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In early 2038, (Now 2050) a disease began to spread through South America, killing millions. The disease first thought to only survive in warm weather, was now spreading north, quickly making its way to the US. By the time virus hit the US, the dead were starting to reanimate in Brazil. Large metropolitan areas were hit the hardest. The majority of the US is under martial law, but cities like LA, NYC, Chicago, etc. Were all thought of as lost causes. Out of the ashes of these cities groups formed in an effort to survive. NYC formed three groups each taking a valuable resource to provide the other groups for trade. These three were, The Amazons, The Dented Locks, and the Blackridge Raiders.

Before the gangs and sometimes even still, people often aren’t killed by zombies. They’re killed by infected scratches and dirty water. Disease runs rampant and having good personal hygiene is required in gangs to help everyone stay safe.

There is no military or emergency services.
New zombie apocalypse roleplay welcoming to anyone!
"In The End.. all that was left of the old world were ruined cities and crumbled memories of the old times when man and mutants could coexist in the world, when the world wasn't so rigid and people could trust one another.. But now, now that's all changed.."

In The End, a brand new literal roleplay with mutants, humans, and zombies. Come on down and join the apocalypse!

What does this server have to offer?

▪A small but growing community
▪50+ roleplay channels
▪Up coming events for all to join!
▪Unique lore
▪A welcoming atmosphere
2154. A post-apocalyptic roleplay server.

OC-Friendly | Factions | Rewards | Missions | Mutants

"By the time you are reading this, it will be too late.

The date is January, 2100. What was meant to be a new year of peace and prosperity has been overshadowed by the events of today: the government has decided to cut all funding towards improving the environment.

The damage dealt to our planet is now irreversible. We have done all that we could to try and put measures into place and prevent these horrors from occurring, but destruction is imminent.

All that we can do now is survive.

We, as a human race, cannot go extinct. We were meant to make it far, far past the year 2100. For the sake of our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and many more to come, we must strive to create a future where they can find the technology to make our wrongdoings right.

I will be long dead when the worst of what is to come finally hits. Tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes bigger than we’ve ever recorded will consume at least half of our planet. We’re also expecting bouts of acid rain and a severe drop in air quality - to the point where it will be difficult to venture outside without aid.

I’ve attached blueprints for hazmat suits, a dome, and other various inventions that will aid you through these tough times. Take priority on building the dome - it will house at least 200,000 people, providing you can gather sustainable food and water sources. Make use of the underground, too. You will be able to house more people there.

Work together. This is humanity’s darkest hour now. The Doomsday Clock has closed upon midnight; the hour of destruction is upon us.

From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. I never expected to fail you like this.


Prof. Alphonse Cronus
Argonne National Laboratory"
God's Blood: Dead World is a chiefly organized zombie apocalyptic roleplay server focused on the year 2031, in Texas. It has been 14 years since the Black Flu stormed the world and left only two million survivors in its wake.

Roleplayers are tasked with forging friendships or enemies as they tackle both the living and the dead, often running on hunger or resortment to sleeping under the first building they see. All of the remaining governments are dystopian and reserve their share of corruption, hiding injusticies that leave many to wonder if the living are worse than the dead. Outlive the apocalypse, or become part off what makes it the apocalypse.

> LORE <

It began in 2070 It has been 12 years since the outbreak happened. It started when an asteroid hit Earth, China to be exact. Nobody took much notice until on closer inspection the asteroid contained hundreds of small creatures. They leached onto a few scientists looking into it and now the fungi took over the human's brain. Turning them into berserk and mindless cannibals that had the intent to feed on any life form. Over time they developed and evolved further into bloaters, clickers and other zombie types. People are petrified of these and they managed to wipe out the majority of the population.
Islands and smaller islands survived and have less zombies to deal with, Like England and Australia, Hawaii but it spread like wildfire. They all still have infected but much less. Currently the government's and militaries are hiding in Hawaii. They'll supply countries and areas with a few air drops. However, they will not allow military to leave due to the fall in numbers. Once the zombies saliva get into a cut or a bite, you're gone. A majority of people have settled in europe, in countries like Greece, France, Italy and more. It all comes down to whether you can survive it, and whether humanity actually has any hope left..

