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Join here for an awesome up and coming NFL fan community! We are looking for new members and are open for suggestions.
Biggest Pacybits server! Join the unofficial Pacybits Trading discord! Nearly 3000 members active community and staff. Trade rooms for both iOS and Android, SBC solutions, Minigames(SBC Challenges and more) and daily giveaways!
Our server is just amazing. We sometimes have cuss battles we talk about games, sports and much more. Any age is allowed it isn't that deep great server come join us.
This server is ded please join especially if you like heavy metal games marvel comics and or football. I also have a youtube channel where i upload random crap once in a while.
A server primarily for Arsenal FC fans, but accepting of all as long as you're friendly! Mainly English and Americans inside, plenty of banter and good mates to hang around with. Music bot, stat tracking bots, and more. Come through! COYG
➡️ Welcome to our newly made AAF league on roblox! ⬅️

⚠️ The game is football universe on roblox, just so you will know the game ⚠️

🤩 We have moderation, auto roles, music, and voice chats to interact with your friends! 🤩

👌 Join today and help us grow! 👌

🔔 You can even apply for high rank such as moderator! 🔔
Discord channel for all Manchester United fans worldwide. Join our discussion on everything United and shoutout using voice chat during live games. Glory Glory Man United!
This is a Community for odds players
A server that you can stay updating and talk about football
This is a brand new server for the new football league the Alliance of American Football (AAF). If you are not very knowledgeable of this new league then this server will help you learn about the AAF. Come join us to learn, talk, make friends, and find stats! Our goal for this server is to be very active and have many members!
Welcome to NFL Fans!

Most of the current NFL servers are dead, so I started this one up!

• Self assignable roles

•Open staff positions possibly

• Anti-Raid verification system that's easy to verify!
This is a server where you can talk all about your favorite sports! Chat with people that like your same team, and argue with your rivals! Our main sports here are baseball, american football, basketball, and hockey. Also this is one of the best AND most secure sports servers around. Here at Gardy’s Sport’s Bar, you’ll never have to worry about toxic users either, as this is a 13+ server. We have many amazing features, like:

- Enjoy talking about your favorite sports!
- Rep your favorite sports team! (coming soon)
- Never worry about toxic users, as we will ban any toxic users
- Play around with bots!
- Advertise your social media pages!
- Find others with your same sports interests!
- Never worry abouts raids!
- And many more!

Gardy’s Sports Bar is a chill place to hang out and talk sports. What are you waiting for? Join today!
Join a team in the CPFL, a fun Document based league with lots of trading, free agents and more. Become a owner/head coach today and lead your team to the Superior Bowl today!
A Relatively New Server based on the show Inazuma Eleven in this RP Server.
Users can create their own Characters, Hissatsu Techniques, Teams and interact with other users in the Server through various RP’s and Chat rooms.
The ultimate Football Manager server. Over 4k members, plenty of cool things to do. A custom bot, exclusively made for our server and so much more!
Come join us and talk about football from college to the NFL! We also fun bots and other activities
Football Fifa Fanzone
:smile: - Friendly Staff!

:scroll: - An easy to use navigation guide incase you get lost!

:soccer: - Many League Roles!

:video_game: - FIFA Chats consisting of many modes including FIFA Mobile! Also console roles!

:tada: - Fun Giveaways!

:handshake: - Partnership Opportunities!

:question: - Question of the Day!

:exclamation: - Trivia!

:play_pause: - Youtube Updates!

:robot: - Fun Bots!

:family_mwgb: - A Fun and Friendly Community!
A place to discuss anything about the New England Patriots! Meet new people who are also fans of the team!
Serveur autour des sports collectifs
Evènements ; Conseils ; Rencontres
Prvi ikada Discord server o Crvenoj zvezdi i Delijama! Ovde možete naći sobe o koreografijama, navijačima, utakmicama, navijačkim pesmama, rezultatima fudbalskog i košarkaškog kluba! Uđite u prvi i jedini server o Crvenoj zvezdi ako bar malo volite Zvezdu!
We are a football server with many different channels friendly staff and welcome everyone we talk mostly about American football as you can see in the title but we welcome everyone I hope you enjoy your stay here
Looking for a last minute fantasy football league to join? It's your lucky day!

League Settings:
Half Point PPR Scoring
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K
Keeper League, allowing 3 players kept yearly. These players will take up your first, second, and third picks respectively. Keepers are not required. Continiuous Free Agent Auction.