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Welcome to Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Rise of the Republic! In this server you can RP as Clones, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, and much more! Make an OC and get started!
This is what we have to offer:
• Active members and Active staff
• OC’s & Cannon characters
• Fun bots
• Organized Channels
• Different RP categories
• A channel where you can discuss about season 7 of the Clone Wars
• Friendly Community server (PG-13)
-And much more come be on this journey! Will you side with the Republic or Separatists? That’s your choice to make! We would like to see you here!

THE TEAM that manages the balance between our world and others. From dealing with angry Gods, to vindictive spirits, to mythical creatures like dragons, demons, and anything else in between; our Agents handle it all. Join an organization tasked with solving the problems of the beings above *and below.*

Our server offers a multitude of accommodations:

↦ Literate, paragraph based roleplay!

↦ A deep and engaging plot, filled to the brim with mysteries and fantasies.

↦ Character driven events and missions that regularly take place!

↦ A fun and innovative world that's immersive *on entry!* Start the interview process and let your character join our world!

↦ A welcoming community!

And so much more!*** So, __click the link__ and step into the Choosing Room.
Welcome to our Warhammer Alternative Universe 30K Roleplaying Server, this is an Alternative Universe Server where we are starting in 30k and will progress through to 40k and further, you can be anything from a Primarch to a demon or a simple human, anything that is in 30k and eventually 40k will be allowed to be made, you can also create your own legion and your own Guardsmen regiment if you wish to do so, events are led by admins but the outcome is controlled by the Roleplayers. more info is on the server in #about-the-server.
Hello passerby! The Hive is all about Erotic Roleplay! For the most part. (We also have a normal station rp and a well-built economy!) The main special thing of this server is the setting, and that is a faraway colony with Succubi and Xenomorphs and aliens, oh my! If you like Transformation, or breeding -or just a good time, in or out of the roleplay, then this is a good place to look! We have a very friendly community, our six members of staff are really active and will work like maids for your needs, and.... idk what else do people say to entice people? Cookies! Guaranteed! Digital ones, of course.
Welcome to Paladinos! We are a(n) rp/Erp server dedicated to gods and goddesses. Here you are a mortal and can choose a race, and based on the race you;ve choose, dedicates you to a planet! Keep in mind that this is your home planet, you can go another planet using custom ships you want. We have a suggestions channel so anyone who is creative can say how we can improve the rp for everyone! There of course a sexy side of things due to it being an erp server~ you can basically erp anywhere, with anyone you like, and of a god or goddess takes a liking to you... well you’ll be in the ride of life! We have nice staff and feel free to talk to any of us when you have a question or problem. There are 5 factions that provide different situations for the characters. The world is primarily a Sci-Fi universe but combined it with fantasy elements.

We hope you enjoy your stay, we gladly welcome you to our server.
Btw there Nice bots, Great Owners, Detailed environments, and Many Freedoms!
Hello! Welcome to Solaris: Stellar Odyssey! We are a server geared towards everything space! From planetary exploration, to intergalactic domination! We have a unique shop system to assist those who wish to strike a name for themselves solo, or build up a reputation with friends! With over 200 channels and dozens of uncharted worlds we aim to please!

📕 Character Freedom
📕 Faction Creation
📕 In Game Economy
📕Unique Class System
💎 Planets to Explore and conquer!
💎 Friendly community!
💎 Original Lore!
⚔️ Wizard wielding laser swords? allowed
⚔️ Mechs? Why not
⚔️ Droid army? Of course! Go for it!
⚔️ Wars for ultimate control? We have it!

Come forge your intergalactic adventure with us today! Free Milk and Cookies!
Hello and welcome to the Sci-Fi Fantasy Roleplay server, this server is for those interested in creating a faction,roam around the galaxy as a freelancer situated in the Milky Way Galaxy, our specific server deals with the custom faction,race,ships,characters but characters from any canon sci-fi universe such as Halo,40k etc. can be used. Our friendly administration team is fairly active and loves to chat, so if you have any questions join up and ask.

-ship scales uses 40k scale as general scaling,which means you can have ships up to 40km-60km,but go with your faction or character's capability
-Custom and Canon faction,race,characters and vehicles
-Conquer the universe for yourself,making a alliance to deny such government or roam around the galaxy not caring about the politics and fight for your own goals
-specific channels to discuss one class of creation
-a active admin team,and constantly giving advices on how to balance a creation
-undergoing lore revamp
This server take place during the clone wars starting at the beginning leading to the end.

Create your own character

Role play and develop your characters personality

Learn the ways of the light side or dark side of the force and become a vessel of good or an agent of evil

1.The Republic is fighting for your right! Become a republic clonetrooper and fight for democracy

2. The CIS is fighting for your independence! Become a droid and fight for freedom against the oppression of the republic.

