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Welcome to Yukuyani High School! We're a small but promising server that welcomes everyone with open arms.

• Roleplay!

• Meet new people!

• Play with Bots!
In this world you are the protagonist of your own Pokémon Adventure. You'll explore all of the regions and meet new friends and battle new rivals.
13+ Mature semi-advanced+ large friendly & open server

:|: Welcome to Central Europe :|:
To ancient forests, old cities, open moors, crystal rivers, snow topped mountains and wild seasides. Where everything is challenging your right to survival. Can you survival and thrive?

(o) Four main clans - Timberclan, Breezeclan, Nightclan and Streamclan
(o) Two Tribes fighting over the modern and ancient ways - Tribe of Warm Sunlight & Tribe of Broken Antler
(o) A Deadly rouge group out for blood - The Blood Tusks
(o) Two kitty pet groups of very different sides of the fence - The Racers & The Royalists
(o) More to groups to come as well as being able to create your own

Where will your story lead you? What challenges will you face? Can you survive and thrive? Find out in Forever Starlight!
A marvel roleplay server where canon characters are allowed. Server is quite new so a lot of a canon characters are open.
Are you a Filipino interested in a roleplay server with magic? Inspired by Harry Potter, SIONIL MONTESSORI OF MAGECRAFT AND SCIENCE is an original roleplay server about a magic school set in the Philippines, much like Hogwarts or Ilvermorny. We only accept OCs! Here's the extended intro for our server:

Here in the glorious modern era of Philippines, unlike Western magic schools such as Hogwarts and Ilvermorny, normal Filipinos (called matino) and Wizards coexist in harmony. The Philippines has always been quite superstitious and believed in the existence of nuno, aswang, multo, and concepts such as bulong, pagpag, and usog. To be frank, Filipino matino people wouldn’t be ignorant about that stuff.

As such, the Wizards' Conference of the Philippines did not need to worry about matino people discovering them. And thus, Sionil Montessori was founded. Only wizards could enter and study, but normal people can look at its majestic gates.
If your into big rps , this a type of server for you. Read more down below

This is a wastlantic rp, you get a choice of being whatever animal you want to be. You can go on many trips and adventures, there is more to be found out in the server !

Please be 14 years or older.
Operation Hollow Point is an operation that was in order after the Japanese Government started to witness children being born with supernatural powers. These students were carefully watched until high school. Shortly after moving into high the school, the operation begins. They are renovated to dorms under government watch and begin attending high school there with other supernatural students. After the first introduction, they are gifted contacts that help expand their supernatural being. The operations is to place students as elite soldiers to help protect their homeland. How will your story pan out?

*Super nice people to RP with
*Accepting community
*Fairly new so anyone is welcome
*Suggestions to the story is welcomed
*Active RP'ers currently
*Custom Story
This server is a RP server for all things Marvel. Any universe's characters are welcome, and OC's are welcome if approved by the owner. We hope you join!
An apocalypse (no fantasy!) based rp server with a friendly welcome and plenty of room for people to join
Sankofa (noun.) (phrase.)
Go back and fetch it.
“We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward — so we understand why and how we became who we are today.”

Sankofa is a brand new Lion King roleplay server set three generations after the reign of Kiara.

There are currently 2 joinable prides aside from the Pridelanders! The Skylanders reside on and rule over a chunk of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Icelanders inhabit a spacious wintry region. There are additional species you can play as, as well! Like hyenas, jackals, and leopards!

Several high rank positions are still available for those who’re interested.
Welcome to New Lexizona! In a modified 1860 setting, the Wild West is truly a wild place; with a multitude of monsters, ghosts, and magic to give it its name. Play as a westerner -- a human, a witch, or choose from a list of different monsters and species -- and embrace a new era of crime, corruption, and adventures of epic proportions.

What Can I Play As?

Humans - Humans are normal beings with no special powers.
Witches - Humans with special powers, as they are born with a connection to the earth and their surroundings.
Skeletons - Revived humans without flesh and bone, but plenty of personality
Spirits - Ghosts of those who have died long ago
Werewolves/cougars/etc- Half humans or half witches that turn into animals upon nightfall (or the other way around)
And More!

Make a gang! Join a gang! Rob some mansions! Hunt some monsters! Drink beer! Ride a horse, even!

We're looking for around 19 members to start, and MOD POSITIONS ARE OPEN!
we are a server about well making our nation the most superior. you are welcome to join and talk to your fellow comrades and see our ever changing server!

On this server, you will be able to create your very own character in the world of Dishonored!

