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Multiverse RP is a casual roleplay server based around any universe in any game/book/show/movie.

Join us for a wonderful experience! Like DnD? Pick fantasy where the experience is based around such dungeon plunging or even tavern warmings!

Like Sci-Fi? Join up on the speculative category for a treat in almost every aspect. Want to be a ship captain? A marine from halo? A cyberpunk dude/dudette? A wastelander from fallout?
We gotchu.


Ω| Literate to Advanced writers
Ω| No main chars, only spin-offs and OCs
Ω| A growing community
Ω| Learn as you go lore, explore the lands after an introduction
Ω| Missions everywhere
Ω| A giant underlying plot for everyone
Ω| Over 200 channels to RP in
Ω| Thousands of NPCs in the world
Ω| Active welcoming team! Learn anything about the server
Ω| Factions that players are able to make
Ω| Players are able to create shops in various towns
Ω| Tatsumaki Leveling
Ω| Currency System
Scifi based roleplay server, with the setting being a planet-sized ship that travels the universe! We have plenty of rooms, ranging from roleplaying, to general chatting, to media sharing! A couple of our members even do game streaming sometimes, with announcements of when they go up. Give us a look!
The Terran Star Empire is a science-fiction RP server in the workings, based in the 23rd century.
Welcome to The SS Morningstar, our mighty spacefaring vessel. We travel from planet to planet, system to system, enjoying ourselves and keeping out the eyes of the law. I am Momo, your guide.
💜 Create a Unique character
💙 Many roleplay options
💛 Friendly community
💚 Lots to do!
If you have any queries, Message Momo or Zico, we will be happy to answer your questions!
A literate, science fiction, post apocalyptic, zombie apocalypse rp.

*Silence. That was the word that perfectly described what the world had become. No longer were the roars of jetliners ripping through the atmosphere. No longer did the ‘vroom!’ of cars sound, nor did their incessant honking break through the already loud hussle and bussle of many feet over city streets, or the incisint roar of cars speeding down the highway. No, as far as ordinary human-injected sounds of the earth were concerned, the world had gone more quiet than it ever had since the industrial revolution.

However, the world could never be truly silent. Instead of the human-injected noise pollution, a new source mounted the global stage, shuffled up to the conductor’s stand, took up the baton and started their own orchestra- the seemingly never-ending groans of millions of undead.

The hubris of man had grown too vast, the desire for conquest to cruel, and in the selfishness of man came their own downfall. And yet, it seems sometimes that it is- now- only the selfish ones best suited to survive.*
Upon entering the server you will be placed in a welcome room where you can view the general server rules, as well as the rule and lore for the rp itself. Upon completion of reading the rules you can DM an Admin or the Founder of the server and request the small entry quiz. Upon passing the quiz you will be permitted in the the rest of the server, where you can create your character sheet and then begin your rping experience. We see the importance of complex storytelling, literate posts, post length and creativity.
Welcome aboard Remus Station! We hope you will enjoy your stay, or your visits to Trilia down below, to explore the wild and untamed lands.
-This server is new, but we hope to expand and get a good core of people on!
-We do normal RP and ERP, plus we have general channels to just enjoy your time.
-Play any race from fantasy or sci-fi! (Within reason)
-Help us grow and bring your experience with you!
Reparations takes place in 1994, post worldwide disaster and interplanetary war. The world is finally rebuilding. You live in Stockholm, Sweden or, possibly, in a rural town not so far from it. The UN has just started its mission in Scandinavia, so the boots on the ground are few. Food and clean water is scarce. Scavengers roam abandoned towns. Martian refugees are coming in huge waves. There's a lot to clean up. All of that with rumors of a war heating back up, life could be about to get a whole helluva lot harder.
Do (almost) anything and be (almost) anything! A space RPing community with a lot of touch for the details! Our lore and help guides are detailed but at the same time, you don't need to know everything, just have fun! We go as far into the details of all the gore and naked anatomy of alien species or cultures as well as their customs. If that isn't enough, we have Space Empire Wars! Lots! If you aren't in it for the wars, perhaps some merchant or civilian life is to your taking? Or perhaps science! Do (almost) anything and be (almost) anything!

Quick Q+A for those interested:

-It says NSFW and you mentioned naked anatomy. Does that mean it's 18+?
Well, according to your country's laws I suppose, but yes 18+. We don't obsess over it but with the freedom we give we have public NSFW content.

-Requirements for joining?
Just read the Welcome Room and agree to our conditions!

-It says furry, is this a furry community?
We put that because we ended up attracting mostly furs and based off of that. *Shrug* I suppose we're furry.

-I like to roleplay (this faction) and/or (this race), can I add them?
Don't go lore breaking or bringing in factions to roleplay as only your faction, that's not how we work. We're individual character oriented.

I hope this describes us well! Do give us a try!

An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community! We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue.

Calypso's Spiral is set in the far distant future of the year 4069. Explore the Spiral's 5 mapped planets, adventure in deep space or among the uncharted planetoids, or fight in Zurak's Arena high above H'Nua!

