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Join CADOSRP Today! | Daily updates | 100+ custom civ cars | Server side ELS and Non ELS | Hiring all departments | Active staff | ESX and Menu based | CADOSRP | Hiring all positions | Players Required | Whitelisted + Trained LEO/EMS |99.9% Server Up-time | Fully Developed | All Positions Available | Realistic RP | Custom Vehicles+Peds | Custom CAD/MDT | Active Admins | 100+ Custom Cars | Welcome to the CADOSRP where we strive to give you the most realistic, enjoyable, and fun Roleplaying experience you can have. Discord: What we have to offer: •Welcoming Sever •Trained FTO team •Custom Player Models •200+Custom Cars •Gangs •Realistic Handling and Damage •Custom commands •A dedicated Staff Team •CAD/MDT System for interaction with police (Also lets you set up your characters drivers and weapons licenses) •A dedicated Support Team to help with any issues you may run into •Real life LEO and Fire/EMS personnel •Great developers •Tons of experience Many more features that will constantly be added or fixed as our server continues to build We are Currently hiring
TT Roleplay was started by an adult gaming community that believes in creating a non-toxic community and takes breaking the rules seriously.

We are a serious RP Community, managed and operated by adults, with active admins, staff and a developer base.

Our Motto: Respect the rules and have fun.

US/EU Community
24/7 Working Server
17+ Mature Community
225+ Custom Cars & Customization
Custom Jobs
Custom Scripts
Custom UI's
Custom YMAPS
Controller Friendly
ustom Emotes
4 Character Selection
Many Whitelisted Job Positions
Properties with Garages
Vehicle Inventory
In-Game MDT - Vehicle/Criminal Records System
PvP/Bank/Store/Home Robberies
Custom Bar Drinks & Effects
Multiple Hidden Drugs & Effects
Chop Shop
Black Market & Weapons
Street Racing & Kart Racing Track
Offshore Fishing
Custom Slots & Blackjack Tables at Working Casino
And so much more!
just a fivem server that has strict rules and have a lot of leo depts spots atm we are a vmenu server
Hallo en welkom in Wensveen! Een altijd bruisende stad vol gezelligheid en leuke mensen.
Mensen die in zijn om een vriendschap op te bouwen en een fijne sfeer te behouden.
Een plek waar je al jouw dromen uit kan laten komen en een plek waar al vele mensen hun roem en rijkdom gevonden hebben!

Wij hebben een berg leuke banen zoals kleermaker, tanker, heftruck chauffeur en nog veel meer.

Zo bieden wij ook een groot groei potentieel voor white-listed jobs,
zoals Politie, Ambulance, Rijkswaterstaat, Maffia en nog veel meer!

Wat hebben wij nog meer te bieden?
Leuke, gezellige en realistische role-play, een professioneel staf team en de leukste community die er is!
En niet te vergeten onze auto dealer, met meer dan 140+ echte merken is hij 1 van de best bevoorrade van de planeet FiveM!
Ook hebben wij veel eigen scripts en world edits waardoor Wensveen nog meer straalt!

-Wij zijn Wensveen en heten jou welkom!-
this is a server that is still being developed and we need staff department heads and more if you would like to join plz click the link to join the discord server
Were a roleplay server on FiveM creating a fun and exciting environment to be who you want. Create you alter cyber ego here with us. But also he on the lookout for the law. We have custom cars and custom map mods, as well as custom scripts. The possibilities are endless.
Welcome to Void RP, we are a strict roleplay community in development. We are working day and night on the server to fit your liking. The server is join-able with exs up and lots of jobs to choose from which can send you across the map. Join now to get $75,000 starting cash. (This is for the first 10 people). Also a giveaway at 100 members.
Hello My name is Jake C.
From CorruptNationRp.

Why pick CorruptNationRP instead of other server’s?

Well you would want to pick us because we are Semi white-listed, we allow suggestions from everyone and we will most likely allow it into the server. We have very good rp in the city of CorruptNationRp!
We also have Active Admins/Mechanics-Car Dealer.

What jobs we have to offer!
. Taxi Job
. Fisher Job
. Lumberjack Job
. Miner Job
. Butcher Job
. Fisherman
. Garbage man Job
. Gang Jobs!
And many more!

What else we have to offer!
We have 150+ Add on Vehicles in the city of CorruptNationRp,
We also have a load of amazing interior that you can check out.
I hope to see Y’all in our server!
this discord server that I made is so the people that play fivem can find people to play with and server that are good,I have wasted my trying to find good server when other people that are in the game have already found them but I can't find them but now I made a server that you don't have to waste your time with it and just join the server and find one here that people post in the #fivem-servers channel where you to can post server so you can have friends to play with now at the moment the server is new so it shall take time to grow but in the #fivem-servers channel I have put 2 great servers so you can start there if you want,but remember if you know any decent RP servers please post the name of it there.
Velkommen til Fivem Support Server har er lidt info

Fivem Support Server er en discord server hvor vi hjælper jer med jeres Fivem server og setter den op og laver jeres server sån den bliver god og spille på og så kan man også snart købe fivem server hos os man det skal kun komme så kom ind og blive en del af Fivem Support Server og få hjælp med jeres server
Here at Blaine County Role Play we pride our selves on the quality of the RP that is carried out on our server! All of our Police are highly trained and our staff are very dedicated towards helping the community and making sure EVERYONE has a good experience !!
Loss Networks Community

We are a community and we are looking for people that want to have a great roleplay experience and understands what roleplay means. We are looking for people that want to have a good time and enjoy their time on FiveM. This is a serious roleplay server, we have players on all day and all night! Come join us for your best experience yet! We excited to see you out there in our amazing

Who are we?

