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Сервер совсем новый. Здесь вы сможете стать маньяком убийцей, лолей рабыней/горничной. Охотником на чудовищ в локации <<Старый Кураге>>.
Однажды когда люди начали постигать всё новые и новые технологий, то они задумались и решили что богов не существует. Боги же узнав это, через своих последователей пытались вернуть веру в богов людям, но ничего не получалось. После несколько десятилетий попыток богов они решили что это бесполезно и прокляли людей. Первым объектом проклятий стал город [засекречено], из за чего пострадал один из районов этого города. Люди начали снова верить в богов, но наоборот боялись их, а не боготворили. Спустя некоторое время, люди заметили что с их телами происходит что-то странное. У некоторых начали расти хвосты и ушы как у зверей, некоторые мертвецы возрождались из мёртвых с какими то особенностями. Иногда люди встречали призраков и демонов, ангелов в том числе. Спустя пару лет учёные выявили что в человеческом теле появилась какая-то новая энергия. Эту энергию они назвали манной. Некоторые умельцы научились управлять манной и начали создавать свои школы чтобы обучать других людей использовать манну. Научившись использовать манну люди смогли использовать магию, прямо как в каких то книгах. Некоторые при помощи этой магии ковали артефакты, некоторые использовали её для развлечения, а другие просто для самообороны.
Учёные же использовали её для самих изучениях. Вскоре начали город назвали [Маледиктум], что с латинского переводиться как [проклятие]. Однажды начали замечаться, то что люди пропадают, и некоторые учёные задумались и приняли решение что это может быть связано со всем тем что произошло. В итоге люди выявили что из проклятой зоны города (бывшая улица Кураге) исходит какая то энергия. Оказалось что там появляются некоторые монстры которые как раз поедают людей. Эту зону города закрыли на карантин и полностью заперли построив огромную стену. В [Старый Кураге] начали делать подпольные казино, чёрный рынок и всякие такие вещи. Туда начали проникать люди для всех этих новых "развлечений" и как говориться для адреналина во сражений с монстрами. Мэр города принял решение сделать специальный отряд который будет истреблять монстров в [Старом Кураге]. Этот отряд прозвали [Охотники на чудищ] или же [Охотники]. Охотников начали посылать в [Старый Кураге], там они убивали монстров и арестовывали тех кто лез в [Старый Кураге]
The Black $tar is a Active Community filled with wonderfully colorful people. We have many roles for you to choose from. The staff here is active and is always ready to help you with any problems you have.


🖤Like The Society on Netflix, the premise of this roleplay revolves around the event of high schoolers waking up in another dimension of their neighborhood, completely surrounded by an expansive, seemingly never ending forest.

🗡Unlike The Society, this role play takes a “supernatural” twist. Role players can obtain abilities, but they’re not insanely strong. They’re just to add spice to the role play❗️

🖤While you cannot role play as a canon character, you can make an OC. The character sheets are quick and easy to make.

🗡The server operates on RTK, aka Reason-to-Kill. There will be no random killings.

🖤ERP is strictly DM-based.

🗡Will you help recreate civilization... or will you seek its destruction ⁉️ Whatever you do, don’t miss out on 🖤𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙎𝙊𝘾𝙄𝙀𝙏𝙔🗡
Opening hailing frequencies.
Satellite uplink enabled. Transmitting-#GALAXYCHAT-📡

Friendly mobile gaming community dedicated to a cozy space/strategy game called Hades' Star. We are a diverse community with members from 22 different countries across the world.

° #GALAXYCHAT-📡(Classic chatroom. Send attachments, add reactions, global emotes, and talk to 223 people from 22 countries from around the globe with intuitive automoderation and awesome chat moderators.)

°#LOBBY (Catch pokermons with our integrated Pokécord bot, bump our server on DISBOARD®️,
use bot commands, and post your favorite links and attachments for everyone in galaxy chat to see.

°/PHOTOHUB®️ (Browse selfies, art, nature, animated GIFs, dank memes, foodporn, and cannabis threads.)

°/HADES' STAR™️ (#white-star-discussion, #blue-star-discussion, #beginner's-guide, Hades' Blog release notes, and red star events and corporation listings. Interested in playing this free to play mobile game? Ping a server admin or chat moderator to get started.)

°PARTNERSHIPS (Discord advertising and affiliated communities powered by DISBOARD. Get put on our front page and help boost your server's growth as well as ours.

