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Looking for friends to play PS4 games with?
By friends I mean good friends, because this server is a community/family and everyone who wants to chill, have fun, play games, is more than welcome!
The server is set up with channels for games: Black Ops 4, GTA, Apex, Overwatch and more.
If you don’t play the game, which means not having the role for the game, you won’t see the channel and get “spammed’’ by messages about a game you don’t play.
Besides gaming we talk about life, laugh about memes/jokes, send dog pics etc
Come join us!
Year is set in 2001, Liberty City is one of the most crime riddled cities in the States, with various gangs fighting for control of the Liberty City underworld. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Mexican and African-American gangs roam the streets of Liberty City all controlling their own districts. With the city crime rate being at an all time high, the police force are at desperate times to try and take down the criminal activity in Liberty.
Every gang rules their own part of the city on their different districts, in Liberty City there are 3 main islands
Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale
Portland has the most mob activity with various Italian-American gangs running the island, Staunton Island is the biggest Island and there is mostly police forces present there, with various gun and car shops throughout the Island, Shoreside Vale is the third island and is also the smallest, the Island is mainly run by the Cartel and some smaller Hood gangs.
In this server you will find top quality roleplay, alongisde friendly and active staff and a bot system that incorporates over 40 items to the roleplay and a functional government//economy!

Русский сервер с игроками,создан для общения и обсуждения новостей мира gta&rdr,так же я выкладываю новости,еженедельные бонусы,слухи от инсайдеров,и т.д
Welcome to our GTA 5 PC modding service! Join and look around!

We offer free drops and giveaways!
The United States, The land of opportunity, 2006, three states, liberty, Alderney, and North yankton, two years after the Ludendorff job in 2004, and two years before niko belic arrived in liberty city, this is the time to make your mark, become a busniss man, crime lord, poltican, or movie star in this, make it big, have a house, a dog, live the dream in this relastic city server set in the world of gta
we are/offer
- LGBTQ friendly
- friendly staff
- lore friendly
- relastic rp
- active community
- newspaper system
(Note, this is not for a RP in-game, this is a GTA text based rp)
Upcoming GTA V network!
feel free to join, we need new members to get our server running!
We host free GTA V money drop lobbies and sell very cheap GTA V recoveries. Our server hosts money drop lobbies daily. Our prices range from $7.50 to $35. For $7.50 USD you can get yourself 300 million GTA V money, 120 ingame levels and max stats! Our client that we use is undetected, so the chance of you getting banned is 0%.
A friendly and active server dedicated mainly to gaming, growtopia, community, bots (Pokecord, Idle RPG and Coin Master) , memes YouTube and roles/ranks. We host psn/xbox/steam key giveaways on server milestones and frequent updates and events. So will you give us a try :)?
Welcome to the Forgotten Grinders. This server allows for people to...
-find a heist crew
-find associates for CEO work
-find players to do anything in GTA
-make new friends
-make money
So if you play GTA 5 and need someone to play with that isn't a random or if you want to play with new people, then the Forgotten Grinders is for you.
Here at club billionaire we focus on having a good time while showing off our cars in front of a big community. Bring out your best car and cruise with us. Or if your a racer we also do racing when we want to. We have amazing staff and are looking for more and also have bots that are really secure so dont worry about anything going wrong around here. But however take note this is a ps4 only server but we are working to make it for every platform
Here you get free money drops, giveaways, and a way to succeed in GTA ONLINE

Growing community!
Welcome to 💎 Crystal Trading 💎 Server

►🎉◄ Making Giveaways

►🚕◄ Cheap Taxi Service

►👮◄ Cheap MiddleMan Service

►🤝◄ Helping people with their Mission's

►🤖◄ Auto Price-Helper

►🦋◄ Lots of bots To have Fun!

►❤️◄ And many more!
this discord server that I made is so the people that play fivem can find people to play with and server that are good,I have wasted my trying to find good server when other people that are in the game have already found them but I can't find them but now I made a server that you don't have to waste your time with it and just join the server and find one here that people post in the #fivem-servers channel where you to can post server so you can have friends to play with now at the moment the server is new so it shall take time to grow but in the #fivem-servers channel I have put 2 great servers so you can start there if you want,but remember if you know any decent RP servers please post the name of it there.
This is a Discord server where you can buy GTA Money. This is a trusted discord server. Only buy from the owner he will discuss the prices and add-ons.
Welcome to TheInfamousDevs discord server. TheInfamousDev is a small YouTuber planning and doing his best to become a bigger one. Please join the discord and check his YouTube and become an OG witnessing him grow.
Welcome to San Andreas Central RP! We are a highly trained server looking for active recruits! We offer LEO, Civilian, and Communications. We are a EUP based server, and we have a fleet of very professional and modern vehicles.
Please join us for fun, games, roleplay, and community laughter! See you there!
GTAMarketplace, the world's first GTA marketplace!

> Sell GTA Accounts
> Buy modded GTA Accounts
> Free Money Drops
> Paid Money Drops
> Promote your shop
> Trade

Don't wait and join us!
I would like to invite you to SSDOJ We are a GTA V: FiveM Roleplay community Here are some things we offer -Doj Cop Cars + Coustom Cop Car Skins -Easy cop Clock-in -Easy Commands -Server Side Postals -Frindly Staff -Live PD [Skins And Cars] -Smooth Hud [Great for Streaming] -And A Bunch More!! $5 Donation = 10 Pack Admins cars WE NEED TWO MODERATORS+CIV DIRECTOR+DISPATCH DIRECTOR+CHIEF OF POLCE Join
This is an discord server, you can buy recoverys for GTA 5 at. VIP packs:

2.5$ for 150m and 100 level and unlocks for everything (150m not enough at all)
5$ for 500m and 200 level and unlocks for everything(500m not enough for alot of people)
8$ for 750m and 250 level and unlocks for everything
10$ for 1b Ingame cash with up to level 300 unlocks for everything(24 HOURS WARRANTY)
15$ for 2b Ingame cash with up to level 800 and unlocks for everything(1 WEEK WARRANTY)
20$ for 5b Ingame cash with up to level 2000 and unlocks for everything(2 WEEKS WARRANTY)
30$ for ANY amount of cash with up to level 8000 and unlocks for everything
Verry cheap look for your own see ya there!
Before you join we have already been asked. We are not looking to merge. Entire server voted. Thank you for thinking we are worthy though!
We are the fastest growing GTA online roleplay group that is also looking for select HRs for certain teams. Currently looking for someone who is willing to take on the Fire Rescue team as well as EMS. There was already a community for playstation, but not for Xbox, so I asked some friends what they though if I started my own community with them, and they said they would help me.
play games and talk, and you can also advertise your youtube/twitch channel in our server.
Family friendly
~ friendly people
~ nice vc chats
~ bots
~ roles
~ memes
~ easy rules
~ self roles

Come and have fun
HI, Central Cerios Roleplay is a great GTA Fivem community that just started. We are hiring for all departments and are just looking to grow some more.