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An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community!

Tenebris Realm is a civilization thrown into chaos. With the disappearance of the Sun Goddess, Darkness has overtaken the world. Horrifying, otherworldly creatures and monsters roam the Dark. Uncover the mysteries of the land and fight against the Branded that plague the misty nights! Explore the vast Frontier and Rift Lands, or make a name of your self through valiant deeds and supporting factions!
Genre Keywords: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Manatek, Dieselpunk, Steampunk

We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue.

This server is 18+ only!
A roleplay sample is required for entry.

What we offer:
➲ A massive world lore and unique website Find your niche and create your character!
➲ Freeform and homebrew combat!
➲ Meaningful character development, progression and involvement!
➲ Consistent rewards for continuous player involvement!
➲ Plot events, small and large with a seasonal storyline!
➲ Player created content and hosted events!
➲ A dedicated staff team and community of wonderful roleplayers, artists, and writers!
┊ Disclaimer: This is a Multi-para and Novella roleplay only!┊

彡 Werewolves are real, and the whole world is after them. In 2048 only a handful of the once many werewolf packs still inhabit the forests, among which the Snowdin Wolves struggle to survive as they hide from the government. Create your own character and aid the pack as they fight, hunt, train and rebel. Join their ranks and fulfill your role as a member by becoming part of our intensive lore.

The server is also active outside of the role-playing game; Talk to us in voice chat, have a nice chat about all sorts of things (especially pets, we love those) or even deeper topics about characters and everyday situations. If you are not interested in roleplay, feel free to join anyway to just talk to us and maybe even track the story by joining as a spectator!

⠀⠀☾ — ;; What other things this server has to offer:

1 -- Create your own werewolf and have them join the pack!

2 -- Each character will be displayed on our instagram page @snowdinjoiner!

2 -- Various ranks and subranks you can choose from!

3 -- A deep lore.

4 -- We have own roles for your characters, and for ooc ones, like your pronouns! More to come.

5 -- Music Bot, Tatsu, Sigma ...

6 -- We have a special room for any kind of fanart you can make.

7 -- Because we mostly only goof around outside of roleplay many dumb words escape our mouths, for this purpose only we have a meme- and a star-board channel to glorify our messages.

8 -- Want to jump into the roleplay but are unsure who to ask? Our rp-request and plotting rooms will come to your aid.
This is a roleplay based on fairies, if you could guess by the server name. The whole concept is that you're tiny! Going about day to day life between flowers and mushroom, all while fighting creatures like frogs and dragonflies. It's semi-combat based, but there are plenty of roleplay channels for social butterflies (like myself).

Originally, fairies didn't have wings or magic. They were just like us, except smaller. One night though, there was a massive meteor shower. A foreign substance now known as "fairy dust" spread all across the forest, infecting anything it touched. Creatures that came in contact were effected instantly, some effected differently than others. Toads and spiders became massive, new mythical creatures appeared. But the fairies were heavily effected too. Fairies grew wings, of all things! They gained magical abilities like creating light, fire, ice, and other innate powers. With their wings and new skills, fairies built up the confidence to come out of their hiding and face their natural predators.

However, there are more threats lurking in the dark. A new and unknown threat is creeping out of the dark woods...a whole new selection of playable villain roles! Our plot is slowly progressing, and the world is changing with it. There are even new roles in the dark side, some spots in the castle–do you have what it takes to be royalty? Or will you be a lowly peasant?

What do we offer?
*T1 style combat. No dice!
*Aesthetic channels, a server banner, lots of cool stuff!
* A magic system based on the power of your wings. The more you use magic, the more energy it drains from your wings and eventually, your body.
* A bestiary which you have the ability to make suggestions for.
* A variety of roleplay channels that you have the ability to make suggestions for.
* Permission to kill.
* Proper lore that's not too long or painful to read.
* A variety of wings to choose from for your fairies, each set of wings having their own strengths and weaknesses.
* Different magic types of fairies to choose from.
* Optional self roles!
* Suggestion and question channels.
* At least semi-literate roleplayers. This means at least 1000+ character per response (half the character limit).
*Lots of creative freedom, as long as it follows lore!
*BRAND NEW villain roles!
*A progressive plot that you can make a difference in.
*Peasants, warriors, royals, and everything in between.
*We also have a Minecraft realm for people with a character!

