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Welcome to the nfl server! This is the server if you want

📢Latest Game Info
📢A nice community
📢People to talk too
📢Teams You want to boast about
📢Or just having a nice time

We update your favorite nfl teams stats for you, when you join you can choose your favorite team and everything will be covered.

So come on in and join!
A small, tight-knit community of NFL Fans. We have Team Roles, Second Team Roles, all 32 Teams as emotes (and a few extra), helpful and caring staff, NFL Pick Em, and more! If you like the NFL, this is the server to be in.
We are the epitome of etiquette, a group of higher beings sent here on a mission from God. If you want to better yourself and help others on their path to righteousness, c'mon down. 🔝
Arsenal FC Hub welcomes all fans of football, but especially Arsenal fans. We’re a fast growing server with plenty of discussion around Arsenal, the Premier League, European football, and all kinds of other topics. We have a pub style atmosphere so almost anything goes! Join us today!

• English speaking
• 500 members!
• Live matchday chat
• Links to live match streaming
• Levelling system
• Unlockable channels
• Regular polls
• Active and friendly staff team
• Music bot
A discord server for Chelsea fans! (fans of other clubs are welcome as long as they are respectful)

What do we have to offer?
-Great Staff
-A Friendly community
-Live scores, fixtures and transfers bot!
-Latest reddit and twitter posts
-All the latest breaking Chelsea News
-Live match discussion

Make sure to come join us!
Hello and welcome to World Football Discord! Here you can discuss all things football including your favourite players, teams, leagues etc. We will keep you up do date with the latest football news from around the world, including the latest transfer news, and scores from all the big games around the world. We also have events such as trivia, which player is better, qotd and even our own sim league. (optional roles if you would like to participate in the events.) If you have a question, suggestion, or anything like that, please DM an owner, admin, or moderator, or post it in the suggestions channel. We are also open to partnership.


The World Football Discord staff team.
Discord channel for all Manchester United fans worldwide. Discuss everything related to the club and share your valuable insights with our passionate community. We don't want to reveal everything here. We got a lot of surprises for you. :) Join now for your daily dose of Man Utd! Glory Glory Man United!
Hey we are a footballing (Soccer) based discord server, With people from all over the world.

We are looking to expand, so join us today and join our loving community <3
Looking for betters if you like to bet please join this server, of course, everyone else is welcome too. Want to revive the betting community for the new season!

A place where we discuss football everyone has an opinion on football and I would love to hear yours.

We all know you want to tell the world about how much you hate your manager for constantly getting the team selection and tactics wrong, others might not listen but we will.

Everyone is welcome, I would like a diverse range of people from different parts of the world to share knowledge about their leagues.

Betting included for those who are 18+ and are interested in sharing their betting tips!

Above all let's have a lot of fun together! ;) I look forward to seeing you!!

+ Exclusive global live-score updater!
+ Live feed of the latest transfers and football news around the world
+ Friendly staff
+ Events and polls
+ Greatest football server the world has ever seen
UPDATE: Added an Exclusive global live-score updater!
A world wide Premier League server for all football fans alike. This server is primarily English speaking but we are accepting of everyone! Rival fans, great banter, live scores and updated league tables are just a few of the things you'll find here alongside everyone's favourite bots. Come and join 600+ members in the best all-round football server discord has to offer!

Vem fazer parte da melhor e mais ativa comunidade dedicada a futebol nacional e não só, com várias pessoas de todos os clubes e regiões de Portugal e até mesmo de fora.
Caso gostes de futebol e do desporto em geral e procures algum sítio para falares com pessoas que partilham a mesma paixão que tu, junta-te a nós.
Não te vais arrepender, vem fazer parte da comunidade!

-> Torneios;
E muitas outras coisas que temos a certeza que irás gostar!
Hello! Welcome to a brand new sports server, NFL World! This server was made for NFL & Football fans in general who want to either have cozy conversations, or heated arguments about Football! Not only is this an NFL server, but this is also a great place to show off your best memes and play games with bots! We hope to see you there!
TPM Football is an online multiplayer football game, inspired by SWoS. Control one player on pitch, customize your appearance, create and join teams, play against others or with bots. You can also compete in leaderboards and leagues.

