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In a land, Where ships and visiting other planets is mainstream, something is still wrong.. and has been wrong.. Come live in the System of Sietynas.

In this land you can be anything. From a pirate, looking to make money no matter what. To a college student, just looking to learn about tech! This is the year 2050 after all and tech has evolved so much!
42 minutes ago
A Play-By-Post roleplay server with lite DnD elements that's set in a completely original world - one where humanity's greatest enemy is not themselves, but something far more innate.

"A world torn apart by conflict of a different kind, this land’s woes are not to be found at the tip of a sword or amidst a blood-caked battlefield; no, the conflict that ails Elegy originates from a far more intimate foe - language, the very foundation of civilization, the very words that we speak.

Ciphers, also known as Soulsingers, were once revered by all. Through the use of an unknown tongue, they called upon the latent power within themselves, their words shaping the land itself and forming the world as it is. But, whether it be through greed, fear, or perhaps selfishness, the Ciphers refused to share their gift with the masses, causing them to be cast out and forced into hiding by the very people for whom they had built this world.

That was hundreds of years ago, now. While the legends and stories still tell tales of the Soulsingers and their strange and powerful language, the Ciphers themselves are long gone; time waits for no man, and even the bending of reality itself cannot stop it’s passage."

Combining elements of Ancient Norse, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Ancient Japanese, Modern & Sci-Fi culture, technology and aesthetics, Elegy provides players with many opportunities to create and build a large variety of unique characters. There are few limits when it comes to the creative process in this server, even despite its deep lore and systems.

You can find out more about the world by reading our Lorebook. And don't be afraid to poke your head in and ask questions if you have any!

- (Google Docs)
52 minutes ago
This server is both a roleplay community for fans of the game and a general space for members to chat/speculate about Detroit: Become Human.
This server includes:
[O] Emojis
[O] RP/Non-RP channels for discussion
[O] Canon/OC Roles and Character Sheets
[O] Free/Scripted/Storyline RP channels
[O] Friendly Members
[O] Fanfiction and stuff
1 hours ago
N.O.A.H's Crucible
Navigation. Organic. Acquirement. Housing.

A huge, planetoid-level vessel controlled by an ancient AI, N.O.A.H’s purpose is unknown. It travels between solar systems within the galaxy, offering a wondrous, eden-like environment to live, learn, and love.

An ever expanding ship, the community of N.O.A.H. is comprised of races from across the universe. Ranging from humans, elves, orcs, the terrifying, carnivorous ghouls, to even succubi, the organic inhabitants of the Crucible are as diverse and vast as the galaxy it self. The sentient, synthetic race native to N.O.A.H., known as the Keepers, keep the internals of the ship maintained, and provide basic safety, infrastructure, and help to those organics that live aboard the Crucible. Communities have flourished and persist in the great ship, and new people pour in everyday.

The assurance of a good life, possibility, as well as the opportunity to see the universe leads many people to move their families to N.O.A.H. and become a part of its mysterious journey through space. 10,000s of people reside abroad the Crucible, and as the population rises, N.O.A.H. adapts to the population’s needs.

2 hours ago
We're a small roleplaying community built around "The Rift", which you can read more about here if you're interested.

If you enjoy writing, and creating characters this is the place for you! We're always looking for new people to join our community and share in the adventure.
2 hours ago
A regular Roleplay server,the server is done.
We appreciate new members!

3 hours ago
The Helix is a Roleplaying sci-fi server where the players are able to make and build their own stories throught out the large and expansive world that is constantly getting more added to it there are even main story lines and constant threats to the galaxy
4 hours ago
Sci Fi, Sims & Music - Share game-play, chat & listen to music, heaps of bots to play with inc' a bunch of Music Bots so there's always some free to use for yourself, also to set up music to play for your stream. New Server! Suggestions welcome, your input can make it fun!
4 hours ago
Scifi based roleplay server, with the setting being a planet-sized ship that travels the universe! We have plenty of rooms, ranging from roleplaying, to general chatting, to media sharing! A couple of our members even do game streaming sometimes, with announcements of when they go up. Give us a look!
5 hours ago
**Currently still very small. Looking for active members**

This server plans to be a roleplay sever based around the star wars universe. With plenty of races to choose from, along with factions, create your character to your likes with us!
15 hours ago
The plot has been made! Come in and explore the multiverse theory. Come in and experience worlds crafted by role-play, ideas molded by creativity. Allow yourself to be consumed in the purity of sheer amazement to dimensions undiscovered.

Primarily, this is a role-play server. You will of course, be expected to have some skill in it. Be it a one liner, a semi-paragraph, a paragraph, or a novella role-player, you will be welcomed.

If you want to improve your craft, this is a good place to come. Ask questions, watch, join people, whatever you want. Just make sure you are willing to learn, because that is the biggest boost you will receive toward your abilities.
1 days ago
In the small town of Ourstory, 2 gangs struggle for power. The Chaos Keepers and The Final Guardians. The Chaos Keepers rule the streets and The Final Guardians are always at their heels attempting to stop them. Who's side are you on?
2 days ago
---> The Ultimate Relaxation Resort.
Are you an individual who wishes they had more fluff in their life? More romance? More physical affection? Well look no further, this is the getaway for you!
The Resort can be accessed through a RP Discord server, which is where you will get your hands-on experience. Absolutely anyone is welcome!

