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Ah! Welcome to DanganRonpa (Peaceful RP) a roleplay server where you can play as canon characters from the series or your own original character! Here in the DanganRonpa Peaceful RP it's much like danganronpa except no killing! We hang out, make bonds with our fellow students and even have some super fun events that happen! for example on halloween everyone got turned into a halloween themed monster/character/creature/etc! We hope to make your visit here welcome and satifactory! We hope to see you there! ^^
...Beginning Transmission...
...Information about Galaxy at War loading...
Galaxy at War is a Star Wars Roleplay server that I just started up, it is a mix of Star Wars Canon and Legends. You can be anything you want in this server, with some exceptions.
From a Wookie to an Ewok, and a simple Civilian to the best Imperial Admiral you've ever seen!
Come, fight in the Galaxy!
This is where your adventure starts!
...Ending transmission...
Welcome to the Hexa-Diamond Authority!

Homeworld, in an alternate timeline. The first was Gray Diamond. Fair, just, and thoroughly unbiased, he found the planet would be wasted were it not populated. So, he began to create more gems like himself with the resources from the planet. The population grew, as expected, and he began to find difficulty in taking time between his duties and managing the courts. So, he decided to create more Diamonds. The first, one collected from a far off planet, ETP-43, called Earth by the locals, and the Diamond, called Hope. Trapped within its necklace, and taking too long to form, he created others, finally stopping at six. The first, Moon. The next, Raven. The third, Red. In this time, Hope finally took form, before the final one, Orchid.

Feel free to join, create characters, roleplay and chat!
Homestuck/Hiveswap AU roleplay
This server is basically if the Condesce conquered both Alternia and Earth, and has placed transporters on both planets. Trolls can access Earth, Humans can access Alternia!
Everyone is welcome, just be respectful!
Kinnies welcome as well, but don't fight over kins.
We are a server for all allowed ages on Discord to show off their beautiful original characters. A small roleplay section included. You can advertise your socials,servers or services there too!! Although we are not an NSFW-server as a whole, we do have NSFW features. Enjoy your stay! Perhaps you may find new friends too.
A server where you go and be part of MHA. You can have your own quirk and look. You can be a Student, Teacher, Hero, or a Villian! Come join and roleplay with us!
This is a PG Sword Art Online Original Character Only Roleplaying server! There are lots of fun events and channels to explore! Character your own SAO character.
We Offer:
-Friendly Community
-All of the known Floors of Aincrad and More!
-A lot of events planned
Welcome to my third The Walking Dead Server. Here we offer story, plot, original characters, and a new start. This is a brand new server, but the owner is experienced and very excited to welcome everyone to the new adventure.

* Looking for staff :)
* Looking for characters

Join today! :D
Hello and welcome! This is a friendly little server that is welcoming to new people. We are looking for a few new members to spice things up. We have a mix of heavily story driven RPs and less plot heavy, just-for-fun rps. Come and join, we are lax and want to have fun.
Welcome to the Sonic universe!
Introduce your character, and enjoy fun times with other various types of people!
We have:
- Various bots (Tatsumaki, OwO Bot, Mantaro, NekoBot, etc.)
- Voice channels,
- Various roleplay channels,
- And more!

What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

(This server is for fun - as stated - and not everything that people say here is meant to be taken seriously unless we say it's serious or act as if it is.)
This is a RP server lmao!
Hearts Hospital is a place where most go to get healed or end up dead.
The hospital is set in a post-dystopian world, there is a government but less corrupt that what they had before. Due to the war to end it, the earth has become extremely polluted and a hell hole to live in. Doctors at the hospital either try their best or give no effort to help patients. Mutations and illnesses are more common where mutations can range from growing an extra arm to having supernatural being like tendencies. WARNING: Death is very common and some themes may be uncomfortable for some such as gore and surgeries.
🏮Welcome to Lumina!🏮

We're just a decently sized roleplay server with about 100 members, we're still relatively new and growing. We're looking for more members and staff, some of the things we offer;

🍁84 roleplay channels (12 Regions, 2 Continents)
🍁Custom Lore (Still WIP)
🍁Up to 6 OCs
🍁NSFW (Daily hentai)
🍁Friendly Staff + Members
🍁Leveling System
🍁Custom Emojis
🍁Custom Roles
16+, well moderated, friendly Original Character and world building literature/art community with a no-bullshit tolerance. LGBTIA+ inclusive, many hobby channels.
Hello! Do you have an OC who is a monster or supernatural entity? Do you have a demon/ghost hunter OC? An OC who is just downright creepy (murderers and the like)? Come on in for some roleplaying! We're all very friendly!