The staff team is fully attentive and engaging (unless we're asleep)! We're a very welcoming community, and we hope you stop by to at least check it out :)


We also proudly have 15 boosts!!! Server banner and all!

Well, you've made it this far. We're open to partnerships.

Link not working on phone? Try this!

Contact Raven#3009 if you can't join for some reason, or if you need anything :)
Welcome to Grand Central - An index of high quality Roleplay Servers!

Grand Central is a community discord partnership directory for Multiparagraph, Literate, Novella, and Roleplay Improvement servers. Our link-list aims to improve access to top notch roleplay across discord by providing the best roleplay experiences to the community as possible. No pings, no frills, just a simple to navigate catalog of the finest discords.

Unlike roleplay hubs, Grand Central staff ensure that each of our server partners are vetted by hand for excellence in literacy, community presence, reputation, and storytelling. Our servers are indexed according to type, with searchable keywords, literacy level, roleplay speed, and RPG Rating for easy browsing. Grand Central is the only read only, quality driven roleplay establishment on discord.


Think your server is a good fit? We're always accepting new applications for partnership. DM any Station Master after joining for more information.

↳ literate , multi-paragraph
↳ variety of big cat & canine species.
↳ open-world freedom, character focused.
↳ six tribes to choose from!
↳ relaxed environment, chill requirements.
↳ optional channels such as nsfw, venting, events.

from sky to sea is a multi-para roleplay that prides itself in its diverse open world and member-focused roleplay targeting. nevriande is a large continent, stretching two hundred miles from top to bottom. for generations, the land has been inhabited by canines and felines alike that came from a distant, now inaccessible land known as the long-ago. now settled into their home, a coalition of tribes has formed among the diverse groups and individuals within the land. it is your choice to walk alone, fall to the dark secrets of the mountain or be joined by a greater cause. where will your journey take you?

there are six six tribes, all with very different and unique lore, created by individuals. each tribe has varying levels of lore, ranging from very in-depth to light and simple so we can match preferences and need! if groups are not your thing, join as a voyager or criminal, taking on nevriande alone.

we allow all canine & feline species between 20 and 350 lbs. we allow wolves, domestic dogs, cougars, cheetahs, leopards, jackals, dingos, and a lot of species between!

contact hypothermia#6987 w/ questions or to join!
In this world coated by thick plumes of Mist and Magic, there lies a continent divided by the races of creation and bound by the will of the gods. Thousands of years after the near domination of the world by a mad necromancer by the name Rallanel, defeated by a trio of heroes renown as legends, the empires of Man now repeat the mistakes of the past, and seek to conquer Maren once again. The order of the races has been disturbed, powerful and ambitious men and women seek to take advantage of this disorder to claim what they wish was theirs. The Black Veils' seal weakens, and dark things stir from the screams of war. Will you find your way amidst this chaos, or will you be one of the precious few to maintain the order and save the world from itself.

A high fantasy Roleplay focused on custom made lore inspired by several fantasy properties (Mistborn, Wheel of Time, Eragon, LOTR, and others) with over 10 different races to choose from each with their own sub-sects of culture and history. Anything from the tree dwelling Fae, to hulking Goliath raiders, to Men that can breath beneath the waves and call for their aid.

It is not your typical medieval fantasy, each of the different countries and regions share differing levels of historical advancement, ranging from the dark ages to the late 1700's in clothing and technological style.

We boast an involved and very close staff and wish to grow our family even further, the RP is new but we have over 30 pages of lore and plenty of places to write.

18+ (Written Verification required, VC if possible)

ERP/NSFW is allowed, but only if it suits the story and character development, don't make a habit of writing smut over plot.

Multi-Paragraph/Novella writers only, 2 paragraph minimum

A writing sample is required to see if you meet the standards of the community, once provided you can see what lore there is to read and what we require of our writers. Roleplays available to read once your bio is approved.
𝔥𝔲𝔪𝔞𝔫. (adjective.)
of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people.

𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔢𝔫. (adjective.)

𝔰𝔭𝔞𝔠𝔢. (Noun.)
the empty area outside Earth’s Atmosphere, where the planets and stars are.

Scientists and astrologists searched and found a new planet after they deemed that Earth's resources were being depleted to a point that they could not recover. In honour of the first true space craft, they named it Apollo X. The planet was found to be similar to Earth and deemed possibly inhabitable. A space company with experienced engineers offered them a partnership and experiment.

This experiment was simple on paper: they would allow humans to take a ship and travel to Apollo X. It would take them a hundred years to get there. They proposed that upon boarding, humans would be injected with a sedative and the inhabitants will be placed into a cyro-sleep, and monitored by the sophisticated AI of the ship they would fly in. The future inhabitants would be placed in a hibernation pod and placed in the passenger bays. The ship would be built to withstand all conditions and run on a system that would allow them to fly without fuss. They will then begin a new life on Apollo X.

What the researchers did not realise, too, was that the planet was inhibited by other lifeforms similar to them.

5000 tickets are available, will you be one of them?

Will you buy the one-way ticket of a lifetime?

Choose wisely. Once chosen, there is no turning back.

:・゚✧:・゚✧ We offer:
✧ A friendly community regardless of orientation or race!
✧ a 16+ writing space with no nsfw but mature writing themes
✧ Literate, Advanced Literate and Novella writing styles
✧ a community of writers to discuss with
✧ Caring mods!
✧ Many places to write in
✧ a plot that advances with what you write, meaning you are the focus!
✧ 4 various species of aliens to chose from, or simply be a human!

Use this link instead to direct to the greeting channel!
You Must Have Heard [or YMHH] is a novella roleplay, with emphasis on character development and design.

There is, provided to you for both entertainment and information, a fleshed out ecosystem and culture, the later of which is always open to development. We are, as of now, 13+, as gore and graphic detail are allowed. If these things upset you, you are still welcome, and we'll do our best to keep that from you.

In the following ad, these sections are present.


Further information is present in-server.

!! Note !!
• Hook is not Plot. Plot is currently slice of life until more than one character is present. You may make mini plots. You, with communication with serverowner, may make your own gods, or help create an overarching plot with the other characters. These will be called Arcs.

• Every character will have done something dubious or have a bad reputation; All characters will be morally grey in some capacity.

To preserve until after the end of the world.
You must have been told to do so, you must have heard it from the trees, the bog, the bears, the grass, the ground.
This is what you know, this is what you've heard. You are;

☼ THE BIRDS come and go as the seasons. They are born, swift and clumsy, they die, beautiful but fragile. They do POORLY, IGNORANT to the time that passes without their knowledge. But they are flighty and proud, outcast even as they flock and perch and preen together. Two faced. They are those who sound brave, but whose wide little wild eyes give them away, and who jump and ruffle at even the smallest rustle, and savior even the most fleeting rays of SUN.
• You are food.

☾ THE DOGS are rabid. The hunger, hunger unimaginable. It crawls along the inside of their skin, pierces the inside of their bellies, causes the great drooling maws of beasts bigger than them to go dry and barren, moves all from their path when they gather. THEY DO DUBIOUSLY. They do selfishly. The world is theirs and its inhabitants the same. Perhaps the things afraid of the SUN are more deserving of its worship, so the wilddog will testify. STILL, THEY CHORTLE.
• You are jesters.

❧ THE TREES store wisdom, store water, store lifeblood and bread. They are fundamental. THEY DO IN GRIEF. They do in mourning. They are sturdy, are strong, are tall. They have many cousins-the bushes, the flowers, the mushrooms. They are cut, they are trimmed, they are farmed, and they are eaten. This is the way of things. STILL, THEY PROVIDE.
• You were built to sustain, but what not even the gods know.

But you've always known more than them, haven't you?



