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Association Football. A server dedicated to news and discussion about the beautiful sport.
39 minutes ago
Calm mods and chill community where we talk about things, mostly football/soccer or FIFA but we talk about other things; sometimes involving music, other games, and life in general, join now to have a cool and amazing time in this great server!!
14 hours ago
The ultimate Football Manager server. Over 4k members, plenty of cool things to do. A custom bot, exclusively made for our server and so much more!
2 days ago
#1 NFL server with role and news channel for every team. Live gameday channel for every game with play-by-play, stats and scoring updates. Chat with fellow fans as games unfold!
6 days ago
Fans can join and chat with other fans about their favorite teams. Each fan is assigned a role that fits the team they support.
6 days ago
FM Lounge is a brand new discord that focuses on football manager and football related topics. Feel free to join in and have fun. We also have channels for other purposes if you want and we regularly host events. Join the fun now.
8 days ago
Delivering the world of Football. The ultimate football discord with over 1,000 members.
9 days ago
Here we have a discord server with no pride.

Come and Voice Chat, Regular Chat and meet our members. We're looking to increase our members to 50!

A lot of us like Russel Brand, Nationstates and Football, and when I say us, I mean me.

Milao Ellinika, opote boro na voithiso me anglika (the Greek setting looks weird)
16 days ago
Now that the World Cup is over. The server is now converting into a general soccer server which includes Premier League, La liga, Serie A, MLS, Champions league, Europa league and more fun!
34 days ago
Delivering the world of Football. The ultimate football discord with over 1,000 members.
38 days ago
Just a server about different things. All are welcome. Quizzes and bots included. Topics include football and gaming. Feel free to discuss about these things and more.
60 days ago
Hello! Have you been looking for a football/soccer discord server? Here it is! This is a football server that keeps you updated at all times, COME AND JOIN THE FUN!
87 days ago
Ein Server zum Austausch über den internationalen Fußball. Überzeuge Dich über Genaueres doch selbst. :)
135 days ago
Top Bets - Betting Community

- Accumulators, High Return & Low Risk

- Ranks +

- Active Staff


143 days ago
German unofficial discord channel for all fans of the german football club FC SCHALKE 04
152 days ago
A place to discuss anything about the New England Patriots! Meet new people who are also fans of the team!
This Server is dedicated towards providing a great community for fans of the United Soccer League in America.

If you are curious about the league or are a fan feel free to join.