-If you're an actual child, go away.
-LGBTQ+ friendly!
-Have fun and be a kind person!
-Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes.
A comfortable place where you can talk about your characters, their stories, share your art, make OCs with others, start up RPs, and meet some new friends. 16+ only please.
16+ | Literate | Paragraph Style | May contain some dark themes. |

**Welcome to Grimm Hollow High!**

Grimm Hollow is an older public school for younger beings of supernatural descent. Tucked away in a corner of a dark forest, deep in the Appalachian mountains, the only way to find it is through enrollment and to already know it exists. as such, students are chosen carefully to make sure a human never finds out the school's location or existence.

While mobile devices are allowed in school, there is no cell service. as such, students have their own student chat set up to talk on.

Grimm Hollow is seeped in tradition and has many moonlit events as well as a small cultural festival. The town near Grimm Hollow, Simply named Sleepy Hollow, is of course also run by the same shady administration that runs the school and most if not all students live in this town or in the surrounding area. All students are expected to be well disguised at all times off campus.
Do you have One Piece OCs, but has nowhere to talk about them? Well, that's your lucky day then! This server is very very small still (If you want to be a mod or smth like that I'm totally in for that lol), but hopefully it will grow more someday!

- Keep in mind that this isn't a RP server!
- This is a SFW and LGBT+ friendly space!
- Self-inserts and OC X Canon pairings are more than welcome! No cringe culture allowed in here.
welcome to a bakery themed server to talk about your original characters and perhaps roleplay! share your wonderful art, writing, stories, whatever you want! to quote one of the members there, ' come befriend us, we're lit '. fandom ocs are allowed as well and all ages welcome! feel free to join the bakery, we don't bite! :]
Welcome to the world of humans and aviare.

Humans are the majority — the species that appeared long before the oddities that are aviare. They’re entirely normal and have no discrimination amongst their race — or against it.

Aviare, on the other hand, are the minority. There are maybe two or three hundred thousand of them in the world, which is nothing in comparison to the entire population. They are often hated and society generally looks down upon them.
The Character Empire is a group of OC fanatics that love sharing our OCs with one another and are looking for active members to join us! We share stories, art, memes, music, or just have general conversations. We have weekly events and daily Q&A that anyone can ask anything. We are very friendly people, and all are welcome.
welcome to the Oc Domain! (if you decide to join, that is)

If you're looking for a dinky server to share your Ocs, Art, Writing, roleplay and ideas with then id advise you to join, because
we have a channel for all of those things!
Also this is a very new and small server so all suggestions to improve it will be taken on!

Make friends, sned memes, mess with bots, share and get compliments for all of your creations, and get rad colourful
roles,, all in the Oc Domain!

Id love to see this server grow so i Hope to see you here xx

pls join-
Here is a place to show of your OCs, get to know other people’s OCs, and roleplay with your OCs a little too.

At the moment it’s only for the following fandoms...
Absolutely Fabulous
Alice In Wonderland
American Horror Story
A.P. Bio
A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Bates Motel
Big Little Lies
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Call The Midwife
Dark Shadows
Downton Abbey
Fantastic Beasts
Game Of Thrones
Grey's Anatomy
Harry Potter
Legends Of Tomorrow
Mamma Mia
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Orange Is The New Black
Peaky Blinders
Ronna & Beverly
Schitt’s Creek
The Magicians
The Parent Trap
The Umbrella Academy
Will & Grace
Xena Warrior Princess
13 Reasons Why
RPers United is an open and welcoming community that invites people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests to RP together in a safe place. My and Cece's goal is to create a group that will work comfortably regardless of if we wind up with 5 members or 500.