°STREAM powerful 32 or 64 bit music with Rhythm's™️Barista Bot and listen to tunes with your friends without the advertisements.

°We support roleplayers. We have members from RoleplayNation and other RP forum sites.

°50 Custom sci-fi themed and Hades' Star expressive emojis.

°Active community with interactive staff and server administrator. Our friends will never make you feel left out.

°Constant user growth and featured on two Discord server listing websites.

The year is 6ABY. The Empire has fallen. Battles have come and gone. Scarif, Yavin and Endor, the Empire still stood. But Jakku, well, The Alliance now known as the New Republic, has dealt the final blow. But war is very much not at its end. Many Imperial Generals, Admirals and Moffs have decided not to conform to the Galactic Concordance; these so called warlords have decided to defend what they still have left. But the New Republic continues to eliminate them one by one. What was an Empire, is now just fragments. Meanwhile, whilst these Imperial rebels are struggling, an Imperial Remnant led by Admiral Rae Sloane has fled to the Unknown Regions.

Will the scattered Warlords rejoin together to create a new strong Empire, or will the New Republic continue to hunt them down? And will this mysterious Imperial Remnant ever return from the Unknown Regions? Only time will tell what will happen to a broken, and volatile galaxy.
The current year is 2647, long ago in 2053, Humanity spread itself across the stars in search of new hospitable planets, and new sentient lifeforms. For 18 years they wandered before finally making contact with a new species, and discovered a plethora of hospitable planets under the united name of The Empire. Unfortunately, in 2071, tragedy befell the Empire, and Humanity as a whole as Earth was annihilated, turned into nothing more than an asteroid field. And thus, Humanity began to research how to proceed.

In the year 2074, a brilliant scientist named Ezmund Darlen proposed a preposterous idea. One man be injected with an microscopic, rapidly reproducing organism that hijacks the Human DNA to rapidly speed up the Human evolution rate. With an excessive amount of debate, Ezmund managed to begin research. Unfortunately, he would not see his plan come to fruition, as he perished to cancer a heartbreaking 3 months before the first strand was released amongst the Human masses. To this day, a 30 foot tall statue of Ezmund rests outside of the Imperial Capital Building on Adahl for his tremendous contribution to Humanity's survival.

For a few hundred years, there was peace. Humanity spread throughout the stars, and previously primitive Alien species were exposed to recently developed technologies, such as Hardlight, Plasma, and Leap Drives, thus rapidly speeding up the cultural development of these species.

And then, The Cataclysm happened. The son of a petitioner, Adam Marloz, was killed in a riot against the unfair policies of taxation on the lower classes by the Empire, and revolution ran rampant, leading to The Grand War. Brutal guerilla warfare spread across the known galaxy as the masses Rebelled, and after 12 years of brutal bloody war the Emperor, Wilhelm Reubke the Fifth signed a peace treaty with the Rebellion’s leadership in 2630, and the war came to an end.

This however, did not last long. 3 years after the end of The Grand War, a man named Tok’ra Max was elected President of the Confederacy, and a new war was born out of the hatred of Tok’ra Max’s heart. The Empire, now led by Burckhardt Reubke, engages in all out war with the Confederacy in a desperate fight for survival.
Galios is a planet full of magical and large technological advancements.

A city shrouded in darkness. The only source of light comes from the fairies that are native to this area and the trees that glow bright colors.

A city built on war. It is a military based city with high technological advancements.

A world created by two siblings during their long travels. It is known for its physical form of magic, which comes in the form of mana.

A school for all creatures. There are many different classes avaliable for students of all age.

Wonderland is a lonely world, filled with a melancholic air. This world was created by a selfish goddess, a war leaving it in nothing but ruins. The sky is forever buried under grey clouds, the sun only shines in the ruins. All creatures of all kinds are welcome in this world.

The Hellscape is a bit like a deep web game show where "Volunteers" are chosen to participate it a rogue-like dungeon crawl to win cash and other prizes.

