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Fall asleep, to wake up once more.

Bloom in a cold Academy, with blank faces and empty minds they suppress the self, a cold routine. Follow the white cat into the broken world of Insomnium, and sacrifice your being for the power to fight back.
Carry the thorns of this glass flower, which grows upon bleached bones.

Fall asleep, to suffer the cold dream of the shattered city.
1 hours ago
Be part of a gang and make roberies around the city or be part of the police and fight crime or maybe you just want to be a agent for one of the mega corporations its your choice
1 hours ago
Alright, I've decided that due to me being horrible at describing RP servers, I'll just say it here. It is set in 2087, no lightsabers, no hyper drive, none of that. It's gonna focus on realism I've gone to the effort of researching what the economy would be like, what weapons would be like, etc, etc. And no, despite the name it is NOT FOCUSED ENTIRELY ON WAR, it is simply a name.
1 hours ago
Welcome to Centra World. Anything and everything that you wish to do is here. From Campaigns to ERP. There are common areas, ERP areas, and Campaign areas made upon request. We are mostly laid back Mods and welcome all no matter what they wish to do. We do have to ask that you act mature on our server. Thanks.
1 hours ago
In a land, Where ships and visiting other planets is mainstream, something is still wrong.. and has been wrong.. Come live in the System of Sietynas.

In this land you can be anything. From a pirate, looking to make money no matter what. To a college student, just looking to learn about tech! This is the year 2050 after all and tech has evolved so much!
2 hours ago
The Vitality Initiative is a brand new server set in a near future. Humanity has finally branched out into the stars and have colonized several planets. However, with the new frontier comes unexpected and deadly problems. In a bid to keep the peace and to defend these colonies, an organization was established to provide the means to protect. That is how the Vital Units were created. An Academy was built to serve as an educational training institution for young students to learn how to Operate Vital Units.

Offering general high-school and college level education as well as combat training, Vitality Academy has quickly become Humanity's leading producer of Operators. You will take the role of one of these many students learning to become an Operator of your very own Vital Unit.

- Offers a smooth, easy, statless character creation

- Choose from three different types of Vital Unit

- Customize your Unit to your personal tastes.

- Defend colonies from extraterrestrial threats. Who knows what's out there!
2 hours ago
(Will interest fans of X-Men, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and more.)

Who Can Join?
- We're open to everyone—be you 14 or 17, maybe even 20 or 32—we'll be fine with you joining in.

- Urban Fantasy
- Sci-Fi

Available Locations:
- Vancouver, Canada
- Paris, France
- Jeju Island, South Korea
- Barcelona, Spain

Summarized Lore:

It began in 1987, as a school in Vancouver. Founded by a loose coalition of wealthy men and women, it was systematically designed as the "private high school to end all other private high schools." Only the best students and teachers managed to get in, and as it went on to develop, it became apparent that this school seemed to get new technology before anyone else ever did.

They even expanded their growth further, including research laboratories in a secluded facility under the school. Their wealth grew over time, and so did their influence on the education industry. The headmaster randomly selected other nations that met specific criteria, and then chose a location there to build another institute. Sure, it cost a lot of money, but it bought back much more than it took.

For a period of time? They were nothing short of unstoppable—a monopoly in the education industry. If this wasn't enough, a discovery they make in June of 2011 completely reshapes all of human society as it was once known.

To some, "aura" was something commonly found in fantasy, being nothing more than a concept to entertain the minds of children. However, after a very particular outburst of rage, this is seen to not be the case.

Although it was initially covered up for two whole years, people were gradually warmed up to the concept through the media. The superhuman abilities we once saw as impossible were fully integrated with society, suitably called "aura expulsions." Further research conducted in 2016 showed that it directly correlated to your personality, and even discovered the root of how certain abilities functioned.

So, where we are now, as of 2023? The Cinicula Institutes still manage to maintain a firm grasp on their monopoly—not only giving some of the best schooling you will ever see, but also being the leader in aura research, going even further as to help the wealthy adolescents of our time unlock and master their true potential.
3 hours ago
This is a Dystopian Roleplay server taking place in the State of Zando, with advanced tech and a long history, The State of Zando is the Bastion of the Zandonian People, who are like slavs. The ZLA wishes for independence, The Government keeps people in check, Niamese are under constant fear of death, and Nazis from another planet (Alternate Earth) has landed. Influenza in the Agricultural Center, Hukoville, Harnet, the Industrial Center, is more populated than ever, and a war with the country Niam overseas is taking place.

Kinda dead now. only 4 bots.
4 hours ago
Centuries ago, a nuclear disaster occurred. The government saved you and all of the world's population of 3B, and built a giant city for you all to live in.
You are kept behind a large wall that is intensely guarded by watchmen with guns. If you try to escape you will most likely die from being killed by the guards or by the toxic air outside of the city, says the Government.
Outside of the city is nothing but dry plains and a poisonous atmosphere that will kill you immediately... or so you think.
Your world has been lied to for centuries until now. You've always had your suspicions, but once you and your friends break into a rich woman who is involved with the government's home, you find the truth.
Outside of the wall is not toxic air or even dry plains. It is flourishing beauty and nature you have never laid eyes on and only witnessed in your dreams, and all the Government want is your complete control.
You join a group that is secretly training to escape the city and save all of its residents, earning justice and victory and set out to destroy the Government's plans.
Welcome to Hiraeth.
*We are very LGBTQ+ friendly!*
*Friendly Leaders and Members*
7 hours ago
A server based on one of BoundCNapalm's heavy projects, The Campaign of Terra is a large, high quality server produced by days of work. Being a Semi-Literate server, this server has no restrictions on writing capability. This server is a completely OC based server, supports Fanmade races, open to partners (and even supports their races), and most importantly of all, has admins that actually respond!
11 hours ago
This is a fantasy/sci-fi rp server slowly becoming a superhero server

-Have super powers!
-Roleplay at any place you want
-Level up!
-be a student,Teacher or any other thing you want

The lore is described in the server

We are growing slowly so if you want to join the owner will welcome you
12 hours ago
The year is 2018. Magic is real, and so is science – but magic is a limited resource, and it's quickly running out.

