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This is a PG Sword Art Online Original Character Only Roleplaying server! There are lots of fun events and channels to explore! Character your own SAO character.
We Offer:
-Friendly Community
-All of the known Floors of Aincrad and More!
-A lot of events planned
16+, well moderated, friendly Original Character and world building literature/art community with a no-bullshit tolerance. LGBTIA+ inclusive, many hobby channels.
The planet Crucible was being colonized by both the forces of both Yellow and Blue Diamond when news of Pink Diamond's shattering came in—and moments later, all off-planet communications went dead. Both sides suspected each other of foul play and gem turned on gem. Gems are forced to join the Yellows or the Blues, or to defect altogether. Join our growing community to decide the fate of Crucible!
RPers United is an open and welcoming community that invites people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests to RP together in a safe place. My and Cece's goal is to create a group that will work comfortably regardless of if we wind up with 5 members or 500.
With great power, comes great responsibility.

Welcome one and all to a Spider-Verse OC server, where your universes will collide and the gates of multidimensional Spider-Person hell will find a way to drag you in. Take up a place as a Spider-Person, symbiote, host, villain, or accomplice in a universe of your choosing. So long as they're an OC, we're excited to welcome you into our hub of several dimensions.

In simpler terms, we are a server for original characters which can fit into a universe akin to the one from Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse, wherein the worlds of different versions of Spider-man collide. We welcome OCs which can fit into this world, and we do not restrict to only Spider-man themed heroes! This is a roleplay based server, so please be prepared for interactions between characters through in character texting, social medias, and RP.

Feel free to swing by, hope to see you in!
In 1954, the city of Arkton had been compromised by extremely anomalous creatures who were far from human. These creatures—from varying species, races, appearances, and vast origins— were causing destruction to the city. Until then were they no longer just in Arkton, but had spread all over the state, Belham.
This was seen as a threat to the national government that the containment or termination of these anomalies was ordered. Most were contained, but for others, they still linger. The state was restored to it’s original condition, but has no longer been recognized as an official state of America.
The public soon forgot about all this and Belham was inhabited again with people. But the supernatural entities there are still there, but have found ways to blend in with the humans. Some of them, however, haven’t.
Arkton has been monitored closely for the past few years, but after only some containment’s, all monitoring of this area have stopped.
Arkton is one of the safe havens that these creatures reside in, but the threat of humans is still imminent. It is the biggest city in the state, while also being the capital. It’s on the edge of America, and forest surrounds and isolated it from most of it’s surrounding cities.
Base lore that may be changed in the future. Hope you liked how this turned out. Just a concept I had to get out there before an forgot.
There are many things to do in Arkton! We have:
-Music Channels
-Various Game Channels
-Discussion Channels
-Art/Writing Channels
-Chance to create characters for various occupations, species, etc.
-And more!
Just come have fun.
OCs from all dimensions come here to explore and find new dimension to travel with a partner☆
Welcome to the world of humans and aviare.

Humans are the majority — the species that appeared long before the oddities that are aviare. They’re entirely normal and have no discrimination amongst their race — or against it.

Aviare, on the other hand, are the minority. There are maybe two or three hundred thousand of them in the world, which is nothing in comparison to the entire population. They are often hated and society generally looks down upon them.
welcome to a bakery themed server to talk about your original characters and perhaps roleplay! share your wonderful art, writing, stories, whatever you want! to quote one of the members there, ' come befriend us, we're lit '. fandom ocs are allowed as well and all ages welcome! feel free to join the bakery, we don't bite! :]
This is a role play server based around the My hero acedemia anime/ manga and it takes place after the events in the series and it uses original characters. It is brand new so come on and join the fun!
Welcome to the Multiverse!
Introduce your character, and enjoy fun times with other various types of people!
We have:
- Various bots (Tatsumaki, OwO Bot, Mantaro, NekoBot, etc.)
- Voice channels,
- Various roleplay channels,
- And more!

