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Veritas Igniculus, an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World that's under siege from chaos Word Bearer and Iron Warrior forces. This battle is everlasting, the Imperial Fists and Sisters of battle made their way to the forge world to assist the Astra Militarum and Mechanicus forces. The Adeptus Mechanicus have been working on a secret titan project, one unlike any other, and chaos wants to get a hold of it. You may roleplay as a space marine, chaos marine, battle sister, guardsman, techpriest, anything if they fit in here.
The year is 2075, thirty years ago, the super-heroic peacekeeping force called the Sentinels sold themselves dearly against an alien invasion: The greatest hero of them all, Paragon, saved the planet and died in the process. Humanity responded by disbanding the Sentinels, and banning the unauthorised use of metahuman abilities, essentially banning superheroes entirely. But the world is in danger, the United Earth federation is besieged from without and within. But there is hope, a new Paragon, has sent a message to both the old guard and a new generation of heroes: To reform the Sentinels. and remind mankind of why they were needed. Will you answer the call?
''The Downfall of Empires'' is a Sci-fi RP server. We are a slowly growing community, we have Empires which can collapse if RPed or be taken as a puppet Empire.
A civil war has been rolling through multiple generations inside of what was once known as America. The great country is all but forgotten and replaced with two warring mockery versions of it. A recent cataclysmic event in an attempt to take Chicago has left both sides in a recent standstill and forced a temporary ceasefire. But how long will it last. And what was the horror in the fall of Chicago?
Hikari no Kage, a buildig and developing world in which everyone can come and put their touch to it by creating their own space and customizing it.
Sci Fi or Fantasy, Mediavel or Futuristic, Steampunk or Modern world, Furry, Monsters or normal Humans, each can come and show where their creativity can lead to...
Growing server and community awaiting new members. Join us soon.
Hello! Here's a little information on this new sci-fi/fantasy rp group that I like to call "Fallen Stars". If you're interested, please feel free to join!


Stardust. A commodity in this world, farmed from fallen stars that have crash landed into various planets in our solar system. It has various uses, such as energy, ammunition, and even building material... but one of the most amazing and mysterious properties it has shown is the granting of wonderful abilities to those who are able to successfully harness its power. Most gained some sort of power from the first stars that fell, and this power is called starpower. This allows them to use various abilities which are channeled through either their weapons- or if they are extremely powerful- just though their body with no assistance from an artifact or weapon. Certain people do not require an artifact to channel stardust, such as Umbra or Stellar Kin, but to be able to channel it through one’s body is an extremely rare practice only few have mastered, or even learned.

~Uses of Stardust~

Power- Stardust holds more power than nuclear energy, so it is obvious that it would be widely used since it is much safer than its dangerous alternative. Well... for the most part. In large quantities, it can be extremely dangerous. Supernova level explosion, but it can be

Ammunition- Quickly after the first stars fell, some decided it would be put to good use as ammunition for guns. A list of these various guns is provided below, but as a short summary, stardust has the ability to (when combined with various ingredients) make someone twice as vulnerable to all sorts of damage. (Physical, cosmic, etc.)

Building Material- Just as quickly as the use of ammunition came to mind, the use as a building Material came to mind as well. Although no one has decided to make a skyscraper out of it as of yet, it can be used to make weapons, clothing/armor, or even food.

Over time, there has been discovery of new species and races across the galaxy. Centuries of travel and intermingling has given us these.

Lunar Kin- Considered giants compared to humans. They’re usually a foot or two taller than the average human and have a much paler complexion. More fragile than most, but their minds are far more advanced.

Solar Kin- Usually closely resemble humans, yet they have a warmer skin tone consisting of patterns of red and brown along their body. Far more physically capable than other races.

Stellar Kin- Look and act the same as normal humans, except they have a closer connection to the cosmos and can thusly use stardust more efficiently and channel it easily.

Umbra Kin- Cousins of Solar and Lunar Kin, they have the same patterns but with much cooler and darker colors. Able to tap into the darker and deadlier side of stardust and bend it to their will.

Earth Kin- Your basic human. Have been known to adapt far better than other races.
Hundreds of years in the future, mankind has expanded beyond the planet Earth and is working to go even further.

This is a literate roleplay server where humanity has inhabited all of our solar system. We offer:

-A kind staff team
-Unique lore
-Many roleplay channels

And more coming soon! We look forward to seeing you help us explore the universe.
The Earth is gone. It's been gone for a long time, 80 years to be exact. It happened so fast, one moment the entire planet was celebrating new years and the next the very ground beneath all of our feet changed. What followed next was a brutal 25 year long war and a truce between all sides. Who knows how long that'll last...

{Hi there!}

-Choose to join one of five influential and powerful factions in the struggle to save or ruin the treaty between three worlds who've been merged due to unknown forces.

