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America, 2036.
By now the “cure” has been out for 4 years, everything seemed fine. Of course! The cure for cancer, the worlds saved. Or so everyone thought. The Government knew this “cure” of sorts was not fully ready, however they openly had doctors test it on volunteering patients. At first, everything seemed fine. But these volunteers started...changing. Developing backwards, losing their human thoughts and own state of mind. The few of these volunteers were locked up and kept quiet, until they started gaining a sudden strength, it seems to have happened over time. About 5 months in. The “infected” as soldiers referred to them as started breaking things in the rooms they’re in, until they broke out. They didn’t seem to kill the soldiers and scientists watching them though...Its like they have the knowledge on how to turn others into the same as them. This happened, and continued spreading, reaching towns and cities. But the Government where to be seen. They’ve gone quiet since 2033, when it really started getting bad. A small town, Willowcreek hasn’t been effected at all. Its been seen as a safe haven for everyone, but then more people started coming, which led the infected there.

And those doctors? They mysteriously disappeared after all this...Killed by the Government? Maybe. Hiding? No one knows. But what is known is that they’re the ones who are most capable to help figure out what caused this and how to cure it.

Server includes:
-Friendly community!
-Voice, music, and singing chats!!
-M e m e s
-And more!!!!
It is the year 2077. Technology has halted, for an unforeseen threat of extreme nuclear potential has struck. The world has lost all power, and because of that, everything fell. All who have survived are in shambles. It is your job to save the world, traveler. Land of the Damned is an apocalypse themed roleplay with a changing world. There are events. Characters will die, factions will fall, and new ones will rise in their stead. I hope you consider joining, and thank you for reading.
God's Blood: From the Ashes is a chiefly organized zombie apocalyptic roleplay server focused on the year 2030, in West Virginia. It has been 13 years since the Black Flu stormed the world and left only a million survivors in its wake.

Roleplayers are tasked with forging friendships or enemies as they tackle both the living and the dead, often running on hunger or resortment to sleeping under the first building they see. Outlive the apocalypse, or become part of what makes it the apocalypse.

Survive The Walking Dead. The world has fallen into chaos, and no one knows what TRULY happened. Just that the dead... walk the earth.

The world of The Walking Dead is large. Full of survivors whos stories are dying to be told. You are a survivor... What is yours?

We provide:

- Memes
- Free ice cream
- No Scott M. Gimple
- A friendly community
- Friendly staff
- People HEAVILY familiar with TWD mythos, and Zombies as a whole
- Friendly community
Uranium Fever is a brand new literate roleplay server based in Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic Commonwealth and welcoming of canon (all games, not restricted to 4), OC, and crossover characters. Wander the Wastes helping settlements defend against raiders, or go your own way doing whatever it takes to survive. Plotting is loose with an emphasis on letting characters explore our favourite dangerously irradiated world, although there might be more targeted missions later on. Come join us!
Post-apocalypse RP, following a nuclear war!

- Giant map, still growing!
- Different factions, or go it alone!
- In depth story and plot system!
- Friendly, helpful staff!
Pre-War Life: Before the war of 2356 which exterminated most of humanity and forced them on Mars, life was mundane, boring and depressing with the occasional bombing from either of the Three Nations: The Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, The British Empire and The American Empire, there was massive Naval battles at the poles, The British Channel and both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, there was mass illiteracy, starvation and corruption, the Americans were Capitalistic pigs, the British were Imperialistic weasels and the Russians were Communistic rats

Post-War Life: After the war, mankind was forced to leave Earth for Mars on old cargo ships, which, most of them exploded in space and or crashed on either the Earth and Moon due to disrepair and or being fired upon by the new dominant species on Earth, the Doggans, and their massive Anti-Space guns, located on the surface of both stellar objects, the ships that did arrived on Mars, all of them carrying 1 million people collectively, began to form The Human Reich and gain military dominance over Mars, this period of time was a time of paranoia and rebuilding of mankind, with worker strikes, rebellions and violence galore

The Golden Era of Mankind: This is the current era, mankind, after it's tough fight with rebuilding itself, succeeds and cities start growing on Mars, the economy and population also grows and citizen productivity is at an all-time high, this is an era of Jazz, and the introduction of a popular network called, and the military grows to it's biggest at 12 Million, the population is now 400 Million and Humanity has survived and it's getting ready to retake Earth from the abominations itself created... the Doggans
``The  Zombie Apocalypse has started¡!``

Survivors are scattered around Nelspruit, there are safehavens, survivor groups, scavangers, lonewolves, even zombies!!!