+:。.。Emotional support channels。.。:+

+:。.。Daily Pings。.。:+ Smash or Pass - Daily Question - Ship or Skip - Daily Meme
Welcome to Questor! A place where you can come to kick back, relax, and rp when given time or just chill in the chats or vc. It is a dedicated Warhammer 40k rp server; taking place in on an old backwater, dark aged planet with many many biomes and places to explore. Taking some inspirations from Cyberpunk, Bladerunner, and Avatar. From normal citizen to Primarch, the imagination and scenario is almost endless. We hope to see you there traveler👋
Haven was created to provide you the chance to create something along the lines I provided you with. Like Cyberpunk? Heavy Tech-based worlds? Modern Fantasy? Sci-fi? You've reached your place. This is exactly where you need to be. Feel welcomed and join all you wish, You won't regret.

We offer you:

- Private and public channels submission
- Breeds and factions pre-done, as well as descriptions
- An active staff and ready to answer questions
- Music bot
- Art and editing channel
- Assistance in writing.
Kyouiku Education is a school for those with supernatural abilities and wish to not only use them better but learn about them and the supernatural world. Among many things in the year 4000, science reigns and technology is far advanced past the point of automation and accessibility. People with powers were told by the government to hide themselves or their powers once the world realized that they were worse than the people or things with advanced and complex abilities. This leads to the concealing of various types of special schools and people who must live their life in secret in order to protect not only themselves, but their kind as a whole because the government was forced themselves to create laws around them while secretly providing aid and care to the supernatural population. Kyouiku Education, a school hidden away on the outskirts of the city where the trees are few and it's grassy plains for as far as the eye can see, the farther out you go, the more dystopian it gets rather than the utopian city. This school is a large school that is aimed at housing and educating the kinds of people who are much different than regular humans and inside develops not only a story of tense drama and action, but also romantic and deep tales of love.
- friendly staff
- active roleplayers
- events
- much more!
•❅──────✧❅**Forbidden Daylight**❅✧──────❅•

When the protective layer surrounding Earth vanishes, the people of Earth have banded into Settlements in order to survive the radiation and the heat. But a mysterious force as destroyed these Settlements, leaving a small number of Survivors to fend for themselves in the desert wasteland that was once their home.

Can they survive the heat or will a threat take them first?


This is a new RP with an original story! Step into a Sci-Fi world full of ruin, mystery and secrets!

Make your own OC to join Survivors or Mutants alike!

We are actively looking for partners!

Come join today!
Hi there! We're a Dragon Ball Server. Dedicated to light hearted story telling, plot lines, and romance. Join if you want a more narrative experience!

This server is a project of me and a friend of mine. Ever wonder what goes on in the world of the Galactic Patrolman? Well think no more! Here, we allow characters ranging from lowly Space Pirates, to Intergalactic Defenders. Set in the age 2780, certain races have become far more common!

Not a fan of Dragon Ball? That's fine too! We welcome new and old fans alike to this franchise, to truly flesh it out as a world. This server is quite literate, so please don't join if you struggle with long messages. Also, this is a simplified version of the Dragon Ball world some may be accustomed to, allowing for more balance, and fun. I hope you will join!
As the night settles in and the fog rises from the Venturius river, the dangerous gangs rise up and shake the whole city when they try and gain the top spot as the best and most feared gang.
In the magenta and cyan lights, it starts to rain, and the rain starts to overpower the ongoing sound of cars.
You feel at home.

Welcome to Venturius! The heart of the world of 2080. The city has everything from an arcade to a museum! Come meet new people, roleplay, and create characters! Cyborgs, robots, androids, humans. What more could you want? It doesn't matter whether they are thieves, kidnappers or dangerous criminals, as long as you stay away, you'll be safe. Will curiosity win over you?
Realm of Erdiema is a fantasy, sci-fi, and post-post apocalyptic roleplaying server set in the year 8081, thousands of years after Earth’s destruction. This RP is mainly set in Erdiema and as of Act I, houses the Zialnor landmass and offers not only straight-up roleplay (no RPG/tabletop-based elements are officially utilised) but a vast world to explore, ten playable races (we also got some subraces, too), a multitude of factions, and more.

Premise: It is 8081, and the world is now under chaos starting with a five-way civil war brewing between the Syndicate's controlled Zialnor government and four other factions who are not only at each other's throats but also desire control of Zialnor itself. Many events are also bound to brew following this war but in the end, what will happen to the Zialnor continent, and the rest of the world?

