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C'est un serveur GTA RP SeriousRP
Il y'a des gang des mappings/inédits
20k$ Départ
Staff Actif et plein d'autre choses a découvrir

Amusez vous bien ! :)
EncryptedR RP is a brand new fivem roleplay community in development.

Here at EncryptedRP we are open to suggestions on mods to be implemented.

We have many custom cars like:
maclerans, lambos. ferraris, scoobys, KTM, suzuki as well as a custom race track!

We are currently looking for staff both on discord and in game.

There is a wide selection of jobs to choose from in game such as:
Whitelisted gangs, LSPD, EMS, Moderators, car dealers and so much more so now is the best time to join the server and apply for everything, we are still in need of a Chief for EMS & we still need Staff members.

We also have criminal stuff for you all to do, store robberies, bank robberies, jewelry store heists & Drug manufacturing.

So why not join the community right now and start your journey?
We are a discord for a FiveM server called Alternate Life, if you want to play some British based role play, we’ll look no further!

Everybody is welcome!
Hi We are a Fivem roleplay server we are currently hiring staff and developers.We are also hiring LEO AND EMS we are a starting server so if u would like to join and build our server that would be amazing we are a esx server.That wants to grown We Welcome all member's :)
Come Join SlowNLow Roleplay!!! ;)
Welcome to my discord! Here you can buy high quality scripts for ESX.
Some scripts I have for sale:
• Bowling
• Paintball
• Housing
• Mining
• Garage
• & more.
The Blue Line Role-Play Clan is a police based role-play server on FiveM mainly for anyone who is a law enforcement enthusiast. Our primary feature is LSPDFRONLINE which is essentially a recreation of LSPDFR, but in FiveM, allowing the player to have a LSPDFR and FiveM player experience The goal of BLRP Role-Play is for members to show their creativity and imagination in an interactive role-play every week with both players and NPC's/AI. Although BLRP Role-Play is still a developing clan, our administration is trustworthy and experienced through upholding our core values: Respect, Responsibility, and Realism. If you are interested in joining, head over to Admissions and take the Application today, or join us on discord above. We look forward to meeting you!
Welcome to Our Community
Here you Can Find:
Communauté de Greed Island , serveur RP actuellement en Free Access , le serveur est optimisé pour les petites config , une grande équipe de staff avec leurs spécialité qui se dévoué aux développement du serveur , que ce soit in RP ou techniquement.Si tu cherches une communauté active n'hésites pas a passer jeter un coup d'oeil !
Find the most private FiveM resources here! From cars, scripts, ymaps & MLOs, we've got it all! Updated daily! FiveM Scripts!!
HI, Here at Ace FiveM Scripts, we sell, give away scripts for servers on FiveM. We offer support/Help to people who need it for there scripts.

Come ahead and join.
**RLS RP** Amazing small, new and **upcomming Community** Custom imported cars/PDM car dealer, Seeking for good LSPD & EMS members (No experience needed), Whitelisted Gangs & Jobs, GOOD Economy System, Custom Drugs, Custom illegal Jobs, (Armored truck job, Drug jobs, car scraping, weed growing, money wash, ...) Active staff with custom ticket support, Stash appartments, Own a custom grocery store with a shipment system, Tunerchips, Drug effects, Custom interaction MENU, clean HUD, more! ****Actively seeking for good EMS/LSPD/Mechanic's and PDM Car Dealers**** ```Our goal is to build a community that will last forever and that will have a strong bond with eachother for years to come. We need your help to guarantee this. The server is now officially launched publicly and from now on we will ask a lot of your attention. Play with as many friends, family or acquaintances as possible so. Invite as many people and let's get in this together!``` ``` -EASY WAY TO JOIN OUR SERVER- 1. Open FiveM 2. Press 'F8' so a console opens 3. Write 'connect' and hit ENTER 4. Open teamspeak & connect to 5. Join 'Waiting Room...' and you will get automatically moved to the 'In-Game' channel 6. Make sure to install 'tokovoip plugin' for teamspeak. (This way your proximity Voice Chat Quality is 100x better!) ``` Head over to #job-applications on our discord, apply today, and become the job you've applied for not even hours later! ** Discord Server Link **
Hello welcome to Monolith RP, here at Monolith RP. We focus on making the best possible RP experience for FiveM players. We are an Economy server Opening up player to many possible ways of Roleplay! We are in need of more staff and support members so you can apply by sending me a DM @HighC#8209 Or @BulletPopcorn1#6969

What we have to offer

- Fully Custom scripts!
- Public Cops!
- Active Community
- Super cars with no applications!
- Company’s such as Search And Rescue and Military
- Custom Company Vehicles
- Custom Company Jobs
- Law enforcement department’s
- BCSO -> Hiring
- State Police -> Hiring
- Fire / EMS -> Hiring
We also are open to people making gangs and other jobs for people to RP as!

Some other features are:

- Many Custom vehicle’s
- Active staff!
- Helpful community!

Thanks for joining! Make sure to read #⛔-rules as soon as you come in!
Join Miller Leaks FiveM Today! We Offer Alot of Leaks!! Go Ahead And Join For The Best Leaks There Is!!

- Eup
- Vehicles
- Custom Skins And Liveries
- Platinum key
- Scripts
- Mlo Ymap
- Alot More!

Southcoast Roleplay is a brand new FiveM server looking for active staff!
We use the following menus:
- vMenu
- EasyAdmin
- Lambda Pro
- Admin iPhone
Join today and cruise round town in the best top notch add on vehicles!
This is my new roleplay server . We have a great community and great staff. This server is a no fail rp zone , we like realism and we want everyone to have fun ! i've been working super hard on this server and i hope everyone has an enjoyable experience playing.
Welcome to Space Leaks!
👉 Scripts
👉 Vehicles
👉eup leaks
-----What We Offer?-----
+ Packs
+ Custom Server
+ Scripts
+ Ymaps

------- Come and Join ! -------
𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒯𝑜 𝒞𝑜𝒹𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝒹 𝒢𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑔!
We Are a FiveM VRP/Vmenu based RP server, and are looking for New Players!.
What We Offer:
★ 64 Slots
★Good RP
★Good/Active Staff
★10+Custom Jobs
★100+Addon Vehicles
★Dedicated community
★Sheriff, State Troopers, Fish & Game, Corrections Department.
★Custom Police Vehicles
★Open LEO And EMS/FIRE App’s

Basic Rules:

★No Racism
★No Disrespect Towards Anyone


We are looking for LEO’s,EMS, FIREFIGHTERS and Civilians to join our community, if you are looking to be a dedicated LEO,EMS or FIREFIGHTER, Code Red Gaming is the FiveM server for you!. We take this very serious, we work hard to provide a good and well made FiveM RP server. stay tuned for more updates on our server in the future!

Scripts FREE
Server FREE
System VIP and VIP+
FUN !!!
Hey! Welcome to our friendly community with friendly prices. We got everything you need for your server, so don't be shy and check it out!
Our top priority is quality. We will help our customers to the maximum.