◇ What We Have To Offer ◇

We are a fairly active server which welcomes people of all kind.
~ Helpful and friendly staff
~ Users are willing to rp with anyone
~ You can create an official faction and group
~ We're friendly towards all and everyone
~ A good set or rules with no clear loopholes
~ ERP can start in here but we advise you take it to DMS
~ Characters are all unique with our template which allows you to be creative
~ Self roles
~ A verification bot so you will never find an unwanted bot in the server
~ Music and VC channels.
~ People from all around the globe ♡

Make sure to have fun~ ♡
This is a server for those who want to take part in a role play server with decent people in it. We treat every one fairly here so don't join just to cuss people out please help us expand this server.
A post-apocalyptic roleplay server
During the early 2000s, the world went through an era of change that lasts
all the way up to 2025. This change labeled "The Downfall" by our most
surviving historians would lead to a string of chemical, and nuclear attacks
on May 11, 2025. This resulted in the deaths of over 3 billion people, and
later the deaths of 1 billion more from a contagion called the 'GenoVirus.'
The GenoVirus was a chimera contagion that was thought to have been produced by the late Russian government as a weapon, but it was broken out of its containment, then spread across the world. This leads to
2031. The nuclear bombs never struck California, but it was hit by extreme fallout during the later years of nuclear winter.
"This is your home, and this is where you begin your story.
Good luck, and happy travels."


> We have active, and helpful mods.
> Here you can roleplay as robots, animal hybrids, or just humans.
>We have many channels to RP in, so you won't be bored.
>If you're active enough, we might even give you the ability to become a character approver
Newland is an original roleplay server. Come here to roleplay in an interesting universe and chill with a friendly community.
We are a very small community right now. We need some help growing.
The RP takes place on the post-apocalyptic east coast of America in a world of magic. The apocalypse was initiated when all magic was banished to hell, and centuries later, magic is thriving again. The RP mainly takes place in a city built after the apocalypse, but can expand to places like the wasteland, abandoned Philadelphia and the demon-infested ruins of New York City.
It is the year 2032 and the world is left desolate as the plague spread like wildfire. Many believe that the disease was experiment gone wrong, but a small group think the government wanted a restart; we may never know. Death was something people were coming accustom to, but the disease only affected the small children and adults. Teenagers were not in anyway affected by this disease. The world, now rid of every adult, is run by teens. They formed together in groups around the world, coming together in major capitals. The main group first formed in Boston, Massachusetts. They reside in what used to be a government safe-house known as The Sanctuary. It provides the teenagers with more than everything they need. They are safe inside of the huge walls which surround The Sanctuary, but outside the walls crawl monsters. Huge and grotesque beings that want nothing but blood. You are not allowed outside of the walls without clearance, you are not allowed back in without permission. The disorderly are sent outside of the safe haven as punishment. Those who were sent outside have never seen again. Follow the rules and stay inside the walls - and you will survive.
This is a roleplay server made my Sleepy#4184. It is well-made (in my view) so please join if you like it.
- You can be any race besides Gods or Demi Gods
- This is a school roleplay
2115, the world had improved the Virtual Reality to the point it was used by people all over the world. The device is now called The Key because it unlocked the whole different world, break the limit of imagination. However, due to a secret virus that was developed by someone, it became the most dangerous device. The virus only create illusion but makes it so real that people actually die. Those illusion event was called The Apocalypse. The Apocalypse destroys everything when it appears and repair them when they go away. Due to this, a school called Kaguya was built to develop students to be the one that stop the Key's Virus from killing people. In the present, 2640, this is when a new generation that brings everyone hopes. Will the students be the one to figure out the secret within or will they give up like everyone else?
This universe has been in a apociliptic state for as long as anyone can remember. The humans scavanged to survive untill the rise of the two main tribes. If you weren't killed by one you joined one. There's still some people who prefer to fend for themselves and their families. These small groups are hunted, never able to stay in one place for long. An allegiance between the two tribes was never made, and the warriors of each are trained to put any member of the other down on sight.

