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Lost Hours is a Halo-based narrative text roleplay server on Discord. We accept all mature role players who wish to have a story driven experience, while at the same time enjoying casual RP with our other community members. We have an expansive Discord with all of our information, but here is a sneaky peaky at what we provide our community.

EU + US based staff team to provide as much support as possible

Narrative-driven and leisure events

Multiple playable characters including Marines, ODSTS, Spartans, AI and more

Playable Covenant remnant factions; SoS, the Wraith (a faction in the server lore.)

In-Depth lore

Over 60 members

A unique experience for all Halo fans

Your mission begins here: You are assigned to the UNSC Athena with your brothers and sisters in arms. In early 2553 the Athena went missing while doing an emergency jump to an unknown planet (Refuge) from Gao after the Evacuation of Gao. 3 years passed by as the combat personnel aboard the UNSC Athena fought against 'Mdama's Covenant forces on the planet before making a slipspace jump to Ellandum, an Outer-Colony planet. It has been two years since the Athena landed on that planet, and with a growing number of Insurgents, the Parliament of Ellandum requested assistance from the UNSC Athena to combat the insurgents. Since then, Ellandum has been put under martial law, an engagement between UNSC forces with the aid of the police against insurgents (now identified as the Ellandum Liberation Front) happened at a meeting point with the Elladnum Governor, a key figure in the Ellandum Liberation Front was captured by the Athena after a raid on an insurgent building, and the UNSC Marines aboard the Athena now prepare for a patrol in the capital city of Ellandum.

(Note, the server is NOT a homebrew server).
Planet Hivis is an epic roleplaying server where you get to be whatever and whoever you want! Set in the far distant future, where aliens have abducted humanity and have taken them to a planet in a far off galaxy named Planet Hivis, it's up to you to decide how you will survive. Encounter other characters, create your own, and most importantly, have fun!
❗️ Open to Partnerships ❗️
> Server Boosted

Reznor Haven is a dystopian future rp server. This rp takes place several years after Earth and the human race have been annihilated. Reznor Haven is a sanctuary for kids and teens who have evolved past humans. These kids learn how to fight and defend themselves from the ongoing wars and hostile creatures such as the Lost.
Outside of Reznor Haven is a wasteland of a world, filled with warlords battling for power, distorted and terrifying creatures, and with people just trying to pick through the rubble of their lives before The Raze.
*More in depth lore can be found in the server*

We Offer
[•] Flexible Literacy (3+ Lines usually)
[•] Solo, Partner, and Group RPs!!
[•] Constantly evolving lore, that members can even add onto!
[•] Member created mini-plot lines.
[•] Custom RP Channels
[•] Reaction Roles!!
[•] Custom Role Opportunities
[•] No OC limit
[•] Partnerships!
[•] We have 8 RP Categories with tons of places to explore!
[•] Lots of RP & Character Freedom
[•] Spots for important, high ranking characters still available
[•] Super cool Staff & Members
[•] Lots of OOC Channels including, places to share your art, talk about gaming, and show off pictures of your pets!!

(We are not associated with any fandom, book, tv show, movie, or otherwise. This server is an original universe with original characters.)

-Mama Hype
Deep in the woods of Montana, there is a compound that was founded by Doctor Phineas K. Hall in 1948 for the sake of containing extraterrestial creatures and anomalies for the sake of study and protection - for both the ‘patients’ and humanity.
The compound is situated on over one-hundred acres of land. The building has has five floors, several common areas, a library, a garden, a cafeteria, and anything else to ensure an optimal environment for our patients and employees to thrive.
In addition to studying our patients, we also run experiments on them when possible to better understand their species, but our staff does the best they can to minimize suffering - even if most patients are being held against their will, and even if there may be some bad apples among our employees.
To ease the minds of all who are living on the compound, we offer psychiatric services and even have an ordained priest to assist with your spiritual guidance, if it is necessary.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at Hall Laboratories!

👁‍🗨 Literate Roleplays with coherent plot-lines and complex characters!

👁‍🗨 Play as a patient, a robot, or an employee! (doctors, scientists, guards, lab technicians, etc.)

👁‍🗨Active mods who are always happy to help!