3. Both sides are corrupt in leadership! Fight for your own for your own beliefs!

4. Both sides are grinding eachother down fruitlessly! The prefect opportunity for the layman to profit of the war! don’t need to fight! Be you and be unique! Be a sith, Jedi, bounty hunter, mandalorian, or a magical space wizard. It doesn’t really matter as long as you be you and have fun!
The year is 3210, and the world has been destroyed. 30 years ago, scientist created a new energy source, so potent and efficient, that all other energy sources were rendered obsolete. This energy source was so scarce, and so potent, that the world declared WW3 over control of this energy source. With the nullification of the Geneva Convention, nuclear warfare was in full effect as all the countries of the world started launching their nukes at their enemies, destroying several dozens of countries, until only 6 remained. By the time the war was over, the world was rendered uninhabitable by all the nuclear fallout in the air. These six countries got together and decided to banded together to come up with a plan to save the remnants of Humanity. This plan was called the Exodus Project. A dozen massive Arks (two for each remaining country) were constructed to carry the survivors of the human race into space to discover a new home world for the remnants of Humanity.

After about 5 years of searching, Ark Number 7, the Atenis, has found a suitable planet to serve as the new Homeworld of Humanity! After much debate and arguing, the Research Division of the Atenis decided to name this Planet Demita XII. Preliminary studies show the atmosphere is breathable, and the gravity is roughly the same, however, more extensive studies are yet to be performed. the Security Department has established a Forward Operating Base, to as a beachhead to this planet, and travel down to the Surface of the Planet has been Approved by the Captain. Feel free to explore the new Planet, taking in all the new Florae and Faunae, and help to establish a new Home for Humanity!

Hey Guys! I'm the Atenis Captain, Rhonin Kenway, and I invite you to join our colony! The Merchant Guild has been barren ever since we have run out of supplies, and the Merchants have been transferred to other Departments as reinforcements. If you do end up Joining, please consider joining the Merchant Guild! the First Person to join the Guild will become the Merchant Commander, the top person in the Guild, and one of the Highest in the entire Colony!
To sum AOOT up it's about a veteran soldier named Mytyo, he's survived a war his people lost two hundred years ago from the current point of time and was the only one to have escaped the slaughter. Mytyo currently finds himself stranded on a small planet named Oulea on the far side of the known universe. Severely broken and with major survivors guilt, Mytyo blames himself for what happened and becomes quite suicidal. Finding he can't bring himself to end his own life, he instead opts to just wait out his lifespan, and turns to alcohol to drown his problems. He later meets two thieves named Thorn and Sharp, and unintentionally gains their respect and concern after he easily fights them off despite being drunk and in absolute shambles. They self appoint themselves as his loyal followers and apprentices thought this is initially to his dismay, overtime he warms up to them and begins to slowly he teach them the skills he learnt during his own warrior training. Mytyo's true road to recovery only begins, however, when an old Tarcadian escape pod carrying a redeyes named Cabica crash lands near the place he calls home. Learning he isn't the last Tarcadian as he previously believed himself to be, Mytyo also learns that the Nervemites, the sworn enemies his people were at war against, are coming this way to take over Oulea. Mytyo is forced to pull himself together to be the mentor Cabica needs and the hero Oulea will probably be wanting in the near future.
-OC's and canon characters are allowed!

-This is an Arknights RP, but some things will be altered! You must be willing to adapt to a customized story!

-This is a literate roleplay server! Anything around two to three paragraphs is good.

-We're just starting up, so it's still in some development. (4/4/2020)

-This roleplay server will have some dark themes.
Terra. A world inhabited by Ancients (people with animalistic features) and, very rarely, humans. This world has long been overrun by disasters largely known as Catastrophes. Catastrophes have been infamous for wreaking havoc and bringing calamitous destruction. With the existence of these disasters, cities have taken to a more nomadic style of living, building mobile cities to escape from such destructive forces.

Since the beginning of the Catastrophes, originium ores started to appear. These ores became the corner to new technology and powering mobile cities.

While they helped develop a new level of technology, they also gave birth to a new type of contagious disease: Oripathy. People inflicted with this disease would see symptoms of black crystal fragments growing on their body and experience bodily suffering. The discovery of such a contagious disease caused a pandemic, and the hundred percent mortality didn't help the case of people with the illness. People with the disease became known as The Infected. Those that die with the disease have the potential to spread it with their bodies.

Since the unraveling of these unfortunate events, a new faction has come forth in search of a cure: Rhodes Island. They made it their mission to find a solution to Oripathy and end the discrimination to the Infected.

An unseen force comes into the equation, however, and that is Reunion, a radical movement, readily equipped to overthrow the systems put in place to oppress the discriminated and create a place for just the Infected.