We are Loss Networks. We are a serious roleplay server that enjoys a fantastic server. We strive to make your time here at Loss the most fun and realistic experience possible. We’re all one big family, and we’re looking for more like minded people to join this server! Looking to be apart of our awesome departments? Here at Loss Networks, players can have the chance to join the San Andreas State Police, Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas Fire Department.

If you are looking to join : 8

If you want to apply now! 2


Easy to use!
Active staff!
Active player base
32 Player slots!
Serious Roleplay
Custom LEO vehicles
SASP, LSPD, and BSCO are now hiring!
Custom Peds
Many Well Paid Jobs
*LEO Makes Great Money
Fully Working CAD/MDT

Loss Networks | FiveM ESX #1 (32 Slots)
A new fivem gta roleplay server in beta looking for players!
Earn money in our economy based server to buy cars, properties, guns, and more in Los Santos.
We have many custom cars and scripts for a unique gaming experience. You can mug civilians, gamble, move up the ladder in your job, and play with many cars and car mods!
Friendly owner and staff always looking to help and fix problems!
Recruiting for EMS and Police!
UPADATED*** This Server is on the FiveM Program for PC

We are [Law Enforcement Lifestyle] a unique drama free role playing server for Fivem. We offer custom vehicles for police/fire, custom civilian vehicles, Vmenu, updated maps, cad/mdt, custom peds, custom vehicle livery’s. Accepting applications!!
BRITAIN'S FINEST ROLEPLAY is a fivem serious roleplay server we are expecting a active 50 members active all day every day we have customs cars,drugs,custom scrips,white listed job (recruiting), gangs, mafia and much more
We are a group of friends who recently opened a fivem rp server we have onley costume scripts and we try to keep every thing as realistic as possible i hope u will join our big familly
Delta Rp is committed to providing a exciting Community that everyone can RP 24/7. We offer custom cars, lots of scripts, and a Friendly Staff. Join today.
An ESX community based server with an event team, a professional staff team and a place for every soul out there.

We offer a custom set of tools, liveries and vehicle models!
Now coming w/ Lovely HP Vehicle Livery fleet !

* Custom working K-9 script
* Trackables notifications for LEO/EMS
* An ingame Police MDT (Mobile Data Terminal)
* NPC Drug sales
* TS3 server
* Visual settings server wide for awesome emergency lighting
* Great support team + Event team
* Custom Vehicles
* Custom jobs
* Lots of stuff to do for both civilian, ems and LEO.

And so much more! Cos the list too damn long

Join our every day growing community today! 🙂
Hi, we are a newer FiveM server looking for active members to play. Whitelist LEO, Looking for Staff
Nazwa: BoskieRP
WL OFF, 32
Co Oferujemy?
Skrypty które są tworzone jak i poprawiane/naprawiane
Możliwość posiadania: gangu,mafii,kartelu,firmy, czegoś innego jak się ma pomysł [odrazu do tego mozecie wybrac/ poprosic o wybranie skryptu na baze].
Otwarte rekrutacje na LSPD EMS LSC PSYCHOLOG ADWOKAT CD[car dealer] Szukamy aktualnie np. Dyrektora Szpitala
Ponad 80 Customowych aut
Nowe miejsca do napadów
Osobne radio dla LSPD / EMS
Kajdanki połączone z LSPD
Wiele Skryptów
Praca Vanilli Unicorn
We are a growing gaming community. Our goal is to unite gamers together in a safe and fun environment! We have our own custom bot running in the server called 'Elite Bot'. It offers a wide range of commands and features no other servers offer! To add onto that, we offer a wide range of selection between roles, events, giveaways, emotes and much more! Choose Us! Choose Elite Gaming.
Welcome to San Andreas Central RP! We are a highly trained server looking for active recruits! We offer LEO, Civilian, and Communications. We are a EUP based server, and we have a fleet of very professional and modern vehicles.
Please join us for fun, games, roleplay, and community laughter! See you there!
Feel free to use this copy paste I typically use to advertise.

**__Gold Coast Roleplay__**
Gold Coast Roleplay was founded by people who are tired of the typical abusive nature of FiveM servers, and their “higher ups”.
We focus on immersive, and serious roleplay, with many server-side constructs to help enforce that.
Our staff focus on professionalism in-game, but we make sure to not take FiveM as seriously as the servers which we founded this server to get away from, we believe real life comes first in every situation, and we treat this platform as it is, a video game.

Our development team ensures that bugs are fixed with haste, and updates are made regularly. We use very high quality vehicles for all departments, and civilians.

We run the typical GTA V departments, that being the SAHP, the BCSO, and the LSPD. (Note: all departments are currently hiring for high staff)

Find some images of the server here

Come see more for yourself! Join our Discord Server at