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- North Coast Roleplay -

This is a new and up and coming server looking for fresh minds. We currently have a dispatch director and are looking for other department heads and members. Please stick around and have a good time roleplaying with us.
We offer you:

🏠 Rare Maps
💻 Scripts/Custom Scripts!
👕 Rare Clothing!
🚙 Rare Cars
📖 FiveM Support
HorizonRP is all about that realistic roleplay! Our Discord staff team treats every member like a family member! We do giveaways, events, and more. Come join to enhance your roleplay experience!
Tout nouveau serveur Free-access qui deviendra par la suite Whitelist !

💰 : Start 85 000 $
✔️ : Un Staff actif et à l’écoute
🕹️ : Contenant 64 Slots
👕 : Tenues moddées
🚗 : Voiture moddées
Mountain Top Gaming

Who Are We
Mountain Top Gaming Roleplay Community is a new FiveM community that strives to give the best realistic and professional roleplay experience for those new to come and active members. Our goal at MTG is to put you our dedicated members first, by giving you not only the best mods out there but also the best experience.

- Working Police k-9 scripts
- Custom EUP
- Addon civilian cars, LEO/Fire vehicles, stations/interiors, and more
- Friendly Staff, who is always willing to help.
- Custom Rosters, SOP's, and more.

Departments that are Hiring
- San Andreas Regional Communications
- San Andreas Highway Patrol
- Blaine County Sheriffs Office
- Los Santos Police Department
- Los Santos Fire Department
- Blaine County Fire Department
- Civilian Operations

Server Requirements
- Must be 15 years of age,
- Have a Legal copy of GTA V and FiveM
- Must be able to speak be able to speak and understand English.
Hello Everyone, Are you looking for cheap High-end Vehicles, Peds, EUP, Liveries, & TeamSpeak's? Come check out SwatDude Productions Discord where he showcases WIP vehicles and other showcases.

Everything is cheaper then you will find anywhere else. Cheap but High-end product.

New projects come daily, we hope to see you around.

If you are interested in purchasing, have questions/need support on FiveM, or just want to hang out with great people this is the place to be. We have people who are willing to help anyway possible.

Thank You for your interest of SwatDude Productions.
California Five-O uses reaction roles for you to join and get right into whatever department you choose! We have remastered and refined Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Mirror Park, Harmony, and the parks/mountain trails! Come check us out and become a member.

LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
BCSO - Blaine County Sheriff's Office
SAHP - San Andreas Highway Patrol
SAFD - San Andreas Fire Department
LSCD - Los Santos County Dispatch
SACO - San Andreas Civilian Operations

We role-play every weekend with impromptu role-plays taking place throughout the week. Come join us and experience our community!

- 13 years of age and up
- GTA V, FiveM, and Discord
- Working microphone

Extra Info: Our department heads are all above the age of 18 and experienced. Some of us work in the fields that we currently run in roleplay. We have a core group of members that role-play frequently and make scenes extremely realistic. We have a custom CAD through CADVANCED and developers that work around the clock.
Cheapest MLOs/Maps/Scripts/Vehicle/EUP If you are interested just check it out feel free to join. And also you can get discount .

Welcome to Ultimate leaks Join and get:

-Game Leaks
-discord templates & Channel Headers
-Y Maps
-Loading Screens
-Redneck Stuff
-Zeakor Stuff
⭐ New Fivem Leaks Server.

💻 Leaks of scripts, MLO, clothes, vehicles, huds, servers and much more.

✔️ In RD Leak you will find quality scripts.

If YOU are looking for an active and friendly roleplay server, well you have landed at the right place, INSPIRE GAMING!! We have alot of custom Scripts, Cars ETC. All in our amazing server. We have Friendly staff and great members that attend our great roleplays. We are always looking forward to having more members such as you!

What Do We Offer?
- Custom EUP
- Custom Vehicles
- Active Patrols
- Friendly Community
- Friendly Staff

Gang Shit is a discord server that is a cool community that has fun, plays games together and hangs out. We are never toxic or start arguments.
Sunset Role-play has FivePD and much more! Economy driven RP server with many career paths to choose from. Server features include custom cars, eups / clothing, buildings and interiors, housing and much more.We Also offer:
Custom EUP
Custom Cars
Custom Houses
Custom MLO + YMAPS
AND Many More things! Join Us today!
Storm VPS Hosting is a new VPS Hosting business! Established in May 2019, we have expanded to 3 locations: Utah, Arizona, and New York! All of our VPS servers run at 10Gbit/s internet speeds (with the exception of the Utah and New York locations, its at 1Gbit/s, will get upgraded to 10Gbit/s in the future!).

We are priced competitively compared to other hosting companies! If you find a lower price, we will match it and give you an additional 10% off discount on top of the competitors price!