We are currently looking for more roleplayers to come in as both clients and volunteers! If you are interested in giving and receiving hugs, cuddles, kisses, etcetc, click on 'Join the Comfort'. We will get you started ASAP.
2 days ago
A brand new futuristic sci-fi server with nice staff and owners, three awesome planets, and robotic body parts, as well as interesting lore to read! Hope to see you there!
5 days ago
The wildest west, space! Earth was destroyed, but humans live on, all across the universe!
6 days ago
Our server is open to anyone who wants to roleplay and we hope for new members also note that our server is not dead yet

Its been a while since the blight took over....
the beacon of hope went out for just a second but it was just enough...

Become a member of the City Guard and help retake Blight City
Or become a member of the Cult of Blight and fight to claim the City for the mysterious gods of blight
You could be anything so join us in the fight over Blight City...
6 days ago
Year: 2074
Country: Opia
*A screen turns on, a happy family are having a picnic on the grass. The father cooking hotdogs, the mother carding for her baby two children running laughing and playing. A man in a white military suit slowly approaches the group then turns to the camera. The man had on a one wholed balaclava and wore a white ballistic helmet. He gave a thumbs up and then words appeared onto the bottom of the screen* ***TRUST US!OPIA IS WELL UNDER CONTROL BY BRISTOWNIAN GOVERNMENT!*** *the recording flickers and then the screen explodes.*

In the year 2018, a new government formed called the BRISTOWNIAN GOVERNMENT. They slowly took control of America eliminating anything or anyone who got in there way, many have forgot about the terrible things the new government has done. Due to the new government negating all clamis of killing people. The Bristownian government built a huge wall around America and closed all airports making America impossible to leave, they tore down any signs of the old America and made the country into Opia. Now the people are to scared to fight back, Brist soliders go and raid people's houses evrey week..What happens next?You decide.

7 days ago
In 2312, Humanity has consolidated control over the entire Milky Way galaxy. But when a strange alien signal was found near a black hole on the edge of the galaxy, the cataclysm occurred.

The signal was a hyperaggressive trojan which managed to bring down the entire government of the United Stars of Humanity, bringing in anarchy. During the chaos, Earth and all her colonies went silent.

We, the crew of the H.M.C.S. Azrael found ourselves stranded in space, all alone. As we fight to survive, our beliefs and values are challenged. To what extent will we go to preserve our lives, and save Humanity?
8 days ago
You've come from far and wide. And now, you've found this mysterious tech-advanced land, in an unknown planet. It's filled with civilization, and all sorts of life. From human purebreds, to mixtures of species, to the most menacing off-world warlords. You can either perish in shame, or rise to absolute power. Whether by good looks, and political powerplay, or by fear, and territory. You decide how you're gonna handle these scenarios throughout the five iconic Regions of the newly-discovered land of “Arcadius”.
But until then, “Please enjoy your stay here in Arcadius!”
...says, all the signs in the outskirts of the populated land of course. RP Based Server : City themed, Technological Advancement, ancient historical locations and people sprouting everywhere ; Players allowed to have supernatural abities, whether tech or magic, or anything in between.
Will you make a difference?
9 days ago
A sci-fi/post apocalyptic Earth means dangers ranging from pyscho-robots to chainsaw-wielding maniacs. In this server there's no shortage of gore, and we assume that you are mature enough to handle the gore. Being 13+ is advised.
Besides the gore, there's lots to do on this server. You can roleplay in one of our many roleplay chats, or just call it a day whilst you Netflix and chill in #off-topic.
Back to the roleplay aspect, there's lots of enemies (ghouls, humans or robots) that may come knocking on your door. This is a survival horror, so you will have to collect lots of things daily (food, water, other essentials) - or you are going to die.

I hope you consider joining. - Nic
10 days ago
Welcome to Akimoto University! This server is mainly a roleplay server based in London with a theme centred on superheroes but you can also use it to chill and hang out with other people in many of our other channels. We also have Voice channels and even Music channels to enjoy yourself in.
14 days ago
This is a Roleplay server about a war between two great powers. It's set in a sci-fi world. (For more info join the server.)
15 days ago
In the year 3055, the goddesses Selene and Arin were in war against Onyx. In their final attempt to kill him, they both challenged him directly, however Arin fell to Onyx and he consumed Arin, gaining the powers of the goddess he went after Selene too. That's when Selene used the last of her powers to put a curse on Onyx, making him have to slumber for 1,000 years before he can awaken once more. Neither Selene or Arin are dead, it's unknown where Arin is but Selene has transformed into a sword. Her sword form needs to be used well by one of the strongest fighters to revive her, that fighter needs to kill around 100 monsters in order to get Selene revived. Now in the present day of Earth, which is 1,3056 society's technology has increased significantly almost to the point where every country is considered a " World Power ".
17 days ago
A sci-fi fantasy roleplay. Select your tribe and job and see how your life here plays out. (We're just starting out, so if you stick around, the server'll get popular in no time!)
19 days ago