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A group of people form around the Multiverse are send to a tiny island in a Ocean planet, these people Are You, the Players, stuck on a weird island full of mystery and games, Lead my the mysterious creature self claimed "The Game Master". Will you survive and escape the isle? Or stay for Eternity?
At the start of 2020, the world entered a cold war, with countries becoming more and more isolated from one another.
After around a month, Canada unofficially declared war on the USA, sending a nuclear bomb into Washington D.C.
They shot it down of course, but this caused war all over the planet. One country after another, fighting to the death. Then..... a bomb hit a certain center in Britain. Apparently they had been developing some sort of enhancer for soldiers, but it wasn’t working. This enhancer killed the subject. (and reanimated it) While they gained resistance and speed, they were no longer human. This destroyed the nations, as it was spread through skin to skin contact. This leads to Redville, a town in the USA not hit by the nuclear bombs, but radiated none-the-less. This year is 2045, the Infested roam the streets. Will you survive? Or die trying...
Gran Hyrulia Historia is a 18+ Legend of Zelda RolePlay Server.
It is loosely based around the Hyrule Warriors game. The Soulgate is messed up and has pulled in various areas and characters from different games, and now are available for exploration and interaction.
We do allow Original Characters and AU variations of canon characters.
In a world ravaged by Demons and Spirits, someone needs to protect the innocent people, right?
And that's where we come in...Ghost Hunters! Slaying and bashing demons and spirits back to where ever the hell they came from. Join us in our endless endeavor.
No man or woman born, coward or brave, can shun his destiny.
- Homer’s The Iliad

Upon one’s eighteenth birthday, children of the ancient deities of Greece are bestowed a gift from their godly parent and sent to a hidden training camp nestled outside of Musutafu, Japan. Here, they are trained in divine combat, where they learn to harness their new gift, called quirks, and here, they will build friendships, allies, and enemies. These campers are the next generation of demi-gods, those disciplined in keeping peace amongst the gods and mortals, and the actions the portray here could very well be what fates their future.

Welcome to Camp Quirk. Will you follow the honor code of your parent? Or are you willing to create your own destiny?

(18+ Server)
This is "the World" server. A community with people all around the world. We discuss everything and if there is a debate, we go to the #debates channel. We have self-assignable roles about regions and politics. Here we have a countryball role-play and even a normal role-play on a post apocalyptic world. We also have battle simulators. New role-play ideas will soon be added.
The world was made by God's and Goddesses, and believe it or not, it was in one piece. It was whole. There was a man who had equivalent power to the God's and Goddesses. His name was the Rajul, or as most known him, the Shadow Lord. The God's and Goddesses made their own species for good[Witches, Werewolves, Nekos, Humans, Angels, Fallen Angels, etc] and to fight the evil, whilst the Rajul/Shadow Lord made his own species[Shadow Knights, Demons, Ghosts, Grimms, Shape-Shifters, Hybrids, etc] to do his bidding, and help him over power the world. This silent hate went on for some time, until the Shadow Lord/Rajul sent his minions to attack the main world....

It was bloodshed. The God's and Goddesses won, but not without many of their creations getting killed/destroyed. They sealed the Shadow Lord in The Nether, along with the minions whom were loyal to him. The ones who won't loyal, or/and were pretending not to be, were able to live in the world in peace. After the war, people all had different opinions and new perceptions on life, so the God's and Goddesses made a deal; they'd split the world into 5 kingdoms, and each God and Goddess would put their powers into a relic, and seal the relic somewhere deep into the kingdoms, while they went into enternal slumber...

It has been 63 centuries ever since then. Spies of the Shadow Lord have secertly made a Nether portal where people can leave and enter the Nether and spread them in many secert locations across the 5 kingdoms. Now, what will happen with no God's or Goddesses to help, and powerful evil lurking, just waiting for it's chance to strike?
This is a rp server based around special powers given to you by what are called “seeds of chaos and power” your goal in this world is to survive the onslaught brought upon the world because of these powers. Monsters and Humans alike have these powers and it doesn’t matter if you’re good or evil, the powers are given randomly without discrimination so will you rise up to the task and protect the world or will you seek to dominate it.
Welcome to the world of Novisaela, where classes and races are based off of final fantasy XIV. Some classes are from the older games along with some of the magics listed here as well.
This is an oc server though there are references of canon places mixed on in with the lore. You do NOT have to know much about Final Fantasy to rp here, or you don't have to rp at all. Feel free to just lounge about and talk with each other.
There is no NSFW shared within the server, but we do allow relationships between two characters.
The staff here is definitely friendly, though please do expect some jokes here and there. Other than the jokes, the staff are great people and i hope that you too can get along with the staff here.