What we offer includes:
-Pure roleplaying, no RPG/Tabletop elements officially utilised.
-An ongoing and developing story which develops with the players.
-A world that combines fantasy and far future together.
-Ten playable races: Humans, Elves, Demons/Angels, Beastmen, Kemona (Kemonomimis), Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, Androids, and Dragonkin.
-A story and world with mature themes along with NSFW RP channels for those who are into that thing.
-Join about seven factions, which help to influence the storyline.
-Ability to make unlimited characters.
-Staff who are willing to help out players get started, even those new to roleplaying as well.

Notice: The server contains NSFW channels to RP in. You must be 18+ to gain access to those channels.

••Welcome to 9 Spires a sci-fi, fantasy, magical world.••


Here you will explore the world of Xel; an advanced universe where magic, science, and advanced technology live along side one another. Step into a life and live your story; be a wage slave for one of the massive MegaCorps who rule the world, join a organization, live a life of crime, become someone, or die forgotten. Here your choices are your own…or at least that’s what they tell you. Dive in because this life is only what your masters make it.


••Open massive world with many areas.


••Unique RPG system

••Several races and backgrounds to choose from

••Now with 300% more rp fun! Additional expansion for faction groups and server world.

••Friendly members and experienced staff

••Lots of neat Robits to be friends with

••We are a friendly and open community. Non-toxic and intend to keep it that way


Join the 9 Spires, it’s not your world but you do live there.

**We now have Nitro Boost!**
Roleplay server built with passion, looking forward to greet new members with a friendly and fair staff.
Come join us and express yourself with your very own characters, few limits are here to let everyone have fun without making someone suffer from another's decision.
Erp is allowed if it doesn't ruins the other's experience as well.
Self made lore, roles and jobs available to claim, propose and improve along with us all.
Feel free to join and enjoy yourself with us.

A bit of lore to get you started *winks*
The year is 2153, humanity has finally achieved it centuries old goal of reaching the stars. Having colonised almost the entire Milky way save Mercury, they have spread to the star systems and galaxies beyond. Along the way, humanity's oldest question has been answered, they have encountered many alien species with many more still to be discovered proving once and for all humanity is not alone. The first race the humans encountered were the Fauni, anthromophic animals that showed evolution had taken a different route on their planet. They have encountered a plethora of other species on various different world's and exist in a peaceful coexistence....mostly. The Umbra faction are a rebel group of aliens out of the Andromeda Galaxy who are intent on shattering the alliance that exist between the races. Due to this, the United Federation of Species or UFS was founded to protect Earth and her allies. Many space stations were constructed to refuel and rearm the vast armada of Interplanetary warships as they moved form system to system. Forward station: Athena is one such station, constructed on the Orbit of Neptune, it is the furthest out station in the milky way. FS: Athena operates as an early warning base for attacks on Earth, as well a way station for UFS ships returning to Earth. This station is home to many species, all military personnel or Scientific researchers, as well as civilians travelling between planets and systems. On here, our story unfolds.
Revenant is a modern sci-fi fantasy roleplay that takes place in Anima's capital city: Eden. This universe is a super-powered society, in which individuals known as Gear Holders have developed previously unheard of genetic abilities. Some use these powers to protect the city, by joining the peacekeeping and governing force of ATLAS. Others choose to become part of the infamous Mafia family known as the Red Syndicate, and control the underbelly of the city with terror and corrupt force. However, a new power lurks in the shadows of Eden City, and threatens to disrupt the fragile balance of the paradise city. It's up to you to choose your pathway, and determine the future of Anima.
New Frontier is all about a plot between factions, and the fight for supremacy over the galaxy. Make an oc, Choose a faction, and fight till the bitter end of the galaxy. Greatness awaits, as well mecha battles, and rising conflicts.

·Original Characters only. Create your own race aswell!
·Mobile Suit, and Faction Fights!
·Hardcore type of roleplay and story driven!
·Apply for staff, and partnerships!
·Lore related events! participate, and maybe you can change the lore!
·Much more!

It should be known that this is a rebooted server of the old New Frontier server. We're under new management as the old server owner wasn't very active. Nor did he really care about. The few of us that wanted to keep the server alive did, and that's what we are. The current reboot takes place 2 months after the first event, if you have any questions feel free to let staff know!
Earth is where is all started. Everything was in relative peach until one day. The ground cracked open and a portal appeared in the sky. Monsters,Demons,Fallen gods, Fallen angles, Nephilims came to earth and started wrecking havoc. 5 brave heroes stood up to these monsters and fought. 3 of the 5 heroes died in battle the last 2 took everyone took refuge. This is where the story starts 100 years later after the event took place.
This is an RP server we are very small but we offer alot
**We offer Different families which offer different abilities and are unique in their own way**
**We allow diverse and creative OC**
We offer an amazing staff who are always active and ready to help!
So come, join and stay awhile the fun is just beginning here!