-Partake in faction interactions and server RP events that will keep things interesting and fun

-Interact with random events such as monster swarms, random attacks, villains that spice things up, rising hostile factions, and much more

-Meet new people and cooperate to make an interesting story worth remembering

[Come join 2100 and hopefully enjoy the experience! We welcome you to an RP server focused on faction wars and heavy interaction in a world that you can either help save, or destroy. The more members, the better the experience, as they add on to the factions and make things feel even more in depth.]

(Every 5 months 2100 will undergo a large change in the world, jumping forward into the future by 10-20 years in order for a new narrative to form. You can use your old characters or create new ones, but both will have to deal with the consequences of the actions from that last part of 2100.)

*At the moment we are looking for proper staff that can manage the server, as we are still a new and growing server that has yet to have any proper admins.
The Universe is a roleplaying server, which aims to tell a story set in a science fiction universe. The story is collaborative, meaning that you collaborate to building the universe of well, the Universe. But that isn't all, you can chat, make friends, post some random crap, and post artworks you made yourself. Be warned though, the server can get a bit (or very) filthy sometimes.
The Kingdom of Kerus is one of the kingdoms on the continent of
pherax. The kingdom has many strange beasts, races, and legends and mysterious artifacts to discover. It is one of the biggest kingdons on pherax, and the most populated. During the eras, there have been many wars witch have lead up to new leaders. The land also has many powerful beings, and gods.

(Active members needed)
Sci-fi/military RP where the earth has been invaded by the Khix, who mercilessly slaughtered the earth’s people, the khix are a militaristic coalition of aliens who are invading helpless worlds in order to save their home system. the remaining human armies gathered up in New York City where they now hide out in the underground subway system and plan to push the Khix off of Earth for good.
Hello and welcome to Battles of Ether! This is a roleplay server that takes place in the fictional planet of Ether. The roleplay is a mixture of Sci-fi and Fantasy, but mostly Fantasy.

The roleplay channels are being worked on, and the roleplay part isn't 100% ready as of yet. So I've decided to launch the server early on Disboard to hopefully reach out for some help. Here's just a simple introduction to the server.

The world of the Ether has taken a big turn in the year 2432, tons of new species are popping up all over the world, some varying in power, some not even human. There has been many battles throughout the once beautiful world Desu had created. The affect on the terrain due to these battles greatly upsetting them, so he spawned his own creations to fend off the ones causing such havoc. The “adventures” of the world only took these as “events” however and fought them for their skin and the rewards. Eventually true villains with ill intent started to spawn around the world. These villains possessing immense power so much so the adventures would be crazy to fight alone. The only ones who would would either come back incredibly wounded and put outta commission for a long time, or they wouldn’t come back only to be assumed dead. These foes are the ones more feared throughout the world.

There are a few adventures or stand above the rest however, and those are the ones that stand before them today. Everyone in this world where everyone who exists there is their own main character with their own stories and adventures to live out. Will the villains break through, will Dues have their way? Who knows? Why not come and find out by creating your own story in this mysterious world?~
Welcome aboard, adventure seekers. Our ship is now open to travellers, criminals, aliens and anyone you can imagine. I, Momo Ironstride, am you pilot, along with our good Captain Zicorax. There is never a dull moment and always something going on!

💜 Create a Unique character
💙 Many roleplay options
💛 Friendly community
💚 Events and opportunities
❤️ Votes and say on what hapens
🖤 NSFW rooms

If you have any queries, Message Momo or Zico, we will be happy to answer your questions!
+Welcome to the directorate! It is a science fiction roleplay about the life under an oppressive regime, do you have what it takes?

+The Red Director Loves You.
▌│█║▌║▌║ OVERVIEW ║▌║▌║█│▌

Set in the 27th century, humanity has taken to the stars. Sentient life dots every corner of the galaxy. Spaceships, exploration, and conflict await!

▌│█║▌║▌║ PICK A SIDE ║▌║▌║█│▌

Roleplay as a soldier in the galactic defense force known as the GSI. Or, you can spice things up by creating your own faction and fighting for what you believe is just. Not everything is as it seems...

▌│█║▌║▌║ DYNAMIC STORYLINE ║▌║▌║█│▌

Every week or two, the Game Masters have the ability to start a storyline event, which can change the environment around you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to DM a mod!

▌│█║▌║▌║ SERVER INVITE ║▌║▌║█│▌
A Roleplay server for the Sci-Fi genre, in this server you are free to explore space and even name planets after yourself. You are free to invent and create technology and create groups and factions to rule or protect the ever expanding Galaxy! Come, join and check us out!
Many years ago, earth was under attack from an unknown alien species. Sometime during the attack, the humans sent out a convoy in order to find a habitable new planet. For the trip, there was a couple of hundred people, each person had brought a few items from home: some children had brought stuffed animals, some adults brought phones and others brought cameras with pictures of their lovers.

