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heyo you should join this server if you want lol but this is a fortnite server, we can do squads, duos, and we will hold creative games sometimes. if you want to join in, feel free to. we’d love to have you
National Role playing Community (NRPC) is a GTA V based community bound onto Five M, in which
mimics reality in a fun, and limited rule based role playing server. In which emphasises the creativity
of the average FiveM player, with both active staff, and experienced LEO and Fire.
We are a community in the making. Server is not up yet but we hope to grow a community before we do. Join to maybe get a staff or LEO role :)
Infamous Gaming has recently been established coming from a Grand Theft Auto V past. A server that enjoys all things gaming, trying to connect people around the globe to other gamer's who share common interests in games and consoles. Expanding our channel base to better suit new and old members in hopes to provide an enjoyable environment for all who become a part of the Infamous Gaming network.
Our server has a bit of everything! Supports all platforms and games. Even if you're not a gamer you can come here a just chill with our great community! We also do weekly giveaways that anybody can participate in, all u have to do is join! We also have bots that you can use to grow any social media
SouthLand Roleplay is a community founded by like-minded people who were interested in a better role-play experience than the typical scenario-based RP seen all-too-commonly in FiveM communities. SouthLand offers a life-based role-play server with a dedicated and friendly staff; who is determined to create one of the best FiveM communities around.


:game_die: What We Offer :game_die:

-SLRP is vMenu Based. (NO ESX)
-Our freindly and dedicated staff/admins are always looking for ways to improve and engage with the community.
-SLRP runs many custom Maps, Vehicles, scripts completely unique to our server.
-SLRP uses a background storyline, used to advance the server narrative. Players may opt to take part in the story with roles regularly available.:joystick:

:trophy: SLRP Speciality :trophy:

- Custom Designs :bookmark_tabs:
- Custom Scripts :scroll:
- Custom Maps :bookmark_tabs:
- Active Staff Team :wrench:
- Active Development Team :hammer_pick:
- Active Support Ticket System :envelope_with_arrow:
- Active Roleplay :gem:

-Southland Sheriff Department
-Southland Police Department
-Southland State Department
-Southland Fire/EMS Department
Hello this is a FiveM server that you can do all sorts on you get money you can buy guns and more ill list some below!

We also only handpick staff so you dont have to apply if you have any questions for this then you can dm me or the owner on the discord and we will be happy to respond back to you!

⬛️ Tritt uns jetzt bei!

⬛️ Discord-Nitro Gewinnspiele!
⬛️ Ein freundlicher und kleiner Server zum Zocken!
⬛️ Bei uns darfst du Werbung für dein Server schalten!
⬛️ Kinoabende, Music und vieles Mehr!

✅ Kommt vorbei uns lasst euch begeistern!
EL BRONX Comunity, un servidor para poder hablar con tus amigos, encontrar gente con quien jugar y platicar.
1 - No insultar al staff.

2 - No molestar a Moderadores y Admins (staff) etiquetando

3 - Respetar a los que estén en una sala, no entres a molestar, acoplate a la conversación.

4 - No hacer spam, ni flood.

5 - Prohibido pasar porno, pajero. (Exépto en los canales nsfw)

6 - No buscar peleas, si hay alguna discusión, arréglenlo por MD

7 - Nada de pasar invitaciones de otros grupos panflin
Labyrinth RP is an gaming community with Ark, DayZ, and arma 3 servers including fivem a Role-playing server on Five M, created for the player and around the community, We have a dedicated team of staff always available and ready to help in anyway possible to make the Role playing experience fun and fair. We are a Serious Role playing server, white listed, based in America for 18+.
Our server is full of hidden secrets and activity s with white-listed job roles, and always recruiting, mechanics, police, ems.
Looking for the right car meet? You’ve just struck gold.

Welcome to ZeroSixty! We are a newly formed group with an interest and passion for automobiles.

PC | Based in the U.S.

We host:
- Car Meets
- Drag Races
- Drift Races
- Car Cruises
- Special Team Events
- Suggestions
And more!

Since we are still new, we are trying our best to improve our Discord, policies, and especially the car meets. The staff’s goal is to provide a fantastic experience for all drivers.

We hope to make everyone feel at home and to have fun!

“Whatever you do, just remember to hit the pedal.”

- ZeroSixty
Welcome everyone to Crystal Trading 💎

►:🔎:◄ We Offer?
►:🌀:◄ Fortnite Channels
►:🌀:◄ GTA Channels
►:🌀:◄ Minecraft Channels
►:🤖:◄ Lots of bots To have Fun!

►:💎:◄ Fortnite Services:
►:🎉:◄ Daily Giveaways
►:🤵:◄ Free MiddleMan Service
►:🚕:◄ Cheap Taxi Service
►:🤝:◄ Helping people with their Mission's
►:🗣️:◄ Save-The-World (Mission's - Liama)Updates
►:🗣️:◄ Battle Royale Shop Updates
►:🤖:◄ Auto Price-Helper

►:❤️:◄ And many more!
What are you waiting for? Join now!
SADRP has been through a lot but at the end of the day were here. I am Trey, Also, known as AcidGaming. I am the owner of one of the SADRP's scattered around the platform. Here in SADRP were not only aiming for a fun, active server but a family.

We can offer the following:

High-End CAD/ MDT

~ BCSO and SAHP Department and Servers

~ Civilian Server and custom documents

~ Friendly members and staff team

~ Soon to be daily RP's

~ Open staff applications

~ All open departments

As a growing community, our goal is to unite as many gamers as possible, covering a wide range of videogames so come and play with us anytime at Cyber Land!
Hello, im K94 zero but you can just call me K94. I am looking for supportive players that are wanting to have fun and not grief. I hope if you can do that then join right in. Have a nice day.
Welcome to the UN\\RICED Car Club! Est. Mar 27th 2020

The URCC is a brand-new, active GTA car-meet community that is easily one of the best developed on Discord. Our server is well developed and detailed, and our management system is top-tier.

We host multiple events weekly, including;

-] A number of Car-Meets
-] Racing Series
-] Drift Tandems
-] Regular cruises through LS
-] Offroading
-] The Occasional Air-show
& Much more!

Come and check us out. We promise you won't be disappointed!
-URCC Management Team.
Hi! Welcome to the Call To Action Official Discord Server! This server is a portal to the Xbox One RolePlay all about the public life of Los Santos! We have all departments(lspd, Fire dep, ETC) and even more departments(intelligence, Mob Boss, ETC)! I only take the most advanced of RolePlay members but new members are allowed to join and learn the ways of RolePlay in GTA 5! If you think you can RolePlay well, apply today!
if you join you can play fortnite/GTA with loads of different people plus you can make loads of friends and we are a frendly server so no swearing or inappropriate stuff
Looking to join an active gaming community? Join The Hangout today! The Hangout is a place where you can make new friends, group up with people for squad games and even an opportunity to win giveaways. The Hangout has active staff 24/7, you can Self Promote, we also have trivia games and more to keep you entertained!
This is are main server we are letting 50 people getting in without a interview to get the server up and running we have 10+ members at the minute