We allow all of our customers to do whatever they want with their server, as long as its within the limitations of the Terms of Service. You can host FiveM, Minecraft, Garrys Mod, Farming Simulator, Rust, etc!
Denver Department of Justice

Denver DOJ started up in May of 2020, we strive to be one of the most realistic and upmost professional communities on FiveM. We currently have various professional and realistic departments lead by real life State Police and Sheriff Lieutenants to ensure the maximum level of realism! Growing each day we hope to provide the best experience to all players on FiveM, don't forget to join and give our server a try! -Denver DOJ Administrative Team.

●Menu Based Server
●Colorado Based
●Custom and Unique scripts to give a unique and unforgettable experience

∭ What we offer ∭
●Denver Police Dept.
●Colorado State Police
●Denver county Sheriffs Office
●South Metro Fire & Rescue
●American Medical Response
●Civilian Operations
●Statewide Tow & Repo
●Rocky Mountain Security Corp.
●Denver DOJ Media Team :youtube:
●Federal Aviation Administration
●Colorado Penitentiary Corrections Department

∭ Features ∭
●Vehicle packs from Redneck, McGarett, and Ferious
●Custom EUP tailored to real Colorado Department uniforms
●Custom vehicle liveries tailored to real Colorado Department vehicles
●Custom Map with updated names such as Denver, Thornton, and Fort Collins & custom road names matching Denver's real life roadways
●Custom in game textures and MLO's (interiors) that have zero to no frame loss or lag
●24/7 Active Staff for Discord and our server
●Large variety of boats, aircraft, and off-road vehicles for our emergency services, civs, and rescue
●In-Game Live Radio Stream from "SimulatorRadio"


Rapid Response Role Play

Rapid Response Role Play is a new FiveM server dedicated to bringing you excellence. We strive for professionalism and fun experiences. RRRP is vMenu oriented to give you the best experience. The staff team is run by real law enforcement and competent individuals. Our number one priority is player satisfaction.

What we offer:
A dedicated CAD/MDT
Custom cars for LEO, FIRE/EMS, CIV and more
Professionalism that only whitelisting can provide
A custom EUP
A custom map that is ever evolving
Active support by any of our members
Custom scripts
Suggestions channel that is actively listened to
Teamspeak 3 with TokoVOIP
Discord Whitelisting

Our Departments:
The San Andreas State Police
The Police Departments of San Andreas (LSPD, SSPD, PBPD)
The Blaine County Sheriff's Office (with the LSSD as a subdivision)
The San Andreas Fire and EMS
The San Andreas Communications Unit

VEHICLES SHOWCASE: (I do not own any of these videos all credits are in the videos)
San Andreas State Police:
Los Santos Police:
Blaine County Sheriff:
San Andreas Fire/EMS:

All departments are hiring!
Join us today for a better tomorrow!
Immersive roleplay through GTA 5 fivem. Fly into Los Santos with your friends and connect through activities and daily living in a big city! With over 25+ legal jobs and tons of illegal activies to do!

📌 Realistic bone system, limping when leg(s) are broken, Blurry vision from head damage, Internal injuries lead to blood loss, more weapon recoil when arms are broken.

📌 MDT / DNA / Bullet Casings for police for actual police work and solving crimes about murders, and shootings, while also able to put out warrants and BOLOs.

📌Custom heists and Robberies, All stores have robbable clerks and the ones in the city even have breakable safes in the back. 3 unique ways to rob banks at 7 locations across the map.

📌Hidden locations and Missions, tons of great RP to be made with people trying to find out hidden locations or doing missions with friends!

📌Jail break from the cities jail by blowing the power to the city, or get behind doors that would normally be locked!

📌Tons of great opportunities for players such as owning a business and managing employees, and striving to hold it together.
California Department Of Justice Roleplay is looking for quality members we are a fivem Roleplay community. We Roleplay emergency services and civilian based Roleplay. We strive for realism and dedicate our time to have a application and interview process followed with a training to give you the opportunity to succeed. Apply today!! And start an amazing career!!
Welcome to 𝙁𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙩𝙮𝙇𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙨.

"𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘭𝘭𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘬𝘴 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘴𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴"

With us you can easily find:
🔵 Jobs
🔵 Vehicles
🔵 MLOs
🔵 Eups
🔵 Clothes
🔵 Loading Screen
🔵 Servers Bumps
Master Leaks Presents the best leak for your server, we arrange the best of the best LEAKS for your fivem world.*

```What we offer:
- 3,000 members in our discord
- Good delivery
- Good customer service
- Fast delivery
- Good Staff```

* We wish you a good day and see you then! *
Head Main server:
discord link:
discord link:
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Discord Link:

For Partner:arrow: :

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|| @everyone & @here ||
*Vriendelijke groeten,
MasterLeaks. :verify~1:
We are a new FiveM roleplay server, we're looking for new members to help build up our community!