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You've been invited to join ✧ Gaymer Guild ✧

Gaymer Guild is a gaming server centered toward LGBTQ+ members, though everyone is welcome. There are friendly members and active staff that make sure everyone gets a warm welcome. We also have:

~ ✧ unique self-assignable roles ✧

~ ✧ active voice chats ✧

~ ✧ events and competitions like cards against humanity, uno, and dnd ✧

~ ✧ a creative way to find gaming teammates quickly and effortlessly ✧

Join to make friends and see what else we have to offer!
A server for basically everything
And more... So you better join :)
This server is for all type of gaming a. We do primarily play smash brothers though so please feel welcome to join
Free Orisa Hugs is a PlayStation group chat founded around June 1st, 2017, that made their way to be on Discords top 10 watch list for possibly the most toxic and offensive server on its platform.

Upon joining, you will receive a message with a short description of the main members and founders of Hugs. I would use this information wisely, as it may be your key to not being removed from this server.
We're currently looking for members who can playfully banter and take a joke, we don't mean every toxic thing we say!
You may be asking yourself, why join something that could possibly be a dangerous territory, or why it's named Hugs, If that might be the last thing you'll get? Well my indecisive friend, why don't you just join to find out what happened to this place?
Majority of members here are console players, mostly PlayStation and some Switch players too.
We have...
◈Offensive Memes
◈OW Roles
◈247 Hugs Radio
◈Active PlayStation Players
◈And lots of "friendly" faces!

Have a great time and good luck, here in Free Orisa Hugs 🤗
*you might need it.*
Welcome to the world of Gran Turismo!
The only place where you can discuss about all Gran Turismo games!
Gran Turismo Discord server strives to be one of the biggest community servers on discord.
We got plenty of friendly members, categories, bots and more!
Teams and leagues that are based for Gran Turismo can also be advertised here.
The server is currently in a building phase, so make sure to drop any suggestions in our suggestion box!
TalkStation offers a very kind and engaging community that discusses a variety of topics; mainly being PlayStation and all things gaming.
We are a PS1, PS2, PSP, PS Vita, PS3, PS4 and soon-to-be PS5 community that reaches out to all Discord Users that are interested in a variety of titles, consoles, and software for PlayStation®️!


What We're Offering:
👋 • Many others to meet & chat with.
✅ • Official PlayStation sources and sites.
🔨 • Tech support assistance.
💭 • LFG Channels.
🔕 • NO mass pings.
🎊 • Events and giveaways.
💸 • Free game deals for all platforms.
🤝 Partnership opportunities.
💻 • Rich Presence tips for PSN.
📣 • Voice channels and lobbies.

We are a fun loving community that have pokemon raid hackers! We have recently expanded beyond pokemon games and are now turning into a multi-platform discord server, join us today!
We're a community based server for ps4 players. But don't let that scare you off, the community here is super fun and quick to accept new members like they're old friends! We're all about having fun, and enjoying gaming together.

-We have a leveling system.

-Our rules aren't super strict.

-Self Assignable roles!

-Active members.

-Friendly & Helpful staff.

So come on and join us. If you don't enjoy yourself no hard feelings, but give us a shot. We're sure that you'll like it!
This server is a safe place for Playstation players to come find people to play some games with and or make some new friends and have some good chats together. we also have a very active staff so there will always be someone to talk too! So please join and enjoy your stay!
We are an up-and-coming community of PlayStation Trophy Hunters from around the world that primarily focuses on being an active, passionate and friendly community of Trophy Hunters; we warmly welcome all PlayStation fans to discuss various trophies and the latest games without fear of being judged or ridiculed. Feel free to drop by and say hello!
First server I made. Just trying to have fun and maybe play with members in the server. I stream once in a while. Come join the server.
X button is something we all have in common so let’s unite, Sleep’s Gaming Cult has Looking For Groups for gamers, general chats for people looking to make friends, roles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and more. Join Sleep’s Gaming Cult and enjoy your stay.
Looking for friends to play PS4 games with?

This is the place for you!

Like the server name says we are here to play ps4 and chill with laid back, relaxed and friendly people.

Players between noobs and pro, everyone is welcome!

What we offer:
- Very fun bots to play with
- Useful bots to track stats etc
- Channels for your favourite games
- Easy ways to find friends
- Regiment for Modern Warfare
- Lots of banter
- Toxic/rude people get banned
A community for trophy hunters to discuss trophies and games, boost trophies together and just have a fun time together. Non-trophy hunters are also welcome!
Hello ! 🙋‍♂️
This is a friendly and non toxic Playstation 3 server , if you are looking for an active and chill server to play or talk with people or just use our bots such as dank memer , rythm and many more then this is the server for you ! Everyone is welcome to join !
Have fun and be respectful ! 💙
All in all were a chill server. If your looking to make friends or just wanna hang out, your welcome here. We have amazing community with staff that are always ready to help. Theres almost always 100 ppl online. Come and check us out! We would love to have you! Everyone is welcome here, u can swear up to a degree
💝 Very nice but not boring members💝
😎 Chill Staff 😎
🤝partnerships are easy & encouraged 🤝
👍Partners get recognition👍
✅looking for partnership managers✅
🎮PlayStation, Xbox and PC members🎮
📰Any politics topics!📰
✈fast Growing community✈
🎮Any game topics🎮
💜Hangout with everyone💜
👌very epic Memes👌
😴Late-Night Gaming😴
🔊 gaming chat & general chat 🔊
1000+ members
😁Always way more in development!😁

We're the Ghosts we're operating in Aurora and in Bolivia looking to eliminate threats that have had power too long. Aurora a Pacific Island with multiple PMC operators threaten the safety of humanity, and Bolivia a country governed by the Santa Blanca Cartel has multiple cartel members exporting drugs to countries everywhere. Both of these places need assistance in the clearing of all possible threats and corruption and we were called in. Will you join us in our fight to eliminate these threats? PlayStation Only!!!
Welcome to the Retro Game Lounge, a place to discuss and talk about all things retro! Stay awhile and get comfy~
A general gaming community for all ages, skill levels and platforms. We also have a couple of game servers for active members of our Discord server.