Join us and play with a great community!
An active and growing community of likeminded people interested in talking about football (soccer) games in a live chat environment. The server also covers other notable sporting events and also has an off topic section that includes gaming, tv and film and music.
A chill place to talk sports, loose moderation, plenty of people to talk with, and people there that are happy to talk about anything related to sports.
The official server for footballing stars. League and Cup already started, join today and be ready for season 2!
( PC / PS4 / XBOX / MOBILE ) ! ! !

*Facebook stranica :

Naš cilj je da PES Balkanska zajednica izgradi prijateljsku i opuštenu zajednicu. U PBC-u imamo svoje turnire sa pravim nagradama i prilagođenim podjelama kako bi vaše iskustvo bilo ugodnije!

Naša zajednica je vrlo bliska i svi koje ćete vidjeti su prijateljski nastrojeni. Konstantno dodajemo nove karakteristike našem serveru i upravljamo zejednicom kako želite. Imamo odličan sistem support-a tako da možete postavljati bilo kakva pitanja, tražiti pomoć ili slati ideje i dobiti ćete odgovor u roku od 24 sata! To je garancija. Sa našim višestrukim glasovnim ćaskanjem na našem Discord Serveru, pričati sa nekim i nije tako teško! Čak i ako ne igrate igre.

Mi smo prijateljska gomila i definitivno ćete stvoriti prijatelje za života!

Jedina zabavna, prijateljska i opuštena zajednica, izgrađena za vas!!!

- Nudimo vam povezivanje sa vašim prijateljima na svim platformama ( PC / PS4 / XBOX / MOBILE) !
- Svakodnevne vesti o PES-u direktno na nasem serveru !
- Posebne počasti na serveru !
- Partnerstvo !
- XP level rankovi !
- Invite level rankovi !
- Možete ostvariti nekoliko pozicija na serveru zasnovano na vašoj aktivnosti !
- Pogodnosti za one koji se bave livestream-om !
- Reklamiranje !
- Obaveštenja o vašim YT snimcima zasnovano na PES- u !
- Organizovanje turnira !
- Turniri za svaku od platformi !
- Giveaways !
- Uživo prenos tv utakmica !
- Zajedničko gledanje filmova i serija, u slobodno vreme !
- Tutorijali i kratki saveti !
- Radio 24/7 !
- Radio po vašoj želji !
- Zabavne igrice na serveru !
- Kanali sve strance !
- Kanali za vaše doživljaje iz PES - a !
- Korisni linkovi, pečevi za PES !
- Višestruki glasovni i tekstualni kanali sa svojom svrhom !
- Idealan Support sistem !
- Idealan Suggest sistem !
- Odeljak za regrutovanje igrača ili timova na određenim pozicijama !
- Privatni kanal skriven od svih drugih, i vi raspolažete sa njim !
- Kanali za opušteno druženje !
- Server emoji !
- Celukupno objašnjenje o kanalima, pozicija i serveru u globalu u kratkim crtama !
- Dobro društo koje je uvek tu za vas ! ! !

Upravljamo serverom zasnovano na vašim idejama koje nam možete preneti i za koji imamo odličan sistem!
Ukoliko te ideje budu u skladu sa našim pravilima i normama, rado ćemo ih prihvati. Žašto ne? :)

Još par sitnica, a u sve to se možete uveriti ukoliko nam se pridružite!
Active football server with a lot of unique channels/bots that you won't find anywhere else! We discuss mainly about football (obviously) but non-football related chats are also allowed.

We got our own custom made FIFA pack opening Bot, football tournaments that you can participate in, and a prediction league

Come and join! : )
Welcome To Top Eleven Football Manager 2019
This Server is Purely Based For Top eleven Managers That Like To Play Top Eleven, We Are Manager That Run It, Also Top Eleven Youtubers That Are Admin, We Help Each Other To Understand The Game And Become Better At The Game.
This is a server created for Neymar Jr. fans from different parts of world who love and support him to discuss about transfer rumors , upcoming matches , Neymar lifestyles , and to stay up to date with Neymar Jr and to connect with other Neymar fans , To make new friends and share opinions with eachother and get to know eachother . This is a community for Neymar Jr. fans .
All things Women's Football!

World Cup channels, role assignable flairs, full mod team!

Come and take a look at a growing community!
A Pacybits server with dedicated trading channels & special giveaways with chatting rooms and tips & help whenever required!