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Community based. We strive to help streamers grow and gamer's have fun. We allow streamers to Self-promote so in turn when you grow we grow. We are one of the few servers that allow twitch self hosting using our points system.

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Welcome to New London 2149! We are a dedicated roleplay community set in a cyberpunk future London. Where big companies, gangs, and the government are constantly at odds with one another.

With new threats emerging at a constant rate there is hardly a dull moment in New London. The city is consumed by near endless conflict to control it and it’s occupants, which side will you choose?

∎18+ only
∎ An active, helpful, and wonderful staff! Who is constantly searching for new and exciting plot for it’s members!
∎ Literate and multi paragraph roleplay!
∎ We encourage creative liberties with our flexible character customization!
∎ A friendly, welcoming, and active group of roleplayers!
∎ A wonderfully in depth world to indulge your cyberpunk fantasies!

Will the city be swallowed up by it's own unrest and chaos? Join, create your own character, and make your own path! Perhaps you can change New London for the better.. or for worse.

••Welcome to 9 Spires a sci-fi, fantasy, magical world.••


Here you will explore the world of Xel; an advanced universe where magic, science, and advanced technology live along side one another. Step into a life and live your story; be a wage slave for one of the massive MegaCorps who rule the world, join a organization, live a life of crime, become someone, or die forgotten. Here your choices are your own…or at least that’s what they tell you. Dive in because this life is only what your masters make it.


••Open massive world with many areas.


••Unique RPG system

••Several races and backgrounds to choose from

••Now with 300% more rp fun! Additional expansion for faction groups and server world.

••Friendly members and experienced staff

••Lots of neat Robits to be friends with

••We are a friendly and open community. Non-toxic and intend to keep it that way


Join the 9 Spires, it’s not your world but you do live there.

**We now have Nitro Boost!**
Andromeda, the nearest galaxy to the milky way, or.. where we all call home. However, in this galactic frontier - Home is Andromeda. The year is 2350, in Andromeda the democratic faction known as the federation has began to grow weak after persistent attacks from otherworldly enemies. Along with that, Human explorers from the Milky way have began to enter the galaxy through a small wormhole near Alpha Centauri. With all of this happening many.. lower factions have began to use this conflict to grow their own interests. Crime syndicates to smaller republics have began their growth into the galactic spotlight, therefore, where will your place grow into this galactic frontier? Will you seize the future? or will you fall ill to the temptations and ill-will of this galaxy? Your decision will mark the frontier of the future.

Server Expectations
- An Owner with the willingness and love to grow and expand this creative roleplaying experience into something special!
- Administration options!
- Multi-Scale world building, from a small scale thief or smuggler, to world defining generals and admirals. Each position has an effect on their plane.
- Fluid Roleplaying and loving support from other members
- Multiple factions to play as, along with that, options to create your own faction!
- High amount of creativity and support from future admins and the owner!
- Great brainstorming help from any of your peers!
- Fluid moving plot with server events happening to grow the storyline.
Хе-хэй! Этот сервер ждёт тебя!
Утерянный Камень Душ - RP сервер в стиле космической эры 2039 года, когда все вселенные столкнулись друг с другом. Сервер в себя включает:
- Крутой лор/описание
- Интересная история
- Кланы
- Другая солнечная система
- Космические полёты
- Войны кланов
- Космо-Войны
- Другие планеты
Внимание: Этот сервер ещё недоработан и если у кого-то есть предложения как его улучшить - мы с радостью выслушаем!
Welcome to...

-This is The 100 rp server like most of others that are out there or least for now. This server will follow a bit different path than the TV series does,join and see for yourself what glory or maybe horrors the ground has for the 100 and the rest of the Ark,watch the clans deal with threats from both inside and outside. Watch the Ark either crumble and fall or rise up above everyone else. Nobody knows how situation shall escalate,but one thing is for certain. It ain't gonna be pretty.

What this server has to offer?

-40+ channels for RP with more of them coming.

-Experience with both new and experienced roleplayers.

-Friendly community which is always ready to help
You ever seen the expansive Mass Effect universe with all the concepts and characters and just think "Wow, I wish I could be part of this universe!"? Well, today is your lucky day! We offer you a Mass Effect Roleplay set in the trilogy alongside Commander Shepard. You can create bonds with the canon characters, such as Tali'Zorah, Garrus Vakarian, and others! With endless possibilities for your ocs, you can make changes to the story that you never thought possible! You can even have your own personalized loyalty missions! If you're not affluent in ME lore, not to worry, we are happy to help you along the way. The server is currently in the event of Mass Effect One. We hope you decide to join us as we explore the milky way galaxy.