Years after the attack, they found out they were being followed. They managed to escape, but only at the cost of traveling through a wormhole and losing almost all their fuel; They were in uncharted space, nothing was familiar. Most of the planets around them were habitable but there wasn't enough fuel to get to any of them. The only way to the closest planet, Zorada, was to use the escape pods. Each pod has basic survival supplies on them: a single tent big enough for 3 people, enough food for a few days, a pistol (which happens to be broken from the wormhole), some flint and steel, a med kit, a biosuit, a datapad, a cooking pot, a pickaxe and axe.
The year is [REDACTED], the powers in Vermilion Jade have shifted yet again. Which faction is going to enslave or destroy the others? Will it be the famous Rainbow Corp and their Reformed, whose Re'in powered technology makes our lives so much easier? Or will the Zy'dul raise from the underground to fight their common enemy along side of their Re'in sisters and brothers? Perhaps both will give in to the newly brooded Vermilion Rebellion, who aim for a common ground between the modern and traditional world?
Join the fight or observe from afar, the choice is yours.

• Brand new and fresh server
• Active and adult staff
• Original lore and bio template
• Friendly people
• No bot overload (there are only a few for moderation)
»»————- ♡ -————««

❥ 「✿」 ♡ ➴∼ p l a n e t j u n o ; ★

:heartbeat: ˚₊·͟͟͞➳ Welcome! We are a roleplay community set in a cyberpunk-fantasy world. :tanabata_tree:

:ribbon: ˚₊·͟͟͞ ✰彡 Earth was destroyed by the Unknowns, a powerful alienoid race! Now we live on Juno, a planet ruled by the Empress and a huge range of powerful abilities and tech.

:zap:★·.·¯·.·★ What we have to offer: ★·.·¯·.·★:zap:

:tanabata_tree: ˚₊·͟͟͞ ✰ | Over 100 self assignable roles, including colours, personal and character roles!

:tanabata_tree: ˚₊·͟͟͞ ✰ | A fun range of bots, including pokécord and mantaro!

:tanabata_tree: ˚₊·͟͟͞ ✰ | Over 60 roleplay channels with a range of skilled roleplayers!

:tanabata_tree: ˚₊·͟͟͞ ✰ | Levelling system and a currency, to purchase channels and custom roles!

:rainbow: -;♡ ~ We're currently looking for new staff members!

:rose:ೃ─⁺˚。˚ Come and make an OC today! Start a new life on a completely different planet, brimming with tech, games, and magic power!

❥ 「✿」 ♡ ➴∼^ h a v e f u n ! ; ★

»»————- ♡ -————««
Welcome to Ark!

What do we offer? We offer...
-Great Staff Team
-Amazing community of Roleplayers
-Deep lore
-Easy to learn Combat system
-Progression system
-Everyone is treated equally
-There is 18+ content but no erp

If you wish to join our slice of the multiverse please join, the Ark you can to a point create any type of character from a worm that devours people’s insides too a commander of a armada of ships or even your favorite type of species (aka saiyans gods demons ect)
Welcome to Star Wars - Shattered Glass! This roleplay server is set in 1ABY, a year after A New Hope's battle of Yavin. We will be following Legends canon for anything before, but going AU. Canon characters won't be used for the most part, as the fans (you guys!) will be creating your own stories. Do you want to serve the Empire? Help the Rebellion take it down? Or maybe you want to do somethin' a little less... galaxy-saving-y. Like bounty hunting! Or running your own gang! It's all here, folks. Enjoy yourselves.


Side note - I'm bad at summaries, ok?
Welcome to The Lost Legion. The date is 24/08/2552. In one week, the glassing of reach is a week away, and you are fleeing to a fleet to escape the covenant. The goal of this server is to be an exploration based fleet after finding unknown space. Both UNSC and Covenant are available as playable races.
A fun RP on a far off alien planet. Welcome to your new home on Laerden Prime Earth’s first colony outside of the Sol system.
Vespoia is the largest nation in a nation roleplay known as Aphelion. In Vespoia, the past and future collide as new mysteries are discovered and both new and familiar faces enter the scene. Create any type of character you'd like - we're lax on character customization and look to promote creativity. Then, shoot out into the stars and make your destiny - join the hub and create your own nation, travel the stars as a pacifistic merchant, make tons of cash as a mercenary or PMC, and more! The Omniverse is yours, friend.

Vespoia, and by extension, Aphelion, offer:

☉ Casual to serious roleplay to appeal to RPers new and experienced.
☽ Custom character, species, ship, etc submissions. Join the Formids, the ant-like native race of Vespoia who use concussive magic, or make your own custom species!
☿ Helpful links to the hub for the roleplay that hosts Vespoia, allowing you to create your own nation like it, set up your own business, and more.
⚳ A ton of channels for roleplaying, shitposting, gaming discussion, and even an in-roleplay TV network where your character can host their own show.
♃ RPers who are experienced with the roleplay willing to help you learn how the RP works and guide you through the process of whatever it is that you want to do.

We're looking forward to seeing you create your legend among the stars!