-Can you survive it?
-Can you live in war between factions?
-Can you keep a relationship?
-Can you drive a Truck?
-Can you manage a farm?
-If you can do all of those, surely you can click on the invite link😉

🤢We have Major zombies!🙇
👯Helpful and nice staff team!👮
🏘Allot of space for roleplaying!🏚
🤹Great and easy character system!🎭

🇿🇦This server takes place in South Africa, Nelspruit🇿🇦

👂 "I heard from a little birdy you can survive the apocalypse"👂
👀We'll se about that shall we?🤔
Restart is a server in which earth has struck back against humanity for its sins, bringing humanity to the verge of extinction but what the earth did not know is by striking back that it will cause the birth of magic... come join Restart and find out what fate lies ahead
Ever wanted to be a vault dweller? Now is your chance. Welcome to vault 577. Vault Tech, A better future underground
Over the past years, natural disasters have become incredibly frequent. First, a magnitude nine earthquake hit the San Andreas fault, felt all across the United States. Then, because of that, tsunamis triggered by other earthquakes that the San Andreas superquake caused. The worst thing of all, though, was when Yellowstone erupted.
Within a month the entire world was plunged into a volcanic winter unlike any ever perceived by mankind. People are dropping dead left and right from the sheer amount of soot and ash in the air. The supervolcano is still pumping out debris, adding to this deadly cloud as it spreads and thickens across the globe. Only the best radios are able to get anything out, these mostly belonging to the government. There is one easily accessible station for anyone, and it sits there, playing music. Every half-hour, a female robotic voice spits out a number. The number of those dead.
Now, in 2022, the remnants of mankind huddle together in tiny regions. What remains of governments has crumbled. There are few areas in the world that can grow any crops, or are able to raise cattle on. Nuclear war, the humans were prepared for. Bring it on. Nature bringing her rightful revenge to a planet they slowly sought to destroy, though...


The current year is 2038. Fifteen years ago, in September, the virus outbroke, infecting a majority of the population. Now your job is to survive, not only the infected but rebel survivors as well. Are you apart of the militia, teaching children and protecting each other? Are you a rebel, killing others for your own gain? Or are you left roaming, defending yourself from the dangers of the world? You must scavenge for food and supplies, and shelter if you wish to live. What will you do?
Welcome to The Collapse! We are a newly formed post-apocalyptic roleplay based in Michigan. It has been 17 years since the initial outbreak day, known as “The Collapse,” and nature has reclaimed towns and cities. Strange mutated humans now rule the earth, and life gets harder with each passing day. Will you survive the apocalypse? Or will you succumb to the infection?
Hey! You! Yes, you! I see you reading this description. How do I know? Becouse you're reading it right now otherwise you wouldn't see this and wouldn't bring up the question. Anyhow, a brand new server we made! It's based around the apocalypse/post-apocalypse genre.
We have:

> ~29 Channels to Roleplay in
> Fun Bots!
> Custom Emojis. ( Though little now )
> Custom and Detailed Template
> Custom Lore
> Character Creation Help!
> Active and for the most part, friendly staff
> User friendly rules
> And most importantly, no toxic people!

Though as you can tell the server is for more detailed roleplayers, everyone is welcome!
☂The Wastelands☂ is literally just a roleplay server with a twist: it takes place in a dystopian universe. It has it's own lore and story that shall progress over time as more and more users add to the story. We are a relatively new server, so it'd be great if you could spread the word!
A roleplay based after the events of Fallout New Vegas's independent ending and the death of the Courier. This roleplay includes factions that you thought might have been destroyed after the ending and the goal of this roleplay is to conquer the Mojave. While now at peace, the Mojave will soon desend into another bloody war over who will control Hoover Dam.
This roleplay includes:
• 3 main warring factions, and some minor ones.
• A Post Apocalyptic Roleplay
• New and Original lore
• Multiple Room Roleplay
• Cannon Characters
• Suggestability
• Chance to become an Administrator
+ More!
Welcome to EXOUSÍES ACADEMY where you have powers in a apocalyptic world. Explore ancient Greece and learn to use your powers.
*————————————————————**KEEP RUNNING because they aren’t gonna stop chasing you.** Get used to it. The government is corrupt and nothing but the bloodshed interests them as they look down upon their noses at criminals, at the poor people, at the lesser mortals that walk this earth and watching them fight to the death. The worlds so corrupt now that science breeds them, creates them. These demons, those nightmares.... these *Monsters*. You fight. You die. You fight. You survive. You do this for a cause, innocent or not.

You run, and you run, and you run from death.
Keep moving, keep going, like the blood in your veins.
Something to remind you, something to warn you,
Perhaps in the pain, never ending, monster jaws.
Chasing the dawn, running from Dusk, forever alone.
No rules, no boundaries, no sense and no laws.
For the time has come, to give up, to fight.
Inside the arena walls.

We are in our beta stage and brand new! We are hiring staff and looking for people to help create this massive project, it’s built upon the idea of fighting monsters in a dystopian arena.

The thing is, the world was meant to end. Except Apocalypse turned to dystopia and the world kept crumbling. Kept dying. Even though the world keeps spinning, keeps turning, keeps moving, but in a sluggish way, a pained way, giving up? Perhaps the world already knew.

You see, the Rich people own the world now, capturing the monsters that once came out of the research of corrupt science, making a more pleasurable way to exterminate these monsters and those that… well… commoners. It’s a rich mans world.