Now then within the server we have: more than one race, many different job/classes to pick from, we have stats (but you don't have to use them), lots of magic. 3 canon realms, 1 oc realm (Novisaela) that is divided up into 4 separate continents, and much more.
This server is 18 and older ONLY.
Want an RP server that isn't just centered around one specific plot? Well RPH is the place for you! We offer a variety of different group rps, including some with dedicated plots and themes, and some that are more casual. We also have a 1x1 recruitment room, a leveling system, and friendly community. Here at RPH, we don't discriminate against characters of all varieties, and welcome anyone. So come check us out and hang out awhile!
A dbh server for people to talk,roleplay, send memes, and all sorts of other stuff! While your here you can be sure that I and any other staff there are will make sure that you feel safe/comfortable on our server. If there are any problems while you are on my server just dm me and I'll speak with you about the problem and see if we can solve it
After Stars fall to the earth, crashing and burning the gathering. Streamclan is lost, no one knows where. They've disappeared into the shadows of the falling star's fire. Timberclan after spending months living in the Gathering Hollow due to a lightning storm burning their territory to nothing have just returned. New growth breaking through the ash but is it enough? And what are these creatures that lurk in Timberclan's shadow? Skystar of Nightclan has been kidnapped by the young banished leader Hickorystar and his band of ragtag warriors worshipping the Dark Forest. He plans to use Skystar's leader lives to give rise to Dark Forest once more. Can Wolffang and Coyotefern keep their clan together in their leader's absence? Breezeclan struggle with the loss of their great medicine cat; his apprentice mysteriously is pregnant to an unknown tom. Kestrelstar worries for the lost of Streamclan, his mind a mess of nightmares from his long-dead brother and mentor in Starclan that he is struggling to understand. The Tribe of Warm Sunlight recovering from their wounds and lost at the battle with the Blood Tusks now struggle to survive in their valley that is beginning to die around them. Deep in the darkness at the Tribe of Broken Antler's secret hideout, Stoneteller Black Thorn leads the cats into the mysterious tunnel filled with ancient cave paintings. Those who stepped into the black waters find themselves with broken fragments of memory from a time long ago when big cats ruled the deserts of shifting sands.

What stories lay in weight. What will become of Streamclan? What lurks in Timberclan shadows? What has Black Thorn led his tribe into? Will Skystar survive? Will the Dark Forest rule or is there is more dangerous evil afoot then them?

- A humble, kind and active community with often conversation, always looking for new members to join them!
- 4 Clans similar to the original, 1 New very different clan, 2 new clans on the way. One modern tribe + one ancient tribe. 1 deadly rogue group. 2 Kittypet groups. Plus other animals too!
- Literate to Semi-Literate roleplay
- Over 50 creative channels to roleplay in and explore!
- A kind staff community that makes sure all things stay balanced
- Developing, action-filled plot & sub plots!
- Troll Proof setup
- 50+ Basic & Animated Emojis!
- Fun and useful bots + a channel just for Pokecord - Our own Monetary system w/ Buyable & earnable items!
- LGBT+ Friendly!
- 1 year old and still going strong!
- Level one Boosted server!
- The OG (Original Granpaw) Crew
- You're Forever my Starlight
This is a Very Friendly and Lore Heavy Server I've Been Working on.
Sorry if it's Not Much or Rather Slow at times, We Rarely seem to get Visitors.
anyway, what was i on about? oh yeah! This Server is Very Small, and i'd hope to get more visitors Soon.. oh right! i remembered. this is ALSO more of a " Fantasy Science Fiction " where the RP is mostly Fantasy with a Touch of Science Fiction, you still reading? Good! we Offer:
+ Lots of Lore!,
Pages are Being added to the Expanding lore every once and a While!
+ Many Areas!
This Server has Many Places to go and See!
+ a Friendly Community!...
or at least my Bunch of Friends who are Here, Plus a Few new ones.
+ Magic!
Obviously. what would a Fantasy Server be without it?

If this Sounds Interesting, i Encourage you to Join! I'd love another Mind in the Heart of the...

Promptauian Legacy!
The rise of a revolution - a hope - a resolution.
Welcome to Detroit.

A Newfound Hope is a friendly post-pacifist ending roleplay server for the game Detroit: Become Human, set to the real day and month, the year after the revolution. After the rise of the androids and the success of the peaceful revolution brought forth by Markus, the leader of Jericho, everything seems to be settling down. However, under the surface it seems like the anti-android groups are banding together to make chaos their goal - a man so obsessed with stopping progress that he would kill his own daughter, a woman who is more machine than man, and a virus that could wipe out all traces of deviancy. What happens to a man turned machine? When a creator starts playing god with more that just his own creations...

+ Literate roleplay! ( Over two sentences )
+ A helpful and caring staff!
+ LGBTQA+ inviting and a Safe Place!
Basically you went in this person's 'mansion' and you don't know what will happen next. You're only here to take part in a winner-takes-all parlor game.
P A W S is a roleplaying server where dog and cats aren't that much as rivals, but are settled in different clans.
A brand new, structured Dishonored Roleplay community! We have an active timeline, planned events, Leadership roles, custom storyline set right after Dishonored 2, and more!
Set in 1852, just after the end of Dishonored 2 and before Death of the Outsider. Dunwall's rightful Empress, Emily the Just, sits on the throne once again. The rebuilding of the Empire has begun, with Empress Emily funding reconstruction efforts and working to restore contact and order throughout the Isles. But not everything is going as planned.