● This server is 18+ only! Calypso's Spiral is managed for and by adults.
● We require a roleplay sample to keep up quality and manage the community!
● Unique lore that you can help shape with regular submissions!
● Social roles for casual roleplay. (Explore the world and meet others!)
● Monthly events, small and large!

Come join us!
Final Frontier is a Sci-Fi roleplay set in space, you can have custom ships, races, AI’s, etc. it’s very open and you can create your own faction, it takes place in the far future
Welcome to the UEC Spectrum! This server is a new server that is based off of fun RP and has no limits. The setting is space, and your home is the UEC Spectrum.

In the RP, you can literally do anything you want to anyone (within reason). But for certain things, if you are caught, you risk your character being put into the brig or ejected from the ship.

Have fun! Good luck!

This server has:

Role Play
Erotic channels
open officer roles
And open suggestions! If you would like to know if something is possible, then tell me!

A note about this server. While anything is allowed, it is not an ERP focused server. If you have come to simply ERP, you may have a better time with ERP orientated servers.
After the fall of the MSD Astraeus, lleft sought out a new ship to replace it, he created a super carrier in place, but in making his Super carrier, he made a carrier that not only does well in battle, but is great at accommodating people as well.
Clone wars era Star Wars rp, nothing special at the moment but whatever you know, just have fun
The current year is 2124 and you are an inhabitant of the Nero 7 galaxy, your duty is relegated to your own thoughts and ambitions whether you want to be a snarky hotshot pilot or a formal introvert scientist you are welcome in this galaxy. Welcome to Nero 7
We're a small roleplaying community built around "The Rift", which you can read more about here if you're interested.

If you enjoy writing, and creating characters this is the place for you! We're always looking for new people to join our community and share in the adventure.
In the Year 2550 The science division of a Colony ship the size of a country, deep into space, Accidentally created a parasitic virus that takes control of it's host's brain making them into zombie like creatures. The outbreak released into the Science Division causing all of their experiments to roam free killing anyone in their path. The creatures took over the ship leaving some of the survivors held up in the Observation deck.

This is a Sci-FI Survival Horror Roleplay. There has been inspiration from many Games and medias Such as; Dead Space, the upcoming Atomic Heart,RESISTANCE; Fall of Man, Resident Evil and Mass effect.
We are a new server that is continually growing, and we partner with other servers. This server is meant for role-playing, and our staff is active. We have many races for you to choose from and we are adding more to the server everyday.
TRC is a unique Roleplay server with aspects of Strategy, Literacy, Politics, Warfare, and more! Take control of a custom Empire! Or start off small with a single OC. The choice is yours, and we offer many opportunities for a good time and adventure! There are 2 RPs to choose from, one being set in a sci find universe, and one set in an alternate timeline, set in the 1900s!
Looking Skyward is a RP Server set in the far future of 2304, With four distinct empires biding for control of the Andromeda galaxy, strange politics, weird religions, and SPACE ROMANS/AMERICANS,,,,,
Community is welcoming and we're looking for dedicated members!
HUMANITY is a roleplay server which focuses in a cyberpunk setting with some elements from comic books and post-apocalyptic settings. The roleplay takes place in Alaska, over 50 years after a dictatorship was estabilished in the United States of America, and people were forced to live in a dystopian world. Characters can range from things such as a cybernetically augmented soldier to a superpowered individual. It draws inspiration from works such as Ghost in The Shell, the Marvel universe, STALKER and Blade Runner. While the server is still small, we need more players to make it a thriving, active roleplay, and are currently looking for staff members and active players.
We are a server made by Roleplayers for Roleplayers, we a friendly server where you can be you, without being judged. We are based of a Sci-fi Steampunk RP with 3 main factions who are made out of the last surviving humans, after 300 years it grew them 3 factions into big cities.

If you like to do not only RP but also ERP dont worry, we're an ERP server, its up to you if you keep it on RP or also gonna do ERP.

Hope to see you in the server!
~TDRrp's staff members!
Ginga Hoshi is one of the few shuttles that made it to space after Godzilla like creatures took over earth. In this roleplay you will play as one of the passengers abroad the shuttle. Along with humans there is another race of humanoid aliens that are playable to you. Come have a great time with us in this fun Sci-Fi Space Roleplay!
Welcome to Janus.
The Sci-fi space roleplay server where you can be anything you want and become to ruler of the universe! or die at the hand of the Onu...? Come and find out and survive if you can... Here's what we offer!! :popcorn:
:space_invader: Create your OC and pick a race from the list we have provided!
:space_invader: Roleplay to earn money and buy weapons!
:space_invader: Or buy a Space Ship with that money and find people to team up with to create your own crew and do whatever you want ! be a space pirate even!
:space_invader: Survive against the Onu's attacks, help the universe fight against them!
:space_invader: Wait for a creature to pop out to tame!
:space_invader: Endless fun!
:space_invader: Active and nice staff as long as you are nice ;)

So wanderer will you protect the galaxy or suffer? Come decide your face with us all
In a land, Where ships and visiting other planets is mainstream, something is still wrong.. and has been wrong.. Come live in the System of Sietynas.

In this land you can be anything. From a pirate, looking to make money no matter what. To a college student, just looking to learn about tech! This is the year 2050 after all and tech has evolved so much!