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Come join in the fun of our PlayStation® Community, fellow gamer! Our server is a PlayStation Classic, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4-harnessing community that reaches out to all Discord Users that are interested in a variety of titles, consoles, and software for the PlayStation® platform!
Looking for people to play PS4 games with? Well then this is the right server for you. This server is for people who want to make friends and play games.
The server has a channel for games (#overwatch for example) so you can chat with people who play the same games as you. This also means you won’t get ‘spammed’ about games you don’t play/have.
Also no annoying mass mention about streams.
This server is active; every month the people who haven’t been seen will be kicked.
Besides gaming and talking about life we also have some fun bots like Pokécord and what’s a server without memes? The meme bot will give us some dank memes :D
-----------------------------What we offer-----------------------------

- General  Talk
- Choose what CHATS you see with our Auto Role
- Active Social community
- Xbox Gamers (Xbox Group)
- PC Gamers (Stream Group)
- Playstation Gamers (Playstation Group)
- Nintendo Gamers
- Retro  Gamers
- Rank System
- Fun commands
- Self promotions (Twitch/Youtube/Mixer/Twitter)
- Game Talk/News
- Art share
- GFX Request
- Anime/Manga Talk
- Community Game days

`All in all were a chill server. If your looking to make friends or just wanna hang out, your welcome here. We have amazing community with staff that are always ready to help. Theres always 20 ppl online. Come and check us out! We would love to have you! Everyone is equal here.`
💝 `Very nice, mature but not boring members`
😎 `Chill Staff + Looking for more!` 😎
🎮 `Any game topics!` 🎮
📰 `Any politics topics!` 📰
✈ `Growing community` ✈
💜 `Hangout with everyone` 💜
`Memes` 😉 👍
`NSFW` 🍆 😉
😴 `Late-Night Gaming` 😴
😄 `advertising channel` 😄
🔊 `gaming chat channels and general chat` 🔊
👍 `And way more on the way!`
🔗 🔗

The Forest Game Community Discord.
🌲The only discord offering 99% the forest content!🌲
💻Offering PC and Playstation channels.🎮
✨Easy to navigate menu & Role Selection.✨
🆘Help and support always available.🚨
🚫Non-Toxic Community.⛔
👨Staff members needed as well!👩
Cyphers pit anarchy server is in anarchy world for the Minecraft PlayStation 4 addition
This is a community server to hang out, relax, meet new friends and have fun. Everyone is welcomed even if they don't have a gaming console or device.
Outcast is a laid back server. We are PS4 users (some PC) and currently playing MK11, For honor, and any recent PSPlus games. No we are not trash talkers, drama starters, or some kind of battle clan. We are just here for FUN. (Age 15 - 30. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE)
Oy! Welcome to Trio Gaming!
In here, we play all sorts of games! We have games for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one! So what are ya waiting for? Join in the fun~
I hope you enjoy your stay here ^^
We are a trophy hunting playstation discord server. We are updated on playstation news constantly through bots and we boost many different games.
We are an open team for all Twitch Trophy Hunters, casual or hardcore. Trying to regroup this beautiful community of trophy hunters and streamers at one place so we can all help each other grow and share knowledge together.
Juiced is a racing video game by British studio Juice Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and mobile phone. The game was delayed for release in 2004 because its original publisher, Acclaim, went bankrupt. Juice Games and Fund 4 Games retained ownership of the property and sold the game to THQ, who funded the project for a further six months of improvements. In early 2006, British software publisher Focus Multimedia re-released the PC version of Juiced at a new budget price as part of its "Essential" games series. The game offers different modes including career and arcade that present the player with challenges of increasing difficulty. The player can customize the car to suit their style and unlock new ones in arcade mode. The game features nitrous boosts, similar to that of other racing games. Juiced went to number one in the United Kingdom MCV sales charts and its first version sold 2.5 million units.

This is unofficial Juiced server.From Juiced 1 to Juiced 2:Hot Import Nights. Everyone welcome.
Hey all, our little server here is to unite people who love games! From Nintendo to Cross Play, people who like Xbox PC or play station, everyone is welcome! We offer game nights with games like and cards against humanity! We have bots with fun games, an economy bot just for the entertainment, music bots even! We offer a ton of self assignable roles like colors to regions, even the platform you play on. We have Tatsumaki levels with rank role rewards! So why not stop by and give it a try.
Join us and find people to play with on:Nintendo,pc,Xbox and PlayStation!
Hey hey, thank you for looking into
Blackwater Gaming Community!!

-Self Assignable Roles!

-Friendly Staff/Admins!

-Games by categories!

-Cursing & Sexual Topic Friendly!

-Political Chatrooms!
**For those filthy liberals! ;)**

-Religious Chatrooms!
**Friendly to all religions!!**

-LGBTQ Chatrooms!
**Friendly to all Sexual Orientations!!**


We hope to see you in our server! :)

~Gunny Bunny DI (Founder)
Elder Scrolls Warriors is a gaming community server on Discord that is dedicated to the Elder Scrolls series From their first game Arena to Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda Gaming Studios has gained many fans. This community is where we can talk about the games and just chat. You don’t have to be a fan of the games to join; however, I recommend you now a basic knowledge of the games. If you want to chat with people who love the Elder Scrolls series or just chat with other gamers, this server is for you. We accept members every day!
Welcome to GamerHub!

We are a freshly started/new server dedicated to all things videogames!
We offer:
Friendly community 😊
Console and PC discussion 🖥🎮
Friendly admins for the best experience possible 💕
GTA5 Role-play community on FiveM, XB1, PS4, XB360, and PS3. 90+ members and counting. The most realistic RP community for the future!

We offer:
- Law Enforcement
- Fire/EMS Services, including Dispatch
- Civilians, including Hitmen, Semi Drivers, Reserves.
- Friendly staff and members
- CAD/MDT System
- YouTube Channel
- Instagram Page
- Discord Server
- Website
A server for PS1 players, collectors, emulators, reviewers, homebrewers and general enthusiasts.
We are a community where we share deals, help and if you just looking for a friend to play with you can get that here too!