What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

(This server is for fun - as stated - and not everything that people say here is meant to be taken seriously unless we say it's serious or act as if it is.)
Welcome to the Bleach: A New Beginning roleplay server! This roleplay is set 110 years after the fall of Ywach and the quinces. Currently a new threat has arose to try and topple the Soul Society, She is the supreme hollow, and her three supreme Espada. We encourage you to make your own OC to interact with the world we have crafted, but also feel free to claim any non-taken canon characters as well! This server is a soft reset of a server that the mods ran before, and thus some of their OC’s have been carried over.
Welcome to my server! This is a server relating to Marvel and DC. In order to apply for a character, you must follow our format. Once accepted, you will receive your roles for your character. Once we accept you, you must post your character's age in #age and suit in #suit. Your character's face will go in #faceclaim.
This is a server where alot of the cartoons and shows have came together in one world, you can can make an oc or take a canon character ( that isn't already taken ). So come join us and have fun :D ( NO NSFW ALLOWED )
In a world were supernaturals must hide their existence from humans, more and more unexplainable things have been occurring, threatening to expose the supernatural population forever. Supernaturals from far and wide have come to the city of Red Point to investigate these unnatural events, will you join the investigation to see what's happening below the surface of this city?

This server has:
°Friendly staff
°Original characters
°And interesting lore
This is a rp server about original characters. we are always happy to accept new people , we also allow characters from genre's like dc and attack on titan . we have erp rooms for certain people who enjoy that.
NLR | School of the gifted rp is a rp where you arrive as a student and start your school adventure. with teachers teaching classes and students messing around your welcome to join in the fun ( original characters and characters are allowed)
Hey there! This is Ashburne University, a roleplaying server with a great amount of focus placed on literacy. Here, the setting is a mountain-shrouded Oregon town in the US., near another town off the coast. I'd be so happy to see this server gain a caring, creative community with diverse and beautiful OCs.
(Admin is LGBT+! So know we GREATLY encourage other LGBT people confident in their writing both gramatically and creatively to join this server!)
This roleplay server is an original take on the events and lore of Attack on Titan. The story and characters are developed with manga spoilers in mind, yet allow for an exciting take on the events and universe we know. Sound like something that might float your fancy? Check out our server for more information.
Welcome new huntsman/huntwomen to Remnant's Finest! we are a server that wants to develope an interesting story which (mostly) keeps to the main storyline, you can use an O.C or Main Character, make a team at either Atlas Or Beacon with other roleplayers and over all have fun, we even have an NSFW channel and we even allow some ERP every now and then😉

Custom events, Fan made factions, altered academies, and much more is possible here. We even have quite a few bots like NekoBot, Rythm, Dyno and Mee6. We simply want decent roleplayers and nice people who are fans of RWBY, if you fit the description than drop on by, We'll be glad to have you here!
🏮Welcome to Lumina!🏮

We're just a decently sized roleplay server with about 100 members, we're still relatively new and growing. We're looking for more members and staff, some of the things we offer;

🍁84 roleplay channels (12 Regions, 2 Continents)
🍁Custom Lore (Still WIP)
🍁Up to 6 OCs
🍁NSFW (Daily hentai)
🍁Friendly Staff + Members
🍁Leveling System
🍁Custom Emojis
🍁Custom Roles
“Welcome Students, to Arcadia Academy. A school built on the foundations that humans and the supernatural alike can coexist in harmony and without fear. A place built on the the idea that unity between all races is fair and equal. All students are welcome here at Arcadia Academy, a boarding school that I, Alistair Othello Arcadia built from my two hands and have watched, form several centuries rise, and fall. Here at Arcadia, you are not just getting a great education but you will be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. When you’re at Arcadia, you are in a place where everyone can be made to feel welcome and we hope that when you come here, you find more than just the answers to any questions that you may have.

Arcadia takes pride in the accommodations that we make for many of the students. Have no fear in having to go hungry from thirst of blood or being afraid that you will succumb to the call of the moon. Our diverse staff are trained to not just educate you, but to help you learn more about yourself and the other students around you. When you are at Arcadia, you are in a place that is more than just learning. When you are at Arcadia you are in a place that will become a second home. My hope as headmaster isn’t just that you will take something away from here, but that you will know that at Arcadia you are safe and remember, ex cinere, et fortis resurgemus!”

- Headmaster Arcadia
A server where you go and be part of MHA. You can have your own quirk and look. You can be a Student, Teacher, Hero, or a Villian! Come join and roleplay with us!