👁‍🗨LGBT+ Friendly Server!
—Star Wars: Tales of the Clone Wars—

War has broken out across the galaxy between the GAR and the CIS led by count dooku. now you must choose a side and fight for freedom and peace in the galaxy. You could partake in the infamous War between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent systems as either Jedi, Clones, Sith, Droids, or even Senators and Admiral. Or perhaps you want to create your own History and go at it alone by either being a merc, smuggler, or even a Mando. These are all choices you can make here in this friendly community.

Current year: 22BBY

This server has:

Friendly Staff!

Plenty of freedom with OCs!

The opportunity to play as your favourite canon characters!

many, many planets and channels to rp in and we're always adding more!

Mostly non-canon events to allow your OC’s more freedom!

So come on and check us out! We hope you enjoy your time here. We hope to see you soon and may the force be with you...
World of Vigilantes - Yukon Containment Zone!

In 2033, individuals who harbor special abilities that make them able to commit feats of superhuman acts have been looked down upon as a menace to society. These individuals, known as 'Empowered' have been locked up and tossed away into many containment zones all over the world by a totalitarian organization known as the Sectorate. One of these containment zones dubbed the Yukon Containment Zone is looked over by Sector 1, a sub-division of the Sectorate. The Yukon Containment Zone harbors millions of unique Empowered in a cyberpunk dystopia, and all attempts of escape have been foiled by the psychic anomaly that surrounds the cyber-city, this anomaly is a seemingly never-ending forest that mutants, eldritch abominations, and many more unknown horrors dwell within. Here, you must learn to survive and adapt to this ugly world, or be left in the dirt like many before you. World of Vigilantes is a three-year-old sandbox cyberpunk-fantasy roleplay that emphasizes well-done characters and their stories. Explore a grimy, cursed world within the Yukon Containment Zone where mega-corporations dominate over the working class, crime is rampant and the average man is manipulated. Given time, you can be anything- a warlord, a ganger, a businessman or someone trying to make a new life within the containment zone.

What do we bring new to the table?

- A character progression system that rewards you for developing your character.

- An emphasis on player-oriented storylines and interaction. Your actions will be met with distaste by someone, but may be applauded by another character.

- Explore a dark, grimy and harsh cyberpunk world where crime is rampant. If things can go wrong, they will.

- Literacy! We require one to write out actions that are at least two sentences minimum, and we encourage you to make lengthy actions to give others an insight into your character.
The Phoenix Empire is a new faction created for the upcoming game called Starbase. Recently pulled out of Pre-Alpha into Alpha after 10 years this game is planned to be on Early-Access this year.

Starbase is a hybrid voxel/vertex-based space MMO with a fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe, with a focus on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat.

Similar to Space Engineer, Eve Online, Star Citizen, Subnautica, ext...
Hello, and welcome to Pneuma Productions! There are few things that this server is aiming to be.
1. A place where the people of Pneuma Productions can show others the content that they create.
2. A place for those who enjoy games, animation, and art in general.
And last but most importantly
3. A community where we can all share with each other, play with each other, and have fun with each other.
With that said, please enjoy your stay here at Pneuma Productions!
The world's dreams have become connected in this RP based off Yume Nikki and it's fangames! Play as a character from the original, a fangame, or even your own OC!
- A fun, welcoming community for all ages
- An in-universe message board, allowing you to keep in contact with your characters
- A new universe for any avid Roleplayer to explore, whether new to Yume Nikki or not
- A wonderful adventure with new friends you won't soon forget
You slowly wake up as you observe the area around you.
"Huh? I'm no longer at home?" You slowly stand up as you wound ponder to yourself "how did I get here?"

Welcome to
Beep’s Home Of Misfits!
Come and enjoy your stay on this insane island! Filled with killer robots!
And teddies with knifes!
And killer robots disguised as teddies!

Do you have what it takes?
A server dedicated to world building of all genres. We have many channels for discussion and would love for any world builders to join.
Hi there! We're a growing, and trying to be active server for those who like to discuss their various interests like the stars and galaxies, existential crises, and other fun topics and games, like Elite Dangerous, and Star Citizen with other people. You can come and keep us company while we float in space, or just talk about anything. Someone will always get back to you if you have questions or just want someone to talk to.
Hello and welcome to the Irken Empire. We Are A Small Community And Were Not That Active. So Sorry If It’s Not Active It Will Soon. We Have A Friendly Staff And We Hope You Have Fun. Are You Ready To Join The Irken Empire?