Mages 100k is a newly opened roleplay that will play in another universe in the far, far future. (More precisely in the year 100.000)
Fantasy races populate the solar system, machines forged from science and magic allow space travel.
Now that technology is evolving very fast due to the long alliance of races, the world is about to explore the entire galaxy!
For this, adventurers like you are needed!
Embark on a journey through a galaxy filled with magic, explore unknown planets, find powerful artifacts, fight all sorts of monsters, team up with other players, forge factions, discover new species, and most importantly, have a real impact on history!
Our goal is for players to write history and take on important roles, not just Npc's created by their owners.
By exploring the galaxy, there is actually a lot of new things to unlock, most likely the most important races, the idea behind this server was to give players as much freedom as possible without creating a bad disconnected lore.
Be that as it may, I wish you lots of fun in the far reaches of the galaxy!
The year is 2286.
The world is in the throes of it’s death, having been scorched and drowned in thermonuclear flame over 200 years ago. Only the Foundry, an esoteric terraforming machine, is holding the planet together, doing it’s best to clean and heal the wounds of a madman’s savagery, the remnants of the Night of Fire.

The human population of the planet has been annihilated. Over 6 billion people perished in the span of minutes. Those who survived, fled to the Fridges, the underground cryogenics zones that were mercifully shielded. These Fridges were set to release their occupants when it was safe, but some of them have malfunctioned, allowing those within to awaken to a world unfit for normal living.

News abounds within those thrust into the unsafe world, of a city that still lives. The city of Armistice, a fishing and freight port in the oceanic region, survived the Night of Fire, it’s structures still standing in their abandonment. It’s here that the enigmatic Regime Academy facility can be found, overlooking the Last City on Earth from it’s mountainside placement.

Those few that still call Armistice and the Academy their home have sent a message to all who may be awake to acknowledge it. An invitation, to cross the wastes to reach the salvation of the city bounds.
Will you accept?
༺「𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐎𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐫」༻
If you are looking for a detail oriented and action packed sci-fi roleplay server, then the hidden order is the server for you. The story follows a shadow government organization created by a select few members of the newly founded United Earth Coalition. This organization was made to silently combat the enemies of the Earth across the galaxy, by taking criminals off of death row and training them to be deadly warriors. People start out as recruits, where they will undergo extensive training in marksmanship, hand to hand combat, computer hacking, field medicine, and much more. After recruits finish their training they will be able to take up on of the many jobs that the order has to offer, ranging from field agent, to recruit instructor.
༺「𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐬」༻

1. A friendly environment free of hate and discrimination
2. Detail oriented roleplay environment for semi literate and literate writers
3. A variety of OOC channels for users to enjoy
4. Well written lore that clearly establishes the premise of the roleplay
5. 11 Bots for the community to utilize
6. A wide variety of roles for you to take
welcome to -+ℙ𝕖𝕣𝕡𝕝𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕠𝕟 ℂ𝕚𝕥𝕪+-

as of today i will set the stage for you:

it is the year 2050 and life is at its fullest for those who were born into riches or aren’t even human, sadly this city is on two different levels... literally. the poor live in a dirty rat infested town where they have to climb the ranks of popularity through a point system known as perplex the publicity system
or ptp. the poor live on a lower level than the rich people who live a life of luxury and happiness.
the lower level has ptp at a much higher value so crime rate is extremely high while basically the lower is the opposite of the higher.

the lowers names are: the scrounge-rats
the higher names are: the top-lifers
Synergy while aiming to be an all rounder fun place for anyone to join in at will, the staff is obliged to do their best to make people feel themselves home.

- +16
# Meet new people. Make friends, if ya' will.
- All sorts of enthusiasts are welcome: gaming, anime, movies, books, music...
# LGBTQ+ friendly
- Noone cares? We do; group-support channel.
# Chill vibes
- Debates
# Display your skills
- Fun server activities and games
# No judging, no toxicity, no bs.
- Constantly updated, always open for suggestions.
# DM for partnership or to become a PM