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Hey you! Yeah you! I'm talkin' to you alright! Now that I have your attention, We have a RWBY Dnd Server

Disclaimer: We hold no affiliation to the server Remnant: Distant Dawn

Here in the RWBY DnD/RP Server, we are based in 100 years from rwby cannon after the RWBY Story, fades from history. And now new stories have risen though the missions and roleplays done by our admins. We do not stay in 1 central kingdom but travel all throughout the world of remnant visiting each and every kingdom along with menagerie all according to the seasons.

Heres what we have to offer:
*Admins and Mods who are on constant server watch
*Fun and excitement waiting in every post
*Most important of all, Many Stories you can partake in!
*Four different playable races ranging from Humans, Faunus, Robotics, and Grimm
*A easy rwby based D&D book to follow and make your very own character for the roleplay and missions along with a beta book as well that has many different options on how to create a character each book has many types of creation types what kind you make is all up to you.
Want to give us a try? Heres the link! See you soon!
“RWBY: Silver Lining” is a RWBY RP that follows a lot of the main story, but with OC’s rather than the normal canon cast of characters. Join Beacon Academy, form teams, and prepare to combat against the Grimm!

Or, will you rather act on your own free will, and do whatever you please, even if that means taking down Huntsmen along the way?

There’s only one way to find out.

All are welcome!
This is rwby server. we have everything you can think of.
- shipping
and much more. we are going everyday and would love to have you.
We’re a server dedicated to RWBY, the “Anime” produced by Rooster Teeth. We’re one of the biggest RWBY communities on discord, and we’d love it if you would join us! We have:

An active, OC focused, AU RP!

Great mods!

It has been 100 years since the fall of Salem and the era of Team RWBY. Now, the four academies flourish along with their respective nations. Rights for Faunus are slowly making improvements, but most of them choose to stay in Menagerie if not at an academy. However, a dark force is moving across the lands of Remnant and hunters are disappearing without a trace. Join the forces of good to find and vanquish this force.
🔹After the defeat of Salem, all was well. Everything was peaceful and the time of peace has been restored following Beacon Academy being rebuilt. Beacon Academy was back and most definitely better them ever. Everyone thought this period of peace would never end. Well, we have a story for you. Even though discrimination against that Faunus has somewhat been thwarted, a new group arises called the Tainted Fang. This group of Faunus’ have figured out a way of mixing Faunus DNA, as well as Grimm DNA to make some sort of Faunus-Grimm Hybrid. With this new technology, The Tainted Fang start to build a army of these Hybrids in hopes to continue Adam Taurus’ legacy and ideals. Where do you fall in this world of RWBY.
🔹Hello there! I would like to inform you about this NEW RWBY rp! You will be able to make your own student character, or make a member of the Tainted Fang, or you can be a Huntsman/Huntress.
🔹Make your own team or join another’s. Meet people and have fun!
Welcome to RWBY: Another Adventure Begins! This is a brand new server made mainly for semi-lit/lit RPers that takes place right after the Breach, when Vale is beginning to recover from the attack of the Grimm. It's now leading up to the Vytal Festival as students and huntsmen alike gather to witness or participate in the biennial event that is the Vytal Festival Tournament, as new bonds will be formed, new rivalries will be sparked, and as new players step up to the plate. Feel free to join, we can't wait to see you!
This roleplay takes place during the events of volume two of the RWBY series.
Hi! I am making my first Discord roleplay group it is a new RWBY roleplay server, it is in the beginning stages so if you would like to help out maybe check my server out. Currently we are in a pre-school phase meaning school has not started yet. So students will be roleplaying in vale until we get enough people to make a big beginning of school ceremony! We plan to add more event such as this in the future so I hope you will come alone for the ride. (Ps. we offer)
- Dedicated roleplayers
- Custom Emotes
- Events
- A stat system
So if you like RWBY and you wanna have a good time in a starting server come join us. :D
It's been three years since Team RWBY and Team JNR attempted to take the relic of knowledge to Atlas. Vale has been restored to it's former glory. Beacon academy is now open once more, under the control of Glynda Goodwitch in Ozpin's place of course. Since Vale has been restored Salem has been more upset than ever. With her new plan set into motion Salem is sending Emerald, Mercury, Watts, Hazel, and Tyrian to obtain the remaining relics, causing trouble for team RWBY and team JNR along the way. Will Team RWBY and JNR be able to stop Salem in time to get the relics or will the entire planet be wiped from existence?
Fragment is an up-and-coming sfw roleplay server with plenty of rp modes and scenarios to choose from! The primary thread at present is the canon timeline as of S6E13.

We're OC-friendly, but also have a number of canon roles still available (major team roles included!).

Feel free to pop in and say hi!
Imagine if one day your world that you once lived in was destroyed by a war against the many gods of the multiverse. As they clashed and fought for supremacy. They were not aware of the newer dangers of the multiverse were rising up after their war. Now Asgard the final refuge for the travelers of the multiverse and its defenders must fight to save their world. Will you join the fight? Or will you sit back and watch as your world descends into darkness?
A Pirate AU featuring the Canon Cast !!

A semi-lit Roleplay with Characters going fast !!
Join this take on the World of Remnant and its vast open seas , be a Pirate and join a Guild or join Atlas' Navy and arrest them !!

All that in more at : Remnant At Bay !!
Hello and welcome fellow RWBY and The Arcana Game friends to RWBY x Arcana FRNDS [Friends] RP server! This is an AU RP server where you can RP your Arcana/Other OCs in an alternate RWBY-based world, hence the RWBYxArcana AU.
We are an AU, post-Volume 3 RWBY roleplay. We are a play-by-post roleplay, also known as a forum roleplay, though we accept those who are new to forums. Set two years after the Fall of Beacon, we allow both canon and original characters, and also offer an expanded lore section that give further depth to the world of Remnant.
Sacred Maidens is a roleplay server based off of the popular show made by Rooster Teeth known as RWBY.

We are a non-canon server who only use our own OCs with a custom plot.

At times we even allow for our members to start their own plots depending on what they do which'll effect the server, as long as it is within reason of course.

We do not allow canon characters meaning you do not have to worry about Cinder Fall coming into the academy and slaughtering everyone
Hey, looking for a semi to advanced lit RWBY RP? Look no further! This RWBY RP is currently just starting out, and we'd love to have more people!
☆ A RWBY OC RP to make friends and roleplay with fellow RWBY fans in the midst of the Volume 6 Season ☆
This is a RWBY server where your actions determine how the story continues on, we do not have any canon characters, so you can creatively make your own.
This is an AU RWBY server with custom lore! We just started up recently and are looking for good role players who enjoy RWBY! If you are interested just pop in and check it out! Our staff will be able to help you out! Not interested? That's ok! You don't even need to RP, you can just stay here and discuss RWBY stuff with us or anything really, we aren't just a role play server, we are a community!
an Alternate universe far from the original . Tons of opurtunity to have fun and create strong characters. New right now please pop in to check it out
This is a RWBY RP where people can come in and have fun. We do allow for OCs. This RP starts at the beginning of Volume 3.