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Come join our server if you would like free vehicles, scripts, eup, lots more to offer come check it out!
The Gr8 City is a new and upcoming RP community. We offer a strong community with a unique city. All jobs are open for applications. Active admins are always around for assistance. We offer custom scripts and jobs to make your gameplay as enjoyable as possible. BCSO, LSPD, EMS, Mechanic, Ballas Gang, Vagos Gang, Mafia, Biker Gang are some of the options available in The Gr8 City along with a long list of other options like mining, crafting, fishing hunting, house robberies, Civilian robberies, custom drug missions and more. We also have an active Discord community which is where we connect, post updates, suggestions, and chat. Come join us and help us build this server together.
Smiles Solutions

Smiles Solutions is a CAD/MDT Company that started in October 2019 by Mr_SmilesMore#5714. We are a small company that has started and hopes to grow in the near future! We offer many different CAD/MDT systems that are affordable for everyone!

What Smiles Solutions Offer:

❱ CAD/MDT for sale
❱ Amazing and affordable,
❱ Free CAD
❱ Server Advertising
❱ Partnering
❱ Open Staff Positions
❱ Highly Trained / Helpful Staff
❱ Giveaways and Deal of The Days
❱ Much More!!

Please consider joining, even if you are not interested in buying a CAD.

Server link: or
Willkommen auf unserem Dortmund RP Discord Server

Du möchtest GTA5 RolePlay spielen mit anderen deutschen Spielern, dann bist du genau richtig bei uns.😎

Wir bieten dir folgendes an:

• Nettes Serverteam und nette User 👱🏽
• Viele Rollen ⚔️
• Wir haben Textkanäle und Sprachkanäle 🎙
• Gewinnspiele machen wir 🤑
• Eine nette deutschsprachige Community 💙
• Unser FiveM Server wird ständig erweitert und größer 👷🏽
• Selbst programmierte Bots 💻

Was wir suchen:
- Test Supporter 👨🏽‍🏫
- Polizisten 👮🏽
- Sanitäter 👨🏽‍🔬
- Mechaniker 👨🏽‍🔧
- Feuerwehrmänner 👨🏽‍🚒

Du bist neugierig geworden? Dann trete unserem Discord Server bei!
Equinox Store Were we sell Gta5 Fivem scripts/mlos/ymaps/vehicles and much more join us now for the best prices on the market!!!!$starting at 2$ to 15$
Why should you join Luxury Life Roleplay? Luxury life Roleplay consists of an economy system which you have to work to earn your money. You will encounter serious life problems such as being fired from your job, being mugged, beat up and even killed. On the other hand you may be the person ruling the streets or possibly the CEO of a multibillion dollar company. You may start a family and live in a beautiful house with luxury cars and beautiful Los Santos scenery. There are over 100 realistic civilian vehicles in luxury life Roleplay. There are many different jobs that you may choose from to get you on the path of being a successful person. Have you ever wished of moving from Blaine county to the hills in los Santos. Switch from that 12-year-old dirtbike and move on to a brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG or even a McLaren P1. Luxury life Roleplay has a variety different emergency service departments such as Blaine County sheriffs office, Los Santos police department, San Andreas fire department, and San Andreas department of communications. These departments have a variety of different subdivisions this makes it very interesting to serve your community in a fun and creative way. there are many different emergency service vehicles handpicked from our staff and development team our developers then textured the vehicles and altered them to properly fit our server, along with our EUP which was hand packed and put together by our development team.

Join luxury Roleplay today and get started!

Join our discord:

Hello My name is Jake C.
From CorruptNationRp.

Why pick CorruptNationRP instead of other server’s?

Well you would want to pick us because we are Semi white-listed, we allow suggestions from everyone and we will most likely allow it into the server. We have very good rp in the city of CorruptNationRp!
We also have Active Admins/Mechanics-Car Dealer.

What jobs we have to offer!
. Taxi Job
. Fisher Job
. Lumberjack Job
. Miner Job
. Butcher Job
. Fisherman
. Garbage man Job
. Gang Jobs!
And many more!

What else we have to offer!
We have 150+ Add on Vehicles in the city of CorruptNationRp,
We also have a load of amazing interior that you can check out.
I hope to see Y’all in our server!
Join VCRP!

- We have over 100 cars
- Active Admins
- Anyone can be a cop
- Awesome scripts
- Custom Cars
- VMenu
- Roleplay Menu
- Open Moderator sign-ups
- Much More!
- Based in Canada
Check out our website:
Join our Discord:
We now have a CAD working - There is a in game tablet to access your CAD too!
We now have custom police cars too!