The tribes aren't the only problem here, as safe food and water are hard to come by. Hunting parties are sent out often but game is few. Rations are in high demand.
During the year 2036 on New Year's eve an accident occured which caused nuclear warnings to signal across the United states, Russia, China, North Korea, and many other countries. It only took one of them to take action before many more retaliated and within an hour it was nuclear Armageddon across the globe, no one knows what caused the accident all that is known is that at midnight most major cities and targets where wiped off the face of the earth in the blink of an eye.
(More found in server under background)
⠀⠀⠀" Long after the abandonment of the prison, a new home was found. — Alexandria. "

Bury Me Here is a server based off The Walking Dead TV Series. Taking place after the initial war with Negan and the Saviors, though with a few variations to the original story-line.

The server is 18+, containing mature and dark themes within the roleplays. Themes include, but are not limited to; abuse, abuse of substances, gore, depressive themes, sexual themes, etc. If you're not of age, do not join. If you can't handle the maturity of the server, do not join.

We heavily implement literacy, well structured characters, plots, and descriptive writing into our roleplays. If this interests you, this may just be the place.
The Walking Dead - New World is a roleplaying server set on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead universe. We have a friendly and caring staff and our main goal is to collaboratively tell stories and build our own world, with the help of survivors just like you! Set in the post-apocalyptic states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, we provide an open and friendly atmosphere where you can develop interesting characters and tell incredible stories! Can you survive in an unforgiving world, where walkers and humans alike threaten your existence and your mental sanity? Come find out now! [Active community. Friendly staff. Fun RP]
Ahh~ Classic Government. Keeping secrets and using tax money to fund a secret project. The Government meant to protect it citizen sent them to their doom by funding a project to make a bio-disease that they could use as a weapon against US enemies.

But as you can imagine, someone fucked up and got infected with the bio-disease and didn't tell anybody in fear they would be murdered. Time skip a few hours and they die in the comfort of their home and the night ends with a gruesome death of a lovely family.

The next day was the first of summer vacation for those younger folks. High schoolers were partying, moms shopping, children play and dads watching Sunday football. It was a normal, hot day for everyone until news channels reported people going crazy and eating each other.

Families packed and moved to supposed "safe havens" and others either died or survived.
On Monday, February 3rd 2020, the world became slightly colder.
Now, no one panicked on this day, but as time grew on people began to worry. As days, weeks and months began to pass by, the weather only got colder and harsher. As temperature began to drop, snow began to fall. Everywhere around the world was going through this change no matter how hot the region was. People began a mass panic and a series of protests broke out. For months the government was silent on the situation as if they were puzzled as well.

Years have passed by and every inch of the planet was frozen over with ice and snow. You know how the story goes. People have banded together to create small survival groups and try their best to get through with their lives.
March 8th, 2030
As if the cold wasn't enough, a 'plague' as the survivors would call it blanketed most of the first generation survival groups. No one knew how it started. The survivors kept coming up with conspiracies such it was airborne or it was the main reason the climate change happened in the first place.
A year before the world got colder, there was an outbreak of CWD, Chronic Wasting Disease, which was thought of to only affect animals such as deer, moose, and elk. People were warned not to eat infected meat or drink out of ponds, rivers or lakes in fear there might be a very slim but possible chance it may spread to humans. The host of the disease might not even show signs until later years. On top of that, it was said it said the host would rarely show aggression. CWD was nicknamed 'zombie deer disease' since the host shows signs of drooling, decaying, and stumbling as a zombie would look.

As years passed, the strain of CWD slowly morphed into something we call 'you're fucked' or DBD (Decaying Brain Disease). Since survivors mostly stuck to hunting deer and drank from ponds that infected deer usually drank out of, it was easy to spread.
As said above, CWD used to take years to show signs, but the stronger strain starts showing in under an hour. DBD now allows the undead to be alive, only way to kill someone effected with DBD is a gunshot or stab through the brain.
Do your best to survive and don't trust the water. DBD Is easily transmitted through infected saliva, intercourse and of course bites/scratches.
Tale of Ten Islands is a Roleplay server where you along with many others are stranded between three islands, very spread out. Small boats have been salvaged from the remains on some of the islands and act as ferris between the islands. A mysterious lonesome Captain rests at one of these islands, go to him and find out what these islands used to be and how you can escape!