What We Have To Offer.
Friendly Staff
The Occasional Movie Night
And A lot More
Hello and welcome to(╹◡╹)!
.....yes this is our actual name....

Anyways, we are a fairly new server that mostly does a lot of roleplay related things and on the side we usually talk about games, anime, etc.

Our roleplay is currently in development but here’s the basic concept; We live in a world with normal humans, or so we thought. The government had been hiding genetically modified humans from aquatic humans, to not even seeming humans at all. "Genmods" they call us. We were given names like 010A or 404X. We don't know our previous names so we just call each other by the letter we were given. We live in wards with rooms modified to fit our physical requirements like aquatics or aviary. We've never seen the real world. The closest is the artificial nature dome they made for us to roam. There's a fake forest and such in there to look like outside. About every other day or so we are taken in for testing. The testing process is usually very painful but if we misbehave we are shocked by the collar around our necks, the same collars will shock if we try to get to violent or escape. Most of the clothes we get are medical scrubs custom to each of us and a pair of tennis shoes. Meals mostly consist of eating in your respected room with room mates. Everyone is sorted into similar to same powers and are fed the same thing everyday. The three meals are different but they don't change from those three variations. Every once an awhile a new Genmod will come in and usually they are either very violent or traumatized. The older Genmods at this point just agree to whatever because they've been tested and hurt so much already. If a Genmod were to get to violent even with shocks they get put to sleep and put in a solitary confinement room alone for 3 days. This goes on for a Genmods entire life and usually they aren't let free. They aren't even buried when they die, typically dissected and put in storage. A Genmods life is just a repeating movie everyday. They try to make the best of it by singing or playing games. Some have tried to escape but were shot down quickly. None have tried since seeing a group get out to be shot down and lay bloody on the ground for days. Will there be a successful escape for will Genmods be hidden to the rest of the world and be abused for eternity.

Modifications can be just about anything pretty much, long limbs, fins, anthro, literally whatever.
Characters don't only have to be genmods, you can be a human on the outside or a scientist if you'd like.
If you choose Genmod think of your code number like 010A or 404X.
The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars fleet/character focused RP, where you can become anything from the lowest soldier to owner of a planet. With a dedicated staff team and an advancing timeline currently set after Return of the Jedi, GFW aims to be a unique experience among the Star Wars RP scene. Utilizing a point based system for fleet battles to deliver balancing on a new scale and narrators to guide the battle, anyone can hop in to GFW.
Factions include
-Bounty Hunters
-And more
After the breach [redacted] years ago, Site 55 had fallen into ruin, anomalies escaping, staff dying, a complete warzone. Locked off from the inside to reduce breaches at the cost of lives inside. Only a year after did the site fall silent, the screams stopped, the trickling blood stopped floating, the growls of anomalies silent. The site reopened to MTF, cleaners, and a few scientists only for them to discover bodies of staff, d class, and anomalies lay everywhere amongst the once white walls now stained brown with old blood. Few survived the massacres but that didn't deter the few who stayed behind. Years later Site 55 was brought to working condition, new staff was brought into place, anomalies captured, the stains of the past now gone.
This is site 55 revitalized. We have experienced staff that know the subject of the roleplay, customizable SCPs, and a welcoming community as well!
Please enter containment and we hope you don't get [REDACTED]! Enjoy your stay at Site 55 β
Nidavellir, a world of decline and decay, relics of bygone ages of great wonders and technology now left to rot and rust in the womb of a new era. Science brought man to the highest heights and it sunk it to the lowest lows. Seemingly by the will of nature itself those ages have ceased to be, along with their hubris and glut.

The world remains scattered now. A few city states horde the remaining relics of power left, each of them but infinitesimally small fragments of what came before. Untold villages and towns dot the landscape, ranging from collections of scientists who worship technology like gifts from the divine to simple farmers who have never operated something more complex than a windmill.

Strange creatures prowl the lands, whether beings of some unknown purpose from the past or something more inexplicable and eldritch, they hunt mankind and all that which springs from it. Man, in his fear, named these creatures "Primevals.” They are locked in endless conflict with humanity. Warriors, trained from a young age to fight the Primevals and defend mankind are known as Prowlers and High Medicae.

The legends of the past are lost, sunken into obscurity and myth. However, with such godlike figures gone, perhaps it is time for new warriors and brilliant minds to rise up and claim the secrets of times long gone for themselves. In a small town on the continent of Agia, those people may be found.