The choice is yours to make. What efforts will you make to change the world of Terra and how will it impact the Infected? Your choices are more important than you think, operator.
The year is 2387 the wasteland is now split into 4 major factions and most of them have found peace with each other. The brotherhood controlling the east, the NCR in the west, the Southern Commonwealth in the south, and the odd ones in the Midwest who call themselves the republic. No one can explain how the 4 large vehicles they call ships got here or how they crashed. These soldiers that call themselves clones and their Jedi generals are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, but they’ve never been a real threat unless someone caused them to be. Envoys to their land have been told that they are survivors of “the purge during order 66.” Whatever that means. People in their territory prosper using the advanced technology they have brought with them. But the wasteland has taught us much over the years. The main ones being, jealous people start wars, and war, war never changes.
【WGNB 1.2GHz トップをねらえ!】𝙍𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙤 𝙂𝙪𝙣𝙗𝙪𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧

-space music podcast, stream and fake radio station set in the universe of the 1989 anime "Gunbuster"
- Share your favorite tracks and promote your own.
- Auto twitch announce channel! Get your name on the list
- Multiple ˜”°•.˜”°• premium •°”˜.•°”˜ music bots
- Levels! (the numbers go up)
- Chill out and ░e░x░p░a░n░d░ your mind.
- LGBTQ friendly
- 18+
Welcome to Helios Station; a spacecraft built for drifting around aimlessly, hosting various jobs, and becoming the largest space rp in Discord.

We are a moderately sized RP-based server.
You can join for memes, chatting and friend making...

ᗷᑌT Oᕼ ᗷOY ᗪO ᗯE OᖴᖴEᖇ ᗰOᖇE Tᕼᗩᑎ TᕼᗩT-

~ Decently sized member-count (For now,) which means a larger amount of possibilities, better chances to make partners, and always taking suggestions from the populace.
~ We're chill here, you don't need to worry about snobby staff members, or too-strict rules, go ahead and express yourself, we're all about that!
~ The server is set in a Sci-Fi setting, which means Laser Guns, Space Pirates, Aliens, and literally anything you could imagine in that beautiful mind of yours.
~ Very flexible lore, which means room for improvement is always welcome and needed!
~ Everyone is nice here, and we strive to keep it that way every day! Toxicity is a no-no.
~ The server is mostly operational, but we'd absolutely love your opinions, suggestions, support, and even your ideas!
Come today just for the fun of it, and stay if you'd like!
The world of Liria is home to many exotic creatures, as well as technologies. Explore the three great regions of Herscha, Nekorojima, or even the floating city of Avonika. Come and meet the people of this interesting world and make a name for yourself here in the mystical Liria.
What we have to offer:
-Friendly staff
-RP Channels aplenty
-A very large and expansive world and lore.
-Rolling of dice
-An ability system that allows you to get crazy and creative

A lot has changed since the NCR-Legion War, the effects of the conflict in Mojave Wasteland bringing changes as far as to Texas. In the years following it, in attempts to bring civilization back to the wasteland a state would be formed called New Texas Republic, encompassing most of Texas and parts of Louisiana. What no one could expect is that it would end up housing many factions of different, often opposing to each other goals. Brotherhood of Steel, Caesar's Legion's Renmant, even what was left of the Enclave, all found themselves in the south.

South is at brink of possible war of the scale even bigger than that in the West, but maybe it can be prevented. Only time can tell...
**The Enchanted Academy**


The academy was founded many years ago by the order of the enchanter-lords, and was constructed in the great city-state of enchantress (Enchanted City-State). The school was founded for young Mages from all over the continent to be able to come and learn how to master their magic and not be subjected to joining the military of other nations by attending their schools. The Academy is now the best school for magic in the world and people from all over Tew travel miles just to attend, so now you have a chance to attend the great academy, what path will your destiny lead you to?

What does the server offer?

A Wide range for character creation, create your character as a known species, or create your own!

A new and fresh story.

An active and kind staff team ready to answer any of your questions.

A wide range of magical options, or you could even create your own magic!

A Mix of Fantasy and Tech.

Fun OOC Channels As Well.

We offer two way to read the lore, we have a short, simple timeline you can read, or we have a long detailed backstory that is still in the work that you could read.

Be a Teacher, City Guard, Or Student!

Welcome to : WIRES - A dystopian utopia.


𒋲After the horrific events of World War 4, the world was forced into colossal isolation. It split into two parts: those that remained to fight to their imminent death and those that came together in one last attempt to create a community.

𒋲WIRES is a city-state that exists under a dome of countless screens that projets two colors: neon Pink and Purple. Those neons serve as Day and Night, creating an illusion of an endless sky. However, a fatal incident during the first decade of its existence changed its very existence. An explosion led to a release of VIRUS: a dangerous disease that contaminated and multiplied within any cybernetics not protected by an anti-virus. The VIRUS caused an epidemic and the fall of the First Era The community was forced to quickly adjust and find ways to co-exist within the new WIRES and issues that followed.