ᴀᴘᴏʟʟʏᴏɴ ʀɪꜱɪɴɢ – ᴀ ᴘᴏsᴛ-ᴀᴘᴏᴄᴀʟʏᴘᴛɪᴄ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ.
A defense system AI created by a forgotten country's military turned on its creators when they began to fear its capability and tried to shut it down. Towards the end of a bitter war in which humanity all but wiped out the defense system AI leaving it cornered and desperate to survive.

To safeguard its own existence, it unleashed a chemical weapon that made its way into the upper atmosphere and poisoned the clouds. Like a global monsoon toxic rain swept over much of the world killing off almost all life including human society.

Once the rain settled and the chemical weapon faded from parts of the atmosphere the defense system began to rebuild and spread. Though the rain effectively ended society, it failed to end humanity which now struggles to survive against the machine onslaught that threatens to end the human race once and for all as well as survive against each other.
Welcome to Apollyon Rising! This is an original apocalypse roleplay server inspired by the Netflix show "The Rain" and the PS4 game "Horizon Zero Dawn." We are welcoming to everyone on this server and we also have a nsfw role for those who wish to partake in explicit roleplay. This is a new server and we have just opened!

Interested in joining our game? Come over here!
Mankind has grown too powerful, and Mother Nature has had enough. Having turned almost 70% of the planet into a sprawling Cityscape and made enormous strides into the fields of science and medicine, the day of reckoning came when scientists discovered mutagen G5XP-12. Plants began mutating at an exponential rate, maturing to full growth in a matter of weeks and developing strong iron-like bark. Six months later, G5XP-12 Was found in trace amounts of the plant life in Yellowstone National park emitting sulfur and mercury gasses into the surrounding area, then a week went by and it was blooming venomous teethed flowers in Nevada's Cacti, a year later underwater plantlife began oozing a tar-like substance that made both man and animal fatally ill.
Mankind finally got the message when a houseplant in the UN panel choked the life out of the world leaders on live television. This was war. But no matter how many bullets we threw at it, or times we burned the roots they just came back stronger. And science marched on, creating chemicals designed to enhance humanity's fighting prowess, their intelligence, their instincts... then the first wave hit. Almost Overnight entire cities became dense jungles of plantlife and mutant animals too dangerous to treck through.

The year is 2336. Most of humanity has either been destroyed by the plants or killed by each other. Some settlements find peace scattered among the carcasses of the once great cities, but in the end, the Law is almost non-existent, each clan, tribe, or settlement adopting its own code of conduct. The war against the plants has gone on for as long as mankind can remember, but your story is just beginning...
A roleplay server set in Ontario, Canada in a fictional zombie outbreak!

-Custom Lore
-Interesting Zombie Types and Factions
-Virtually any character is possible!
The year is 2000. Six years after the end of civilization. The country is split between warlords. There is anarchy everywhere. Zombie hordes are everywhere. Major cities of the past, like LA, are ghost towns. Many things have changed since 1994. Nations have formed out of the ashes of America. Will this be the new norm, or will the Old Guards restore America back from its stagnation?
The year is 2021. The initial outbreak was three years ago back in 2018. We dont know what happened, it was just... an outbreak. The world as we knew it went to hell. Undead were roaming the streets, people were killing each other and we lost what was once ours. The last three years have been hard, brutal, and unforgiving. There is no cure, no hope for humanity... But, maybe you can bring a piece of it back from the brink. Do you have what it takes to survive? Trumball Valley was the first area the outbreak hit, meaning the military originally quarantined it off, blocking in the infection, but as time went on the walls didnt hold and people got sick. Spreading the disease. The world is no more, those still left in Trumball Valley must do what they can to keep living and moving forward.
Join us and have fun with making characters,friends and enemies.
We are a new community so there aren't many of us yet!
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia! Or at least it had once been.. A single rogue scientist blinded by his ambitions and his dreams was the harbinger of destruction and death. Accidentally releasing a deadly virus that ravaged the lands, and those who inhabited them.. Within a laboratory, the virus took over and malformed all of those it came in contact with. Monsters among monsters. Veins that his beneath their flesh emitted a more purple like color, as the bulged from underneath the skin of these creatures. Dilated pupils, there bodies rumbled as the virus took hold. Muscles and bones reforming, ripping themselves apart before reattaching themselves. Stronger and better than beforehand. These zombies went on to infect those from coast to coast in mere months. Before long, countries fell before this thing that plagued the lands. It wasn't long before the world was it's knees due these creatures.. The virus, just as it had done to the first men who had turned- It ravaged the lands, making it dangerous and infinitely more deadly to traverse through its lands. The question is- Will you outlive the apocalypse? Or die trying to survive.. join and find out!

Welcome to Outbreak: Salicroa, a fast-growing zombie apocalypse server that is centered around the time 2019. An organized server with a collection of staff willing to help whenever necessary, and a community that welcomes newcomers with open arms!

• 25+ RP channels!
• Multiple factions that you can choose from!
• Friendly and active community!
• Involving OOC channels - Channels to get you involved in the community even if you don’t have a character!
• Interesting and unique events!
• A currency system and numerous other fun bots!
• Even radio voice channels that are apart of the roleplay itself!
• Bounties for those pesky survivers in order to get money and items!

Owner: @avalyn#0313
Permanent invite: