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♕ Paradise City RP♕
✸Kind community✸
★Fast growing and stable playerbase★ ★ ★
We are a growing gaming community. Our goal is to unite gamers together in a safe and fun environment! We have our own custom bot running in the server called 'Elite Bot'. It offers a wide range of commands and features no other servers offer! To add onto that, we offer a wide range of selection between roles, events, giveaways, emotes and much more! Choose Us! Choose Elite Gaming.
We are a newly started serious roleplay server called NARC for short. We have active staff and a BUNCH of Custom Cars. We are Menu based and always on the lookout for new members! Come check us out! We have multiple departments that are joinable aswell.
Do you want to become a cop?
Do you like Role-Play?
Do you like active members?
If both of those are a yes they you'd be a perfect fit for Class A Roleplay.

We are a group of people that care about our members. And we have alot of Custom Cars and even drugs you can interact with!

Yes. It is on FiveM and we have active Fire, EMS, LEO, and civilian departments.

We are looking for

-active members

-active civilians

-active and trained law enforcement

-people with common sense who know how to Role Play

If any of this interests you then Class A RP is for you!
Custom Server running latest scripts along with custom scripts. white list ems police lots of illegal jobs to choose from. great staff active admins come join use search [AF] or use direct connect. lots of server events with cash payouts all are welcome to join and have fun and make new friends...
Priding ourselves on realism and respect, ConflictRP puts the roleplay first and gives you a friendly, fun, and exciting place to create new stories, continue old ones, and form great relationships with the community around you. With over a decade of roleplaying experience between our small team, we're excited to share our vision of what Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay can be. Whether you're a police officer, taxi driver, gangster, or busker, ConflictRP promises to give you the space you need to tell the story you wish to tell - with the people and community there to support you the entire way. Veteran of story-telling, or first-time roleplay, everyone is welcome to join us in San Andreas on this amazing journey.
Welcome to San Andreas Central RP! We are a highly trained server looking for active recruits! We offer LEO, Civilian, and Communications. We are a EUP based server, and we have a fleet of very professional and modern vehicles.
Please join us for fun, games, roleplay, and community laughter! See you there!
We are a community where you can come play with your friends or find new friends and play some fun games together, we host a FiveM roleplay server aswell if you are interested in joining that.
We are a Serious FiveM Roleplay Community that utilizes the mod for GTA5 PC. Our goal is to always ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved during every RP scenario in our server(s). Check us out today!
Exodus Services has been around for almost 10 months now and we are doing better than ever! We have grown a lot as a company, and we have also been doing amazing with developing custom CAD/MDTs, and new websites for Roleplay communities.

If you are interested in purchasing a CAD/MDT join our Discord, or DM me on Discord.

Exodus Services Discord:
My Discord: Bpav#4171

-Exodus Services🔥
Welcome To State Roleplay
If You Are Not A Member Of The Community Please Consider Joining Us!

Things we have-
-Tons of vehicles to choose from
-Looking for staff!
-Multiple departments LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, LSFD!!
And so much more!

We hope you join and you enjoy your stay!!
WWDOJRP is a FiveM Roleplay community. We as a community strive to create a living, breathing world, an immersive world that you can lose yourself in, our Staff Team is friendly and helpful who are more than happy to guide you into the world of GTAV Roleplay, We have many roles for you to take up, from Law Enforcement Officer in the LSPD or the Sherrif Department, to emergency services and dispatch, we also have a dedicated Car Dealership, want an exclusive car? then it could be yours!

Join us today and see the world of WWDOJRP!
Hello, I am Lakota, owner/founder of San Andreas State Roleplay. We are a new RP community looking for new members! We have , active staff, over 300 custom cars for civilians, no application is needed to be a civilian! We are also hiring in the departments of LSPD, SAHP, and BCSO! We would love to have You and Your friends join us! We look forward to seeing you, and happy Role-playing!
If you are looking for a laid back FiveM Community check us out. We offer custom cars, scripts, and more. We have daily patrol with people around the world. Help grow an amazing Community.
LostCity RP
Serious RolePlay Server
What Do We Have To Offer?
- Whitelisted Gangs
- Whitelisted EMS
- Whitelisted Police Department
- Loads Of Custom Cars
- Custom Structures
- Legal Jobs
- Illegal Jobs
- Drugs
- Frequent events
- Great Staff Team
- And The Endless Possibility Of Quality RolePlay
question Why Wouldn't You Come And Check Us Out? question
We Are Always Open To New Suggestions, As We Are Always Improving The Server.
Come Check It Out. If You Have Any Questions We Will Always Be Able to Help In Our Discord!
We're a drift team looking for skilful drivers to get doors with and create good vibes. We're looking for loyal members who can get on most days and be active. The team isn't competitive but we're aiming to be one of the best teams out there community wise! There are many opportunities we can offer so, be at your best and prove to us that you can help make a difference to the team! Love From Slide,Kirbae and the Team <3!
Server unic de GTA5(FiveM) Hard RolePlay din Romania si, totodata, cel mai vechi server din Romania deschis la data de 18 Septembrie 2017.
Site'ul comunitatii FPlayT:
This is the KG Modifications server where our developers are working many hours of the day to bring you many great and quality products for your FiveM and LSPDFR experience. We are dedicated to bringing you the best products possible and are excited to be working with you.
hello welcome to vibes solutions i am the founder we sell cads\mdts
intros\outros\fivem cars\and more please join us we would love to have you join our server we sell very cheap items
We are a RolePlay server using FiveM mod on non-Rockstar servers GTA5 game. We have Police jobs, Civilian jobs and anything you can imagine up. Were looking to expand our community and grow as a whole. Youtubers and Twitch Streamers are welcome to record and stream. Come on in and check us out here at MERC (Midnight Elite Roleplay Community)
We are a small but growing fivem gaming community which is based on GTA5 who is centered around ESX, our ESX server is custom, our devs are active and we would love for you to join us