𒋲The Age of Neon came with newly established rules of survival. Factions rose from the darkness, creating their own laws. Some hunt the notorious VIRUS hosts that threaten to destroy WIRES for the second and last time. Others, try to ally with VIRUS and break through the PANELS to find out the truth that the government hides: What IS beyond the screens?

𒋲So what will YOU be? Create your WIRED story with us. 𒋲

Our Community provides:
🌊Original Lore inspired by a tarot card deck
🌊Quality roleplay
🌊Experienced Staff
🌊Self-roles and involvement
🌊Free roam of character creation
🌊Safe community and connections
Set in the 27th century, humanity has taken to the stars. Sentient life dots every corner of the galaxy. Spaceships, exploration, and conflict await!

Become a part of the boundless Milky Way galaxy, filled to the brim with both danger and opportunity alike. With enough experience, you can spice things up by starting your own faction, or hosting your own series of community events.

Begin your galactic adventure today!
In the year 2037 world war 3 has just ended but with major casualties such as the serperation of a chunk of Russia now known as Vantrok Island. The cause of this seperation was a foreign Atom bomb from the moon and 2 heat seaking missiles witch hit the Atom bomb detonating it mid way causing a massive Radiation shockwave witch lasted for 4 months. in the 3rd month of its recovery there have been reports of strange anomalies such as People moving at the speed of light,some lifting 100 times their own weight and others even projecting illusions of one´s worst fear. a crew was sent there to research the island and use it to create a super soldier army not only to protect itself from enemys from earth...but from other worlds as well they were know as the S.S.O (Super Soldier Organization) containing up to 6 bots 2 cities (at the moment) and so much yet to be made
The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars fleet/character focused RP, where you can become anything from the lowest soldier to owner of a planet. With a dedicated staff team and an advancing timeline currently set after Return of the Jedi, GFW aims to be a unique experience among the Star Wars RP scene. Utilizing a point based system for fleet battles to deliver balancing on a new scale and narrators to guide the battle, anyone can hop in to GFW.
Factions include
-Bounty Hunters
-And more
You're a roman legionary. You're an 18th century trapper. You're a soldier in Vietnam. You're a punk with a cybernetic arm in the 23rd century. You're an android no longer bound by the laws of robotics.

Not anymore. Now, you're a denizen of the Rift.

The life you knew on Earth is far behind you.
On this new planet, you can reinvent yourself. Or maybe you'll use your particular skills to get ahead. How you choose to live is up to you.

You're not the only one.
Others have been showing up in the Rift for thousands of years, and new cultures and cities and countries are already waiting for you. Do you align yourself with one of them? Or are you more comfortable on your own?

The Rift is a Sci Fi/Historical Fiction RP.
Your character can be from any time period in human history, including the future. The Earth's future is already decided through the lore to keep consistency, but we've made sure to include many different important events for a variety of character backgrounds.

We don't require a literacy test to join.
You only have to submit a character to get started, and we've got a bunch of friendly people to help you with creating or adapting a character if you need it!

You won't get locked down in one RP.
You can have as many partners as you want, and we have a unique timeline that allows you to roleplay across the span of several years, and we're always adding more!
To Whoever Finds This,

The world as we know it has changed. A strange illness came with the floods, which has killed most life here—apart from aquatic animals and plant life for some reason. The floods kept coming, and eventually, we had to leave. Well, most of us had to stay behind, seeing how the military only took a few to the North Islands of Nukh. The military took people who were either rich enough to afford their services, or fast enough to slip on board of one of their fleets. It was a new rule passed down by the current leaders of the time, the Jury of Sea—a group of wealthy pirates and military figures— so that all those with the illnesses hunted for at the time had to stay on the mainland. The reason for this being because after someone got infected with certain diseases, they became these husk-like zombies, with an urge to kill. No one knows the cure, and scientists from all over the nation have been studying them for years with no avail. Mainly because we have lost most scientists and documents of noteworthy help. Most were infected and died.

It’s been around twelve years since then, and I have found myself writing this note over and over. Military and pirates rule the ocean now, but no one dares leave much farther than the reef. They may all act tough, but we all know that if you even come in contact with one of the infected, you’re pretty much dead. And no one wants that.

May you be one of the lucky ones.


A Mid-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi roleplay! HURRAY! This is the kickoff of my newest server so come down and make yourself at home! I'm here to answer any questions and I would love to have you here!!
In this server you will play as one of the many criminal teens sent back to Earth 95 years after nuclear annihilation. Everything is back to normal other. Or so it may seem. Help your fellow survivors, hurt them, or maybe live alone. The choice is yours.

Fun Rp
Helpful and Active Staff
Good Lore