I. Generally, respect to your fellow player is expected.
IB. Xenophobia/Homophobia/other not cool behavior is in violation of the first expectation and will almost immediately result in a ban.

II. Reading information provided is greatly appreciated.
IIB. That being said, there is quite a lot, and if questions are still present, they are welcomed and equally appreciated.



Go forth, into the wild, with the bad things you have done.
You can change things in the world around you by building, teaming up with other players, or anything else. As long as your character fits within the set world, you are free to make a name for yourself. Server Events will occur, on occasion, like rainstorms, blizzards, wild attacking animals, and more. Maybe even the resurrection of a god, should you choose to try and do so. ;0
━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

Where do your loyalities lie?

La Cosa Nostra [LCN] is a multi-paragraph roleplaying community chalk full of members that value an alluring storyline and lengthy character progression. Everyone is welcome here!

What is LCN?

The Russian Volkov, the Italian Lucianos, the Irish Mob, and the Asian Triad were always known as the elite four. These crime syndicates, spanning all across the globe had always excreted their dominance in their specific domains, coexisting in peace and meddling in their own specific affairs. Since the birth of their existence, these four syndicates have been at faults with each other with thousands of miles between them. Now that all four have branched out to the United States, with such close borders, there is no questioning that terror will reign. In one country, one has to be superior, one will hold the power. The question is; will you?

What our server offers to you:

✦ A server like no other - our mods have put hours of time in to make this server accessible, supportive, and encouraging as possible!

✦ An active group of moderators available night and day!

✦ A never ending story: New arcs are introduced regularly to insure character progression!

✦ A creative environment with like-minded individuals!

✦ Roleplay samples ARE required upon joining.

Are you a Russian, Italian, Irish or a Triad? Are you neither? What're you waiting for? Join now!
Welcome to the World of Aqoa; a land of grand wonders and grave dangers. Aqoa experienced a shutdown a few months ago due to technical and administrative issues but it is now back for good with new aspects meant to streamline the server experience just a bit more. We welcome old and new members alike to the server! What can you expect to find in Aqoa?

🌅A living and breathing handcrafted fantasy world with plenty of locations to roleplay in.

🔮Unique custom types of magic which allow plenty of room for creativity.

✍Server aspects geared for immersion and tailored for literate-novella role players.

📢Friendly and engaged staff.

🔥Events crafted by staff and members alike which influence the world.

🌐Custom races with their own abilities, cultures, and politics.

⚔T1 based combat

🔥and many more exciting and fun things!

I would like to thank you on behalf of my staff for considering joining Aqoa. We have many exciting things planned for the future and cannot wait to receive you! If you have any further questions about the server feel free to join to ask and we will be more than delighted to offer our help.
Welcome to the Memento Mori Server.

This is NO RP Server, but much rather a place to find your fellow literate writers to plot awesome Roleplays with and finally distance yourself from one-liners. We aim to create a little, cozy community of writers more advanced and creative than the average RPer. Hopefully, everyone can build friendships and explore distant shores.

To secure a steady level of writing quality, you have to post an example over at the #role-assignment channel, more information can be found there.

Before you consider posting a sample, please make sure to read the #rules.

Other than these few instructions, this community warmly welcomes you to exchange your ideas and thoughts, discuss popular topics or simply have a nice chat.

Should there be any issues, the #help channel is open for you, so are the DMs of the Admin.
I hope to gather dedicated roleplayers that want to shape a completely fresh, untouched, New World.

Mods needed!
The golden age of the vikings has returned!

If you always wanted to rp as viking, go on raids, participate in drinking contests and prove yourself a fighter worthy to feast with the gods in Valhalla, this advanced literate group RP is the top choice for you!

All roles are currently open and waiting to be filled by active writers for some detailed storybuilding with every bloody twist you can imagine. The storyline is to be shaped by your OC and the other writers participating in the Scandinavian environment. Do your best to survive these cruel times, or become a King/Queen yourself by defeating the formerly reigning one.

DM me if you want to join this RP, we will be happy to welcome you and your ideas!

A fair warning: Path to Asgard is based on realism rather than fantasy, and there will be mentions of very dark themes.