Choose to be a wielder of the Void's powers, a member of the sworn protectors of the precious Dunwall Tower, or a member of a gang that seeks to destroy all things related to evil! Or be a civilian...

We have custom user-crafted Gangs, Cults, and Groups. All of which are unique and have a different goal in the world!

With plenty of locations to roleplay in, you may have however many character you'd like to make in our detailed character creation templates to never get bored.

So what're you waiting for? Dishonored player or not, you'll love the world of Dishonored! And you'll especially love roleplaying in it!
Mostly what it says on the tin, we're a pretty calm server that's full of mha weebs who like to rp. Just make sure to read the blacklist, rules, make a intro and you should pretty much be set. +13 please though, no hard feelings! Sorry!
Hello, DISBOARD traveler! Let me tell you about a little server called The Age of the Dark.

This server takes place on the fictional island of the Demon's Perch, where people foolishly travel for rumors of a cure to a lurking plague, wish granting, etc. You are one of these people.

I cannot tell you anymore. You will need to look at it all yourself. Trust me when I say this... you will not regret joining this server.

an steven universe rp server, you can rp as cannon homeworld gems or ocs! enjoy your stay if you join this server.
Kismet Institute

This is a newly established RP server with a plethora of things to do which include:
1. Creating a unique supernatural character with a wide variety of choices and powers.
2. Committed staff who are welcoming and helpful
3. Build relationships with fellow characters
4. Become the hero of your own story with creative plots and DM’s to run exciting encounters
5. A wide variety of channels to rp in along with social media apps!
6. Chance to become a long term member with new seasons and adventures
7. And much much more!

What is Kismet Institute
Kismet Institute is home to supernatural beings and their new found identity located in the secluded mountains of Colorado. When you first enter the Institute, you will have been transported here by the Bureau of Supernatural Beings or the BSB. Once enrolled in Kismet Institute, you will then learn to control your abilities in all their glory, while remaining anonymous to the outside, human world.
Are you looking for a fun, active and organized RP server with a good story? Do you have what it takes to write a good story? Am I asking to many questions? Ha!

Welcome to Ultimate Hero Academia, A BNHA/MHA Roleplay Server where our beloved main characters our actually dead 😱

Don't believe me? Why don't you come find out for yourself? With a click of this link, an ever interesting server will warmly greet you to your welcome.

*clears throat*

I run a roleplay server that is normally fairly active, and all I want is to make It bigger. We are accepting to everyone no matter race, orientation, gender,etc. I try to run things as smoothly as possible. And we always have opportunities to move up the ranks.

Please consider joining my fun roleplaying server. And if you do join, I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you and good day/evening/night/morning.
Welcome to Danganronpa: Winter Carnage!

This Killing Game takes place 7 years after the events of Danganronpa 3, the world has settled down into a more peaceful and tranquil era after the tragedy that happened so many years ago, that at this point it is practically a myth. People are thriving in the New Hope of this world, nothing could possibly plunge the world into despair once more.... at least, not that the people know of. Something else is stirring up amongst the shadows, another threat with a greedy desire, or is there something more to it? Who knows, though nothing burns more than the winter cold correct? Set in the freezing Norwegian soil, the Ultimates will definitely be feeling a chill up their spines, heh see what I did there? Any who, will the Ultimates be able to survive in this apocalyptic winter nightmare, they will be scavenging for survive with a load of heartbreak and backstabbing to go along with it, who will truly be your friends, and who will simply be your moral enemy in this battle of fates. Now, every choice you make will determine a different outcome for the future of yourself and all those around you, the differences between 'Right and Wrong' are always the hardest to tell under the pressure of possible death and suffering. We'll see how long that sanity lasts for you...
Hey y'all
This is a SFW server with a small community, and we're trying to grow the amount of members we have!
We support furries and rp anything, including undertale!
We're looking for roleplayers and staff, so come join!
***Black Clover: Renewal

Years after the Wizard King had died, amazing funerals were held for such a lost of course, the spot for Wizard King was open to any Strong being. A king was truly needed at that time, since the Diamond Kingdom took this as a chance to declare war on the Clover Kingdom. Magic Knight exams became a monthly activity and every thing was in havoc, though one person outshined all of the Knights, this person had taken the new and well deserved spot of Wizard King. Life continued normally, as the people waited anxiously for the Diamond Kingdom to do its first move.***
Just an RP server based on Barotrauma
This server is set in a futuristic Era where aliens known as kaiju inhabit the earth alongside humankind. They aren't here to live peace nor are the humans willing to share their land with alien beasts. You take up arms in your, mech and help blast some alien hide or join the enemy and become a kaiju rider with a hatred for humanity. Just a warning there are erp chat bars