A town called Mirefield.

. Create a unique character in a brand new world written by the admin team
. Fight with powers and weapons alike against both people and monsters of a bygone era
. Help us build the world by creating your own plotlines, world building and events within the town and outside it
. Build meaningful relationships between your characters and other members of the town in a small, close RP location that promotes interaction
. Meet a colourful array of characters from all corners of the world
On Xenothesi Worldbuilding, a dedicated group of worldbuilders are constructing an evolutionarily realistic world. We are still in the early days so joining now will let you leave your footprint, whether directly through art and discussion or indirectly by voting in polls and reacting to posts. There is room for every type, painter, sketch artist, 3d modeller, discusser or just someone who wants to join in! The more aspects of the world we can flesh out, the better, we need the kinds of people who want to be designing the atmospheric conditions to a tea, or the mappers, or anyone who can help!
The Otherworlds is a mysterious place on Earth, isolated and inaccessable from the outer countries such as Japan, due to its Anomalous properties, and thus have its unique cultural systems and HIstory. But also Dangerous because of that, as there are all sorts of problems upon it, The weak governments not enough to stop crime in the world, anomalies stopping people in time, everything. will you be up to the task to stop this sorted fate? or are you one of the rotten ones who do not care of it? the task, is up to you.
A new server inspired by the anime A.I.C.O Incarnation and the Godzilla Franchise.

The Server is almost finished, and it wont take that much longer.
If you like giant monster movies, then you might turn out liking this server as well. I'm currently looking for Staff Members as well. I dont plan for this to get that big as well. If you're a server looking for partners, this server is also open for that. It also seems that Disboard is displaying the wrong number of users online, there are more than two people.
But besides all of that, I hope to see you all join and check this place out!

Lore Introduction
"The Year is 2034, two years after a devastating incident in the countryside of Japan struck the country and brought terror to its people...It started as the first ever complete transplant of a human brain into an artificial body, and replacing the original brain with a artificial brain created from plant material. But, it quickly became all wrong. The artificial brain consumed the original body and began to grow rapidly, destroying the facility in the country side in the process and creating what is now called "The Rose", a large plant like structure that grew ontop of the facility. The roots of this Rose and the rest of its body have since been growing underground and through the nearby rivers, consuming everything in sight."
Just a casual server for discussing Star Wars and completely random things. All people are welcome. Minimal rules! We have Star Wars topic discussion channels along with a general discussion chat and meme channel. We also have FREE NITRO GIVEAWAYS! Hope to see you in our part of the galaxy! 💫
Welcome to Arknights: Dawn! We're a new, but growing RP server for Arknights and we would like to welcome most of you with open arms! In this roleplay server of Arknights, we offer:

- Storyline
- Custom events and storylines
- Choosing to be an Operator or a Doctor
- A good community
- OC characters
- A lot more things that are upcoming soon!

The staff team and I look forward to future arrivals and deployments into this server!

- Aki
☆ Welcome to Centauri Station. We are a STRICTLY 18+ Science-Fiction C/E/RP Server. ☆

Created from a passion for the genre and from exhaustion of the fantasy, school, supernatural and mansion roleplay settings, we proudly present our hours of work to the world.

Our features include:

☆ Deep, handmade lore that includes Races, Planets, and Factions; we also encourage people to craft their own and submit them for approval to be added to the canon of our universe.
☆ An easy-to-learn setting aboard the crime-ridden planet of Proxima Centauri-b.
☆ A custom in-server tabletop built from the ground up, which makes use of the in-server currency and items. This feature is still in development, but is being worked on actively.
☆ A plethora of Community and Hentai/Porn-related channels for your enjoyment. This includes memes, art channels, and more.
☆ A special VIP Deck for Verified users, including Selfies and Nudes.
☆ Specially-categorized E/RP Request Boards.
☆ “Custom Rooms” which allow you to RP in areas outside of our pre-made assortments.

It is the year 3020 and for one reason or another you have ventured to the planet of Proxima Centauri-b, famous for its two massive cities “El Dia” and “La Noche”. Sadly life is never as pretty as the advertisements and quickly you realize that you’ve dove head-first into a cutthroat, crime-ridden world. Become a Freelance Operative, a Corporate Bloodhound, or whatever it takes to survive in the seductively cruel world of neon lights.

☆ See you there, Space-Farer! ☆