Along with the many changes in rulership and the rebuilding efforts, the Void has been acting strangely. It seeps through the veil to the material world and causes strange occurrences throughout the isles. Rifts are opening all over, spewing out blackened shards and strange creatures made of crystal and stone. Those who have never interacted with the Void are being granted abilities beyond their imagination and the Outsider has gone quiet. Those marked by the Outsider are beginning to see visions of the Void, warped and unstable, the Outsider nowhere to be found.

Things are changing in the Isles, whether it's for better or worse, is up to you.
Hey guys! This is my werewolf server that needs a bit of a push to get started!

This is a Literate Roleplay server that is obviously werewolf based. It will be an active server once some of you guys join. :) It is a fun server that I try to make more creative every day! You can request stuff as well. You can find your mate, roleplay partner whatever you think of, right now. You can also DM to Roleplay! There are zones instead of different channels with different locations, just to make it easier on me and you guys.
The kingdom of Zikar. It was once a beautiful, lush Kingdom full of prosperity and peace. It was ruled by King Leon Rafusala the third. A noble and just king, who always strived for justice and honor.

Unfortunately...all good things come to an end.

Leon's brother, Damien Rafusala, had eyes on the throne, and his supporters grew by the day.

The king ended up dead and the greedy Damien took the throne for himself. The old nobles loyal to Leon ended up dead, in hiding, or imprisoned.

Damiens supporters, The new nobility, gained unhealthy power and riches.

The guards became corrupt, and constantly harass the innocent.

However...a group rises in the shadows to stop all this someday and take down the vile King Damien.

Die Menschheit hatte sich extrem weiter endwickelt und produzierte immer mehr. Das einzige Problem? Sie wussten nicht wohin mit dem Müll. Also ging die Umwelt zu Grunde. Nach vielen Jahren konnten die Menschen nicht mehr auf der Erde leben weshalb sie einen neuen Planeten brauchten. Sie bauten eine Art Weltraumhauptstandt und viele Unterschiedliche Arten an Lebewesen kamen Jahr für Jahr dazu. Die gesellschaft kam allerdings nicht mit den Gesetzten Klar und es kam zu Krieg. Es gibt unterschiedliche Fraktionen zum Beispiel Nekos. Außerdem gibt es noch Elfen und natürlich Menschen. Aber wie überall gibt es auch Lebewesen die nicht mit ihrer Fraktion klarkommen und sich von dieser trennen. Diese Lebewesen werden dann bei den Piraten aufgenommen die eine selbstgegründete Fraktion bilden

Gehe auf eine Reise ins Weltall, wähle eine Fraktion der du dich anschließen möchtest und erlebe eine Geschichte die DU schreiben kannst. Gestalte dein leben wie du es schon immer machen wolltest und finde neue Freunde oder sogar den Partner fürs leben. Das alles und noch vieles Mehr bieten wir die auf diesem Server.
Wir sind noch recht klein aber würden uns freuen DICH bei uns willkommen zu heißen^^

LG das Serverteam
The Roseshots are the family that founded this town the people have always loved them they have been good generous rulers. But little do the people know it's due to their abilities. Some choose not to use them. It runs strictly in the family. But as all royal and rich families people cheat, have children they had no plans for and there are some civilians who have this ability to make people like them, they are called Misfits. They can sense emotions and nudge them one way or another and they can tell what you're thinking. The people named a boarding school after the family, it is the most prestigious school there is.
It seems you have been selected to be part of Site-24, whether it be as a Class-D or Foundation Personnel.

Welcome to the Foundation...

Founding of Site-24 -

Site-24 was founded on ██-0█-1989 as ██████ ██████ who was in charge until they vanished on unknown circumstances, rumoured to have been taken by O5 Council and terminated but no one actually knows the truth, but they say that it was just the O5 doing their job correctly. The site is located under ████ ██████, South Oregon. With the help of the O5 Command the site has officially lasted to this current date keeping SCP’s safely contained with some breaches and incidents. Deaths as usual occur on site with both Class-D and Foundation Personnel whether it being [DATA EXPUNGED]. There are occasional leakages and piping problems but these can be easily fixed and isn’t really a major issue, although Personnel are always warned to watch their step as they may fall into a hole if in the process of being fixed, and usually may lead to either death or barely escaping, fortunately this isn’t regularly happening.

What this server includes -
-General Conversation and a friendly community!
-Open to people who're new to SCP Foundation or have experience
-Mainly required to be 13+ unless you can prove yourself, maturity is something we like.
-Roleplay Events
-A staff team who're willing to answer questions

The Foundations waiting for you.
In June of 1968 a series of strange occurrences were happening..Entire units of both U.S. and Vietcong were going missing and being found skinned alive and hung upside down from trees in the jungle,some were only found as skulls with their spines still attached. Whatever’s out there is waiting for us..and it ain’t no man