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🎊 Apex Roleplay 🎊

A New & Unique ESX Based FiveM Server, We love the ideology of Roleplay and wanted to make an experience worth adventuring, The Community & Its Management have done their absolute best to create an Appealing & unique adventure with every scenario that you encounter and will have you enjoying yourself for hours, Whether you take the straight and narrow law enforcement path or the dark and depth route of a criminal, We have systems in place to create a jaw jarring experience for everyone and anyone, no matter your life journey.

As of 2020/03/21 We have Officially Launched our server and are ready for new members to join & enjoy our city!


Features & Qualities: 📝

▶ Realistic & Fluctuating Economy

▶ Multi-Character Support

▶ Custom EUP Options

▶ Custom Facial Hair, Hair & Tattoo Options

▶ Whitelisted LEO & EMS

▶ Whitelisted Gangs

▶ Custom Civilian & Criminal Jobs

▶ Realistic Vehicle Damage & Handling

▶ Active Development & Staff Team

▶ Custom Features for EMS & LEO

▶ Custom Import Vehicles

▶ Carrying Other Players

▶ Ability to Hide in Trunk

In-Depth LEO Features: 👮‍♂️

▶ Custom MDT

▶ Custom Police Vehicles & Liveries

▶ Custom Police Station /w Many offices & Rooms

▶ Custom Radar Gun & Plate Reader

▶ Custom EUP Uniforms (Includes Custom Subdivision Uniforms)

▶ Custom Arrest Animations

▶ Blood Samples & Testing Kit

▶ Bullet Samples & Testing Kit

▶ Gunshot Residue & Testing Kit

In-Depth EMS Features: 👨‍⚕️

▶ Custom Pillbox Hospital

▶ Custom EMS Vehicle Fleet & Liveries

▶ Custom EMS Male & Female EUP Options

▶ EMS Subdivisions (Med Evaq, Search & Rescue, etc)

▶ Custom Health & Healing System

▶ Custom Revival Animations

▶ Custom Medical Report System (Similar to a MDT)

▶ Medical Marijuana Use Cards

In-Depth Criminal Features: 🕴

▶ Ability to rob NPC Houses

▶ Custom Drug System

▶ Custom Bank Robberies

▶ Custom Jewelry Store Robbery

▶ Illegal Street Racing System

▶ Illegal Vehicle Upgrades & Mods

▶ Custom Gang Hideouts

▶ Ability to Rob/Search Other Players


As stated above, Apex Roleplay is a community where rules & guidelines are strict but still have enough wiggle room to create fun & new roleplay experience, The Strictness of our rules stem in such a way to improve quality of roleplay and ensure everyone has a fun adventure, We have little to no gratitude to those who soul purpose is to adventure out to ruin and trash others roleplay, We do not take these types of actions lightly and will not hesitate to remove a member from the community if found doing such things.

Thank you for taking the time to read & review what Apex Roleplay has to offer, We hope to see you in the discord & soon enough, The city itself.

-Hodder // Apex Roleplay Managment.
Vortex Leaks is a new Leaking server for FiveM and is owned by Silent#9758 It currently has few to none members but is looking to grow. This leaking server offers a ranking system for each leak such as [ First Tier, Second Tier.. etc] this is chosen for the rare leaks and is given to players who offer to leak such rare resources.
Labyrinth RP is an Role-playing server on Five M, created for the player and around the community, We have a dedicated team of staff always available and ready to help in anyway possible to make the Role playing experience fun and fair. We are a Serious Role playing server, white listed, based in America for 18+.
Our server is full of hidden secrets and activity s with white-listed job roles, and always recruiting, mechanics, police, ems.
We are a California based server. Our Beautifil city is Coronado in the county of San Diego. We have mutliple Law Enforcement agencies such as the Coronado Police Department, San Diego Sheriff's Office, California Highway Patrol and many other government Organizations. We do have a fully working court system, we have custom cars. join us here.

our discord is this

Serveur Crée pour Faire des vidéos YouTubes de Troll en masse tels que :
Raid Discord (Avec des themes)
Troll en RP
Infiltration de classes etc...
Witaj! Zajmę Ci minutkę. Chciałbym Ci przedstawić moj nowo startujący discord o tematyce Fivem na którym między innymi możesz znaleźć bardzo ciekawe skrypty, pojazdy, mapy lub paczki serwerowe które gdziekolwiek trudno znaleźć. Serwer oferuje dwa języki Angielski i Polski, więc po samym dołączeniu wybierasz język w jakim chcesz sie posługiwać. Oczywiście można wybrać dwa języki. Nie zajmuje Ci więcej czasu tylko wbij i sam zobacz!