• - Character Creation, and Canon Character Auditions!

• - Fun Events!

• - Friendly Staff!

• - You decide the story of your character!

• - You choose the powers that your character or characters can have!

Welcome to : WIRES - A dystopian utopia.


𒋲After the horrific events of World War 4, the world was forced into colossal isolation. It split into two parts: those that remained to fight to their imminent death and those that came together in one last attempt to create a community.

𒋲WIRES is a city-state that exists under a dome of countless screens that projets two colors: neon Pink and Purple. Those neons serve as Day and Night, creating an illusion of an endless sky. However, a fatal incident during the first decade of its existence changed its very existence. An explosion led to a release of VIRUS: a dangerous disease that contaminated and multiplied within any cybernetics not protected by an anti-virus. The VIRUS caused an epidemic and the fall of the First Era The community was forced to quickly adjust and find ways to co-exist within the new WIRES and issues that followed.

𒋲The Age of Neon came with newly established rules of survival. Factions rose from the darkness, creating their own laws. Some hunt the notorious VIRUS hosts that threaten to destroy WIRES for the second and last time. Others, try to ally with VIRUS and break through the PANELS to find out the truth that the government hides: What IS beyond the screens?

𒋲So what will YOU be? Create your WIRED story with us. 𒋲

Our Community provides:
🌊Original Lore inspired by a tarot card deck
🌊Quality roleplay
🌊Experienced Staff
🌊Self-roles and involvement
🌊Free roam of character creation
🌊Safe community and connections
Exodus is a server built for RP, but has also begun to expand into games such as Minecraft and Gmod! The lore is primarily centered around a space station orbiting a dead planet, but is ever-growing and expanding. We are currently looking for more SFW Roleplayers, but ERP is welcome as well. We are actively working with Sansar to possibly get our own VR world, likely resembling the setting of Exodus, and are always looking for promising partnerships, as well as friendly new members! Please abide by the rules once joining, and have a wonderful time in our community!
The year is 2286.
The world is in the throes of it’s death, having been scorched and drowned in thermonuclear flame over 200 years ago. Only the Foundry, an esoteric terraforming machine, is holding the planet together, doing it’s best to clean and heal the wounds of a madman’s savagery, the remnants of the Night of Fire.

The human population of the planet has been annihilated. Over 6 billion people perished in the span of minutes. Those who survived, fled to the Fridges, the underground cryogenics zones that were mercifully shielded. These Fridges were set to release their occupants when it was safe, but some of them have malfunctioned, allowing those within to awaken to a world unfit for normal living.

News abounds within those thrust into the unsafe world, of a city that still lives. The city of Armistice, a fishing and freight port in the oceanic region, survived the Night of Fire, it’s structures still standing in their abandonment. It’s here that the enigmatic Regime Academy facility can be found, overlooking the Last City on Earth from it’s mountainside placement.

Those few that still call Armistice and the Academy their home have sent a message to all who may be awake to acknowledge it. An invitation, to cross the wastes to reach the salvation of the city bounds.
Will you accept?
The year is 2269, Fortuna Station is inhabited by members of various races and species. Each living their lives the best they can. Whether you’re a trader looking to sell your goods, a merc looking to get some work, a tourist looking to have a good time, or a smuggler looking to lay low; Fortuna Station has something for everyone. If you’re someone who wants to get away from the galactic bullshit that’s been happening everywhere, then you may want to try Fortuna Station. It may not be the most fanciest of places and truth be told, you may end up dealing with some of the unsavory folk but there is one thing I can guarantee you; you’re in for one hell of a ride. Welcome Aboard!
Revenant is a modern sci-fi fantasy roleplay that takes place in Anima's capital city: Eden. This universe is a super-powered society, in which individuals known as Gear Holders have developed previously unheard of genetic abilities. Some use these powers to protect the city, by joining the peacekeeping and governing force of ATLAS. Others choose to become part of the infamous Mafia family known as the Red Syndicate, and control the underbelly of the city with terror and corrupt force. However, a new power lurks in the shadows of Eden City, and threatens to disrupt the fragile balance of the paradise city. It's up to you to choose your pathway, and determine the future of Anima.
Star Wars: Republic Trooper is a gritty Clone Wars role play server and is now one of the most active and biggest clone wars role play servers on discord. Fight on the front lines as your own specilized trooper and blast separatist droids to pieces! We make sure to add frequent content and lore updates to make sure your clone wars experience is the best you have ever had!
Heres what our server offers:
💥Nearly 100 specilizations, weapons, and equipment to make your trooper exactly how you want it to be
💥Daily missions, tasks, and lore updates to keep you on your toes!
💥Action packed advantures and battles
💥An amazing community
💥Tons of personalized emotes
💥8 Factions to join: The 501st, 104th, 21st, 212th, 41st, 327th, 5th fleet security, and Special Operations Brigade!
💥A server economy with a long list of shop items that can be used in role play including: Squad tanks, Mandalorian custom armor, Astromech droids, and nearly 30 other shop items!
💥Amazing role play
💥Jedi Characters
💥Mercenary Characters
💥So much more!
Join Star Wars: Republic Trooper and understand what it feels like to be a brother in the Grand Army of the Republic

If you need help setting up a character contact a Staff member for help.
Hello passerby! This server is all about Erotic Roleplay! For now. The main special thing of this server is the setting, and that is a faraway colony with Succubi and Xenomorphs and all that good stuff. If you like Transformation, or breeding -or just a good time (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), then this is a good place to look! We have a friendly community, our five members of staff are really active and will work like maids for your needs, and.... idk what else do people say to entice people? Cookies! Guaranteed! Digital ones, of course.
Welcome to Destiny: Light and Darkness. This server is based around the game, Destiny 2. This server is more on the casual side as people can both play canon characters from the games alongside with their own original characters (OCs). This server sticks more with the interesting ideas that come from people rather than strictly stick with the plot/lore of the game but not too much that Naruto would be in Destiny. Common things that are encouraged that people create are separate subclass paths, Fallen (Eliksni)/Cabal original characters, and even custom exotic gear. Even though this is a pretty casual, the roleplay channels are fleshed out with a category for each planet/area along with the Last City not being just only the Tower.
Year 2742 | Realistic SciFi Discord server!

It’s the year 2742, the human race has gone through technological advancements in space travel, that were unthinkable 500 years ago. Take control of your spaceship, and explore the solar system, and the whole galaxy in a server of it’s own!

The server offers:
- Fully working economy
- A custom bot with contracts, missions and more
- Equal CR pay and distribution
- Wide array of ships to buy and choose from
- Weekly and daily events
- A website with all the information needed
- A serious aiming of roleplay
- Personal spaceship channels and roles
- Detailed roles
- A super detailed Galaxy server to expand it's RP even more
- Weekly updates


Also, the first 50 new members receive an exclusive role for being a part of something new.

--Opened on September 10th 2019--

`Hello captain, and thank you for considering Year 2742 Discord roleplay.`
Deep in the outer rim of the galaxy, safely beyond the control of civilized space lies the apparent "safe haven" of Aries Spaceport; a surprisingly modern facility in the void of lawless space.

Beneath the very thin facade, however, is the galaxy's largest point of illicit and illegal trade, in everything from hitman services to massive drug trades; anything that a government wouldn't want you to have, you can find here.

The real profit in this part of space, of course, is made off of the human trafficking business. Massive amounts of slaves are bought and sold for all sorts of purposes here, and most are forced into labor on the station during their stay.

Will you be an eccentric billionaire with more eccentric tastes? A smuggler passing through? Security keeping some semblance of order on a station built around lawlessness? Or just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time, waking up in chains in the station's slave hold?

The choice is yours. But know there's no do overs and no second chances; Everyone's looking for a leg up, no matter how many people they have to step on to get it.

We are a tight-knit roleplay community, and we are looking to take new members of various writing levels on our server (do note that we expect a basic level of literacy)!

DISCLAIMER: Though the server is not entirely based around ERP, it is fully allowed on the server and you may see a good amount of it whether you choose to participate in it or not. This server also revolves around darker themes, mainly slavery. As such, this server is strictly 18+.
✧◑◊✧◑◊《 Hey there! This is a Science Fiction roleplay server based around space exploration! We have no real set lore and encourage you to come and play around with characters, planets, factions, species's, and ships! 》◊◑✧◊◑✧

✧◑◊Along with being a very chill and relaxed sever, we have built up a loving and supportive community here, and do not tolerate any bullshit like harassment or plain old jerkishness. All types of people are welcomed, regardless of rp style or rp skill!◊◑✧

✧◑◊We also offer the opportunity to not only roleplay as individual characters from your custom species, but to represent them in our Intergalactic Senate! After creating your empire, you can then engage in a semi-separate, though exciting, political roleplay, where you get to interact with, and make legislature alongside other senators and representatives.◊◑✧

List of things we have here on the server include:
✧Basics such as: Voice channels, meme, and nsfw channels
✧Self assignable roles
✧Characters, planet, faction, species, and ship creation
✧RP channels of planets made by members!
✧Many friendly people!
The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars fleet/character focused RP, where you can become anything from the lowest soldier to owner of a planet. With a dedicated staff team and an advancing timeline currently set after Return of the Jedi, GFW aims to be a unique experience among the Star Wars RP scene. Utilizing a point based system for fleet battles to deliver balancing on a new scale and narrators to guide the battle, anyone can hop in to GFW.
Factions include
-Bounty Hunters
-And more
Horizon 7 is an text based RP that takes place in an alternate version of the Milkyway Galaxy that was created by the last surviving and now dormant god. In this galaxy, magic exist and has furthered the advancement of human and demi-human society, that was until the great machine wars...
Join us as we embark further into the universe, either under the banner of the Federation, the Horizon or nobody but yourself. There is always a new adventure, a thing to discover and a new threat to defeat within and outside the Milkyway..
- A nice story based RP built on the back of **a million Federation Slaves who died in vain..**

-We have event based stories! You can even suggest your own!

- An ever evolving world fueled by more than 20 pages of lore, best part is we're willing to take in more!!

- Races, we have a large amount of races to choose from that combines the familiar fantasy races with that of sci-fi. The good news is.. We’re open to accept more!!

- Magic! Yes you heard me right! The story we have revolves around, though having many sci-fi elements, the many uses of magic!

- Rythm bot for music!

- A kind, little but growing user base!!

The Remnant war, the war that would last for 600 years. The United Sector Military is in need of new allies to fight against this swarm, so they send out Expeditions, usually of the Iowa Class B battleships. While the main force fights the Remnants head on, solo ships are sent out to explore worlds and possible races. The USS Revelation, is one of them. Outfitted with their normal 10000 personal, they are robots, aliens, and humans who fight along side the ship. The dangers of this expedition is real, but its the sake of humanity and the other races of this galaxy to face off against this Monstrous swarm.
This Rp has custom lore, written by one person. It is required to read the lore before making a character. Unless you like the questionnaire from the owner. Anyways, Any alien like character is allowed just dont make it op, you can be an advance robot that serves under the United Sector military, or you can be a Human. If you have questions about this universe, please ask it to the Owner. He will gladly answer them for you. Anyways, enjoy :smile:
We also except anyone around here, we are a fun community. Also, furries are allowed cause there are anthropomorphic races in this universe. We dont restrict on what your character can be, we have a character freedom policy, just dont go too crazy. This is a Story RP Afterall.
Two continents hold twin ways of life. One born of stars and gas, the other of carbon and flesh.
With the recent downfall of humans and the apathy of their continent-mates, life continues on in a struggle between civilization and the wild.
On the other side of the world, talk is beginning between the powerful nebulous beings; can they rule both halves of this world, Or are they designed to remain impartial?
16 years ago the Republic fell... The galaxy changed. And it's yours to take! Will you fight side to side in the ranks of the Empire. Or will you fight for freedom in the rebel alliance? Or will you hunt bounty's and rob mechant vessels? Are you a jedi running from the past? The choice is yours in this new galaxy!
hey! flowers, kansas is a teen small-town rp server where you can,, well,,, rp. lmao. my admins, mods, and i have some very special plot twists planned, so if you're into roleplay servers that keep you captivated in terms of lore and events, this is the place for you! ;))
on december 4th, 2012, in the humble town of flowers, kansas everyone over the age of 18 suddenly vanished for an unknown reason. with the internet down and no way to access the rest of world, the remaining minors in this small town were left to fend for themselves.
this rp takes place seven seven years later, where order has been established (well, for the most part). shops and restaurants have been revived, houses maintained, and student-run schools are now (sorta) thriving. however, flowers still has no way of communicating with the outside world and nobody has seemed to have aged a day since 2012.
we offer:
-self-roles (literacy, lore, events, ships, and more!)
-fluid plot points and interesting events
-super chill community & staff
-fun bots and emotes to play around with
flowers is waiting for you!
-elle, leo, sugar, and andy :)
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