This is a casual rp server that is newly opened by a veteran server creator. The server is still being build and will be for a while, but please come and stay!
The year is 2019 in Perdido Beach.. and it's officially gone to shit. The parents are gone and while that does bring enjoyment, staying up late, stealing whatever we want.. no one's running things. One day everyone over the age of 18 just vanished out of thin air and we're trapped by some.. dome.. we can't see what's on the other side but all we know is that there's no getting through it. You'd think some kind of order would have been developed which it has.. kind of.. but we're split into two. The kids of Perdido Beach and Coates High, but from our two factions kids have emerged with unique abilities. Things straight out of Marvel fiction, and it's only a matter of time before we run out of food and shit hits the fan..

This is a brand new Gone server based on the Michael Grant book series. We have a building player-base and active members.
At the start of 2020, the world entered a cold war, with countries becoming more and more isolated from one another.
After around a month, Canada unofficially declared war on the USA, sending a nuclear bomb into Washington D.C.
They shot it down of course, but this caused war all over the planet. One country after another, fighting to the death. Then..... a bomb hit a certain center in Britain. Apparently they had been developing some sort of enhancer for soldiers, but it wasn’t working. This enhancer killed the subject. (and reanimated it) While they gained resistance and speed, they were no longer human. This destroyed the nations, as it was spread through skin to skin contact. This leads to Redville, a town in the USA not hit by the nuclear bombs, but radiated none-the-less. This year is 2045, the Infested roam the streets. Will you survive? Or die trying...
The sun hides behind fog and creatures prowl the endless nights. Fog as heavy as a burden surround the plane. Floating in somewhat peaceful waters, the members wait for rescue, land, or death. Only one is possible-- and they all seem to think it's death. Survive the endless nights and interact with others, for they are your friends. Most of them, anyways.

Land will come, but at what cost?
Welcome to Tom Clancy's The Division RP. We are the first Tom Clancy RP server dedicated to The Division universe. We follow the lore of The Division and is updated constantly to keep up with official Division events. "Extremis Malis, Extrema Remeda"

-You can play as a Division Agent, True Sons member, Hyena gangster, Outcast member, Black Tusk member, and [REDACTED]

-Unlimited OCs!

-Friendly and hospitable staff!

-One liner and literate RP supported!

-We even have a custom made website!

If you are even remotely interested, go on ahead and join us today!
Witaj w 2035, w świecie pozbawionym wszelkich praw, moralności i dawnej cywilizacji.
Kilkanaście lat temu na naszą kochaną Polskę spadła bomba atomowa, a twoim zadaniem jest przetrwanie tych trudnych czasów, gdy Polska stała się jedną wielką lodową pustynią! Oto, co możemy Ci zaoferować:
+Miłą, doświadczoną i profesjonalną administrację!
+Rekrutację na moderatorów, suportów i game-masterów!
+Możliwość stworzenia własnego pojazdu/broni!
+Możliwość stworzenia własnego radia!
+ Świeży, rozwijający się serwer!
+ Własne i rozwinięte mechaniki!
+ Ponad 70 lokacji do roleplay'u!
+ Brak adminofaszyzmu!
+ Mordy, kradzieże i porwania!
+ Mutanty, ghule i tym podobne!
+ Ciekawy lore!
+ Ciasteczka!
+ Zajebistość właściciela!
+I wiele więcej (chyba)!
...{"Il y a bien longtemps des siècles en arrière sur Terre dans une grande ville du Monde où la paix régnais ainsi que la richesse, la cohésion entre humains où la technologie fleurissaient ainsi que la nature, tout devenais parfais. Les bâtiments étaient encore en béton mais étaient aménagés intérieurement et sur leurs toits. Tout devenais moderne et parfais, les rues propres, des plantes et des arbres partout, peu de voitures circulaient à par les camions de livraisons et de commerces ainsi que les forces de l'Ordre, les services de secours et les transports en commun. En tout cas la ville devenais la plus parfaite sur Terre ! Après quelques années la première navette humaine de colonisation fut envoyer sur Mars avec la technologie la plus récente qu’il sois. Il était une centaine de milliers..Ce sont les premiers colons humain de l’espace et de l’Univers. Pendant ce temps sur Terre, le monde plongea dans une guerre nucléaire dévastant tout.....Le pétrole deviens source de bonheur et de richesse pour de nombreuses personnes, certains recherchent la rédemptions....La paix...La vie ou la vengeance parmi un monde détruit et ravagé, habité par des monstres et des phénomènes inexpliqués... “}...