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- You do not want to pay the high prices anymore!🤑😥
- You finally want to mod yourself!🤗
- Daily news and updates!😲
- Mod Menu for PC >Dowloadlinks< 📡
- Every Weekend a RP BOOST giveaway and other giveaways!!!🤯
- Modding Support👨‍💻
- OWN DISCORD BOT with Nice Features🤖
- ANTI AFK - Script for Money Lobbys 💸
- Hosting Money Lobbys for PC🌐💰
This Discord server was intended to assist players in creating teams for completing mission / heists. it serves as an alternate to the Official Grand Theft Auto server. We welcome gamers from all platforms. Come chill out with us and talk about anything GTA related!
✔️Extremely Cheap Recoveries and Modded Account
✔️Get RP and Online Cash
✔️Safe and Reliable
✔️Free Money Drops
✔️Frequent Giveaways
✔️Friendly staff & community
✔️Version: 1.48

Cheap recoveries For £1 you can get 250 million dollar
Free Rewards, Invite people to the server and get rewarded with in-game GTA5 money

Giveaway for Gold Package when the server reaches 250 members
Well you might want to join this community

We talk and chill and there is a lot of LSPDFR talk

Also we help people with their LSPDFR issues

Share screenshots of in game

Or tell your LSPDFR stories when on patrol

Well join now and have lots of fun!

And be one big family and be there for each other when needed!
Welcome to Next life rp. A place were people can rp in peace. Main time zone is GMT, it’s on Xbox and you must be 18+ (gta 5 rp server) looking for someone that can do cad
Welcome to our Xbox Community!
This is an Xbox Hub Server! 🚨🚨

Our Server features :
⚡️Server Hosted Activities for Community Favorite Games
⚡️Ranking System for Active Members
⚡️Music Bots/Channels
⚡️Occasional FREE Giveaways!
⚡️Organized Voice and Text Channels
⚡️Helpful Staff and Community
⚡️Suggestions Channel for New Games and Activities
⚡️NSFW Channel (18+)
⚡️2.1k+ Members and Counting!


Here is a list of games you’ll find members playing:

• Apex Legends
• Forza
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
• Fortnite (BR and STW)
• Battlefield
• Rocket League
• Rainbow Six Siege (stylized as Siege)
• CoD (umbrella rank for all CoD)
• Gears of War (stylized as Gears)
• Overwatch
• Destiny 2
• RuneScape (for the meme)
• Payday 2
• Warframe
• Minecraft
• (room for more games!)
💫Serveur Francophone GTA V Online où vous trouverez des gens avec qui jouer ,s’amuser et faire de l’argent !💫
💰Le serveur comporte plusieurs salons dédiés aux recherches de groupe pour vendre ses marchandises , organiser des Bogdan et autres glitchs !💰
🎮Rejoignez vite ce nouveau serveur en expansion doté d’un staff mature,actif et à l’écoute !🎮
Welcome to our Xbox Community!
This is an Xbox Gaming Social Server! 🎮

Our Server features :
⏫ Ranking System for Active Members 🏆
💬 Organized Voice and Text Channels
🙋‍♀️ Friendly Community 😎
🤖 Fun Bot Games 🕹
💰 Casino 🎰
📻 Music Channels 🎼
🧾 Suggestions Channel for New Games and Activities


Here is a list of games you’ll find members playing:

• Fortnite
• Apex Legends
• Halo Series
• Rainbow Six Siege
• Gears of War 4 & 5
• CoD: Modern Warfare
• Minecraft
• Dead by Daylight
• Ghost Recon Breakpoint
• Friday The 13th
• Far Cry 5
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
• Battlefield V & 1
• Rocket League
• CoD Series
• Overwatch
• Destiny 2
• Payday 2
• Warframe
• Forza Motorsport 7
• Forza Horizon 4
• Sea of Thieves
• State of Decay 2
• And lots more!
• (room for more games!)
Ищите сервер с хорошим активом поиграть в игрушки? Тогда вам к нам! У нас есть много разных плюшек, включая свой клуб в Brawl Stars. ждём вас!
Hello I’m the owner of emerge roleplay we host daily roleplays on Xbox one on gta 5. We have a professional CAD-MDT. We have all departments open right now so hurry up and get in into the server.

Discord- 2-Bravo-37#0320
Xbox- Testypiggy04
Instagram- emerge_roleplay_xbox
Klowxy Mods connects modders with players in some of the most popular multiplayer games including GTA V Online and more.
Egy jó közösség, ahol önmagad lehetsz. Gamer vagy? Nem szeretsz egyedül játszani? Szeretnél új embereket megismerni? Az sem baj, ha nem vagy gamer, vagy egyáltalán nem is játszol. Beszélgetni is jó egy hosszú, fárasztó nap után. Csatlakozz hozzánk, és jól fogod érezni magad. Amennyiben nem, semmi probléma. Írd meg, mit javítsunk a szerveren 🙂
GTA V Recoveries + Money Drops
Best And Cheapest On The Market
Join And Receive 50 Million
You Can Promote Your Twitch,Youtube Channels
🖥 PC ONLY!! (if you get 25 invites you get a free recovery! that includes 1 billion custom level and unlock all ! )
💰Money drop everyday 1 hour+
💸Recoveries: for 5 dollars i give you 1 billion dollars (Ghost Money) unlock all and which ever level you want!
📖Safest mods) i use the best mod menu you can get)
👌🏻 0% banrate !
😏Giveaways every week !
🔥 Join and have fun with a bunch of other great souls! I hope to see you there 😊
Hey guys I am a small YouTuber trying to be a streamer soon I'll be not stream till march 10 2020 I'll appreciate if you guys share my server and do join pls...
Dies ist ein Server für jedes Spiel💻
Man kann hier Streamen aber auch einfach mit anderen Leuten ein Spiel spielen🖱
Es gibt viele verschiedene Bots für Musik und etc. 🤖
Man kann auch ins Team kommen 👥
Ich hoffe es gefällt euch 🤗
Joind jetzt dem Server🎮
Are you struggling to reach the next rank in GTA? Are you tired of grinding for cash
and getting to the next tier? Then, you need to buy GTA cash and ranks for PC which comes directly from us. We are the internet’s leading supplier of sold in-game currency.

You may play GTA 5 on Steam or Social Club, many sellers can only sell you one or the other, but we can sell our packages for both. It doesn't matter if you have a modded account as we can give you your cash drops without problems. These include additional features such as; unlocks, ranks, high stats, modded outfits and unlocked DLCs. Our packages are 60% cheaper than buying GTA Shark Cards so why not buy from us! What are you waiting for? Get the cash you deserve!

We also have recoveries as an option for when you need the best of the best. A recovery is a method where we log into your account and supply you with everything you ordered, directly and straight to the point. This service is 100% safe with no chance of damage to your account.

Getting your hands on GTA money has never been easier! Simply choose the package you wish to purchase and enter the order portal.
One of our Suppliers will then provide the account details for you, which will contain your purchases. You can then activate the account on your selected platform, be it Steam or Social Club.
We welcome everyone
We are a community and gaming server newly created.
We have pokecord
Lots of emojis

Join Now

On this server we offer unlock-alls for cheap prices (also only money, only level, or only unlocks possible). We also do free money drops few times a week.
I would be proud if you help our server growing so we can offer more and more services!
We are a community built together with a bunch of average gta 5 glitchers. In this community we teach people how to do GCTFG, and Outfit glitches... Everyone is 100% accepted. In this server we try to keep everything pg-13 in main channel's, but if you are someone that like to go NFSW, we have those too. It is up to u, are you interested in joinning our community?

We also have a tech support area where we can help you with bots, and setting them up for your discord!
A whitelisted engaging serious role-play GTA FiveM server and community.

Core Features
- Persistent world w/ hourly backups
- Bleeding edge FiveM server version
- Heavily optimized scripts and database
- Custom Discord permissions and whitelist system
- Custom multi-character player screen
- Custom buff and attrition system
- TokoVOIP voice system with stereo and proximity audio
- Custom NPC and vehicle removal script (aggressive military, ghost police, etc)
- Custom time and weather sync scripts
- Full ticket system in Discord for support and abuse reports

Anti-grief and Balance
- Custom logging system (for all player and admin actions)
- Custom anti-cheat & hack prevention
- High ping warning and kick system
- Admins cannot spawn weapons/vehicles or give money

UX & Interface
- Custom HUD and vehicle information systems
- Minimalist HUD with optional features to toggle
- Zero chat spam or messaging w/ OOC in Discord
- Custom notification and progress bar system
- Optimized drag & drop inventory system
- Custom inventory icons for all items
- No Steam gamertags visible anywhere for immersion (ID only)
- No weapon crosshair
- Minimalist F10 scoreboard for immersion (ping and total player count)
- Custom GTA-like money notification interface
- Zero text over player-heads with optional features to toggle
- Custom map blip system for co-workers and places of interest
- Custom over-head player gamertag and voice icon system (ID by pressing tilde)
- Custom in-game tablet system for website and CAD system

Player Systems
- Custom health and mending system with detailed injury interface (/health)
- DNA (blood) evidence drop and analyze system
- Body, neck, arm and leg braces, med-kits and bandages
- Bodily fluid emotes
- Clothes & tattoo shops, and changing rooms across map
- Plastic surgeon and barber shop
- Plenty of animations and emotes (/e and F3) with pointing and prone hotkeys
- Piggyback, carry and drag commands
- /me and /do role-play chat commands
- Droppable note system

- Base Jobs: Pilot, Taxi, Bus Driver, Fueler, Lumberjack, Miner, Reporter, Slaughterer
- Whitelisted Jobs: EMS, Police, Mechanic, Lawyer
- Job Center linked to Discord permissions for whitelisted jobs
- Custom 3D on-duty markers at various headquarters
- On/off duty check-in functionality and on-duty HUD count
- Documentation

and more at
GTA V Online
We are are small GTA V Online gaming community with a simple purpose: to chill and have fun. That's it, no catch!

What do we have to offer?
◆ 😄 Inclusivity.
We are an active and welcoming GTA V Online community.
◆ 🎮 Gaming Channels.
There are a lot of channels for you all to complete in game missions together, as well as other channels to just speak and have fun!
◆ 📝 Self-Assignable Roles.
We have roles you can assign yourself based on the platform you play GTA V on.
◆ 🤖 Plenty of bots.
We have quite a few bots you can play around with such as BlackJack.
◆ 👮 Active and friendly staff team.
Our staff team is consistently active and always willing to help you with anything.
◆ 💬 Active text chats and voice chats.
For most of the day, our server is very active in both text channels and voice channels.
◆ ✅ Verified Glitches.
We post verified glitches. We have members testing a verifying glitches to ensure they work. We post a range of glitches, for example money and clothing glitches.

Extra Information:
◆ 🤝 Partnerships are open.
We are currently accepting partnerships, so feel free to message our support bot if your interested!