Upcoming Updates
- LEO clock in function
- Teamspeak
- 32 Slot Server
Nexus Community Roleplay is a serious roleplaying server. We take normal role-playing to the next level offering an immersive experience with a full law enforcement and civilian CAD System (allowing players who get accepted to register any amount of civilian identifications as they want.) Also you have the ability to roleplay as Police, Fire. and EMS (if you register and get accepted as that role), and along with civilian operations. We have a fully customized ESX frame-work developed by our special dev. team. Our ESX framework allows civilians/leos/medic/fire to get the most immersive roleplay experience.
Just a taste:
50+ Jobs
Job Missions // Drugs // Black-Market // Gangs // Custom-Cars
24/7 Working Server
16+ Mature Community
Custom Jobs
Custom Scripts
Custom UI's
Controller Friendly
4 Character Selection // CAD Character Selection
Many Whitelisted Job Positions
Properties with Garages
Vehicle Inventory
PvP/Bank/Store/Home Robberies
Custom Bars // Restaurants
Multiple Hidden Drug Locations
Chop Shop
Black Market & Weapons
Offshore Fishing
Custom Slots & Blackjack Tables at Working Casino
Working Pullover AI script
Much Much More!
Do you like FiveM RolePlay?
Would you like to be a part of a good FiveM community?
Well, FirstRP is for you! We Include
Great Staff!
Hiring Police!
Hiring Fire/EMS!
A Public Civilian Dept!
And much more! Looking for capable staff, department members and developers!
Check out FirstRoleplay today for all that and more!
Invite: or
This is a FiveM Based server. In our server is a very friendly community with people who play and don't play FiveM. If you catch someone breaking any of the rules just notify me. I'm always on! Hoep you have fun!

Our server is based on Los Santos (The original map) So we don't have any complication with going state based so it's clean and simple!

A new active server ran by streamers, we wanted to create the perfect fun/safe world for streamers and content creators or people just looking for good serious RP content. We are recruiting police and EMS.

Epic Cars / FBI / Drugs / Jobs / Recruiting Police / Homes / Bank Robberies / Jewellery store heist / Gangs
Project Mayhem Gaming is a menu based FiveM server. We are based in the state of Arizona but we still use GTA locations. Here at Project Mayhem Gaming we are more than just a Roleplaying Community… We are also a big family. Project Mayhem Gaming was built with love and care. We built it around the civilians and the everyday people that join our server. We have spent many hours making this community the best it can be. We hope you like Project Mayhem Gaming as much as us.
A great FiveM Server!

Some of our features:

Custom Cars
Highly Polished
Custom Scripts
Friendly Community
Discord Permission System
Auto Dispatch System
Airplanes and Helicopters
Multiple Roles and LEO Departments
Customized in-house Cad/MDT System
Lots of Unique Features & Plugins
Frequent Updates & Development
NEW Community Cop!
No Experience Necessary!

We listen to our community and want to make sure everyone enjoys their time at PKRP. Join Us! We’re sure you’ll be impressed by our features.

Come Join Us!
Peacekeepers Roleplay
GoldenLane RP is a FiveM Roleplay Server with Active Staff. Looking For new players to join us on our journey
Virginia State Roleplay community is an active FiveM roleplay community server involved in Law Enforcement Officer RP. Realistic roleplay. We hope to see you in our server, and if you join we hope you have a good time.
Fivem GTA Roleplay server based around economics and owning the lavish things in life.
Earn money in our economy based server to buy cars, properties, guns, and more in Los Santos.
We have many custom cars and scripts for a unique gaming experience. You can mug civilians, gamble, move up the ladder in your job, and play with many cars and car mods!
Friendly owner and staff always looking to help and fix problems!
Recruiting for Mechanic/Car Dealer, EMS and Police!
We are a new development server for FiveM. Staff positions are open!
We offer:
• CAD / MDT’s
• Models for cars
• Skins for cars
• And Much more!

We are looking for developers to show off their work! Join and be apart of the new development community.
Immersive roleplay through GTA 5 fivem. Fly into Los Santos with your friends and connect through activities and daily living in a big city! With over 25+ legal jobs and tons of illegal activies to do!

📌 Realistic bone system, limping when leg(s) are broken, Blurry vision from head damage, Internal injuries lead to blood loss, more weapon recoil when arms are broken.

📌 MDT / DNA / Bullet Casings for police for actual police work and solving crimes about murders, and shootings, while also able to put out warrants and BOLOs.

📌Custom heists and Robberies, All stores have robbable clerks and the ones in the city even have breakable safes in the back. 3 unique ways to rob banks at 7 locations across the map.

📌Hidden locations and Missions, tons of great RP to be made with people trying to find out hidden locations or doing missions with friends!

📌Jail break from the cities jail by blowing the power to the city, or get behind doors that would normally be locked!

📌Tons of great opportunities for players such as owning a business and managing employees, and striving to hold it together.
Hello, are you looking for a friendly server? Are you interested in the possibility of moving through the ranks fast and get higher roles? Well look no further! We recently cleaned out our discord of a lot of toxic members and are looking to rebuild the server back so we need people like you! The departments we have are currently SASP, Fire/EMS, and BCSO. We are looking for Civilians, LEO and potentially staff members to help us build the server!. We have lots of custom civilian vehicles and custom police vehicles.

Note: We are a roleplay server that runs off of GTA’s modification framework, FiveM.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions join our Discord