Somewhere in the bustling American East Coast lies the city of Lume, home to Lume Academy, where the best and brightest of humanity send their children to learn. The professors are exacting, the students are unusual...and all the while, monsters lurk in the portals beyond.

Will you risk everything for glory, or will you pave the way for innovation? Choose your specialty, attend classes, and unravel the complex web of power plays in the city!

Lume Academy is a modern sci-fi/fantasy roleplay. Expect an immersive world of schoolyard shenanigans, ruthless schemes, and fantastical abilities.

Visit our site at to get started!
13 hours ago
We're a small roleplaying community built around "The Rift", which you can read more about here if you're interested.

If you enjoy writing, and creating characters this is the place for you! We're always looking for new people to join our community and share in the adventure.
15 hours ago
Star Wars United is a brand new Star-Wars based server where you can talk about any Star Wars topic you want, share your opinions, and roleplay with your own original character in any era you want. Interested? Join now!
16 hours ago
This server is pretty new and is very empty so we are looking for people to rp with, also looking for staff so come and join
17 hours ago
Lakewood is set in Lakewood, California, in the United States of America. It used to be a place of love, where monsters ran freely, hiding from public eye. Then, in 1965, the area was urbanized, and monsters, magics, unmundanes, humans, and the like, all lived in harmony. That was, until the incident. A little girl was found dead, her bloodied body laying in an alleyway, a monster right next to her, blood all over himself. Ever since then, unmundanes, the collective term for any and all beings magical, have been forced into hiding, and have been the target of much xenophobia from Lakewood's citizens. Somewhere on friday December 31st of the year 1999 the timeline split. This is one of the timelines.
19 hours ago
Fantastic server that embarks you on our exploration of deep space
20 hours ago
*You suddenly find in your midst a strange metallic spacecraft. It roughly resembles a stingray and features no panel lines, creases or even translucent parts. It is entirely comprised of an almost fluid-looking light blue-silver metal. The central belly of the craft hangs low to the ground, giving it a thickness enough to fit a reasonably large automobile inside.

Approaching the craft, a pair of doors on the back of the belly slide open. The interior is simple and just as cornerless as the outside. On either side are seats that use the smooth wall as a backing. Under the seats is what can only be described as a place for personal cargo. In the front, as viewed from the inside, is a perfectly clear dome reaching from the front end of the floor to the roof just above the foreword most seat. On the floor in the center of the dome is a simple pedestal, some sort of console, on which floats a remarkably detailed and animated globe of the present world you have been found on... and some sort of space station nearby.*

The Voyager is a Roleplay server for serious roleplayers, narrators and/or the grammatically inclined, to hang out in-character or to embark on adventures across the stars.

We are currently a small server, just getting started. If you want to join this little endeavor; just go right ahead and tap that space station on the navigation console.
23 hours ago
Set in the distant future, The World of Totallity is a hostile Alien planet that was once home to a mighty human civilization. Their Civilization flourished on the green grass and comfortable ocean sides before a total war broke out, The civilization used mighty mechs to combat each other in the terrible war. but all was lost to either sides as their bickering led to a massive climate change, molding the Eden like planet into a ferocious and deep swamp and marsh-land.
This is a server primarily focused on the lewd interactions between characters. not your typical rp.
1 days ago
Scifi based roleplay server, with the setting being a planet-sized ship that travels the universe! We have plenty of rooms, ranging from roleplaying, to general chatting, to media sharing! A couple of our members even do game streaming sometimes, with announcements of when they go up. Give us a look!
1 days ago
We are a new server that is continually growing, and we partner with other servers. This server is meant for role-playing, and our staff is active. We have many races for you to choose from and we are adding more to the server everyday.
1 days ago
Sci Fi, Sims & Music - Share game-play, chat & listen to music, heaps of bots to play with inc' a bunch of Music Bots so there's always some free to use for yourself, also to set up music to play for your stream. New Server! Suggestions welcome, your input can make it fun!
1 days ago
N.O.A.H's Crucible
Navigation. Organic. Acquirement. Housing.

A huge, planetoid-level vessel controlled by an ancient AI, N.O.A.H’s purpose is unknown. It travels between solar systems within the galaxy, offering a wondrous, eden-like environment to live, learn, and love.

An ever expanding ship, the community of N.O.A.H. is comprised of races from across the universe. Ranging from humans, elves, orcs, the terrifying, carnivorous ghouls, to even succubi, the organic inhabitants of the Crucible are as diverse and vast as the galaxy it self. The sentient, synthetic race native to N.O.A.H., known as the Keepers, keep the internals of the ship maintained, and provide basic safety, infrastructure, and help to those organics that live aboard the Crucible. Communities have flourished and persist in the great ship, and new people pour in everyday.

The assurance of a good life, possibility, as well as the opportunity to see the universe leads many people to move their families to N.O.A.H. and become a part of its mysterious journey through space. 10,000s of people reside abroad the Crucible, and as the population rises, N.O.A.H. adapts to the population’s needs.

1 days ago
A regular Roleplay server,the server is done.
We appreciate new members!

1 days ago