Flywheels RP | Hiring all positions | Players Required | Whitelisted + Trained LEO/EMS | New Server | All Positions Available | Realistic RP | Custom EUP | Custom CAD/MDT | Active Admins | 100+ Custom Cars

Welcome to the FWRP where we strive to give you the most realistic, enjoyable, and fun Roleplaying experience you can have.


What we have to offer:

-Open arms to first-time players
-Trained FTO team
-Custom Player Models and Customization
-Custom Cars
- Gangs
-Custom Vehicle Models
-A dedicated Staff team whose goal is to make sure you have a seamless and smooth Experience while on our server
-CAD/MDT System for interaction with police (Also lets you set up your characters drivers and weapons licenses)
-Great developers

Many more features that will constantly be added or fixed as our server continues to build

We are currently hiring Sheriff/SAHP/LSPD/EMS/FIRE
Looking for department leaders for the current departments!



Paleto Bay Police Department (Sub Department of BCSO)

Sandy Shores Police Department (Sub Department of BCSO)

Blaine County Sheriff's Office (When you rank high enough to get out of the sub departments)

Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas Fire Department

US/EU Community
24/7 Working Server
No age limit | Most members are 17+
Customs cars for both civilians & Police
Custom Jobs
Custom Scripts
Custom UI's
Custom YMAPS
Custom Emotes
4 Character Selection
Many Whitelisted Job Positions
Properties with Garages
Vehicle Inventory
In-Game MDT - Vehicle/Criminal Records System
PvP/Bank/Store/Home Robberies

So much more to come as we grow each and everyday!

Mission Statement : “If you want to be respected you need to be fair and honest and loyal to get respect”

We are an all around gaming discord we mostly play Rust, CSGO and FiveM(GTA MOD) and some Battle Royal here and there. We are between the ages of 14-25. We are all mostly active we are small but we are hoping it grows! We give away a lot of our rust loot once we finish on our server usually. We have a bunch of bots and fun things to do on this server so check it out!
We are a brand new fivem server looking for new members everyday!
We have a very good and when needed strict staff team!
Rules are very simple to follow!
Please check us out!
Join a department!
We have Civilian Operations, Florida Highyway patrol, Pasco County Sheriff and Florida State Fire and Rescue!
More to come once we grow!
We have staff spots open and much more!
Hope you come and stick around!
TT Roleplay was started by an adult gaming community that believes in creating a non-toxic community and takes breaking the rules seriously.

We are a serious RP Community, managed and operated by adults, with active admins, staff and a developer base.

Our Motto: Respect the rules and have fun.

US/EU Community
24/7 Working Server
17+ Mature Community
225+ Custom Cars & Customization
Custom Jobs
Custom Scripts
Custom UI's
Custom YMAPS
Controller Friendly
ustom Emotes
4 Character Selection
Many Whitelisted Job Positions
Properties with Garages
Vehicle Inventory
In-Game MDT - Vehicle/Criminal Records System
PvP/Bank/Store/Home Robberies
Custom Bar Drinks & Effects
Multiple Hidden Drugs & Effects
Chop Shop
Black Market & Weapons
Street Racing & Kart Racing Track
Offshore Fishing
Custom Slots & Blackjack Tables at Working Casino
And so much more!
Hi, welcome to KSRP, this is a realistic Kansas based Fivem server!
We are looking for new members of all ages and welcome you, we are offering LEO, Fire, and Dispatch, and looking for higher ranks, so if you apply you have a chance of being a high rank! Join quick!
Hey there looking to join a new and growing community of FiveM players?
Well look no further then Spartan Roleplay Networks!
Why should you join us?
Well we are Work In Progress Economy server,
Gen Cad provided by Rouge Solutions
A custom FiveM Map!
Constant additions to the server!
We currently have 133 Custom Cars to choose from,
Los Angeles Department of Communnications:
Were not the NSA!
Apply today!
San Bernardino County Sheriffs Office:
Dedicated to Your Safety Since 1853
Apply today!
California Highway Patrol:
Watching you fly by since August 14, 1929
Apply today
Fontana Police Department:
"We exist, not for police brutality.We promise"
Apply Today!
California K9 Unit:
Letting the dogs out since 1979!
Apply Today!
Growing FiveM server with custom vehicles, scripts,PEDS and way more! Pick your style of Roleplay or explore something new in this ever expanding Roleplay server.
========> WELCOME TO <========
San Andreas State Roleplay

--- Who We Are:
- We are a fresh GTA V FiveM Roleplay community focused on making the most enjoyable experience in roleplay. We are a real life based community.

