isn't for the easily-offended. We swear and insult each other playfully, but persistent bullying is kept to a minimum thanks to our dedicated staff members.
16 days ago
All Games 8
A new friendly community. Anyone is welcome!
20 days ago
Community 14
Vice City is a Chill Community Server for anyone that would like to make new friends. We have a friendly community and have nsfw chats, roles and many many more fun commands ! Join now :)
21 days ago
All Games 4
Just a place to hang out. Everything is aloud as long as it isn't illegal. Anything that is innapropriate must stay in the nsfw work chats.
24 days ago