--- What We Offer:
- Realistic/Heavy Roleplay
- Mod requests and Suggestions
- Custom Cars
- Various Events
- Jobs
- A forums site
Why should you join Luxury Life Roleplay? Luxury life Roleplay consists of an economy system which you have to work to earn your money. You will encounter serious life problems such as being fired from your job, being mugged, beat up and even killed. On the other hand you may be the person ruling the streets or possibly the CEO of a multibillion dollar company. You may start a family and live in a beautiful house with luxury cars and beautiful Los Santos scenery. There are over 100 realistic civilian vehicles in luxury life Roleplay. There are many different jobs that you may choose from to get you on the path of being a successful person. Have you ever wished of moving from Blaine county to the hills in los Santos. Switch from that 12-year-old dirtbike and move on to a brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG or even a McLaren P1. Luxury life Roleplay has a variety different emergency service departments such as Blaine County sheriffs office, Los Santos police department, San Andreas fire department, and San Andreas department of communications. These departments have a variety of different subdivisions this makes it very interesting to serve your community in a fun and creative way. there are many different emergency service vehicles handpicked from our staff and development team our developers then textured the vehicles and altered them to properly fit our server, along with our EUP which was hand packed and put together by our development team.

Join luxury Roleplay today and get started!

Join our discord:

Welcome to Mystic Rp
Mystic RP is a Gta FiveM server
Description: Mystic is a FiveM roleplay server in which you can enjoy being many occupations without the hassle of it being an economy sever. We are vMenu based and have tons of cool features, scripts, and addons. It's primarily based in Blaine county for the time being. There are many things to enjoy including custom buildings, cars, and even robberies to partake in. I can only say so much in one message so come check us out for yourself.
**Some cool features:**
-EUP > Custom clothing!
-Over 300 custom vehicles with more to come
-Bulletproof riot shield script for cops
-A dedicated and friendly staff team
-An active owner who fixes problems the same day they happen
-Custom maps
-Same day donator perks
-Real life handling
-Postal code map
-Realistic Fueling for Heli & Cars
-Emotes with /emote
-Custom commands such as black market vpn twitter etc!
-Optimized and lag free!
-Everyday updates and support
-A friendly community
-Much more than I can list come give us a try
█ █▄░█ █▀▀ █▀█ █▀█ █▀▄▀█ ▄▀█ ▀█▀ █ █▀█ █▄░█
█ █░▀█ █▀░ █▄█ █▀▄ █░▀░█ █▀█ ░█░ █ █▄█ █░▀█
San Andreas State Roleplay Community
SASRP is a newly created FiveM server where you're roleplay comes alive making roleplay to the 100% realistic as possible, we are non ESX, Menu Based (vMenu)
We are currently also hiring for all departments, so ask to join an department today!
We also have 24/7 Server uptime.
Teamspeak 3
Active RP's.
Vice RolePlay - High Quality Roleplay

Vice Roleplay is a growing FiveM community that aims to provide the highest quality roleplay to our community. We are constantly working on growing and improving our server, standards and the content we provide to our community. We love to interact with our community and always want to satisfy our players.

Departments We Offer:

✦ Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB)
✦ Florida Highway Patrol (FHP)
✦ Miami Police Department (MPD)
✦ Miami Fire Rescue Department (MFRD)
✦ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
✦ Miami City Dispatch Department (MCDD)

What we Offer:

✦ Over 200+ Custom Vehicles!
✦ Custom Scripts, Cars, Weapons & Peds
✦ Experienced & Organized Departments
✦ Professional & Knowledgeable Staff Team

Our Discord Link:
========> WELCOME TO <========
:palm_tree: The State of California Roleplay :palm_tree:

--- Who We Are:
- We are a fresh GTA V FiveM Roleplay community focused on making the most enjoyable experience in roleplay. We are a real life based community.

--- What We Offer:
- Realistic/Heavy Roleplay
- Mod requests and Suggestions
- Custom Cars
- Various Events
- Giveaway every 100 members
- Jobs
- A forums site
- TS3 for Civilians, LEO, Fire&Rescue, and Dispatch

--- Links:
Pulsar-Hosting héberge pour des petits prix des serveurs de jeux vidéo, des serveurs Discord, des serveurs python et node.js. Une qualité exceptionnelle et un personnel qualifié, actif et professionnel.

Crédits :

• Warstrolo, créateur du projet.

• Pulsman, 1er adjoint au créateur

• Maxime, SunLama, Zeblive, PDG

• <dev>frablock<team/discode> -> Gérants

• Oudauookami, DevMehd, Skippyturtle94 -> Développeurs

SIRET : 85365915900018
Welcome to 2020 Elite Solutions
- Where your FiveM/Development Needs Come Alive!
What do we have to offer?
- CADs,Animated Logos,Resources,Development Help!
2020 Elite Solutions had an idea and there idea was to put those expensive companies to sleep! and make 2020 Elite Solutions the new thing!
Join today to get your chance to be apart of the dream server for your needs!
Discord Server Link